The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1940 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1940
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MATCCIT 7, IMO BLYTHEVILLE (A3K-) COURIER NEWS 'Grand Ladies' in Miniature Disease Resistant Types Developed To Fil American Soil WASHINGTON (UP)— Agrlcul- inre Department scientists have opened new ffslds of advcnlnre and exploration In the development of I new lypc plants, I Their discoveries have been worth billions ,,f dollars to American farmers. One or the mast recent of these points toward the development of u disease resistant tobacco through the crossing of American types with others. ' Not all plant scientists work over lest tunes and'microscopes in big office building*. The depart- menl sends men all over Ihe world in search of new kinds of plains. Others work in fields to adapt l>lnj|lji to American soil and climate. rim-can of Plant Industry scientists rcturmtl four years ago with native tobaccos collected in Mexico, Central and South America. Many of those were crossed with Amcricaii-t.vpc tobaccos and the result has been amazing even lo the scientists. Hut the scientists did not rush out with any sensational claim of a new lype immune to diseases. They are cautious men and lean backward lo keep from making any clnlm that hiis not been proved beyond the slightest doubt. Dr. E, E. Clayton, tobacco expert of the bureau, who has been In charge of the experiments said thai the "desirability, in fact the possibility at all, of using: interspecies crosses with a crop such us tobacco, where quality is so complicated and highly important, remains to be proved." "It Ls not intended lo suggest," he said, "thai inter-species crosses provide anything more at present than a promising line of approach to certain difficult problems in tobacco disease control." Four Diseases Paramount In crossing the commonly cultivated species of American 'lobac- co — nicotiana tobacmn — with n wide range of tobaccos from other countries, the scientists were seeking a tobacco that would resist four common diseases—blue mold Wildfire, root knot and black root rot, Tlie bureau scientists found Unit collections from Central America repeatedly showed resistance to 'root knot. Prom Colombia, Jn .South America, more t'han 30 lots showed resistance lo lrib~" sale. Some lots collected in Argentina proved to be tolerant to blue mold. .Some of those were cultivated species, ollici-5 grew wild. The four most common tobacco diseases cause millions of dollars damngc each year to the American crop. Crosses will) Die South and Central American varieties have Improved (he resistance of American tobaccos -to all except wildfire. Royal Mounted Handles 65,745 Cases in Year O-ITAWA (UP)—The Roynl Canadian Mounted Police bundled tiS.1-15 cases during the year, ac- cordliig to UK- nninin) report of Commissioner S. T. Wood. The force dealt with i3.:«C criminal cases and I5.l(i. r > fcdisra' cases not under the Criminal Code. The others were under provincial statutes Jn provinces where police work is carried on by the federal force. al spnng outfits for Ihe very young include a gray Manuel suit i, von, wuh a yellow sweater and a gray beret, and H navy blue monotone tweed reefer, right, with yellow pique collar and culls- SkU". and jacket of the suit are sold i-epnralely. The Raster .bonnet snow., with the coat, is navv blue with yellow coq feathers For the clilr. H-ycar-ohl: n navy blue bolero dress with a (jay plnld silk belt. The straw sailor 'is red with navy band and a diminutive navy veil. Burdette Miss Vai-ner. will lie in charge of the program for the next meeting. IV. M. S. Meets Mrs. Harbin al , : lllK , cl nf the Annie W. Armstrong program presented al the meetln» of the Woman's Missionary - ' ' 4-H Chili Sleets Eighty members of the Burdette 4-H Club met with Miss Inez Kincaid, home demonstration agent, R. W. Schroeder, assistant agrtcul- -ure agent, and the local leaders. U H. Autry and. Miw Mnrjnrit Varncr. •• . > >- ^ , •-riie-following program was' pV?