Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 14, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 14, 1954
Page 9
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^ •> S \ * > ^ ^^^^^ ' h,i* " r •,/M-' Zr MOPE STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS Tuesday, Deterafeef 14,1984 .. tfcctfe, sustained aftd hi|h by M *&**r&hg ( iney usueliy iheif IdtrJf* have fceeH ftourlsted by a JNMfl.tB.- , fe^llliSme MARKETS LOU* It me&nS a gfeat ~ to livi «r> where e f: --—•- '50; bulk cholc* Vifttefll „„ diverse aS Mark tfwain. Allah Poe+ and. Edna St. alstf had their 17.25, ' to tlroll through • the t- pattern of Gi-ppnwich lliaee'8 old" streets is a silerit en» Theftf site ace# drca;,m .c Id walk'in. You leel part of a great ' by yeaf, nibble by nibble. UreeAvvlch Viflagd is belna away 'ai- this great cannibal city feeds Upon its Artcient heart, JDpwn' with the 'old buildings, uj> with the new. And as it crumbles fcfefsre the Banne^ of progress. Something is' bSing lost that is ,„, boW 10.5<tr3 00, Jattle 5,500',- calves t,500j choice ttefcra and yearMngs sfaady at 24.00-26.5 1 ); high choice Steers 27.50 utility and etfmnlefcial largely 9.00- ll.fcO; -clfthers 'and'cutters'. 6.009.0); latgely 6i56 up; utility and coB-.mefcIal hafts 11,00-1,1.00; can V * X Tr-r- f m " J < ' , ' irtmgatlP.M. t ' .'*' Tf ' \ „ , Itjt&bf T. S, McDavitt Fdrm 6 MiUs East ft<-v.-. •" •'"A" Tractor^with all equipment. ffl -r^ Com r f>lete. ' • - Wagons. . .JAute Dusters, Rotary Hoe, Stalk Her, Seed Tteatvig Machine and , too'numerous to mention. .vv ' and.all equipment H AND CARRY "steady to' fow- 150-210 Ib 18.0016,75-17.25, -. - ,., -12S lb JS.75-16.73; Sows 40U Ib " %»ws •> 1$.25 ' * China Hintsof Continued from Page On* share a house here with this suspect. he* - . ,?.?and choice 'vealers 3dJOj4£(iO?B-in- dbtodal head of prime .~itf Sft.OOf commercial 'arid good yealerg 15.00 20.00. ' -' y Sheep 2,000; lambs slow; higher to shippers and bufcne'rs'j gdbd ' to prime .wool lambs 18.50.-1D.50; sizable lot niostly prime ^cutftdown ?0.00; ewes largely 4.60-S.OO ... . . . - . .-i mji, | •' -----NEW YOftK STOCKS ^ '• MEW YORK Wl "' '&%';>'•' stock market continued its irrcgulfcfc price pattern today in the catly after- I'oon. ', Most major divisions were mixed •Vith a slight tendency to decline in evidence In most sections". With the exception of p.'ide movers, losses were fractiona'. GAINS went to b'etween 1 and 2 points.' ''POOL-TRY 1 AND PRODUCE Most rattlesnakes grow^two hdw battles each year. CHICAGO 08 poultry about steady;' receipts in coops 971 (yesterday 1,763 coops, 239,432 Ibl; •f.0ib. i paying prices,• unchanged; heavy hens 17 18,5; light hens 1214;'fryers and broilers 21-?5; aid roosters 1212.5; caponettes 2623; hen turkcyes 3737.5; young torn turkeys 232G; ducklings 30; farm icr ducks over 5 Ib, 23; under .5 Ib, 18. COTTON . NEW YORK W) Cotton fu tunes wer% steady today in dull tracing. When trade offerings were Jilled, activity slackened, but prices advanced OH farther light [rade buying and short covering late afternpori prices were unchanged t o55 cents a bale higher than the previous close. Dec. 34.30, March 34.57 and May 34.84. • Many of the. deserts of North Africa were odce-'thick" forest, says the United Nations Fo6rf and Agriculture Organization. ' ' Pclice believe that Mrs. Fuller wa's ir lcill'ed 'by k 'b.are-footed prpw'- lir, who v/?s fur^flsed by the rhfttron in the act ot -rtealmg t>pf pkirse. TheV ttlink" he took rff his shoes before efitctihg the Fuller hjq'fne. ;t \ , [ ^ lt j A footpnnt made ,by a barefooted mdn was. fo.ind it) ,the backyard of '.he Fuller .home, 'and two ret=: of similar prints were found in 'the kitchen of the house) ' three newsboys who reported seeing a man in the vicinity bf the Fuller home about dawn Sunday all: told police that he was wearing only one shoe. They said he was tall and clad in 3 khaki overcoat. A black, low-cut shoe was found two blocks frcm the Fuller horn a in. nn alley late yesterday by two deputy sheriffs. Chief Henderson said there is a possibility that the shoe was lost by the fleeing killer. The shoe appears to be a size/ fight or eight and a half. Measure: mints of the footprints found in th<j';Fuller home and yard indicate that they were made by a man wl|o would wear that size.'