Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 11, 1931 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1931
Page 4
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,- *&'?L*i'%)" *'* *, J ~ "'' BLETINS NEWS-Tokio lication j>h Expected incipAl Speak'" Prograni . :fote)«e dedi«atibttW I building at Bl«v> : tbisSeiVicewtil ,_ BVeftiber 3ft, Sfn in the morning, a Basal iaoon and a footbal •f'afterioori. that Ex-Gevttfho* ; r -'|rough will be the p«ncJ- iwE\Avu utG JifOjfrSttiV, £t £ Ix&mtRt* suitefintendeHt o tfA'fct M^iY A «>)**44*MUh non- etna a .reprase , e ^'Stete vB^feltrttot 6 r'at Little Roefc, at Tokio News Events fildet Cooifebf Nashville visited JUS parert&aJKWs place ButWsy. Mr. and\MHMoe Smith tffritprf Mr. and Mrs.'Horn** Smith at Me &'&hoB8a> foe this Mu &%j''i< leted Monday its Continue Work lodist Church Week finishing ma- 'high school building at ;^as'not ready for occupancy •' as* was generally expected. (Olo'work was continued in church and will likely tfgthere all this week. Mr, a«tf KftSi ft turned home from Hot Sfirtngs, where Mrs, CocJey took a course otbaths. -TVUss Mjfrtic ThomiisOH of DiWks visited home folks Siirid% V a Mr. and Mr«.*Geotgfe R MAarty *feited Sfcf. and' ( Mr^ J, K.1?hompson of Singer Sundtejr, ' * J. T. Warren was a business visitor ,to Nashville Saturday. and Mrs. J. S. Threat were visitors Saturday. Ch§8. Holt was calling ori the Tokio merchants Thursday. W. ft. Ifaompson has his new home about complete. Blevins fiinnings Total 1400 Bales Season Soon to Close in This, Section According to Ginners The Blevins cotton gin finished the the three day ginning program which iias been followed there lately last Saturday night with 100 bales for the \veek. This brought their total up to L400 bales for the season. This gin'" will run* next Friday and Saturday, and after that it is not cnown at this time what program will ie followed. It is expected that about 50 or 75 more bales will finisli the'crop in this section for the season. Me Re er ales Consider abl* More Cottdtf RepoHwf ih Field* of This Section i Tuesday afternoon- the McCasklll gin, operated by S. G. St6ne had reache* 1*5 bbles for the season. Mr. Stone said he did not know how much longer he would have to run this giri as there was considerable more cotton in the fields in that section. At the beginning of the season a run of 1300 bales Was- predicted for the McCaskill communIO/ but the yield has far surpassed this amount. Tenant House on Battle Farm Burns All Household Property of Edgar Reed Destroyed By Fire Thursday The home of Edgar Reed, negro, living on the -Mrs. S. H. Battle farm three miles northeast of -Blevins, was completely destroyed by. fire about 8 o'clock Thursday night. All household furniture, two wagon loads of corn and a quantity of other produce was lost. The house was valued at about $300. Coach John P. "Clipper" Smith of North Carolina State college football has lost 15 pounds snce the season be* gan. Sweet Home Items fildt W. E, Sh«frlH of Bentdni Ark, fill'ed 1 his appointment Here Sunda L. Reese McBbtfgald studertt o« PreS. cott high stehool, visited hotTfte 1 ' folks here Sunday. ' . Travis tfWaney little soft of M*. A Mrs. J. J. Delaney Is suffering with a light attack of hay fever. r , , Mrs. Clyde Sutton is in CdnJ Dbrt- nell hospital this week. Several from the Union Grove cowl- munity attended preaching' here Sunday. " Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Safrncm have moved Into the house of Berry Wilon's :- ' ' ' :..;'. 