Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1954 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, December 9, 1954
Page 13
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g^sra-,- •** T'VT)» s5-T1 ; #A--^^ • -^^ * ' Thursday, December $, 1$S4 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ^SvWTOr*;*' -*.. /- 5 * ^'V'"" 5 MOM Sf All, MOM, A * * A N S A i Thursday, * ^fs"-MS 1 i I^E: ;'- %9**f\ "" ' sh Some .k'f/P) ftaafifbaeks elided ! Irrjm football to fe . nt the f % h c «, began 4)ay 'date wllh Georgia tech /n the Gdttott Sowl at Dallas. ^yatl had his #iuad .con- central on limbering Up Work, wIHd sprints and Signal drills yes- ay,-and said he wouldn't or«« any heavy Work Jor at least a Week, The team won't do pads •uMfl net Monday < Wyatt and Athletic Director John Batnhill left here last night, for Dallas, where they Will attend a »oon meeting, today ot the-confer- 'ence's football coaches and athletic directors. , , The Arkansas coach said that all members of the squad were in good, condition after the vacation. ,LI. ....I . .I-, a" * ' ' • ' ' ' '•'••'•• — *-" StOTT S IStMAS SAVING SALE racelets fif nickel -silver, 'initials stamped Free Ids-Fed. Tax box. 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Ohio are visiting Mrs. Fisher's mother, Mrs. Carrie People and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pasker. Mr. and TWrs. L. C. McFadden •and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Williams of"Detroit ( Mich., have arrived to attend the funeral of their uncle, John W. Williams. Name Teams Continue , to Win "'• By JOHN CHANDLER Of The Associated Press La Salle, Oklahoma A&M. Notre Dame, Loui svile names well known in colk-ge basketball L-ir- cles-cintinued on the victory trail today. All four scored impressive victories last night in the yount 195455 campaign, which saw heavy action in the East, where many Ivy League, quints tuned up for the hot conference race to come. La Salle, winner of the NCAA championship last spring enc! voted the No. 1 team itx.the Associated Press preseasoh poll this. : fall, chalked up its third straight victory by overwhelming Penn Military 94-39.- All America Tom Gola scored ' 18 points in Military 94-89. All America Tom Gola scored 18 points in the 25-minutes he played. Also making it three in a row was Oklahoma A&M, No. 11 in the preseaosn calculations. The Aggies, who defeated Texas 70-63 Saturday, did it again lest night 77-49, Mack Carter led the A&M scoring with 21. Notre Dame made it 22 consecutive home floor victories by beating Northwestern 79-69, and Louisville broke its own scoring record with, a 113-64 triumph over Mississippi State. i. Brown handed Harvard a 51r38 Ivy League defeat while undefeated Connecticut made it S-0 by drubbing Ysle 33-E7. Lafayette spoiled Princeton's opener by win- rnig 85-74, and Colgate tallied 45 points In the secod half to down Cornell 73-52. Virginia marred Navy's home debut by defeating the Middies 79-fiO while Fordham outlasted Syracuse 60-56. Columbia beat Rutgers 85-01 and Pennsylvania thumped Swarthmore 86-58. - • Carnegie Tech upset Pitt 79-u7 the third straight loss for the Panthers. I Jr. a Southern Conference game ' Bichmond defeated Washington fe Lee 95-78 for the Spiders' fourth straight. . . Arkansas went overtime to de feat Oklahoma City 81-76, v/hil Tulsa defeated -Texas A&M 57-4o to make its record 3-0. Purdue defeated -Valparaiso 62 50, West Texas State overcam Hamline 87-64, >and IVtavquett made it 3-0 by taking St.' Norbe of Wisconsin 33-47. One-Platoon Apparently HeretoStay NEW YORK W) College fo [ball has had two years in which to get used to limited substitutions I and "one-platoon" football apparently is here to stt\y, At least