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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, December 13, 1954
Page 13
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t-'-V^;'*, 1 '- 1 '? ,' C • > ~r , ' ' j 1-£' * ! "' * STAR, US*! tiketi plane and ftdeiphla toW? testimonial at oted, i<Mght iBSah- IS8W^«BW6H-' * SETS I AL DISPLAY abric. CLASSIFIED . '" Ads Mm m Ja Offlc^ Bfc» Sef<H* t»uWieaiio« t Hdrt wwuhf» afSwsa wrth fM Sfl Am .seeauM t* »tateff*« 1* 8 ,«0 ft W6fd* .10 fo 13 •4,ja 20 1 TO 25 VfuMO 1.: to 45 . 1. ^CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 1.0S 1.20 1.33 1.50 9 UO T.SO 1.80 2.10 2'40 2.70 3.00 fl 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 . 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 ... «0e per neh 60e per Inch Movlnfl' B.' Call VI< f >P - , ItiUCKlTT M .. ..... . 3 times, ......... 6 tlwet -bates quirted obov* ore tor MCUtlve Inseftlons. Irregular or skip- date ads will tdk* the one-day rat*. Afl dally classified ddvertlilng copy Will be acceded Urttll So. m. for publleation the follawlho day. the publisher* reserve the right to revlso or edit all advertisements offered for publication and to reject any objectionable odvertlslnfl tub- Initials of on* or irwr* l*tt*ri» aroups or figures such as house or telephone number* count os one word. 1 Trie Hope Star will not be respon- ilble for errors in Wont Ads unleSi eitors are colled to our attention ofter FIRST Insertion 'of ad and then fbf ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion. -PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 ,, < Hope Star J Kof-il "H«P» " . ,Coniolldot«d January It, iid« Into Inn "fluV«?ifa»«d PublWied dverV J weekdoy aftarnoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. ' C. E. tPofm«r, ,Pr«ild»n» Atax. H. ^Wanhbum, S«ey-Tn* at Ths'Star Bulletin* , 112-14 -South Walnut Stn«l ' '' Hop*, Arkaniai Atax. H.,Woihbum, Editor * PufcllihM Paul H. Joijef, Mtfnoglng Editor .' Oavl«, Adv«rtl«!n« Ceorg* W. Hoimer, Meeh. Supt. intend 01 Mcond elan matter at Mi. Pott OIHea at Hops, Arkaniai, •ndar th» Act ot March 3, U97. Mtmbn of th« Audit Bur«o» af j Circulation! j Kubierlptlon Rotes (poyabta In ad! * i, u ?: A vance): i > •* carrier In Hope and neighboring . , *own»-~Par *aek ., ............ „ > ir'. • .. ....' ..... '.... . 13.00 * fly mall In Hempstead, Nevada, LaTayen*, Howard, and. Miller eoun- tle*- ' . ._ L 0rt* month ..... TKnt 'monthi.... -llx- month! ,{ ................... ..; ........... .»».- 1,«0 2-«> '•' S«rvlcc» Bprlfli Work. Cobb Mattrcis Co. 818 86Uth Walhingtofl. Phone ALPH.lStontgOtnery Market, Custom Slaughtering. Phone 7-3381. IfM Mo. OR Watfef well service, any size or det>th, see or 'write O. T, Clark, Cale, Ark. 19'tf EPT 1C ; tanks jumped out. Go any where, any time. Phone Prospect 7-9989. Dec. 6-1 Mo. Wanted to Buy IGHT or ten brood sows, and males. Also some weaned pigs, Good quality and healthy. Will pay market price or better. B. H. Me Minn, Box 71, Fulton, Arkansas ll-3t Notice Tech Still Favored to Take Ate Tl«e §y Thfe Associated Pre&fe Basketball teams in the Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference swing into the second week of champion- Ship play tonight after closing out their first week with seven wins and five losses in non-conference games. Arkansas Tech's Wonder Boys, overwhelming favorites tc repeat as champions and given an out- cide chance of marching through the season undefeated,. fell twice. The Wonder Boys dropped an 88' 85 decision to Louisiana Tech artii saw themselves swamped 89-73 by a utar-studded Miller's Jewelers semipro team from Fort Smith. In their other game one that counts on the championship books the Wonder Boys had to scrap &11 the way for 76-73 victcry over Arkansas Colloec's Highlanders. The week's only other conference game saw Arkansas State Teachers nip Arkansas A&M 70-68. Both Teachers and AfrM won non-conference games last v/eek, nlso. The Tutors tripped Beebe unior College 416-69 and A&M qucezed past Delta State of Cleveand, Miss., 69-68. POSTED — everyone is ordered to keep off the Cofield brothers' farm., ll*8t FOR your Christmas Turkey, write Mrs. Vernie Coynes, Hope, Route • 2. Toms, 50c Ib. and Hens, 5J5C lb;' Dressed. 