Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 10, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 10, 1954
Page 7
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• • % :& HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Friday, December 10, 1$S4 ^ »*?ft'V"f *' Vttonfc* rtisitman, >ouLffcY :AND CHlCAGfO — 1*1 Live poultry ig:^ * 4m*- '<*». mostly I725ii00; 240»2flO Ib i6.?5. l?25; MO-330 Ifr 1S7E-167S; Ib 1B250, few to 18.75; scWP 400 i down 15,35-1600; heavier sows »25-lSOO; boars 1050-19.00. . ttfUle BOO, calves 450; stoers inrl .......... heifers generally steady; cofhmer- 2 lower; hettvjf hens 17-185; light •'*-"*-* * *» t .„, .. .- ('t.^^-iniJ. *_.iii.-- •*_.,! U«.Atln*.A O1 . , .. t t«6e«i -Wa* ftVail lfi i^- \^P H&tmas^ , *i i S, Gibson " MARKETS iL, -~*~^± — -.^,^i*,±i-*~.~-.i*r l f t £f,-~— ..--~~-~*~**, -—. Hogs , 111. steady te tow- bulk «h6ice I8u-2l0 Ib 5800-50. 1&.S5 up, few lot S 18.63; i and around 200 Ib Ib very uneven, choice' No IfitS; 220-240 gher side of the list favored ls were outstanding, in the , \and gobd gaifts <frer& «h?rwh by railroads, while chemicals nnd rubbers hid a lower tendency. -•"Most of the rest of thg list was rteady to ;tfilxed. ....... quiet rectefets in coops 881 (yesterday, 928 f vce6ps. 151,419 ibs); f.q.H Viayfrijfi ^Hces unchanged to cial to good heifers .and mixed yearlings 1'700>.22.CO; utility and coirtffte'rctel sows 850-11.00; can- nefs and. cutters 8.00-850, finding fairly dependable outlet; utility and Commercial uneven; utility end commercial bulls 1100-13.50; tanner attdeiitter bulls S.00-1000; vealers and calves unchanged; good and choide vcalers 2100-27.00; limited number prime ir.dividuals 29,00; commercial and good v«al- eps 1500-20.00; commercial and g66d slaughter calves 1500-19 00. Sheep 800; weak to lower; bulk good to prime woolPd lambs 130019.50; most choice and prime 19.0050; some 1950 strictly piime; t-itlifcy to good ltfOO-17.50; culls 1000-1400; aged sheep steady; uves mostly 400-500 hens S3-14; fityers and broilers SI- 25; old robstes-s 12-125; caponettes •27-28;. hen turkeys 37-37.?; young torn tiirkeys/2B-28; ducklings. 30 j farmer dticks rtver 5 Ib. 22. under Ib. 18 Butter irregular; receipts 479,778; wholesale buying prices '/ 4 lower to V 4 higber; 93 score AA fiO; 62 A 595; 90 B 58.5; 89 C 57,5; cats: 80 B 5fl; 89 C 58 Eggs unsettled; receipts 13,88; wholesale buying prices .unchanged 3 Teenagers Accused of Murder RfeVfcfcfc, Mass. (*) "Vou pick ip the paper and road about kids getting into trouble, and you pray never happen to yours. The dajr you pick up the paper, and it's yours." Those words spoke truck driver Sylvester d'l/rbano's bewilderment today as his only child was summoned into Chelsea, District Court with two other tech-age boys to answer a .-barge of murder 1 Joseph d'tfrbano, -16, Salvatore Pliwfo Jr., 17,. and Angelo Mcr- curio 18 stood charged with killing Hfcrry Abelovldt, a 72-year-old great-grandfather, in a profitless fitterrlpted holdup of the man's He Vere Beach boulevard gasoline fetation Wednesday night. ' Police said all admitted the slay- The boys gave no sign that they understood -.heir predicament. 'They have no idea of the seri- 6u?n°ss of their crime*" said De- tecHve ,Lt •William F. Gannon as the' three, grinning and wisecracking, were led td separate cells. The 'three re-enacted the crime yesterday ai the gasoline station, talking Volubly and using extrava- gan tgestufcs Doctor Calmly Tells of Try to Help Wife By H. D QUIGG time and said she was going to bed. He continued sleeping soundly. News Briefs By UNltED PRESS JOLO, Philippines, (UF) Mos"I was awakened by her cries,''jj em b £n dits armed with razor- he continued "My drowsy recol- j snarp Malay daggers killed three lection was stimulated to go tOj nactjve so idiers and stole their rifles Marilyn, which I did as soon a3'.