1 Mr. and Jtrs. Al 'Thompson of Blevins Visited' in the home of her father, J. A. Musky, Sunday. Johnnfe Yates' of Kllgbre, Tex., is spending the week end here? with Miss Mertha Mdris. -,,, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Yarberry were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Eryin Yarberry Sunday. >•->' Glad to reporJt that grandma arid grandpa Homan were able to attend church here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Garner of Sieving spent Saturday night and Sunday With the family of W. L. McDougald. Mrs. Mount Montgomery, son Har- Vey, and Mrs. Joe-Britt, visijed with relatives near Gurdon Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Will Spears were shopping in Prescott Saturday. RED CROSS NURSES PROTECT HEALTH OF FUTURE CITIZENS A New York hotel' has a restaurant on the top floor with a roof that can be rolled back in hot weather. \ The Pyramid of Khufu at Giaeh is said .to have originalls contaned 2,3(30,000 stones, each, two and a half tons in weight. HAZEk BOSS. HAiLEY , '"HSBfi '<*O»A1r - «fcl«l who rota «•« kill* • , 'BCH9. JUPITER t« vet ;>ceklaee. - J«--- «»• brother, _ ... »• » nm • car •• he'Koes to meet *, Bollee HUmentn — tn ow*4 racetrack crook ealleJhTHl ««».•* «• ' ike mmrttr. C HCTfTHEH, to laVerilKate farther, i to mmtwrmt o»ce. Mary ,_ wy>' Tfce f Fly ""hhllSi^ :»•;•" kto vrny to lock Up tbe V|t4naceklaee, eome» by to take {•one. He** Drove* Tke Fly 1 there. Dirk and Mary are «* hy men hi the mate make i-eor that killed Eddie. Boron Mvthe thieve* by tamlaar.hla Slk/front of thelra; Dirk Mill ik-aooks the nttofence of The r and Mary goe» nrlth Bowen. IUUR JUPITER return* from 'roge;with a woman friend. Blr. Piter order* hi* *oa ont and Mary hl» heir. chnrKe* Ifarys I* a gold- The Fly 'dlinppear*. ««W"GO ON WITH THE STORY ^CHAPTER XXV. , . Mr. Jupiter stared at bis son, emotions on his face; 'ttll'f he snapped/^$6^?you're eM" I^hought"j^d cojtfe to Senses, You can't live on love iven,'in?ga"rjs, I understand.'' He :ckled harshly. There was a hint in his voice which be '" 'Mary shook her head Involun •lily—Ifc was so much a moment gljfl&f-taet, and Jupiter was 1 employing I Of It. i/*| But' Bruce paid no attention to father. Tossing the black, wide"parson's hat" he affected table, be sat down on the arm cbalr, ana* pulled out a cigaret rudely at Mary mean- /Mar/ marveled at the change In fcjm, The dreamy brown eyes that haft rested so warmly upon the throa.ty-voiee4 siren last night were black with anger. The luxuriant dark hair was more awry than be(lore; H stood np in an indignant X$jH above- the high, bronzed fore* .iead as if five agitated fingers had run through it. The lean, niiTO jftngen that toyed with clgajfet trembled visibly. But t?> , ... ace's troico was remarkably cons|» ? ,tro:lJed™-Boft, smooth and poisonous- Jtfto sweet, §V r > e««cty, yeg, I've come to my senses;? B: - ftf winmnred, his gaze still boring •>«"*•» the girl's. Mary flushed and Ss4,.f«t?ef»l*4 InvdJuntarily before his Stare, -It Is Just as you jther. i have stayed away g, things have taken a sur- itg turn during my absence. ft torij as a sensible man - h»ve foreseen. But I am not > man. I am an artist.* paused and blew a cloud ot t almost in tbe girl's face. live, am I not?" be BVJingly.. "It actually sur- me to learn that my place wjrpjBd by a greater myself!" Be rose and , deep, sweeping bow. mystified, Mary turned to. f - Mr. .Jupiter who was looking at his - fSt M if be wer« a madman. The "«|, timidly welcoming light lied out of bis eyei Hte jaw you would be the last to recognize 'the artist in the young lady who stands beside you. A beautiful artistf a charming artist, but never* thetanr an adept in the gentle art of gotf-dlgging!" Old Mr; Jupiter fell back In his chair, j openmouthed. lV fiW*!}, of all the damn fools," he ga»p«i weakly. When Bruce would havl~spoken', he shouted "Shut up! Get out!" , '•' \ "NonaensB, my dear father," Bruce returned clamly. "I have come home to stay." Jupiter made a threatening move ment Mary found' ber tongue. "This Is so silly," she protested. "Silly. Is It?" Bruce barked, turning on her. "My mother's jewels? My'father's fortune? I dare say you're an estimable young woman in some ways and a faithful em- ploye to whom some remembrance was fitting. But aren't you a little boggish? Share nnd share alike would have been sporting, at least! But I come home and dm met with the boot Why? Titian curls about an angelic face have dpne tbe damage, I fear. Well, I am not without some charm. myself. If I