The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1940 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1940
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE SITS PICK LI TO Hx-'Amcrican Merchant' (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Each Clock Tick Adds Power To' War Machine Hy S.VMUEJ, DASHl/;i.I, Vnittd Press Surf CorrtS]JO!nlclil PARIS (UP) — inside one of Prance's big armaments plants whose location must remain secret, Ihe observer quickly comprehends whal Ihe term "mechanized war- fore" implies. Here are thumping seven-ton drop torsos, poitiidln; like Iliiir,- . clcr;' whirring lathes of all sixes; rows of automatic shell cup cutters grinding In'sprayed oil under forced draft, and thousands and n . thousands of men and women i»J, overalls deftly measuring, silently' walching, and maneuvering levers. Modern warfare that gels its mobility in plants like these makes the polite and chivalrous fighting of Duke William or the Bold Taillefer at Hastings seem like a legendary myth. Walking through lanes of chain .belts on which dull iron and steel .move along in incongruous shnpes the technique of modern war mi-' folds. In this particular factory, which in peacetime \vas a mass production automobile plant, II is forbidden lo build pleasure cars. Over the same trundles and chains nml •through the same streets between factories . where endless peacetime automobiles we're created, from steel, iron, wood and palm, light and heavy tanks, protected motor lorries and armored cars are moving at the same rate of speed. Working in 10-hour shifts, these men and women soldiers of Industry are piling up the mechanical . reserve, the machines nnd Ihe shells. ' Where once n light casling moved along lo ils complicated fitting now moves a bigger, heavier, stranger-looking differential—that of a heavy 30-ton tank. There nre heavier tanks than lhat, and lighlcr ones, (oo, They are all in the vast shed where they near completion, before being- moved to some othci part of France for Uiel, gi ms ami lasl refinements. In the great forge shop, for example, one might have been in Bethlehem, Pa., or Birmingham England. The explosive blasts of immense drop hammers pressing nvlcs for lanks out of a white-hot molten chunk of steel, In a few teiufic blows that shake thc building, was'repeated In rows of roiling monsters. At night when these engines are pounding, the ^population for miles around hear them and often mistake them for artillery or anti-aircraft defense gum, " ,J" f " C( '' *" cse dr °P'hammers are in , 1 ,' Vrr - y3 " W mo miotiii.,. Enuii;;,, (!X , x , imin)1 equipped wltli a , dlvhu; boll at- euiptal to rocovei the treasure of Hie frlgnle, l>iil DIP rocks, shoals eddies and currents ended the at-' ™ ST)AY - Hussar In New York's Easl River Holds About 4 Million March 5 (UP)—An :h for tlie lirltish whk-h .sank Jr. 1880 Capt.'oeorue Thomas 7, 1010 difficulties of H Jersey obtained permission the 'n-casmy lycpaitmenl to salvage the Hussar under lh>- In- spcctlon of government agents nils endeavor resulted In a slock promoting (,,,i,;rpim., m any pur . chasers eventually commcii tint, lhat ihe certificates they bought besides being worthless, were not' """" s«ori for wallpaper. HiKstr Anchor J'mind 1900 a yacht i (n route to a j in the Long MU;KI Sound I rock and .sank at ihe :ip- I re- i nutii'.s for Ihls em: mailer ihe - in thc pa-st." suggested by Lyons th.'U 2'' I'M- cent of UIP treasure if wmid. should B o lo those who "sal- of of u,e proceeds''to'",!,,' 11 deserving needy City." "'Id pool' of New York ' UCk " sold to Belgian interests, as lugs warped her into't her new owners. Ihc united .Stales liner American Merchant soon will be'replaced the DBlBlnn tricolor. This ;,i,™* ,„„», the ship, one of nine receiHly treasure ship in 1780 In Hdi Gale channel Tn i proximate spot, the UUMMI- Ihi- I'-ast j-lvcr will) a cargo report- [COrted to have gone down Kl 10 be 54,000,000 in gold bullion '"'"< ''"' „.."....."' has been made by James J. Lyons' borough president of The Bronx Lyons said Hint there is a nossi- liilily that the money-carrying llrlljsl) frieale Mercury hod transferred ils gold cargo lo Ihe Hus- prior to the sinking of the N. .shipyard lo be reconditioned the artillery of industry. Each spiay of sparks here may be n shell burst 'oil the Siegfried Line Anil curiously enough, some of these great forges are .stamped »lth American trademarks — Erie 01 Milwaukee. It is forbidden- to mine the number of men and women working day ami night iu this war, factory, but in some armies they would compose a full division. Tills i? only one faclory oiilv one war plant making only one general category of armaments rhere are others everywhere in Prance, scattered about lor lac- lical.reasons. Bomb one, or a part of one. and the work is transferred to another. That is all planned, The chiefs and floor bosses are cheerful. They will show an observer almost everything; that is almost There seems lo be no labor