- m ar j a ttnck on an army det.nch- I could navigate." Dr. Sam, the picture of the inent" near "here last night,- .H was M reported today. Press rep arts said the scream" «•-- •»-- - CLEVELAND. O (UP) Dr. "Hey, bud," Mercuro called to (Samutl H sheopard recited calmly a. policeman from his cell "how to his wife . murdGr jury 1rday his ro-s father, a cook, spent! Sitting prayerlike and with his savings on a white hoitsc'eyes closed in the witnnss chair. US .large i wh'tes mixed 31; mediums 28; standards 28.5; current receipts 25; dirties 22; checks 22 NEW YORK STOCKS "NEW YORK MB The Stock Market managed to advance today in the early afternoon, but there \vere a lot of. minus signs dragging against the trend Gains and losses spread out over a range of around 2 points with LIDAY and Salad Maker GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO Wl — Most grains weakened on; the Board of Trade today although 1 : soybeans shp\ved occasional\ flashes of : strength. Dealings' were relatively quiet WlthJ buying incentive lacking, wheat, corn and rye vere subjected to 'mild liquidation.. Losses were, limited to fractions for the mps.t,'parj. Soybeans .met a better demand following news of overnight ; ports ^to-Japan. v .v ; ' Whent, closed %-l lower. December •/'-$2;26Mi ll /8. corn 1 to 1, ing. Abclovitz ' widow, Mary, 69, called-the crime -"senseless"—for the slayers raced away after the shooting without touching any of the $87 in a cash register or the $18 in Abelovitz' pockets Abelovitz and his wife would have celebrated on Jan. 8 the 50th Wedding anniversary for which she had .sent out invitations only last Tuesday. about calling up- my girl and hav ing her picture sent over here so 1 cjan have pleasant dreams tonight?" . . Pizzurro his life with a picket fence in suburban .Medford to get his son out of Boston's teeming NorthEnd. "We worked to give him spending money and a good Jife," the :oy s mother said. "1 st\v him yesterday afternoon in the station and I said "what happened?" All \e did v;as hang his head." Similarly puzzled was Nicholas Mercuiio. His son had s $50 a Week job in a Medford auto body shop and v/as hard working and story of hearing her cry his name in the night and clashing to her rescue only to be knocked out by her slayer. conscientious young professional man, sat straight in the chair, his j n g*Moro ^outlaws wounded "X .... hands folded in his lap, and talked j num ber" of soldiers. Bandits cas- lirectly to the jury . ' rallies were said to have fceeft "My subconscious feeling wasi "heavy." • hat Marilyn was experiencing ona LE HAVRE, France, (UP) The of the convulsions she had. during duke and duchess of Windsor leave Friday, December 10, 1954 HOPI/-AKKANS A SI SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A* M. and 4 P. M. ler pregnancy," he said. end. Both contestants went home With-no visible) sears from the fracas. quiet 'I saw him and I said, 'Why? You had everything: you wanted a car. I wont in hock to get it* He told me he couldn't sxplain it himself." D'Urbano's father said the hoy "spends more than I do, and I never cared because he's my only son, he liked to go: out with, the girls and I let him; what can you do?" "God help us," sobbed Mrs. d'Urbano. Dr. Sheppard told how he found his wife so badly beaten in her bed that he thought "it was all a terrible nightmare • or dream." ,"1 was horrified—I war, shaken beyond explanation, and. I felt that maybe I'd wake up, that maybe Ihis was all a terrible nightmare or dream," .the boyish-faced defendant said. The 30-year-old ostecpnthic brain surgeon said the day'of July 3 hart been an exhausting one for him, tr.'d he was in a deep sleep when he first heard the cry sometime cfttr midnight on the chilly, windy morning of July 4. -"Thefirst thing that I can recall is hearing Marilyn cry out my name once or twice, which was followed by loud moans and noises of ?ome sort," he said. He had gone to sleep watching television on the living room couch. He said he thinks he remembers vaguely that his wife, Marilyn, aroused, hin-. at some'. (aboard the liner United States to"I ascended the stairway. A<5 Ij day on tne j r regular v/inter trip to jot .upstairs and into the rooms lij^ew York. 'elt 1 could visualize a form of some type with a light top "I tried to go to Marilyn and was intercepted, and I grappl.v.1 felt I was struck from be- ilnd, and my recollection was cut off." The British American wife — Paris to board th, U. S.