Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1954 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1954
Page 15
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" * H8M 5TA1, HOP1, ARKANSAS Thursday, Beaefttbef 9, 19S4; somed bout III MaMow W The room Reporters whei |<3Si$enhfr»er strod* f Moor, 1 Me wns _. JL 4 -shctfVlftg no sign oi Sfweic tho bnrfag<! of "' fchettf was tromihg. he looked ?ft good ' a well-tailored •Sreast&i suit, a blue ft polka dots and a „„„ jrtwfre was a fresh, BnSbfe 'about him. His sum- AH \vas fading. Striking change aftex* Ihe White Houre was »<».«• The Mnes in his f ore- HWP-'dfeepened and tfiere 'Si^e? tines around his eyes fettouth, particularly his J£f%«- g the telltale signs of mvS which pile up on l^tesilent ol the United .„ yesterday the DTOW . before the news rating their questions apd assurance he ,....^'d when he came [fte< House. His face re ?*i5vaiaert shifts of hi 1m mirth to dead serl refused to comment on <a Statement by Sen. McCarthy (R- aecusing hitti tf a "shtlnking tit W6akn6.«" In fighting He didh't 6</en mem- UoH McCarthy b? fiftm*. He deftly jhsWCred W pahried all questions jeatfng oft the rattle hot topic, If anger was boiiirtg inside because of the McCarthy incident, Eisenhower gave no hint of it. Watchihf the President, my thoughts went back to a day two years ago v/hrn he was president- elect. He had fulfilled a campaign promise to go ot Korea In a searcn [or some way to bring an end to Lhe war there. Now he was aboard the Navy cruiser Helena, which was plowing through heavy seas toward Hawaii, A group of. Us eat'b'ack on deck discussing politics and the campaign, while Eisenhower relaxed irt WS cabin. A man who now 5s highly placed in the administration said: •Ike's a politico! amateur even though he did win the nomination and election. Let's not kid ourselves. He has lived his life in the Army, much of it away from h6me. He has been removed from the currents of America politics. He doesn't know the political sub- tlelies in the relationship between politicians. He doesn't know American politics, period." And then this man added: "But that isn't the important thing. Ho's •got a feeling for politics and he'll learn fast." Seeing Eisenhower two years after this incident, the feeling was strong that in that short span he Texans May Not Like New Ferber Movie By BOB t HO MAS HOLLYWOOD W) The theme song of George Stevens might well be "The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You." You see, Stevens is the man who Is producing and directing "Gi- tnt," from the Edna Ferber novel that arounsed such Texasire, But he doesn't think many Texans will be made at his movie. "The same thing happened when she wrote 'Cimarron," " he observed. "Oklahomans attacked her for supposedly showing that early settlers were sharpsters. Why. she was hung in effigy in one Oklahoma town. "But when the picture was finished, the governor of Oklahoma invited her to the world premiere as guest of honor. "I think it will be the spmc with •Giant.' A lot cf people got excited about the book. But I don't think that anyone who fules strongly for Texas can help but feel moved whc-n he sees the picture." Stevens is so sure lha tTcxans will favor the film that ho plans to invade the slate for shooting late next month. Right now he has cre-.vs scouting locations in five 'spots Antbnio. Houston the Panhandle, the mountains in the southwest and th C wes tGulf Coast. He'll probably pick two locations and plans to rtioot about half of the film in Texas. The producer director is a large rough-hewn man who talks tenderly i bout the art of making a movie, which he loves. He spoke of the problems of coverting the 447 _ page rovel into an 180-page script He faced the need of not only cutting, but adding material as well. "The book covers 25 years of the lives of its characters," lie