The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 8, 1940
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VOLUME XXXVI-NO. 300. — ____^_ TIJE DO * [ ™NT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHJSABT ARKANSAS AN,, R ™,,.,,,, 4 ^ .it™'*' ^ * ~^ * * O Blythovlllc Daily News DJylhevlllc Courier J^^^n^NS^APm O^RT,^ ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Mississippi Valley Lender Ulythcvlllo Herald Italian Coal Ships' Release Hinted; Nazis Bomb Italian Liner LONDON, Jim-ell 8. (UI'J —A German nil-plane bombed and set lire to the 5,38f> ton Italian steamship Amelia Lnuro last night of)' tho east LONDON, lh,r; s. (UP) — Italian authorities hero .snitl today Unit a compromise settlement of the British-Italian controversy over Gevmait coal i i Two-Yoar-OldHoy Weighs 75 Poiuuls Hali Moon Infant Dies On Thursday Henry Jean Elliott Spain, 17-rtay- old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Spain of Half Moon, died yesterday at the family residence following n four days illness of influenza. Funeral rites were held this afternoon at the home with burial in Wilkins Cemetery. Besides his parents, the baby Is survived by two brothers, E. J. and John Spain, and five sisters, Alberta. Willie Jane, Beulah Mac! Jtianltn and Alma Spain. Ilanna Funeral Home wns in charge. I control and tlielr cargoes alive been ordered seized us of war of Die sen" prevented departure of the ships from Dulch and Belgian Ports where (iiey loaded the German coal before lildnlgiu of March 1 when the contraband control was extended to Italian Imports of Ger- liily woind ue enforced rigidly; BERLIN, Ma,-. 8 (UP)-Forei B n Minister Joachim von IMbentrop will proceed to Home Saturday for a brief visit, the official German news agency said today. coast ol' Knglaml. One man of the crew was killed, almost cut in half by bomb splinters, and three' were wounded. The wounded men ,..„.„ and the remaining 2 (i mem-,now ,,rc m u,,. Rl ^ h ^t^,^ hers fo the crew were landed ' ' ' in British life boats. The Amelia Lauro was the sec ond Italian ship attacked by Cler Jimn planes since Hie ivnr sliirtoc The 3.GI5 ton steamsliip Mira wa slightly damaged by bombs Marc 1. Six Italian ships had been sun by Cierman mines. The attack on the Amelia Lam- came a day after a Cierman an nouncement lhat neutral ship which entered British contrabanc control stations were liable to at tack. It was reported that thc shi; was on the way to Italy with i cargo of coal, and presumably wa: about to pass the Downs where it would have been subject to challenge by a British blockade ship H would have been taken into the Downs where its cargo ol coal presumed to have been German would have been liable to seizure The Amelia Laura sent an SOb message last night saying that it had been bombed off thc cast coast The Italian steamship Titania 5.307 tons, wirelessed that it, was going to the rescue and was launching lifeboats. It was assumed that the Titania transferred the Amelia Lanro's crew to British life boats which arrived at a coastal town with the 20 men. Ambulances were waiting nt a pier for the wounded. People in a coastal town heard the explosion of six bombs and saw the bomb flashes. Then they reported, they heard machine gtin fire. The attack was made at diisk Tiie German plane first flew over the Amelia Lauro, then new away only to return and start bombin"' H was asserted that thc Italian flag painted on the ship's side was lighted' brightly to identify it, "We • thought the plane was a British one/because it, flew so low and. was sojnear the,British coast," Cnpt. Mflsstmilio Lepaci of the Amelia Lauro told a United Press correspondent. "Then four bombs dropped nnd smashed the bridge and steering gear," Two explosions were heard after the Amelia Laura's crew were rescued, and it was believed lhat the ship had blown up. . roposa. To Full Scnale Witliotit Amendment WHS 111 s .. It was reported (hat under the >' settlement now being ncKOliaii-tl! Britain would release t-l Itall^i j ships, Including un-h- cargoes of' " : ~"i "" " lv '""""iisinuion's iv- from Germany. The ships ! J, l|> !S,'P'" 1 ' "S'W<'™t iirogrnm. ' ' ,<i ! K. tt ,,,0 un ll '»™<lmem to .sul>- iicatlon. WASHINGTON. «„,.