Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 11, 1931 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1931
Page 6
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'- ' "• r -f Bi f V r, in), i'«"•*•,,. •»• •>«' *^U>t**»i, M',, '•;<.• fr EKLY USINESS REVIEW BUILD Tax Ha Paid to Arkaruas Three Years e two sov tossing the gage forth across a disputed adjacent to Red rivet !r/Smiles northwest of Texar- e"bWnfef of the sttagetic 1 lake unding land was calmly pur _ affairs In Paris attet paying tiBial taxes on land he has never of the lake in the dis- of land which has em- —game wardens of Arkansas t,T*bfais lor frears te'J. W. Scott, t Wtieivedt the land about three agb through foreclosure of mort- *rly it was owned by D. of Foreman, Ark. 'maintains the disputed strip Arkansas although the land ap- "^ has shifted from satte to Use of the meanderings of for three years he has into the Arkansas coffers. clash between the two states, ; resulted in an agreement to 'Engineers survey and fix a. defi- twundary, does not disturb, Scott, 'land is of little value and r-luied/as a stamping ground for and Texas hunters. It is the banks of the lake Where and game wardens oMhe two meet. Arkansas wardens arrest the hunters hunting out of season, _ to Arkansas laws, and the buTwardens operate in similar f ash- ipiatnst Arkansas hunters. fethe controversy has raged be- the governors and attorneys ". ot the two states, Scott pays and forgets the land until "Or newspapers call his attention. l existence. ' Build! Chain ; of Speed Highways S.— A system of first-class : restricted to motor, vehicles ijr ; j"and. having no cross-roads along "L tonnes, will be constructed in y'.under private financing and uri- '" > system which will revert own> to the country in 50 years. roads, part• of the "Auto- i.' huge project of road building, i a modern system of trunk bile communication join- s'more important Italian towns.' will be eight of these roads, f m>charge of separate companies. f " . i heretofore impossible will be ; practicable on these roads. They V speed up inter-city traffic by ithan 50 per cent, officials say.' "Autostrade," or automobile were'begun in Italy only a 4 years ago and were divided into Bundy Set Record For Sale of Gas Service Station Sold 11,000 Gallons in a Sin" gle Month This is the story of the Mian who sold 11,000 gallons of gasoline at a three-pump station in one month- Leon Bundy. » Bundy's Service Station, Third and Hazel streets, had a phenomenal business In September, averaging 367 gallons a day, Sundays included and 122 gallons per pump per day. This meant that every pump in the Sunday station was filled and emptied on the average more than 12-times a ,day. Gulf products are handled by Mr. Bundy, "No-Nox Ethyl," 'and "That Good Gulf standard gasoline. Su- ireme standard oilj and Gulf Pride >remium lubricant. , Acme tires are featured, both for rucks and passenger cars. In connection with his general service station, Mr. Bundy also operates i complete equipped garage, where verything is done to an automobile rom minor repairs to a complete re- uilding job. Five persons are employed on the roperty, constituting one of the best 11-aroUnd service units in the city. The upturn in business'has already speared in' Hope, Mr. Bundy sale Tuesday night. It has come to him, and he is confident business will gel steadily better through the fall and Bundy Service Station on E. 3rd. —Photo by Shipley Flying Over Rockies at Night Just a Grind to Ace Pilot winter. The coming of highway No. 67 through Hope on the Third street route naturally has meant a great deal to Mr. Bundy, and will mean more as the concrete paying is completed on the last link, from Hope to Emmet— which is expected to be next summer. Oklahoma Death Plot Is Revealed Man Held as Wife Slain and Body Put in Front of Oncoming Train ' SASKWA, Okla.-'—(>P)— A speeding passenger train lunched to a stop south of here early ( Monday in time to uncoVer a plot to hide the slaying of Mrs. W. L. Scott, The engineer of .the ; south bound St. Louis-San Francisco train found the woman's body in an automobile which had been abandoned on the tracks. Her head had been battered and the body was cold. The automobile engine was warm. W. L. Scott, the husband, was arrested and placed in the Seminole county jail at Wewoka for questioning. The license of the car was issued in his name. The engineer stopped the train in SAN FRANCISCO — (NBA) — That ditions and enables us to steer clear classes. The first includes high- time to prevent smashing the