Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 12, 1931 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1931
Page 2
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postofffc6 at Mope, Arkansas ^ Tht Associated Press is exclusively tittffeM dlspAtehei tWdited to it or tiws local ne*f published hereto, herein 6*c also _ by rtddefrt elVUlattlon. to _„.„ ind tafctftfy, through Widely that check upon government 'which !. k McCormlCk. fc&blMirWn t« mad* ft* all tributes, cards nrub, conceihiftg the departed. Commercial lif t|< news columns to protect their readers memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility •**-'"""•• —• • manuscript^ The Star'* Platform . I taA, nf . *-** Ae ww^cfttel JWtlw* 1 pttot to d««elop the rtitrtirces of Hop*. '' and improved tanitartf cmdittotu in for the co««rtuc«oit of a. reduce the . e' Chamber o/ Commerce. ' for etierv b«n*/»tt to ttempsteod ifre«ttizatio»w, b«K«trfnp that c'o-operatioe effort eoimtry as it is in town. . «» ott the staie highway program. a more effi&mt government through the ht e cattfe- tJcfc. Armiitfee rowd the d Came Field . Taken t6 N*w Orleans If**' tl rrfrt ( in it Prescott defeated th« Hope football team in an af teTfMott game Wednesday afternoon dh thi Htope field by the score of 20 to 0. 1J** (Surley Wolves were dojied to win fey Bh even larger score btit'tfie BdBcats fought them to a stanstill *nd,Jt was noT until the second quartet that the Wolves were able to score. During the first quarter T_Y_. __ J- __ 1 **t; _±;,-. ,-. tit?-*!*.. _ . i_.- . * . Hope and matched*,- i nearly evenly hAi drive Senatpr Mitchell and the Audit • ^ r —•*" 1 ^'^"' • i • . MITCHELL is- calling for a showdown in his , favoring Chairman Blackwood and the State il1ip Sen a tor Mitchell denies this. He has be published, so therpeople may ..read for do that> A oft-times is - •, .. lr --^- Thls newspape^ iaix't in the business of pabtitThen to make a Roman holiday, for its cfrcula- 1 We believe the facts should speak for them- 'Benator,Mitchell asks us to believe tliat his bill covers as adequately'as thVB^ansford measure. w.ii.•-,--,-— .~ 3 ' The people can read for themselves on srfront page—but in the main,, the utwo bills seem to ;out what the Associated Press and i state papers report- iringr the course of the legislature last month. THo. JMlfa*ll«al1 Kill io 4-nristf, *U« T^«^ «.„ Xlllfc * Tli- A'. 3 . ^Mitchell bill is twice 'as long, as th£ ' Bransfbrd and clear witues^es-arirf pIa1ciag;qK of them under i_^.ii -j.._iti j* t ^ 1^ * ^? * * ^-m* i. i . „.. ,,. highway department appoint- :;^argjes.;beirig heaped upon^Tiim^are based on rojO&tBfc aHeged^'Blaclcwood -majority bloc" in ^--"^^j^^of.^n audit bill ^opposition to the .., _ measure,,;and a certain significant appoint- Ich was made by the highway department one week legislature adjourned. 'aye political charges, of course. 'If they appear ih, still it is an undeniable fact that political poison ' "—•'""* kind of poison to spread in the minds of „. on the subject. THis newspaper e facts Ia$ week pertaining-to the appointment of i, iij. the lo<?al highway office—and already we are two stories: * First, that The Star took a shot at the simply because-he was a Prescott man and this ^»e. newspaper; and, second, that the whole story m planted" in'our office by an unfriendly politician. «*>htb are lies. The first takes the uncharitable view e' dug up an old scandal to crucify a young man on |£ altar of smalltown rivalries. It is a lie twice, for this '"'$5'a Hope newspaper, but a publication reaching four rities,,and we have friends in all of them; and further- /e^it'was this writer who in December, 1928, held pub- ity.off young Marvin Wortham when his shortage had been scovered and the prosecuting attorney and sheriff were Aiding his arrest in abeyance while the family attempted J 5 mftke Destitution. The El