(,„ „ (U|> , led''! 1 ? st '" nt f "" nm -<' commiitce tension of (lie aclmini's'traUon's re- to sieiiate rati- Thr- resolution, ptovidtm; fo r ex' Italy, it was understood will tire- u '" sioM " ! llll> "<'l beyond 'its uiv's- scni evidence that "hazards of Die ™ c!inn ' : "J OI >. ''ate of Jum by tin- committee in' lie form In whlcl, i, wns , by the IIOHSC. It will be placed before the senate for action next week Administration forces beat down all attempts to miimd it Jiinii coal by spa • *~ VILI< " m mv Upon receipt of'such evidence it Mlml . c( C01 "«i"tti'e. The commuter-as »UI Biitaln woind rcl^e ll'c Tho"" ""^ ° n ll '" '° bS llllin si- £«£'ttn'-rs Q:;f7 - — - borne shipment, of German coltllo i =' ^^S toT Th'e )emocratic Clioice ...„_, Be Nan-owing To Secretary And Roosevelt WASHINGTON, March 8 (UP)- 'owcrful elements in the Demo- nuic party are privately express»8 the opinion here today that he 19-to presidential choice is niir- owiiis rapidly toward President t and Secretary of state Jordell null. Neither man has announced his indidacy nor revented whether lie vould, accept the nomination if flercd. But -Hull increasingly fig- res in laivof compromise between Yew Dealers and old line Democrats f Mr. Roosevelt docs not seek re- ominatlon. The consensus on Mr. Roosevelt -'ith a single reservation, Is that e can lenominatc himself if he ^ ratification ameiKlmcnt was sponsored by Chairman Key Plttman of the senate foreign relations committee. Pittmnn is not a member of (lie nuance committee so the amendment was presented by Senator Edwin c. Johnson (Ueni Col.). The committee's closest vote was on Hie ratification amendment which was rejected U to 11. The committee also defeated 8 to 12 a n amendment by Senator Joseph O'Mnlioney (Dem Wyo ) iTciulrlng that the trade ngi-cc- mcnts be approved by a majority vote of the two houses of congress Au attempt by Senator Robert LaFolletlc (Proa.. WlsJ, to give the secretaries of agriculture nnd commerce equal power with Secretary of State Cordell Hull in dealing with the trade negotiations was rejected 7 to 13. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO Rooscwll F.nclroscs Wheol- ei'-Un Transport Coordination Measure WASHINGTON. Mill'. H (Ul'J- Ovcr tin. objection* ol two i members nnd m,, inaiiliiim commission clmliman, president House- tc >il»y ciwtor.sol the pondlnv Peace Feelers' Are Circulated Between Finland and Russia Hy (ri)iispovt co-ordinii- , le.xas. as he r.nds the refrigerator. The t pounds and gam., aboia n |JOUIU , „ WC(i| . stx-ycar-olcl stage. weighs va Is at the, . Hull telephoned shortly after the vote was announced and congratulated Harrison on the outcome. Harrison wns confident that the senate would uphold the committee action "down the lin Accident Halts Highway Traffic For'Five Hours and j that the ratification proposal would A highway accident In which no person was injured but which caused trainc to be tier! up for 'ivc lioi'rs yesterday afternoon on Highway Cl, occurred at Wilson when a Rlghlcr Trucking Com- 1 I pnny truck of Porlngevllle Mo -' overturned on the highway '' The driver told Arkansas State New York Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. open high . 1031 1098 . 