The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1940
Page 6
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'•AGE SIX BNYTffKVILLF, (ARK.) COUR1RR NEWS Rookie Prospect Who Faded In 1939 May Comr Now Blind Wrestler Is Most Courageous • LAKEMND, Ma., Marrb 7. im'j —The petroli Tigers still have$50.000 sunk in Freddie llmdiln:;on. : bin today (here arc iiulicition-: Dial lliis may bi> the yc-nr when iliuj 1 will coiled iHvidc.icIs Iron! ills l)ia rlj>lit arm. The tumult and tlic .slioiithi'-! has died and no,v tills 200-piiniiil k!:l ; from Seattle--the Boy Wonder of the 1SJ39 spring trninlr j season ••• is h wiser, bettor pitcher. Hi: dicin't ;uy so himsc-U. In tact, lie is making no jMophedc.s or promises. He sjys his arm feels :i)l right and [hat lie hones to make the hi? league gr;i<lc this your, but ix;.voi!(t that you have (o ^o to oilier persoiB on the Detroit club to find out vviial Freddie is think- in-; and <loi«jf as he soaks his iirm in ths sun. Hutchimon came doivn here ltu,t year lnil«l as ihe oul.stamlhig yoiing bull player o( tlic season. He' t.-ought with him a pheiiome- 113}. record as both n pitcher nmi a hitter. He niso brought with !>lm 3 personal trainer to look after the anil that was going (o blaze a glory Crai! Hnoiixli (he American League.-' His name was o;i everyone's lips in Florida. He was interviewed and i>hotQBrai>he;i and liis name nnd face were spread across tlie coun- <>y- Then lie flopped with n llniri that was heard all tlic way to Seattle American league hitters belled him all over (he circuit and It wasn't long before he found himself with a one-way ticket to Toledo in tlic American Association. It's a different story this year. Hutchinson is just another one of ihe young pitchers that Manager Del Baker works long and patiently will! before the regular squad reports for practice. Freddie still ha; thai jerky delivery mid lots of persons isnnin unconvinced that hi has enough speed to be a top- High! pilchcr. Even after lie went down (o Toledo last year his record \vns no' tea Impressive. He won nine gannv and lost nine, a toboggan descent from his Pacific Coast record. Whtv was the matter with him? Let linker speak on the subject: "1 think lie was under too nine! pressure. Everybody expected too much of a kid 19 yrars old. Tlic result was that he was wild anil had trouble getting the ball up there re's too early now to tell what lie will do this year, but <";i"nV!:." never has Inirt a voting pitcher." If hnrd work will do it, Hiitshin- scn should make the grade. He shows up at the ujrk early and -stands In the Infield with a tense, concentrated expression on his fnec while the coaches explain the details of the new pitching rules, lir asks quest ions and seems eager for nrtyjje from anybody competent to Rift It. He has plenty of time to listen and learn, for this year he is not besieged by interviewers and photographers. the heat is off the 350.000 benii- ty, and he may bloom in the co'.cl clear atmosphere of realitv. THURSDAY, MARCH 7, 1940 Yarlm) Youth Signs Giant, Farm Contract; Otlwr Baseball Nolcs In County A mate n r 1-CO'l li)- J. I'. I'tllKNt) .<: New York Olunls have •'<! a.-.ollior of Mhsbslpp] Oonn. o:n.stindlni! yowia baseball Murlin I,. Griffin, JV-.vcar-olti i'i (!:•> Cl:us J! r;i;i<,ion nl tlic ;:ni-i- tmir loo,-), wen: offered ct/ntiir-Ui .'.y liofco lor tlie Ohms bnl declined to continue th«!r athletic careers In college. Huuh Hartert. lleel- _ foil, Vari;™; 'yesterday Sip'pl'^alc " C^V" S The Manila" ,ndep ( ,,dc,,l Hoys £„*!,,? "T 'S"oV the "Jotu? ?T, y T "" m » sn '>' '<> Iflhundcd ml Wrls Basketball learn* of ita ;r±';' Safe' ^g"l ' a,,^ D -M!"!"-. 