wish to apply it to the. sordid task of opening purse-strings in my favor. I have- not been a good son, perhaps, but at least I am a Jupiter. There's my challenge, Miss Hark,ness—do you take it up?" Tt/fARY laughed outright "You're •"••• quite mad,." she said. "The Alps must have done it—the altitude. Now I'll make you a challenge. Suppose you get a little better acquainted with both your father and. me before you do anything ridiculous." Bruce had expected anything but amusement. "Is my decision to remain in my own home ridiculous?" he demanded. "It can be, If you're going to stalk about like Edwin Booth," she cblded gently. Then she turned to the inarticulate old man, "Why don't you Invite him on the 'Gypsy'? A little closer view of things might change bis ideas and save any more of this kind of thing." To Bruce she added, "Your father's bad quite enough trouble. Even you must see that" •'Quite," Bruce returned, "and I accept,. Be sure you will find me at your elbow wherever you turn, Miss Ifarkness, You are an object of great interest to me and I may as wall confess that from now on I do not intend to let you out of my sight." Mary smiled.. "The 'Gypsy' is small." sbe answered, and turned to leave the room. Mr. Jupiter bad been simmering; now be spluttered into speech. "Mary, come back here!" be shouted, "Don't you get ahead of yourself, young man! Leave this room until you're askeig into it! Mary and I have some business to tend to. If you go along on tbe 'Gypsy' you'll button up your lip, or I'll put you ashore, remember that! I ain't too o!4 to paddle you yet, if I have to, to take tbe tuck out of you!" Bruce regarded the tip of bis cigaret .intently. "Business?" be asked, with, an insinuating rising inflection. —T? "Business/' the old man snapped- And unveiled what in Mary was an unexpected, rein of sarcasm. *Bwsi- nes« lhat wouldn't Interest you! Mary Ujlnlw she's dr%wn a bead on the man that murdered your mama. You've (ot no tine for web , foft might mis« y« YM» i»«er get aloof your, paint-slapping." Bruce flushed darkly, then paled, That shaft had' bit bom*. Mary was glad to see that he- could be hurt on 'that score; thera must be hope for him. For the first time she softened toward him slightly; "I'm—scarcely an expert," Bruce said, "but perhaps I can be of use." Be walked to the door and! turned 1 . ',;My old room, father?" Jupiter nodded, scowling. Mary felt suddenly weak as^ they v?ere left alone.. ' ";,'' O •'•". - 1 "I'm sorry to have- been the cause of—of—" she fumbled to express her humiliation,, but tbe old man waved away her apology. "It'll be all right,'he'll come around," he told her. "We got plenty to do if we get awayTues- day. Get me Hendrlcks on tbe wire,, will you. Mary?" * • • TTE was off on his plans for the •*"* cruise. The- man-hunt they were about to embark on superseded everything else in bis mind, for which Mary was grateful. . For tbo first time she began really to hope that tbo business might be brought to a successful end, and soon. Leaving Jupiter crackling orders over tbe telephone, she went thoughtfully out and up to her room. It was useless to / try to reach Dirk—she did not want to be curious about bis whereabouts. She would write him at the house and wait for bis answer, hard as tbe waiting would be. If she didn't hear on Monday she would call him, for she couldn't go away without seeing him. Dearest Dirk, (she wrote): I'm sorry I walked away as I did last night—I don't suppose you'd like to forgive me, would you? I should never have mixed you up In all this. It just comes under the bead of "unfinished business" that must be attended to before I can marry you, that's all! You remember you worked late at the office last night finishing up some matters that couldn't be left undone. It's the same with me. Don't worry about it, and above all don't think ycu must help. I don't .expect you to, 'and I'm not angry tbout It, really. I am leaving Monday for Florida on tbe 'Gypsy' with the Juplters. Can't you come and see me before I go? If I don't