Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 11, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, December 11, 1954
Page 7
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"-" "IV"*?*.* 'fd-s.1 " - t;y v^^±f*£*£*a ,£*VV ' v %.?-,* H "\ ^t fr ^i,^^pj HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday, December 11, 1954 PHftnfe 74431 letvwseft i A. M. and 4 f. M. 11 will «ijihr, December Country Club at 8 IftviWtlofial dartee. .and Mrs. Fred . Grfifidisdn Roy- and Mrs. 'ffrank- Ma- will provide members 6f~ Poplar Stipreme Pofest Wood- rele, will meet Saturday ^December 11, at 10 o'- avlhe W. 0. W. 'Hall. All iiembers are urged to be becembep 12 festival, "The (Christmas |ft In Carol anct Song" will be led Sunday, December 12 Church Choir. solo. "Let's Keep Christmas" by Peter Marshall will be presented! by Mrs. C. V. Nunn, Sr. A Christ*' •mas story, "The Little Black Lamb" will be given by Mrs. Ross Moore. All members are urged to be present. The Friendship Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will have its monthly social and business meeting Monday night, December 13, at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Faye Reddirt. All members and associate m«>»nbers are urged to attend. Co-hostesses are Mrs. Lois Barr and Mrs. Ruth Hartsfield. December 13 Society of Chrisof the First Methodist meet Monday, Decem- ,a,t2 p. ,m. In the sanctuary bnUr^ch, Mrs. Ralph Routon BS the, devotibnal. 'Circle one p&ent the 'program, and fj Young, Jr., will sing a lENGER [ERRORSJiM- • w!l(, "BOMBA" il ihf" JUNGLE GARIAND ff.ua> AHIISII PMXWCIIQN PLUS jhapter 14 of Serial VNMUNT IN THE RIC>N JUNGLE" CARTOON BEAVER" The LLLi Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will have a potluck Christmas dinner at the home of Mrs. Homer Bcyerley. 808 East Division, Monday, December 13, at 7 p. m. Mrs. Hugh Jones will continue her teaching of Revelations. All members are urged to attend. They arc asked to bring their Bibles and a Lottie Moon offering. Spring Hill P. T. A. meets for a regular meeting on Monday night, December 13. All members art) urged to attend. The Spring Hill Chapter of Future Homemakers of America will entertain children of members while the meeting is In session. Tuesday December 14 The Cosmopolitan Club will meet fn the home of Mrs. S. A. Whitlow at 7 p. m. Tuesday, December 14, for the annual Christmas 'dinner.' . Sunday School Lesson §y Wfllatn E. Gllrdy, D. 0, . How do we picture the land out of which the Bible came; the little land of Palestine, situated between the great warring empires of the ancient world? Of . course, other parts of that ancient world enter into the picture: Israel in Egypt, with bondage and delivery, and the rich reality and symbolism of tho Promised Land; Syria with its record of invasion and destruction; Babylon, with the Exile and return and almost all the environment of what we now call "the near East," through the missionary journeys of Paul. The Whole ancient world in a sense is there, but it all centered in the Bible that came out of the little land of Palestine itself. How, then, do we picture it in our mind and thought? I venture to say that for most of us it is portrayed in terms of the Shepherd Psalm. Most artists portray it this way: The shepherd and the sheep, cside the still waters; the green nstures, and the golden fields thr- ugh which the Master walked and aught; the mountains and the hill- ide towns, like Nazareth; the clear rooks, and the suggish Jordan, 'or the most part, these are pic- ures of peace; the people color- ul peasants, In leisurely living, ble to throng in multitudes to lis* en to the Master ("the common eople heard Him gladly"), as if hey had nothing tp do. That portrayal is true; all of it s there.. But we are wont to for:et, or fail-to realize, how much, nd how much of a vary different ort, is there besides. The Bible has been called "God's Sunday & Monday at Saenger The Hope Iris Garden Club will meet Tuesday, December 14, at 1 p. m. at the home of Mrs. W. I. Stroud in Washington, for the annual Christmas luncheon. Associate hostesses are