1 '""'- '. s . " l «« U'»™^' -MSMDPI County Ainuleur Leslie ruiiuof the National Li-ji-ue Giants the Huliljwixl Hardware of iim i w as oi-dcrcd to report lor i ..; i.tit? April 1C, 1.! ih<> ai>.SP.!C<! Of KcrscllCll liflbO, i .'JlyllH'vllle U'lims in n double Jirndei- played ul Manila last nijjlil 'or tin- first Blimps playr-d Collow- Tlir Western Mississippi Cotin- ijajjs Irijnintd Ihe Hlyliieville boys, 'i'-Hl. while the girls won. IJ-li, in \HI fust names. lit llio boys i-ontiist, lilackwood Hindi' li) points- in give him indl- 1 idnal honors for Ihe Manila team, i while Hiirnham. with 13. was high ! lor Hlylhevillt. i McDonntri. with 8. was high for •>(• Msriiln tills wliile U, Grimes j:md R. Truinulp made '2 each tor 1-lid BlylhpA'illi; team. : Tlii: lineups: HOy.S I'O!,. Ulylhcvilli! Ill I-' Warringlon io (•( ArkMisns. IJolli played with uiles year. It wns die iliird "fiiso.i fur Ilarbeii. Iterd Is Un-tcc-iileil Clyde "Spot" HctKl lilytheville'- fornn-r lllyllicvillf- Ohm mana^r : ciher member of the 'ciiinii oi--m- who wonts this territory, now in ' i/nti.m, said list uivjn n„ i, e ° ,1,1 Wi:ii.-: llsivpn. Ha., ^J.Min,; in IK ,t ,,| s ncd His contract for ihis i!.' -.-liv. -.or,: training i-ajup. Jo-j coming ruison. He was flven •! MI.:: .-v. Wdllli.'y :ict<il ,-t.s a»(;.,i lor! bai-i i- sulnry liie .-on tell i l!il; 'I'l-rry and iv!i!ii-:,s!:d tlic .',ix-• b:i;i}; revealed', but M-na'cr Tirr 1 '••*'•""'• ' I' 1 '" <"'>'<l''rf(l him to riiu,- H "iu Sali.s- l n..i|>lli-s (,u«il tlrcuril , bury tor imoiher year "S-jul" siid Hun June 3, 192S, at Varbro. the ! tliat alter three successful' ve-ir- l>i ,-..:„! V... :ij-ii Mrs. Ljnis OriOin, i Class U leagues l, e believes "h» K \u:ii!i has played severel seasons < milled lo an a-.ivaii-tuu-tjt A- -i r;; •-inn-pro baseball here with intinaer of tl le Blyllieville'aiant- '•'•"•"'•'e MI-CC :,. Usi year h? iie won si ijaines " lost li in "' P ; '.-''s Mave Of Punch, Ace Corps Moti liw fiutfielJ for Robert AlIniRii. blind member of the University of Pennsylvania vrostline learn, exhibits (rophy awarded him as most courageous alhlclc of 1939 by Philadelphia Sports Writers' Aisooiallon, Manhn :>.l\ Williams y lilackwood l[l !>;wllhlg 1 Isaacs 2 Shockley 0 Substitutions: Demon li. F Burnham 13 C Downs 4 O Ilarbeii 2 G Griflin 2 Mimila —Tiplon, lie 1 Ya:-bro :I:J. i-i tl»- .Ml'^JssippI Coumy Liti-ur Baseball League and !'.'!! 'A-i'll over .300. He also hurled m pluywl outfield lor tin- Phil; .\ioto; compf-ny .soflball team Die le^al Commenial Sofltall :iv»f. Hi- is a senior al (he ll<j|- t-.vo season--:. t:i ur.l he won 14 :::! dropped i; «-it:i :ni earned i-iu rivf'-ase of 2.82. The lolloa-ing y,.-ar lie had a record of 10-!) with ":i.lj LBIIIMI runs. I.- the Shjuxhn;-wy p.'uyoff he won t-.vct uain',-.-, wit ; deiiral. lie plu/ej prominent iv,!e: briiv.iii" i;.i, jieiniants to Uly- stralslitening oitl tcitipcramcntal' player.s Is (he job lie did on Eric McNair ... , On second thought I tlon't care much for my suggestion of it match i rnee between Scabiscult and Kuyak II ... Seablseuil should be re-; tired and any Iimi' Owner Charley Howard starts him in Ihe. future he'll be asking for trouble. . . How ABILENE, Texas, March 1. (UP) would you feel If the valiant little :nsl one note after another—nnd I Biscuit, with (he great heart, suf-, n n«mc out what Hie tune Is:' [ll ' c(I "» injury wliile nmnliuj for Manila TJ McOoimld B limiiin 1 Ma.sscy .'} Munnellv ' Today's Parade By HF.Nf.T Md.KMOft* Spo OIKLS Pos. P F P G G G Ulylhcvillc C J. Grimes S. Truinble 2 13. Grimes 2 I/. McLeod H. Trumblc 1 Michael 1 liiud. Mo., school where he com- 1 iheville. [jilfd n sensational record in bas- | Was Among Leaders kMb.iU. being selected on iln- all- j When the lot-al franchise wis couiUy team. He plans to rcaiim to slnite<l 10 Salisbmy r,ll?r :i'i"li-:.