see you again before I go, though, I make .you this prom' ise—that whether this Job Is fln« isbed or not, I will keep my date with you in December. (Or have I one?) With love, always, MARY. When she had the letter sealed, stamped and ready to go she bad the absurd impulse to run to Dirk with it in her hand. How could sbe wait until Monday for an answer? Perhaps if sbe went into tbe village and mailed it now, it might reach him on the late afternoon delivery. Impatiently sbe threw off her clothes, found an old pair of riding breeches and shirt, and donned them. Then she telephoned the barns and asked to have a saddle put on Betsy, tbe mild little mare that was hers to ride when not more gainfully occupied at pulling lawSnwiwer or th« station wagon. Exhilarated by tbe prospect of getting out into tbe crisp autumn air, and by her errand, sbc* went out, whistling happily. Outside ber do.or, sbe came face to fa.ee with who bad evidently moved jfOPW acrofls tba b*J}, bors, it seems. I'm sorry, it the- proximity annoys you." ll/TARY seized the opportunity to^ 1 * J - talk to him outside his father's i hearing. It was a chance she; had hoped for, but would have found It distasteful to seek. "Let me 'nhder-, stand you," sbe said, coming forward to look him straight in the eyo. "It I accept your father's offer/.: to 'make me hla heir, It means that you will remain here,, with him? That-you will'not go back to Europe as you planned?" "How bright you are!" "And if I refuse it, you will go on about your affairs as before?" Bruce was obviously taken aback. "If I thought you meant it—yes," he returned hesitantly. "Then I accept." , "Accept? But—" Bruce struggled with surprise. Mary repeated, "I accept and I . expect you to live up to your bargain. If the only consideration that • will Induce you to change your wholly selfish way of living and spend some time with your father is fear of me, then I am glad to be of use. It's too late now to do> anything about It so far as your mother is concerned, but there's stjll your father who would like to see something of you, oddly enough." Bruce was staring at her, a strange expression on his face. "I've wanted to say this to you for six years," she Went on undaunted. "Ever since I came here. I've tried to do my own quaint little imitation of Mary Sunshine, anything to keep those two people from thinking how much . they missed you, from realizing how little their money had brought them, after all. I didn't succeed, naturally, but It Isn't odd that we all grew to be very fond of one another." „ "I quite understand that, little rival!" Bruce murmured softly, a peculiar glow In his eyes. Mary had dropped her bitter tone and tried to s^eak as sincerely as she felt. Now she drew berselt up' and rejoined stiffly: "Regard me as a rival K you like. Regard me as anytliing'you please. I don't want your money. But it you let that brunet Garbo take you away from your father again, I'U_ take It! That's my threat and I'm glad to be able to enforce it." "Ah-ab!" Bruce member you now! cried. "I re- I've been puzzling over where I'd seen you. You were the girl in the elevator at the hotel last night— with tbe man who held the whisky battle, so! Louise spoke of it at the time." He laughed, delightedly. "Prohibition has Its amusing aspects to a European!" Then he added, "Does my father know about last night? It was a rendezvous, of course!" Mary turned on her heel and left htm. She did not want to be drawn into an open quarrel with him. They would have to live in very close quarters on the "Gypsy" and it would crowd that small craft to hold them both as it was. She urged the surprised Betsy to a brisk gallop going into town. Having dropped her letter, she felt betr ter. Both she and ber mount were/ content to take tbe long hill road hope at a sedate walk, letting tha cool air and the bright autumn scene heal her anger. As they passed the Tabor grounds, Mary's bead jerked quickly about for a second glance at the tall, wbite-shirted figure who leaped to meet Cornelia Tabor's