Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1954 · Page 20
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 20

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1954
Page 20
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^EPfcRJSfv- HOPE tK»m it stalemeftl prepared before bft c«me to it committee healing was well aware or the import '' the of armed truce in the area of public name calling Then Eisenhower gave his congratulations to Sen -Walking (R sailed noi merely g *as to speak. gratulations to Sen -wamns {n- ^hirii -about theiUtah) for a job well done as chair- &.t ItcCttfhy as-W. rt^tte S^to _ cornm.lte. prsbflfi'Jfr. aftl the administration. Several limes In past motiths, Mc Carthy has , <* tfci2 « 1 McCar thy In ded return of McCarthy Wasted Eisenhower by n»me Some Of McCarthy's colleagues impression Burke was amused at him. "Do you think it's necessary to C1AUSSS1I 1954, W Edmund* Clfliisseii Prior copyright, Stanrfafj PutlicotioW, Iftt remind" a gentleman of his manners?" "A gentleman, no. But whzit arc you? You knew her, and :=ho kne<v your name." FADED LOS ANGELES. expected toss broke up game in a h?H called the "Frolic tnd Social Club." "You're faded." snapped one of the raiding pclide officers, tossing his badge on the green fell. Burke -was appraising Crotch for his values. It was clear the cap- v.-as pressing this issue, was hc tlofia long time. f .feeli-ieaked secret for Ififefeabouts that JEisenhow- '•"""' - „... j ftw £ H i"HE ST°R^: Aboard the Gen I imn: v.a= yi •_*>.-"..., •••"• .' ,, ""^iV—"i tl—--;-,••••"». yr—; --._.-_ — . - .... .t n r » D are8 to qo country agains-t the Apaches. In]askins for trouble. Those in Uie ^tusw^^ :Ca tt hy let it l,c eee ho pattern of ]ong-ran ? c mo- •«««•«* ^ ona from belhg'on Wve got to nold the placer they were spreading out to make captured In the War Between thelfields until Washington makes up room for. what was shaping up. lutes Captain Crotch does not'its mind. And you must deliver! «•. w^ m »HP wnrthv edvcrsai {. H vately, McCarthy let it be «T tot flh to: wfth fto surprise ifi many »I?tt °P en collision iffllfl8ly has been Verbal sides, , IVfcCaf- out impulsively heat of debate He read Kisetihcwer and his policies in dealing with th6 Commun^ts On the other side. White House eides deliberately and freoucntly Wouldn't be wrong if they said th? President didn't like either McCarthy or his methods But tho reporter was to let this l>e known Without revecling the source of Information This sort of veiled situation has exir.tcd. for months Elsenhower has referred to McCarthy obliquely in his press conference in critical terms but he always has rCfi ained frorn "engaging in personalities" v.'ith the use of the senator's name There existed a :;ort think much of tivd in hia actions CONSTRUCTION t ' 3t ' r^arrVi Buildings and Industrial Buildings according to specifications. Can be con- S'tfucted at low cost. CALL ... PR 7*4683 for complete information. ETT STEEL & ENT CO. There are others who are convinced McCarthy has a definite goal, cithek- that he wants to b3 president of the United States or else he Wants to become a third force in American politics with such power that he can incluence the choice of a president McCarthy himself denies any Such political ambition and place? his motives on the high pl&teau or patriotism But at least this much has _bo- come apparent ir. the . situation": A false front has been removed from the Eisenhower-McCarthy -re lationship by the senator himself Now 'there can be no mistake about it Ever y'bo dy knows •where the two men stand in relation to each other . ike his job of hauling the rifles. His job is to take miners to th« Sold fields. Also aboard is Rad- cllff Burke, a sinister mf.n, who boarded the steamboat at the same lime the rifle? were loaned. my Springfiolds." JI1V oui jiigii-aua. l"-o* t.»ivi A-.**- ,.