-bouivt iner Honey usually contains less than 20 per cent of water. Gtt tht belt in low eett trtmporf *tron*»f o Cwthmin. BOB'S CUSHMAN SALES 2016 New Boston Road TEXARKANA U. S. A. ex-king and his came her from Calendar Fr'day December 10 The Berean Sunday School Class of the Unity Baptist Church will hold a pot luck supper at the experiment station lodge Friday night ff members are invited to attend Grove 196, Supreme Forest Woodman's Circle, will meet Saturday morning, December 11, at 10 o'clock in the W. O. W. Hall. All Junior members are urged to be i present. NOSE SUFFERERS AVOID LIFE OF MISERY Find Wonder Curb — Relieves Sinus-like Torture — Users Rejoice Supply Rushed Here! Relief at last from torture of nasal misery, clogged nose, painful pressure, messy drip, drainage, head cold, hay fever and other slh- us-like symptoms of distress due to nasal congestion Is seen In reports of success with a formula which has the power to reduce nasal congestion. Men and women with ago* rtizlng, sinus-like misery, headaches, inflamed nasal passages, sore nostrils, hawking, sneezing due to nasal congestion tell of blessed relief after using It. KORONOU costs $3, but considering results', Is not expensive 1 , amounts to only pennies per dose. KLORONOL caution — use as directed) Is sold with strict money-back guarantee by J. P. Cox Drug — Hope — Mall Orders Filled. The Jr.-Sr. P. T. A of Hope High fSchool will sponsor the annual "Ta- f'lent Night" on Friday, December I'10, at 7:30 in the High School audi torium c lower, .'• December. $1,53^,- oats lower to % higher, December .82% tyo 1 to t lower, December $1.13, .and:. .. soybeans -I'/z lower. January; $3.81-$2.80:. ' Wheat: No 3 red 2.29V«. Corn: No 2 yellow 1 54; No 3 149Vi- 150V 4 ; No. 4 1.41'/4-147'/ 2 ; No 5 ;38Vi-141 ; V4' Oats: No 1 white S8'/ 2 Barley nominal: Malting choice 1.30-52; . feed., 1..10-19. NEW; YORK COTTON NEW YORK (P. Cptton futures wore irregular in slo wtrading 1 today Some of buying In nearby Matrch was credited to covering apains tsales of cotton to Spain Late afternoon prices wore . 45 cents a bale higher to 45 cents lower then the nrevious close. Dec. 34.27, March V 34«4 and May' 34pl *:Wk?> TEMPTING JODS 199 DIFFERENT WAYS r«4q|iclaV save? hours preparing attractive foods, ifne^zest and variety to health-giving foods. ^--'s/ sHces, shreads, g rafes, chops end shoe$14.95 DUFFIE HARDWARE CO. h._*_»* ^ ~* 4M- - fvjv i r«- -" i v <• - « i -v . j ' i M Make This a Musical SMASHING Not to Press Charge Aaain«t Frail Frankie HOLLYWOOD, (UP) — A Hollywood press agent said today he planned no legal -action against Crooner Frank Sinatra who, he said, picked a street fight with him because he thought he was' a detective or a newspaper reporter The press agent, Jim Byron, who witnesses said apparently got the better in the exchange of blows, said, "I'm no longer mad 'at Frank and I plan no legal action t gainst him." "I was mad at first," Byron said, "but now I've decided to let the Whole matter -drop." Sinatra himself refused to comment 'on the incident. His business manager, Hank Saaicola, said, "we have no comment to make. It was only an unimportant incident " A bystander, who did not wish to be quoted said Sinatra, a veteran of several nightclub fistfighu, became angry after he was erroneously told that Byron was a "legman" The brawl that ensued outside the Crescendo ngihtclub on the Sunset Strip early yesterday was witnessed by a large .crowd of nightclubbers including Judy Christinas OF inch aitiitt w Guy h Ijng Crosby, Dina W M 2!?i B»iw»i Edt FJilbf r« iddit !!! All Records Must Go!!! m GROUP NQ. 2 19c Ideal dance records all new and famous «rtitt$ and labeli includ« «d in theie »uch «i piny Crofby, Tammy Dpifey, iddi« Arnold and many atlieri. RICORDS FOR ONLY ^, » » » ^s^rm.'.