1078 107S . 1041 1043 . 981 085 . 967 071 . 9G5 ... prev. low close close 1093 1097 1099 1073 1075 1082 1040 1010 1047 981 983 985 9CG 969 070 965 969 csires lo do so. The reservation is hat Mr. Roosevelt might be headed fr before or during the Democratic atlonal convention if highly placed nil-third tsnti Democrats who arc ilcnt so far would come into the pen with their opposition Vice President John N. Garner's ssociates have made many efforts o Induce other presidential candi- ates and a scattering of important arty figures to Join the anti-third erin crusade. But the cundidnU-s ppcar to be fearful of what might appen lo them if they committed' icmselvcs against a third term and lr. Roosevelt did finally mn a<>alii nd win the election. Hull, who is regarded ns H con- crvntfvc rather than a New Dealer, as made no campaign move which could be discerned with the nuked eye. He is expected to come up to the Democratic national convention on July 15 In Chicago with no more than th s 22 Tennessee delegates who will be pledged lo him as a "favorite son" candidate. But lhc orchard Is full of apples II Hull cares to shake the (fee. Postmaster General James A. Farley, who will be Officers Hope To Increase I otal For Tax Apportionment Purposes With approximately S27.000 to be apportioned lo the Blythcvillc Special school District during this school year on the basis of the 1929 census, efforts will be made to have mi even more complete census this year so lhat the num- . who. liivesunalod, that, n can turning, j,,lo l| le highway front a driveway, blocked his path without warning and that he was compelled to apply liis brakes quickly .0 avoid a collision When he did so, u, 0 large truck trailer and cab overturned In the center of the highway. The driver escaped with minor bruises bul it was not possible to estimate Hie damage of tho cargo which was canned goods EITSEIZEB 'ruck Company Driver Released On Bond After Truck Is Detained . s A ciir EO of whisky,' valued at WoxliHiitoly $10,000, Is locked In Whi'i'li'i--l,eu lion bill. | The mi-nsiiic to'bring nil form.' of li-nns|ioi-tu(loii, except itvlatlon under jurisdiction of |)i« inlurstalr commerce commission, 1ms boon , loi-ki-il In 11 coiiiiretisloiml eonfor- •cmv commUUv for .sis weeks II wns imsxcd hy both houses lust yon- bul hud lo xo lo conference 10 adjust conflicts. Mr. Itooscvelt suld nt his press coiifei-oiK'e tlutt (he ti,,. or y ot Uu , greatest uooil for Iho greatest mi'.v, bi-r must prevail over objections to the measure raised by flecrclarv of Agrlcnllm-c Henry A. Wallace, Secretary of Win- Harry Woodr!n B 1'n'l Marillme Cmnmtelon Chuir- man limory s . Uind, They objected lo provisions for ICC Jurisdiction over water Iriinsporl The president, said lie'hoped the bill would l>c enacted as a .step owarrt the objective he enunciated 11 Soil l,akc City In l»:i2 when lie recommended consolidation ol government regulation of all Irnns- port. The bin would pineo rcmilallon of Ititcr-coaslal and Inland wnlcr- ways water lraiis|>ort under the hUcrnlntc comnuicc commission for the first time. i 'aloiijjn with by Arkansas rested J. A. ber may be increased. There were persons between Hie ages of six and twenty-one years of age ivho were enumerated last year in the annual .school census which will begin here Monday Although the census has always been satisfactory, each child not enumerated means n i oss of at>- trailer truck confiscated lhc liquor yesterday state police who nr- , , Oono of Memphis driver of the ntghter Trucking Company lri;ok of PorlaKevillc, Mo. -in R diiirgc of having no Arkansas state whisky permit on the cargo nnd having no 1.0.0. plates on the truck. n.ile of the hearing hi Municipal court has not yet been sot but the driver was released under bond. The cargo, enroutc from St. Louis to Memphis, was taken over at the Arkansas-Missouri S (nto lino permit station when the truck was slopped for inspection. There arc 365 cases of three sal- Would Have Levee Dis- H'icl Acquire Title Police Lands fo it|>|K'am eil Press .Si'iliidi'imviiii] pence in Kin-••• likely toddy lo iiirre (It't'wioiis of ulnuiwl inv portnncfi Jn tlio wiir Ijetwocn (..