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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, December 11, 1954
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1% *"• * • ' < „' - .^•^"(ff'SV-,. 'V,* .S'sVV' v >. .'5 g * - &.A ^ i '<& ' r MOM' S t A ft , H 0 f' * , A R RAN *£»*t*4*£; Friday, Beeinitjif 10, 1954 <fW- a-1 -, *' i'. • S,,**)? *,j K * * fe-n •*,*!•„ is*.^**^ « * <* ' »v(.>%dioi ,•'. . N< ' v *t - .- v - -- • .,' -'*" J- St<V •* ' '*' .:*•."•'• sg**.-v ,-•• - « ', '^y*,:l .'Jj • - • ,' t , \ ' Newt of th* CHURCHES FIRST MfctHODISt CHUhCH Wait 2nd at Pin* V. 0. Keeley, Paitof 9:45 a. m. Church School Mrs. B. C. Hyatt will teach the Jett B. Graves' Class. Mrs O. A. Graves will teach the Century Bible Class. 10:85 a. m. Morning Worship Anthem: "Nazareth" Choir (with Carolyn Lewallen at the piano) — - Loss" 'The Supreme Intermediate MYF Sermon: Minister 5:30 p m. — 8:30 p. m. Senior MYF 5:30 p. m. Wesley Club 7 p. m. Evening Worship Christmas Cantata: "The Melody Of Christmas" Monday 2 p. m. There will be a Union Service of all circles of the W. S C. S. at the church. (Immediately after No 2 will session). this union meeting, Circle have a short busniess Wesleyan Service FIRST PRESBYTERIAN 701 South Main Street Rev. L. T. Lawrence, D. D., Minister The Men's Bible Class wlfl mee* In the Fellowship Hall at 9:30 A.m. 'or doughnuts and coffee; the lesson at 10:00 will be taught by Has<ell Jones; Dr. J. W. Branch, pianist. 10:00 a. m. — Sunday School, James H. Miller. Superintendent. 10:55 a. m. Morning Worship Sermon subject: "The Word of God Shall Stand Forever." 5 p. m. Vesper Service Hymn Festival, "The Christmas Message in Carol and Song. 6 p. m. P. Y. F. supper. Jack Keck will have charge of the program. Monday Annual Christmas party for the Women of the Church Monday night at 6:30. A pot-luck supper will be served; Blessing boxes will be GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST 300 North Ferguson Street Eld. Elbert O'Steen, Pastor Sunday , . 9 a. m. Rock of Ages Broadcast over KXAR. 9:50 a. m. Sunday School. Paul Church Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship 6:30 p. m. B. T. S. Perry PurUa President. 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship Monday 2 p. m. Senior Ladies Auxiliary Tuesday 7:30 p. m. Young Men's Brotherhood. Thomas Smith, President, Girls Auxiliary, Carolyn Phillips, President. Wednesday 7 p. m. Teachers Meeting 7:30 p. m. Mid-week Service Thursday 7:30 p. m. Junior Ladles Auxiliary, Mrs. Lyle Allen, President. FIRST PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Fourth and Ferauson Street Rev. H. P. Hudspeth, Pastor 9:45 a. m. — Sunday School C. J. Rowe, Supt. 11 a. m. — Morning Worship Sermon by pastor. 6:30 p. m. Pentecostal Conquerors Adult choir practice 7:30 p. m. Wesleyan Service rece i ve( j a t this time, and officers Guild will meet in the Fideus for tne new year w m be installed, classroom at the church for their Christmas Party. Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Lillian Routon's S S. Class will have a Christmas party at the church. 7:30 p..m. at the church. Sunday Dec. 19 10:55 a. m. Christmas Message by minister. 7 p. m. Christmas Carols, led by the Intermediate Choir Sunday, Dec. 26 "Student Recognition Day" 10:55 a. m. At the morning service all College students will J?e our "Special guests" and they will have charge of the service. for the new year w m be installed. Choir practice Monday nightr~at 6:30; at this tme the "Candle Li ght" program will also be pract iced. . ..,,•: .„ . Tuesday Mrs. Joe Lively In charge. Junior Conquerors, Mrs. H. P. Hudspeth in charge. Evening Worship Bible Study and pra- Tuesday night at seven o'clock the men of the church will entertain the ladies at a banquet at the Barlow Hotel. ' , Wednesday No midweek service. young niarihbod... maybe my neighbor or maybe not a bad boy, just one without training. His parents don't nd actually boa'st of never attending. What a tragedy. to the'children of such homes...to put "Other Gods first" iis lad needs love, direction, guidance. He needs forgiveness, for only Vfts y$ forgive can we.be forgiven." Police officers; "Big Brothers" and op& church people help but it also requires being acquainted with God. yoii asked the cpurt to parole a boy to you instead of allowing him tp »jail? Maybe he needs just one more chance. The manifold mercies of Heaven are available, if a man, woman or child will turn purpose to Him, The church on the corner can help any boy, 4V," O r"'girl, or man, or woman. Won't you see for yourself? Wtj ». r ?*" -,P* €' ^ ••..-.-•' -~« r* *. ~. j i- , ^ ' .A. ^L —- ^s^s^^ — • j. .^sttw • ~jfli^ —^sW. ^.^•^^k Jftej You In The Church... The Church In You- Form 9 combination for good. Every man, woman and child .needs the influence of the CHURCH. Be a faithful worker. Attend every service. &.