* * r-ww*>**r* «« « RwlJSWfUS » » * §Bw vHRlSTMAw r RCA, COLUMBIA, PICCA CAPITOL »nd in 70, 45, gn4 31 RPM. fccordf AccetieriM havr bw» nwrfctil d«wn to itH f«tt, The exciting new idea behind the motoramic Chevrolet Saturday December 11 r _ A formal Christmas dance will TJC held Saturday nieht, December |11, at the Hope Country Club at 0 p^fn. This is an invitational dance. Hosts will be Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Grandison Royston and Mr. and Mrs. Frank McLarty. An orchestra will provide the music. The Junior members of Poplar Get the Best * for Less l:"Ttif Bet-Alt 4-Door Sedan-rent of 14 new Fisher Body beauliei m'l/irea new ten'ei Maybe once in a car-buying lifetime, you come across something that breaks all the old patterns and establishes new ones. This is that kind of car. This is the true story of how Chevrolet and General Motors shaped a new idea in steel. -• . Like most good ideas, this one is pretty simple, But it v»asn!t an easy one to carry out. For Chevrolet and General Motors set out with the idea of building the 'first:low-priced car that would do all these things: ' • bring you the very!freshest and finest styling to be had. • bring you the most advanced engine design and engineering features. • bring you the kind of performance and the kind of ride that have never been available before in a low-priced car. • bring you the highest quality of manufacture and materials. . All this in Chevrolet's price field? That did take some doing! And isn't it logical that only Chevrolet and General Motors have the people, the skills, the resources and facilities, to 'carry out this exciting new concept? Here is how this new Chevrolet changes all your own ideas about cars! , desire. You have a transmission choice of economical Overdrive and improved, automatic Powerglide (optional at extra cost) or standard shift. Even Air Conditioning! And if you desire the convenience of power assists (optional at extra cost) . . , you'll find new power-steering and improved power brakes on all models. Power-controlled windows and Case pain of headache and colds. Get the fastest-acting aspirin relief money canbuy, 12 tablets lOc, 100 only 49c. A Plough Product Sunday, December 12 A hymn festival, "The Christmas Message in Carol and Song" will be presented Sunday, December 12 by the Presbyterian Church Choir. Monday December 13 The Woman's Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, December 13, at 2 p, m. in the sanctuary .of the church. Mrs. Ralph Routon will give the devotional. Circle one will present the program, and Mrs. E. P. Young, Jr., will sing a .solo. "Let's Keep Christmas" by Peter Marshall will be presented by Mrs. C. V. Nunn, Sr. A Christ- 'mas story, "The Little Black Lamb" will be given by Mrs. Ross Moore. All members are urged to be present. The Friendship Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will have its monthly social and business meeting Monday night, December 13, at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Faye Reddin. All members and associate members are urged to atlerid. Co-hostesses are Mrs. Lois Barr and Mrs. Ruth Hartsfield. Tuesday December 14 The Cosmopolitan Club will meet In the home of Mrs. S. A. Whitlow at 7 p. m. Tuesday, December A Sensational Ride! You live the new idea instantly . .. you glide i. . actually glide because spherical joints "roll with the punch" of the road in Chevrolet's new Glide-Ride, front suspension. And outrigger fear springs mean new balance in turns . . . turns made so effortless by new ball-race steering, And when you stop suddenly, new Anti-Dive braking control checks that nosing down in front . . , you get more level stopping. Tubeless tires mean much greater protection against blowouts. And with new high-level ventilation there's fresher air. Real Show-Car Styling! Tour eye tells you the.jtfotoramie Chevrolet is s* styling "patclwp" job. 4 rakish, low profile , ,'.< soft swiftness from its sletk tear fenders to its wide- yed Sweep-Sight windshield, . , , a qs.iv outlook for motoring, 4nd that outlook doesn't fliangf.wfan jw flip insist , , . thert's mart room for hgts and hips » . . txcjting fabrics aud trim harmoni&d with the \vholc «it .,, as carefully as a bride matches carpet to curtains* • •» ..,.,,,.....«••» .«•*; «•»»*»«««*.