The Daily Reporter from Greenfield, Indiana on October 16, 1939 · Page 2
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The Daily Reporter from Greenfield, Indiana · Page 2

Greenfield, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 16, 1939
Page 2
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THE GREENFIELD DAILY REPORTER, MONDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1939. HANCOCK POST NO. 119 THE AMERICAN LEGION Drum and Bugle Corps practice Tuesday evening, Oct. 17th, A good ; attendance is aesirea oy tne commander, Corydon (Bottle) Eaton. District meeting of Legion and Auxiliary at Anderson. Sunday, Oct. 22d afternoon and night. (Pay your dues now! A. D. HUNT, Com. C. M. GIBBS, Adjt. EVERYDAY- 3 By Harvey Jacobs 2 i GREENFIELD DAILY REPORTER RATES OF SUBSCRIPTION On Tear, by Itall .. Btx Vonth, by Mall fcie Month, by Mall tS.M l.TI lt'.trd at Postofflee la QreenfUld. Xntf. aa Second Clasa Matter An In cir pendent Newspaper Pablianad rery Evening Except Sunday at Greenfield. Indiana, by VIOLA B. 8PKNCXB-VXOLA B. 6PENCKR Publlabtr OALB B. SPENCEjEt-Bdltor "I worked with patience, which means almost power." E. B. Browning. FILING CLAIMS UNDER SOCIAL SECURITY ACT Relatives or estates of deceased workers who held social security account numbers should file their claims now for lump-sum payments to which they may be entitled under the Social Security Act, according to Peter J. Van Geyt, manager cf the Indianapolis field office of the Social Security Board. "If a worker covered by the old-age and survivors' insurance provisions of the Act dies before January 1, 1940. his relatives or estate are entitled to a single cash payment amounting to 32 per cent of the total wages credited to the worker's social security account. Until 1940. when the major revisions in the Act will become effective, there will be no change in the provisions for benefit payment to the heirs or estates of workers who have died," the manager explained. Mr. Van Gevt said each worker's Soma of the world's greatest statesmen and public figures are speaking out in favor of a "humane war." To poor, dim-witted mortals like me it seems incredible that intelligent men and women can conceive of a "humane war." They contend that scientific warfare has advanced to such a terrible state that we should return to the "civilized combat" of Charlemagne and Hannibal the humane kind where a man merely thrust his sword through an adversary's heart and watched him bleed to death. Personally, I prefer gas. I know what they are saying : War must be waged in the old way so the women and children will be spared. Has there ever been a war which spared women and children? Why became they widows and orphans if they were really spared? To speak of "humane warfare" is war is a good thing? It seems to me and this may be shocking that the best way to end war is to invent all the ter-roiizing gadgets and guns possible, to conjure up all the poison gases in existence, to mold out the most deadly shells and bombs. It may be that even the threat of using them on a world-wide scale will be enough. Maybe not; some of them may have to be used. But when the war is brought to our fireplaces and altars, our schoolrooms and stoies, it may be that we shall declare in unison that it must stop forever. The women may stop it even if the men have not enough sense. And they could. They, most of all, visualize the terror and suffering among non-combatants in modern war; it is not exactly a coincidence that 75 per cent or more of the gallery visitors at the Congressional neutrality debates are women. They How To Relieve Bronchitis Bronchitis, acute or chronic, is an Inflammatory condition of the mucous membranes lining the bronchial tubes. Creomulsion goes right to the seat of the trouble to loosen germ laden phlegm, increase secretion and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell you ,a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding that you are to like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION For Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis Miss Myrtle Shrieber of Newi Palestine