auto?'built for tourist trade. The sec- class includes all commercial hways, fj^An example of the latter type is the opcrbetween Turin and Fiume, now partly completed, which is being built $,cost of $35,OOQ,000. i SPECIAL FOR ,., 10 DAYS . Two French Oil Permanents, $5.00 "Bring A Friend MARINELLO Beauty Shop Phone 151 mobile although the locomotive struck it. El Dorado to Discuss Transportation Rates EL DORADO, Ark.v-Civic clubs and various other organizations are combining efforts for a city wide meeting here Tuesday night, when rail transportation, with a view to more favorable schedules for this city. J. J. Babb, chairman of the meeting, said, indications'are that the meeting will draw representative business men from various other communities in this section. Speakers will include Major O. L. Bodenhamer, commander of the American Legion; Judge Neil C. Marsh, El Dorado attorney, and .other local men. A representative of the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce and one from the Rock Island offices in Chicago,will be on hand. :H> Drive in For , Service That Good Gulf Gas, Gulf No- Nox, Gulf Pride Oil Bundy Service Station Third and Hazel Phone 264 Your Gas Company IS AT YOUR SERVICE AT ALL TIMES TO MEET YOUR NEEDS Jfc costs you absolutely nothing to get our ad- yjce upon methods or securing the greatest amount of service from the smallest amount of fuel. The suggestion of our experts on gas matters is yours for the asking. Arkansas Natural Gas Corp, A Cities Service Unit daring and- adventure that so captured the imagination of people in the early days of .motoring is gradually losing its romantic glamour even in aviation. ° For when one of the leading pilots of the country expresses a yearning for the return of those perilous times he used to "enjoy" in the air, it's a sign that this newest mode of travel soon will be as normal as motoring is today. That flyer is Harry Huking, mustached and partially-bald ace pilot on the Reno to San Francisco route of the United' Air Lines, and president of the National Air Pilots' "Association. Huking has flown so much that it's just a daily grind to'him. His hours in the air total more than 6000, yet his most spectacular accomplishment is his more than, 1200 night flgihts over one of the most perilous air routes'in the United States. No-More Excitement Daylight flying is too tame and uneventful. He bemoans the fact that the lighted airways have taken much of the perilous excitement out of night flying. And when radio comes along to make his flying doubly safe, he- merely grins and looks for adventure elsewhere.' • »"With a chain of revolving beacons every 10 miles, blinker lights every three miles in the mountains and emergency landing fields every 20 miles, most of the- romance has gone out of flying even over the mountains \ at night," he sighs. ' i For 11 years Huking has flown the ' mail and for the last nine years he has hurdled the Rockies between Reno and San Francisco. "Back in 1920 there were no radio eyes and ears to tell us what we were running into," he recalls, "and it was that condition that led to my most thrilling experience and narrowest escape. "Soon after I left Reno I ran into a bad storm. Vainly I tried to get under, over or .around it. Each attempt failed. There were no emergency landing fields and there was nothing for m to do but grit my teeth and try to fly through the snow and sleet-laden gale. ( Threc-Mile Drop! "I tilted up the nose of my ship and let her climb. Somewhere up there, I thought, there must be calm weather. At 17,000 feet the wind was less furious and I began to exult in the belief that I had actually won through. "At that instant the engine of my plane began missing. I could not hold altitude. I dropped swiftly into the storm clouds to a height of about 2600 feet, "I knew that no ship could live at that height in the midst of the crags hidden by darkness. A crash was inevitable. It came. I woke up five days later in a hospital. The plane had struck a tree. "That accident occurred 11 years ago and since then I have spent more than 6000 hours flying back and forth across the mountains without damaging plane or hurting myself or any passenger. This is partly due to the ,science of weather reporting, and the radio which brings us weather con- of storms." ' While Passengers Sleep The night flight over the Rockies which pilots call the "hump," may be inspiring to the passengers, but it's just routine to Huking. "While the s passengers doze," h'e says, "I listen to weather advice, and count the minutes until I'm due on the air to report my position. This is dqne three times an hour in fair weather and every 10 minutes in stormy weather. I merely throw a switch and speak into a microphone. "With a tiny fountain pen flashlight I compare two wrist watches to make sure I'll call in on the dot, for I have been taken to task for reporting 30 seconds too learly. I watch the engines to keep them synchronized, and check carefully the oil .pressures.,, I must watch my schedule, .beacon lights and the terrain to Be sure we are running on time and on the Igihted route. . ,,.. „. "Then, out of the blackness ahead, the lights of the city appear. 