The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT DEBT GOES Hollywood's New May It Wave jAncient. "Garbage Hea'j>"~ ., i Tapped by Well Drillers Figure Stands At 17 In! 1,000 During Past Two J Years ; WASHINGTON (Ul 1 ;— The Asri- i culture Department reported irxlny i that. 17 out of every 1,000 funii i owners last Ihoir farms by fore- ! closure last year, tiie same number i as in 1938. • This WHS slightly smaller than j the 1925-29 average of yi pi-r i.uotj' and considerably Jess tlian the ' 183:! depression record of 54 per i 1,000. Most of the foreclosures still j arc by commercial banks and In- | suratice companies. j One out of every five fnrnis Dint 1 changed hands Husl year was class- i cd by the bureau of agricultural economics as a "forced s.i!c." The 1930-34 -average was. one out ol every Tour, compared with one out of every 28 In W10-14. Debt Major I'rolilem "In spile of the efforts of ]'«!- eral credit agencies to relieve the farm-mortgage situation there is still widespread evidence Hint liie mortgage debt is a major problem on the farm," the bureau said. Between 1530 and 1939 (lie total farm mortgage debt wns reduced from J9.6CO.OOO.DOO to $, a reduction of 25 per cent. This reduction, the bureau said, was almost entirely tire result of forced selling. Despite tins decrease in the total farm-mortgage debt, the bureau salt), (he smaller indebtedness still represented Ihe same percentage of the value ol nil farm lands mid buildings as at the start' of the decade. "In J910 the total fnrm-jnortgiige debt wns $3.200,000,000, or 9 percent of the total farm value of $35,000,000,000," the bureau announced, "At the farm-mortgage peak in 1923, the $10,800.000.000 debt represented 20 per cent of the lot?! value. Land Vjilucs Decrease "Last year the debt had been reduced Inrgcly through foreclosures lo $7,100,000,000. but because land values also declined, it stui represented 20 per cenl of the total value estimated nt $35,400,000,000." Jn 1033 when land property, values were at their depression Ion-.! the debt represented about 28 per | cent of the value of land and buildings. The bureau said the substantial decrease In distress transfers since 1933 is generally considered a factor strengthening the tone of the farm veal estate | market. • The fact that farm foreclosures I did not increase sharply during the ' 1937-38 recession was attributed to ' the larger holdings of mortgages by government lending agencies and extensive refinancing activities of Hie Fr.nn Credit Administration. In 1930 about 12 per cent of the total farm mortgage debt of the country wns held by federally sponsored agencies. Today almost •li) per cent of the total fnrm mortgage debt Is held by such agencies Most of this Increase hn since 1933. TAMPA, Pla. You'll have to let wood's lalf-sl style, slni-let Kay Crtil)', your ? It's I out 1 of bobs mow a lot, girls, if y(l u want to have ymir Imir ,lono in lloliv- 'hVarli'tt, O'llaiit" coilturo. displayed above In limit and rear views ijv llrsl to co for II. Designed by f'mi Fredericks, if features Ion- '..It .MioiiKiw-jcngth rtir!s. New York Cotton Pl CV. open high low close close Mar, 1098 1099 1090 1099 1001 IJfrlciicc us iin nUeiiclnnl at M-Vcra) ivi.'dilings us well ;i s u sitn'-y i)f jjrtce.s. Students intending Fresno SUric 1 College were not entirely In agreement with the survey, co-ctls who favor marrying "the right man" ••veil H he is making "only $27.50 i> week" disapproved of such an cxjictislve wedding. Girls who irmin- talu they would not, consider mar- riiiise unless tiie prosiiecllve hus- Iraiul is cnrnhiK irt lenst S200 :i month agreed with Miss Ccdcr- (liitst's survey. Men thought, such n wcddlni; would he "very nice," but some pledged bachelorhood if the cost ol u wedding Is SU15.25. A member uf the Fresno Stnli: footUiil! leiun said he favored n "nice, thrifty eloiiement." At The Hospitals ]!l.vlhevillr llosiiilal Joyce Bowling. Annorel, nd- initted. Iirne Holint-er. Manila, dismissal. \Vnlls llo;,iiital Mrs. Bertha Liiulsey, Pascohi. admitted. Bom 10 Mr. and Mrs, Sidi:ry Slack. Lu-cora. a daughter weiuli- ing Q'i pounds, who has been named Sidney Prances. Muuphis SI. Joseph's Hosplhil Harold Medlin, Cnrnthcrsvllle, I Admitted. 