Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1954 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, December 9, 1954
Page 5
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H8PI SfAft, HOPE, ARKANSAS ftiurddy, Beeewfeer islBftomg frftaiftst a iOft to ISO feet away, tte 18 81- 12 feet swafr as hhfc," siawfefei •%3>>^<,_ ard 3frtSi h«*Hf- the .' : 3»i*jfr* "itu. &K&M* . n Jong facg aft'd bushy Half, tH8t hair was landing up o*t ftlS head-and thaU what made h!s taee ieok sa iof,f. f> , until altfrost a W^fc IftWf thai the spot where he MV/ th$ "buShy-KaJred If ah" was MARKETS higher; Choice 1CO-210 Ib 18.5014.00, UBi?dSS. he was struck sow, '00 Ib low n H 50-16 00; down by a "bushy-haired" attacker Si ihe bedroom on thd night of the murder. Sinatra iGves Bottle But Probably Lost HOLLYWOOD ( UP) Frank Sinatra, yelling ,'I hate cops and , reporters," sorkcd n press agent outside a nightclub £arly today became he thought the mah was either a newsman or <1e tective. The skinny crconer, a veteran heavier sows 12.75-15.25; boars ;0 W-1'00. . Cattle 2,000, Calves 800, genci ally steady, ccmmeicial and cood steers and butcher yparlmgs 1800- i'.OO; choice mbccd steers and heifers 25:00; cows finding slow sale; prices generally steady; utility and coTnmcrchil 8 50 11 00 ,vrry few above; canners and cutters 6.00-8.00, few strong B^O, bulls r»l- btively scarce and fully steady; utility and commercial- 11.00-13.00; canners and cutters 8.00-10.00 veale'rs 1.00 liighcr; good nn choice 21.00-3700, v3ry few prime invididuals to 2000, commercia rnd low good 15.00-20.00; .ilaughte calves firm; commercial end good :500-19.00; utiUty and : low com mercial ll.OO-l'.OO. Sheep 2,500; wooled lambs 10 ; 00 of another early-hour boxing mucth on l thc glittering Sunset Strip, exchanged blows with Jim Byron press agent at the Crescendo right club, witnesses said. Bystanders who obsqrvcd the 2 L&UI& LIVE9t6eK ItT S. lorge whites 31; Mixed 31; ' 'S HI. mediums 28; standards 28.5;-cur- active, rent receipts 25; dirties 22: checks .lawf^o *wfw**»f vff— •»»• * r t% later glo<y; generally .steady^ ^to z. _ • ' GftAIN AND PROVISION Wheat: None. Corh: No. 3 yellow 1 .55; No. 3 150^-14; No 4 143- flt/ 4 ; No 5 I.3S'/4-41V4; No. 3 white 49'/2 Soybeans--: No 3 yellow 2.72. Oats: No 1 heavy mixed 68; No. white 87; No. 2 mixed 31 Ms. Barley nominal: Malting choics .30-52; iced 1.10-19. Russia May Chip in Some Atom Material By DONALD J. GONIALES WASHINGTON, (ttP) — Amerl can officials saw Some indications provfed it. • But Secretary of State Jchn Foser Dulles Bounded a somewhat lopeful note late .yesterday in a; change -in' the Soviet position. - 1 *- ..... ---' --* -'-' ---- *- -- NEW YIRK COTTON NEW YOK K. Utt Cotton fu- today that Russia may eventually chip in some uranium for the pro posed new International Atomic Agency. Nothing is ftrrri. Tile Kremlin hasnt promised any contribution yet. It hasn't even fully endorsee Ihe U.S.