The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1940
Page 7
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THURSDAY, -MARCH 1, 1940 " •'— BIA'TIIEmUj; (ARK.) Success Story - - - Is a Horse AVortlr -Twice as Much as a Man ? ~*' ~" w i; '^KT frAGE SEVEN' SEABISCU1T 5 Years S437.T30 J87.5IO a Veur) &> „» . ms&& CHETA GAUflO BABE Rl'Tll ll'.i Vcars 21 Vears S4.i;tm.{ioo I'^fr Ml i Yi-arl (S47.C13, a Yearl This nice horse, owned by Clwles S. Howard, San Francisco motor innpuile, has broken all (rack records for lifetime earnings. The layout shows how his earnings compare wllli lifetime incomes of men in different fields,, fiea'niscult, has raced five years, made little as a 2-year-OId, He climaxed his eiirn- ingii by la'UHg 566,000 on Santa Anita Handled)). Kincr 1025 IMS liren featured movie actress, rnicrliiiniim millions of mtivie-yoers all ovr-i- the \vorlcl. | litre annual earnings have topped HOO.fiCO. Slarted oil ill $41)0 a week as an unheiirtl-of immigrant, Swedish :>clress. Others Lave made, more mtmcy in the movies, but not from salary atone. Her earnings are far greater ihun of most successful men; 1'lnyed professional baseball for 21 years, hanging up many all-time record's, and becoming something of an Idol of llic youth of, the founlry7~l ) layed wltlfliosiou" Hcd Sox, New York Yankees, and ilos- lon Braves. GIKO matte top salary of fSd.OOO a year with Yankees, and of course made many thousands beyond salary figures above. ; 5 , ~ , , ui FHAiNKUN t). KOOSEVKLl 21 Yc.irs SG95.000 ($33,000 a Year) In 21 years In public ofllco as New York slate senator if years) pssislant secretary ol the nt\vy (7 years) governor of New York Male (4 yesirs) uml President of Ihe United Stales O years) President noose veil's salaries hnve ranged from $2500 lo $75,000 n year. He hns a private loi'lime on the side whk-h isn't counted in these Officials Say (-n'ticism Due To Mis- Ark,. Mtir. 7. i county olllelnl.s stalemmls dcelurlnn HUM ••ntidsi,, O f thoii- bookkecpliiK mclho,i. s ni,,i O lher matin* by »r,vm> films of ||,« s i n(r midllor's rrsnllort from inlsiinder- s and thut (Here had been no iirhMi Ineijiilurmes. dispatch from Ulllo Hook 11, van as cilllcMiij; Sheriff Unit 1 . COM nly Treasurer Mode iy. niul County Kxuinlncr ,1 Ym-brmiKh In roimcctlon with the lulmi of ins audit, report of the county., allies wl(|) s[ll( c Irollev J. o. Ooff. "I'jillni in [.?(((,,, of |,, lw « '!«(• repml tjuolctl him ,, s SBymB hot SlierllT l.une hud fulled lo Keep a record of (lie fees collected ",v IKIII n.s miulrcd by law. "Yon will no! Dud „„ ,, mo |,,. mem i-riiim of shci'llf's fees," aims' repon lo God rend. "The law re- quires county officials (o keep n report of all fce.« turned and (hat ihey should icrord llicse fees in i\• Veil-bound look for the sherlfl's ofllce, . ; "This hits not liet-n done and we wnnl lo Wipednlly OB)| tills (o (lie utlentlon of ll». circuit ji:,) RO of Ihat illslrlri. we feel Hint under Seel on f>,m ,,f |> OP ,,I K Dl(jcsl (hls should be 1-en.tilretl (o ktep records thai lilm lo keep." Sheilff his section wiiilrcs - i-wtied the follow- MnltmipiK rcKiirding (he Kims report: "Uecords nl fees h,uv novel- been kept by uny CTiiluheatl co'iin- ty shoTlir. because (he khtrin works on u Mildly commission basis. Myself iiml deputies each keep our own records of (m ,- own tops •is It hti.s alwnys ln-eii done •]•),(, sow-re ol Income Is so unceilnln Iliere are court co.'ils tluil nro not oven iillowcd mid never pi\| ( l III the eastern district Ihe deputy sht.'ilfl collects (ho fees nntl receives nil of llir-m. The sheriff does not receive one penny f,- om u,,,, t | ls . Irlel. "Tlie sheriff Is the only officer b> Him comity tlmt p;iy b n 'n a! |,| s opcriuliiK expenses out of his poeket and K Ihe only counlv officer (Imt Is not on u snlmy.'" Merchants' Trade Idea Is Matched in Response CI.AIIKSTON. Wiisl). lUP) -nine merchants liorc remind lost fiifitomers (hey wrtnl Ihc return of iln'lr business by mulling llicm n klfink slnleniDiil bcnrlljg (lie linn's mnnc, M, W. While. lot'Hl rcsUienl, ijot one of llio blank stalemeiHs rc- ft'iitly. tiutend of resiiontlliiB wllh !il.v Undo. Whlto wilt the concern i blank check. MUsouri Claims Title Of Blue Grass State Annually. 