Double, as the personnel is FLAPPER FANNY, g o e l.'itii'r. thereby probably increasing Hie gold cnr«o beyond $4,000,000. "I do not desire lo start a (fold Misli m 'The Bronx," said Lyons "but I would welcome the assist-' MIICC of government or private experts who would make a inmlarn ilioroiigli-goiiiK search for this treasure. With the remarkable improvements that have been made modern machinery and er[Uip- seem feasible lo means to recover Oh, you dale Ihe professor Mrs. Jones Won'l Talk, Eh? W, Mr. Census Man, Ask ihc Neighbors! Launius \Vants To Be 13th District Prosecutor , Ark., Mar G <yr;-Represental!ves R w Lau- mils of Bearden today fi|<. ( | his corrupt practices pledge for the Democralic nomination for prosc- Uunius, who served two terms in the house, is one ot ouachila county's two representatives seeking the post held bv Oren Ha.rk %™°™°- H.r'rb last'week 1»V KUTII MIIJ,|JR What's nil the hollering about? You\l think from the way wo- nen arc. canyim; on over ihc new census, (jiipslioiis Hint, their lives were j'eally private. • As a mailer of fact, Mrs. Jones —who doesn't \vnnl lo it>ll her hus- unnd's income or enumerate her marriages—hasn't as private r-. life as she supposes. Mrs. Smith next door could probably answer most of ihc census laker's questions about Mrs. Jones. Slip might be five or ten dollars olf on Mr, Jones' salary a week— but she wouldn't miss it by much All of us know just, about what our friends' incomes arc. Also, she could probably tell thc census take whether Mr.?. Jones has been married once or frequently. Friends nnd neighbors always as curious as census men and they manage to find out every thing they want lo know abcu't anything. LITTLE JOHNNY SPILLS THE BEANS And Mrs. Jones needn't. Hunk that the number of bathrooms— Plus or minus—in her home is ;i secret. Little Johnny Jones has told all—including lots the census taker isn't interested in—to his playmates nnd teachers. The pl.iy- maics have tnld (heir mothers—and as a result few details of the Jones' s way of living are really deep. d;irfc secrets. So. things being ,i s (hev are with no family nearly as sinnrl os they think Iliey are about keepinq their affairs strlclly private, Mrs. "America is being nn ostrich when she sets up a squawk about, having to give awny lo Uncle Sam matters . that arc her "own business." I Everybody In Ui c neighborhood knows lhat Mr. Jones' salary Isn't enough for Mrs. Jones to be' we\r- mg Una expensive fur coat They also,know that (here is a mortgage on the house, that thc- Jones' credit Isn't, as good ns 11 could be. So what's thc difference if Undo Sam loo, gets a bil inquisitive? ffc won't learn much r»bo"t u, c Joneses lhat. neighbors don i al- I'catly at least suspect. Air I!:ii,l IIi.slrasTs Appear StHi^'rmf- In'',' • " '•''"" l "" lc " but Britain ha, "air-raid hoslVsws." llie.r job will be to calm women and children who show sioiis of hysteria In event O f an air raid Says Many Idle Arkansas Workers Idle Don't Know Of Help L-1TTU3 ROCK, March 8. (UP) —Arkansas has approximately $10000.000 in its unemployment insurance fund but officials in charge of the program say that, many of the stale's unemployed are falling lo claim the payments that arc due them. Director Eli Collins of the Unemployment Compensation Division believes that the reason for this Is thia large numbers of people are still unaware lhat the government will help them over icrlods of imcrnpluyincnt provided Ihey have been working and can iroduce Ihe proper records. Since i this program began func- ioning ns part of the nation's new social security plan, more limn $2.000.000 has been paid to '15,000 memployed in Ihe slate. The fund s still large enough lo lake care of all payments. "Too many unemployed workers ire slit! delaying (he filing of their initial claims for payment," Mr. Collins said. "Such filings are not retroactive and [he unemployed worker loses his benefit rights for the time between Ihe first day of his unemployment and Ihe fust liny Hint he registers for work and lijes his claims for benefits." The amount of unemployment insurance paid to an individual Is based on his earnings during the previous quarter with a maximum limit of $ir> per week. Payments arc not made when a worker is absent from his job because of sickness or iiirapacily resulting from injury. Thc Unemployment Compensation Law is strictly an Insurance arrangement for the purpose of disbursing funds lo eligible workers, nble to work, but unemployed through no fanll of Ihclr own. Money in the Insurance fund comes solely from employers, who arc required lo pay 2.7 per cent IHCIH, it would devise ways and ii." Ifulk in Kasl Ilivcr The sinking of the British frig- ale occurred at the height of a. severe storm when the vessel (.ashed into Pot Rock, a notorious luiwud m thc East, river subsequently removed by the harbor service. The Elussar had sailed from England for New York with a legendary cargo of gold, estimated to lie $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 