13-3t For Rent UNFURNISHED duplex for rent, 4 rpoms and' bath. Mrs. E. O. Wingfield, 115 N.,Pnie, 7-2424. 10-3t FURNISHED apartment, also large front bedroom with two clo- Sandefur ll-3t sets. Mrs. George Phone 7-2125. NICE suburban home, 4 bedrooms two baths, central heating, "hard wood fibers ' and two phones Large; lawn with • shade trees hedge and shrubbery. Good nei ghbors. Phone Mr. Baker at 7 4601. 11-3 THREE -room/ modern house • on ; acres. 3 miles to Hope. $27.50 pe month. Phone 7-5883. 13-3 , ITURE CO lmltrWest " . ope, -Ark. '\ t uum )uilder>i Supply Co. -" Be!7-2381 .JIM* ^ ^ > ' *' 4 " GtA88 " PARTS' OAt. month ./. . »Thr«»- month* • OM ^r^.l.»"."..;...."....^ ' 3- 00 'H«M •^irtliiiif il«pr«»«ntcitlvMi > Arkoniaii [Dallies, (ne.; 1602 Sterlck SljJg., Memphii 2, 'tenn.; 505 Texcw •anlc' Bldg., Dallcn 2, Toxos; 360 N. 'Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. 42d St., New York: 17,. N.. Y.;. 1763 , Detrolr '^,o T*rmlnal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, r k |?*nii*r of Th* Associated Press: The #^oclated Press is;entitled ex- 'elusfvely to the use for republ cation of all • the 'local news printed In this (newspaper, as well a* all AP new* dispatches. ' The Negro Community 1 By 'Helen Turiwr Phone 7-5830 Or brlna Item* to Mist Turner at Hicks Funeral Home Blevins Boys Make If 3 in a Row Blevins continued its winning Recruiting DrawsSWC Caution DALLAS Utl Copies of a 400- word statement that the Southwest Conference's very existence is endangered by a wave of illegal recruiting went out today to alumni groups of the seven member schools. It wss the alumni that the faculty committee, governing body of the conference, hit at mostly in a report on athletic subsidization at its v/inter meeting over the weekend. And, it was pointed out this is the hardest group to control, that While "evidence of such wrongdoing has occurred is to o strong to be doubted" the kind of evidence that will stand up in court could not be obtained . The committee fround that valuable gifts to prospective athletics payment of money end promise of employment to parents in an effort to influence athlete recruiting rnd efforts to evade the rule in the proper signing of athletes were threatening "'the good name" of the conference. The committee exacted a pledge from each member of the league that it would tighten rules to better control its alumni and other supporters of its athletic teams. The member schools Texas. Texas A&M, Rice, Arkansas, Baylor, Texas Christian and Southern Methodist are distributing the Blende td Wed Negro Track Ster LOS ANGELES UP) A Swedish blorsde lias announced his <;nga?o- rnenl to Mai .Whitfield. one of Iho nation's top track stars. Miss Birgit Johanson came to this country last year and nn\v works .as a bookkeeper in a T.os Angeles b.ank, told reporters last night that she and the Nepro' micl- ole distance runner nla n -to be inarried when he returns from a world tour in February. | Whitfield, 29, won his first Olympic crown in 1948. He was the 800- met.cr champion that year and again in ' 19i>2. "We ir.-tencied to keep it a secret until he returns, but Mai must have told someone in Europe," said Miss Johansson. "I nm surprised but o.uite happy. We have not set a date but will do so when he gets home." SPORTS ROUNDUP , iy QAYLK TAtaot~ "; NEW YORK UP) Months of troup- in<? around the country, making ° _ _ _ „ _1 1 .. ..!« rt if -0 con- I-.., *... v.~..~ ---- - . \jnCCQ lliai. *^i •• • ---- » , personal appearances and laying a _ cr v/i ]] never consent to a in at the banque ttable, have hois, -j™^ hb w j lh Archie M ' ed Rocky Marciano's weight up to 200 pounds, heaviest the has scaled since he, began pion his , caicer seven years ago. He notched only 187 for his totle defense a«ainst Ezzard Charles last Sep tember. There are koen obsprvers who Stare making talk. Insiders are "need that Al Weill, the champs •er consent to a Moore, the wily light heavyweight king. 