.".'.; There is a chance that one of Mrs. Fuller's daughters, five-year- old Mary Helen, can identify .the tlayer. "I saw the man hit mama," she told'Chief Henderson, who -hasn't tiutestioneu her yet in detail on'this point. " ; 'Mary Helen and her 18-mpnth-oM sister, Kathy, share a room .which djnins the room in which ', Mrs. Fuller was killed. ' , Dr. • Anderson Nettleship, . wliq performed an' autopsy in Little ROck last night, said Mrs. -Fuller held'died from a blow on the heail which "crushed the skull and caused hemorrhage and massive destruction to the brain." said the woman had a bruise on i her right shoulder and abra sio'ns on both shoulders. Prosecutor-elect Bill Lee paid the aufopsy was routine and only foi Ihe 'tecord. . " Mrs. Fuller died at a hospital LWo hours after she was found by h£r httsband. She nev« regained coftseJousitess. Officials Can Hold Two Offices LITTLE ROCK 1*1 Coimly and city officials today were told they may hold more than one office at a time. ' the ihformatiCH wa"s cortained ift a ruling hamted d6wn by the 1 attorney gertcfaVi cfffc^,- 1 ' t ' • The ruling SEtid" in part: "Arkansas' 4 o'ual dffRS prOHil^i- tioh (article 19 of lhe <l stnte''coij- sitution) refers' only td 1 state of- tic.es." ' ' ''. - , '', ?f ! Give Warmth.... Give Her a....... A gift that will last years and years. 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Whit' low at 7 p. m. Tuesday, December 14, for the annual Christmas dinner, i The Berean Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will have a Christmas party at 7:30 p. m .Tuesday, December 14, in the home of Mrs. Harold Brents at Oakhaven. Garland School pupils will entertain their parents in the homerooms at 7 p. m. Tuesday, Decem- aer 14. Parents are asked to register at the homeroom doors for a room count. • Wed. & Thurs • ECREToF incus Select A Gift You Know They'll APPRECIATE! BOOKS OF MAPI NESS Poplar Grove 196, Supreme Foi« est Woodman's Circle, Junior Members will have a Christmas party Tuesday night, December 14, at 7 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Nettie Wiggins. All members are Invited and each is asked to bring a gift for exchange. serve Fathers' Night on Wednesday, December 15, at 7:30 p. m. Sunday December 25 A cantata, "Carols of Christmas" will be presented by the choir of the Presbyterian Church at 5 p, m. Sunday, December 26. The Hope Lilac Garden Club will meet Wednesday, December 15, at 1 p. m. for a luncheon in the home of Mrs. B. L. Rettig, president. cember 17, at p. Mi Co- hostesses are Mrs. McDowell •Turner and Mrs. James McLarty. Everyone, please bring a gift lor a needy family instead of tn* usual gift for exchange. Dahlia Garden Club will hav* its annual Christmas luncheon Friday, December 17, at 12:30 at the home of Mrs. B. F. Johnson. Assisting Mrs. Johnson will be Mrs. Beverly Johnson, Mrs. Guy Llna- ker, Mrs. Edwin Powell, and Miss Lulle Allen. The Gardenia Garden Club will meet Wednesday, December 15, at 2:30 in the home of Mrs. R. D. Franklin on South Main street, with Mrs. C. C. Lewis as co-hostess Miss Clarice Cannon will give the Christmas story, and there will be an exchange of gifts. The Lillian Routon Sunday School Class of the First Methodist Church will have the annual Christmas party Wednesday, December 15, at 7:30 p. church. to come and bring a gift for