The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 22, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, MARCH 22, 1949 BLYTHEVTLLE <ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN conomist Sees mployment Rise Number of Worker* May Hit 60 Million Again During 1949 WASHINGTON, March 22. i/l'i—A |p ycvei iitnent economist said yc?- ii-uay that chances are good thai iiployineiu will reach 60.003,000 fcain this year, ('•There will be quite a recession if it doesn't,-" Ewan Clague told conference. e commissioner ol tlie Labor lepartincnt's Bureau of Labor lutistics said unemployment may I) to 3.500.000 in March. ![ was 3,1:0,000 in Fciruary but only 1.603,•K) in November. 1 Clague said an employment up- |ini i.s likely in May or June fac'.ui'in". construction, agn- hlture and oilier IIins liit their ex :1 .seasonal upturn. Emplo.vmen bached G1.600.0CO for an all-time leak in July last year. 1 As lor mices. Clague said: Whole I'.tes ser-med to have leveled ot Ifter llieir early winter decline; fo liis reason retail prices likely wi! Become stabilized too, althon", licy mialy. so down a bit more in lar.hcr rcllcciing the earlier whule- li!e declines. 1 There have been only •'insinniti- jant chnn;-c;>" during the p;ist thive liantli.s in j'verage carniniis of lorkers, he said. 1 Clayue ii'poriect that non-agii- lullural employment dropped about "G.CCO ti'oin January to February 'approximately 44,ODO,(KO. He said Ihis was partly due to seasonal fa.'- lors ICIague said that February em- livment was above any oilier Fcb- luary on record except February. 1946. when non-farm employment >as 300.000 higher. For Beach Fun rconom/c Tide Turns: Boom :nds with No Bust Expected -Shirley MacCalla likes paddling abuut h) this, iullalable plastic boat Weighing only two pounds, it lils inla a small spai-p uheri ri.ell:ileil and ,-an be bliAin up like a football tor bearh frolicking, lioth Shirley and ihc bunl were uu display in New Vork. but Shirley duesn'l go with it. ' Censoring of Truman Photographs Just an Idea of Safety' Back Home Birds have been present on earth • ince the Mcso?.oic era and now • emprise the most numerous class If higher animals. Sailors On Spree LA 1 |Eleveil United States sailors were arrested by pollceln Havana, Cuba, when tlie sailors went on a spree on Jfihore leave. Here one perches 0:1 (the head of .the Statue of Cuba's •National hero Jose Marti, while an•other tries to make the climb. They •were jailed and later released to Itheir sli iv |(AP Wirephoto). WASHINGTON, March 12. tifl — President Truman says It is safer lor him a^ home if he isn't photographed in bathing trunks. Mrs. Tr'.imar won't stand for It. And that, he says, is the real rea- .;on why White House aides insisted they snust .se:?.c a batch ol informal pictures made of tlie'Presi- dent ana fviencis last week when he was vacationing at KLcv West, Fla. Mr. Truman talked about it at the dinner last Snuirdf.y night of the White House News Photographer.-:' Association. It was not "censorship" he said with a grin, but "•> safety . measure so I could conic he me." The pictures—both news reels and Hills-were taten trom a Navy Photographers understood the project had been approved by proper authorities. They were astonished when Charles G. Ross Presidential press secretary, insisted on surrender ol the photos. At the time, White House aides , called it a security measure. But | they did net explain that it was security against Mrs. Trumar, s ^Mr Truman said that was it. Before he went to Key West, he said, "the boss" told him! ' ••Whatever you do, don't have any pictmes take in your batm»;< SU He said a picture like that was taken i" 1046 in Bermuda and Mis Truman has regarded it ever since as a "disgrace to the family." The President's story of the incident was told "off-the-recorrt," meaning not for publication. How- eve.- an account o! his remarks was published by the New York Dany News which said the publication was du-' to an "honest" mistake by Jerry Greene of its Washington stall. Today, ROSS declined to li!t the ••off-the-record" label from Hie Saturday night speech but saul further publication of the story was . a matter of "individual discretion. ' Wha t actually happened on the Ky S. Rurfon llraih NKA Staff Currrsuomlrnt NEW YOI1K. (NEAi—The ecouo- ilc tide lias turned. Inflation has un Its course. Unless the govern- leut Interferes radically, deflation s coming around the corner. Tlmt is the considered and almost iiuntniotis opinion of dozens ol conomists. business men, mcr- hants, Inbor spokesmen and other killed