--iV{ school this tail to comulc-te work | iantirc nt i'oe '--ate Kced wis fov his diploma. Stumiing live ' ' - - fret. lt> inches tail anil weig 175 pounds, Grifii:i ilirow.s l but bats from the left :;i;ie the plate. Substitutions: Manila—Ross tlie Agim Oalleiite Iruck. here anytliing can happen and -rs at least twice a day. Miss Minn Lee Wiley, us pretty a blonde 'X ever danced Lu a Broadway inu- lias been granted a jockey's Ice use Tills entitles licr (o •ide agninsl any and all men jock- vs. nnd according lo Judge George W. Schilling Calieute's presiding toward who granted lior the per- nit. slie is fully capable of tlie ask ... He told .mo that Miss Vllry was one of the uest whip riders he had ever seen and iu -vnry way (lie equal of the average trckey . . . She will probably ride at Bay Meadows this summer . . . When not riding al Cn- (ientc this winter she exercised IKH-KW at Snntd Attlla atul htul the i rspeci of all the trainers lor whom she worked . . . And to think Osceola Men, Local Girls Win Matches the Osceola men's bowling icain nosed out the Blyllicville tsani but the Blythcvillc girls bral Hip Osc-c- ola girls in bowliiiE m-i?!"-- it r r Plamor alleys licrc last nlgiil. ^raii <> urici M,,W> •'-.•:• ,.t that not many years ago womcu faintctJ at tlie sight of a mouse. Just to show yon thai I am not- unaware that the baseball season '•! fast approaching, and have been visiting' a few camps, let me tell you this about, the Chicago White Sox: They will not threaten the Yankees and will be satisfied to finish fourth, just where they did last year . . . But this is the first Kitr in a ion*i time the Sox have hnd a campful of promising rookies and Manager Dykes is looking | ahead to tlie day when Inticlders I Kolloway, Meta. and Kennedy: 1 Catcher Turner, ami Pitcher Grove get a little more seasoning. . . The head mnn on the club is still Ted Lyons, who for sixteen years lias .shunned publicity nnd allowed his larned run average to -speak for him. Lyons has move value I lo tlie Sox than Just whnl is ii * hi' pilchinp arm. ... He is ibvei anil respected by everyone on the ] team and is father confessor to al ; i hi' proL-hm children on the club ' . . . His bigsesl recent .success ii money, and nothing else? And with (he honors he has achieved H'ndy, there Is nothing left him to run for but money • THE PAYOFF liy JKIUIY mtONDFIKI.I) NEA .Service Sports Wrlttii NEW YORK, March 7. — Hill Uinjlitnn, IlHM'jii! ntli'.iiij Uir;_-.•- tor, lias ar. idea which if put Uuj Second (o Sign Ti'.r young Ynrbro star is tlie siro::d county loop product to line no with the GianLs. A few weeks ago Director Whltlcy signed Alvin Hicks, Burdctte cittctie,'. | "hnnleii off lo Salisbury for an; ether campaign in class D. De- 1 '.j-'llp his disappointment at not moving lip. Spot hurlwl great tall until .stricken with an arm ailment that put him out of commission. He icon six of his first seven starts, two via Die shutout route. Shortly before mill-season he pulled a music- in lii:, arm and never recovered. two fruitless trials following Hobo. Hicks lik'.'ly will :icio:n- a rest lie sent home for the pany Oriffin lo Salisbury. ; remainder of the year. His record . Wliitley also revealed that Hugh Harbt'ii ami Murray Thompson, lilytheville Ijoys, who also pla.ved was eiylit wins and but two de- teals. He ranked high in strikeouts and control. nl-icifeet ivonl;! be ul gieat aid to uii- for der-ninnne.-l football teams that Clayton Heafner Ben Hognn seem to be ri|;hllnB It out between them for the honor of succeeding Harry Cooper as Ihe golfer most likeiv lo finish second in any given tournament. .- . It is doubtful, eitiier one of them however, If ever match Cooper's feat of fin- Ishlni; second 12 limes in the span of one year here note: tind themselves going against squads three deep al every position. Hiiigliam would limit the number of players participating in one game lo as for -?ni'h team. -That many." lie c-binis, "would be more than enough to lake care of substitutions necessitated Bill Terry, piomincnl -soiitliern gnsoline tycoon, is pre- diclins Hint his New York Giants will be a sensation uy i >ju;y j or exhaustloa, but it's still low " enough to prevent a puv.