*""' CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Fifth and Pine St. Garland Johnson, Pastor Sunday 9:45 a. m. Sunday School, J. I Bullock, Supt. 11 a. m. Mornlrg Worship. Sermon: "The Lord your God, He it is that Fighteth for you." , 7:15 N. Y. P. S. 7:45 p. m. Evangelistic Serylc* Sermon: "Five characteristics of the Sanctified." Wednesday 2 p. m .Prayer and Fasting service. 7:30 p. m. Prayer meeting. UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH South Elm Street Pastor, Howard White 8:25-8:55 a. m. Unity Gospel Hour KXAR. Sunday School 10 a. m. — Ansley Gilbert, .Supt. Morning worship 11 a. n% 6:30 p. m. Service... 7:30 p. m. Monday 2 p. m. — Senior Ladies Auxiliary 7:00 p. m. Willing Workers Auxiliary . Wednesday 7 n, m. Teachers Meeting 7p.m. Girls Missionary Auxiliary. • . • 8 p. m. Prayer Service CHURCH OF CHRIST 5th and Grady Street F. L. Jennings,, Minister Sunday 9:45 Bible Study 10:37 Preaching 6:30 p. m. Bible Study, Classes for all ages. Tuesday CHURCH OF CHRIST Walnut Street Elton Hughes, Minister Sunday 9:45 a. m. Bible School 10:50 a. m. Preaching 11:30 a. m. Communion 6 p. m. Bible Study 7 p. m. Preaching Tuesday 9:30 a. m. Ladles Bible Study 7:15 p. m. Men's Bible Study Wednesday 7:15 p. m. — Teachers Meeting 7:30 p. m. Bible Study You are always welcome at th« Church of Christ. 7:30 p. m. Wednesday 7:30 p. m. yer meeting. Thursday 2 p. m. Ladies Pentecostal Auxiliary. The public Is Invited to attend all services at this church. CATHOLIC CHURCH 3rd and Walker Father A. G. Dunleavy, ..Pastor 8 a. m. Mass . . Baptist Training Evening Worship FIRST CHRISTIAN 210 North Main Edmund Pendleton, Minister 9:45 Bible School, Malcolm For- terfield, Supt. 10:50 a. m. Morning Worship "Joseph, God's Most Trusted Steward" 2:30-4:00 p. m. Communion service to shut-ins. 6:00-7:30 p. m. Christian Youth Fellowship. "Special Choir Practice" 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship "How To Keep Christmas in the Home." Thursday Choir Practice. Just as soon as the'Christmas parade is over. Friday Christian Education committee 7 p. m. chairman, Malcolm Porter- .field, R»x Easter, Raymond Robins, Ernest Hockett, Mrs. Bud White, Mrs. R. L. Ponder, Mrs. Al Park, Mrs. Ed Purcell, Mrs ,Ed Pendleton, Mrs Oliver Adams, Mrs Clino Franks, Mrs. Geo. Wright, Mrs. Dewey Camp, Mrs. E. W. Graham, Mrs Frank Rider, will'meet in the pastor's study. You are always invited to attend this church that is dedicated to a Christian Hope. In our Church we seek to make Christian Liberty and the Love of Christ prevail. We know that we are not the only Church in Hope with these high HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Rev. C. S. Walker, Pastor Rev. G. E. Hicks, Music-Youth Director. 9:45 a. m. — Sunday School, Bill Morton, Supt. 10:00 a. m. — Radio Bible Class, Broadcast over KXAR, Rov. C. S. Walker. Teacher. ' 11:00 a. m. — Moining Worsnlp sermon by the pastor. 6:30 p. m, — Senior C. A., Junior C. A., Primary C. A. 7:30 p. m. — Evangelistic Service, sermon by the pastor. Monday Women's Missionary 2:30.p. m. Council. Tuesday 7:30 p. m. Wednes°ay 7:30 p. m. Choir Rehearsal. Mid-Week Service. . . The public is cordially invited to attend all services. 9:30 a.m. Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Ladles Bible Study objectives. So find the church of Spa Man Killed in Auto Wreck HOT SPRINGS, Ark Lfl The 61-yesr-old plumbing inspector for the city of Hot Springs, Arthur Baker, was killed near here Jast night when his jeep and a car col- C.J lided. State Trooper Glen Minton said a pasrenger in the jeep, Mrs. Eva Eskew, 45, of Hot Springs, was injured critically, Minton said a- car driver, by John E. Darnell 17-year-cld son of Hot Springs municipal Judge Lloyd D'arnell, crashed into the rear of Baker's jeep a mile and a half southeast of here on Highway 273 The trooper said the jeep ^ plunged down an embankment and VP overturned. Baker was pined beneath the wreckage. Young Darnell and two companions, Bob Housley and Ronnie Allen, sufered minor injuries The practice of burying the heart 'separately from the body was used in ancient Egypt and has been ,your choice and attend Tegular, l^.^/fe^^ »•••'. 