'Earl Flora, of the Ohio Journal, insists, it happened. In hs column he tells of the CclumbUs lady who, wishing to be helpful, wrote to th e Philadelphia Phils, that there were a couple of higi school graduates in her city who Miss Johanson is the daughter: of Axel Johanson, a builder who where, we lives at Joghenborg, Sweden. She and \Vhitficld were seen together frequently during the 1922 Olympic "Games in Helsinki. The Swedish g~irl said she met the track man, who lives in Los Angeles, in Stockholm in 1949 when he was on tour with an American track team. Whitfield is now in Pakistan on a world "good will tour of lecturing end concucting track clinics under sponsorship of the 'Amateur Athletic Union. In Columbus, Ohio, Whitfield's former wife Mary Adams said she had-'obtained a .Uvorce from him that' was effective Jan. 10, 1953. Streak on the court Friday night when they defeated Mineral Sp rings twice. The Blevins Senior ioys easily won 84 to 41. and the Senior girls grabbed a • 58-52 vie tory. Bruce Smith led the scoring for the night, with 30 points followed by Eugene Spicer with 25 and Ar thur Willis with 10. Graves was high for Mineral Springs' with 1{ points In the girls game, Melba' Clark led Blevins with 27 points, followed by Betty Spicer wiht 18 and Martha Stephens with 11. Breedlov.e and Hill each scored 21 points.for the Mineral Springs, gir^s. This win gave the Senior boys a 3-0 record having defeated . the Hope and Guernsey boys earlier. Coach Russell Stephens announ-1 ced that the games Tuesday night between Blevins and Nashville had been postponed until a later date. Vednesday night, the Blevins Se- ior boys will .tangle .with Texar- ana at the .Nashville tournament if the Hornets are victorious, they will play the winner of the Hope- Hot Springs "tussle/in the Semi- inals Friday nJghti . _•:'. ;,.'.. statement to the alumni organizations; . , . ' It Was the first time in history for the Southwest Conference to openly acknowledge that recruting had' gotten. 'out of hand and to make an appeal to the public to discourage undue interference by the alumni. uredict that Rocky, a notable eater scno B prO spects. She sug- in any company, will shorten his looked like line P_ _i „ nf tenure considerably v.nlt:ss no fights twice a year and slicks to the long training sieges he has endured up to now. They don't thin* the Brocktor. Buster is faited lor any extended inaction. Whom he will fieht next, and where, we are not in position to make an enlightened guess. Rocky said in a recent interview he might defend on the West Coast next March, but he probably was just ?ested that the . ..— their scouts look them over. In-due lime she received this reply: •You may be sure we appreciate your recommending to us" the two plavers; However, we Inslii'ct our scouts not to si«n players who are under six feet tall." Flora suggests that, for a cup which has won only one pennant in (he past 39 years, this is being ^ pretty choosy OUT OF DOORS wlf* land Balers ifir^fjto , r»&»?p^ The Community -Club, met- Dec. 6, at the regular meeting place on E; 9 N. and Dewey St.. at 7:30 p. m. with the president Mrs. Snow A. Norwood presiding and the song leader Mrs. Menerva. Lindsey conducting.. the\ opening exercise Prayer was by Bro. Frank Fie nory. .Minutes of the last meeting were read and received. . ;There were 11 members and one ' ' ' SSSSSTam visi ^ or - Mrs. .Amanda ,L. Johnson ' * * .•??,«.! ™! Present. The lesson was taught bj Bro. Frid'ie Morris. - The next meeting- will '^be Decem her 20.place E. 9 N, and Dewej St. time 7:30. , : ,, . . Funeral Directors OiAJPCEBST FUNERAL HOME INSURANCE . , . AMBULANCE 2W> . AD-l Mo. TF 1 - HERNPON CORNELIUS f , BURIAL ASSOCIATION 1 i Largest and Oldest; to South '.Arkansas. Call 7-5503 lor our agents A23-1 Mo. Help Wonted §KILIjEP CRAFT training job open due to expansion Hope business. Permanent job. Requirements: Male in 20's, with military service behind him, high school graduate or better. Tell about yourself }n letter in own handwriting. Write: Oppprtunity X, P. 0, Box 98, Hope. Ark: 27-tf For Sale 'The" Hon. 