('I'liiauy juiil ttio ntlied now- OV.H. Both (heat Ih-itiiln HKLSINKF, Mar, 8. (UI')-~-Finland i» prupar- «t to light to « finish rather tliiiu- accept peace terms die- la (id hy Russia, it wns intli- I'lu.ed ttiday. Finns looked lo their Scandinavian neighbors and to the allle.i to give them the nid which wtiiild ..„.. .inn u riuniH! ™ B"^ uu-ni me niti which wtiwld m\e been scndlnn war materials enable them to hold oir the Red 10 the finnish fiHlilIng front In " r '»y. '"icy commented bltterlv oi-ilrr lo keep lhc Hcd army OCCH- H'«l lll« Uttsslnn terms were I'K'tl and thus cut into nussln'B harsher tlmu liioso the retecilbji iibtllly to bolster Clennany'.-! light of whleli lust fall liroiishl on the nuninsl the uliieil blockude. wai- The government's position Hut nt. Stockholm Mnnlsii mid ' ' ' install soiirc™ K nM todiiv Hint pi'iu-e "feelers" had been put. out unil thai more dcllnlte neijiitln- Announces Candidacy For Second Term As Cleric - Of Circuit Court 'Die Courie /i it CottOn - -- - power in the, national convention, is one of Hull's 1 scll °°is every three month; intimates and would be expected lo |Ier Cil i'i'a bnsis. swing great delcsate support to him (The Garner forces—If their man ^^^'^to'^C 1 ^* "^^r- scnooi district and renewed efforts i m«ke formal unnouiiccmctit o! his ' ™L n f" 1 ,° ',° e ''' umcrntc erery I C(int >Wacy for re-election to a sec- W D Mr ,'m ., aSe ' " CP ? rtlln|{ to rf (Cn " ™ Mlssiss 'l>I'i conn v cir- u. D. McCltnkln, superintendent cult court clerk stiblcct lo ir'inn of the schools In this district. of thc voters at the A,'gu t l»,no" The Common School Fund, com- cratic primary 8 posed chiefly of the slate 3-mlll Mr Mnrrii i, ... property ta.x. the tobacco i aK and srcond vetr nr 11 , "" '° Hie sales tax. Is distributed to the 1 "•-• S llvsl c "' cllvt! on a Mrs. J. E. Crook, who lias con- ductcti Hie enumeration for several Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. prev. open high low close close . 1109 1109 1105 llOfi im . 1089 1088 103-1 1085 1093 - 1053 1054 1051 - 988 935 933 - 912 972 870 . 967 . -..^ ^......t. .uii.^ 0 —j, Ln^ir man ""*"-i. n.i- ^" u nn;iiiuon lor .several gets nowhere—are understood tobei ycars - llils a B al11 ljc en selected to friendly to Hull, The strir^ on dlrect lhc ™ rk - She will be assisted Hull's candidacy appears lo be a •' by Mre - Stephen H. Brook,s, Mrs of personal preference, J R - Webster. Miss Sunshine Swift S. K. Garrett and Freeman Hobi.'i- 1051 985 971 983 matter whether he would care to subject himself anci Mrs. Hull to the buf- ' 1053! feting of a presidential etcctioi Ions each In tn the cargo. . 1 he Arkansas stole tax on whisky s 40 cents a gallon, H | s understood. Anticipate No Crop Damage From Cold Wave Lrri'LE ROCK, March 8. (UP) —Weather bureau officials said today it appeared unlikely Hint Hie state's newest cold wave would came any damage to fruit and truck crops. According to the weather lean last night's lowest temperature was rcixirted from Benton- vllle, where the mercury stood at thc freezing mark. Tonight's law will be about thc same it wns prc- Milllons of dollars .worth Of hardwood limber has licon stolrii' from state, owned lands in Jefferson and Arkansas counties ami moro will bo '"ki'i, unless slrjwi to prevent It are taken Iho slate, land use committee was told today by Attorney dcorije iMke of DewlU. I'lko, representing (he Pralrlo — » «,...,.. „ ,..