Mrs. J. M, May, Mrs. Owen Nix and Mrs. Dan Blake. There will be, an exchange of gifts. All memoers are asked to be present. Wednesday December 15 The Oglesby P. T. A. will observe Fathers' Night oh Wednesday, December 15, at 7:30 p. m. Sunday December 26;^ A cantata, "Carols of Christmas 1 will be presented by the. choir of the, Presbyterian Church at 5 -p, m. Sunday, December 26. f Paisley P. T. A. 1 '• 1 'iHas' Meeting .;'•'. '.. ' The regular monthly meeting o: the Paisley P. T. A. was held Wed negday afternoon, December 8. in SATURDAY & SUNDAY J^NPAY & ^MONDAY v.'TT ook for man's life." o6k, . its supreme It is God's reality, its ROBERT TAYLOR revives ELEANOR PARKER in this scene from MGM's "VALLEY OF THE KINGS," print by Technicolor; by EDMUNDS CLAUSSEN © 1954, W. Edmunds Claussen. Prior copyright. Standard PubMcationi, tnc._ THE. STORY: Rifles for the Union 'Army wer<e aboard the General He a th' as It prepared to ' go up the Colorado River with .its us- Coleman to Try Gentle Comedy By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD Wl Can a literate; comedy succeed i vision? Ronald Colman is gambh'n? DOROTHY DIX Hometnaking Plus ear of his time and talents it can. He and his lovely Dear Miss Dix: I have been a! friendship why try to,,., reader of your column for some,' the farce? Y ou realize by';' time and find it interesting and m-i ' . der to kcep the bo y s slructive. I have often wondered;"™ l . t avokT even difficulties existing in the! «f«nyo ' > another male. If it's of young couples today j° intention to "el him back just | aren't largely caused by the wife's £ angagonlze him again, which I ijf tne tole-| homes that wife ignorance of housekeeping. They neither like or enjoy housework. Formerly, a girl was well prepar- Benita Hume are Marring in a j ed for the ' job of bfeing a good wife 1 11 mori em* tne r»fi c T« r»ti f nmi* t*u ri iri ! . _ . i,' • •. . learning cooking, seWmg and other household duties. Today film.cd series bas2d on their radio show The Halls of Ivy. It will be on CBS-TV Tuesdays. Of course the Colmnns-- ari getting paid for their efCoits but the profit on the first run of a TV series is minor compared to what con be made if the films are good enough 1o be reshown The Halls of Ivy goes against the trend in TV comedy. Then re no hurled pics splashing soil- yer bottles or baggy pants. The colans behave like educated Colemans behave like educated get into humorou s situations Tho chow has to fight for its audience with three of the broadest of ual cargo of miners headed for the gold strike. Capt. Irving Crotch instinctively felt that In some way a sinister man named Radcliff Burke Is concerned about the cargo too, but in a different % way. message of faith and ,hope, and if a. • But as the book for man's life t also records, or portrays, that ife in r all its depths. It tells of in, of evil and cruelty, crime and degradation, war and massacre rustration and failure: all the per- onal and social tragedy with which he whole life of mankind has been marred and wrecked. How else could the Bible give ts message of faith, and hope, and ife to a sinful world? It would have ittle reality if it were a book of shallow optimism Ignoring what man and his world have been; and are. • . It stands firm in a world in which two wars have revealed the depth of the fiendishness of sin and the devilishness of which man is capable. :• The marvel, even from a human standpoint, is .that .so much .of goodness, saintliness, find righteousness persists and prevail in its portrayal, despite the environ: ment of evil, of wars arid slaughter, of personal wickedness; of social injustice and oppression, oi idolatry and persecution. Here and there'one gets a glimpse of the conditions under which that goodness prevailed, the many references of the good to their "enemies," the cry out .of the.dep ths to the God Whom they soughl with the intensity of fervor and de votion, the vision, and: yearnings for a world of peace. But the saints did prevail, to them came the revelations of the Bible from the divine standpoint: The supreme message that makes the Bible indeed "God's book foi a man's life," and for' man's life in a world like ours. n this baked-dry desert sc-ltlement. HG paused at the opening bc- Queenie walked directly to her shop after her rebuff • from Radcliff Burke. It had been the first time she had seen- Burko since those days in Kcntucky-since she had married someone else and gone away. That ordeal, the hus- jand she had endured until the .