observers whose views—nud he reasons for them—NKA Service ins checked. Hut—anil tills I* very im|iur- latil— I'ntess tuo many soiiH'ltoilli'* set fotillslily hysterical— Tlu're Is nut (jolng to be any ili>. press I on; Tin-re is nut gohiK tu be muss' utiempluynK'nl; Tliere are nut going to IIP Uri-m! lines; Then- will not tif rvru n IIKI- j«ir recession. Ami— Prices are nol going back doivn :o the pre-war levels that used to ue "normal." Such prices are not loitnul ony more, ns a iiile, though individual items mit;iu sink to or below pre-war levels because of Improved mamifnctur- •horlrr working wttkt, nhut- dimnft for Inventory and rrpalr* mark «ur return to • mor* normal rmplgjmtnt rendition Ihun t!if »»rt p«cf ai which Induiiry h«i oprraird ilnrc war production Rot Into swinr.. Ta tKa( ex- Irnt II ll prrmanrnt. lint-emiiloymmt still is far above Kiiy(hliif) we dK-nmtd of before the hyper-octlvlly ol wartime. There Is no reason It should not continue it • very high level Willie there will be more unemployed, by technical definition than for Rome-years now, unemployment compensation will hel| to maintain purrhnshiK power nnil prevent a serious break. In general, the tlghtmlng up has come in "nHUKlnnl" Industries— those that have been kei , at artificial slreniilh by abnormal conditions—and In over-developed Industries, that could operate full tilt only pipelines to con sinners h»<l been emptied by thi war. The readjustment has been go tUB on for some time. The tern porary break last winter was on phase—nol the first, but I lie Ills techniques. increased muss I to atlrruit much attention. er than submit to what they re Sardcd as While House censorshi Newstccl men turned their Him ovei to (he White House. Most of it eventually was given buck to them. Tairen from .\n altiliule of 200 feet, the fjlm does not show eiearly the li n urrs sprawled on the J)re.sideiUif 1 beach. Little Rock Dairies Cut Milk Prices Three Cents LITTLE ROCK, March 22. r/I'i Milk prices in the greater Little Rock area have been reduced three cents on the quart. A spokesman [or dairies jn this area said yesterday price o[ pasteurized milk now is tg cents a quart. Homogenized milk now sells for 20 cents. , |ize m , The price reduction has been in deina"ri. effect about a week. 3. The current wnvr nf production, or -shifts in cons'iiun With one slnulc exception the experts canvassed In thib study aprcc that the day-by-day i news of price cuts, sales, .snr- ; pluses, layoffs, reduced working- lioiu.s. shuws a trend, and is nol merely another temporary bipnk sucll as fouled so many ot us about a year aso. The consensus, in summitry. :.s that: 1. Tlie cost ill living »lll run- Until' tu drop until II stalill/rs itself at -A level Imier thun tkir orcscnt but well above that <if But--prlcc reductions will be spoltv. botli on the way down and the new level ot which cadi price will settle after n time. 2. Snnu tliere wilt he nn Ini- mirlant shorUjli-*. other than housing, lo Irouble the average man or wcniun. Already there nrc over-sinmlles in inanv lln' 1 ^ nnd the number Is inrrpasiiifi. That IK the reason for the intense nrlce romnetitlmi —the bl<; ST» I(I S the harsaln offer —a new attitude on the part of sales people.. But—nimmfnetuiers. wholesnlc 1 - eis ntirl refallers all are watt-tihiH the sitiiFilion carcfullv. Thc\ knew siteli n break had to mine Most of them are taking stcos. to f pet ricT of surpluses and to stabilize m«mifacture at the level H has. progressed thus far with out general recoBiiitloii because It ha\ been highly selective. When almost nil ot Industry eels its pipelines filled nl once, mid ftiiri.i a MIIplus, iind the public CKH not or will not buy Its output, a depression, by whatever mime CRllcd. Is created. Uul this time industries ciiine a tlt« turn In the road, one by one. :«rh hnd time to adjust Itself bc- or« nnollier slowecl down. (This not literally tuny Industry by ndiistry, but It was In Kcncrnl nd It simplifies what economists call tlie "selectivity" o( the slowdown.) As R result^ pcr-sona thrown out ot work by the braking ot activity n one Industry have had oppor- unlty to set relocated before other Industries threw more men onto the labor market. There Is no ren.wn why this ,«- :ectlve process should not cou- :lnne, If It Is let alone, *conomisu feel. II the government should step In, and bolster np weak Industrie; by subslily or other nrlKU'lal method, it could slow or imiybe even stop the readjustment.' II could, perhaps, hold up the weak sisters (or .voinc time. nut the post-war level of tlvlty lins rested