'This Series of Church Ads Is Being Published Through the Cooperation of the Local Ministerial Alliance and £;... Is Sponsored by the Undersigned Individuals and Business Institutions • linerriiller Grocery ''""" ~o(l fte na ""—" 1 "" L. C. Kennedy Grocery Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Kennedy *- S. Main Hope Transfer & Storage Co. Packing - Crating - Moving Gunter Retai I Lumber Co. W. Shanhouse Sons, Inc. Clothing Manufacturers Owen's Department Store Ben Owen Co. C. D. Lauterbach General Contractor Anthony Lumber Co. Lewisville Highway Ralph Montgomery Market *••'—- Friendly Shopping Center Southwestern Pork and ~ Co. Cities Service Station Grover Thompson vDeeprotprs Supply V^ ff *t ' * Rettig Nash Motors Nssn Sales & Service Crescent Drug Store Put Christ First — Lets Go to C Lets Put Christ First — Le Church Butane Gas Co.' Butane Gas and Appliances Hope Basket Company Phone 7-2345 Citizens National Bank Member FD1C Hope Federal Savings and Loan Association Real Estate JU>8ns to Buy-Build-Repal* pe^Sln Company Midwest Dairy Products e's Most Healthful Food Stephens Grocer Co, Wholesale Grocers Hope Theatres, Inc, pidon Coftaian, City Mgr, Hope Furniture Co, headquarters for Fine Feeders Supply Company Porter Garage & Glass Shop r ™ ' Your pu&a^Dealer Expert Auto Repair - Ql^ss Installed Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor _Alex. H. Washburn Crows Cah't Count, But That Doesn't Mean They Aren't Smart Paragraph Louis Graves in the Nashville .JjTews: "Two Rice Cagers Off Squad" — for sowing wild oats, one guesses. Star Arkansas Incttasittg Staidly -mostly 1 torllh seattetM stokers. hours ending at 8 a.in. High S§, Low 29. 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 50 S»or of Hope 1899, Press 192? Consolidated Jon. 18, 1929 HOPS, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11,1954 Member: the Asiodoted Press 8, Audit Bureau of Av. Net Paid Clrcl. 6 MM. Ending Sept. 30, 19S4 «» 3,3)1 PRICE 5cC< All About Crows Editor The Star: Some months j back I wrote a letter to a number of newspapers saying that I was compiling material about old crows, mentioning casually a beverage. To my surprise this caused quite a to-do. A few editors wrote suggesting that I was putting theltinued collaboration "with the Japan Pledges Cooperation WithfheWest By FORREST EDWARDS TOKYO — tfP) Japan's new government promised today that or.- •jfhaterial together for a commercial concern (which was, in fact, the case). But most saw the affair as a lot of fun. The result was thnl I received a wealth of information and anecdotes some of which seem- Young Chevrolet Co, Chevrolet Sales & Service Cox Bros. Foundry & Machine Company Everything in Machine Shop Work William M. Duckett s, of Scrap Iron & Bruner-lvory ? Hondl e Co; Mld^South Cotton & Supply First Franks St Son Wholesale Fruit an4 t , M ^wj^elj^ S" 8 *' Plynkrtf JflwH ^ e ^ r C* ' m f United States and other non-Communist nations will get first priority over expanding trade with Russia and Red China. Foreign Minister 'Mamoru Shi- gemitsu formally enunciated, the to me to be sufficiently* amusing! policy following prime Minister to be of interest to readers. [Ichiro Haloyama's first meeting Many newspaper readers got into I with his Cabinet, the act, some 30 of them sending Shigcmitsu, back in place of or offering me live crows. Hundreds wrote me about crows, their '®abits and sagacity with the result lhat I must 'concur with Thoreau's power again after being convicted as a World War 'II War criminal, snid Japan was willing to restore normal relations with Russia and estimate: "If men had wings and .China so long as such negotiations bore black feathers very few o£ do not "prejudice our basic co!- Navy Launches Largest Plane Carrier Father's Night Planned at Brookwood IF' them would be clever enough to be crows." Except in the matter of mathematics. Crows can't count loboration with the free nations." He added that the new government does not ,'necessarily expect to two. Two hunters enter a woods, I much from trade with Commu- one emerges while the other lies in nist nations at the present June- wait. The crow sentinel sounds the ture but. . .We shall welcome all clear and bang more fatal- opportunities of expanding the vol- ities as the result of arithmetical I "me which now is rather small," ineptitude. ® However, it also works the other way round. Two crows fly toward a woods to rob bird nests of eggs and / or fledglings. One flies over the woods cawing loudly. His partner sneaks into the woods. When all the mama and papa birds take off after the cawing crow the The crows at the next nests are robbed, reverse assignments wood lot. A farmer reported that after he planting his corn in instead of easily identifiable hills, the crows were puzzled at first. Then one of the wisest opened up a row until he could measure the distance between kernels of corn LUSldllUC Ul£b VYCdi rn-A 11^1.1 w^ ww.. *• j Thereafter, the farmer said the t10 "- Shigemitsu's statement appeared lo bear out predictions of Japanese editors, writers and politicians that the Haloyama government actually expects to accomplish little, if anything in promoting trader with the Reds before the promised dissolution of the Diet in January To get the leftwing votes