~ Lake Levee District of the two reported 2-100 Russians killed In counties urijcd that lltllo to ap- flBlitlng on thn Karelian Isilimiui proximalely 21,000 acres of over- ' " flow land be Invested In llio district's name so II could be policed (Ions mUjhl wn.s hope of a settli'iiu-nt ns im allcninllvo (o more Inlrnsive has- lllitles that mlKhl easily spread :o other North Uinopcan caunlrlcs. Per Svlnniifud, former Mnnlsh :>ri'.sldeiil. arrlvrd In, Berlin oil n ni?./.Hng mission which Nazi sources said concerned private business n Itnly but which aroused .spccii- allon us to whether (In 1 ruins usk Clcrmany lo Inlerccdf vlth Moscow foi 1 modci'iile peace erins. Reports also were ciiricn .Iml Finnish Furelun Minister V A. Tiinncr was enroiito to Berlin Axvl Weimcr-aren, multl-mil- lonnlre Swedish industrialist, wa. reiwrled to Iw playing an import nil role In mediation JU'KOtlntloir. vflcr hiivlng conferred wllh l"lcl< Marshall llermr.n Qocrlnn,, Ocr nun Nu«l Nuiiiber Two, id llcrlln Clcrmany prraumubly would In ntcrestcd in ondhii; the conllic n Flnliind In order to facllllat .he flow of needed supplies iron iussln lo Iho Nav.l war muchine The Finns, however, have sl/.ed lhat they would accept onl> 'honorable" terms for peace line t was understood reliably that n Ic'dnllf! demands or coimtcr-di!- nands have yet been formulated. The Scandinavian nations, esin lally Sweden, Imvo given evcrs ndlciitlon of fear that the allici lowers might decide ll WHS nccos- nry to Intervene directly In order o bohtcr Flnlnnd. In Slockliolu (.was umlorttlooil that Ihn pur- iameiitar yfordlsu r-pmrnltteii hnc D-tifni'incO Iho BOvonimciil'.H dccl Ion lo light with nil of Its.fore against liny forelun attempt to send troops (liraiiijh Swedish Icrrl- toiy to Finland. The Finns meanwhile reported that tin; Red unity attacks continued on several tronllt bul without gains. Today's comiinml(]tic timber thcft.s slojipcd. comes « timber mun'comes to" "the nnd commissioner's oillce and ob- tnlns a (ax deed for -10 acres of iiiul In the district under the gulso that will homestead It," Pike raid 'Then he will clear that 40 acre 1 ! of any standing hardwood timber ami cut over thc 400 acres surrounding it. "If he Is stopped lie shows a tux (iced and then Is allowed to proceed because under " and the easlurn front. Leo E. Nyberg Dies After Long Illness TOUT SMrril, Ark., March 8.— Uo ISverclt Nybcrg, 3.|, died yp.s- tcrduy In Wildcat MounUIn tuberculosis sanatorium, a branch of the slute Institution for which the Helena legislator sacrificed his hcnlth that It might, have n $'-',500,000 building program. Mr. Nybcrg disregarded advice of physlelni's In —.. "v^iinni,- iiiLiii;! me law lie "-&""vi':u uu^itu oi physicians in s the owner. Since he does not tllc lvil "cr of im lo conduct n Know where hts line ends he may legislative balllc whh-h form) to any nearby trees that look PIWMSSC by tin- legislature mensurcs ll) "' <o him and no jury will stick Japan's strange white Ainu pco- bl ,Jplc make visitors s ' blng their hands , stroking their beards. term. i« s friends believe thai his conduct of lhc office has been un-, „ , - -- - -- — excelled. Tltey point to thc etfi-i ccl nn(l tno weekend will tiring dcncy and dispatch with which' (he detailed- work incident not (in- ly to his duties as clerk of the wanner weather. circuit, chancery and common pir courts but as ex-officia recorder' of deeds has been handled as cvl deuce of hts competency. believe this record, which They; it. Is! Chicago Wheat May- July May July open high 1043-4105 campaign. Stock