swift serves yritb a lightning racket Her heart drained utterly of blood as she, i h '«! J 1 ^ 1 Little Miss Muffett proper food habits, is the Red Cross Public Health nurse. Red. Cross nutritionist! have taught At right, this llttl'e girl's bent friend •IPHB grave necessity for the pro*• tection o£ chll'dtan's- and mothers' health, If good physical standards ofthe American Yafie aro- to he maintained in the future,. Is illustrated in statistics -made public hy the American Red Cross In connection with its hetkth- services' Int Red Cross Chapters. "• ' ' .' • ' Of ther 45,000,000 children; in this country, ony about 35,000,000 are reasonably normal. 1)he greatest menaco to chllclrert's healttli is through mal-nutritloni; '6,OdO,000 children are shown to be improperly nourlBhed. The second most prolific defect is In Impaired hearing— 3,000,000 children suffering from Vthie^Weak and damaged hearts and defective.speech affect one million children each, and lesser numbers are affected by being mentally retarded, tubercular, crippled, blind And deaf or from behavior problems; The statistics are from the roport of the White House Conference* on Child Health and Protection; This report also shows that tuberculosis is the chief foe of women, and the second greatest death rate among women isi in- childbirth. The Red Cross health agencies have attacked these problems from several angles. Through Its Public Health Nltrsing Service—the largest employer of rural nurses iu the notion—the Red Gross reaches mothers irt-tliair farm hornesi and children through the schools. The Red Cross Homo-Hygiene'and; Care o£ ttie Sick Service-teaches homo sanitation and' simple method's of home nursing nnd care of infants. Us Nutrition Service reaches thousands of children through schools, and mothers through adult .classes, teaching proper foott .selection and food habits. The 769 Red Cross public Jffisalth nurses made l,33S,6Sd visitJFaurrng tlio past year. This highly Important work by the Red Cross Is supported through funds resulting from the annual toll call for members, which occurs- from Armistice Day to Thanksgiving Day; By enrolling as member* In Red Cross Chapters, all citizeria participate in this drive for better health for mothers and children. Literary Society Several Contests Planned Between Rival Groups This Year On November 5th the Wilsonian Society elected new officers for the following year. The members met with their former sponsor, Mr. Horace L. Lay. The sponsor, acted as chairman of the meeting and new officers were elected. The officers that were elected are: Harold Gorham, president; Watt Bonds, vice-president; Catherine Brown, secretary and treasurer; Chester Stevens, sergeant-at-arms; Charline Stewart, -critic, and Jack Woodson, reporter. Upon the resignation of Mr. Lay the society elected Miss Janez Hemby as sponsor for this year. '• The two societies, The I. X. L. and the Wilsonian are planning several contests this year. The first and the greatest contest is the contest for a queen for Dedication Day. One girl has been elected by votes for each society. The girl winning the most votes will be queen fo^that day. The money that the votes bring will be turned over to the Athletic association. The contest will close on November 16th. The girl elected for the Wilsonian society is Miss Ethel Spears. • • m Blevins Men Visit . Poultry Meeting Regular Session of County Association Draws Big Attendance M. L. Nelson, Warren Nesbitt, Earl Dorman, Jack Breeze and K. B. Spears attended the regular meeting of the Hempstead County Poultry association in Hope Monday night. An interesting meeting was held. Mr. W. E. Roe of the Roe' Hatchery at Prescott was also a guest and spoke to the poultrymen in regard to hatching eggs for the 1932 season which will begin in this scetion of the state within the next few weeks. Several members of the association haxe expressed an interest in growing broilers for the early market. It is not known at this time how many will go into this branch of the business, ; An