'We glide down to a landing, and we're safely over the 'hump' again. That's Woman Charged in Burning Husband Claim Kerosene Poured Over Mate and Fired in North Carolina DOBSON N. C— (ff)— Mrs. Ida Trainum 38 accused of pouring kerosene over her husband, Thomas S. Trainum, 45, setting his clothing afire and burn- ing'him to death, was in a cell in the county jail Monday, awaiting grand jury action on her case. A coroner's jury ordered Mrs, Trainum held after investigation of the strange circumstances surrounding her husband's death a week ago. Shortly after she locked the front door of Trainum's cafe about 1 a. m. Sunday of last week he was discovered in a rear room lying on a bed with kerosene and with oil-soaked clothing afire. Release of Rowbottom From Prison Ordered BIRD'S ART-CRAFT ROOFING Makes a durable and lasting roof. Improves appearance and increases the value fo any home. Applies over old shingles. Saves time, litter and waste of tearing off old shingles. Easy Payment Plan! HOPE RETAIL LUMBER YARD J. M. Harbin, Mgr. Phone 178 WASHINGTON.-^)—An order directing the release of Harry E. Rowbottom, former representative from Indiana, is in the mails to Leavenworth penitentiary. Rowbottom, serving a sentence for accepting bribes in connection with the appointment of postmasters, recently was paroled. He is to be released as soon as the order reaches Leavenworth. ; ; j Happ Morse, manager of the, Dallas Steers in the Texas league, took a baseball team of Texas and major league players to Mexico City. Kentucky Grand Jury Indicts Pair Theodore Drieser, Novelist, and Woman Cited on Adultery Charge PINEVILLE, Ky..—(/P)-Theodore Drieser, novelist and Marie Pergain, were indicted by the Bell county grand Jury on charges of adultery, Tuesday. This offense is a misdemeanor under the Kentucky laws and non extradit- ible. Warrents on which bonds of $200 each were fixed, wilt not be served unless Dreiser or the woman returri to the state. The grand jury indicted the novelist on the testimony of two hotel clerks and two other persons. Prieser headed a committee which investigated conditions in the Harlan county coal fields where Drieser said a reign jof terror existed. .The pffense allegedly'occurred at a hotel here whil Drieser was investigating these conditions. The woman Was .not further identified in the indictment. Heart Failure In Both Sexes MADISON, Wis.—(#>)—A survey by the Wisconsin bureau of vital statistics shows that heart diseases take their victims wjth slight regard for sex. . Only in _ the case of acute en- dqcarditis, or' inflammation of the lining , membrane of the heart, were deaths of women in Wisconsin greater ;han those of men last year. Luck Distributes Seiberling Tires New Air-Coolbd Design Featured by Noted . Manufacturer A new principle of automobile tire design, and a tire that is new In Hope, is now being offered through Luck's Service Station. After searching the tire markets for several weeks Hollis Luck proprietor, last week contracted for the agency in this territory for the Seiberling line of tires. It is understood that these tires have not been represented in Hope for several years. A principle of air-cooling is utilized, in the design of the tread, which has the double effect of absorbing much of tht road punishment which a tire is subjected, as well as serving to keep the tires cool. The first shipment .of tires arrived at : the service station Tuesday. Board Arbitrators j Used Car Claims NEW YORK.—Protection of used car buyers and dealers is assured in this city through a recently established arbitration board to pass on the claims of any disgruntled purchasers, The dealer inserts in all of his agreements covering the sale of the car a clause providing for the arbitra- .ion of any controversy arising between him and the purchaser of the car. As a result of this arrangement if a >urchaser is dissatisfied with the car ic buys and claims it was misrepresented, he first tries to settle his dis- ?cte with the dealer personally. If his fails, the case is taken before the arbitration tribunal. About 1000 members of the board work without pay in this city. The membership includes business leaders *rom -all Branches of trade. In Person "I wouldn't cry for the best man living!" "No need to, my dear—you've got him."