neces sary to elect him Thursday, Hato- yama had to promise Japan's Socialist;; he would dissolve the Die! by the end of January and ca.U elections to be completed by March Hatoyama, a Conservative litrf his predecessor, Shigeru Yoshida allied himself with the Socialist;, to help force Yoshida's resigns- STILL SMILING — President Eisenhower displays his familiar smile Wednesday as he walks from White House to his 'press conference. The President refused to fire back at Sen. Joseph McCarthy's denunciation insisting he was not going to enter into a personal dispute with anyone. — NEA Telephoto By ELTON C. FAY NEWPORT NEWS, Va. I/P) The Navy today dramatized its bid for a major combat role in this jet- atomiq age in formally launching the giant aircraft carrier Forrestal biggest warship ever built. The still-unfinished Forrestal waited a christening ceremony at noon at which Mrs. James Forres- ol, widow of the first secretary of lefcnse. was scheduled lo break he traditional bottle of cham- agne against the carrier's tower- ng stem. ' Secretary of Defense Wilson,! ecretary of the Navy Charles! Thomas *ond Adm. Robert Carney,' chief of naval operations, were in- iled to make brief addresses. Workmen opened valves find began flooding water around the 1.036-foot ship long before the ceremony. Thus, by christening time, the Forrestal was afloat—a departure from the usual system whereby a ship slides down the; vays into the water after she is' • Brookwood school's annual Father's Night will be held at 7:30. December 14. Students will present. "Christmas in the Toy Shop." The part of the toymaker will be played by Phillip Gilliamj Johnny by Johnny Anthony; Susan, an American doll, ser; the Clown, by Juanita Mes- Billy Compton; U.S, Novyto Launch Its WASHING TON, UP) A tri vmohant U.S. Navv tomorrow wil crows paced off the correct distant to the next kernel. A Massachusetts ice fisherman said that crows robbed his hooks of their minnow bait when he left his fish- g holes unattended. One crow . ulled in the line until its mate could steal the shiner. Arid crows will slyly follow a hunting fox until it kills a rabbit, then dive bomb until the fox desprts his meal — which the crows then share. Crows regularly post sentries to warn-of danger. If a sentry deserts its post the elders of the flock immediately organize a punishment party which literally knocks the 'feathers off the offender as a «j\esson to him and other sentries. How little blue-eyed crows grow to be ruthless thieves no one explained. Blue-eyed crows? Yes sir! Several readers reported that all crows are born with big blue eyes that later turn to a malignant dark brown. I hope you have noticed that I have not even] once mentioned the -beverage named after an aged member of the crow family. STUART LITTLE <t) Dec. 7, 1954 500 Fifth Ave. New York 36, N. Y. The Socialists believe they can make serious inroads into Conser vative strength in the elections. But they ctid not ask nor get any posts .in Hatoyama's all-Conserva- ;ive Cabinet. Except for the mildly-worded mention of trade- with the^'Communists, the Cabinet policy statement largely echoed the policies of Yoshida's staunchly pro-American administration. Approves Road to Connect Parks LITTLE ROCK (/PlThe Arkansas Basketball By The Associated Pres Steel Bowl first round) George Washington 07; Pitt Go Duquesne 67; Fordham 45 Highway Commission has given its sanction to a proposal for a roa:l that would connect Petit Jean and WVlount Nebo State Parks. *?" The plan, suggested by a delegation from Conwpy and Yell Coun- Syracuse 33; Hardard 56 Colgate 93; Bucknessl 7G Dartmouth 79; Norwich 38 Washington St. Louisl 5S; Southern Methodist 54 Wyoming 76; Creighton 72 South Dakota Wesleyan 74; Kearney Neb) 66 Southwestern Kan) 82; Iowa Teachers 73 Culver-Stockton 64; Concordia St. Louis) 56 Hastings 38; Kansas Wesleyan 65 William Jewell Gfi; Ottawa Kan) 59 Chicago Univ. 58; George Williams 50 Langston 79; Norlhwestren Okla 71 Ncrth Dakota 74; Winnipeg Paulins 70 Quincy souri (56 Central Mo) 92; McKendroe ties, calls for extending Highway! ^ Westminster Mo) 71; Harris 154, which leads into Petit Jean, ieaclle 's 111) 67; Noithoast Mis GO west to connect with Highway 155, by which Mount Nebo may be reached. A portion o[ present' Highway 155, northeast of the proposed junction, would be abandoned as a s-tate road, to compensate for the added mileage. ,& By re solution the commission ^aid it considers the proposal "lo be in the best interests of the stale" and added it, would give "favorable consideration to the extension of Highway 154 if it can be accomplished without incurring an appreciable additional mileage to Ihe present state supported system." The proposed abandonment would have to be effected by thi Legislature. Either the Commis $>V:on or the General Assembly may add roads to the system, but only the Ittter may abandon them. * At. present Highways .154 and 155 £>re "dead end" routes. Washburn 93; Omaha f,7 Warrensburg Mo; 77; Pittsbtiri Kan) 62 Wake Forest 02; Maryland 5 )vertime) Duke 95; South Carolina 55 Davidson 70; The Citadel 51 'Loyola New Orleans) 60; Tro; late Ala) 45 Northeastern Okla 67; College o Ozarks 56 Arkansas State Teachers 70; A-.