The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1940 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1940
Page 11
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THURSDAY, MAKCir 7,' 1040 (ARK,)' COURIER-NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION for consecu- rale per lino tive Insertions: One time pn- line ......... '. ____ lOc Two times per line per day...,08c 'J'lirce limes per Hue per ««y...OBc Six times per line per (lay ..... ti5c Mouth rale per line ...... ...... GUc Cards of Tlianks ........ 5i)c & 15i- Minimum charge GOe Adi ordered for ilirec or .six limes and stopped be-fore, expmi- Iton will tie charged lor the number of limes the and appeared ami adjustment of bill muuo. All Classified Aclverllslni; copy submitted by persons residing out- bide of Hie city must be accompanied tjy cash. Hates may be eas- iiy computed -Jrom iitxn-e lauJft. Advertising ordered lor irregular insertions lakes Ihc one lime nuv. No responsibility will uu lawn tot more (nan one incorrect inser- lion of any classnicrt art Business Op'tuuilies Parly to invest about 510UD in local business enterprise (hat siionld pay equal returns each year, -investment practically guaranteed. May take active pail in management, it' desired, state age, pu-s- cni occiipauon and otlicr inior- inauon anom sell. For interview acl'lve-si; Uox "1UO" c/o (jouner hews. For Sale or Trade 1937 G. M. C. Panel Truck. Motor in excellent condilion. New Paint. Bargain quick sale. Write Bos Uli, Ul. I, Oily. * 5-pk-l2 MULES AVil! iraile for Mules, Ctnvs. Mnj;^, t-'attle, Corn, Hay and l/umlm. Delta Implements, Inc. Sec Floyd Simpson 8-ck-tt Notice TERMITES Work While Yon Sleep! Wake ii|. before Ilicy damage your property Foi- Freu Inspection Call 592-W. Walker and Archer Slate Licensed Operators Koom and Board Room and board. Steam heal. W. Ash. Phone 993. !2-ck-3-l Found 1040 Arkansas H ton Truth license. Number 22-1-703. Owner may have .•^aine by paying cost of this ad. Courier News Office. alack barrow hog. Weight 125 Ibs. D. S. Hny Promk-ed Land, -ipkll 1040 Arkansas License Tag number 51-086. Owner may have .same by paying cost of this ad. Courier News office. WEEK END SPECIALS '31 Dodge Sedan Motor Overhauled $135 '34 Chevrolet 'Coupe Real Buy '31 Chevrolet Coach Special '32 Ford V-8 Coupe $99 $85 $89 $49 $99 Ready to Go . '29 Dodge Sedan New Tires Only '34 Chevrolet Coach Bargain '36 Chevrolet Pick-up Truck Red Color $145 '37 Ford 'V-8 Pick-up Extra Special $279 '34 Ford V-8 Tudor Looks Good as Is... $59 Easy G.M.A.C; Payment Plan Open Nights & Sundays LITTLE CO. I'lione 033 Karm Loans Nice bedroom. 715 Ash Street, 7-|>k-12 3 furnished rooms ball). Phone IDC. private 7-ek-ia ! nmiisliMl rooms with bu(h.~t)Tl Clilcknsuivba. 5-uk-l2 •1 room furnished apartment, 1'rl-' vale biilli. Desirable luentlonj Ciill 280. 4-di-lfj 2 nicely furnished rooms. Inner- M>rlii£ nml(re«es. Adjoining bitth. All conveniences, I'lione OiW. -i-Dlli Comfortable front liediooin, outside cnli-unw, Plume 351, 5tf> \V. Walnut, l-ek-ll 2 room furnished apartment. lliOl j W. Ash. ' iW-ck-ll 2 room •uiodorji fimilslicd nienl. 1315 \V, Main, npiirl- Mck-tl J-fli'SC I'OiiiforliiWc bedroom, turn ';{;> beds. 2 closet,-,, sleain heiH. Men liiefened. Phone 1, Mrs. J. G. Sml- bliry. 