«(t »• PoweFBeyond Cpnipore! You also feel the new idea quickly ,., cjuick power like $ panther's paw with the new *'Tijrbo-Firc V8" (162 h,p.) and two new ''Blue-Flame" 6's. And sparking this performance is a 12-vblt electrical system giving you better ignition, faster starting, greater electrical reserve for any of the power assists you might powershift seat are available on the Bel Air and ^'Two-Ten" models, while air conditioning may be added on V8 models. Won't You Try It? Here, we can only tell you how successfully the Motoramic Chevrolet expresses the new idea behind it. But the car itself can quickly show you! Come in for a demonstration drive, won't you, fast chanceyouget, aaaaaanaaannnnnnn MORE THAN A NEW* CAR, A NEW CONCEPT OF LOW-COST MOTORING Everything's new in the motoramic TODAY AND SATURDAY BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM Donna Ward Frances and CORCORAN • BOND • DEE • GYPSY o ALSO • 1000 SAVAGE THRILLS! PLUS CHAPTER 14 OF SERIAL, "Manhunt- in The African Jungle" & COLOR CARTOON, "EAGER BEAVER" U Drlv» wltfi c«rt i * t IVIRYWHIRII Moke Dumber 15 and every day SAPS-DRIVING DAY! YOUNG CHEVROLET CO* )*: w M HOPE, 1 'V, "4 i i. 1 SUN. & MON. FLASH! rr The most amazing coincidence in the annals of motion pictures! Just as the front pages of the world report history-making discoveries of ancient hidden treasures in Egypt, the Ship of the Dead of Cheops . . . M-G-M brings to the public an astounding dramatization of the search for the hidden tomb of the Pharaohs, SEE HOW IT HAPPENED! SEE TODAY'S HEADLINES COME TO LIFE. DON'T MISS THE TIMELIEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR! Roberf Taylor Eleanor Parker (THE LOVE TEAM OF •'ABOVE AND BEYOND") & SAMIAGAMAL (Famed Egyptian Belly Dancer Doing the Much Talked v About \ "DANCE 5\ OF THE HOUR") '¥allcu O f tb, -WtJOKm +P t EXTRA PMy mm^9 I* A .». ^HI^F rm$'&x'$ B & P W Club Has Christmas Party The Hope Business and Professional Women's Club at it's regular meeting Thursday night celebrated .he annual Christmas party with Miss Rosa Harrie, president, presiding. The chairmen of all committees were hostess to the very impressive candlelight program. The program coordinator, Mrs. Opal Hervey, with Miss Clarice annon, was in charge of the Christmas program. Mrs. Eva Reynerson played Christmas selections while Mrs. Audra Taylor gave a reading, Yuletide." During the reading some of the members represented different countries dressed in costume: Mrs. Wanda Garrett represented Italy; Miss Wilma Colenan represented Scandinavia; Mrs. Ina Jean Brown dressed in Austrian costume; while Mrs. Opat Hervey w»s dressed as an Englishman. Several Christmas carols were sung by the entire group including "Silent Night, Holy Night," "Hark ihe Herald Angels Sing," and the Portuguese hymn,. "Adeste Fide- leu." Miss Jack Porter read the Christmas story from Luke. After Santa Claus' arrival "and exchange of gifts from the beauti- Eul tree, the club was adjourned. There were 51 members present. Mrs. Ruth Hartsfleld Elected President of Poplar Grove 196 Poplar Grove 196, Supreme Forest Woodman's Circle, met at 7:30 p. m. Tuesday, December 7, in the W. O. W. hall for the monthly business meeting. All officers were at their stations. The president pro-tem, Mrs. Ruth Hartsfield, presided over the meeting. Miss Lucille Walls, state manager and committee woman, and Mrs. Marie Golem an, state auditor, were presented as distinguished guests. The U.'S. flag was presented by the attendant pro-tern, Mrs. Pau- 14, for the annual Christmas dinner* i The Hope iris Garden CltA will meet Tuesday, December 14, at 1 p. m. at the home of Mrs. W. t. Stroud in Washington, for the an- lual Christmas luncheon. Associate hostesses are Mrs. J. M. May, Mrs. Owen Nix and Mrs. Dan Blake. There will be an exchange of gifts. All members are asked to be present. Wednesday December 15 The Oglesby P. T. A. will observe Fathers' Night on Wednesday, December 15, at 7:30 p. m. Sunday December 26 A cantata, "Carols of Christmas" will be presented by the clioir of the Presbyterian Church at 5 p. m. Sunday, December 26. RI ALTO SATURDAY & SUNDAY HERE COMES MO!! Topeka Terror" • ALSO • • LOUIS HAYWARD • DIANA LYNN • ZACHARYSCOTT "RUTHLESS MEN" • PLUS • Chapter 6 of Serial "TRADER TOM OF CHINA SEAS" & Cartoon, "Dr. Jekyll's Hide" • EXTRA • Added Attraction! FIC3HT ef the C1NTURY! Jock Oemp$i Jess Willord Ypy've Never Seen 0 Fight DOROTHY DIX i The In-Low Blight Dear Miss Dix! My wife and I were married young and our marriage has been blighted from the first week of our marriage we have had Visitors from my Wife's family five out of seveh days in every week. They come for meals, stay overnight — all uninvited, of course, and practically make our home their headquarters. After a year, 1 blew my top and implored