^_ •These ahe langer packets Jam ' g etointr g u ^'^^ h"/Lrve IV Now the major was trimming his cigar. He knew Crotch thoroughly, had not jumped at this scheme without thought and he kind made worthy sdvorsar ios, and Burke was sorely tempt Yet he held Crotch said thougntnury. •'='• "•- ••"" -, — .' couldn't -And you force me to say. things jjse ^Crotch A rnant,uk,n t I would not speak," the me.ior mur Kill simply 101 an ti * . . mured ard turned his hands hope- Southern -man_ who had jc.ncd th oughly, had not jumped at this wnen vou believe you are right, scheme without thought and he j a " m i sc ' n ' s sc ldom on the same side made up his mind carefully where L-jth you . He's primarily a bucca- to begin his persuasion. Leer, a man'who means to squeeze "Tn vniif nriininn " HP QtinUp RO-l.i _ i_..i J « nf Vilrtrtrl frrim ihic (to ^e Continued) . bcrly, "ho%v important is , this gold r i vcr ^IvilrnO'* 1 ____ t NOT THAT CHICAGO, (UP) A proposal to peint the slogan "Don't Be A Pig" en the city's trash trucks was top- sod in the.ash can today by Sani "In your opinion. nec. he spoke so- lhc ' la ,. t ,j,. op o f blood from this r _ pdssibly he doesn't care for , me because, in a v/ay, I Crtch withdrew the nugget Jaw from his pocket, placed it in the officer's hand. Last trip down from BOLD THIEF GUTHRIE, Okla., (UP) Sheriff Andy Jelsma huntecl today for ths w . . aut j ac io U s thief who broke into the "you put the matter bluntly." Logan County Court clerk's office . lunch ty tion. Commissioner Johnson. ' Lloyd J. aurseii oe uaugm -Ji^ S "«'"- i Railroads have carried U. Crotch felt response to Murphy, ma n for more than 100 years. a sober realization of his doty. 1 —• Johnson had the -slogan changed to "Don't Be A Litter But,'." . "We can't be inferring that any of our good citizens are pigs," hi said. . . NUTRITION VEGETABLES |ptatoes50s£kT.29 , J JV . * ,*. §fe0NUTS Eo lOc M6A15 GRADE A FRYERS Lb. 39c FRESH DRESSED HENS 33c QTATOES u, lOc 6* Lbs. ^DC PUUET iGS DO, 39c FRESH PORK ROAST . 43c DELICIOUS ROUND StEAK 49c SIRLOIN STEAK Lb. 39c CHUCK ROAST Lb. 29c EXTRA SPECIAL 'UCE u lOc 11 BOLOGNA *. 25c ARRY'S ROCERY and MARKET and MARKET We Deliver Phone 7-4404 ALL .FLAVORS Box Only OLD FASHION CANDY ORANGE CANDY CHOCOLATE Cake Mix 3 *,« «-'i 14 *n.j (j^*,..^-»i r*-' " — — i XUU IJL1L Hit; iiicitib^*. Frfiw«»v*^i i j_.y j* an ^^ULCIII-J v^«-»..--- — officer's hand. Last trip down from ,. I . m speaking now as your anc i s t o ]e $48.65 during the lunch La Paza drunk had tossed it onto U r j on[ j. 'i t.?li" you that Jamison, j lour yesterday. the texas deck-thrown it merelyhy[ B( jdi x and company- are out t The clerk's office is two floors o hear sash glass tinkle. The ma- j ay you by the heels. Never giveL.bove T "'---"' = or nodded. "I've rocn the same ih c ' m a chance,• Crotch. Never letj hing , before. A miner passed yourse u be" caught off goard. hrouph Yuma carrying as much Crotch felt response to Mur r.s he could pack. And he had shov- a so ber realization of his L cled it from" the gravel in' three " Y 6ur. mining machinery will go weeks-" through, to La Praz!" "That's vhcrc the army made Afterwards Crotch descended the its mistake. Instead of pulling out Utairway; knowing the full'weight I' the few hundred dragoons we had U] ia t Murphy had hoisted upon his in Arizona they should have spnt Lhoulders. Men would, be killed bft- more to force • peace , on \h? t . nu£e O f his part in this business. Apaches." 