Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 10, 1931 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 10, 1931
Page 3
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HOPE STAR AND DAILY PRESS, HOPE, ARKANSAS Mrs. Sid Henry NEWS Telephone 321 Have you ever sat In solitude, Ihdolonlly free from care, Just to find yourself, unconsciously, Building castles in the air— And In your lethargy of dreams The years In seconds roll, And place you' on the pinnacle Of aspiration's goal. You may fold your arms as a hero Of service, with renown; Or yotl can be a Lincoln . . staunch; A nobleman, a clown. As a child constructs from sand or clay, A mound, where his dreams may dwell, That his plnstlc mind may recognize As a hut or a citadel. So men arc building dreams, the same— Be they knaves, or knights or kings— That bear them argosies of fate, Of seas of longed for things. Somehow ... we love to build them, too, The same as everymnn— To drift away from everything And tlrcam, and think, and plan. And 'reach the heights we arc craving for— Forgetting hope, dispair . . . Yet, find upon awakening; Only caltles in the air.—Selected. Mrs. F. - W. Hall, who has spent the j past few months in Clanton, Ala., ] arrived Saturday to spend the winter I with her daughter, Mrs. E. P. Stewart I and Mr. Stewart. Friends will be glad to know that the condition of Dorscy Collins, who recently underwent an appendicitis Ex*Gox. Green's Daughter Weds Soda Clerk Peggy Green Bradley, above, only daughter of former Governor Fred W. Green of Michigan, surprised her family and friends when she eloped with operation at the Julia Chester hospital, " soda clerk, Glen Bradley, from Ionia, is reported as improving. Mich - a "d wils married at Bowlmg Mrs. W. L. Carter, president of the Brookwood P. T. A. requests that all meinbcrs of her association be present at the joint meeting of P. T. A.'s on Thursday afternoon at the senior-high school, > Friends will regret to learn that Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Wood, who have spent : the past few years in our city, left last week for Malvor^ where they will be located for the winter, Matthew Reaves of the Henderson State Teachers College spent the week end visiting with home folks. The Womans Missionary Society of the First Baptist church held their regular meeting on Monday afternoon at the church. Dr. W. A. Bowen directed the Bible study. The society will conduct an all day meeting on Wednesday at the church with lunch nt noon. Miss Margaret Hutchinson of Little Rock, state secretary j of Young Peoples' Work will be in charge. Miss Hutchinson will be assisted by Mrs. C. R. Pugh of Monti- Green O. Peggy married her first husband, Norval Tyrcll, in 1927, but diiorced him last April when they were still students .in Michigan State- college. She hus a thrcc-pcar-iokl daughter. cello,. ^presenting the JVIonlicello cham of slorcSi Baptist orphanage; The regular monthly business and social meeting of the Alatheun class of the First Baptist Sunday school has been postponed, th? dale of meeting will be announced later. Miss Bertha Turner McRac of Henderson State Teachers College, at Arkadelphia, spent the week end visiting with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dorscy McRac. canduls, and a tempting three course supper was scrvod, with Mrs. Sam Warmack retiring president at toastmistress. During the supper service, the following new officers were elected, Mrs. M. M. MiOoughan, president; Mrs. Earl O'Neill, vice president; Mrs. H. O. Kyler, secretary and treasurer. Mrs. E. P. Young was elected as chairman of Home Service. Following the supper, games and stunts directed by Mrs. J. A. Henry _ Mrs. O'Neill and Mrs. Dcwcy Hcnricks, were enjoyed. Fnrrcn Green of Ouuchila College, j Arkadclphia spent the week end visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Green. Ed. I. Rcplian left Monday night for the St. Louis market, to buy additional winter merchandise for his DRAPER'S VICTIM (Continued from page one) Nashville, Ark., with a man oh a truck load of wheat. Harris had worked In the orchards of Howard county, Ark., during the summer and! had told the neighbors he wns going back to find work. Kelso said'the boy was In love with a girl in Nashville, und that he believed this was partly responsible for his decision to return to Arkansas. After several weeks had passed with no word from Harris, Kelso said the youth's mother, Mrs. Eliza Kelso, wrote n letter to the girl in Nashville. An answer was not forthcoming until Saturday, the ' girl writing that Harris had' never arrived in Nashville. Kelso said he then went to Antlers for the first time in several weeks and there heard news of the slaying of Chappell, Odell and the unidentified man by Draper. He said he returned home and' told his wife and then at her request came to Idabel. Kelso