increase in egg production was reported by several of the members, now that the moulting season is about over for the year. Heroism Costs Life of Man in Longview Fire LONGVIEW. Texas-OTO-Leslie O. Kuicaid's heroism had cost him his life Monday night. The 28*year-old San Antonio man, father of three children, was burned in a boiler explosion last Thursday 5S he saved the life of W. C. Wuw. a friend. died in » Loogview hos- Open Forum ;: ;a ••,'}• i iW«s* amLSoutltr * , ,• , , . Editor (The Star: I just want to congratulate you on your editorial "McNary's Farm Merger." I question very much his ability to carry out this merger, but your thought in regard to cooperation between the West and South and your general thoughts on the farm situation are splendid. I wish we had more help in the country from man like you. Yours very truly, Chas. G. Henry Genl. Mgr. Mid-South Cotton Growers Ass'n. Nov. 9, 1931 Memphis, Tenn. All High School Classes Organized Five Grades. Organize Last Week at Local School Following the lead of the senior class all. classes of the Junior and Senior high schools at Blevins elected officers last week with the following results: Eleventh grade: Hubert Hile, president; Jimmie Dee Hamptin, vice president; Kathleen Brown, Secretary; Gertine Honea, reporter; Horace Lay, sponsor. Tenth grade: Stanley Davis, president; Bryson Honea, vice president; Ethel Spears, secretary; Velma Lee Hamilton, reporter; Miss Juanita Hemby, sponsor. » Ninth grade: Arlie Loe, president; Marvin Phillips, vice president; Inez Husky, secretary; Alleen Yokum, reporter; Miss Katheryn Brown, sponsor. Eighth grade: C. E. Brown, president Marie Ward, vice president; Miss Juanita Hemby sporson. Seventh grade: Juanita Arnold, president; Dolores Perry, vice president; Robert Spears, secretary; Gay Wardlow, treasurer. mtm • Bruce Drug Store Visited By Burglars Quantity of Merchandise Is Missed by Owner; Thieves Escape The Bruce Drug sotre of Blevins was entered and robbed last Thursday night and up to Tuesday noon no trace or clue to the burglars had been found by the officers. In order to gain entrance to the store the thieves broke a panel in the front door and unfastened the night latch from the inside. A quantity of cigarettes, tobacco, toilet articles, bridge sets and a number of other merchandise was missed" by the proprietor, Elvin Bruce. Early Friday morning the burglary was detected by Ljge Lpe, who had come into tow» feow his bo»« easl o* Blevins and found the doer to w»,e store Harvest Is Almost Finished In County Farmers in North Part of County Turn to Other Farm Duties Harvest time is just abou tover in the north part of Hempstead county and now the farmers are turning their attention to other duties of the farm. Many are rebuilding their outbuildings, putting on new boards and new roofs, fixing the fences and making ether'necessary preparations for winter, which is to be expected now at almost any time. In the Ozan bottom, where crop hsvae been harvested several of the farmers are busy with teams and plows, It is said that by breaking the land in the fall the farmers find that much valuable time can be saved in getting the crop in early in the spring. Several new wod piles are noticeable at homes along the roadside, which is an indication that the owners intend to keep warm this winter. Widely Known Texas Lumberman Succumbs DALLAS, Texas.—(/P)—W. $. Black, 55, widely known Texas lumberman, died at his home here Tuesday, For the past 28 years he has been associated with the W.. H. Morris Lumber company of Houston. He was in charge of North Texas sales. He will be buried 1 Wednesday at Paris, Texas. Safe Pleasant Way TO LOSE FAT How would you like to lose 15 pounds of fat in a month and at the same time increase your energy and improve your health? How would you like to lose a load of unhealthy^ fat that you don't need and don't want and at the same time feel better than you have for years? How would you like to lose your double chin and your too prominent hips and at the same time make