-j Dell sented by Club . No. One: "Farm I noon. Poultry Raising." Lorctta Eubnnks; .Mrs. Allen Ilnrdin gave the devo "Practical Hog: Houses," Gerntd lional after the meet I,,,. , „, «,p pn Charim; "Advantages of Home! «l with a sony ji rs M «, E Growing," Doris Maxwell. j olfercd prnyciv Taking part on the The group was led in singing by Program were Mrs, c. A Smith Dorothy McKay alter which clui) j 1Irs ' All "i Hindin and Mrs. Lewis captains were appointed by Presi- ; ^ llc: r: ' n ''-"•••'•"•'••' •-"• dent Lacy Powell. They were us follows: Claude Duncan, pin; one Emma Moycf. poultry: Victor' Wll>on. cotton: Bon-is Miiswell. ;>nr- deniny and canning; Mri-]-or GU'n ricjc-rs. home Improvenienl; Oracc Crump, first year clothing: Lorctta EulMnks, second year clothing; Mrs - oil1 dianl.'isttl with rm ' ';lcven present hic'iniMi 'i v :o i; ew membefs mil! one visitor Tllt ' 1!r -SI meeting v.lll be >,l th ( . '^inc ol Mrs. Gordon (or a uiysl S( 'i vici: proj;riirn. to nuikc a valuable contribution to science ns to the results of bc- i ini; struck by ll,i(hti)ln(;. He wns busy chnrtliiR lishlnin B strikes when "n liall of nre ns hlg as a wsahttib 1 ' hit him on the head. He- was uncomcioux for cm hour but Ihe sclciiliriB records of the case shpw Hint Ihe only. Ill elfecU was a headache the morning after. Traffic fnlnlities in Ihe notion were ilowjj live |>er cent for the first nliu- inonths of (he year _ wilh tin.' worst months yet. lo eunie. ..IVOKK Ha/el Lutes, third year clothing. ('.iris in Ihe Number Two club, who arc now making dre.w;, i;,-.cli:r the direction of Miss Kinrnkl nnd Lightning Itcsearch Ton Close SAN JOSE, c:al. <ui'i—Bill Carey, lookout on Copernicus peak, for the Lick Obsfrvnlory. was If 106 Appnlnlme Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP Su-prtJsh ,ti:i>si$c, Van. Baths Airs ItiFlli Lnwlinn Wears Replicas 0( IV- onl's Costumes In l.alest Styles H.v MAttlAN VOUN'd KKA Srivlce Klall Oorrespoiuleiil NI-'W YOHK.--.ln Hi)- | B ,i-,,,|,. ,,r KasiiT fashions, •li-ni-niji-rs hike u Jin-k M-iit fur nobody. Km only | ln . clnlhi's for Miss l'-»'i i ii-io-i.'u,!]((.,,„ us smiirl us her ini)i!n-r'.s and older sister's--they iif'' I'l'plicus In minuluri-. 'Hi'' imjmlnr coat dress wllh but- l<m niarchlni! down the front Itom Ihrnat in Jinn leni.'tlieiis tin, Hues ol ilu- ii«ute of the chubby r,!- Vwu-nUl lust us It doi-i Ihr rnlhor "'!»'»!' own nf her slue 41) mother. Titi- lu)l-,siilrli>(| fluimcl Mill wild ciiiirmhiK on u hlnh school fresh- mini us (i J K „„ „ ( . () ||,; B ,, m ,| m ._ vi'iv yimni: fc'hh i-n- taking Id Ilic woul ralhw.ote. lined w llli print lo nmti-h Ihe pilnl dress over which II >•• wni-Ji, us entlmslusllciilly as Iru'ir I'hlc, iiuiliivc nmlhi'n,' nnd MMI-SKIICf Slll'l- IS VKIl\- 1'llACTIOAl, Kvi-:i huts for the young have Miiiis-iir-anolh)-r cali-uory. Thin iieivnnlul luvorite, the Hivtun wllh streamer ends. Is prominently displayed, of course, but diminutive sailors with liny veils look newer atop the Simdnv besl mil fit. Mower calots. minus veils, are shown with parly dresses, •rnibiius hi simple, 'youthful fabrics nuike other hat news for the young. A practical Investment for Ihe 12-M'ai-old's wardrobe Is 11 Iwo- f*ht suit. Jacket nnd flared skirl lire uf ItghtwclKhl navy mouolone liveoi .