remarked. "We not only have to cover that span, but we also have to build a final 2G minutes of intense excitement, which all good movies must have; We did that by building a series of climaxes, which Edna was not required to have in the book. "Also, the characters were more or less in profile in the book. We have tried to round them out. We do not. merely show you a tough ;r;an who has made 150 million. We show you how he got that way. I feel this understanding of mo- itvation will parmit Texans to like the picture." had learned a great deal about American politics and politicians. Perhaps tha t is why the lines arc etched more deeply today in his forehead and around his eyes. W. Powder Large Box ALL BRANDS 29c MACKERE SALMON 1 Lb. Tall Cans No.2i Cans MELLORINE FRE-ZERT 85c CREAM'/; Deaths Over the Nation By The Associated Press The toll of violent deaths in Arkansas since last Sunday midnighl climbed to rix when a Camden youth was killed in a traffic acci dent last night. Frederick Garrett, 18 was killec •when the car in which he was riding left a country road three rnd a half miles northeast o Smackover, overturned several mes end crashed inta a culvert Ouachita County Coroner George Malhis said three othor Camde ouths wore injured in the wreck 'hey were identified a« Kenny. Hodges. Billy Dell Cockran and j.D. Partain. All three were taken ,o a Camdan hospital. Ther e is no regular annual snow all in about a fifth of the United States although snow docs sometimes fall in many of the warm areas. Gal BEANS Legal Notice SfflAD DRESSING 'PET-'and CARNATION MILK 4 CaS 45C SCOT TISSUE 2 ROMS 19c . ? Free 'when, J>>t. | nrr '. PEAS Purple Hull and Blackeye 2 No. 2 Cans 29c CORN Happy Vale Yellow Cream style 2 - 303 Cans 25c A FANCY mafroes FRESH PRODUCE DAILY Lettuce 2 Lg. Heads 25c RUBY RED SEEDLESS Grapefruit 3 Lg. Size 25c Candied Fruit CHERRIES, PINEAPPLE MIX FRUIT LEMON PEEL CITRON ORANGE PEEL WHITE RAISINS i PURPLE TOP Turnips 2Lbs. 5c BUSHEL.. $1.25 No. 7G82 In the Chancery Court of Hempslead County. Ark. QUEEN ESTHER HAMILTON Plaintiff vs. MARVELL HAMILTON ....'....: Defendant WARNING ORDER The defendant, Marvell .Hamilton is warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Queen Esther Hamilton. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 26th day of October 1954. Garrett • Willis. Clerk By L. C. Byers, D. C. (SEAL) L.' E. Grain, Attorney for Plaintiff John P. Vesey, Attorney Ad Litem Dec 2. 9. 16, 23 Legal Notice BE SURE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER FOR YOUNG FAT TURKEYS, HENS and HAMS. TERRYIAND SWEET MILK 1/2 BUTTERMILK FRESH DRESSED SUN VALLEY SIRLOIN, CLUB and T^BONE DEC, 1 UK TRIIS ARI IN SUPER ORDINANCE NO. 740 AN ORDINANCE TO VACATE AND ABANDON ALLEY IN BLOCK 41 IN THE CITY OF HOPE, ARKANSAS, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES WHEREAS, a petition was duly filed with the City Council of the City of Hope, Arkansas, on the 2nd day of November, 1954, asking the City Council to vacate and abandon a'certain parcel of land designated on the plat of the City of Hope, now appearing of record in the recorder's office within and for Hempstead County, Arkansas, in Record Book 6, page 17, as the alley in Block Forty-one (41) in said City, running northerly and southerly through said block from West Third Street to West Fourth Street, as more particularly described hereinafter. WHEREAS, After due notices as required by law, the council has, at the time and place mentioned in the notice, heard all persons desiring to be heard on the question and has ascertained that the ajley hereinbefore described, has heretofore been dedicated to the public use as an alley herein described; has not been actually used by the public generally for a period of at least five years subsequent to the filing of the plat; that all the owners of the property abutting upon the alley to be vacated have filed with the council their written consent to such abandonment; and that public interest and welfare will not be adversely affected toy the abandonment of such alley. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF HOPE, ARKANSAS. Section 1. The City of Hope, Arkansas, hereby releases, vacates and abandons all its rights, together with the rights of the public generally, in and to the alley designated as follows: A strip of land 16 feet in width running northerly and southerly through Block 41 in the City of Hope, Arkansas, bounded on the East by Lots 7, 10, 11 and 14, and on the West by Lots 1 to 6, inclusive, and bounded on the North by West Third Street and on the South by West Fourth Street. Section 2. A copy of this orcll- lance duly certified by the City clerk shall be filed in the office of the recorder of the county and recorded in the deed records of .he county. Section 3, This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage. Passed: December 7, 1954 Approved: December 7, 1954 John L. Wilson Attest: Mrs. - F. Reynerson, g^j^^s^^fi^s^^ _ . WE RE READY FOR CHRISTMAS FOLLOW THE CROWDS TO OWEN'S We Gift Wrap FREE r, Dwembef 9, 1954- HOP! STAR, HOPt, ARKANSAS Only I More v Shopping | Days Until I Christmas 5? DRESSES i MEN S HAT! i j J U~^.,4.;-F, ,1 S ^ is a wise head that Just arrived, beautiful £ Wears an Adam. Men, get new Collection of | under an Adam Hat Christmas dresses $7.95 TO New Cinderella Must Get Some New Teeth By BOB THOMAS BOLLYWOOD (#) It turns out that Cinderella needs not only a pumpkin but new teeth as well, The latest Hollywood Cinderella is Ma-jorie Hellen, a gorgeous, 19- year-old honey blonde. She amazed many people last week when she went to court to have her contract approved, as all players under 21 must do. She told the judge she would be Unable to save anything out of her $W,000-a-year salary. Her contract w??s approved and it —was believed to be the first, of an underage player without a provision for savings. Now you and I could live nicely on such a sum, supporting our children and house payments. Why can't Marjotie, who is single and lives in an apartment? "It's because I have my father's jaw and my mother's teeth,'' she explained. Heredity played her a n|)fty tiick, and now she's paying lor it. She estimates it will cost to $7.50 Men's cotton Pajamas. All sizes. HOSE Special, one big stack, ladies $1.39 to $1.69 hose $19.95 I Buy now and use our | Christmas Lay-Away § I IS plan. . \i/ See the new arrivals in Christmas Hosiery by'Vanette. 66 gauge, 10 denier, ^"B the world's finest, ^M | Per pair i**' 60 gauge, 12 Denier 60 Gauge, 15 denier 60-15. Dark heels and seams PANTIES 59c and 69c fancy ladies and misses Christmas panties. 2 pairs $1.00 "THeiSF Men's new fall dress slacks. Just /^^^^l^ \\ \ 'Children's lace trimmed Rayon the thing for Christmas. / ,^V-^_!tbc U3 I £\ Panties. Special a pair ' 5.95 toi2.L _ ^SMMWMW*^^ DUSTERS i GIFT TOWELS f RED WAGONS J ^r^rrijrr | "•tsris""' I and TRICYCLES Christmas gift. & ^tm ^nt^fe $. $3.95 to $10.95 ;A* How Much Is Drug Worth? w You may have been charged $5 or $10 for a small bottle of capsules. Perhaps you think it was an outrageous price to pay for the drug. Then It may be that. you are unaware of certain Important facts. The medicine has proved to be marvelous in the treatment of pneumonia or other diseases which less than ten years ago often were killers. The small bottle of capsules may prevent. a serious surgical operation or confinement in a -'hospital for a long time or it may even save your life. The chances are that it cost mor« than a million dollars to make the drug available. Is $5 or $10 too high a price for a medicine that performs miracles. You have the answer. Ward & Son 1 DRUGGIST 102 W. Second St. Phone 7-2292 between $3,000 and $5,000 for permanent caps