exchange. Monday, December 20 The Business Women's Circle of the First Baptist Church Will have a Christmas party December 30, at 7:45 p. m. at the home of Mrs. W. S. Bates, 1510 S. Elm. All members are urged to attend and bring their Lottie Moon Christmas offering. assisted with th« games. Jo Ellen Batr; Ton! fhofhpson, and Mary Charlene Horton directed the singing. , 4 Forty-eight Intermediates lined up in the refreshment line for food and fun served by Mrs. Bttrhls Gal* lion and Mrs. Bob MassiHgill with Mr. Jewel Moore, Jr., also helping with the refreshments. After singing some religious songs, they sang "Bless Be the Tie That Binds" and Santa hade them "Good Night". ny a Wesleyah Set-vice Guild itfould be resent and preseflt tH% it this meeting, th£ Mefflbfets wffl ote on a name fot the W< S, C, 8. VFW Pest and Auxiliary Ha.ve Christmas Social Ramsey Cargile Post 4311 and Wednesday December 15 The Oglesby P. T. A. will ob- g&i* EAGLE • 70 MILES PEft GALLON '-^ 50 MILES'PER HOUR Gil Ih. bill in low coil Ifjmpottitico—?0 CutKniM. BOB'S CUSHMAN SALES 2016 New Boston Rood TEXARKANA U. S. A. Special — Through December COLD WAVES $15 Lanolin Oil -£12.50 $12.50 CreanYOil^ $8.50 Give her a permanent fop Christmas Hazel's Beauty Shop Phone 7-2878 Hazel — Virginia — Aullne Jusf the ticket for Christmas! , (I ,^ f.<>?*»>»<• " v:>s<: '* FLORSHEIM Simplify your gift* giving! Redeemable j ^herever Florsheinj 1 ghoes are sold, a I riorehciro gift certificate Is the i<Je«l r io«weF for every Vt I« P. on you* list, HtRMKTBURNS- m. in the annex of the All members are urged Thursday December 16 The Azalea Garden Club will meet Thursday, December 16, at 12:30 in the home of Mrs. Fred Ellis, 404 North McRae, for the annual Christmas luncheon. Hostesses are\Mesdames Ellis, Raymond Peace, Hendrix Spraggins, Kelly Bryant, Sid Rogers and J. I Lieblong. There will be an exchange of gifts. W. S. C. S. Circle 5 of the .First Methodist Church will meet Monday, December 20, at 7:30 p. m. for the annual Christmas party in the home of Mrs. Claude Tillery with Miss Carolyn Mann and Mesdames Leota Futrell and Clifton Ellis as co-hostesses. Mrs. Lloyd Guerin will tell the Christmas story and Mrs. Howard Byers will give the prayer. Members are asked to bring a special Christmas offering for Wanda Staley, missionary to India, and a .gift not to exceed 75 cents for exchange. Auxiliary met Monday night, December 13. at 7:30 at the V. F. W. hut for a Christmas social. The hut was decorated In the Yuletlde motif. Lyle McMahen gave the Invocation. A pot luck supper with coffee and cake was enjoyed. The forgotten veterans at Fort Root hospital in Little Rock, were the recipients of many useful gifts. Mrs. Cecil O'Steen and Mrs. Henry Fenwick were in charge of the recreation program, and Mrs. Ira Yocum and Mrs. T. B. Fenwick, Sr. distributed gifts from a gaily decorated tree. Fifty members and guests attended the party. Friday December 17 The Fidelis Sunday School Class of the First Methodist Church will have a Christmas party Friday December 17, at 7 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Forrest Hairr, 901 CPark Drive. All members are asked to bring a gift, not exceeding $1.00, for exchange. On December 17, between the hours of 3 and 5 and 7 and 9 p. m., the 'Prescott Federated Garden Clubs will have the annual "Holiday House." Four homes will be visited, all of which are on Main street in Prescott. Tickets can be bought at any of the homes visited for 25 cents each. Willing Workers Have Meeting The Willing Workers Auxiliary of the Unity Baptist Church met Monday, December 13, at 7 p. m. with 12 members present. Group singing was led by Elder Howard White, who also voiced the opening prayer. Mrs. Sidney Ward gave the devotional from the second chapter of Timothy, and Elder White taught the lesson from the