'W|JflWB H g turned his head tov^ard the "And the. .Confederates," Mur- barroom> ca tching • Radcliff Burke phy said quietly. "I'll tell you this, L| aring j' n t o the mirror though. A courier has reached me' from General Carlton. We've cleaiv orau intuitively he h ad the feelin, ing to be a fight. When Jefferson Burke v/as tied. up >vith h, cargo Davis realizes the true worth cf was waiting h «e £ «» G'^H ous. he Colorado, they're coming back because tnls had been the p ace of n force. And alrer-dy lower Ari- his appointmer.t with Ma 301 Mur ' drftalWy nally establish an independent ter- Burke an r=inrv Some sort of government scheming together. U have to be set up In the North. He looked directly into Burke's pos=ib1y at Fort Whipple. Until face and said roughly: "You were they act, we've got to hold what unfriendly to a lady. Dent you WP have " ' know any better? He took a turn about , the soom The man's entire .body begin again. "Lieutenant Lane has He had deep- set eye sockets wit! my orders to establish a company shagy brows. Eyes as black as ^volunteers at La Paz. These tar, and as the tenseness m. them men must have guns to hold tfte I gradually ran out, Crotch had -th- Beeemfeer f, e » i ; A ft it AM j A s It Cfciek ¥••!• GOOD--l'LLlGEr SOME APPLES AND COO3ES AND WE'LC PtAY PILLOWS (SIFT SHOP Personalized Christmas Cards ii 'f tm m T v** .» SCOUT WHO, TftlEOT'STEAk AY QUITE A PROBLEM • Open every Wednesday consin Salon of \rt (ost factor, the Madison Keep Manufac 7:30 -9 P. M. 305 S. Laurel , .uring Corp., because it could not . ., igure out what the salon's abstract modern art was supposed to repre- By J. R. WMIIann OUT OUR WAY N0T-TE/iOH 5UM{*V .., , , &UT ENOUSH PC* ONE Biblical Bit RK3HT XKKJSWER ID JUST Aisl 1 RA •TICKETS AM' wevee. wciw I ANYTHING/ 57 Boat paddle M ^st season ! SkingofJudah . 8 tint king of : lifael 12 Italian river 13 Huge tub 14 Singing voice 15 Couple er coin (if ailand 1 Father 2 Asiatic sea •. 3 Integral part 4 Siren 5 Nautical term 6 Perched 7 Reached 8 Seasonings 9 Toward the • sheltered side 10 Indians " 11 Misplaced . 19 Decay 21 Children 24 Lade water from a boat Exqui.it* Columbia Diamond HinB«-suarantMtl Before selecting any diamond ring . . .you owe it to yourself to see the fabulous Columbia I ru- Fit" with Guardian Angel. 25 Grafted (her.) 26 Let it stand 27 First man 28 Wtfe of Boaz 29 Italian city 30 Darling 32 Scriptural composition 35 Smear 36 Moral 39AuWcle . 40.D«ve 6'ff 41 Sneedster •.. 42 FiOl in hole 43 Indian 44 Wfas borne 46 Withered radise ird's home ritish money Stewart's Jewelry Store "Reliable Jewelers" WASHTUBBS anges 30 Certify SZ Nephew ol '-' With Motor * OUR BOARDING HOUSE S9 Diminutive of Harriet S7 Permit 38 Thrash .'•• dlang) 30 Anesthetic 4p Groove CKSAP; iwev A 6OB5TAfiTlAL 6IFT IS MORE APPREQATED.-^ A .WATCH, A PRECIOUS STOlte,- A CANAEt2A OP MATCHED crtfe6SC-^O|A.|-NOOR -DIAWOM SCBD lip Ih A HORSE 60OTS AND HER BUDDIES FOR QUALITY and 42 Bullfighter 450Jirlstis »ow, SIOO SKV W ^ftW OV Let us fill those Vital Prescriptions ...„ for speedy delivery from 7 m. .to 7 p. m. Registered Druggist on duty at 111 times. Call PR 7-3424 DEPENDABILITY 64A'hger 5? Greek god of Buy New! Economy-Size! Colonial Bread 225 S. MAIN WHY GOOD COOKS ARE BUGS BUNNY By MerifibitBM FUNNY BUSINESS PURE-VEGETABLE $HORTENlNG .. ALLEY OOP HEC«'5 S01N 1 DM THERE,' WHITER at Ramsgate with that chafing dish! Can't let any. • Xfijbrie forget he^tarted as a sourdough prospector!" GLANCES" ByG«ibroiifc -te this the income tax coiieetor's residence? Could " haw a fewr bites for not making any work for him?" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Selzer BUT. DEAR... I'M AFRAID OUTBOARD MOTOR OUT OF THE QUESTION CHRISTMAS! SIT AND ROW THAT BOAT IOO PURE VEGETABLE All-Pigestibk THI STORY Pf MARTHA WAYNI 1 This Coupon Good for cker w Mr. Dealer: Mrs. Tucker will redeem this coupon for 154 plus 2^ for handling, on the purchase of a 3-lb. can of Mrs. Tuck's Shortening. Payment to be made by our salesman or by m^il' ' ing to Mrs. Tucker, Shernsan, Texas, Will not be reaeemed thresh A|ency rrr ^ >rF ™Toi t or Coupon Redemption Service. Votf pyRI VI6ITABW where taxed, restricted or prolwbitM, Vmir • ounDTTUINR Offer expires January 31, 1955. TWs I OUl I SHUnitmnW Couppn good anyw here. on a 3-lb. Can of I lifyri I'll it sblt to ^o to § rtij v»rd, or Prihot ton, or Rio Qrandtl" IV'j "J'm bw«« WotiM |mi \ vi , . '' till • " ' ' ' •, >„'!-'' i - r v -i' *"*''-4 >4»"'*"' Siff

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