Prices launching the sanatorium program Nyuorif cncnc back to the assembly a j'Mr njn and steered to passage tux measures necessary to m- icomo uy rub-j work. lie. returned lo bed utter'lib toecthcr and I bills becitine law niul never rcjalucd ' his strength. Finland Popular Country Among Tourists Unlil Conl'Iicis Suirled Finland-liie little country nbonl which front pa«e newspaper slo- rics are written every day—has many senile beauties which liavc Ions caused It to be n popular country among tourists who love Woman Scribbles 4 Exii, Smiling,' Tilling Tr\ I )("!I II fl''° S<?e r ™" y ''« nlrtl ' r i'l"sislitls'nm 1 oiig Jlini )h J.() U(,illll ,n nation of kind people. Mnny of H J I lli-LC/i mill l«~ -l_..i_. _ i , . . J A T & T Am Tobacco low close Y~ ~ ~~, — ''" 102 7-8 102 7-8'i"^" 1 ' 1 '" 1021-4 1025-8 1003-4 1003-4 ' ^ Cth , ElfCl Uy^^rTs'o T l b V°""> W «> «"«'. '« oonnrmed'by all who have' ; bj Afarch 39, 111 accordance with) business with lhc clerk's office is '•cudf nlv'd, I tn m '',' 1Crati0 " '"'I'" 0 " <""" ^rncient to , k *l or IcEitT Bt.a«!ln,?J\!l f^'f 7^''! ^™ ul l(?rm '" ora f <™ ^fr. Mor-I of the year of the'oiinmcr^tai i! ! ,, fca * -y rar <lllrin « ))ls '«»' Mr -' who aie legally IransferredI o t °e i ? ,''"' l " mc " OV " tr> " 1C ( '•"• j county treasurer a substantial sum' - ••- ,,, n , luuuncr will nbovc the expenses of his office (*""lli>g", drnped .t sliver fox c.ipc; Knll Ifaaiikvla a nliniiri.n^ ^i, _..i,i ^^ r , «... .1 i,,.,-.~_i i_ E . . * J ' <l Chicago Corn open 57 high 571-8 low 565-8 -„ „ „ ,, v ^-(j 075-8 575-8 585-8 571-8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III.. Mar (UP)-Hogs: 1,200-fi.500 on sale. Top, 5.60-1 170-230 Ibs., 5.40-5.55 HO-100 Ibs., 4.35-1.90 Bulk sows, 4,10-4.70 Cattle: COO—500 on sale • Steers. 8.50 Slaughter steers, G.75-11.50 . Slavighter heifers, b.50-10.50 Beet cows, 5.25-6.25 Chrysler Cities Service .. Coca cola General Electric General Motors tnt Harvester close General Motors ' =,z l-^ 565-8 t" 1 Harvester " ' 56 ,I 4 . 5'! 1-1 • 16 1-4 . 25 i pnnr" s '~ 4 I Radio ,. ,", !Republic _sicd ....:::;;;;; 4?;* Montgomery Ward N Y Central North Am Aviation Packard ' 174 1-2 80 i district Only'children who have 77 l~ ?i nUal "« i Ulelr sixth blrthdiy o:' or 85 ii i bl ; fc f A , farch Ia ! " lhc >•««' m «» |-2 i which the enumeration is taken •> !-•* j and who have not become 21 vc.irs "' ' of age on the same dale shall b"> cniimsrated, according to the law Parents were requested to lend their usual cooperation to thc enu- |, onore<1 mcrntors and to supply the nctes- sary information, in a statement made today by Mr. McClurkin . M«r. fl ,UP)- A "^'-nve-ycar old woman scrawl°" thc wil " of hcr " olel romi letters tlie words "exit «• I'v.n^n,. i>mj| y (ji those will be depleted in the trav- rloguu of Finland to he shown at (he Roxy Theater Monday night at the same time If. Canfleld Cook, widely known traveler, Journalist lecturer, will speak and Miss native of Fln- III Hi -.— ...v v..*i^» vn iii^ umti!. t " .|.VM .».. .^,. x...|,v. i\nu iiaanKVla ft nntlvn r\T I7lii K — ' '""b Mr. Morris, who had several nbollt I'" shoulders ami leaped to ! i ftl ,<|, lvii ,' ( J, ', ' ^ ° "' ''"' »«" "" authority in this type :ars tralnlnir ** * ,<*< i., n,- ™r death from the 17th floor of n't™ .-„ '..,'' 5 . T osulmcs worn lof work, the value of scphm Ihe years training as a deputy In the , clerk's office and as an insurance tlOW "town hotel shortly man and abstractor before becom- tlaw " tod!> i'- wllh the Rotary club's ,„.