them to leave Us alone for an occasional week-end. That out-burst resulted in my Wife leaving and going to her sister's house. Wh'cn I called to get her, I was treated like the worst villian in a Grade "B" picture. She came back two weeks later. She left again because her mother received a comic birthday card anonymously and everyone was sure I sent it. Does that strike you as silly as it struck me? It took some convincing, but eventually my wife came back. Now the tables have turned; tha in-laws won't have anything to do with me, but have my wife ovet to their homes all the time. If we're alone together for an evening she cries that she's homesick. What can I do with her? LAKRY T Wife Too Childish Answer. Your Wife's emotional development stopped when she was about 6, and her family is doing everything possible to see that it goes no further. How and why she ever accepted marriage, or her family ever agreed to it,' is a mystery. If your wife's parents really had the welfare of their daughter at heart, they would do everything possible to help her grow up and go about her role of homemaker. - ' They are, 'instead, making her more and more dependent on them. Everyrthing seems to bn against your plans for a happy home and successful marriage. The line Sanders, and the pledge 9f allegiance was repeated in unison. Secretary Dorothy Norvell read the minutes of the last meeting which stood as approved. During the business meeting, Mrs. Hartsfield was' elected president of the grove. '. ... A goodwill offering was taken' before the group was dismissed with prayer by the chaplain, Mrs? Ruth Ellis. ... . :/'" A Christmas social will be held December 21, at 7:30 p. m.. at the homo of Nettie and Qharlene Wiggins., :• ' . ,/ ; Hospital Notes Branch •• Discharged: Mrsr'-Buck-Deven- ney, Rt. 1, Hope, Mrs. J. B. Beard, Rt. 2, Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: Mr. Virgil H. Fountain, Hope, Mrs. W. R'. Smith, Blevins Ark., Mrs. Denver Daugherty, Hope, Rt. 4, Ernestine Johnson, Saratoga, Ark. Discharged: Mr. Anth Lusby, Emmet, Ark., Rt, 2, Corinne Handle, Hope, Rt. 3. Mr. and Mrs. Denver Daugherty, Hope, announce the arrival of twin boys, on Dec.. 9th. only possible salvation is to coax your wife into a consultation with a marriage counselor. She needs step-by-step guidance if she is to grow beyond Mommy's little gift She is young enough yet so that tfce part looks cute on her *-» to outsiders — but it will be a bit rid« iculous as she grows older. Now is the time for her to accept matur» ity. It's very doubtful if she can do much herself even 'with you help. The counseling job may tak« a long time. But use every argument you can. think of to make her see the importance of the seeking assistance.. „. . Dear Miss Dlx: I have a cousin, a constant visitor, who is a line, generous person about 60. She comes to my house to watch TV, and that's all right with me as I know they don't Have a set and I certainly don't begrudge entertainment to persons I know. However, she has a habit of putting her feet on the upholstered furniture and digging her heels into the covers. This is a most irritating habit and I would like to know how to correct her without being unkind. WILMA Answer: Eventually your irritation will get the best of you and you are quit e likely to make comments without consideration. To forstall this unpleasant possibility better say something now while you can still be kind. Suppose you provide a pair of soft slippers for the lady, then ask .if she'd mind changing to them, since your covers were just cleaned. I'm sure she won't mind the suggesion. Dear Miss Dix: I am very much in love with a boy who moved to another town seven months ago. I haven't heard from him since. I have been out with other boys but my thoughts always turn to the absent one. Do you think he will ever come back? W. L. Answer: While there's always hope, it's much better not to rely too much upon it. Do you go out with other boys and try to forget this one. You will probably never see him again, so why fret over him. The boys at home are very nice, too. Says Agri Research Is Sorely Needed LITTLE 1 , ROCK «) .Memphis newspaperman Frank Ahlgren says that the federal government mUsI spend more money on agricultural