Dorado Neios could, and perhaps ^hQuJd,/have printed the story 90 days before it "broke." But burden wasn't ours. It was on- the officials charged by e Jaw with, the duty of prosecuting. We deemed the pub\% Interest already protected. No word about Mr. Wortham &ver,,wouJd have appeared in Hope Star three years later had t 9, state machine chosen to put him in another office of lt$ before he had proven himself, '/ 'How, then, could'anyone "plant" the Wortham story in |je ,0ff ice of Jfop$ Star? Everyone knows I was in El Do- ft<jj> in 1928, and that I edited the El Dorado News before Hope Star, • Mitchell declares he has been misrepresented in af the highway audit—but how do you explain jgojson that is being circulated against the only news,£„.,.„ J*' that dared to rise up and tell the truth, unless it is »ft smqke-screen thrown up by some guilty politicians we '.have put on the defense? >" 1 - We, had a state machine in a bad jam last week. That's Our Exciting Live* L$WIS told a Brooklyn audience the other day **? that we are living today in a "world on fire," and he add•"» tfja$ while jt may be rather unsettling it is at least ex- injf i ajad that, when you think it over, expresses the present "' of affairs about as well as anything could. , ejse you may say about it, you must at least that the race is not stagnating these days. It is going '*—" at 3 very rapid clip. Possibly, when all is said rushing down a steep place into the ...,_t_2 t •» *• •••. dwon the field only to' b'e turned back and the Bobcats fought thejr way Up the fieldL The first Prescott score came after a Wope kick had been blocked and recovered by Prescott. Perdue, who made most of the gains for Prescott/made several nice runs, one of them netting a touchdown. A kick for'extra point was wide. The other two touchdowns both came In the third quarter, one the result of a Hope fumble on her own goal line, [which was covered by'Allen, Prescott tackle for the marker, and the other was made by Perdue. Both extra points were annexed by Brunson, Prescott quarter, who plunged the line for them. Hope threatened to score several times. Once a pass Brown to Berry on Prescott's 20-yard line was almost good but a Frescott tackier hit the pass receiver at almost- the same time as the ball and it was incomplete, rolling over the goal line, giving the ballto Prescott. The game in detail: Hops, kicked-off to Prescott. Perdue returned to 33 yard line. Perdue made 5 yards, Perdue made 8 yards making first down. Bratton gined 2, Perdue 3, Brunson made 5, making first down. Perdue made 1 yard. Brunson made 2. A pass netted 9 yards and a first down. Bruson ran ball out of bounds for no gain. Perdue made 3, Bratton made 2 yards through line, pass incomplete in end zone. Hope's ball on 20-yard line. Bacon made- 2, Berry kicked to Prescott 40 yard 'line. PerdfUe made, ; 2, Bratton made 4 yards, Perdue fumbled ball and was thrownjfqr 2i, yard loss. Perdue kicked to Hope 48-yard,.line mark.' Hargis made 5'yards but was called back and penalized 5 yards for off-side. Hope on lateral pass was set back 5 yards., Turner made 2, Berry kicked to Perdue, on 25-yard line. Perdue, 'no gain, Brunson made 1 yard, and Perdue kicked to mid-field. Hargis made 5 yards: Prescott penalized 5 yards for off-side making first down. Hope made 2 yards on Mae and the ft tf. Friday night wl their home In Columbus, were bright with fall flwefs. and music were entered Until « hour. Delightful nta«hfft«ntA served to about twenty •five' members. The Bible Study Class of the PrW byteriaa church met Wednesday after noon at the home of MM. Htviii Wil son. Mrs! Jim Wilson, itei ^ai In charge of the class. Refreshments were served to tfie following members: Mrs. R. C. Stuart, Mtf, J. S. Wilson, St., Mrs. T. L. Johnsdtt, Mrs. J. O. Johnson, Miss Jaftle Johnson, Mrs. Allie Wilson, Mrs. fl. £. Jackson, Mrs. J. S, Wilson, Jr.i «nd Mrs. David Wilson, Mrs. E. J, Sh*pperson and Mrs. Luta Shepperson, Mrs. S. H. Briant and Mrs. N. t. Jewell of Hope were guests Saturday of- Mrs. Jim Wilson Jr. Tom Adams of Nashville Was a business visitor here last week. Mr, and Mrs. John A. Bauer, Miss Polly and John Roden of Dallas visited last week with Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Holding. Mrs. Fred White of Hope spent Tuesday with Mrs. D. W. Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Caldwell of Hope were guests Sunday of Mrs. E. M. Delaney. C. E. Boyce of Bright Star was buying cotton here last week. Mrs.. J. R. Autrey, Mr. and/ Mrs. "Smiling happily at the reception criss-cross. Macpn made 1 yard, Hargis made 2, Berry. kicked out of bounds on Frescott 1-foot line. Prescott : kicked to 35-yard line when the quarter ended. ;; , i Second Quarter ( . Hargis iiiade 2 yards; pass Brown to , Berriy njadfe 7, Bacon made 2, for a 'first, down;>Hargis no gain, Hargis made 2,; Ba<cpn .made 2, Hope incomplete pSss.if Prescott ball. Brunson no gain, Ferdue kicked to Hope 48-yard mark. Bowe j.rhade 3, Hargis 2. Incomplete pass. Berry's kick was blocked and : 'Prescott ; recovered on 50-yard 9, Prince made 2 yards and another first downed. Hope penalized 4 yards for substitute talking. Perdue plunged for touchdown. Bratton's attempt drop-kick was wide. Prescott kicked to Jones who returned' ball to Hope's 44-yard mark. Prescott penalized 5 yards offside. Turner made 3, Hargis 6. first down. Turner made 5, Hargis/no gain, Brown thrown for 10 yard loss. Sissell kicked out of bounds on Prescott 25-yard line. Perdue made 25 yards on end run. Bratton made 4 Ferdue made 7 as the half ended. The score at end. of half, Prescott 6, Hope 0. Third Quarter Prescott kicked to Bacpn on 25-yard mark. Bacon 1, no gain, Berry kicked to Perdue on Hope's 46-yard mark. Out of bounds, no gain, On a double criss-cross, Perdue ran to Hope's 4- yard line but fumbled and Hope recovered. Bacon fumbled and Allen, Frescott, recovered behind goal line for the tally. Brunson plunged for extra point. .Bacon received kickoff and returned to 35 yard line. Hargis made 5, Hargis made 1 yard. Hope was inter- cepted'on own 45 yard line. Perdue made 3, Prescott penalized 5 yards. Ferdue no gain. Perdue kicked to Brown on 15-yard line. Berry passed to Fitchett on 28-yard line. Bacon made 1 yard. Bacon no gain. Berry kicked to Prescott 42-yard line, Perdue 3, Brunson 1, Perdue kicked to Hope's 17 yard line. Hargis made 2 yards. Berry kicked out of bounds on Frescott 45 yard mark. Ferdue made 1, Perdue went through middle of line for touchdown. Brunson plunged for extra point. Brown returned to 32 yard stripe. A pass Brown to Bowe netted 7 yards, Rowe made 2 yards. Hargis made 3, Hargis made 4 as quarter ended. Fourth Quarter Hope's ball on 'their own 47 yard mark. Rome made 6, but fumbled, Prescott recovered, Perdue made 7, Brunson 3, Perdue made 5, Bratton no gain, Frescott penalized for. off-side. Perdue made 5. A Prescott pass was batted down by Hope man but was caugh tby another Prescott player, for 22 yards. Ferdue kicked over goal line. Hope's ball on 20-yard line. Rowe fumbled and wa,s thrown for 12 Glen Ellis and Dr. H. H. Darnall spent Tuesday at Hot Springs. Miss Mary Gaines Autrey and. Miss Frances Darnall were visitors to Saratoga Saturday. Mrs.. David Wilson spent.Friday at Nashville, the guest of Mrs. Jim Ferguson. Mrs. J. C. Hill and Mrs. T. C. Wilson spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Mulkey at Horatio. Mrs. Herbert Griffin of Hope spent the week end with Mrs. T. T. Clendenin. Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Wesson of Nashville were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Ellen. C. W. .Moss of Garvin, Okla., was a visitor here Saturday. Mrs. R. C. Reed, Mrs. Cora Abbott, Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Jackson, Miss Mabel Sipes, Miss ' Nancy Johnson, Mrs. T. C. Wilson und Hugh Bristow attended the Educational Association in DeQueen Friday. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Holding and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Green were visitors to Texarkana Sunday. Mr. ahd Mrs. P. R. Bookar of Texarkana spent Sunday With Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Autrey.' Mi-, and Mrs. J. O. Johnson spent si* Do was the week end guest of Miss Mary Gaines Autrey. • Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wilson ^penfl Sunday with relatives in Washington. Dogs must not be allowed- to automobile horns cannot ** tbot, anil loudspeakers, phonographs, pianos and other apparatus producing sound are banned in hotels and public -places in the French town of Chambery between 10 p. m. and 8 a. m. . It is, said that. 500 different kinds of material are used for tht manufacture of shoes. made many gains for Hope. Mauldin and Brown were good on defnese. Frescott made 10 first downs, Hope 7. The lineup: HOPE PRESCOTT Fritchett Whitmarsh Left End Adams Daniels, Left Tackle Phillips Avery Left Guard Chamberlain - Shackleford , Center Jacks - Barger Right Guard Jones Allen Right Tackle Berry Sewel] Right End Brown Brunson Quarter Back Bacon - Perdue Half Back Turner Prince Half Back Hargis Bratton. Full Back Substitutes. Hope, Rowe, Mauldin, Drake, Sissell, Breeding, Aslin. which awaited her in-her home city, Anne Booker, former Miami, Fin., high school athletic, is shown here as she arrived from Europe four years after an accident which left her severely injured in faraway Vienna. Hurt while attempting a high dive in the Austrian capital, her fortitude in the face of suffering Won Widespread admiration. She was taken in a stretcher from the liner Mohawk by American Legionnaires. 'BARK The Duke of York, brother of the Prince of Wales, on a recent visit to Paris ordered chicken wings cooked in champagne. Probably left like fluttering about. Captain Hawks may tvy ot break Jimmy Doolittle's coast-to- coast, rec- ,o'rd. - He'll have to do more than Doo- Itttl* Which recalls that is u|asn',t so many years ago when reaj speed was (."going like sixty!" Sunday at Fulton with Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Johnson. Mrs. Jini Wilson, Jr., Mrs. David Wilson, Mrs. J. S-WUion ST., Mrs L B. ! Czecho-Slovakla recerrtly celebrated J. Shepperson and Miss Jame John-jsthe thirteenth anniversary of its in- son attended the/Silver tea at jhe de pe n a e nce. Well, as a nation It can Presbyterian church in Hope Friday afternoon. Miss" Selma Lee Bartlett of now Czech and double Czech. Trial an clerror won for Edison. Error and trial put Al Capone in the hoosegow. : Fits—A Way Found to Prevent Attacks For surprisingly Quick relief from Epileptic attacks use the Lepso treatment. Has helped thousands the past 25 years. A trial treatment will be sent Free to anyone writing to R. Lepso, Apt. 152, 123 E. Wright, Mil waukee, Wis. • Adv. .... t we are rushing, and, as Mr. Lewis says, the is eggitiiigi If nothing else. Is ratfeer a good thing to realize this fully, too. The , generations hence .will possibly be looked on as $?eat Jwurning points of history. We are in the world events come to birth and grow tc 1 to look about one without feeling : C*f it, s ' yard loss, Berry kicked out of bounds on pwn 35 yard stripe. Perdue ran around left end for 25 yards. Prescott penalized 5 yards. No gain. Again penalized 5 yards. Pritchett inter.