is improving nicely from' an eye operation at the Methodist hospital. Mrs. Alice Gundrum and Robert Gundrum, of New Palestine, with friends of Indianapolis, spent Sunday in Brown county. The Rebekahs will have their regular meeting Tuesday night at 7:30. adv Miss Fiances Matlock and Clyde Wallace spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Matlock at West-land. Miss Rhea Thomas, who is a student at Purdue University, spent Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brooks and Mr. and Mrs. Al Williamson, of Rush county, called on Miss Jennie Willis, Sunday afternoon. MIIFI I FR'C RRFFNHnllQC FLOWERS for ALL OCCASION Baskets. Bouquets, Potted Plants Funeral Work East National Road Phone 90 ArfMrx and Chief Red Fox in person, Riley, Tuesday, Wednesday. adv. 14d3. CLASSIFIED ADS For Sale Miscellaneous Mr. and Mrs. Royal Perkins have moved from Sauth East street to 326 East Main street. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Pedlow and daughter Eleanor, of Indianapolis, FOR SALE Apples: Grimes, Wine-saps. Delicious, Jonathans. COOPER'S CORNER FRUIT FARM. 16tl0 pd) FARM LOANS 4 and 44 interest; 5, 10 and 15 year loans. Insurance and bonds. Lawrence Wood & Son, Phone 212, Greenfield, Ind. 18dtf. 1 THE BEACON EAST NATIONAL KOAH Chicken and Steak Dinners Phone 340 lor Reservations FOR SALE A-l cook stove, corner of First and B street. Call after 5 o'clock p. m. 16d2p. the week end with her parents, Mr. pent Saturday with their aunt, and Mrs. Fred Thomas, and son, James. to mouth something which has merely need a world organization never ' existed nor ever will exist. Perhaps I appear cynical, but why attempt to ease the effects of war? Why even attempt to spare the women and children? If man is to be eternally cursed by regular struggles which destroy the best men and all that the best men have built and thought, why bottle up the poison gas and muzzle the death ray? Would it not be better to use our most efficient methods to end civilization? Why prolong the pains of extermination? If, as many persons believe, war is an inevitable human heritage it is merely being merciful to end the so-called human race as quickly as possible. But I do not believe it is inevitable; why should I believe it is when I have never Carl New and Max Tucker, students in DePauw University, spent the week-end with Mr. New's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul New. George H. Lewis and wife, John Wilson and wife, this city, and Charles Wilson and wife, Knights-town, attended the burial of Mrs. Clara Scott at Glencove cemetery at Knightstown, Sunday afternoon. Miss Dorothy Jolly of Cumberland and Billy Wilson of this city attended a dance at the Columbia Club in Indianapolis Saturday night. Savings acouiAs $1.00 to $5,000 Insured in the Citizens Bank. adv account is identified by his social 'met a single person who believed security account number, and pointed out the board had by August 31, 1939, issued a total of 45,-698.264 account numbers since the Act was passed. During the month of August 13.010 applications for these numbers were received in Indiana. Of these, the Indianapolis field office handled 3.707. "Our office is prepared at this time to issue account numbers, to receive requests for duplicates from workers who have lost their account-number cards, and to assist legal heirs of deceased workers file their claims for lump-sum settlements." Mr. VanGeyt said. The Social Security Board's field office in Indianapolis is directing the attention of all applicants for social security account number cards to a section in the amended Social Security Act making the di-closure of any information given by workers or employers illegal, according to a statement issued today by Field Office Manager Peter J. Van Geyt. Mr. Van Geyt stated that this is in line with special instructions recently sent to board representatives throughout the country by Jchn J. Corson, director of the board's bureau of old-age and survivors insurance. "This provision safeguarding the confidential nature of old-age and survivors records," Mr. Van Geyt explains, "puts in statutory form the