'W. 'M, Williams, mos worshipful grand master free an ac'eepted mason's Prince Hall af filiate -will make a visit to Hop Saturday December 18, 1954. This visit is sponsored by fo! lowing Lodges: Keystone 43, Hon.e H. L. Washington, W. M. Ambro sia 224, Fulton;. W. H. McGill, W M. Prosperity; 301, Hope Rt. 4; Be Alford, W. M. The Grandmaster will ^deliver' an address, subject, "The hpur : of decision." We are ask ing all Prince Hall masons in and around Hope to attend. H, L. Wash- ngton, W. M. .; ! Rice Is Only Unbeaten Team inSWC By The Associated 'Pt*ess Southwest Conference basketball :eoms fan out ir. every direction .his,:'week ir. a jammed intersectionil: schedule with Hire, ihe last undMated team ir. the league, taking Ptfie spotlight in games against Half of Top 10 Cage Teams Are Defeated By JOE REICHLER By The Associated Press The betting today is that no college basketball team will go through the season with fewer than'two or three defaats. The campaign is less than two weeks old and already teams tapped for outstanding court seasons, have been dumped uncere- monlousiv from the unbeaten Browris toBreokOld Lions'Jinx By "EARL WRIGHT ,UP Sports Writer The Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns two of the most success- !ul teams in the National Football League history, : elose; the season against each other in' a '.nothing" game Sunday-.and'.opsn fire- in.ear- nest Dec. 26. when .the clash in the. .championship game for the third straight, year, . • • • Both > games will be played in Cleveland^ but that's the only advantage the Browns will have when they try to .crack one of sport's biggest jinxes. Detroit defeated Cleveland -in the last 'two championship games, .won its only previous 'regular season gome with the Browns and never has gotten worse than a tie in exhibitions between the two clubs. and Kansas. The league's intersectiona! record ' thus' far is quite poor-just six .'victories in 19 gamesa'nd the 13 rhor.e that .are on this week's car4 probably will complete the de- llation. .•'•..'.' , Hice plays Tulehe at New Oriean$ Monday night at the same timilSouthern Methodist ;is; winding up "a" ais'a'strbus ! mid-w^Stefn" "tolir agafhst Indiana 'at ,Blocmington. Texas A&M winless in three ttarts, .tackles Louisiana §tate at Baton Rouge. ,SMU took two lickings out of . Exactly, half of the top 10 teams iri the Associated Press.' preseason poll bit the dust for the first- time Saturday. . They were Duquesne No. 3, Iowa No 4), Holy Cross No. 5, Niagara No. 8 and Notre Dome No. 9. Indiana No 6) was beaten earlier in the week By At- McCLANE The perfect fishing rod, if such could exist, would in all probability be made in one piece. Unfortunately, this is not practical. Liability to damage in transit, high cost of breakage replacement and excessive length for easy stowage are a few good reasons •for the "popularity of jointed rods. It is natural that an unbroken shaft is stronger than 'one .that has been cut in half and then ro- ioined. Adjustments are sometimes made to strengthen the area of the -union. One English rod maker glues small strips ot bamboo to those portions of the rort intended to receive the joining sleeve, or ferrule, and at least one American rod maker increased the taper of the rod to produce ^^ a slight "swell" at the critical re- gjB -^C gion for the purpose of increasing the strength of the point. In the, course of developing fishing rods, many designs were created. Some of these were complicated by the-addition of another tapered extension, or dpwel, intended to further stabilize the joint. Fortunately, these are • .no longer in use. When held tightly seated, such devices are vp.ry secure. However the motions of three appearances last week. One was by St. Louis, 58-54, and the other by Purdue, 81-75. The Methodists managed to bea't Northwestern Louisiana. State 99-8G. .Rice whipped Louisiana Stqte 79-72! after polishing off ' Lamar Tech of ; the home area, fil-74. Texas Christian and.