-iiKl the extra skirt is red. yrny mid blue plaid. The Jacket looks eiiunlly well wllh both skirls. Swc.ik'is ID wc , u - w m, olll , nre ns nice ivlth the other. Furthermore, the boxy jacket happens lo look well over .separate dresses. SMAIM.' OUTFITS Alti: KICl'T .StMl'I.l-'. Anollicr ensemble around which n romplctu wardrobe could be bulll inrlmlejs n ri(jure-tnol(ltii(; -iirlncess coat of gray wool, a yellow and white print dress, u skirl to match Ihe coat. Arcc.worlc.1 shonn with these outfits always nrc extremely simple, No chic child wears fancy shoes, elaborate jewelry or lets chiffon snuimvi (rail out of her pockcls. Her best hat may be finished with n little wisp of vellhit! but, uener- nlly speaking, her other hnls nrc trimmed with Biusgi;n|ii._ J -J] / b9ii,.or Ihe smallest, most Innoccnt-Tonklni clusters of field flowers. onnrii FN THR VIUNOEHY COURT CItlCKAHAWllA D 1 S T H I c T MISSIHHII'I'I COUNTV, AIUC- ' ANRAfi. Nora Crnftoii Hrllnnnltl, PliiliHlir vs. No, 7145 Mnn-Jn Dnimmltt, Dcirendiinl. The ilefendunt, Marvin iiniin- luilt Is warned lo appear w n|,t,, I ili'ty days In (hi; conn, named hi the oiptloij hereof nnd iinswrr the complaint of |), c |)l,il,,m r Nol .j Crafton Ihummiit () »al«'d Ibis MII,' day of i-vi,., llAllVKy MOhlllS. Clerk Hy Kllmbeth lllythe » c ('111 Uoed lAlty. f, )r ]>m.) Kd 11. Cook lAlty. /\,| |,||,, m , PAGE NINE ,vr '. l.l.K.IION IN' H(IHl)|;ri'r. si'K- CIA), KCIIOOi, l)).sr/([<;'/' SUS.SWSII-1'I COUNTY, A,,.' KAMSAS. NotlOT Is lleivby ulvon Hint U epi-clnl school rlecllo,, tvlll uc held In llnrdetli' .Special Kchwl IHslrlcl, Mlsslssljipl Coinny. Arkansus at which the qualified electors of suld aclioo] District .slml! vole on (lie iinesllon of a llull[||ii K lAmd tax 01 « mills, sulil llullillnj) |.',,ml lax lo be collected anniinlly on (lie assessed valimllon of nil Inxiible propi-Lty in Hie District, beglmihiK with lhi> Inxe.s collected In the vnr 1P-1I, for tlio purpose of peiy- tin' principal and Interest iif proposed rclniullng Ixmil Issue of S'!(i,(XK) which will inn fur I!l yi'ius, Mild di.v to continue until said bonds and Interest nrc paid. B«UI election shall ij ( > | w ui In said District on March 22, TOO, bc- Iween Ihe hours <if 2:00 P.M. and tiiM I'.M., and otlierwLse In Ihe mniiner pvovldcd by liuv for holding siR'clnl school elections, at the. following (wllliiK places, lo-wll:' liui'delte School Ulilldlnij. Witness my hand this 2-1 day ot Febrtuiry, 1010. Mrs. Tliomns u. Ivy County Examiner. NOTICE OF SCHOOL KI.KCTIOV I'lirsimnt lo Act Number 30 rf in:» enacted by the General As sembly of Iho State of Arkansas, sold net providing for the election ol school (llreclors lo be elected ut 11 special school election lo tx held In each school district of Ihe Slate of Arkansas on (he third Saturday In March of each year, the following polling places shall H APPY UOUR II GRO.& nuti DKUVUT W. MrJn SX, I-hotu- u Dr. J. A. Saliba Annonnrcs the removal of bis Hjfloe Irum the Inuriun ItnlldhiB (it. IM E.. Kendicky.,_ r . Kes. Phone .110; Office I'll. 41K WHAT BACK-ACHE MAY MEAN DRS. NIES & N.TES Read Ccurier News \\anl. ads. Be Quick To Treat Bronchitis Bronchitis, acute or chronic, Is an inflammatory condition of the mucous membranes lining the bronchial tubes. Even if other medicines have failed you may get relief now with Crcomulsion. Chronic bronchitis cau develop if your chest cold is not treated and you cannot afford to take a chance with any medicine less potent than Creomulsion which goes right to the scat of the trouble lo help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aW nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, Inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Creomulsion blends beechwood creosote by special process with other tim« tested medicines for coughs. It contains no narcotics. No matter now many medicines you have tried, tell your druggist to sell you a bottle of Crcamulslon with the understanding that you arc to like the way It quickly allays the. cough, permitting rest and sleep, or you are to have your money back Sec that the name Creomulsion is on the bottle and you will get the genuine product and the relief you want, (Adv.) SPECIAL! 