was' accompanied here by J. W. Kincaid, a merchant of Antlers, who also identified the clothes as those he had sold to Harris. The fact that the youth lived about focr miles south of Antlers corresponded 1 with statements made by Draper who could not recall the youth's name but did remember that he had boarded the truck near the little Oklahoma town. Meanwhile, the confsesed slayer remained in his cell in the McCurtain county jail, awaiting arraignment on murder charges. A scheduled prelim- inarjf hearing was not held Monday on account cf other pressing matters in court. McCurtain county officers said Monday night the hearing had been indefinitely postponed and probably will not bo held until the birth of Draper's baby. The slayer's wife, an expectant mother, is residing with friends near here. Bank Chief Gave 'Tip/Court Told Robertson Said to Have Sent Lea Advance Warning of Examination NASHVILLE, Tcnn. —(fi>)— D. D. Robertson, state superintendent of banks, was accused at a Chancery Court hearing Monday of sending advance warning to the Bank of Tennessee of the last examination made of the institution before its crash a Woman Is Killed in Fall Near Magnolia Mrs. Mollie Triplett Is Killed Instantly in Fall From Porck The Young Women's Sunday school class of the First Methodist church, with Mrs. D. B. Thompson, teacher entertained most delightfully at tt class banquet on Friday evening at the homo of Mrs. Garrett Story on West Second street. One long table un c l small tables were decorated with chrysanthemums and other fall flowers, with matching crystal service and Never has there been such u stirring talc of mother love, "The Sin of Madelon Claudet" —With— HELEN HAYES LEWIS STONE CLIFF EDWARDS NEIL HAMILTON CHANGE IN POLICY Starting today Box Office will open at 6:45 p. in. for Evening Showing. Picture starts at 7:00. SAENGER MAGNOLIA, Ark. — Mrs. Mollie Triplett, 83, was instantly killed late Monday when she fell from the porch of her home at Emerson, 10 miles south of here. The aged woman had gone out on the porch to dispose of a basket of trash. She became overbalanced and fell and was dead when members of the family reached her. It was believed at first she ha dreceivcd a broken neck, but physicians later expressed the opinion she died of heart failure. Mrs. Triplett is 'survived by five sons, John. Frank, Monroe and Willie. Funeral services will he held Tuesday at her home with burial in Old Providence cemetery. One copy of every book published in England must by law be supplied in demand to certain specified libraries, including the Bodleian Library at Oxford and Cambridge University Library. THE SPIDER Edmund LOWE MORAN BARBER PRICES REDUCED! llulmit .Slwvc, Shampoo, Tonic, Massage or Singe 20c Shine 5c Each KEITH'S BARBER SHOP Hear Citizens National Bank . The hearing, now in its second week ir on a motion of 12 Carter county taxpayers that Robertson be suspend- M from office until Chancellor R. B. C. Howcll decides the ouster suit they have brought against the superintend- on'. Complainants introduced an affidavit by Colonel Luke Lea to the effect that Robertson had telephoned him and asked that he inform Rogers Caldwell, president of the bank, and an associate of Lea in newspaper enterprises, that the examination would begin September 24 or 25, 1930. Robertson, during the legislative investigation of state affairs, said that Colonel Lea had introduced him to Gov. Henry H. Horton and that after a few minutes conversation the governor had promised him the bank superintendent's post. Immediately after coming to Nashville in quest of the position, Robertson related, he had conferred with Colonel Lea, but had not seen the governor until Lea introduced him. In his affidavit, Colonel Lea said Robertson asked him to tell CnUHell when the examination would start. Caldwell, however was absent and the statement said Lea gave the information to J. DeWitt Carter, a vice president, Carter testified before the investigating committee that Lea had called him, and this Lea substantiated. The examination began September 25, and the bank failed last November. CLOSED ARMISTICE DAY From 11:00 a. m. to 6:00 p.m. Open one hour utter six, for the convenience, ot our customers. WHITE WAY BARBER SHOP Ben G. Southward. Prop- Phone 119 AT no "The Spider" and the Fly? Docs Lois Moran fear that Edmund towe may be the sinister "Spider" in the Fox mi/iteri/ melodrama of that title? ?PB When "The Spider" wag presented as a play on the Broadway stage it sent a galvanic shock through the theater-going public. It was an absolute novelty. It broke severly with stage traditions of a hundred years. Not content with keeping the actors and audience separated by the footlights, the whole audiotrium was made the scene of the play. The resulting excitement was terrific, and kept the box office men busy during a very long