-Baylpr .also entered the loser's column during the week. -TCD fell before St. Louis 75-58 and Vanderbilt 71-50. Baylor, was walloped bv Tulsa, 6048, and by' the Phillips Oilers, 77- to re- pr trwk. complete oil ears APPLIANCES t Toasters « Mixers • Waffle Irons • Steam and Travel Irons, • Electric Blankets. • Everything in G-I3 Dprmeyer Mirror-matie OKLAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY COMPANY, SEE Mrs. G. J. Downing for fancy home made Christmas candy Phone 7-3163 208 Bonner, 7-6 HOUSE located South Her The S. T. Boyd consistory will meet in regular session- Thursday night Dec J5i 1954 in Washington, Ark., All members are urged to attend. Postponement of / their Oct. 3 game because o fthe World Series forces the Midwest powerhouses to play back-to-back contests although Ihey have clinched the respective division titles: Cleveland climaxed its finest Mrs, Hansie Draper of McCaskill died at her home Friday, December 10. Funeral services were held Sunday, December 11 at St. Paul. vey, Nice shade trees, lot 75 x BeeBee Chapter • Order of the Eastern Star No. 412 will meet 150.' One block school, Price Wednesday night, December 15, at $2750. MJght take used car or..? :30 < .Asking all members to be truck as first payment. Southwestern Realty Co. 7-4468. Phone Pr, 9-3t present and on time. Yerger-Band. Mother's club will . , meet Wednesday night, December JSWECTRIC train, track mounted 15. at the• regular meeting place at on plywood. Call 7-4363. H-3t' .- «* 1547 JEEP, 4 wheel drive, heater, good top. Phone 7-5858. ll-6t comeback Sunday by crushing the Pittsburgh Steelers 42-7 for its eighth Straight' victory and fifth ttraigh t eastern title. No other NFL club ever won more than four straight division crowns. Detroit, which clinched'the Western tutle and a ehance for a rec- crd third straigh t league chanv pionhip last week, played without star Quarterback Bobby Layne and bowed to the Chicago Bears, 23-24. All the clubs ercept Detroit 82-1) and Cleveland 9-2) ended their campaigns during the weekend While 'he Bears 8-4) clinched second place in the Western divi- rion, the Philadelphia Eagles 7-11) took unner-up honors in the East by beating the New York Giants, 2944. The Los Angeles The highest ' scoring team is Southern MDthodis.t whiqh . has averaged .83. points per {fame., although losing tw.ice, which Rice has averaged .81 in v/inninff three. >'••.- -, Tue.sday nigh't 'Baylor '. plays Oklahoma at Waco While Thursday night finds Arkansas battling Missouri at Columbus, 1 Me. Thursday night Texas Christian plays Oklahoma City University at Fort Worth. Friday-and Saturday'nights- Tex»s is in a tournament at Birmingham, Ala., Baylor plays Brigham young at Proyo, Utha, and Rice engages Kansas at Lawrence Kans. Friday night. Arkansas plays Mis- In addition llth-ranke'd Oklahoma A&M was knocked of as were 12lh-rated St. Louis, perennially powerful Western Kentucky, North Carolina, Fordbam Army Texas Christian and 'San Francisco. Duke, Perm State, .Wake Sorest and Kansas State also:have been beaten. 