1 /3 More for Ihe same money Johnson's K'ax and Glo-Coaf SHOUSK-HENRY HARDWARE CO. . Plume .15 Wert Optometrist "HR MAKES 'EM SEli" Orcr Joe Isaacs' Store Phone MO • Oar Service IS YOUR Assurance OF Driving! Safe motoring is (he aim of every driver, 'men, ivhy not assure yourself of this safely as far as your nutomohilc is con- cernrd. Drive in , and let our mechanics put your car In shape for any driving. The cost is reasonable and Ihe work guaranteed. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. & -Walnut I'hone 810 IIIyltKivlllo. Ark. Fri^idaire Refrigerator Fri^idaire Electric Range Come In . . . Sec these Big, Beautiful Bargains in a complete display of tlic Yc;ir'.s crowning Achievement in Kitchen Appliances. ..Now at Our Store! • Visic our sinrc ami see for yourself how America's No. 1 refrigerator tops them all (or new Jcsign, mw convenience features, ami HIIV low operating cost. Sec the new ftigiihirc Cold-Wall-it's revolutionary! Then inspect the beautiful new Frigidaire Electric Ranges. They're txtrafnt, extr.t um,i\lr,t thrifty, an<| liuii; for extra long life. We have Frigidairc refrigerator and rangcmodels for evciy need. Wide range of prices. Ask about our liberal payment plan. HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. ,1. W. ADAiMS, Mgr. he orx-n liPf«-ecii (he limirs of 2:00 P.M. nnd C:30 irM. on Saltmln.v, March 10, IDIO for the aforementioned rlocllon. HIM. Dlst Volinii No, NHDJO I'ldce I. Osceolii Court House '2. l-uxora Uixorii School .'). liasa School 4. Clc-nr Ijikc School r>. lll.vilio"ll| ( . city unit mui Old llardtuvay fnoi'o.w from I'resbyterian Church) Ainiorcl I'lTim I'olni tiiirsoii Manilu Nodemi Hiiyiuoti Whllloii Vinino Ho* Kldcc l)l>11 Wilson I. one Oal; Tumuli) 'IVmpoinry Mem, Bchool •m. •in. •18. •HI. fit), 6a. M. M. ltai-11's filor ,'urMHi School Kchool C'lll((i's Hlort! Rclionl .School Hdutol Ml Hchool Kchool .Hi-hool firliool Kelcer nank . Hcliool Kchool Schddl tjl'llOOl Miss. Co. I Huh Hcluml Hohool Hi-linol Bdiool •School Number ttlne liurdetlc I'Jtowtih •Shmly Clmt'<> l^nehvllle I'nWheen Illckinan Ih'own school llrlnkley Ixisl Ciinc Kchool Hlnck Water •. Hchool Hocky School Htlllninn Stllliniin ik-honl Dyess lllnh School Mrs. Thomas H, Ivy Comity Kxanilner, Brlnj; olil, scuffed lloors bnck lo !!<.»• lift- nnd )»wity wild P/TTS- DUROH WA'J'ERSPAR VAR. NiatJ. This durable finish liMiiih<;N smooUtly. Wcurti Ill^c Iron. Diitj in •( hours. WATEHSPAH VAHNISH HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. I'linne S'J "(Inallly, Variety anil Value" Colon kyNatutt • Pjinli i/ P/lhburjA 20G W. Main Phone 233 Sensational Radio Offer SPECIAL PURCHASE OF 59 PHI! CO FARM RADIOS at'.i at less ff than * HALF PRICE f. SIU.35 I'hilcrt This I'rict) fJood Only \\'!tilc Tlicse (50 Kiulios J-ast . . . Sn Come In Hiirly. PHllCO iVo vvrl [mitcrics Irt buy nnil rrrharse ... no wind cliurgcrs! Si'lf- lliii- Irrr Block glvtvt almost (lonlilc llir ciipacily at thr co&l. New rut riirmil dniin lo oiiothirrl, Slil ihu finest lone ;UK( perforinnnc^ nt (he and Your Old Sri Complete With Halterie s I';iy only one-half down nnd Hie balance ncxf fall. Small i-arryinjf charge. HUB FURNITUR

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