27-ck-U Dooms fnnii.slied <ir unfiirnlshcd. Newly decorated. Heiisonuble. OI-V licain. 2lj-pk-3-2G N'iee bedroom eonvenieut lo bnth. Steam heal. I'lione 280. kk-tl APPMim OFFER • / FOR MARCH AND APRIL ONLY Wo afo going a'long woy to prove Iho liberality of our appraisals — to show wlial a good allow- anco we will mako on your present car. Let us opprciiso yovir car and we'll give you coupons -good for four complofo chassis lubrications. Don't miss this offer, Conic in as soon as you can. l'\mluv. Tires iinil imilnr iiv jjund You 1 vn lrl<'d (he Kent, fiim (ty HSU »EST «;«>AL LOWF.'in ASH—MIGHEBT Hf At REDASH&1O.OO DIXIE QUALITY LP. 56,95 SlU'KKKm Y.VIHI-rHONUNM '.'ifi l-'rn-d Si'ilun. id !his I'i-icf. , '.'{7 I'Vird Tutlnr. Motor MONTiiiiAt, im>>--c;. ii. Cnliim, runner MTiehu-y of stale, is back I" I In- fiollliuil flylil iiKiiin, despite Ills SO ytvii-s. Ciiliim hus been n of parllameiil since 1025 and went Inlo the Ilennclt cabinet In 1930 lie was re-elected in Iho 1935'gencul election t • ••• Now lACiilcil In GleniiK Hotel Kid;.** j , ADDING MACHINE , & .TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU . liON JvIMVAimS, Troprlclor ', . , . All Main's »f Kcluilll Typewriters, Adding Machines Ynd I'ali'iil.ilors— )tr|i.'ilrlii|f— I'.iris— WASH TUDIJS Kollott'iiiy'.liislrui'lioii.s '—"i IAOMEUT EW OPENS. WE DOOR.,,J~ BY HOY CRANK _ Large or Small At 1,011- Interest Kates. We arc equipped to handle large or small loans on any sized tract " of farm lami. !,c low "cost, and al a loiv interest rote TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 8(M 213 Walnut Si. Blythcville, Ark Sewing & Slipcovers. Mrs. Smith & Blackwell, Arniore) Phone Plains For Sale PLANTS: Onions— 1000 5Dc; 3000 51.00; IJOOO S1.15. Cnbbage— 100U 75c. 2000 Si.20. Nice large pHints. Noiv read}'. \V. VV. Wnrren, Carrtzo ' Springs, Texas. , 28-pk-M in, Mrs. Nolen, Unfunilslicd apnrtmcnl in Shane Apnrtment Building on \ . Main Street. Call 571 or 137. l-ck-tt Cliuvi-olcl Couch, New lihicl, linish. .ib! Sent Covi'i-s, Cilv dnven •if j ' "M l-'onl Uclnxu Seihiit. iMiilnr re^niuliliinu'il, ; romliliim ul' far t'M-ellcnl Poultry Baby Chicks Custom Hiilching Marilyn HatcKcry Biyihcville Hlii-y. Gl North Washing WaiUerl "Al l^ortl Coiipt 1 . Color hliu-U, l<m A C'loilH fill Family Uuimlry, All clolhrs wash- od sepinalely. Mrs. Miek. BIB Lake. -l-i)V.-ll For Sale Severn I yoiin? Jcrscj- Co«-s wllh young Calves. C. F. Tucker, 4 miles southeast of Blyllieville. 1-pk-H Smiill Studio Bnlclwlii pluno. Lioocl I Condition. Phone 73B-H. ' 10 highly bred Jersey heifers with yoiins calves. Boualit from Herschell Snnirt herd. Inquire Guiiu-s Market. 8-ck-3-0 Hardware IVc Specialise in SWEEPING COMPOUND Shoijsc-Hcnry Hdw, Co. I'lione ,')5 Lost Yellow gold ladles Elgin wntdi" Hcwiucl. Mrs. 13, u. M^-ior, Wilson, ' MAP PUZZLE I • Personal HORIZONTAL 1 Piciurct! map of Scandinavian kingdom, Ij IU govern- mcn is ;i constitnlional IZHhorl poem. 13 Music drama. T) Room 3-ccess. Ili Large net. JSKiirfuirisl wine cup. Ill Thicket, il Rubber ivliccl pad. 2:1 Bundle. ~>A Prcpofilion. 20 Business of making hats*. 29 Indefinite nvlicle. IlOTnbc cover. 'K Female crystal Kii/er. S3 T'lircc. :) joini. 30' Ifcrcdifavy class. 37 To avoid. Answer lo Previous Tuzilc 38 Anchorites. •10 Rivers. •12 Ebb of oce;in. 43 Bird of prey •!•! Thick slnub. •if) Myself. 