3U,000.0(IU i|iuir|s of D»ke<| benlis me ealeu In iJo.Mon, K1NOH CITY, MO. i Ui>i-Ken- lucky colonels may drink deep and wax vehement, over (he beguiles!of their Wu« grass, but lotiiy MU-' >\ wurl claims to be.the "Blfe br»s4 H State" of the Union. ,,,)•'' By government record (ho blue grass arci near hero produces 1 more blue grass limn Tha eiitije' fi"1.1 °' Kcntlrel! y- : BWpplng bf the blue ai'ass seeds starts early In the summer und much of ihe seed will te sold In Kentucky, sellers Wlicn Ihc buying season reaches the peak markets are established ''! Here wlilch furnish work for more'" than 20.) men W 1 10 lv m nand[e «,\y hi Moi'occo. the cultivation and se of tobacco h forbidden by Ituv. ' Parked' in Mid-ai air Use In 1939 40 Years Keeping WASHINGTON ll)P) American.'; last year set an all-liriic record for consumption of dairy products.- . ; Total consumption of all dairy j products was the largest for any I of Die 40 years for which records j have been kept, the Agriculture Department bureau of agricultural economics reports. The consumption per person of butter, cheese, concentrated milks and ice cream—but not fluid milk and cream—was the - highest for ! the 10 years for which Hie denart- mcnl has been keeping per capita records. 5 rer Cunt Above 1938 Americans last year consumed HO.OflO.OtO.OOO pounds of fluid milk or the equivalent in manufactured products using milk, such as butler, cheese and lee cream. That was.5 per cent higher than in 1938 } and 17 per cent larger than Ihc 1924-1020 average. The per capita consumption in 1939 was 842 pounds, The average has continued lo increase during the past 30 years. The increase has been most rapid in manufactured dairy products— butter, cheese, renclemed and evaporated ' milk, ice cream, mailed milk nntl dried milk. Lnst year it wa.s 19 per cent above Ihe 1924- IDiO average, CD a milk-equivalent, basis consumption of these innnufucliirecl products amounted lo 497 pounds per capita, or move than half Ihe total milk consumption. The 192-11029 average consumption of manufactured milk products was 4:i2 pounds. The per capita consumption ot buller last ear -.vas 17 pounds. Thai i was slightly larger than 1938, but below the 15124-1039 average of 17.6 pounds. There was u decrease of 22 per eenl in the consumption ol oleomargarine in 1P39. Cheese consumption per capita In 1930 was 5.1'i pounds. 2 per cent less than 'the 1938 peak but 1M pnr cent prc-itcr lhan the aver- ui:c for 192-1-1029. Consumption of condenser! milk averaged one- ci'inrter of a pound per peisu.i. or niily SS JJPI- cent of the l!)24-l»:in average. On Ihc other hand, consumption ] of evaporated milk established a iinv record high of 16.32 pounds per person, compared ivilh a 192-1- , ibM average of 9.1)3 pounds. Ice cream has been the best busi- ncw barometer. During the depression consumption declined, reaching 1.18 gallons per person in Called a 'flying motorcycle." bin looking.' and acting, 'irio'rc'' like Ihe streams Is this new 420-horsepower plane, pictured in U. S. Army test only fifty feet nl high speed, ascends almost vertically and ca nliovcr It descends as sharply ns it takes oIV. stops almost Insl "tlarnln^-nectlli's" thai hover -over streams Is this new 420-horsepower plane, picture! in U. S. Army test nl. Sun Diego. Cnl. It takes oil ;n - - - - • ' practically motionless in midair. isluntly on landing. Science Cooks Uu Bri^bi idea 'Terrible' Blow To Correct. Social Usage LITTLE KOGK. Ark.. Mnr 7. —State officiLils and employes who neeo ualling cards must pay for them out of Uieir own pock- els, Comptroller J. O. Cloff- ruled yesterday. His notice, sent to ail departments and institullons. .mid: "Effective this dale, tins office will not approve .-my purchases of business or ratlins curds." Joiner Business Men's Club Is Organized JOINKU, Ark,, Mar. 7. — The Joiner Business Men's club v.'ns formed Tuesday night at ;> dinner at Shawnre high school HI tended )v about 30 young business men. Mayor Silvcrslein presided. Officers of Ihc club arc: .1. M. Burnett, president: Mr. SllversU-ln. vice president; Charles Webli. wo retary-trcasurer; Jack Orosiaunn. Don Fletcher. Garner Bobbins. John Wilson and Orsinl Collar, ili- recfors. The Joiner club voted to simil- a(f with the Kasl Arkansas Younu Men's Club. Ar:<>rdiiiK lo stylisl.s, (i»ii.