-sponsored atoms-for-ueac plan although it voted for H Sat uiday when the United Nations ap States proposal, he said, "our observerences in this negotiation finally hns res'ilted in an apparent engthy statement on the first an niversary of President Fir-embowers original atomic proposal. For the lirst time he revealed that this countrys behintt-the- £.cencs negotiations with Russia tiave been focused mainly on getting Moscow to contribute its share of fissionable materials to the proposed agency. He also held out some hope that the Russians would come through With a contribution and finally co- cperate fully in the groat effort to bring the benefits of the atom to the world. "Despite initial lack of interes by the Soviet Union in the United Dulles did not elaborate on his statement. But he and other administration leaders hope the Soviet contribution will be forthcoming soon'so that the agency can get set up and started in its work next year. The United States already has pledged 220 pounds of uranium of n non-weapons grade for us.o in research reactors which other nations might build. Britain has pledged 44 pounds. Atomic experts said there is no way of determining precisely how much Russia's share should be since little is known about its mtc- lear progress. But assuming that Russia ranks between the United States and Britain, they said its contribution should be between 44 and 220 pounds as pledged by the other top nuclear nations. They see no reason why the Russians might not be able to match or top the American attribution if they want , December 9, 19S4 HOPE STAR/HOPE/ARKANSAS -sea _ Turkeys can row to be around 70 pounds dressed weight. . . MRS. J. A. CHARNET, loa Angeles, Calif., says: "My doctor prescribes St. Joseph Aspirin For Children. I always look for the name. It has my complete trust." SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. ST. JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN 3490 a.'4tm about .decided Byron possi- won on techhlpaj points bo- cause he hit Sinatra times 'two or three Byron, relating his version of the fracas, said, Sinatra, Judy Garland I fend oij rinan Bob' Ncal and Mod* 1 ! Cindy^JBayes, had come to the club to i hear Singer Mel Torme At closing time, the head water chas- tized thejfour' for walking out of the club with drinks hidden urder their coats He said that was illegal. CONFUSING SITUATION PEN-MAR, Md , (UP) Ronnie broke into the Wald- which sti addles the NayJor, 16, heim Hotel Pennsylvania-Maryland state line He entered the hotel on the Maryland side and stole a smal' rum of money on the Fonnsylvnma side Officials of, both s-tates are tr>- ihg- to decide which state should prosecute Naylor, JJ £.,U'/V , TV ww.--*. 2000; but. not enogh t oestablisfi price tiend; ewes 350-500 NEW YMRK STOCKS NEW YORK (ff Stock? Leat a retreat today m an active mir- kct It was the second -jtiai'jht fall. The decline in the early afternoon extended to between 1 and 3 points while gamers were able to maintain a odsition in the 1 to i point erca. . . A'mKoa start «oon gave way to a lower trend. Many individual is- SUPS held out against the fall POULTRR AND PRODUCE CHJCAGO WlLive pouitu about steady, receipts m coips 926 yesterday 1.011 coops, 168,265 Ib, f o.b. pa'yin" prices unchanged;' heavy hens 1 7-19; light hens 13-14- fryers and broilers 21-27, old roosters 12125; caponettes 27-28; hen turkeys 37-375, youne torn tuikeys 2^-26; ducklings 30^ farmer ducks over 5 Ib 22, under 'Ub 18 Tradition requires the king Nepal to marry two sisters. of , Butter steady, receipts 592,070; wholesale buying prices unchanged to J /4 lower, 93 score AA 60, 92 A 5975 r 90 B 5825, P9 C 575; cars 90 B 53 7; 39 C 8 ' Eggs steady, receipts 13,05; wholesale buying prices unchanged 'y, «w .V A Y S FIRST QUALITY history 1 HAD TO WAIT! IN TIME FOR GIVING ^*<- >» tires were irregular in dull tred- rt>: today. Prices dipped .''lightly in early dealings on profit taking end hedging, attracted by Ihe brisk lally in the market on Wednesday. Late afternoon prices were bi> cents a bale lower to 15 cents higher than the previous close. Dec. 34.22, Mafcli 34.64 and May Death Toll in State Is Six By The Associated Press ASHEBORO, N.C. Joseph B. Kecnpn, 66, Washington lawyer famed as a ganpbuster and ch'.ef prosecutor in the Japanese crime trials in Tokyo. Born Pawtuckct, R. I. Died yesterday. MONTROSE, N.Y Col Harold M Rayner ret.), 66, at one time military assistant to Presidents Wilson rnd Harding, King Albert of Belgium and Gen .Tchn J. Pershing. H eiretired in 1946. yesterday. HOLLYWOOD Gladys George 50, veteran st.-cge and movie actress who was acclaimed one of o best performers of 1936 by the olion Picture Academy for her nle in • "VaUorit Is the .Word for arric." Born Gladys Clare in Pat- n, Maine. Died yesterday. NEW YORKAnthony L. Aste, t), known -is 1he "King of the ootblacks," who founded the riff in Manufacturing Co. and uilt it to the world's biggest shoe olish firm. Died yesterday. MOSCOW Nina Vasilyeyna 'arzar, wife of composer Dmitry hostakovich. MEW GLASGOW, N.S. John A, Vilsbn, 78, sculptor of many.mili- ary . •monumierits <• in the [United, tates and for many years an intruder of sculpturing in Boston, ied yesterday. . CHICAG O The .Rev. Thomas Egan SJ, 70, former dean .of Loyola of Chicago University's evening school and the college of nrts and sciences, . and,, formerly at Creighton University, Marquetta University, and ...St. Louis.. University. Died yesterday. HOLLYWOOD, Kate Davenport 58, silent • screen actress and daughter ,.of the characters, act tor Harry Davenport. Born in New York City.. Died Tuesday. Gathings 'Happy'Over Location of Plant ' WASHINGTON W!" ' 'Rep." E. C. (Took) 'Gathines (D-Ark) raid yesterday the site selected 'for the proposed Dixon-Yates power.' plant' near West Memphis, Ark., Is "most desirable. : He Said tesst by qualified' engineers "have definitely proven beyond 'structure o7 his location is highly adapted for the purposes for which it is intended. Critics of- the Dixon-Yatt-s plant, ! to be built to fulfill a controversial , contract wim the Atomic Energy I'commission contend the West | Memphis - site would'be threatened by' periodic floods. Gathings in a staternent referred to a visit'to the' site Monday by Adlai Stevenson and said this "should alleviate ' and set'at ease my further discussion of the sites suitability. Stevenson had nO comment other than to say the site was an engineering matter. Gathings said all the main plant structures would be located on the land side of a Mississippi River levee. Located om th e river side of the levee, he said, would b<? fuel unloading faciliteis, water pumps, the circulating water .discharge seal and canal outlets. Gathings stated the levee successfully protected the area in the 1937 floods which he said were (he highest on record. Since 1937, he added, the levee grades have been raised about one foot at the pro-, posed site of theDixon-Yates plant. HURRY! • LAST DAY • /«* fi T'-T^V^ **ffV}-- «!