„„ of International Understanding is donating hts services after canceling other lectures when thc need of aiding Finland became so "cute, and Miss Hnnpkyla Is giving her time to assist her country The travelogue, which Is one hour and 15 minutes In length, is entirely tn Icclmlcolor with a com- pltte ptcturl'/atlon of Finland and Intimate glimpses ol the home life "f this peace-loving nation. Made by Mr. cook, who has long her people ami answer any to the c election. ! Socony Vacuum . , Sttiricbaker . Standard OH N j I Texas Corp . i U S Steel " 11 1-4 U 3-4 43 1-2 44 5-8 53 M Bailey, Rebsamen Go To Fort Worth LITTLE Pennsylvania slili i s 46 pov r . ml 1111511l lu , £ , Cilttm and low cutlers, 3.T3-B.OO Slten""' "^ "* IO '° W ' OW st « k ,* (w -. i>"ii"/»rt"hv °n r lH' B ? n *y. accom- i,. g .il i.ut it "soon melted on lhc rlitVnt of n, A"! Rcbsntn(; »- w!>i [ -'"»in:l which Ind i ;:C n r.iined ;ci "U"hl on Jin 1 "," 5 UV °- °" bc '° rc th5 s " ow bc ^» !o wl for For w n ^", !CnVC l °- aicn? tt ' ith ' !ic ralu at 3:15 o'clock, tor rort Worth to attend a The moisture-rain nnJ stiow- nallcv'ivill roturA •»•«• j jto'.ilcd .15 tnclt, according to oifl- nanej sill return Monday. ' cl«l watlw reports. i «r^^ n iJ<.-u|«K HUH answer '»">« questions regarding her land, •'-•".I «---••• - 'Inls doublehcader fcottire. In thc clerk, promises lo give thc She wns identified ns Mrs. Gcr- ( way of enclrlntnment has been • -lose and personal attention aldlne Borqtie. 28. of I'onliac, Mich., planned by the Mississippi coun- [luties of thc ofncc If he Is s '>c had registered nt the hold ; ty Finnish Relief Committee with re-nomlnallon and March 4 and apparently had re- j the cooperation of leading civic nrained in her room most of Hie : organizations, thnc since then. j rtll proceeds from tho sale, of After a taxi driver discovered tickets and 25 and 35 cents each the body police wenl lo her room will be turned over to the Finnish to Investigate. They found Ihe door Relief Committee, along with thc birred and were forced lo cut special contribution tickets of $5 through a chain to gnln entrance. C(1C 1> which nre being sold by cotn- Thc large letters on Ihe wall mlttecs under thc direction of Ivfrs. •ind been written with a stub of a w - U- Uurkctt of Bassctt, county 'Ipslick pencil an envelope marked chairman, and Floyd A. White, Personal nnd addressed lo WII- niylhcvllle chairman, liam S. Palcy, New York, president The theater wns donated by Mr. of the Columbia Broadcasting Sys- anci Mrs - °- w - Mccutchon, own- was on a tablo. Apparently ^«^^^ m **>^ l Fifteenth Snow Of Season Passes Quickly Tim 15th snow of the season fell Ark., Mar. 8 here yesterday afternoon and I;-' sh» Intanded to mall It, lima without charge; Mr. Cook. I who s-a,i on a national lecture tour war. The government's i* w .-<iiu>» jvn* that It had always sought, an honorable jwieo but that the iwacc- ''LlTered" by Russia was not, : on honorable one. If Rtiss| n - cared tq whether "there " m ™ proposals that a free country could acct'Dl, It was said, Finland would welcome them. Honoris lhat Russia had de- iiraudcd Kango, on the southwest coast; the Karelian Istlnmis aiid thc Lake Ladoga region were received here from abroad and were declared to bo inncceptablc. Thc cession of Hango, particularly, was said lo be Imjiossiblc in n negotiated peace. It is more than 200 miles front tlic Russian frontier. To Him u over to Russia, it was held, would Uc to make a ptippet state ol Finland. It wns realfecct that the Russians now hart tho Initiative lit thc wni ami thai Vilpurl must lall. nut it wns suid Unit the Minis were hold- Ing the Russians on all fionls ex- cipt Iho Vllum-l one nnd that the Vilpurl olfcnslve was taking u terrible loll of lUisslan lives. Tho only official wotd of thc HiiMian demands had come in a comimmlquo which said: "Accord- Ing to Information in possession of the Finnish government the Soviet government Is believed -to have planned the presentation of demands lo Finland more far- reaching fn character than thobc presented Jnsl nuttinm. Details, however, of these demands arc so far lacking." ifov.