-e.--la.1on SpriiiR is almost \ s(l uad from giindini; -,t thinly I Crimson athletic chief. Ur.der such a system Bingham believes the smaller y.-hooH would make r. nn,.h bet!«r showing .i.'amst Ihe big-timers-. He candidly admits that Hnrvird and Yale, both of which never [inister more than 20 players of viitsity caliber, would benefit t;reat- Iv. position to the plan. It might work all right in the east where the schedules aren't so rigorous but the programs undertaken by Big Ten. southern and ivtslern clubs are a great deal more ambitions. Tlie draw on mnii- L-owt'r is a necessary one. Teams like .Southern California, Tciios A. & M., Noli-e Dame, Ohio ,. * ' *'- *-•- i'«-, i^unu Ljtum:, \.J[IK: •Aiicr all. he asserts, -the pur- "late, and a few others wlihh pby Says he team into the gromrl merely by weijlit of numb.'i 1 :;." Uii^luim hiis-leiij.- to em.ih ;•;>.;_> that this docs nol regulnte the size of squnds as n whole. .Scliools Bush OxhAck, "Ankle-Fashioning MAKES THEIR NEW LOOK LAST LONGER" .RO J- roperiy fitted, [Sunn-Hush shoes retain their ori £ ina! smartness for a surprisingly longtime Our Urge stock plus Nunn-BuSh "personalized" lasts assures you an excellent fit. Wear these finer shoes for lifelong satisfaction I R. D HUGHES & CO. likes the 1940 club even better lhan ua ^ „ vll lie did the 1839 one, which, if yaujucky enough to have -^ - U i are Ihe sort who remembers what i players could still imikc "use of Colonel Terry said, is the one he'but the men would have to be di.v- pronounccd Ihe rmesl he ever, iribiiled over the season brought north from a training trip i ADMITS IIAllVAIll) YALE . . . It finished a fighting fifth, HAVE I'LAVKR SHOHTAGK "Only 15 plnj-er.s arc allowed to Says Next • dross lor a hockey game and I M IT T D- I i calm ' stl >' I'elievc football wotil.-l te Move Up lo KlCKey :» miich fuller game if wo adopted ST. LOUIS. March 7. (UPl—Jo.- . . . . MjC-dwick idled around hi.s suburban home today nnd summed up his ;alary dcmaixis with the siie:i:i:t ilittement: "if Mr. Brancii Mickey wauls to talk terms, he'll have t: come to me." Medwick. who is demanding $20,000 from the St. Louis Cardinals foi 19-10, left the Cards' training cnnri al St. I'eler.sbmg. Pla.. yesterday and flew here because Vice President Rickey failed to keep an ap- the as-player poi-linent [or. a salary ronfi.'rence "Of course 1 want lo piny baseball Hits senson." ha slid. "ij>it not .it the terms I've been offered. The next move Is lip to the club." The Cards luu-e offered Mi>d\<:ick who hns won about every National League batting honor except that | of home ruti king, the same he received last .season, said li> hiiv'p been S18.COO. i:ost> of the game -slioul:! be I., linnonstrile wliich has t'ae be!i^ tram---nol Ihe strongest sqn-id. U i.-n'i n eoofi siaht to t;ee r>:ie of ilios» power-houses from the Big 'I'l-u 01" far v.cst roll over some of their nol-so-forlunate foes, oiwcta- tors don't like it. And it.;' asking .ton much o; a phi.-jically tired lioj- to face wave after wave ol rcin- fo.'jLici-nt:!." The 25-player limit, according to Binvham. wou.d also help prevent boys tvltli nilror injuries 'from dressing for ilic game, thus ^removing lemptation from Ihose coaches who aren't too particular 'over the welfare of their stars as long an they can win a ball game KASTEUN SCHEDULES AKENT HO TOIlfill Highl now. Bingham isn't liaruor- ing great hopes of getting ins id?i written inlo ihe rules book and we can see why. He'd have terrific op- right, nijie and 10 bone-crushers in a row couldn't get along on a 25-player limit. We can't imagine Howard Jones, Francis Schmidt or Elmer Layden deploying with a little more than two dozen performers. Kiuile Rockne. the old master, considered it good strategy to turn loose an army of grklclers for warm-up drill before every game. It was in 1930 that Rock set a •ecord that will shuui for ages by nhvj 120-od:l men against Navy. HV IIAKKV OKAYSON NUA Service Sports Kililor ST. PETEKSBURC;, Pla., March ^.