4(i Slomach. •19 Kxrlninalion. 51 Nothing doing. 5-1 Fury. 56 Le;idinj: intluslry in this liind, 57 Unit of currency in Iliis ]and. HFalhcr. 1C Ca'pilal of this lond. 17 Oortrfess of discord. 10 Vehicles. 20 It occupies part of (he Scandinavian 22 Chosen by ballot. 23 To besiege. 25 Banner, 27 fields. 28 Tennis fences. 29 Cuckoopinl. ,31 Saucy. 33 Comparison word. 3"iTo eject. 37 Withered. 39 Appearance. 41 Observation. 47 Blackbird. 48 Pale. 40 Since. VERTICAL 2 Grief. 3 To rednc!. •1 Overall fabric. 5 Kay. C Autobiography. 7 English coin. 8 North America. S Political .. u ,,,^i.-. mass meeting.'SO Female fowl. 10 Hint in ;i 52 Jumbled type mystery. 53 King of 11 Third-rate Bashan. ,iclor. 55 Measure. 1 have forgotten where I look some Mowers last lail In n pinkish lavender bowl, with two while ! "frogs". Will tlic person having the ' bowl please, notify me? Thank you. 5ob8 Mrs. Samuel P. Norris, Arouse Sh;gffMi Liver, work oil i the bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas panis, nml thut, sour, pinm feeling, fake one box of ACTIVE fclVEIl J'IU,s 25c nl au Kirby Stores Wclcliiig KXTIWT KLECTRIC & A WELDING Drag line am! heavy ircli Barksdale Mfg, Co. I'lionc 10 or ties. 1013 Expci-t Klrefrtc ami Atcljlenc WELDING Draslinc and heavy u-.-lding o-... •••iwcially. D. W. Cranford Well, /Irk. r-houc S-l-'-U Repairijig Expert gun rcpalri7irr~Se(r~E ~M. Damon at the Blytheville Arm- oiy^onJVediiDsdBys and 'Hiurstlays. WE FlONYfHING" We Call For & Deliver .Dityclcs. Irons, Fans, Toasters. Hot flairs, Lamps, Upholslmnf;. Furniture. HJip Covers or anythini; >on niiirhl. have. hlvlitevillc J^urnilin'c Cn. na East Nrain si. l-'amily Hrorr.s on l.on K cvit.v liKJAIf. Cal. (UP)—E H i'liil- »l>s has discovered Ihc secret of lrjnc;evily. Rcfujjiiifr j 0 ^j vc j^ but admitting he wa.s born b;\ck in (he '50.s. he altribul'es the fact (hat for the last 58 years there ha.s not been ;\ death in the tiun- ilv. willed now Includes the, Km \ siirnlcaiyitt, their us dilldten. 13 iEzucfchlldien anU liitco giout- gtandcliildren, to the fact tliat he married a good cook. MJO WHO IIAYE I TO THANK TOR THOSE HANDSOME 1VOLES IV) WVHAT! TOUGHEST, MEAWEST. MAW ALWE t .. OFF VOUR MM! AWOTHER RULE! EVER TM\ WU WUWT A CHINK, TURH TO ME AH 1 •SA.V, "6SMOUR LEAVE, RODERI60I /2/ MAKE HIM THOSE WORDS! f »^_ -. MAVBE HE \ HAS A FAMCY FOR 0000 TEA LIKE UPTON'S, MOTHER,,, I HAVE, MYSELF, HE SA1PMY 7EA LOOKS LIKE TEA.,Btn 17 HAS NO TASTE! BUT I CAW'T AFFORD t-IPTON'S ON THE SMALL BOkRD / SURE NOU CftW, MOTH- Ef?. MY SISTaR ?AVS. \ LIPTOM'S HAS LOT5 MORE FLRVOB, SO IT GOES FURTHER, THE FACT la WE GROCER SAVS ^OU CAN GET <WER 200 CUfe FROM A POUND OF UPTON'S? IT SURE IS., FROM K»N ON I STICK TO UPTON'S. VOUR MEW BOARDER. MOTHER, WHAT DID HE SAY? 15Y FIIBD HAUMAN ALLEY OOP . THIS EMPTY CARTRIDGE) EOT IF T '—^ PROVES I'VE PICKED /-'DIDN'T KNOW 7H6 IF HE WEMT OUT TO TILL, NOBODY IN THEIR "T 1 'J I'LL PROBABLY FIND SEA, T DOM'T RI6HT MIMP WOULD GO VERY FAR FROMXA.NDWITH OME OF THOSE OUTFITS.. ANO OOC'6 MOJJOPE HIM PUTTEBIN6 AROUNo}" : UP BRONSOM' TRAII OLD BOY HA>D AM OUT-IST^ 0 A CHAiNCE /'V SOMEWHERE UP BOARD MOTOR AND OKAY .' ET-- Ltrs GET A RENT YOU COWING ALONG , FRECK ? AMD X \ FOLLOW ) ALOMG IM MY / CRATB / PERMIT TD HAVE COUIDNT UM7AWQLEO WfTH COMB.'

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