-onjr, the details as received hero In dispatches front the Scandinavian • countries were icgaidcd as Inacccptablo. Cession of the tntlru Karelian Isthmus, It was •said, would leave Finland at Rui- sa's mercy, without.nalmal fion- llcr defenses, and cession of Hiin- go would bo,;qtiioUl for sovtctl- zntfon of Ilia country. -But'it was snld 'tltat 'it the Russian demands were : liiere dljilo- nmtlo talking points, subject to moderation In negotiations, the Minis would welcome Hie piosp'ct of pence. A peace nt any price they did not scent ready to accept A high Finnish offtcci, tiained in Germany and seasoned In the l-innlsh war ol independence against Russia, lold me: "It we do not gel the men wo need from abroad we may end by putting guns to thc heads.of om wives and children. We may have lo decide between that and Bol- .ncvrnillon." A Finn who .was looking over my shoulder as I wrote that paragraph said: "We accepted the risk of wai •vithmit knowing what stood before us or what help wo would gel The Russians have been beaten ' back ovrryivlic-rc except on one front, where they have made no gains • menace our national existence. If we were to refuse new ivhlch were more drastic than the old ones would we be nnch worse olf?" There were many Imponderable 'actors: What atlllude Great Brl- aln, France mid Germany had aken in the lust few days; whiit iclp Finnish leaders thought they iilitlit get from abroad; what jiuirantccs Germany or other na- lons might be willing lo give; the nnnl attitude of Sweden and 'i-Jor- vay toward direct assistance and ownrcl the passage of foreign .roons and matcrlaL'i across tlielr territory. ; It wns not clear whether Fln- nnd had actually rejected any <;|>cclflc Russian proposals. It was rtjmrlrtj in reliable miarters that cvernl prominent Finns, Including men closely associated with the negotiations at Moscow just before-. Ihe war, were in Stockholm to-day. It was learned that Foreign Minister V. A. Tanner had been in Stockholm a few days ago, possibly in connection with the peace move. Many Finns believed Germany had actually been the initiator of thc peace proposals. A report wns circulated here that Germany had susgesWd to Russia recently that it liquidate the Finnish war as soon as possible after capturing: Vlipuri. -' There was an Increasing belief In neutral circles here that events of thc next few days might determine the fate of all Scandinavia. WEATHER Arkansas-^Falr. slightly colder in s cast portion, temperature • near i work, the value of seeing thc picture will ijc enhanced by thc presence of Mr. Cook wiio was so Popular when he spoke here recently at one of the Rotary Club lectures, Miss ffaapkyla. who represented her country at the New Vorfc World's fair last year, Is versed m answering questions about Finland having had much experience along this line white at the fair. She speaks English excellently and her stories of Ihe hardships experienced by Finland's defenders In (lie far north and of the joys of living before the invasion c.m inuuun. icmycmiure urai of Russia will be easy to under- freezing In north and central por- stjind by the large- audience ex- tions tonight; Saturday fair and peeled to attend, according to warmer. ; : those who have heard her speak I Memphis *««t vtelulty—Fair tor T,,. , ... ., night, lowest temperature about show will start promptly M> Saturday; fair with rising lenV: at. 7:30 pjn. 'perature, Su'ndayi'riln, .

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