run. In the Fox Films version of this celebrated play, which the Saneger Theatre will show Armistice Day, all the original shock devices, and surprise tricks are said to have been retained, with a number of others that the screen alone could present. Like the stage "Spider" the film offering is greatly in the way of an innovation. The new technique, which the Fox success "Transatlantic," brought tornadic action back into pictures, previously slowed down by the introduction of dialogue, has been used again in this mystery play with, what preview reports have unani- mously styled, increased effect. "The Spider" tells of a brother and sister whom a designing uncle is endeavoring to keep apart for his financial advantage. When he and the girl attend a theater, she sees her brother assisting a magician on the stage. The uncle attempts to forestall reunion. A shot is fired and the uncle drops to the floor. Then .the real suspense mounts. Edmund Lowe has one of the finest opportunities of his artistic life in the role of Chatrand The Great, a magician, who attempts to unravel the fatal skein of the plot. Lois Moran is by his side in the featured feminine lead. And so the galaxy of stars goes: El Brendel, George E. Stone, in a strong role, Erie Foxe, all under the direction of William Cameron Menzies and Kenneth MacKenna, who led Elissa Landi to the heights in "Always Goodbye." *%i f. * Jfi F IRES Jn stores, factories and other commercial buildings are followed by dead months. Trade stops—customers go elsewhere for goods—expenses pile up while the building is being replaced or repaired. It is sound business to insure a continuance of your normal profit—and dividends — during the non-earning period following a fire. The insurance that gives this guarantee is called Business Ia« terruption (Use and Occu- The DEAD MONTH! —•— j is that follow FI] pancy) insurance. Ask your Stock f If*, Insurance agent to explain it* . } STOCK FIRE INSURANCE provides and supports many service* that reduce the probability of cither direct or indirect fire losses, but as long as destruction continues there will be . suspended business activities. You should provide this kind , of protection. Stock fin Insurance Companies are represented by Capable Agents in your community THE NATIONAL BOARD OF FIRE UNDERWRITERS 85 John Street, NEW YORK CHICAGO, 222 West Adams Street • SAN FRANCISCO, Merchants t A National Organization of Stock Fire Insurance Companies Established in 1866 Certainly I smoke • •0 smoked them for years' "Certainly I smoke Luckies. I've smoked them for years. And that new Cellophane wrapper with the tab for quick opening is a knock-out. I just give it a yank and reach for a Lucky." One day a movie called "Brown of Harvard" flashed on a screen. That moment a star was born—Mr. William Halnes, but Bill to us. And for five years he's been leading smart-young-feller of filmland. See him in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's "The New Adventures off Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford." ******* *l* Mr. Italner Statement Pel* FerT > You may be Interittfd I* knowing that not on* CM)t was paid to Mr. Halnt* t* maka the above itartwiitriK? Mr.Haine»haib««naimokif of LUCKY STRIKE clgaraHn for 8 year*, We hope the publicity herewith given will be ai beneficial to him and to M-G-M, hit producer^ «» his endorsement of IUCK1E3 is to you and la us, Mystery that takes your breath — love that stirs your heart — surprises such us you've never experienced—in this grip- i:ing' drama. S A E N G £ R Armistice Day That LUCKY tab! Moisture-Proof Cellophane. Sealed tight—Ever right. The Unique Humidor Package. Zip—And it's openj See the new notched tab on the top of the pack' age. Hold down one half with your thumb. Tear off the other half. Simple, Quick* Zip! That's all. Unique! Wrapped in dust-proof, moisture-proof, germ-proof Cellophane* Clean, protected, neat, FRESH!—what could be more modern than LUCKIES' improved Humidor package—GO easy to open! Ladies—1/16 LUCKY TAB is—your finger nail protection. Mf^«W, ?T«l toasted" TEXACO MOTOR OIL a grq.d* fer syery cer^for tvtry Your Throat Protection-against irritation—against cough And Moisture-Proof Cellophane Keeps that "Toasted" Flavor Ever fresh TUNE JN-Th« Lucky Strike D«wc« Orchestra, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening over N. B. C. networks. Made of the finest tobaccos - the Cream of many Crept - LUCKY STRIKE alone offers the throat protection of Hit exclusive "TOASTING" Process which Includes the use of modern Ultra Violet Rays -the process that expels eer* tain harsh, biting Irritants naturally present in every tobacco leaf. These expelled irritants are not present hi your IUCKY STRIKS/'TWre out~-so theg cant be in!" Wd wonder lUCK/ES are always kind to y our tliroaf,

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