the nation's sports writ- ters - and broadcasters say so by a thumping vote in their answers to the Associated Press post-ssason o.uestionnaire. But there'.s solid little score of expers U\ho demand, "Bring back two-platoon football" and a group of others who favor some ielaxatin of | the .substitution rule. The count of those who said a (definite yes or no iii their replies •which" started the day after Arkansas closed out Us season with a '10-0 -triumph over Houston. Starting tackle Jim Roth, forced to sit out the team's last two games because of a knee injury, Will be ready for the Cotton Bowl. I'Wyatt said. | Meanwhile, Barnhill reportedd jthat 'donations to the Wyatt Appreciation fund still are coming j-.reciatlon fund still are cotping in. The drive to collect money lor Wy&tt and his jiides ended last after $20,300 had been cal- Uftctpd. " " rtt got 9 new car ovit pf th» and the rpmaindev of the ,.,.».,»/ wAl be divided among env ntoyus of fae' wmyersity's athletic Was 76 in favor of the present rule and 18 for free substitution. About a dozen rupgested minor modification!!. A .lumber of others were noncomrrtitnl in their replies several pointing out that the two- team system employed by many big colleges has more or less nul- Iff'icd the purposes of the anti-platoon rule. At least it still is a lively sub ject for debate among the football writers. It's great. It separates the men from the boys. It enables the fan? to know the players; it makes our work easier. It has brought back Ihc stars. It's just as good fool- ball, or even better than under the two-pla'.oon system and more interesting. Those are the favored arguments oi the men favoring limited substitution. The opposition argues tliat thn fuality of college play has dropped sharply, that' fewer boys get a chance to play in games after taking a druary pounding in practice and that there's greater, danger of injury to tired players. The neutral comments: range Cards Again Act to Bolster the Team ST. LOUIS M The St. Louis Cardinals, who gambled and won on Wally Moon, bolstered a sas ging bullpen staff but take another look at the wheel rf -fortune today in the person of'untried third base* man Key Boycr. The gamble .developed when the Cards, roreiy in need of relief pitchers for two years, parted with regular third baseman Ray Jn- blonski and starting pitcher Gerry .nley yesterday to get relii-fi;r Staley yesterday to get Cincirihati Boycr, who • came to tho Cards from the Texas League is the No. 1. prospect for Jablonski's third bare vacancy. , Dick Meyer, Caids general man"a lot" to set Smith but said he and Manager Ecklic Stanky felt "wo couldn't make much progress without sn adequate bullpen." Cincinnati use Jablon- 28. <.„.,, admitted the club (rave up th°ir regular third baseman to ro place Bobby Adams. Jalibo, 28 who belted home 112 tuns his freshman year in 1953, hit .298 last season and drove 'in 104 run-? b, TOO ENTHUSIASTIC LOS ANGELES, (UP) George r. Gerald, a spectator at a divorce trial, got too enthusiastic over the judge's decision and leaped to his feet shouting "good fjr you. judge." The judge momptly fined Gerald -A,0 for contempt of court. drive in more than 100 runs, a defensive from a look at both sides good for spectators but bad for players past the idea that it makes no difference to teams substituting "units" to this tart remark: ''No efl'ect whatsoever on larger schools. Small schools seldom had material for two platoons anyway." ' DROUTH FEE Available to farmers from all surrounding counties. Prices quoted include certificate. CRIMPED OATS and MOLASSES 2.48 RANGE MEALxFor mixing withsolt)3.15 iifjsssisrisfflssi 20% RANGE CUBES on ly 3.20 16% DAIRY FEED Only 2.95 GROUND EAR CORN omy2.20 STOCK SALT 1/2 Ton Lots 1.05 WE ALSO HAVE A COMPLETE LINE OF FULO PEP FEEDS FUL-O-PEP . '..'