Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 12, 1931 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, November 12, 1931
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HURSDAY. NOVEMBER ufii i MAiic 1 Thirteen Major Oil Companies Named In Conspiracy Suit Anti-Trust Suit Charge Attempt to Dominate Oil Market INDEPENDENTS HIT Aimed Destruction of In dependent Filling Station Operators ' AUSTIN, Texas.-(/p)-An antl-trus suit, charging 13 major oil companies nnd tw operoleum trndc associations with n nntion-wido conspiracy to dominate the market of gasoline and pe troleum products, was filed hen Thursday by State's Attorney James W. Allfred. The action broUgh tunder the state anti-trust laws, alleging conspiracy was aimed at destroying the independent filling station operaotrs. The defendants are the Standard of New Jersey; Standard of New York Standard of California, Shell Oil Corporation, Union Oil Corporation, Humble Oil and Refining Company, Texas Company, Gulf Refining Company Pasotex Petroleum Company, Continental Oil Company, Sinclair Refining Company, Magnolia Petroleum Company, Sims Oil Company, Shell Petroleum Corporation, Cities Service. Oil Company, Texas Pacific CoAl and Oil Company, Texas Petroleum Marketers Association and the American Petroleum Institute. Hot Springs Sees ! Two Fliers Killed A r k a d e 1 p hi a Men Die When >.'F -- HOT SPRINGS— J. A. Smithson, nized 45, and Clarence E. Hawkins, 24, both of Arkadelphia, were killed instantly Wednesday when a light monoplane piloted by Smilhson crash;- cd into tlio yard of Henry Morrow, Armor -Iviine near the airport. It was the first fatal airplane accident in the History of the Hot Springs landing field. The crash occurred shortly after other pilots had landed from participation in the Armistice Day celeera- tlon nnd the opening of the Red Cross membership drive. Contrary to agreement of all pilots that no stunting would he done until all had landed and put on parachutes, Smithson climbed for altitude above the port Of the others were landing and at about 3,000 feet kicked his ship into a Uiil spin. After about eight turns he pulled the ship out of the spin and into a dive, from which he apparnet- ly attempted to pull it into a "snap" loop. The light ship was heavily lonclrd. since Smithson weighed approximately 200 pounds and Hawkins nhout 180 and the momentum of the dive placed great strain on the wings as the ship went into a tight loop. Approximately six feet of fabric from the end of the right wing was torn loose and floated to the ground, leaving the ship helpless. It snun to the ground where it crashed, killing both men, but did not ciitch fire, Smithson was on automobile mechanic and is survived by his wife. Hav/kinv. was not married. His body was sent to Memphis where his parents live. Smithions body was returned to Arkadelphia, Hawkins was manager of the Arkadelphia Sand & Gravel Company. Smithson was widely known through Arkansas by aviators as the result of a plane he constructed and flew about five years ago, it was said by pilots at the Little Rock Municipal Airport. He had not flown a plane during the past throe years, however, it was said until about three months ago when he procurred the new plane at Kansas City. A Little Rock pilot who was at the Kansas City airport when Smithson bought the plane said that the license had been taken from the ship at that time because Smithson did not hold a pilot's license. Fatal Beauty Put it down as a press agent's story, if you like. But five men are reported to have committed suicide under the spell of lovely Mile. Renee Gugik's enchanting eyes. The latest victim ol the Austrian actress is said to be a young medical student, who shot himself after writing that he had been bewitched by Mile. Renee's eyes. .-• 13 Cotton Trucks Are Given Release $900 in Licenses Reported Bought by Texas •, Operators ' Thirteen cotton trucks of the. Galveston (Texas) Truck lines were released by state officers here Wednesday after .having been detained for several days on charges of violating he litichse and /gasoline tax regulations <if''Arkansas.-' A total of $900 was said to have been •Wffr»|*otf*&<u|i, ffalveston to Little Jock for Arkansas Hcehses,';'before local officers received orders 'to 're- case the big trucks and their cotton cargo. The trucks were held here by Frank Wittc, state revenue man; and Frip Hill and Rass Strong, state patrolmen, One charge against the trucks was hat they were equipped with extra ankagc, which enabeld them to come nto Arkansas, pick up a cargo and eave again, without buying Arkansas' high-tax gasoline. It was explained, however, that the ixtra tanks were-standard equipment in these machines, which owing to heir great size'were unable to take gasoline from the average filling tation. They paid a penalty equal o the Arkansas tax on the total capacity of their tanks. Crew of Wrecked Scooner Rescued Five Members Dead; Captain Suffreing Serious Spine Injuries BALBOA, Canal Zone.