1 Memphis Ilsp'isl HoS[iit:il j Ann Sureetor, Wilson, admlttcrt. I Mrs. II. 11. liowden, Joiner, ati-| milled. Mrs. ,;. S. Haitrich. Wilson, admitted. Mrs. Hoy Fennel. Dyess, admitted. Alrnipliis nlctlinilisl l!os| Mrs. H. T. Wilder. Hisora. ad- inUlccl. Kead Ccurler News v.r.:;l aus is occurred £•.•*;.</& vv*:*. ' *:.>^i^v''-;V;;v May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jnn. It/79 1083 1078 1082 1077 1047 1048 1044 1047 1043 981 S85 982 985 B81 971 972 9Q9 «78 958 M8 S69 960 3G-I A nnvy blue .•iprlng coat, left, with fly front, tollarle-ss neckline and moderately full hfinliiie, Is'Dcromiiiff to nil sl/.r.s, from H i,> 44 irs ! shown with n white straw 1ml, corsafc of orchids and a sable scarf The other Cookmnn model, right, also is of navy blue wool with handsome detail on the bodice. •New Orleans Mar. May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan. open high low 1108 1112 1108 1089 1093 1088 105G 1058 1053 965 990 985 974 975 - 973 1112 1093 1058 990 975 9C9 IOBB; '984 ; Stock Prices A. T. & T Am. Tobacco Anacontin Copp?r Beth. Steel Chrysler . Cities service Gem. Elect. .'.'. Gen'l. Motors Int. Harvester Mont. Ward ... N. Y. Central North Am. Aviation iins Modern Stylo Clmrdi Wec'ldinij; Runs Around $675 United "ve«"°SHIl T ('o"^ioi ' ! "' n ' '' St "' " Wlssl(lcs - Illlt lllosi - ''? ' FRESNO. Cal. (UP)—Leap year i quimlily bv bein" lii"h-i>rice<? The I F.,,. or not. 11 costs $07.V25 for a mod- j bridegroom should -U 0 S'"o lor l" K '*"' cm church wedding, according u>! ,h, r ,^ gcmfM ami tiding dng, Kcnlueky the homo economics depaitrac-nt i Th. honeymoon takes anollir-r $75 »1 Fresno slate college. ! other csnenscs- ' A surveyor the actual cost of n| f .| othh .. T ,.„ , I ......... . . . ' Lioiluug. $nO: marrlago license, i . church wedding showed lhat .tin: 30 18 80 •1 3-8 33 3-4 54 ru-l till for the bridegroom is $400.- ^j and S2U8.50 for the bride. I . [ 'i'lio listed Include fv- ini . . •'10. lindudim; u,e fee for physical ns from the pastor's fee 10 iT(|iilrcd in California); p;i;s- fei\ SIC: srvrii boiiloiinicrc.s, . S1.15: mid bride's bouquet. $10. Miss CcdL-i(|Uisl said the estl- fiiito.s «ere based on her own ex- , a honeymoon in the mountains. No items were omitted. The survev | wns conducted as n class project I •msasr&^fvriaaffm f. ' - by Lorraine Ccderquist. < ^'miMsiiiiiJMiL IG 3-8 A prospective bride Mces these! 24 3-4 cx l )cl> scs for n church S trail* lu Bourbon ansjsgi&i&L__ ]>l<lnl :il,-l I,, CMTKP I.Ujrilli. Wl, t.inii- Hi.rk. r..n - i"-«\n mu. rtviauou ^4 3-4 .--M"-"^;) IML u LIIUK Packard ''.'.''. ^s.^-""' 11 ' 200 Btrests at the Dlltllirir- __ . I Pril-ln'r rli-ni-c &f\~ . Plilllips Radio Republic Steel Socony Vac Studebaker Std. of N. J Texas Corp. U. S. Sieel . 38 1-a' Bride's dress, S25: u-n. S 5-U SIR.5D; maid of honor botiqurt. S3: 21 l-i' livc bridesmaids' bouquets. $ il 3-S! 12 44 44 5-3 5S 3- llon-ers for the cliurch. SIS; Hovers. ; for the reception room. $JO: can- 1 dies for the candelabrum. 52; can- 1 dies for the tables. S'J; -JOo w«l- : (tins invitations. $14; 18 wedding j pictures, SW; gifts for Ihe ivaitrcxs- i cs and kitchen assistants. s;i. , ulrt | Ihr bride's trousseau, $lo Chicuf/o Wheat afSLSbBssb i ^Sa ! *H?S, „, . i lorgottcn their appetites and an Lmcaffo Corn !' tcm of "- 50 for f°«i at the ic- open high low dose- ccl ' tlon mtisl "ot he omitted, the j ears July 5C7-8 573-8 •'iiruy emphasized. 