. - . EGG PELLETS 4.69 SUGARED ' MOLASSES FEED on, y 195 PORK RATION Only Y 4.40 Wonderful Gift Idea. .. an EXTENSION TELEPHONE A thoughtful, personal gift that is remembered and appreciated 365 days a year We also have a complete Grinding and Mixing Service. 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Hosmer, Mech. Supt. Entered as second class matter «t (he Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. WANTED 'AT ONCE — Man/ or woman to supply Rawleigh household necessities to consumers in the town of Hope or north Hempstead County. Full or part time. A postal card will bring you full details without obligation. Write Rawleigh's, Dept. AKL-641-271, Memphis, Tenn. ' 9-lt Texas Soundly Licked by Oklahoma A*M Sy thft Associated Press Wednesday night's Southwest Conference ' basketball activity Founded lik? a page from the football season Arkansas won while everybody else lost. The Razbrback eager? handed Oklahoma City an 81-76 defeat for the circuit's only victory in three stsrts. Texas lost to Oklahoma A&M 77-49 and Texas A&M dropped a 57-4.1 decision to Tulsri. Baylor meets Phillips Gfl at Waco rnd Texas Christian faces Bradley at Pcoria, 111., in Thursday night play. Arkansas took its decision 'n Porkers Upset Oklahoma City College Five OKLAHOMA CITY, Okta. OP) Hot clutch shooting by Carroll Scroggins a -id Walt .Sutler jjaveri the way here last night tot thb Arkansas Razotbacks* first basketball victory of the season. and 61-76 triumph over Powerful Okla- Brooks Will Play in Bowl for Seniors overtime aftet; tyinj; the game 7171 in the final eight seconds. Center Walter Butler's two free tosses sent the game pa-,t thn regulation time and Guard Carroll Scroggins basket gave the Porkers an over' time lead they never rplinbulshed. Oklahoma City led through the early stages by as much at 13 points before Arkansas turned on the second'half steam. Oklahoma A&jjl's victory was its third in a row and second straight over the Longhorns, who trailed by only four, points at: half time, but fell: steadily fu'rtherKbehind after intermission ;''••'.'• Mack .-Carter,? -.'d Borger, Tex., import, led thevCoWpokSs with 21 points. 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Member of The Associated Press: The .Associated* Press is entitled exr cluslvely to the uses-far republicatlon of all the local news printed in this newspaper, at well as all AP news dispatches. • Basketball By The Associated Press Fort "Wayne 92; Milwaukee 68 ;Rochest;er 106; Syracuse 78 Minneapolis 101 ;Boston. 99 Philadelphia 86; New York 77 An ostrich can run at 40 miles an hour. REPHAN'S With 13. Texas hlt';:i2 of ; .53 ; fi goal tries, compared- with'- 22 of 53 nit by Oklahoma. ; : ••. ' Texas A&.M jumped ahead -13 points halfway v through the first half' but couldnlt ;stop: Bob Patterson thereafter ' a r the Tulsa forward .led the Hurricane to.; victory Patterson was;, b r ril i a n t "berth offensively and!, defensively.: scoring 24 points and grabLing 20 rebounds. John Fortenberry v/as A&M's [top.scorerwith 11 points. homa City. The PorkerS. who dropped their first two garnes, had to go Into overtime to win, but Scroggins cnrne through to clinch the victory :n the extra period. Only eight seconds remained to bo played and Arkansas trailed by two points when Butler, the junior college transfer from Jefferson City, Mo., calmly sank two free throws to knot the score at 7l'till. Then Scroggihs hit tho first bosket ot the overtime period to put Arkansas ahead to r-tay. Tt also was Scroggins who sank a field ?oal to set the stage for Sutler's tree shots. Oklahoma a City started, wi|h a rush and built up a 13-point (.lead oarly in the fii st half. The Porkers came alive in the second quarter, ond cut the Oklahoma City margin to only five points, • 33-33, at.'