— (/P) —The U. S. S. Swain reported Thursday that she had picked up the crew of the wrecked' scooner Baden Baden, with 11 men living, five dead and the captain badly injured. The ship is proceeding with the rescued to Coco Solo. Captain Wabli, the message said, was suffering from a serious spine injury. ederal Loan Man Begins a Checkup Agent Sims to Meet Farmers at the City Hall Thursday, Friday Borrowers of crop loans from the ederal government were called to [ope city hall Thursday for an nc- ounting with Agent Sims of the Fedral Seed and Loan Office, Memphis. Mr. Sims will be here Thursday and r riday, occupying the offices of Hope Chamber of Commerce. About 50 farmers were on hand Thursday noon as the agent began his checkup on crop acreage and disposal of mortgage money in which the government is interested. Preliminary reports indicate that a considerable percentage of Hempstead county framers will pay out on their federal loans early this season. Gentry Will Sue County to Compel Law Observance Hope Municipal Judge Prepares Mandamus Ac tioh for Municipal Court TO DIVIDE EXPENSE State Law Splits Cost and Revenue Between City j .' and County A lawsuit to compel Hempstead county to live up to the terms of the state law requiring cities and counties to co-operate in maintaining a municipal court, will be filed by Municipal Judge U. A. Gentry, The Star learned Thursday. • The Hempstead Quorum Court, ... session at Washington last Monday, refused by a vote of 13 to 11 to appropriate funds for the county's half of the Municipal Court expense. This includes Judge Gentry's salary. , The judge said • his legal action would take the form of a mandamus petition hi circuit court. Judge Gentry declared the state law which allows cities to set up a municipal court requires that when such a court has been established the county government "shall make an appropriation for same, and upon refusal to do so, may be mandamused." Under the state law, the city and county divide the expenses of the court equally. The. court is a revnue-producer for both governments ,the costs assessed against each convicted defendant going to the government whose officers made the prosecution. In addition, Hempstead county is relieved of the usual appropriations for justice-of-the-peace trials in DeRoan township, the Hope municipal court superseding all J. P. trials in this township only. The DeRoan township trials formerly took most of the appropriation allotted, by the Quorum Court for J;.,P,. trials over the entire county." v *•>-*••••.-•.•• • ••' ••;•;.- ' •••? • i< * of Rotary, Visitor Mr. and Ms. Sid Brooks to Meet Hope and Stamps Clubs* Thursday Sid Brooks, district . governor of Arkansas Rotary, and Mrs. Brooks, of little Rock, will be guests of the rlope and Stamps Rotary clubs at a dinner meeting at 7:45 o'clock Thursday night in Hotel Barlow. The Stamps Rotarians are driving to ffope as a group to attend the joint meeting. It will .'be Governor Brooks' first official visit to the Rotary clubs if the southwestern counties, and in he course of the evening he will take up administration problems with the directors of the two clubs. Rotarians will be accompanied by Rotary-anns, and with Mrs. Brooks will be entertained by an unusually ttractive night program. The joint meeting was made possible through the co-operation of the tamps club, Which agreed to come lere Thursday night so that Hope might avoid a meeting originally icheduled in conflict with the Armis- icc day holiday, that being the only ipen date on Governor Brooks' iliner- iry in this section. ONGRESS Ante. * Mitchell 1 Seeks Audit Hcmpstead-Nevada Senate*! 