- tansas A&M 6(5 Utah 77; Arizona 44 UCLA 74; Santa Clara 39 Southern California 45; Orego: State <-3 Utah State 73; Washington Stat Seattle 71; Idaho State. 64 Montana 77; Gonza.Ka 53 Washington 64; Brigham Youn 44 College of Pacific 84; Californi 17 two overtimes) San Francisco 54; Los Angele Loyola 45 Nevada 70; Eastern Oregon San Diego State 73; Whittier 69 Compton 73; Southern Utah CO New Shopping Center Planned at Memphis WEST MEMPHIS. I/Pi Plai for a ?7,500,000 residential clevelor inent and shopping center wei disclosed, today following purchas of a. 169-acre tract by a West Men phis construction firm. A spokesman for tho firm, Cl ment & Norfleet said the develo; ment at Highways 70 and 61 w; embrace 541 houses and a two mi Jipn dollar shopping eerier. Coi struptipn is scheduled 1,0 sti>rt nej» - rcraft Carrier US.S. Forrestal Gretchen, Australian doll; Sandra Gaines; Diane, English doll, Linda Thrash; Hilda German doll. Charlotte McQueen; Mitzi, French doll, Margaret Laulerbach; Sven, Danish doll; Perry Smith; Joseph is played by Ford Ward and Mary by Mary Ann Sutton. The school's 20-girl choir will sing. • • formally namd. To carry out the "launching" The mighty man-of-war, 1,036 ?et long displacing 59,650 ill bo eased gently into Hamptcn oads, Va., with pomp befitting a nv capital ship specially designed ir the jet-atomic age. Defense Secretary Charles E Mlson and others will wish th lip well in speeches to an audi nre of congressmen, governmen 'ficials, military leaders, shipyard .ecutives and workers. The ..gj antic flattop will be sponsored' !Sy" Irs. James V. Forrestal, widow of tie first Defense Secretary whose imc it bears. •One of the most controversial lips in naval history. th<: Forrest- 1 is being bult for $20,141,000 less lat the $238,000,000 forecast when ie keel was laid or. July 14 1952, ie Navy said today. It is scheduled to be completed i the fall of 3955 and commission- d in the fl-;et with a complement ^ 3,826 men and about 90 planes ct atomic bombers and intercep- ors. Afloat, with its modern, high- oeed planes able to reach targcvs ,000 miles from its deck, the ves- el will represent an investment of bout $372,000.000. As the ship moves out of the raving dock, aided by 12 tugs, at ie Newport News Shipbuilding nd Drydock Co., it will be sailing traight into a new argument, over IB future need and role of air- raft carriers. Some experts suspect tho Forestal class is the end of the lina n ship size. Two sister ships, Sar-log.-i and Ranger, are building, a ourth is authorized, and a fifth is o be sought next year. Other experts cxpeet the first itomic-powered carrier to be larg- •r, maybe by 15.000 tons. ritual, workers and tractors were, "walk" the carrier a few feet in her dock at the end of the ceremony. Tomorrow, the Forrestal is scheduled to be towed to an outfitting pier. Only about three-quarters completed, the Forrestal is not expected to be ready for the sen for another year, The big ship she will displace 59,600 tons without fuel, ammunition, planes or stores and probably 76,000 tons fully loaded is designed to carry atomic bombers en far-ranging missions. Harmony to Lose It's Against Crosby Underway LOS ANGELES (/P) The trial of a $1,051,400 auto-injury dair.agc suit against EinK Ciosby has staited in rupcricr court and he says it's the irst time he's played a role of liti- rant. The crooner was present yesterday as selection of a jury began. In contrast which his usual casual sports clothes, he wore a conservative gray business suit. Judge Thomas J. Cunningham, r.fter preliminaries, excused prospective jurors until Monday and loclay will hear leyal arguments r.n punitive damages sought. Fireman Frank F. Verdupo, 33; his wife, Lucy, 29, and her brother Eulalio Pcrca 29 brought th-2 suit after a collision between Crosby's sports car and Vertiugo's sedan. The fireman nnd his pasrengers were injured in the collision 5::;0 a. m. on Get 11 last you- Vcrclugo alleges Crosby's faculties were impaired "by reason of being without a resonable amoujjt of sleep for an unreasonably ions period of time" asserts the crooner had been drinking, and charges he was driving "with utter disregard for the life E-nd safety of others" After the accident Crosby told police he h,ad just taker actress Mona Freeman home after they had attended a party at the home of