on her tiny teeth. Why can't a starlet save on $12,000 a year Marjorie showed me in black and white where the money goes. She earns $300 a week. But wait a minute-contract players are on salary only 40 v/eeks a year. So that makes her check $230 on a early; basis. First of all, $60 vanishes from ie check via Uncle Sam unem- loyment tax, motion picture reef fund and other d educt ions, 'hat leaves $170 to start with, 'eie's how Marjorie has budget- d the rest. Teeth $30 car, $20 rent up- eep, phone C25 clothes,$15; liv- ng expenses, $20. She sends $35 week home tc her family in Jpper Black Eddy near Philadel- hia. Debts take $25. What debts ould a girl of 19 have? She ex- ilained she had toborrow to pur- ue her modeling career in New York. A big expense has been her emporary teeth caps. They cost 90 a set and they break within wo to four weeks. If my arithmetic is correct, Vlarjorie's outgo equals her in- ome. And the budget docfn't include her age rt's commission—10 jer cent of her salary. She has lired legal aid to get out of that. Vole: She'll get much of her ncome tax deduction back when her dental expenses are computed. Marjorie figures she is working and studying 94 hours a week. But she's not complaining. "In 11 months, I have gone from PRESCOTT NEWS Ava ton Garrett Celebrates Birthday Ava Lou Garrett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Garrett, entertained a few of her friends with a supper at the Trialway Cafe on Saturday evening in celebration of her 14th birthday. After the supper games were played at the Garrett Home. The guests, Wanda Husky, Jerry Garner and Shelby Haynie also enjoyed the preview at the Nevada Theater. Mary Adams Has Weiner Roast Mrs. E. Adams honored her daughter, Mary, with a weiner roast at their suburban home on Saturday afternoon. The occasion was her eleventh birthday. Cake and ice cream were also served to the 18 guests. pkins. Little Miss Marica Ann Mitchell of Kansas City is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Dallis Atkins. Mrs. C. D. McSwain Mrs. Ann McSwain, Mrs. Pat Combs and Jan spent a part of last week in Little Rock as the guests of Mrs. Matt Hitt. Mrs. Allan Johnston has returned to Shreveport after a visit with her sister, Mrs. C. F. Pittman. Mrs. Dale Wilson left last week for an extended visit with her dau ghter, Mrs. R. B. McGhee in San Antonio, Texas. Help for b/icfay Shoppws and Budg&te ! GRAPE 54*0*. CHRISTMAS TREE Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Gee and children of Hot Springs were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Al len Gee. GIFTS • Homemade Candies • Hand decorated Cigarette sets • Imported brass ; • Dolls • Milk Glass and many others Lambrights Gifts 2 Miles East on 67 Featuring WROUGHT IRON — Made in Hope T* «at> "** «•». "x* **•."Wi *a* ~xfc <*»• ~i«k <s& is* '•^'•iifck^r-iao^ -%-%* You can be sure he'll like... fo $3.95 to $16.95 PILLOWCASES K ^ pillow Case sets make an idea , See the big display boxed hand- A Christmas gift kerchiefs for Christmas giving. ' 49c to $1.59 a box $1.98 and $2.98 ^ SLIPPERS^ Evans are America's most popular slippers, year .after year favorites with tnea everywhere. That's why you can't « ff go wrong when you give Evans Slippers. wf Your favorite man will know you've ttt carefully considered his comfort and v good taste when you give him the best «?; slippers money can buy. HOUSE SHOES See the big group of Christmas | house shoes for men, women and $ children. Budget priced. | $1,00 to $4.95 | Men's flannel suits in | grays, blues, brov/ns H and charcoal GIFT TIES Beautiful selection gift ties. '* $34.50 TO $42.50 to $1.50 > «^5g^'«^.'-S«!g'.