-itlcr end, was an experience she never recalled now. Perhaps 'she shouldn't be too hard on Burke. After all, she had him along his way of her p'wn free will and choice. All her ife she had abhorred secrecy, underhand ways, and when Burk-2 lad returned \yoimded from Bull you a screen. ft'.in rnd then enlisted in Dr. Bick- watch for you ey's unhealthy work, every fiber n her revolted. Everyone admitted the gallantry ard heroism of the troops of the South; on the ether hand, this Dr. Bickley of Louisiana had dreamed up an underhand manner of winning the war in which she took no pride. Copperheads Knights of the Golden Circle fantastic, organizations sworn tc murder Lincoln in his sleep. As soon as Eurke recovered from his wound • he had taken the Knight's oath in a barn with a live •sr ake hanging abova his head. The snake was their emblem enting tween two buildings and slipped a cigtr between his lips. He said, rarely abova a whisper, "Have you seen a snake, friend?" There was a note of discontent from the. dark alley. Then Shelby Calboon's words: "Don't give me that' !I don't believe in your v/ay of doing. 'But nevertheless we'll dc it the ws-.y .y.'e .are,'.' Burke said impatiently "With the gold'thats-com- ing out of La Paz we'll break tho blockade. We'll have EXirope bo- ginning to deliver their guns! There'll be a wagon. If we get what we're after, it'll be loaded. You 'must meet" it before Murphy sends his dragoons into action. Where shall we meet?*' Calhoon's answer came promptly, proving his own avid, faith in Ihe other's vision "Captain Jamison suggests a river bend about five miles above the fort. Willows stand near the bank and will give comics Milton Berle Martha Raye and Bob Hope. "But our sponsores «eem to feel that there are a number of viewers who would like less raucous entertainment" said Coleman during a brief rest between scenes. "They are the ones we are aiming at." The English-born actor as hand- tome as ever with greying hair admitted he had been contending to make the show even gentler Ihan it had been The show which concerns the 'academic, life of a collegp president and his actres wife first used canned laughter. These phony laughs on ' filmed shows have nettled many a viewer. Colman sympathizes with them "I didn't feel it was necessary but the advertising agency insisted en the laueh track" he sa:d, "Finally I got them to try it without the laughs and I feel the show was better that v/ay. 'I think you can get n better The Am o dor at dawn." (To Be Continued) will by all this part of education is neglect- Perhaps girls should spend less tlrrie working outsi3e"*he home and more time mastering domestic skills. I'm sure if they knew more about homemaking they would enjoy-it more. I think they miss a good doal of happiness by com-1 plaining and nagging, instead ofj settling down to creating a happy. Comfortable and homelike atmosphere. HAPPY HOUSEWIFE Answer: The vast majority of young couples get along very well; .he disputes of the minority are caused more by an immature approach to marriage than by poor housekeeping. I certainly agree that every wife should have a good grounding in household duties, but it's amazing how quickly they pick up this lore after marriage, even if they had no previous training. I know very young wives who can bake circles around their mothers. While it's very good if they learned cooking and sewing before marriage, delayed education in domestic science 1s by no mans a handicap. Nor is business training a drawback to a happy marriage. Usually it has the opposite effect. The business world teaches self-confidence, how to get along with people, efficiency and money management better than school or