{*<'£'&&"""' *' •^ng^ for christmas SHORTENING POWDERED r BROWN KROGER BRAND. RED, SOUR, PITTED. PIE CHERRIES No 2 BROGER BRAND, FANCY QUALITY PUMPKIN EATMORE..: SPECIAL KROGER LOW PRICE MARGARINE 2 GOLD MEDAL KITCHEN TESTED Calendar Thursday December 9 Hope B & P W Club will hold its annual Christmas party Thursday at 7 p. m. at the Barlow Hotel A soecial Christmas program will be presented Every member is urged to be present. The Guernsey P. T. A. will'meet Thursday December 9. There will be a discussion on rose planting and the preparing of a Christmas program. Friday December 10 The Berean Sunday School Class of the Unity Baptist Church will hold a pot luck supper at the experiment station lodge Friday night All members are invited to attend. The Rose Garden Club will have a meeting Friday December 10,. at 3 p. m. at the home of Mrs. S. L. Murphy, with Mrs Jack Wilson and Mrs. Haskell Jones as co-hostesses. Members are asked to bring a gift for exchange. The Jr.-Sr. P. T. A of Hope High School will sponsor the annual "Ta- FEATURES AT: 2:00 - 3:48 • 5:36 7:31 - 9:19 NO SPfCMl G1ASHS NffDfD) BETTY GRABLE MARILYN MONROE LAUREN £- 'i..?^a'.- '^^^^^PM ~ •*> t ,, lk CINTUIT.IOX nmn . • LATE NEWS & HENRY HAWK COLOR CARTOON * FRI.&SAT. * TRIPLE PROGRAM * Winl liutif nt COMAN-Bd-OEE-GTO "JOHNNY SHEFFIELD: as "BOMBA" , BEVERLY GARLAND Aitito A»niti rioouetiOM , CHAPTER 14 OF SERIAL "MANHUNT IN THE AFRICAN JUNGLE & COLOR CARTOON, "EAGER BEAVER" ENTERTAINMENT WITH BOOKS OF HAPPINESS . . NOW ON SALE AT OUR BOXOFFICE! KROGER FINEST APPLESAUCE EVAPORATED ENRICHED KROGER MILK AMERICA'S FAVORITE WESSON OIL Betfy Crocker. White, Devils Food, Yellow or Marble. 303 Cans Tall Cans Qt. CAKE MIXES HUMKO Runoff Candidates Seek AEA Office UTTLE ROCK (ffi Lloyd Goffj of Jonesbovo and Garland StubblR-,'' field of #1 Dorado will seek the 1 vice presidency of the Arkannas Education Association m a run-pff election next April 1. Goff and Stwbblefield were chosen a$ the run-off candidatejS for ihe post in last Saturday's AEA preferential election, Results of the voting were announced yesterday. There was no preferential vot<5 on the presidential candidates, James Abraham of Lonoke and S, P. Portis of Hamburg, since. only two of them are in the race"' Mrs. J. B Flms of Arkadelphia.5 and, A. L. Whitten of Marianna wiUi cppose each other in the run-off for ^he state's freat on the National Education Association board. Mrs. JJa?c; Pabney of Pme Mrs. fcQi? GrUftn of R \vill ?eeH the recor4Jn| sect retary's past R. 1- Cliit\vo94 eJ iUage i>»4 lf«^ Kentxamer oi vy«i run l?r » scat on SHORTENING FRYERS FRESH BOSTON BUTT. PORK ROAST FRESH LEAN PORK STEAK DELICIOUS WITH KRAUT SPARE RIBS HOME STYLE SAUERKRAUT Smoked P Pkg. '•"—•-.-r- | "| 3 Lb. Tin Place your order now for a Kroger Oven-ready Turkey for Christmas. HOLIDAY BRAND 29c FRUITCAKE 2 FRESH, LOW PRICE 23c KROGER BREAD 2 HARD CHRISTMAS CANDY. 59c HOLIDAY MIX ASSORTED CHRISTMAS CANDY. 37c CREAM TOYS f I'^ll GODCHAUX 69c SUGAR 10 Kroger's finest, farm-fresh. i L Ready to cup-up/ " season and fry Lb Cake 1 OQ 1.4.7 20 Oz. O7-* Loaves <J / \* Lb. Pkg. 14 Oz. •'• Pkg. LBbQ9 29c 29c « 89c 39 Lb. Lb. 45c 49c ^ 45c 29c Quart SWIFT, BROWN 'N SERVE SAUSAGE 8 SMALL SIZE SHRIMP 21LbPkg BONELESS FILLETS. OCEAN PERCH SWIFT PREMIUM SKINLESS FRANKS 55c 1.19 Lb. Armour Sfar, 4 to 8 Lb. Avg. Lb, 37a| 47c 39' Lb. U.-S. UTILITY U. 5, NO. 1 are that RED POTATOES 50 £"1.39 RED POTATOES 10 £ 39c THIN-SKIN FLORIDA'S ORANGES Lettu 8 Bag' 49C THE FRUIT WITH THE ZIPPER SKIN TANGERINES CRISP, CEULO PACK FRESH CARROTS 2 Juicy, Florida Duncpns. Kroger Low Price GRAPEFRUIT 3 Criip, Freih, Urge Si*9, THIS! PRICES $ h^llx^A* 2 Hwdf , 29c 9S 29c For 29<? 