upon constt shortiiKC.s. family savings ns we) as high weekly Income, and upoi the slowness of sonic industries t Kft Into full production. It was iirltricliil. niul In the opinion of experts It can not endure permanently. v So If weaker pnrls of the Industrial system are propped up, by creation of even cheagicr money or nny other method. It Is fell that when the stronger parts come to Ilictr Inevitable slowdown I In\\o-Vrr ones will fall with them That would result, nnneer.i- surily. In cviT.vlhliiK breaking at once—the cause nt depression* — Instcud of u relatively painless selective ICIHljIlStUU'llt. A'Lachlan Clan Jubilant; Son Born to Woman Chief Ql,ASCJOW, Scotland, March 22. a 1 *—TIs n ereiU day for the clan U.'icl,,irli)nn. The MacLach .. of MucLachlan, list woman chief In the chin's 600- venr history, hns elvcn birth to a sun and heir. < (irurge. S. Rome. 88, married the iicLiichlan of Mac! aclilan In I'Vbriniry, 181B, and adopted her iminc so she could remain head ol the clan and so that any son of th» inanlsge could succeed to her UU*. The With of their Ilrit tfalld,- Kuan, wan announced yesttrd*?. A« the news spread It was a boy, tb«r». was jubilation everywhere. among cU: Good Record 8poll*4 WlLIiRAHAM, Mass. (UP)—D«is. lei J. OBrlen, 13, of Salem paid t $10 fine In court. hLs first vlolatUw In 3S years of driving. Head Courier New« Want Ada. Announcing THE OPENING OF OUR NEW Furniture Department For rriil liiii'Kiilns In l>i>fh now and used fur- nlluri', you'll waul to runic (<> Moore's. And you onn pay on cusy Icnns. So nexl lime you'r« luokini; for mil value in lurmture, be surt U slop ill Moore's oil ICusI Main. Moore's Furniture In ITOil. Puul Heverc was appointed president of the first Board oi Health In ISoston. 310 East Main Phon« 2660 mi urilcr from a tough |>ro«[iccl! BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE -NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 disciplinary action, pictures was this: Still photograph| ers destroyed their negatives rath- '•DoesTfeur Car Drink Oil? - w. LET IIS STOP IT WITH A NEW SET OF HERE'S WHAT WE DO • Insttfl Ntw Pit • laitiiU N.w iMriHft • hisroll Ntw Di • GrM And AJj«l AH Vrin. • OM* Aid AJfnt VMA rfcp • loktf AiW Part. IwlWW •itfrtfy $68.65 Co/vie in now AND GET OUR PISTON RING Special ompany THAT'S WHAT OWNERS S»T ABOUT THAT ROAD PROVEN NEW 1949 IflERtURY ENGINE! What (jives this low-to-lhe-road, new 19.' t 9 IfltiKURV such a jump on the others? Look under the hood! Thai exclusive new [MIHUilY power plant is terrific! Owners say ii's nol only the liveliest, Ihe smoothest—bul the thriftiest engine they've ever driven! And it is! Have us renew your tootwenr with our fine invlsllile Inilf sole*. The heiincttcnlly scaled sole Joint will kci|» out moisture, foreign nuillcr. There will ho no shank strain to distort the shoe und cnuse discomfort. No nnlls or stitches. The shoes me truly renewed for lonu siittsuictory wear here. H-fl LT€RS QUHLITY SHOC SHOP I2I W M R I N ST. RADIO REPAIR I anil 2-Day Service on Any Make or Model Reliable Workmanship Phone 2642 We Call For and Delivtr Fred Callihan • Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Siilea Servic* 10(i So. Isl. St. _ KIOTIPF T0 MY FRIENDS H l\\J I IV^C AND CUSTOMERS | Call Oil) <ir see me In liiKnnn Hullillnj Ground Floor Oily ttrut blorc, ZZ orT Main at United ln»»D FRANK D. UNDERWOOD m» mitcunv SIX-MSSINCE* COUFC niERtURV Y OU c«n lie snro your 1919 Mniriiry'g got the flnshinf pickup —anil everything cite you cxjiecl of a 19-19 carl For thin long, low, ro«cl-]iupging iMercury'i htrn ronH-provcn hy lliou- »an(f» of ownen for millions of rnilcal You can ile]iemi on ils powerful, thrifty, new 8-cylimler, V-iype engine I 111 new front coil springing! New, r«»itr fleering! Nciv "siiper-iafcly" brakes! New, bioailrr, softer seating! New ircreaied lil-round visibility! Se* it—anil you'll my: "It's Mercury fnr m«!" UNIFORM Headquarfers • Baseball • Softball Gol Our ('rices TAXI and TRUCK DRIVERS UNIFORMS All Colors - Cnbiirdine $12.95 • HUDSON Clcpner-Clofhier-Tailor Service -,-- That's Our Motto! We spare no ellort In providing nn EXTRA everyday prescription sci vice, which means extra convenience to von Feel free to call on us at nny. lime Prompt delivery service. Phone 501. . WOODS DRUG STORE STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Walnut and 1st Blytheville, Ark. FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANV EXCAVATION S. J.CX3HEN Contractor LYNCH BLD6. BLYTHEVILLE ARK • Phonz 3646 and2525

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