your skin so clear and clear that it will compel admiration? How would you like to get your weight down to normal and at the same time develope that urge for activity that makes work a pleasure and also gain in ambition and keenness of mind? Get on the scales today and see how much you weigh—then get an 85 cent bottle of Kruschen Salts which will last you for 4 weeks. Take one half teaspoonful in a glass of hot water before breakfast every morning—cut out pastry and fatty meats—go light on potatoes, butter, cream and sugar —and when you have finsihed the contents of this first bottle weigh yourself again. Now you will know the pleasant way to lose unsightly fat and you'll know that the 6 salts of Kruschen have presented you with glorious health. Leading .druggists America oversell Kruschen Salts—you can always get it at Briant's Drug Store or John S. Gibson Orug Co. Try ooe botUe-rif not su- satisfied—money baek,—4,dy. Blevins Downed By IWii!ht Tea! Game Played j at End* in Defeat for L treats Flaying both good, and bad ft ball; by, turns Blevins dropped' a gc to Delight at Delight Monday by feorc of 19 to 7. At the. beglnnlt Blevins looked very poor. The Deligl tearn ptissed, plunged nnd skirji ends for substantial. gains, mal" eigb.t first down and' dressing the line ' twice 1 , during die first cjtiartS The onslaught was continued into second period until" four more downs artd an'dlher touchdown sdofcd.' in this time Blbvins r only one first down arid the half endc 19 to 0 in favor of Delight. The local lads surprised the Plki countinns by corhing back strbng itt the third quarter. Taking the ball near rriidfield early in this' perio they, marched across the goal line i| three successive, first downs. A lonj run by Foster/ started the march, long pass first'knocked down by De light, was grabbed by Husky for i substantial gain. Then a pass to Gvf. Loo who' took it high in the ai| while surrounded by three Dellghij players, was good for Blevins' onli touchdown. Loe had several yards to run after he ca'Ufiht the ball, and hi?j elusive dodging of several potcntia tacklers was the most thrilling fcattn; of a rather drab game; Ton Turkeys Sold Little Rock Firm Coi pletes Deal With Ble> ins Firm Tuesday The first order for Thnnksg turkeys hns been 'received by Nelson & company, Blevins proclUI dealers and sponsors of turkey groif ing in the north part of Hcmpste| county. •} This order was given over the lelj phone Tuesday nf ternoon by the ket Grocery company of Little Ro and was for 2000 pounds of turkey Delivery will be made from BelviijJ to Little Rock by truck on Novemb 23, according to Mr. Nelson. A number of inquiries" have be received by Mr. Nelson during past week from various parts of state and from several other stat in- regard to turkeys for the Thanl giving trade. Approximately 1500 'turkeys are ing fattened at this time on a siiecil fattening ration. Hempstead Farmer Displays Tall Cori NASHVILLE—Roy Lyons of th Sardis community Saturday brougjj in a corn 'Stalk from the farm of mother, Mrs. -Arch Lyons. The ,£ta js almost 14 feet tall, one of the finq ever produced in this section, stalk came from a field in the Middji Forks creek valley, in thd Sarc neighborhood. West Plains, Mo., high school gridj ders huvo the nickname of the Zi? zers, That Good Gulf Gasolii Will take you there and bring yd back. A trial will convince you.jj Drive by—Get a gallon or a tank • No-Nox will take out the k There Is None Better M. G. CRANE Service Station '/i Mile South Ozan—Highway No. SIMPLE EXERCISES in addition and subtraction prove that if you are the owner of a business — you need the protection of a public liability and property damage insurance policy. It insures againit legal liability for persona injured or prop, erty damaged while on your premises. This agency writes this form as well •s other forma of insurance protection for business firms. Talk over your insurance needs with us. Roy Anderson & Co. „ Phone 810 Hope, Arkansas

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