- cepted pass on 15-yard line. No gain. Berry kicked out on 33 yard line. Perdue made 1, pass incomplete. Prescott punt blocked. Hope ball on own 4§ yard line. Rowe made 2, Hargis 2, pass incomplete, ball went ovef. Prescott penalized 5 yards. Bratton made 5, Brunson 2, Perdue made 6 yards. Perdue on a cutback ran to Hope 9 "srd line but the game was ended. Perdue made m^st of the gains for ?'resco't. Their line was almos ta •lone wall to Hc, pe backs. Hargis No More Gas In Stomach and Bowels If you wijh to be permanently relieved of gas in stomach .and bowels, take Baalmann's Gas Tablets, which are prepared especially for stomach' gas and all the bad effects resulting from gas pressure. That empty, gnawing feeling at the pit of the stomach will disappear; that anxious, nervous feeling with heart palpitation will vanish, and you will again be able to take a deep breath without discomfort. That drowsy, sleepy feeling after dinner will be replaced by a desire for Rent It! Find It! $uy It! Sell It! ' ; With HOPE STAR WANT ADS The more you tell, The quicker you sell. 1 insertion, lOc per lin» minimum 30c 3 insertions, 7c per linej minimum SOc 6 insertions, 6c per line, minimum $1.00 26 insertions, 5c per line, minimum $4.00 (Average SMi words to the line) NOTE—Want advertisements accepted over the telephone may be charged with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, the day of first publication. 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TEN YEAR'S AGO The third 1 anniversary of the signing of the Armistice which ended lostilltles in the great World war is selng obseryed throughout Arkansas today. Among the teachers of the public schools here who are atending the state meeting at Lille Rock are: Mrs. ieorge Green, Mrs. T. O. McDaniel, rtrs. Callicut and Mn. Cecil Parker, rtisses Louise Porter, Prances Garner, Conrad Covington, Bessie Green, Evelyn Jagersfeld, Vollie Beed and Kate Wingfield. John Kent, former treasurer of Hempstead county, is in Hope on business this afternoon. Horace Bouton, of Ashdown, is in Hope this afternoon. Percy; D. Burton, of LewigviUe, and G. C. Reynolds, of Texarkana, spent last night in' Hope. Percy is an old Hope boy, and Mr. Reynolds was reared at Centerville, seven miles east of this city. Mr. and MrMs. Ab Pate and sons, Woodrow and Virgil, spent yesterday attending the State Fair at Li tie Rock. Accidents, tuberculosis, heart disease pneumonia, diphtheria and appendicitis are the six most important causes of death among children, between 5 and 19, according to. a survey of the U. S. Public Health service. atmos ' tfoary Sl«6«*>'of Mope, was a P»t? me* Vl*H6r,g8ttd,,y. LttfhW **«fe tufflatt Rider wer« Hope visitor* Wednesday. Mrs. L. M. Hendrlcks and daughter, Vtetefe were visiting friends aftd relative* here Wednesday, Mr, and Mrs. Alfofd Vines were shopping In Hop* Thursday. Mrs. T. J. Drake and daughters and Mr. and, Mrs. A. T. Rider called on Mr. «rtd Mrs. A. B. Rider Sunday afternoon. Barney and Terrell Rider called on Basil Rider Sunday evening. Bro. Season of Waldo filled his regular appointment here Sunday and delivered an extra ffne sermon. Every one Is cordially invited to hear him next second Sunday. Mrs. Dawsie Hollls and son, and Mrs. S. O. McClellan called on Miss Edith Rider Sunday afternoon. fcHH3A^: fi .. teen produc.ei whlth 1 Ilk guWafrt««d agatiut breaking .«!> t*tfti*hlrig and it a great improvement over other makes. They will enable almort anyone to r«ad the very §»alle«t pHht, thread the finest needle and we fo or near. Hundreds of thousands hive been ordered in the latt few HionUu. Orders are pouring in iroat afi oV»r the World. The manUftfctifettte oM& to send a pair on 10 dayr free trial tt any reader of this paper wttt A* ii&> derstanding that if they do not think the spectacles they offer at $1.M equal to those sold elsewhere at $», tBfcy will be out nothing. Just (tend name, address and age to Capitol SpMtjjae (5o., 10 N. Clark St., Dept RA-94, Chicago, 111., for a 10-day trial and learn how you' may get them without cost. Adv. TEXACO MOTOR OIL • grod* for «v«ry car'— for every season Compare these Famous Burr Values You'll Recognize Many of L. C. 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