58 57 1-2 SI 528 , _ Dark Walls Suggested ; The use of a dark-colored paint on the walls behind bookcases tends to reduce the contrast between the color of the books and the back wall. H also harmonizes the appearance of rows of uneven books. The man does not have such a Try Onr of Our Delicious , PIS SANDWICHES Ole Hickory Inn Across From Htfb School Our now lenns on refrigerators for far tuns JUT oiio-lhird dinvn, one-third Ihis fall and inn-third the fol!o\viii!> fall. No monthly pay men I In worry with. Small carrying oltarrro. Monthly Terms If Desired irniturei is Illytlicvillc for 2-1 Years -When drlll- llicy hrotiglit. in a geyser of yas water, mud and rocks that shot 100 feel ijito the air. The plionomuiwii prompted drlll- THURSDAY, MARCH 7, J940 of Tamp.i geologist, ivDo .supplied the following explanation; 'Hie drill lapped "enrbage licnp," 1'MJS. u prehLstorlc - --.-,-. \\ntrL lolling -Aw.^i ^JI.I^JJLU im.^ .^UUL'U u \s tt ' vcgi'tatlon had been acciiinulnllni; I ollno service station to his tave; under ji limestone shelf for 10,0001 and other business enterprises. EAST OnANGE, N. J., March -Tony Oalento has added u A Greatest Hardware Sale in Wards 68-year history! Compare these low prices anywhere; save at Wards! MONTGOMERY WARD'S ANNUAL SPRING STEEL TAPE REDUCED Save i 6 ft. flia- ible steel rule. Automatic recoil. CARPET TACKS Reduced: Dined finish. ^'-]b. |;kg. Popular ienglhsl CUT-PRICE PADLOCK 5-disc tumbler cylinder. File liroof! Two keys. SASH CORD 50' IENG! H 24c Reduced 37% , Fincqualitywhite cotton haul. ~ \ PORCELAIN COVER I i« Specially priced. Fit on tnp of boi- ES. 3avc 30it \ Price cut 30%. Your choice rubber or friction BEDROOM FIXTURE Reiluced I «;.;Inch shade. Metal tolilcr. Kcylt! CEILING FIXTURE Retimed! 2-liglit style. A basket weave pallern. BATHROOM FIXTURE Seduced! Will not chip, peel or discolor. Savcl RECEPTACLE PLATE Rcduccil 37'"* lor Ihis sale- Modern brown bakclile. KITCHEN LIGHT 77c Reduced 29^ Porcelain holder 5-in.wIiiteshade ! ^fe 1 p^ i SWITCH BOX REDUCED Save now. 14-ga. Galvanized. Jie movable sides. IDERS'NEEDS! ASST'DEOLTS REDUCED 33c Your choice car- fMf.c 01 it<KC' Package o[ 50. '/, H.P. MOTOR i jm Hurry i ..'hiii pnco for 8 Jay* only. Split phnsc .vpc. POULTRY NETTING 78 C Rcrfuccd price. 2- inc^lmcsh.SO-loot roll. 36-in. high. SPADING PORK 84c Reduced! 4 strong 11-in. tines. 30- inch ash handle. ?'s*K / \ rds F* 5t Qijal'^ V/a fd * '" ,. f tfttl H» S yet T^v- '" '{ '*$»*%> ^«^t-i Va' 1<J . y J^ectb. in *. ie -B«\Vt t0t W "°' '^ >?/ - ;i&fe4 // ,GAROFN 'MM Reduced I Bow head and (eelfi forged from solid led bar. I -1 teeth, 5-ft. e.s\ hanrfjc. ! //GARDIN H0£ CUT-PRK£D / SnvclShanksljtc hoe with Clinch blade. 4 ft. ash handle sanded and waxed. Buy ) now. i REDUCED! LOCK SIT 48 C Hurry I Reduced tor S days. Bevel edge lock set. In dull brass or antique copper finish. 07" if Dramatic price cut for Ihis sa'e. W. P. V/iRE Prices slashed. 100 ft. fs 1.66 fQi-MOAINS! Strong drop-forged tempered tool steel. SCREW DRIVER Reduced I 6 inch steel Made. Tempered, hardened. /4 >w HAND SAW REDUCED 72c 26' x S pt. Special analysis saw Bfeel. Tempered, SMOOTH PLANE 77c Hurry! Reduced 38%forthis5ale. <jet yours today HACKSAW REDUCED Shock-proof, unbreakable pistol griphandle.Savel HAMMER HANDLE 7« Specially priced. Selected, polished white hickory. ' SCREEN PAINT I«)0 qt. Was25cL Use on both the wood frame and wire. V? FLAT WALL PAINT J.lf* Gallon Was i.SO. Fa mous Coverall oualitv. Save! i ORANGE SHELLAC Was 45c. 1007 C pure gum shellac. Dries ISmrns. 5-LB. BOX KALSOMINE 25c "Was 35cl Enough for walls of average /oom, Save! WARD 5 100% PURE TURPENTINE bw/fc fl 4 - qt. Was I2c\ For thinning pa tut clcaningbrushes & R ^rT tev • PAINT CLEANER Reg. 15cl Pow- Icr type cleaner — dissolves dirt. BENCH VISE REDUCED 62c 1 '( in. jaws. A handy vise for the home. MAll BOX 88c Reduced (Rugged galvanized stetJ. Standard size. NIGHT LATCH 44c Trice cut for this silel Fits door ;i (o 2M inch (hick. VARNISH BRUSH 27" Wis 35cl Bristles set in rubber — r.ftn'l fall out. ft?

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