20. BUSTERS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. Hurry for the Bargains of a Lifetime. 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A <£1 f\t\ Special only *4 for 4> I .V/V MEN'S UNDERSHIRTS These are regular 49 <J <£l| f\f\ values .'....: .• $ For 4> S ,UU CORDUROY 36 inch, first quality corduroy QQ*» at this special lpw price Yd. QOC $2.00 $1.00 $1.98 $1.00 $5.00 $3.95 Yds $1.00 $1.00 Yds. lent Night" on Friday, December Be In You" was presented. Mrs. 10, at 7:30 in the High School auditorium Saturday December 11 A formal Christmas dance will be held Saturday night. December 11, at the Hope Country Club at 9 p. m. This is an invitational dance. Hosts will be Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Grandison Royston and Mr. and Mrs. Frank McLarty. An orchestra will provide the music. Sunday December 12 A cantata, "Carols of Christmas" will be presented by the c!hoir of the Presbyterian Church at 5 p. m. Sunday, December 12. Monday December 13 The Woman's Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, December 13, at 2 p. m. in the sanctuary .of the church. Mrs. Ralph Routon will give the devotional. Circle one will present the program, and Mrs. E. P. Young, Jr., will sing a solo. "Let's Keep Christmas" by Peter Marshall will be presented by Mrs. C. V. Nunn, Sr. A Christmas story, "The Little Black amb" will be given by Mrs. Ross Moore. All members are urged to 3<2 present. John Bill Jordan gave the devotional from the ninth chapter of Romans. Taking part on the program were Mrs. Clyde Smith, Mrs. Tom Anderson, Mrs. Snyker and Mrs. Barney Gaines. Mrs. Jesse Sinclair led in prayer A report of the last meeting was given by Mrs. Sinclair, before tlm meeting was concluded with prayer led by Mrs. Collier. The hostess served refreshments to those present. Boyle Wednesday December 15 The Oglesby P. T. A. will observe Fathers' Night on Wednesday, Decembel- 15, at 7:30 p. m. Sunday, December 26 A hymn festival! "The Christmas Message in Carol and Song" will be presented Sunday, December 26, by the Presbyterian Church Choir. Notice The Adult Fellowship of the First Methodist Church will not meet Thursday night as scheduled. Circle 6 Has Potluck Luncheon Circle 6 of the W. S. C. S. of the First Methodist Church met Monday, December 6, at 1 p. m, for a potluck luncheon at the home of Mrs. George Murphy. The house was decorated in the Christmas motif. Luncheon was served buffet style to 11 members 'and one guest, Mrs. L. T. Lawrence. After the luncheon, Mrs. Murphy, cirrle chairman, conducted the business session at which time the annual Wanda Staley offering was taken. A Christmas devotional was given by Mrs. David Waddle. Mrs. George Peck presented Mrs L. T. Lawrence who told the Christmas tory, "A Star Is" porn." Mrs. J. C arlton played a medly o£ P.hrJst Inas carols Mrs. George Peck closed the neeting with prayoc. Mrs. Mike Snyker, Hostess To Sen'or Ladies Auxiliary ,. The. Senior Ladles Auxiliary he Unity Baptist Church met Mon ay, December 6. at 2 p. m. at the ome of Mrs. Mike Snyker. Therp ere 13 members and two visitor*. Marilyn Harriett and James M. Light Ara Married Saturday Miss Marilyn Barnett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Denson Barnett of Plain Dealing, Louisiana, and James Millard Light of Shreveport, son of Mrs. J. L. Light ami the late Mr. Light of Hope, were married Saturday, December 