producer William Goetz He denied accusations of negligence, sait the. accident was unavoidable and ed, that Vevdugo himself was WASHINGTON UHThe post of- ice department has ruled out Harmony — Harmony Ar., that ii Over the protest of residents of that small, northwest Arkansas community and of Sen. William Fulbright (D-Ark), the department :ias decided to close its fourth class post office. The move is part of tho department's campaign to close many small pest offices as an economy measure. It previously has shut down some 97 of these oifices in Arkansas. Harmony's plight figured in a Senate talk by Fulbright last spring in which he protested the- partmcnt'vs program. In a letter to the department Fulbright tcday expressed his disappointment and urged reconsideration. The department's regional office at St. Louis sai4 closing of the Harmony office would save about ?.1,&00 yearly. It said Harmony patrons would be served in the future by a rural route out of Clarksville. The department said it had received a petition signed by 147 persons protesting the closing. A recent post office department report showed that for the calendar year 1951 postal receipts at Harmony totaled $6"0 and that tho postmaster's salary for the fiscal year starling July 1, 1952, was $1,762.56 yearly. Polling Places for Cotton Vote Listed Hempstead County Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Committoe office this week announced the membership of community referendum committees who will be responsible for conducting the cotton marketing quota referendum throughout the county on December 14. All members of the referendum committees are cotton farmers eligible to vote in the referendum. Many of the referendum committeemen ftre also elected community committeemen. Arrangements for the establishment of polling places in all of Hempstead County's 12 cotton growing communities have been completed. Notices have been mailed to each farmer known to be eligible to vote, advising him of the who will be responsible for Many of the referendum committeemen are also elected community committeemen.' All persons who, as landlord, tenant, or sharecropper, had an interest in growing upland cotton in 1954 are eligible to-vote in the upland, referendum. • If v there '"is any "question"a'bout' : 'eligibility •farmers axe asked to check their county ASC office. The Community polling places and the referendum committeemen serving in, 'the December 14 balloting are as follows: Stephens School at E, H. Collins Store, G. W. Lafferty, Chairman, T. B. Bobo, Vice-Chairman, Roy Smith. Patmos at Rider Store, Berlin Jones, Chairman, R. D. Rider, Vice Chairman, A. N. Rider. Rocky Mound and Shover Springs at OtweU's Store, W. C. Abbott. Chairman Lloyd Sanders. Vice-Chairman, Howard Douthit. Hope at Education Room, Court louse. T. A. Cornelius. Chairman C. D. Hare Vice-Chairman, James C, Russell. Fulton at Odom Store, J. W. Seymour, Chairman, I. E. Odom, Vice- Chairman. Earl Latshaw. THEY WON'T ROLL—William Shadden, 8, of Ft. Scott, Kan., holds "Blockhead," his, hen which lays eggs wllh two flat Sides. The year-old hen laid perfectly foimed eggs for two months last ,. summer, then stalled laying flat-sided ones which are stacked \ . •• at right. Three Wonted for Robbery Caught EL PASO. Tex. ii/T) Three men wanted in'connection with the rob- tery of a Strong, Ark., store vvers arrested on a downtown El Paso street by FBI agents yesterday The three, G. Earnie Washburn. 21, Jerry H.iughdon, 24 and Beryl Dillard Jacobs 19 were taken'.into custody on charges of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution for armed robbery. ' The FBI said the trio admitted stealing a car in El Dorado, Ark., abandoning it in Dallas and traveling by bus to El Paso They did not say how long they had been in this border city. FBI agents said the gun used in the robbery of Jerry's Store in F.I Dorado Dec 4 was found in their possession. ,, >They ;i were -to, be..,a ; rcaiEi>ed ,bc- In his speech, Fulbi ight protested the hiring of additional postal in sprctor s"if the purpose is to con- toilclate post officer." "It makes no sense to employ additional inspectors if the uncii-r- aking is' to reduce the number cf post offices," he said. The senator said he was concerned about old, small eommuni- .ies "losing their idontitie;;" through being scrapped as post . weary from lack pi sleep wjcl "I'fices. 'From such communities we cbtain our soundest political judrj ment and finest citizens," he declared. Tired of Excuses for Bad Advise By JACK BELL. , . WASHINGTON UP> Sen. Gore D-Tenh) said today he is "liroci f.