home. Advantage of Business Life It also provides a happy hunting ground for the young lady looking for a husband (or vica versa). suspect in the case, you aren't being a good sport. All either one of you has gotten from the mutual association is the satisfaction ot hurting each other. Not a very laudable aim. Things are better as they are — at least for^a while. Japan is the only country in the world where frog farming is a success, says the National Geographic Society. BE BEAIITIFUL for the Holidays Special — Through December COLD WAVES $15 Lanolin Oil - $12.50 $12.50 Cream Oil -$8.50 Give her, a permanent for Christmas Hazel's Beauty Shop Phone 7-2878 Hazel — Virginia — Auline scene if you don't have for the laughs. You can to bo play moro intimate. Otherwise it's like acting in a room with three walls You're always conscious of the audience looking in. You have t.o play, the scene much broader." .a repellent banner repri!- a revolting doctrine. She stepped through her shop's door, laid her back tirediy against the frame. Meeting Burke again had brought its shock, had opened the floodgates on memories of days when she had been 18, & passion hungrily demardinn; fulfillment. In this way Cal Dreyfus's words struck her, jarring the past. "Did vou fprget. about tonight?" She lifted- her hand, brushed unruly • hair away from her damp forehead.."! stepped over to Fran "Topeka Terror" • ALSO • ?£« -V* TAYLOR PARKIR Team fif "Above » LOUIS HAYWARD • DIANA LYNN t ZACHARYSCOTT "RUTHLESS MEN 1 ' FLIGHT TO MANILA GUAM (fP) —The first flight of 10- cn'gine B36 intercontinontnl bom- ';ers from. Guam to Manila will be sent to the Philippine capital tp take part in opening day activities of the Philippines' Aviation Week Dec. 12, Brig. Gen. Joseph D Caldera, 3rd Air Division commander . announced, here today Calders said three B36s will fly over Manila. Two others will land at Clerk.Field. The flight is one of a series of training missions to Ihe Philippines,. The smog which covered London in December, 1952 was blamed for 4,000 deaths. PIUS Chapter 6 of Serial "TRADER TQM OF CHINA SEAS" & Cartoon, "Or, Jekyll'* Hide" the school auditorium. The president, Mrs. Haskell Jones, presided over a short meeting, at which time the secretary's report was given and plans for the Christmas parade float were discussed, Pupils of Paisley school presented the program which consisted of Christmas carols and the pageant. Mrs. Paul Jones' second grade won the room count. t EXTRA * Added Attraction! FIGHT of the CiNTURY! . Jack Dempse; Yf, WiUaril 5(?en a Fight Uke This! Births Mr. and Mrs. Dale Dunn of Dal las, announce the arrival of a dau> ghter, Dana Kathryn, on December 9. Maternal grandparents, are Mr. and Mrs. Cline Franks of this city, Christmas CARDS Religious., 18-98c Art Prints,. 20-98c Value Box. 50 « 98c John S. Gibson Drug Co* Little's place." His arm fitted securely around her waist, he drew her into a rear room smaller than the front shop. In here a cast-iron stove was still •-.ending out intolerable waves of heat. Queenie had recently completed next morning's stock of baked goods and the smell of fresh bread lay in the room. A broken chair nnd a bed stood against the bare wall. It was a squalid quarter, a far cry from her father's clinched-log house in Kentucky. Phe could never enter without feeling a stab of remorse. Dreyfus was struck by her pallor. "What's the 'matter? You ck ? " "No. I'll be all right." Her lance lifted, brighter now, and a mile played caross her languid mouth. "Dreyfus, you're a good nan.' I'm I'm not,what you ex- ect." An impatient laugh escaped 'from is throat. "Ever a man take a oman knowin' What she really as inside? ' His words set her heart strumming. A woman could take Drey- us and be safe. There might not e any breathless ecstasy, but he rould never tire of her. She said uietly, "There's no preacher at ie landing." She asked still not thlnging di- ectly of Dreyfus, "Will you al- vays love me?" "Always." A sob came faintly from hei hroat. It brought a low murmvu roin him. "It's all right, Queonie Maybe I'm older'n you. But I made a pile