policy adopted by the board scon after the insurance system was established. In the Social Security Board's -Regulation No. 1' workers were given the assurance that no personal information obtained from them or their employers, such as statements concerning their age, parentages, wages, or occupation, would be given to any one not connected with administration of the social security program. The revised law now makes the disclosure of such information a misdemeanor punishable by a fine up to $1,000, or by a year's imprisonment, or by both " Mrs. P. S. Montrose and daughters Beverly and Rosiland were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Low. to be able to save the world. As long as foolish men march in step to military airs a pretty sight, you will agree and march off to the trench-arenas; as long-as foolish men. jovial in one another's company, regard war as an inevitable adventure; as long as foolish men "go away" to battle, it shall be with us. But let war deposit our youngsters among the debris of the schoolroom, our women among the wreckage of our homes, and our hard-earned businesses among the smoking ruins of our town and we may come to our senses. Then, war will be stripped of its glamor and stand revealed for what it really it. What a pity we can't see, without all these things coming to pass. Melville "Page" Watson, who is a student at Indiana University, spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Watson, of West-land. Mrs. Clara Judkins. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hagans and Mr. and Mrs. Harry White and Harry, Jr., were in southern Indiana Sunday. Francis Rhorman is assisting on the police force at present. Mr. and Mrs. Bard Logan have returned from their trip in the East. Insured 'n the Citizens Bank. adv Savings acounts $i.uo u $5,000 Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Watson, Sr., transacted business in Columbus, Ohio, this week end. Mr. and Mrs. Avery Chappie and Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Rottman spent Sunday afternoon with friends in Indianapolis. Art Mix and Chief Red Fox in person, Riley, Tuesday, Wednesday. adv. 14d3. Howard Logan, student at Purdue University, spent Sunday here with his mother, Mrs. Carrie Logan. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Brown, of this city spent Sunday in Bloom-ington. WHERE CELEBRITIES MEET Mrs. Lou Reynolds is spending a few days with her sister, Mrs. Lawrence Brown, at Franklin. Mr. and Mrs. Myron Morehead spent Sunday with Mrs. Morehead's sister, Miss Ruth Kramer, at Hamilton, Ohio. They also visited points of interest in Cincinnati. Mrs. Emma Bussell and family are moving from 120 South East street to 32 Douglas street. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Harvey are moving from 410 West Main street to 312 Grant street. Miss Betty Gray Walker was the week-end guest of Miss Corrine Thomas at Columbus. Miss Thomas and Miss Walker were classmates at DePauw University. I fy JLr A - Ll -I EVERY day is Celebrity Day at the seven-acre streamlined Ford Exposition at the New York World's Fair. From every state and every country come famous people, to see the mighty machines, the half-mile elevated "Road of Tomorrow," the giant 152-ton revolving turntable that is the world's most extensively animated exhibit, the three-dimensional Mobile Moral, and the other remarkable displays that make the Ford Exposition a dynamic panorama of modern .Industry. Explorer and winner of the New .York Adventurers' Club medal for his recent African expedition is (1) Lewis N. Cotlow. Elsie Mae Gor-,don (2) is known to radio and , theatre audiences as the "Girl of a .Thousand Voices." For the time being, at least, the popular Count Jerzy Potocki (3) Is a man with out a country. He is Poland's ambassador to the United States. Budapest's Mine. Franz Polgar (4) specializes in mental telepathy. Frederic Snyder (5) is a current events expert who lectures on "Keeping Ahead of the Headlines." Just home from the Polish battle-fronts is Julien Bryan, (6), an explorer and newsreel photographer. One look at Margery Wilson (7) explains her