-ers ol Iliilisli schoolboys of Ihc future will conlain no pockets. ons per person in j j. D. Hal!. Weslinghousc Lamp Co.. engineer, holds a wale!) while Ihc average con- , | 10 demonstrate.'; thai invisible infra-rod rays from two newly jierfect- 'lioiTOiil B ' °" s - ! ed lamps con broil a filet mii;non in nine minutes. Like the sun. H'.o __ 1 lamp:; project rnilimlt hent. Mrs. Ida Rozzell, 62, } Dies This Morning; LUXOHA, Ark.. March 7.—Mr.s.j Ida liozzcll. long a rcsldcni oJ I Luxorn, died this morniiiB, 10 o'clock, at Ihc home of Mr. and Kirs. ,1. Y. Jones in Osccola, where j she had m.idc licr home for Ihc j past six months, she was 152, j In ill health tor a year, she had | been confined to her bed for the | past six , months. Funeral arrangements a;v incomplete pending the arrival of relatives but burial will be made in Blylhcvilli: alongside Ihe grave of her lui.sbaiiti, Will Hozzcll, whose falmly we're pioneers of MUsroiippi county. Bom In West Tennessee, -Mrs. Uo'«i:ll spent her childhood in j Halls. Tcnn.. but had lesidca inj Lusorn for many years where she; and her htiAbnml were wiclelr; known. - j She had extensive fanning Interests at liosa which she looked after perMirally until n year KSO. ! She is survived by a tislcr, Mr.s.j L. L. Sellers, and a broiher. Knellj Colemnn, l;olli of El Paso. Tcxo:;. ] Fire Destroys Property j At J. C. Ellis Plantation A garage, pump house, coal house and Inuiiriry nc-iu Ihe J. c. Ellis p!ni)!3tion hu.'ne at B.-u-licld. oijht miles casl of UlythcviUe, were clc- stroyeri by lire which broke out | nl I::'- 1 ) o'clock this morning. j iiiui xvii ini! or .1 cigarette was! blurii'/fl for the fire by Mr. Ellis j who said men had bctii at work! in the pump house yesterday in- i stalling a new water system lor' Iiir, in.-icifiitc which was adjucciil I lo Ihc pump house where Hie,i flames sti'.rtcd. The Blythtvillc fire ilepnrtmcnl wa.s culled In an effort lo prevent the flrimcs from spreading (o the Ellis residence, which was not damaged. The loss was estimated by Mr. nilis at SIGOO with no insurance. LEWIS HUNTER/ A- a -source ol iron and copper in the diet, oysters rank .second only lo calves' liver. 90 KENfl/CKV STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKY Stands lo Reason ...ft Tastes Richer . . . Takes More 't'iinc <nid Grain lo Make »noyiN •rvHMM Bismumr co., mcoiipoimtD • 1l '•""'" Just Received A Carload Of OIL RANGES = '« "* ;' " This handsome white porcelain model has red. chromium-trimmed liiindles. Three surface burners, two oven burner*-. Its evtrn bis oven provides space lo cook ii whole meal at one time. Smooth paneled front, fold-back top caver. lai'KC iilon.vll stonmc space. rive Mandnrd wicklcss kercssciie biirnt'r.'i. I,nrgc and roomy oven, fully Insulntcd. ncciirale ovcn-llier- momeler. flnMicd In snowy white and bluek porceliilned 'enamel. I urge, roomy cookliui surface, wllh Ihrre- Inrue. open cnsl-lioii grntcs. HiBltl rntl shelf provides exlra space. One cinnl and luo sl:in<l:inl «itk- Je.vv l;t riiers. One stiitnlard burner at carb rnd of cocking lop, Ibc extra-ptnvrrf id Ki:int burm;r be- nralh Ihc ovt-n. I'ully insiiLilnl itvcn. rnrrrluiiied nvni lining.s. A liraulifjil, lim--fo.vl uriil. Florence Table Top Oil Ait allmrlivr l»w-|iricril (-ullsoli'. lamjr in u|;cn fronl ilcsljn. II lias livr liiirncrs, I wo beneath the oven,' Ibrcc surface burners. Oven is ICx IS iudics with itisiil;\lctl Inp. Uoomy rnokinj; lop has zinc-nlatcd fr.itcs. 'Irnly, here l.s a lu.vur}' stove at Ion rofl. Three large surface burners, two oven burners. Insulated oven and oven thermometer, Front and top In ivliilc porcelain, sides and legs in blnck. A remarkiiblc- value. SPECIAL FALL TERMS I'a.v Only' Um:-I];i|r |) 0 «-n, Iliilancc 'Him !'';il|, Hmiill Ciiri'.vii'!,' Charge.

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