in that strike upriver. Ten housand maybe 20000 more be ore it's pinched but. It's yours as soon as you marry me. Anc ve're going to stand before the preache~r. But I got to have an an wer." "Toniflht?" she repeated. "Tonight I'll be puttin' you aboard the steamboat. "AH right,' Dreyfus, ' she said ;oftly. "I'll go with you.' Burke had overcome the strong est desire to put Crotch out of the way in the GUa House. The wU> surgeon frqrn Louisiana, the doo tor named, Bick,ley, selected hi tpp. Knights with infinite caie. Th doctor wanted men without sent' m,ent, aiyi he HP* them. B,ut " they must posses ment. And Burks had that. Th moment simply was not ripe t leyeal his colors, "" passed town Front; - fte IraOlM K' ' VI 'Crotch was 'stalking over the walk in a nervous stride when excitement- gripped him. . •; The creaking sound .of a wagon; reached him first. He stopped,: standing "dead ; stiU; with his boot?' spread to the trail pitch, listening, and hearing .Only'the red-rolling river. It was said that 'once- a man sank beneath its whirlpools he never lif tec 3 ,, his head from the Vortex. I'i.i.l.^.,-./_• •.•.*:• . '- ••••• Again the fresh sound of movement came- to hirrv, the muted'-jun- 'gle of trace chains. It stung him into -action. -There was- no legitimate business that • rhould bring a wagon between these arrow-weed jvered hummocks. Radcliff -urke would be back of this. The ifles were beit top, powerful • for urke to resist. At this moment Gsos needed him s never before! He was racing ow, halfway to the General Heath 'hen the raw sound of thu fight cached him. The crew, ho re.- lized. would be having their hands ill turning roustabouts-away from leir rails. By a pair of bulkhead lanterns hich illuminated the deck, he msde out quite readily the score f men weaving back and forth. Others made dark outlines on the er.'k planks where they had fallen, mmediately Crotch discarded the dea of irate miners fighting for eck passage. The rig with its orses in the background, the cope of the .struggle, put the lie c these thoughts. Now, while Crotch watched, his 'hinese cook ran down a passage, igtail flying and oversized shirt hat was soiled from month-long /ear flapping against his thighs, na Boy; they called him, .Last night Crotch had surprised him oaking his bunioned feet in their oup kettle. And yet what His Ce- estial Highness was doing at this moment would go a long way to- vard allaying Crotch's displeasure. China Boy carried a poker which had been nurtured to cher- >y-red heat in his galley range. Vith'this hot end he was freely stroking a raider engaged with his Many Cities Contribute cms . By-WAYNE OLVER . ; NEW YOR K W While New York and Hollyv-ocd vie for the title of TV capital other cities along the- networks contribute riiore than 50 .regular .programs a wee"k "•'" •'•'• "• -.'.' " ? This is without counting the boxing telecasts on the network;' football and other sports and special events. ' Chicago, which has had a profound influence on television pro- graming with its "relaxed viewing" concepts,- has 37 network shows a week. A survey shows Philadelphia has eight network shows a week, Washington five and Baltimore and Cincinnati one each. This reflects an aim by the networks, still not too well carried out. to give their programs a national flavor and avoid a dominance of Broadway and Hollywood and Vine atmosphere. Those totals include full counts for daytime programs seen five days a week. Staying in the family kitchen learning to cook lacks many of these advantages. So don't be to] hard on the girl who is employed instead of staying home with mother, learning how to run a house. She'll probably do much better than mother after a few months in her own home. As it is the husband's responsibility to keep the home doing financially, so it is the wife's duty to see that it's run harmoniously and efficiently. Whether she does the necessary learning before or after she's married is relatively important. A good homemaker isn't bored with her job; a poor one is. •However, training alone doesn't make the difference Sometimes it's the very