'La Salle and Kentucky one-two in last week's AP poll, still were among the unbeatens but not before, they were handed real, honest- to-goodness scares. The Explorer,:, behind from the opening whistle were forced into overtime before t'Uirig but 'a 76-75 'victory over Niagara. It took a desperation chot by Bob Maples with only six seconds left for La Sall e to register its fourth triumph. Kentucky had its toughest game since it last was beaten by St. John's ir. 1952, edging Xavier of Ohio 73-69' for its 27th straight. The Wildcats led by only 70- -39 with less than a minute remaining. Dayton and North Carolina casting soon unseat ferrules of a tapered profile, whereupon the rod falls apart. Screw threads were later added to prevent accidental 'loosening. The added weight and expense were deemed sufficient reason to search for something better. The sraight cylindrical "sleeve and plug" was devised, adopted and persists, in one form or another to this day. The reasons for the success of this design are simple. An accurate round tube is quite easy to manufacture. When properly fitted, the plug can be partially withdrawn from the sleeve with no possibility of harm to the rod. Sometimes, however, due to extreme changes in temperature or "old age," the ending agent or cement which holds "the ferrule to the rod will powder and the rod section will come loose. This is little more than a 15- cent repair job. Many Musiol Makes the All-Star Team .- ST LOUIS W) Stan (The Man) Muslnl veteran St Louis Cardinal cutfielder, was namsd .to tne Sporting News' annual major ^ league all-star team for the ^sev- 4 cnth straight year on a team dominated by National leaguers Musial has been named to the leam 10 times in his career, more than any other p\aycr since the selections began in 1925 The team, picked by the vote of 397 members of the Baseball Writ|J ers' Association and announced by the national baseball weekly -yesterday, follows: First base Ted Kluszewski, Cincinnati Redlegs Second base Bobby Avila, Cleveland Indians Third base Al Rosen. Cleveland •Qt Cf. York Outfield Willie Mays Duke Snider, Brooklyn Shortttop Al Dark,^ New Giants Giants, . Dodgers and Musical_ Catcher-Uo : gi Bera, Pitchers Johnny Antontelli, Giants and Roo- in Roberts Philadelphia PhiUies New York Yankees- Bob Lemon, Cleveland' State, ranked seventh and 10th ferrule cement are brands of available. respectively in the AP polli im-lMost are composed chiefly of proved their prospects with re-| rO sin, linseed oil, beeswax gutta- sounding victories. The Flyers ofjpercha, etc., and sold in lump or Ohio won their, fourth in a row | stick form, burying Bowling Green 109-39, ancli To use, the cement stick is held Basketball 7:30, bedroom suite, mapte youth'bed, living room divan and chais with nice slip covers. Px- .....__. .... ,„ cellent condition, bargain. Phone *,°°«Wg putter that can be bought Roseburg's Sharp Putter Qets Win MIAMI Fla., UP) An ordinary Rams 6-5-D defeated the day or 2860 night. 13-3t Piano For Sale piano, practically new Also upright, Priced, reasonably Phone^PRv 74WI. ** WiSTRUCTION IWteBf^flnd Industrial Building* ta wiflfiflMi* Con b* '^^P' foy $18 in any pro shop brought young Bob Rosburg a cheek of $2.000 today for his victory in the Miami open golf tournament. T never putted tetter in mv life," said the jubilant. 28-year-old Sn Franpisean yesterday after coming in vith a final round five- under-per 65 -that gave him a 72- hole total of 273 and a narrow one stroke victory over Bo Wininger of Oklahoma City, Okla, Pefend.ing champion Doug Ford of Honkers, N. B., wound up thirl with 375 wjule bracketed for fourth witji ?7 apiece were national cjh.a.rnjjipn. Ed FurgoJ, Pete ',p| Ts»n?pp, Fla., Ted Kro'l New Hertford N. Y. and Julius Green Bey Fakers, 35-27, and the Washington Redskins downed the Chicago Cardinals, 37-20. The San Francisco Forty-niners 7-4-1) finished with a 10-7 Saturday triumph over the Baltimore Colts 3-9) on Gordie Soltau's 10- yard field goal. Coach Paul Brown, a perfectionist who doesn't handle adjectives loosely, will not praise Brownies too highly u"l pss finally manage to eat Coach Bud- by revenging their worst defeat before 28,064 at Cleveland Sunday. The defensive unit, which limited the opposition to. an average of 7. 