-f excusing" some of Presidenl Eisenhower's actions on grounds of "bad advice." Gore said this in endorsing a cal by Paul M. Butter, chairman-eleci of the Democratic National Com mittee, for "legitimate criticism' 1 of Eisenhower, but without "vilifl cation." Butler, a South Bend, Ind., lawyer picked in New Orlenns lasi week to succeed Stephen A. Mitch t'll as head of the Democratic com mittee, told his first Washington news conference ycsterdry: "I will never vilify the President, ..s Sen. McCarthy R-Wis) has this week, but all the roars of-Chairman HaJl and other Republicans will not determine me from calling fc tt? .„ >ey ^Wfii ;, ,. .fore the 'IT S. commissioner this morning Cross Koads and lilbert's/ Store, H. McNab at B. Gilbert, Chairman, W. M. Dillard, Vice- Chairman, Joe B. Fincher. Washington and Columbus at Washington Hardware, Moss Rowe. Chairman. B. C. Webb. Vice- Chairman, T. V. Messer Bairds Chapel at Bairds Chapel Church, and Samuels Store, atfJe- Ann R. B. Arnold, Chairman, A. R. Avery, Vice-Chairman, Jamas H. Burke. Blevins and Sweet Home, Ro'y Foster Store, and Sweet Homo Church, W. E. Loe, Chairman, Roy J. Foster, Vice-Chairman, Carl Brown. McCaskill and Belton at McCaskill School House Luther, Spiccr, Chairman, Bert Scott, Vice-Chairman, W, B. Porterfield. Ozan and Sardis at Wilbur Jones Store, Monroe Stuart, Chairman, Annie L. Christian, Vice- Chairman, W. T. Hill. Bingen at Wolffs Store, Earl Martindale, Chairman, Fed Epton, Vice-Chaiman, Glen Crowell. Allotments for Rice Assured LITTLE ROCK (Kt Acreage allotments and market quotas for rice will be put in effect next year a top U.S. Department of Agriculture official disclos:ed here. Walter C. Berger, associate administrator of tlu) Commodity Stabilization service said that acut- back of 20 t—o 30 per cent In the nation's 1955 rice acreage is contemplated Opposition Holds Up Data on FHA Probe WASHINGTON Wi — Democratic opposition threatened today to hold up a Senate Banking Committee report on alleged scandals in Federal Housing Administration operations. Sen. Snarkman (D-Ala) said in! j'n interview he was "greatly -disturbed" because tho report as now written "blnnkcts in entirely too much and does not give r.n accurate picture of what really happened" "I don't ,vant to see a condemnation of the whole building industry just because it contains a few bad actors," Sparkman said. The interim report on an eight- month investigation had be-on ticketed for public release Dec. 15. Sparkman said ho is '-hopeful 1 Sen Capohart (R-Indt, chairman cf tho Committee, would "not insist on filing tho report until the f,0lh so ;is in give an opportunity lowsrd working out majcr differences we have or. what the report should say" Cnpchnrt was not in Washington and could not be reached for com ment. He has just returned from an official '.rip to South America. Spnrkman refused to divulge the "major differences" or discuss the contents of the report But across in a position to know reported the document v/ould put the commilti:e on record a? cha>'- acterixing the • housing "scandal.;" as "the "biggest >n history." The alleged housing Irregularities which the White House first disclosed last April—involved n post Word War II apartment biuKl- ing program undor the Truman E.dministrati.in and a home improvement program which still is in operaiton. Power Firm May Reveal New Details WASHINGTON (UP) The Dixon-Yates power combine may reveal new details today about its attempts to borrow $100,000,000 lo linpncc much of its controversial plan for selling power to the Atomic Energy Commission Opponents of the Dbcon-Yates projecl demanded information on the borrowing plans at a hearing before the Securities & Exchange commission. But as yesterday's session ended, attorneys went into a huddle to determine how much infoimation could or shouldi' be made public. T.he,., comn\i<(sion's h.e^rjnjl,,is.«pn a proposal by Middle South Utilities, Inc., and the Southern Co.' to invest $'5,500,000 in stock in the Dixon-Yates venture. Plans for borrowing another $100,000,000 to get tho project started have not yet formally been presented to the SEC. The Dixon-Yates plan calls for construction of a $107,000,000 privately owned power plant at West Memphis, Ark., which would foed power into the government-owned Tennessee Valley Authority system. The Dixon-Yates power would free- for other uses an equal amount of TVA power now being consumed by the AEC at its Paduc.ah.Ky.. installation. Joseph Volpe Jr., attorney representing the state of Tennessee and three dozen othet municipal and public power groups opposing [he Dixon-Y&tes project, tried to : ind out about Dixon-Yates' plans for borrowing tho $100.000,000 yesterday. He hud atked Edgar H. Dixon, l ^resident of Middle South, whether the SEC already had given him an informal go-ahead to negotiate w:th 24 banks and two insurance com- l.nnies to raise the money. Win Freedo for Americans By TOM HOGE ' UNITED