1 Asks Star to Print Brans fords and Mitchell Bill* in Parallel, Declaring His Position Has Been Misrepresented by Press Editor'$ Note: Senator •Lawrence L. Mitchell, of th Hempstead-tievada county ditjwict, believes the newspaper, have misrepresented his position on the highioay audit con trover'sy in the special legisktti He has asked THE STAR the Brans ford audit bill, whl Highway Audit Cdmmission, a an amended form was eventuit THE STAR is klad to pi e session last month. o present in parallel column*. h was recommended by the id his own bill, and which in ly enacted into law. nt these bills, wishing to b strictly fair to any citizen Wh6 n this newspaper happens to have attacked in the course of a public debate. It is our invariable <rule that any, man nailed or inferred in an editoria, article is en-titled to d reply in^he news columns—-and need less to say, it has not cost Senator Mitchell one cent to publish these bills. At least one other] a similar matter as paid advet orous editorial policy carries the other side." ewspaper in the state Itandlec ising. We believe that a vig kth it the obligation to "heat Bransford Bill House Bill No.-5 by Rep. Bransford, Lonoke, County; A Bill for an Act,' to be entitled '-'An act to enlarge the Powers of the State Highway Audit Commission, to. provide for the taking of Testimony and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the General As sembly of the State of Arkansas: Section 1. The State Highway Audit Commission,, or any. member thereof, is hereby authorized and empowered, at any time or place, within or without the State of Arkansas, to require the attendance. of witnesses before said Commission or any member thereof, by subpoena or otherwise;.to require the .production of books,? records, papers, documents, files and, other evidence. Such subpoenas'shall' run in the name of the State of i Arkansas oil behaU of thfrStaU T^gh Audit Commfssibn,' T upbn iorfnsato adopted by said Commission, and when issued, .shall be directed to and served by any sheriff, coroner, policeman, constable or other'officer authorized by law to serve process. Section 2. Every porson subpoenaed before said Commission,' or any member thereof, who neglects, fails or refuses to obey said process of FLAPPER FANNY SAYS BtO.U.B.PAT.OFf. Radios arc a courrcnl and recurrent of trouble. Struck By Bundle of Steel, Killed Emerson W. Patrick of Wynne Loses His Life at Forrest City FORREST CITY.—Emerson W. Patrick, aged 40, Missouri Pacific employe of Wynne, died Wednesday morning a few minutes after he was struck by a bundle of reinforcing steel thrown from/ a freight car by negro workmen at the oil mill. Patrick had been in the car with the workmen a short time before. Walking below the freight car, he was not seen by the workmen because of the high piles of coal on top of which the steel had been loaded. Living formerly at Paragould, Mr. Patrick moved to Wynne about 10 years ago. He had been with the railroad 20 years as freight conductor and brakeman. He was a veteran of the World war. He is survived by his wife and two children. Must Be Lady-Like JUAREZ, Mexico.—El Paso women must learn to sit at tables and drink their liquor, instead of putting their feet on the brass rail, under a new edict of Mayor altazar Adams. Mayor Adams invoked the state law prohibiting the serving of women over the bur said Commission, or member thereof, or who fails or refuses to answer questions pertinent to the investigation and andit of the affairs of the State Highway Department, .or who refuses to produce any books, records, papers, documents, files and other evidence, shall be adjudged guilty of contempt of-said Commission and punished by a fine of not exceeding ten thousand dollars, or by imprisonmeni n the county jail of the county where :he contempt occurred for a perioc 6f not more than one year, or by both such fine and imprisonment a the discretion of the Commission. Any fines imposed hereunder for contempt shall be collected and paid into the state common school fund. Any person who shall swear falsely before said Commission or any member thereof touching any material matter pertaining to the investigation and audit aforesaid, shall be deemed guilty of perjury, and on conviction thereof shall be punished as now provided by law/ Section 3. The said Commission is hereby authorized and empowered to employ and to fix the compensation of a stenographer, or stenopraghers, for the purpose of taking and transcribing testimony, and for other clerical duties. The said Commission is also hereby authorized and empowered to employ and to fix the compensation of an engineer, or engineers, experts, or others to make necessary tests and to perform any necessary service or services desired or required by the Commission, and also to inventory and appraise machinery, equipment and materials of every kind and description belonging to tho State of Arkansas^ or any branch or subdivision thereof, and used, owned or held in connection with and for the benefit of the Arkansas State Highway Department'. Section 4. The said Commission is hereby empowered to sit outside the State of