tenth chapter of St. Mark, verses 32-52. Mrs. Oryal Tuliis presented the special entitled "Christmas Gift". A letter of appreciation was received and read from Mrs. Howard White who is ill. During the business meeting, the minutes of the last meeting were read by Mrs. Sam Williams. It was announced that a Christmas program would be given by the Girl's Auxiliary, sponsored by the Willing Workers and the Senior Ladies. < Mrs. Frank Thomas voiced the closing prayer. Little Miss Sue Duckett Has Birthday Party Little Miss Mary Sue Ducket! celebrated her ninth birthday with a party at her home on West Sixth street, Friday, December 10. Mrs. Duckett served . cake am cold drinks to: Jean Page, Doug Rogers, Guy Watkins, Sharon Roberts, Tommye Power, Sandra Galloway, Linda Gibson, Linda Gai Johnson, Jeanie Lowe, Carolyn Hall, Cherry Anderson, Janctte May, Byron Cunningham, and Sue's grandfathers, Mr. T. L, Ducket! and Mr. C. M. Rogers, Sr. The girls were presented favors of jacks, and the boys were pra sented marbles. The Blevins P. T. A. will hold its annual Christmas potluck supper Thursday night, December 16, at 7 p. m. in the school cafeteria. All parents and patrons 'are invited to,be present. The annual Christmas party of the Fulton Rose Garden Club will be held Thursday, December 16, at 2:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. W. E. Cox, Jr. Co-hostesses will be Mrs. Charles Rowland and Mrs. Doni Dickinson. Gifts will be exchanged. Miss Martha Wray, bride-elect of Ensign Lawrence W. Hazzard, will be honored with a gift tea at the home of Mrs. Elbert O'Steen on Thursday afternoon, December 6, between the hours of 2 and 4 p. m. The Hobby Club will meet Thursday, December 16, at 2 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Arch Wylie. Gifts will be exchanged. Friday ( December 17 The Friday Music Club will have its Christmas party at the home of Mrs. G. T. Cannon, Friday, De- First Baptist Intermediates Have Christmas , Party Santa Glaus met the Intermediates of the First Baptist Church at the door of the Fellowship Hall as they merrily trouped to the gayest party of the year. : ; Christmas singing, stockings and snowball relays, Merry Christmas, to You, Santa and'Mrs. Santa, Christmas charades, and otlieg games were played, led by Sarita^: Mr. Walter Miller, associate training union director dodged in and out of the active games taking flash pictures to be displayed on the bulletin board. Mr. George Young and Mr. Windle Thompson W. S. C. S. Has December Meeting The December meeting of the Woman's Society of Christian Ser vice of the First-Methodist Churcl was held Monday, December 13 at 2 p. m. at the church. The meeting was opened with th singing of the hymn, ".There's a Song in the Air", followed by th devotional given by Mrs. Ralp Routon, who used as her subject "The Love That -Passeth Know ledge". Mrs. Albert Graves presided dur ing the business session. She an nounced that the mission study o "The City" would be held Januar 9-11, and that this church-wide s chool would be of missio tudy. It was also anHovtfieerd that he January W. S s fc S. meeting outd be held at flight on the third ol Januarfc d thai the HRISTMAS etm Chine* lid SINGER eiti«et» krtii* Utf sf i decorative Christmas gift for legs! sheer sheer BERKSHIRES with Nylace Top and Toe-Ring These are the (me fitt-fahioncd itocldflgg thtt give her more glamour and flattery, more talue and wear than ever before! (Only Berkshire* have the pretty run-protecting Nytic* Ttt|i*and To*-MlnB.) Newest fashion shades. All the styles sheprefenu $1.35 to $1.95 >ff$&gSfSSK $ i- ., v,' vJ *3*J',i^J^«|f*' 1 iiA.iS?S««ii1'^n'i ;»iy-.«w^3j( ^ ? t^4 NOTICE I have moved my Dental Office from 1171 West Second Street to my new location at 514 S. ELM STREET DR. SAM W. 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