NATIONS, N. / Backed by an overwhelminf date from the U.N. ASSemol retary General Dag Hammal began efforts today to wlr dom for 11 American aini' by Red China as spies. ^ Hammsrskjold quickly;:, the mission after thfe' yesterday approved, 47-Si lution introduced by th State and Iti 15 Korean A-, demnint; Peiping for jaiUhgt fliers and demanding ' lease. The vole was takeh' days of bitter East-We^t The only opposing ba.llotB.jj by the five-nation Soviet ,b)| fought the item, every' am way\ Yugoslavia andvvjr* Asian states" abstained;, i because of. the clausfeA'ti. Peiping. V < 'A t^ Ihe' Assembly tf( " stood at 45-5 t Nbut /c Costa Rteji 'and^El'.Salvi got caught in, a cross^to^ jam and missed the ,bj persuaded Assembly P*«_ h . co N. Van Kief tens to'recdci as supporting the res.olut' Hammarskjold is knojVt elder tHe task entrusted^ as one of the greatest',,^ to face a secretary the U.Ni began vfot ago. He told.the assembl f do all in my power'^to^ interests of the orgariizat fcpokesman 'said' later^Hal jold x was, "taking 'tamed*-* to carry out'the ( in8ttda' '»TTni. -flirt Wn*fi(»r»f>'l^ J ! J l:' man said, "he il not ,«erve the pu lutioij to make'>ny& v ,jj nonncements ,'a.s to t v" ' are. He ,hopes^ to/, 1 , a porition to"-say 's,onje| ther.lor ptiblicattonl f fA(&9 ten Be iiis Medical • * • By H. D. QUIGG CLEVELAND, uel H. Sheppard will ,,,„,, medical expert' in tho/gpl^ ness of attempting to r " autopsy performed •„„ body was bungled itVwaJij tcday. , *• . T * '"•'* Defense Attorney Corrigan laid ,a Ie.„ .. irf lion early in' Dr. Shepp^lfi slaying ( triaV for 'question'! methods .and thorpughtiejf Lester Adelson, ihe pattypl deputy cproner who perfp autopsy, ' t "jgj During the throe ds-ysfDJ son was on ,the stand first witness, Corrigan. him to a heated sarcastic orosp ej?a Y Corrigan disclosed trial is resumed. Dr. Shcppard on the ; star defense witness, into the autopsy'} on Dixon's lawyer protested, grounds that the borrowing nothing to do with the common stock sale which is the matter be- J'oro the commission, He paid the l.oiiowmg would be presented later, and to publixue it n wowould be unfair to the negotiations. The commission agreed find added that informal discussions with its stuff are not to be introduced in formal proceedings, Demand Is on for Ike to t Run Again Camden Firm Low on Airbase Job LITTLE ROCK A Camden firm has, submitted the apparent low bid for consUuetior. of railroad nnd loading platforms for the Littie R,ock Air Force Base. The U. S, District Engineers, Officer here said T. F. Sholc.s, Icn, Camden, bjd of $99,31)903 was the apparent lovy of ejgljt bids submit- estate on th? job ted ."U^fA ' •' A *» ^"_'-,.f TS <SifflM*iiK!J**i&b'3 Department Store Sales Unchanged ST. LOUIS IffjDeparlmcnl store sales last week* in the Eighth Federal Reserve District were un- chonged from the corresponding week of 1953, despite gain:' m ths Memphis, Tenn., area and in tho smaller cities. The Federal Reserve Bank of By JACK BELU WASHINGTON I/PI Sen. Millikin (H-Colo) said today there already is an "iricsistable demand" among Republicans for President Eisenhower to oecome a candidate again ing, Asked if he w^!#! Dr. Sam as his tempt to prove autopsy table .. . "Why not? He's a-Idooto Dr. Sheppard is a ispj brain surgery, pe is pv; have the technical the background to „„,, thorily. He has' testified, the staff pf three put-p£ pitals in Ohio and one }i in \ania, to which he was^jga. intricate brain opepa,tioj attention to dUficult^cas^, HqpeBojb|1 in 1956. ence of who heads the Confer- All GOP Senators, St. Louis reported a decrease of pur cent in the St. Louis are and a drop of 5 ner cent in Louisville, yy. Little Rock, Ark., sales were unchanged from the same week cf 1953. Memphis showed e 10 per cent g&in while eight snitillei cities combined had a gam 041 pur cent. By 1965, the United Stales w|i; - counted in an interview eny major split in the party because of the attack by Sen McCarthy <R-\V^> on tho President— a view gener- rliy jhatcd by other Republicans onrt by s.omo Democrats, "I don't expect any split in the Repub'ican party and neither dp I expert any thiid party movement," Millikin raid "There %\* reedy is, an irresistible demand that the President be a candidate, for another term ei;d I don't thj he can be beaten JLt IJD runs,-" McCarthy accused haye 81 million 18 estimated, by vehicles, - Tuesday of a "shrinking chaw Jl weakness" ^galns* Red, Chjnj, -- J blasted at the P-residen| loj j graiulatin,g Cha.irm.8n YjfaVJtos ytah) pi the conjmjWpe wh,|gb ommendod " s4<J Texarkans's Jim Pf c 40 points last njsh|*tp Razorbacks to a 7$^** over the Hope Bjibea was tied aa-all aftw and 4CHP »t Hope's two. ,tead|} Spanky Mitchell with- 11 foujed, and

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