£i4:^! GOWNS s| Blue Swan gowns make |j wonderful gifts. Priced to $6.95 S- 1 Sl€t€'€'€€'€tgl€'€'-S[§< JEWELRY New jewelry has just arrived, T*T- ft $1.00 ^P W ^^fr ^^F DEPARTMENT STORE to $1.95 ' ' $5.95 /J ,. **f* K&l&:<y»«, Parent-Teen Supper Approximately 75 attended the Parent-Teen supper at the Methodist Church on Sunday evening sponsored by the Methodist Youth Fellowship. Proceeding the supper that was served from a table covered with a white cloth and centered with a miniature Christmas tree and white candles, the group sang several songs including the invocation "Be Present At Our Table Lord." Rev. W. D. Golden showed a film on "A Family Is Fun." A program was presented by the young people and their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Haynie, Joe and Glenn of Smackover were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Brozie Haynie. 3 to 4 Feet.. »„.,..., 69 $ ! 25 7 to 8 Feet Miss Emily Blake of Baton Rouge, La., was the weekend guesst of relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cox and Mrs. J. M. Futrell of Fulton spent the. weekend at their home here and had as their guests, Dr. and Mrs. W. L. Wood of Malvern. Mrs. A. B. Gordon Hostess To W. S. C. S. Circle 4 'Circle 4 of the W. S. C. S of the First Methodist Church met on Monday afternoon at the home ol Mrs A. B. Gordon. Mrs. Wayne Eley gave the devotional on "City Sights and Shad- orn." The two speakers on the program were Mrs. B. A. Warren and Mrs. Arthur Turner. The business was presided over by Mrs. Doug Easterling, circle chairman. Cake and Russian tea were ser ved to 12 members. Mrs. Loyce Anderson and David Paul, Mrs. Lewis Garrett and Becky and Glenn Willis visited relatives and friends in Oklahoma Sunday afternoon, C. T. Tompkins has returned to Shreveport after a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Tom a waitress to a movie actress,' she sighed. ''You can't beat that.' OCEAN SPRAY WHOLE 5 to 6 Feet Small Stand.oxM.J94 Large A&P GREEN $165 1 .I CRANBERRIES ANN PAGE Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Mitchell of Kansas City announce the arrival of a son, James Riley, on December 3 at the Baptist State Hospital in Little Rock. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Atkins of Prescott and Mrs. R. P. Mitchell of DeQueen. NO SIRENS CHICAGO, (UP ) Commissioner Timothy O'Connor has ordered Chi cago's 56 police department squadron ambulances to stop using siv ens on emergency calls. O'Connor said the sirens tended to make some of the police drive too fast and the patients nervous. SPARKLE Assorted Flavors 1 Lb. Can Pkg. 19c LIMA BEANS A&P DEXO'S LIFT FROM ARMY DALLAS I/P) The Dallas post office will deliver its load of Christmas mail this year with the help of 75 World War II Army trucks, brought out of "mothballs' 1 at the Red River Arsenal near Texarkana. The world consumes about 50 million metric tons of pulp paper products a year. the automatic "does everything" NECCHI the "magic brain" ELNA portable From first seam to final trim the AUTOMATIC NECCHI end ELNA do every «titch of the work,..$ew straight end ligiqg, forward and reverse, overcast seam», blindftitch hems, hemstitch, mend and darn, sew on buttons, make buttonholes, applique, monogram, and moke dozens of beautiful embroidery stitches, All WITHOUT ATTACHMENTS! There's a NECCHI to suit every home, every Straight stitch model $C only $98.95 Per JlfiE df momtrfltion tall or visit Necchi-EIno Sewing Circle Owen's Deportment Store Hope, Arkansas ~ MWING cjactiz .-<?-,' '. ;> ,-'vi. : •'" --.,.,.,, ,/^, .,,.'^. CHRISTMAS CANDY Ic SHORTENING 3 "SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY MEATS WARWICK CHOCOIATI 1 THIN MINTS ...~—::..?! 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White Bread ill isss. JANE PARKER Fruit Cake PAN Peanut Butter ll.U'11'1 *ffec»v» through P»?. II t '*M»ICA'> MKIMQIT K09 MtAUII.,. »IM<I Karo NO I;N;IN? «* HO WIWN? Spic A Span 24-0*. Pkg..... \ All PITIRCENT •' ,..35* B£ 239 SHORTENING CRISCO «*•* 'fit' I >*••

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