^halftime. .. .Buddy Smith led the Arkansas scorers with 19 points. Norman Smith pitched in 13, as did Scrog- fiins, 'Butler -hed 11. .-. ' .' Lyndon Lee arid Don. Hollbway were high for Oklahoma City; with 23 points each. .. ' Arkansas has lost to Northwest Louisiana and the • PhilHpr 66. Oil- ers, one of -the nation's better ;scmi' pro teams. ;•• • .-•.-. '': • '• Less than 15 per cent of'^ aged Americans have eye trouble serious enough to interfere with- normal activities, says the Better Vision Institute. - • , -. • . MOBILE, Ala.. - • (# A squad headed by Wisconsin's bruising ball barrier' Alari'(The Horse) Ameehe, and three members of the national, champion Ohio State earn was named today for the Mxtlv annual Senior- flowl game -nt Mobile, Jan. 8. . Also promihertt bh th-- Yankee .earn of seniors wad Bob; McNama*a of Minnesota,.fleet halfback who eel his teani. to a 7-2 record ih the tough Sig Ten the past season Amerliej who set a NCAA rushing record during his four years at Wisconsin, yesterday was named to the Associated Press- All-America , team, McN&mara is " second team member. Eight Big Ten schools are among the 21 who will .send plpyers to the sixth annual classic which will mark their" professional debut. Rose Bowlttniiind Ohio Str.te will have quarterback Dave fieggett, center Bob Thornton and end Dean Dxifiger. , - . Other backs Will be Primo Vil- laneuve of undefeated UCLA. Lindon CroW of Southern California's Rose. Bowl-Team,; Florian Hilinski of'Indiana,; Corky, Taylor of Kansas State, Rbn Drzewiecki of Mot-; uelt'e, .Klax Bi.it kett of Iowa State! j:nd-:Dlek .Yoling'of Chattanooga. Most of tho v54 members of Coach Paul Brown's sqtiad have been ham'eii' to their all -conference' tearris, and 14 received honorable mention on the Associated press team. Brown coach of the profession Cleveland Browns, .has won the past three-.s3i.2or brwl games from Steve, .Owen, ye.teran' pro coach formerly with .the New York Giants Whoi will;i;lead the South team' for the 'shHh straight ,year. ; • Owen 's ' 24 ; member '. Vsuadil-lh eluding' four . All-Americans. y foul second team members and seven who received -honorable mention was announced Sunday. The. four-All-Americans are ; eric Tech Suffers Second Defeat fey thft A466t!ated "Pr*8i • . The kingpSrt of Jittte college b«<!- fcelbail in, this slite, Arkfthsai Tech, foufid mbre thfln^ ft cottld handle at Fort Smith lail rttfht, *nd suffered its second conseeutlvd defeat of the youftg tags Season* Millet's Jewelers, a potent sem1< ro teahi. dropped Tgeh 8r-73. The oss left Tech, whkh lost only hva ;ames last season attd fia§ Voh he Arkansas tntefdollpg!«te Cori« erence championship five tlffces ?n row, with a 2'2 record for this cnson. , TThe rtar*shulded* Jewelers trailed 9-S2 nt the half, but s quick 38 oims in the third period pxlt thWn head to stay end they roasted MAILMAN 'CONFeSSeS' ' WHITEHALL, Wis., (UPJ lenry J Alcckson, retired rtftCf 23 'e?rs as a mailnnn, has confessed vhat some people have syspected hat maiimen sometimes refid postcal-dsi 'Most of them aren't very Inter* estinR," Aleckson said. Frank McDonald. Miami; tacWe Hex Boggan, Mississippi! guard Bud Brooks, ArkanfaSr an er Kurt Burri!?, Oltlahoma. In addition to the .Rose Bo\vl, Senior Bowl squad members will play ir. the Sugar, ^Cotton. Orange md Gator Bowls, and the Shrine East-West and North-Srjt'th and Montgomery Blue-Gray parties be "ore coming here. Funeral Directors OAKCREST FUNERAL .HOME INSURANCE . . . AMBULANCE 2ND & HAZEL . . . PHONE 7-2123 AD-1 Mo. 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