Arkansas, and it or any member thereof may go out of the State of Arkansas to require th'e production of any books, records, papers, documents, files and other evidence, of any individual, firm or corporation that have had dealings directly or remotely with the State .Highway Department of the State of Arkansas, and to administer oaths and take the testimony of witnesses while sitting outside the State of Arkansas. Section 5. Each witness whose attendance is compelled before said Commisesion shall receive the sum of ?1.50 per diem and ten cents per mile one way, by the nearest and most practical route, from his place of abode to the place designated in said subpoena for the giving of such testimony, plus ferriage or bridge toll, if any; and the officer serving said subpoena shall receive therefor the sum of fifty cents for each and every witness so served, and five cents circu- Mitchell Bill '•, .'A Bill, by Sen. L. L. Mitchell o Hempstead-Neyada, for an Act to b entitled, "An act to extend the Power of the State Highway Audit Commis ision, to provide for the taking of tes >timony and other purposes." Be it enacted by the General As isembly of the State of Arkansas: - SECTION 1. Section Seven (7) Act No. 166 of the Acts of the Gen era! Assembly of the State of Arkan sas, approved March 23, 1931, is hereby amended to read, as follows: (a) The Treasurer of State, th Auditor of State, Commissioner o Revenue, heads of the Highway Com mission, and the heads of any depart ^nent of the State of Arkansas, tha May have transactions in any way af felting the Highway Department, are '•-"— -*—' " to .furnUh any assls ^Jn, mriting w»««KibU. to the certified, public accountants, o firm of certified public accountants, the records of their respective offices (b) A quorum of the State High way Audit Commission, or two o: more auditors engaged in auditing tne State Highway Department, or both are hereby authorized and empowered at any time or place, within or without the State of Arkansas, to require the attendance of any witnesses before said Commission or auditors, by subpoena or otherwise, and to administer oaths and take testimony where such witnesses are members oi the State Highway Note Board or the State Highway Commission, agents or employees thereof, or who as individuals, members or firms, or officers of corporations, have enterec into any contracts with the 'State Highway Note Board or the State Highway Commission, its agents or employees, or who have furnished the State Highway Commission, its agents or employees, any material, equipmem or supplies, or any other person whom the Audit Commission or the Auditors believe may have knowledge of any contract made by the Highway Commission, its agents or employees, or dealings with the Highway Department, its agents or employees, or any transactions of the Highway Commission, its agents or employees, or who have bought any State Highway Bonds or had any dealings relative to same, and can require of such witnesses the production of books, records, papers, documents, files and other evidence, relative to any contracts or dealings with the State Highway Note Board or any member thereof or the Highway Commission^ its agents or employees, covering work doneAmaterial, equipment or supplies furnished for or to the State Highway Deparmtent, or other dealings with the State Highway Note Board or members thereof or the Highway Department, its agents or employees. Such subpoena shall run in the name of the State of .Arkansas on the behalf of the State Highway Audit Commission or the auditors engaged in auditing the State Highway Department, upon forms to be adopted by said Commission or auditors, and when issued, shall be directed to and served by any sheriff, coroner, policeman, constable or other officer authorized by law to serve process. Provided, that in taking testimony at other points in the State of Arkansas than the seat of state government the Audit Commission may delegate and empower an individual member to go to any point in the State and subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, take testimony, etc., in the same manner and with the'same powers as if ai quorum of the said Commission was present; and provided further, that in taking testimony in other states, any member of the State Highway Audit Commission, or any representative of the firm of accountaints engaged in auditing the State Highway Department, may take testimony and examine records as hereinbefore provided. (c) Every such persons subpoenaed before said Commission, or any duly authorized rrember thereof, or aud- (Continued