to pay English soldiers battling (he Colonial troops of Gun. George Washington in the New York area. In 1794, two brigs were dispatched from England to search for ihe ship, but. were unable lo salvage it In the boiliijg undercurrents of sent down to salvage Ihc yaclu. brought up an old Iron anchor inscribed "I1.M.S. Hussar." thus giving new impetus to Ihc reports thai gold WHS lying „( (| !t , iioiioiv, of Hell Gate chlmiicl aw/iiling salvage. In 1930 Simon Lake, submarine inventor, began to hum for Ihe fold in (he East river bed. With the permission of the government and the promise thai some 30 per cent of his findings were lo be nis reward, he made unsuccessful lUteinpIs lo reach the Hussar with a small, specialty designed submarine. Lyons pointed out that millions of dollars Jmvc been spent by thc government in recent years in blasting the rocks from (he waters of Hell Gale to make it safer for navigation, "so Hint those who KEYSTONK ALFALFA SEEDS ALL KINDS FIELD SEEDS UABY CHICKS L. K. Ashcraft Co. PIJRIMA FKEDS Plioi\e 154 Beats New Dealer In Wallace's Home Area '^S^o^^^: fanner, was conceded vic- u,u Ul u ,.v,, 0 S01 ; aht "t 1 ™', 1 ^.,",', 1 ,; j-ecretary or Agriculture Henry A. Wallaces congressional district MHI a campaign platform thai, endorsed the New Deal (arm pol- _ Returns from IQJJ O r ljj(1 21a , jr(1 _ cincls in the dlsirlct gave Goodwin 28,9fi7 voles lo tiyron 0 Allen'-; Hi,li7«>. "Colonel" William Klein, lies Monies razor blade vendor who was an Independent candidate, received M4 votes. The special election to choose a successor lo Iho late Hep. Cassius 0. Dowell was regarded as a of New Deal strength despite tradition which was established by election of Republicans from the filxth Towa dlslrlrl, raoli t^rm l)iit two. Iloih Ooodwln nml Alien haii oampaJsncd on (he farm issue and )>a<f ilisreearded the.,,(hful term dispute. > ' Allen conceded defeat' after- Goodwin had been given a lead of almost. 16,000 votes on returns from 108 products. Old Dobbin Carries Mail MT. MOIIKIS, N. Y (Ul')-Old Dobbin's usefulness hasn't vanished ns far .-is John White of Conesus i-s concerned. The 09-year-old mail carrier slill employs liorscs for his daily task of carrying the mail betn-ccn the railroad station niul Iho village postofflce. Head Courier News v.ant, ads. j. L. GUARJD" Optometriit Only Graduate Oi)!ome- Iml In lilytlicvllle. . Glasses Fitted Correctly Safe - - Accurate Your Prescripllon Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First I'bone HI Sec Your Dealer or ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POMR CORP. Selvice. 9*, Gltt eap, , " Buy Your AMEKfCAiV KXIMIKSS MONEY OIU)ERS KOHINSON'S "rug Store Recently Introduced to the aero * St ' •n =>! « - ' an all-Ring monoplane. In addition o the conventional wing, the ship ' mm Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service - ™pl<»-e 1« rc- eelvlng In .salary. Employes do not [:ay any ]iavt of it. The one per cent deduction from employes' wages is for federal old age insurance. There Is now an organization of private llycrs in the United Slates —the Aircraft Owners and Pilots' Association—that, has about 2000 members. • STANDARD TIRES LOW // AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! M e I'fr Wool: On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. As Low As *>A, . ' f ' < f.->" /- / •v>fc^ "V.. ""• fc %-^'~'l§t^ •f , /, & ^^ I ^Jsf rv* 2A A \ <*i ^bo-ve is t/ie BUICK SPUCIAI, 1-dob) touting tec/an «*$!MMJ* T iirur are a lot of things about this stunning 1940 Buick t o claim your attention — that is, if you really want to know what's what in motorcars. " -For instance, you've got to admit that its style has done a lot to brighten up and beautify the boulevards. And, from the way folks are swinging over to Buick, it must have something o«/He-\vise that's important for you to measure. $&&« Tried! prices What at o r» I! Sedan prices start alS**- you hear about its quick-olT- the-mark engine and the silkiness it gets from balancing after assembly certainly calls for inquiry. So do the rave notices BuiCoil Springing gets and the talk you hear about five-foot front seat room iti the SUPER and ils Poamtex- cushions soil as a down puff. But skipping this-even skipping the fact that Buck's prices are lower than some sixes -there s one thing lhat alone is enou«h to send you hot-footing io your Buick dealer. That's thc obvious fact that as Buick "oes these days so goes the industry. It set this year's pace last year-and right now a- )S plainly the car others will he like some day." So do the obvious thing. Go try out this superb traveler. Even if you don't discover that Buick is an immediate "must," you'll decide you'll never be really happy till you have one. >>^< l >",£ ^s^tattattittoc WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM notice- LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. llro.idivay BlytUevIlle, ,\rk.

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