—Tit-Bits. WE EXCHANGE Meal or Flour for shell" ed milling corn. We'll grind your corn into meal. SOUTHERN GRAIN & Produce Co. Phone 248 Phone 314 HOPE TRANSFER & STORAGE CO. E. G. Coop, Mgr. EXPERT BATTERY SERVICE Lester Rhodes in charge (Most experienced battery man in town) LUCK'S SERVICE STATION Car Washing-Greasing $1.50 Phone 485 For Every Type of Motor That Good Gulf Gasoline For More Power Gulf No-Nox—Ethyl Stops Knocks Gulf Supreme Motor Oil For a Smooth Running Motor Gulf Refining Company M.S. Bates,-Agent Phone 24 or 934 It's Safe to Be Hungry At The CAFE Plate Lunch 35c More Bread For Your Money Blue Ribbon Bread, and other City Bakery products, give you more ounces of better quality bread for the same money. Ask for the home bread at your grocers, and you'll tave money! CITY BAKERY Bakers of Blue Ribbon Bread WE WILL TRADE- SEED OATS Ferguson No. 922 SEED RYE Genuine Abruzzi Re-cleaned, pure seed, tested for germination. To trade for anything you have— corn, peas, cotton seed, cotton, peanuts, popcorn, calves, chickens, and especially sorghum. Or Will fake Your Note HOPE BRICK WORKS Illinois' Long Milk War Appear* to Have Ended SPRINGFIELD, lll.'-(tf>)-Southern Illinois' two-months milk war, re- pleated with slugglngs, destruction of property and terrorism In general, ap. pearad Sunday night to have been ended by intervention of the United States government. The cause of the dispute—friction between an association of dairy farmers and a St. Louis milk company- remains unsettled, but county and state authorities said they believed the actual warfare had been effectively stopped. TO Federal Judge Louis Fitzhenry was given considerable credit for halting the actual rioting. He Issued n permanent Injunction restraining the farms and milk truck drivers from further violence. Week-End Crashes in Dixie Take 15 Lives ATLANTA, Oa.-(/P)-Flfteen deaths resulted from automobile accidents in the South over the week-end. Georgia led in the number of motor vehicle fatalities with six, Tennessee and Alabama had three each, Arkansas two and Virginia one. Carl McAdams, • quarterback on the Texas Tech football team, also is president of the Tech chapter of the Southern scholarship society. Try as you may, yoiJ can't find a gift that will mean quite so much to your friends as your portrait- it is you. It's none too early now to arrange for Christmas portraits The Shipley Studio $. Phone 359 for Appointment Blame War Debts! For Slack Trai Premier MacDonalJ A< dresses New English Parliament LONDON, England-(£>)-Reparal tions and war debts schedules coml binlng in n system of "crazy economyj have caused the distressing economll situation in which the world finds self. Prime Minister MacDonald fialj Tuesday in his first speech befo the new parliament. < "As long as the will of man fore an unnatural economic adjustmefi upon the world, the world never wl| succeed or prosper," he declared. EXCEL RADIATOR CORES Guaranteed for one year against defects! Also guaranteed against bursting, freczing_ or srystalizing. Bigger'cooling system than your, equipment core! , Radiator Repairing HALLIBURTO Sheet Metal Works Phone 611 ITCOSTSLESS USED MORE Your electric service is so arranged that you pay only for what you USE—for that fraction of expensive equipment which must be reserved for your use- instantly! Assuming that electrical usage ,was confined exclusively to light, as it once was, it would not be possible for you to enjoy this service at its present low rates in Hope. Hence every Electrical Appliance you add to your household equipment does its part toward lowering the cost to you for current consumed in your service. Make use of all the modern day electrical appliances! Electricity is among the cheapest things you can buy, thanks to the Hope Water & Light Plant Manufacturers of •> 'I Cotton Seed Products and Quality Fertilizers QUAPAW FERTILIZERS TEMPLE Cotton Oil Co. B. L. Kaufman, Manager U. S. Government Bonded Cotton Warehouse Standard and High Density Compress Automatic Sprinkler System Cheapest Insurance Rate in Arkansas Union Compress and Warehouse Company H. 0. Kyler, Manager Phone 179

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