2 points per game during Cleveland's streak, set up or scored the four first-half touchdowns that softened the Steelers 5-7). Hallback Ken Konz intercepted a Jim Finks pass, middle Guard Mike McCormack recovered a fumgle and End Len Ford picked up Another l-obblc tc set up thvee scoring dashes by rookie Halfback Chet Hanulak. Konz scored the other first half TD when he raced 54 yards with a Finks pass. Zeke Bratkowsi threw two TP. passes to Jim Doole and F-d Brown threw one to Harlan Hill as the Bears beat the Lions before 38,240 at Chieago. Tom Dublii.sku, subbing for thn injured Layue, threw the Wolfpack notched their fifth straight with a 66-53 win over Eastern Kentucky. The biggest shock was George Washington's 71-64 annual Steel Bowl triumph over Duquesne, which .admittedly war haudicappej by the absence of Si Green, its spectacular scorer. Green, was out with an attack of appendicitis. Joe Holup led the Colonials wilh 26 points. Iowa's 97-94 loss to Min^ouri als? came as a surprise since the Hawkeyes are favored to capture the Big Ten title. I r. d i a n n, Big Ten defending champion, whipped Notre Dame momentarily in a flame which softens the mixture. It is then daubed on the rod end, reheated, and the ferrule (also warmed) pushed into place. On cooling, the cement hardens. (Distributed by NEA Service) By. The Associated Press Philadelphia 9(i, Syracuse 87 Fort Wayne 100, Boston 99 Minneapolis SO, New York 73 Milwaukee 86, Rochester 74 League team to win a divisio(" ; title five straight times. Cleveland" won the Eastern crown for the fifth time in as many .tries since entering the league in 1950. 73-70 Saturday to hand the Irish Friday night. Iheir first home defeat since Feb- _- Sports in Brief ., , 'By United Press Saturday KLAMATH PALLS Ore., (UP) Ralph Weiser, a 128-pound Klamath Indian, deid after being knocked out in the 10th round of a bout against Seattle's Teddy Ha!l P1NEHURST, N. C., Dec. 13 (UP) Sixteen golfers will tee oft today in the start of match play for the Southern seniors championship L. J. Perry of Chapel Hill, N. C., led all the qualifiers with a 72 yesterday ', niary 1952. Holy Cross, rated one of the best teams in the East, was rocked by St John's of Brooklyn, blowing a 35-33 halftirr.e lead to bow 93-73. Oklahoma's Aggies suffered their iirst loss at the hands of Illinois 59-53. UP Picks Brooks Third Pest Lineman NEW YORK, (UP) Gigantic Jack Ellena, whose bone-crackling tarkiing helped make USLA the MIAMI, Fla. (UP) —Helianthus scored a nose victory over Dead Duck in Ponce de Leon Handicap at Tropical Park. KANSAS CITY (UP) The Big Seven conference deferred action on Oklahoma A and M's bid for membership. GREENSBORO, N. C. (UPJ Thft Atlantic Coast Conference deferred action on the NCAA's con- rover&ial football TV plan until VTay. PILLOW'S GIFT SHOP • Personalized Christmas Cards • Open every Wednesday Night 7:30-9 P. M. 305 8, Laurel two TD passes to Judg Cirard and team of the year and Red Sanders his dy Parker's Lions for the championship. But Cleveland's drive to the eastern title was one of the best comebacks in league history. After the Browns suffered their worst NAFJ< defeat a 55-87 whipping at Pittsburgh Oct. 17 they reeor4 «?wl trailed the one to Jim Doran, all coming-in the final quarter. Adrian Burk threw scoring passes to Pete Pihos and Bob WrJstbn as the Eagles took second place from the Giants 7-5) before 27,449 fans at Philadelphia. Pan Towler scored three of the Rams' touchdowns against the Packers 4-8) before 3fi,839 fans at L,os Angeles. Elroy Hirsch, star end, played his test NFL Bines, N. C ^ eiyy J8 first place fey game?. With the short season a quarter cpmpleted, it loj*?d as rf f voyvn's repogn«ed. team would f|U to win at least a 4tvisJoji tint tim§ game and rased off the field in )iis shorts after s.ouvenir-happy fans ripped off hi? uniform. Al Porow three TD parses to Hugh Taylor end one to Charlie jugtice as the Redskins S-7) heat tne Cardinals 8-10) before J .107 Washington,. Washington, iSp told Ws rt&yers ". fcr coach of the year, 'picked up an accolade for himself today line- nan of the year in the annual United Press poll Eliena, a 323rpbund tackle who is deft despite his heft, received 09 votes in the balloting by 336 sports writers and broadcasters, just beating