efficient housekeeper who makes the worst nagger. Young women, as a rule, look forward to marriage and do their utmost to be successful in their roles as wives and mothers. They are ringing a better understanding to ic job than their mothers and randmohers did, and I for one ake off-my hat to their charm, ef- ciency and ability. How Much Is Drug Worth? You may have been charged $5 or $10 for a small bottle of capsules. Perhaps you think it was an outrageous price to pay for the drug. Then It may be that you are unaware of certain Important facts. The medicine has proved to be marvelous In the treatment of pneumonia or other cUseases which less than ten years ago often were killers. The small bottle of capsules may prevent a serious surgical operation or confinement in a hospital for a long time or It may even save your life. The chances are that: it cost more than a million dollars to make the drug available.' Is $5 or $10 too high a price for a medicine that performs miracles. You have the answer. Ward & Son DRUGGIST 102 W. Second St. Phone 7-2292 Robert Cummings who was on TV for a aseason as Mr. Bearf- blossom in My Hero is filming a new program entitled simply the Bob Cummings Show. Starting on NBC Jan. 2, it will show Cum- mihgs in the role of a commercial photographer with a roving oye for beauty. Dear Miss Dix: I'm a divorced man of 45, -in- love with a girl of 1. We plan to "be married early ext year but the girl'wants me o sign over my home, car and in- urance now. Should I agree?" B.JJ. Answer: A girl rarely goes with man more than twice her age ithout an ulterior motive. This oung lady is unusually greedy. tang on to your home, car; and nsurance until you find someone more interested in you than in your ossessions. Pete Peeve • Department: TV crew. A ptenk had been thrown across he rail over which Crotch swept n his angry haste. He caught a swift glimpse of Goss and Melott, putting up he- •oic resistance on the forwrad cargo deck. Theiy Cocopah deckhands lad armed themselves with four- foot lengths of wood from the bunkers wielding these with the adroitness of men enjoying their fight. The roustabouts had likewise armed themselves with oaken clubs. One of. the Cocopahs stepped di- •ectly to his doo m from these clubs. A thick-necked, iron-slabbed miner came charging down with iis weapon extended; it took the deckhand in the open mouth, shattering his teeth like so much glass (ailing onto the deck. Crotch wheeled over this fallen Cocopah, greased the miner's club • ��� ' brought down He gave his Shoulders"* violent shift bringing the miner's WP 6 * 1 bodv closer. With his }e|t hand he chopped in a blow at the bearded face ?nd gloried in the fierce cry of pain. Blows were falling »g»lnst his arms and before it could be Cor another blow- and then as the pendulum swung, retreat gained momentum. His crew could fight like demons; ev- r-iy last man had been nurtured on battle. Crotch wa3 conscious only of tha '.ever-ending scrape of boots icross the deck, the thud of weapons and a reek of sweating bodies Occasionally a particular cry mad e itself plain above these sounds. He caught Gofs' warning n this way. But too late: He wa; .hrown backward by a po;nt-blank Mart from a cap-and-ball revolver He sent his lingers grasping aft er his gun even as he tripped against the inert body of a Coco pah. The fall sent him sprawling ;o one knee. There amid the car nage of his decks he looked ful into Belaire's face. The man was swingms his pisto into line for a second try. There was no chance for Crotch to lif his gun and fire before Belain finished his shot. He glimpsed Chi na Boy racing in, but too far away and he felt his moment of defea lance through him, sensed death .tark and reel beside him. Am then to his wonderment Belairj dropped his pistol. Slowly hi hands spread in front of his bell; Blood commenced to seep betweei the gripping fingers, running of onto the deck in sickening drops The planes of Belaire's face be came fantastipally frozen. For th one briefest instant before he pitch ed downward Crotch believed th but' now Croftb. straightened him. H9 the