--They're making the Cardinals lavonlcs over ilic Heds. P. Haymond Blades believf-.'; Die Gas-House Ciang can win tlie National ij-asuc pennant provided It iii«.-oi-fi's » couple of infU-ldc-rs. i'lic St. Louis cliitj is SM in 1 ihe M*. helilnd the bat and in the ontlield. UIIKC Jonnny mize is a tower of •t'tiifih al flrsl base and Jimmy Brown, me oiilllfs key man. can look after diner swond, short or third. Si cart Martin would more than n» l he bill at second provided he cculd return to Ihe form thai was liis in ihe early part of 193U, but the Norih Carolinian is frail and hasn't been the same since he look sick that season, despite Ihe loss of his tonsils and appendix. Tlie blokes in the Red Blazers «»<• not counting on Lyn Lary. v.ho held out on ihe strength of a batting average of .119. Don GuticrHge has little besides speed to recommend him as a third baseman. MAKION CHEAT FIKI.HKK IIITTIN'C IS UOUBTFUI. One boy Ray Blades is counting fill is Mtirtin Marion, who cotilii Held like Leo Ouroclicr nnd Pruiik Crosetti when he reported at the Uayiona Beach camp three years • '.fa. Marion, a tall youngster, had (lie ihytlim and arm. but he also lind a hitch in his swing that made him a lousy hitler. He may still be a turn batter, although he compiled an average of .272 with Roctetcr desnite being handicapped by s sore tli-.imb for a month. The Cards have sufficient power to carry on; All-America out provided lie i.< capable of helping Jimmy Browr, iet out the other side. tt looked like Joe Orengo hat '• the shortstop job cinched a yeat :igo when it was discovered thai the 190-pounder was an upper- cutler . . . swung under ihe ball He's back from Sacramento also with a mark of .212. Dig Maurice Sturdy, also from Itoche.ster, is another second base candidate, and little Eddie Lake is a hustling shortstop from Houston. fio:> Repass, who plays tile infield, hit ,'ilC for Drcnliir. but Ofcaliir isn't in much of a league. Pitchers who between them bagged 89 sanies in I'JM have returned —Curtis Davis, Lou Wannrkc. Rob- eil Bowman, Fiddler McGcc, Morion Cooper and the portsiders, Bob v/eiland. Tom Simkel and Clyde S'houti, who was in 53 games as a ,fli(-f worker. .Max Lfujier. ihe .soinhpavv who cauit- a-roarin' in tile fag end of l.isl season, can't miss. And iherc ; Hie usual crop of fine St. Louis cum system pro.spiM-ls — Murry Jick-son and Francis liarrcti, light- ..nacrs. and Harry Brecheen and Ernest White, left-handers, from Houston, and Preacher Roe, left- hander from nofbr>:ter. Ol'TlTKI.I) I'OWKU CAN SI'-KAK FOK I'I'.SKl.l' Certainly, there is no pilchiiiiJ famine, and ihe Cardinals once ••von the flan in one of those yuk-ally tight senior circuit- races A'ith 89 victories. Don Padgett, who compiled a jattiiij. average of .M9, and Mifk- „->• Oivwi will iilti-rnntc bclilml the dish against rinhl and lefl-haml pitcliing. Brave Billy DeLancty. hack after a four-year siege with a tubercular infection of the pleura! cavity, ir, in from Arizona to give advice and lend a hand, if he feels up lo it. In the outfield are Joe Medwick. Terry Moore, Knos Slaughter anil old Pepper Martin, who speak for themselves. Fleet Harold Epps and Elvin Adams were recalled 'loin Houston and Sacramento, cspectivel.v. If n pair of inlielders click, the Yankees will have worth while opposition in the world series next all, for here is one ball club lhat cmes close to matching them in .ching and won't choke up. 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