on Page Three) itors, who neglect (Continued on Page fails or refuses Japanese Report Troops Arrive in Manchurian Area Night Battle Reported to Have Left 50 Dead and 300 Wounded EXPECT COMPROMISE Wash irigt on Department . Does Not Announce Proposal (Associated Press) • Japan's war office reports that 15 carloads of;arms and amunition and 2000 troops in' "an internationalist communist party" have arrived at An- ganchi from Russia to -reinforce Chinese General Mah Chanshan. Mukden learned that 50 Chinese were killed and 300 wounded in a three hour battle' in the night near Kuhgchulied in the north. Tien Tsin with American and other foreign forces on patrol feared more serious fighting between Chinese police and Rebel rioters. .Tokyo reported 10,000 Japanese troops would move into Manchuria on Saturday as reinforcements and replacements. Chinese forces at Chinchow were estimated at between 20,000 and 30,000 and General Mah is reported to have 20,000 -more ready ot Strike in the Nonni bridge area. . Aristide Briand, president of the League of Nations Council, telegraphed the league offices at Geneva Thursday evening, • asking the secretary .to inform the Chinese and Japanese governments he insisted that the commanders of both, forces in Manchuria be'ordered^ to, refrain from any new aggression*. '.' ' .The state department at Washington announced that some compromise was hoped to be reached in the* situation but this announcement, did not reveal thejhature of the proposal.. ' . '',,'._ —' ', ^ i • —•' , Ex-Mechanic Made Governor Chief Execi He Ha, Power I Appoint OPINIONS D for Place by Circles of nell point a tempoi ator T.'lt.'Cart election U ,thV he has the poker The governor that'he"n*»'thk for a ruling imme4ia< Only by a .tempo! can Arkansas have » senators When coh * month, \ (, ' A difference .of . legal circles is ,io\ ernor can make • ment. » »^ f Had Senator Caraw A garage mechanic m El'Paso, Tex.,. longer the gbverttol _„, a few years ago, Roberto Fierro, above the unexpired term'by has been appointed' governor • of the Mexican province of Chihuahua. Fierro joined the Mexican air service in 1919 and was one of the heroes of the 'government's victory over the Escobar rebelts in 1929. On June 24, 1930, he made'a good-will flight from New York City to Mexico in 16 hours. H. W e s 1 e y Montgomery Not Guilty of Embezzling School Funds CONWAY.—H. Wesley Montgomery, Faulkner county circuit clerk, was acquitted of embezzling funds of.School District No. 78 _(Mayflower) in less than five minute's after the case was given to a jury Wednesday morning. Another indictment pending against the former county treasurer was nolle pressed on motion of C. E. Condray, prosecuting attorney. It was alleged the offenses took place when Montgomery was county treasurer. Before the endictments against Montgomery were returned last June, he paid to J. B. Tilley, present treasurer, the amount by-, which auditors said le was short in'his accounts, approximately $4,600. In the trial Wednesday, the defense proved that the money alleged embezzled actually was credited to the account of the Mayflower district and .hat the money was drawn upon by the district. Owen Smith, George Sellers and Honer Sellers, youths of the Hound fountain community, pleaded guilty o the theft last October 30 of cot- onseed from J. .W. Swope. They were sentenced to serve terms not to exceed one year each in the penitentiary. Stone Scoffs At Farm Board Attack (Chairman Says Utaham's ; Bill to Agolish Agency Will Be Futile •T WASHmGi^NH^-^riator King announced'Wednesday he,'was drafting a bill to abolish the Farm Board, but its chairman, James C. Stone; said such a movement would not get very far. , . Stone made his comment in connection with what he termed a "funeral cration" delivered over the board yesterday by Representative Beck, Pennsylvania Republican., The Utah Democrat proposes to abolish the board and set up a temporary agency to liquidate-its business as quickly as possible. He said tht -board had been-a "complete failure" and had,"injured rather than benefited the-ifarmers." This represented no change of attitude on his part however, as he creation of the agency. voted against Mrs. Hattle mentioned as" the the state mittee to'serve Democrkilel pending the March/IMS^ pounced she wouldli ination. • > f ' <'_ ) £ Should the governor L , er of temporaryf ippbj cal circles generally; Lunar Williama6n> f cti State would, ST. Alexander • Berg, who was released Tuesday hlghtH being held captive for 102 hours,'^ tricked into releasing him, '"" Louis Postf Dispatch" said; We