man neatest to Wn> Hat OB th? deck. from the bow of the bp*t Mel let put 3 who9p and came ttey meant tc talk. Warily the captain wheeled fjind Racjcliff Burke ptandin against the deck structure. A blue barrelled gun was srhoKlng in hi hand; there was » look of satislac tion cutting through the otherwis bland expression. Never, Crotc thought, ne.YW had he seen a ma mete out death m a more Dear Miss Dix: I have been riendly with a boy for seven mon- ns. We have many arguments iecause we are both jealous of ne another. For instance, one ni- ht last week he got mad just Re- alise I talked to another boy. Ntiw i e won't speak to me at all but I rould to get him back. JANET Answer: Why would you like to ;et him back? So you can be mis- Arable again? Sincfe neither of you las anything constructive to con- houls pay actors more money, so hey could afford haircuts. Some )f the boys have such shaggy manes that when they play opposite gals with short hairdos. You leed a scorecard to identify the players . . Who says radio isn't (ill provocative? The subject of Conversation on NBC tomorrow light is "Should New York City be abolished?" Comic Henry Mor^.an, dramatist Marc Copnelly ancl educator Charles Siepmar. will be lliftor. Fadime.n's guests on the discussion program. 'Thoughtful gift —' ber birihstone set in a stunning gold ring! We have handsome ident bracelets and sparkling costume jewelry to select from . . . STEWART'S JEWELRY STORE The Reliable Jewelers GRAND OPENING of UNIQUE CAFE 118 E. 3rd Under New Management MONDAY DEC. 13 rREE ft COFFEE Saturday, December 11, 49S4 ' HOPE STAftr HOP I, ARKANSAS It Gfctek ¥MM DAGWOOP-NOW CONfe CLEAN UP THE PUDDLE VOd BY THE PHONE YOU'D BETTER TELLTHEMTHAt YOURSELF; DEAR -fMev MIGHT NOT BELIEVE ME ANSWER THE PHONE NOW, 'CAUSE I'M IN THE TUB DAGWOOD, YOU'RE WANTED ON THE PHONE OUt OUR WAY •« MMMttl CW«tt*» Answer, to Pretfiou* , ELL PUT THIS, &ACliC5K» THER6.' 1-tJSOK.tf FROM TH' 006 IT'& FULL 6F UMf ; tH' FOR. NIGHT LLNCHES-? WELL, POM'T POT •EM ITS PLINT& POIN6 Condominium I CAM k EPFfeCTft, SUKFKl&SsfJ «JU5T CDGKEYBF' |\»"VJ UV SbUB *S ENOUGH TO W&BkJ/AN? 60? JUJt) tO KBFOKt TO ' ACROSS 1 The Anglo- figyptian is a condominium 6 The —Nile flows north ; through this ; country 111 Rugged. mountain crests i 13 Peruser 55 EJuder 56 V»«\ 57 M?micker» DOWN 1 Demon 2 Muse of astronomy 3 Mock 4 Pewter coin of Thailand 5 Educational • groitp (nb.) 21 Expunger 23 Tutelary 'piriis 24 Joined ' 26 Mountain, nymph" ' 38 Retreat 3d Trade 40. Step • 42 Grafted (her.) 44Tinters, 46Owirisf 49 Hasten . 50 Goddess of infatuation 52 Uncle Tom's friend 53 Knock 114 Highland cloth 6 Small tumor i 15 Pertaining to 7 Possessed the Andes' 8 Form a notion WASH TUBBl 28 Lamprey 30 Dine 34 Tweak 35 Natives of Rome, 36 Pronoun 16 Blackbird of 9 Pestered cuckoo family 10 Sea eagles 17 v Scottish alder 12 Fillip tree 13 Operated 19 Peer Gynt's 18 Unit of IT'S TOO A.B&URPI IF /"VOU LOOKED UK I'VE FOftSOrtEM Mjy-l HOP&...BUT THIN6 ITS BECMJ56 ' " " T14C AUfVtf HB l?&rU£l'A? T inc 7(iwwf^ \jt rtrvvncL/7/ A , r ,_—_-,,.- .,,.„.. ,._... POM , T >aint SUICIDE—-JS- *doa</-TW^!HW" LISTEN IF VOU THINK eHE!6 TO * u - : - HOPS il "^s-r-.'I. ri' i wits'? i IVN» UNI.! nur& BE, HERBAKiy , J COULP ANSWER 1 . M»0 TAKE '"'"""• * k ' A " A^ OF^HfeR BMJDM3B— mother i 20 Pheasant brood : 22 Hebrew letter j 23 Stringed instruments | 25 Go by aircraft i 27 Tilted : 29 Most of its people f- s,; .... WH7jycrrnfcK.'i',, c OUR BOARDING HOUSE W^^^//3%%m VM A PLUCk£D.TL)RK6^iA6Ti'. •^^^^^SL VEAR -L ewe trie VJIFB ' A >/ WHAT A BAD T|M£ ^? A PAIR o? DISCARDED Yi "*^_ii _.._. _..,, "r4f& ffOOI^£N)D5 I FOUWD IN-/*! Mohammedans ! 31 Silkworm. 132 Body of water i 33 Permit i 34 Plays host 37 Native of Serbia 40 Weapon !41 Pronoun i 43 Deceased ! 45 Diminutive of Timothy i 46 Low haunt ! 47 Weep j 48 Philippine palm. ; 51 Cylindrical '54 Set afire OsiE'6 PIN^ M£>MEY-*~— TZg) gooi^eMD5 I FOUND •6-I^AFF/-- -"-THO5E OVOLS H _- U p A TT/( - ~— fiue£' W6Re£0 LUCKVRWISHT V l*t HA>ieTO/TT fc^^V.COULD FALL IWTOEV FR(SK ^J nifM, lire T. 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