success as a writer and lecturer on the subject of "charm." John Bakeless (8) is the literary critic and author. No. 9 is Georgia Graves, the well known contralto. Owner of the broad smile is Harold R Peat (10), New York lecture manager who was the famous "Private Peat" of the World War. The Ford Exposition, with 7,000,-000 visitors up to October 7, leads all other World's Fair buildings in attendance. Send for a FREE SAMPLE COPY Read THE WALL STREET JOURNAL for Complete Markets and all Bu si ness Fi nan c ial I ndustrial News The Newspaper of Successful Business Men and Investors 44 BROAD ST. NEW YORK, N. Y. Ray Heath spent Sunday in Indianapolis with his mother, Mrs. Harlan James Heath. FOR SALE Light blue gaberdine dress with matching Draper felt hat, brown suede swagger coat VIRGINIA DAVIS, Phone 444. What's Wrong With Your Radio? For quick and dependable service CALL 84 PRICES ARE RIGHT FRANK L0UDEN3ACK 20 South State Street Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Hins, Mr. and Mrs. James Hine, Miss Esther Hine and Wendell Hine spent Sunday with Mrs. J. B. Etter at Zionsville. Mrs. Jessie Fort and daughter Betty, spent the day in Indianapolis. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Brant, of Terre Haute, spent Friday of last week with Mrs. Brant's mother, Mrs. Nettie Larrabee. Reporter Want Ads for results. EYE OPENERS by Bob Crosby HORACE WAS NOT FIRST To SAY VNGO WEST VOUNG MAN THE PHRASE WAS FIRST WRITTEN BV JOHN Soule, in the terre HAUTE, INtyEXPRESS. ENOUGH GAS IS USED IN A Smi MONTH AT THE NEW YORK. WORLD'S FAIR. To cook, a meal on modern GAS RANGES FOR MORE THAN 24,000,000 PBRSOASL 85 9EARS ago, amelia Bloomer. I PREDICTED WOMEN WOULD WEAR PANTS, BLOOMERS -WERE HER ATTEMPT TO REFORM AMERICAN WOMEN'S DRESS AT THAT TIME On a bet with a friend, John Soule of the Terre Haute, Indiana, "Express" wrote an editorial in his paper in which he credited Greeley with advising young men to "Go West." When Greeley saw the editorial he tcld his friends that such advice expressed his views, even though he had not written the article. The same versatile fuel gas used for cooking by some 16,000,000 American housewives, is found at more than 400 locations throughout the New York World's Fair grounds. And V times as much is used as at any previous exposition! Besides the "mass" uses, such as cooking, etc., it works glassware, incubates Dr. Couney's babies, plays the role of fire in the Lagoon of Nations' fountain display, makes the mist for Victoria Falls even incinerates every used Fair ticket 1 l Mr. Hitler: Stalin Always Liquidates His 'Friends SOME months ago the Soviet Ambassador in London, Ivan Maisky, said: "We arc not sentimentalists like you. We arc thinking only of Russia, not of humanity." The barbaric truth of this statement was shockingly realized by the recent mating of Red Russia and Brown Germany. The marriage, of course, was one of convenience; but it was Josef Stalin, not Hitler, who was the seducer. For was tne seoucer. for years Stalin had cast flirtatious eyes at Hitler, the one man in Europe he ' . Josef Stalin feared: had he not achieved power by the simple process of playing up to his enemies and then liquidating them in a moment of weakness ? It's the old Stalin game. "Stalin is striking for world-power deliberately, patiently, unscrupulously, as has always been his technique of success," WTites Eugene Lyons, Moscow correspondent for six years and first reporter to interview Stalin, in the November Cosmopolitan. "He plays with the vision of a Russian empire rather than a Utopian inter-nation (the ideal of the Russia of 1919). Its FOR SALE Popcorn, Yellow Giant, shelled, 3 pounds 25 cents. JOSEPH W. WALKER. 403 West Main St. Phone 20. 13t3 pd FOR SALE Four-hole laundry stcve, 1113 East First St. 14t2p FOR SALE Indiana block coal. EVAN CROSS, Phone 44204. 13t2p Trailers for Sale, built to order NICE PICS FOR SALE BLACKSMITIIING, WELDING Horseshoeing a Specialty HAND MADE SHOES TO ORDER Bill Chilton, Phone Mohawk FOR SALE Good registered Big Type Poland China spring and; yearling males; .also some choice gilts. LESTER FOSTER, Route 2. 