research if this nation is to be able o feed its people by 1975. In a speech to the Arkansas Agricultural Extension Service ; here last night Ahlgren, editor of. the Commercial Appeal, charged that the government is neglecting farm research. "We know that it took 462 million ceres of productive cropland to meet our needs in 1950" he said. "By 1975, we will need'689 mil- 'ion acres and there just aren't that many productives acres in sight." He said the deficit must be made up by research, which will insure greater production per acre. Boyle Continued frotn Page On* on his father's ranch. "1 never took a professional bullfighting 1 essott or singing lesson in my life" he said, He became a matador at 22, hopes to stay to the field until he is 35 «f even 40 if his nerves hold out "I want to sing and fight the bulls as long as I Can" he said simply, "it is my life. "It is not the legs that go first as it is with a baseball player. A matador begins :to go'to pieces when he no longer can control his nervous system. Somehow the bull seems able to sense this." Despite the terrible thigh scars left on his body by the five bulls who outpointed him Manuel says ne has nc particular fear once he enters the ring "For a moment when you first see the bull you have a feeling 'ike a martyr and wonder why you are there" he explained. Then ihe action starts and there is no time for feelings. "I do not eat the day of a fight and it is very good to have a quick glass of cognac to settle the stom- ash before entering th» ring' 1 Manuel added The bull doesn't get any cognac. He is not supposed to be nervous. After the fight Manuel is voraciously hungry He and his retinue like big steaks sometimes provided ty his late opponent in the ring. It is the same-way with Manuol iust before he goes out to the spotlight on a supper club floor; "A couple of small glasses of wine are very good to settle the stomach" he said. ' . The only other thing that makes Manuel nervous is girls. He is a bachelor • , , ' "And 1 intend to stay this way all my life." he said frtnkijc, 1 cm afraid that if 1 matrled t might some day look across Ik Ublt cl& the eyes of anOthef girt 2 liked better- and got Up and follow \er. This would not do. t will stay as 1 am'* If course that's only one man's opinion Electric Firm Wins Rate Hike LITTLE ROCK Wl Oklahoma as and Electric Co.. yesterday won approval of a $213,006 annual rate increase from the Arkansas Public Service Commission. Th enew rates will take effect Dec. 10, said the PSd OGAiE serves 21 ArkansSd cities and towns, including J*<jrt Smith, Van Buren, Ozark, Mountaitiburg and Subiaco The PSC said the rate increase would boost OG&E's earnings on its Arkansas investment to a "not unreasonable" 5.9 per cent. Public utilities generally are allowed a si« :>er cent return in Arkansas OG&E first sought the higher rates last Feb 18. Gieson. CHRISTMAS CARDS "BUY THE BOX" CURRIER and IVES M for ILOO y Winter scenes *at are authentic reproductions from original prints. JACKS NEWS STAND "Home of Miss Saylor's CandiffB" An Egyptian-sponsored fleet of Phoenician sailors circumnavigated Africa about 600 B. C. GIFTS Homemade Candies Hand decorated Cigarette sets Imported brass Dolls Milk Glass and many others Lambrights Gifts 2 Miles Eact on,67 Featuring WROUGHT IRON — Made in Hope ' el*c gadgets, ^omen's 16l6 set In3 ttmbef honifi. ¥ajl MM i T»" faride tb have hfee BE BFftUTI Special COLD WAV $15 Lanolin J^ $12.50 Cream-Gi dlve Hazel's Beau . I t' Dru . You may haw,b«eSh"l $5 or $10 for av^m*IMt capsule*. 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Come in and see bow Pont Streak V-8 enfine^-with its improved econpmy-^giye? yow a do«s respFve pf jjpwer fojr every need, hQ\y Pontiap's. ipjig • J34-jnch w wid wide-stance jreftp springing enjoy a ride ypjt'yg inver k^qwu tafer% Experience how Pontiao's ball steering and larger, wore efficient brakes provide almost effortless handling. Then glance around y<?u at the wonderful luxurious Body by |"i8iwr, AiwJ f nptice the f4«wini glances Po r distinctive years-ahead styling attjwk, •, , , ' ' your a Pontiac at 9 price ao ne,arttelQW>9t itwl l fti ily into my new*e$r *'. .%< »•*• :T ' THRU

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