in a copyrighted story. /. r , f. No ransom was^paid. for th^ ,^ lease of the furrier/ and,:}t ,was t .jr lated by John TriWge^j veteraW porter for the < ' ^ " ' King will have the support of Senator Reed, Republican, Pennsylvania, in his effort, but not of the farm bloc in the Senate. Chairman McNary has called a meeting of the Agriculture Committee for November 24 to -consider measures to strengthen rather than abolish the board. Suspect Held In Robbery at M'Rae Garland Chamberland Is Said to Have Been Identified by Victims Three Lose Lives In Bridge Tragedy 6 Youths Trapped on Railroad Structure After Visiting Cemetery DETROIT— (ff)— A freight train and passenger train, coming from oppose directions, swept onto a double- ract trestle over River Rouge Wed- esday and trapped six boys who ere walking across the structure. One of the boys, Oscar Fillipart, 10, /as killed. Two others, Oscar chronk, H, and Robert Rear, 12, umped into the river, James Carter, 2; his brother, Carl, eight and Robert Uandt, 12, escaped death by hanging •om a railing at the side of the •estle. The boys were on their way from icir homes in the suburb of River ouge to Woodmore cemetery to visit he grave of young Fillipart's moth- Never Quarrel SEARCY. — G a rland Chamberland, aged about 35, charged with being one of a trio who robbed the McRae bank last Friday afternoon of $4,000, was arrested at McRae about 3:30 Wednesday morning by Deputy Sheriff Tatum Plant and Constable Bill Hombs of McRae. He was brought to Searcy and lodged in jail. He was apprehended at the home of Arthur Hales. E. M. Bennett and T. H. Henry, cashier and assistant cashier, respectively of the McRae bank, are said to have identified Chamberland. Following the arrest, Bennett and Officer Hombs went to Little Rock to the home of L. C. Ford, 4501 Asher avenue, end are said to have searched the room occupied by 'Chamberland. They found a cap said to have been worn by one of the members of the trio the afternoon of the hold-up. credited by BergV$ _. T feeling Berg's release, ho^ an i ment was made- with Paul ards .attorney acting for the ers, to pay $50,000 ransom^ We day if Berg was released Tu night. No payment was made, buiiin-t stead Richards was arrested We" '" 'day by police as the agent of hapera. /• Richard's arrest came after he gotiated with Adrian LevinsonJ'; torney for the Berg family, to,t ' $50,000 in exchange for a ! promissory note obtained by the, napers from Berg and given to Rich-"' 5 ards, " V The negotiations wferfe completed Tuesday, Richards telling Levinson^ that Berg could be released within^ ' two hours after he had given Ttha word. Levinson, at the final meeting late Tuesday, asked was assurance he would have Berg would get bfick, safely if he agreed to pay a ransom, and Richards assured him Berg would be released Tuesday night, whereupon Levinson told Richards he would pay, the $30,000 in exchange for the prom,? issory note Wednesday, conWn?ent'.i upon Berg 1 * return. ' Mike Cutter, a former professional J bondsman and exTconyicti ancl hi? wf f$ ' and Richards' wife, also were ed in connection with the case, tfl* \ gether with B negro cook and old girl employed in a restaurant, operated by Cutter. Pale and worn', but unharmed, Berg returned to his apartment at the Fsrk Plaza hotel in a taxicab about mJ4-< night Tuesday night after being re, leased by his kidnapers from a car on Union boulevard in West Uouis. BALTIMORE, Md.—The matrimo- ial path ha salways been a smooth ne to August J. Kilchenstein and his •ife. They have been married for 50 ears, but never have had a quarrel, Jacksonville was exhumed Wednesday after her husband's arrest Tuesday. Sheriffs officers declined to com- Cilchenstein says. "Indeed," he says, ment on the investigation, but indicative love each other more now than cd they were working on the possi- cver before." | bility Mrs. Bowie died cf poisoning. Little Rock Man Held; Death of Wife Probed LITTLE ROCK—(£>)—C. E. Bowie, 45, was being held incommunicado in the North Little Rock jaii Wednesday for investigation in connection with the death of his wife, Mrs. Rendy Elizabeth Bowie, 36, October 23. Mrs. Bowie's body, burial near .am Evangelist Fined $100atJonesboro Rey, Joe Jeff ers Charged With Perfroroing Illegal Marriage ers, central, fiffure in Jonesboro's re^ ceut church war was fined $1M ,by Municipal Judge William Carro^, Thursday on « ch*rfe of ysrfomingi an illegal. ip*rrjag« cgrfmiMiy. ' The law «o.ujre( Uw fiVnf of cU*i* 'a cal crfdattial« wjtfc lie county - 1 -- 1 - ^^ n '*tj

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