14 tf FOR SALE 11.3x12 Wilton Velvet rug. Phone 366. 13d4. Your Camera Films Expertly Developed & Printed The Pierson Studio FOR SALE Time to make kraut. Nice field-grown cabbage, 3 cents pound. GERRY HENRY, Phone Maxwell. 13-16 pd FOR SALE A stove, Estate hea-trola, good condition. Phone 35701, 419 East North. 13t3 FOR SALE Pullets, Barred Rock, White Rock, White Wyandottes and Leghorns. MRS. RALPH R. BOOTS. lid tf. FOR SALE Fifteen Berkshire males, spring pigs and yearlings. DIAMOND FARM, three miles north of Cleveland. 26tf HAULING SAVE MONEY ON YOUR F. E. VAUGHN MOHAWK, INDIANA Day or Night Call 20-1, Mohawk LEARN TO FLY Eight hours dual instruction, plus solo flight IRVINGTON AIRPORT iy2 miles east of International Harvester Co. on U. S. 52 FOR SALE Drain tile; machine ditching. ARBUCKLE lb SON.i Homer, Ind. Arlington Phone. 28tf DAILEY'S Batteries Vulcanizing Plenty of Rentals Phone 136 Hi... For Rent FOR RENT -Three-room apartment at 226 Lincoln street. 16d3 FOR RENT Modern apartment, West North street. SHELDON B. COOPER. 14dl0. THEO. KRACHT Auctioneer 10 YEARS' EXPERIENCE Phone New Palestine, Ind. FOR RENT Five-room modern house, 114 Grant street. Phone 35104. 14tf FOR RENT Sleeping room in mod ern home. 829 West Main. 14d2p? SILVER BELL INN IV2 Miles East of Greenfield on Road 40. CHICKEN DINNERS Phone 2812 for Appointments capital must be Moscow; its character must be Muscovite." The entente with the Third Reich was Stalin's greatest step in the direction of world domination, according to Lyons. Vulture-like he can stand by watching Europe kill itself off, then step in for the pickings. A long war is his great desire: there will be no strength left to resist him. In lusting for power, in their disdain of human life. Hitler and Mussolini are but mild imitations of the Russian strong-man. Stalin has no counterpart: whereas the. other dictators think of conquering thousands, he counts his victims in millions. It is a known fact that one of the Soviet concentration camps has more prisoners than all the Nazi camps put together. And, as a former Red Army officer says, "Not in four and a half years of World War did the officer corps of any army sustain such losses as the Soviet armed forces did in recent purges." America must become aware, warns Lyons, that no nation is interested in making the world safe for anything, whether it be democracy, Fascism, or Communism. Self-interest, and that alone, is the motivating force of a nation's behavior. Pacts are but scraps of paper. Honor is dead. Guns and brute force have supplanted ideologies. for RENT-Apartment, cozy four Greenfield Taxi Cab rooms and bath, unfurnished; heat and water,- GREENFIELD 24-HOUR SERVICE BANKING CO. 13t3 pd 18.r, North State Street Phone 222 Wanted WANTED Elderly people to room and board; also laundry work. VlCtrola ReCOTdS JENNIE SIPE, 241 West South. 13t3 .. (NTV WANTED General farm hand. "Ife ' CHARLES HANCOCK, Mt. Com- XcaPif fiVA fort. 13t3 pd Ss iiiSJ WANTED Litter mate puppies Radio PALIN'S Shop weighing fiftesn pounds each, or RCA.Victor Radios yictrolas more, under nine months of age zr 1 and preferably from the country, ivelVUiatOr $1.50 each. Telephone or write Refrigerators Washers PITMAN-MOORE CO., Zionsville, ville, Ind., for delivery date. 12t4 For Sale Houses Lynam Funeral Home FOR SALE A duplex. Upper four Phone 92 rooms and bath, lower five rooms and bath; all strictly modern, new- GREENFIELD, INDIANA ly decorated, well located and very convenient, stoker heated, 130 North Swope street. 21t6 iCSSSISSSSSS For Sale Farms T E !AKE. Watches Keep Time ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE To settle estate at once, 37 acres, NAY'S JEWELRY good improvement, on U. S. 40, oTfVDl? cheap, cash; 5 rooms and bath, OxUlvlii good location, $500 cash, balance Phone 69 II S. State St. terms; 4 rooms, electricity, gas and V water, cheap, cash. ELMER PAR- - KER, Greenfield, Ind. 13d3p. 7 WESTINGHOUSE Lost or Found new 1940 radios Now on Display, $9.95 and np LOST-Brown Pekinese pup, fe- Jason's Electric Shop IStTid Phone 142 928 N. State St i

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