out Kurt Burris, the Oklahoma center, who had 66 votes Third place went tc Calvin Jones, Jowa guard with 32 votes Bud Prooks of Arkansas, aso a guard, •.vas, fourth with 22 and Max Boycl- ?ton, Oklahoma's fine end placed fifth with 14 votes Al' f» v e won win «t ipiit a i»vW«n We l?r the »j »«SS^*«£*tfi^vS*tb first time 4n its njiifi'ywr' hi?twy- vV Jtvwwwn vw nw i't»yy** *v -T>ha Rrnwne won foiir Aii-Amer.cia ''wiia ttw ganw"' w? w*y* spavssi at Little Rock and Satur night Texas, Christian entei Hpward Payne. Rick O'Neal the freshman center Texas Christian, Jejtfs the eon wits- up points Sunday MIAMI, Fla. (UP) Bob Rosburg of San Francisco won the $10,)00 Miami open golf tournament vith a seven undsivpar' 273 DORTMUND, Germany (UP) Sex Layne, 207-, Lewiston, Utah ought a 10-round draw with Heinz NTewhrus of Germany-. BOSTON (UP) Ed Sanders Navy heavyweight boxer from Los Angeles who was knocked out Jn the 11th round of a Saturday night fight with Willie James, died after vndergoing an operation to remove a blood clot from his brain. CLEVELAND, 0. (U P> .The Cleveland Browns defeated the Pittsburgh Stesievs, 42-7, and be the ftwt W^ttW^l FOR QUAWTY « M» Ml fill thoit YH«I Pre«ripti«ni DEPENDABILITY Mohdo-y, 13, ILONDII 0 P t S f A * t Me r 1, A 1 1 OZARKItl •t CW*k OUR WAV MIND WHICH WAV V6U WANT fl- By J. R. William* Musical Moments "Answer to Previous ACROSS 3 He sings "On 1 Violin's S^ff?" ' partnet ' f ralr ] e 4 S on the 4 Speed 5 Musical I IZ W 15 43 52 55 n 50 53 9 10 8 «_ Sticks" instrument 10.. wLht t 6Monthly 12 1 I, Nieht 7 Greek letter _ Love . 8 Plant of onion, [R 13 Encourage family - - • • - - • 14 Man (Latin) 9 sharpen 27Mb?k \yeading42 Gudrus's.-' 15 Legal matters j 0 Persian p 0 et serenades .husband 16 Musical n Majj 28 Lap .dog (dp.) 43 Walked, compositions 17 Aptitude 29 Hymn ending 44 Binding; ... ISLanded 19 Amphitheater 31 Morals ! '•'.-.-46 Ireland'-. . properties 23 Animal ' 33 Drift • 47.Nested; boxes 20 FeHd of! 24 French friendsSS Go to bed* '•-'. 48 Guide : • , ', 21 Before • 25 Moslem judge 40 Excavates , 50."That Old,—22 Competent 26 Large 41 Anoint. - of Mine" ; : 24 Land measure • ' • ';'.". • • '• '•••' 26 Kind of musical club 27 Watering place 30 Mode 32 Religious song 34 Think 35 Hit 36 Knight's title 37 Male deer 39Level 40 Insect 41 Literary fragments 42 Garret 45 Vine's part 49 Come to pass 51 Compass point 52 Horse's gait 53 Seed vessel 54 Age 55 Roman date 56 Unaspirated 57 Turf. •".DOWN 1 Drill 2 Individuals 51 13 r L OW rt9 WW/15 A SWAWK OMB w \m SURE m Ew^eugyUHB-RECSIVBROPP WIFE KEPT JlrlB HOOKi^O IF to DIP CW.L, OUR BOARDING HOUSE With CARNIVAL ,|* Tvmflfr 400 fi AND HER BUDDIES ; <B« ,WW*. V\*fiSfc I&&SII&I ;\wt TOVACt -Tftfl 1^£&£&| \S,»» W5NVOPN!, ^•fr-^-^-'a^l T\\Wfe'S 'tWfcj ^^ rS«L\v«r««:i2tLj BUGS BUNNY, FUNNY 1USINESS By HerihberflM "they had Herkimer doing body work all day and he didn't get a chance to take )iis nap!" .; SIDE GLANCES »> GalbroWi Copr. 1954 by KM 9»r*ltl, Ins. T. M, Hg. tf i. ft» 8ft "Go ahead, Qwirgel Ask him f»r my hand finfcp-whtn h says ye§, you can laugh and bint *9 him .afepwt a joe! DON'T 6ET S0f?fe, 1'U.USIVE VAA 5HOT AT ME ALLEY OOP AWRIGHT, WE'LL WAIT'LL/ ^ , x PAYLieHT,.BUT THEN YEZZIR.VOUR HIGHNESSXWE GO AFTERIM... . ,iE KNC7W IT'S TW1GEROUSA CANT WSKANV , \;-\0' HAVE BIS OOP' RUNNIN 1 OTHESf MOOVWN '•LOOSE, pur rr'D BE EVEN / SETTIN' OLTT FRO 1 PANGEROUSE* TO GO J^ UNPER MY THUMB^ OUT INTO.THAT PARK . TM «H 0 "Good night! He's wearing his sister's cantata c^WJ^if^, asking for a motor^cooterl" '^MJJ, SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Selxfr vvi IT'S PUSTEP WIPEOPEN/ PRISCILLA'S POP I'M WRITING •SANTA GLAUS Tp TELL. HIM WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS l i ^ \^ *^S w ! 'C-;W''£E '• , ( ^*&4''I;Jl ^ ".n>%M^ KTW"iyV|Atf!BHPS THI STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI wm* "»w"««.NM«MWrV. trout i Wl T WW MOV M MO Cm, * * * " rf 1 ? »'A

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