4, at 6 o'clock in the evening at the lain Dealing Baptist Church, with ie Rev. Eugene L. Strickland of- iciatmg. The bride, given in marriage by er father, wore a white, brocade affeta gown styled on princess Ties. The yoke and high neckline vere outlined with pearls and the ong sleeves, which ended in po- nts over the wrists, were fasten- d with small covered buttons. Her fingertip illusion veil fell oftly from a cap of pearls and vhite sequins, and she carried a vhite orchid which was surround- d by Fujii chrysanthemums. Honor attendant was Mrs. Max Allen Sandlin, and bridesmaids vere Miss Sammie Banks, Mrs. ;ugene L. Strickland, Miss Kay lent, Miss Audrey Light and Mrs. Trank John Reeks. All wore dress- s of red, green and gold taffeta laving tiny fur pieces about the leek. Each carried a bouquet of bronze chrysanthemums. , Mr. Light had as best man, Wiliam Drake of Little Rock. Ushers ,vere Franklin Turner of Austin, Tex.; Phillip Kent of Dallas, Jack Reeks and Ben Matthews of Shreveport, and Jack Barnett of Plain Dealing. The church was decorated with arrangements of bronze and gold chrysanthemums and autumn leaves. Gold tapers burned on the altar. Mrs. Ruth Dexter played the nuptial music. The bride attended high school in Plain Dealing and graduated from Northwestern State College in Natchitoches. Mr. Light attended LSU and is a graduate of Centenary College. He served In the Naval Air Corps during World War II. • rssent Mrs. Clyde Smith directed th inging of songs, and Mrs. Howarc iollier accompanied her. Mrs. Ri ;y Lewallen voiced the opening rayer. The program, "Let This Min< Continued from Page On« The Oldtimer joyously spreads the word around the office. "Haff- acrc's out again the doc says he's got the bonds.' After the initial snowfall of the season last yerr, the Okltimer sent Ronald a telegram to his bed cf pain saying, "Just saw the first robin of -spring in Central Park. Whr-.t's new v[> your way?" Ronald didn't speak to the Old timer for months. Now they're fouding again. It began innocently enough when the Oldtimer remarked he'd recently visited Hon- cld's .mburb. "Gee, that's swell," said Half- t.crc. excitedly, "Were you pricing a new house?" "Naw, juit pricing a cemetery !ot," said the Oldtimer. 'H looks like a swell town to be buried in." LEGAL TANGLE AUSTIN. Tex.. t.VP) C. C. Lance of Mission, Tex., had court f.pproval today to change his mind. Lance first sued C. F. Spike? of Mission to set water he said Spikes was diverting from his land. Then be sued three cities for damage tc his crops because of diverted water. The city claimed Lance couldn't change his mind and sued one? for water and again for money. The third court of civil appeals said he could. Green Laseter H. D. Club Has Dinner On Thursday night, December 2, at 7:30, the Green Laseter Home Demonstration Club had their annual Christmas party at the V. F. W. hut. Amid gay Christmas greenery and decorations, forty-four membors and guest enjoyed a del icious Christmas dinner. Mr. Free Hunt gave the invocation. Games were played following the dinner. Hpspital Notes Julia ChesterAdmitted: Georgia McFadden Hope, Mr. Hugh Laseter, Hope, Mr B. R. Hamm, Hope, Mrs. Wilson Britt, El Dorado, Ark. Discharged: Mrs. Gladys Erwin Washington, Ark., Mrs. Johnrii Green, Hope, Mr. Wayward Bur ke, Hope, Raymond Williamson Hope. Admitted: Mr. Anth Lusby, Em met, Ark., Rt, 2. Discharged: Mrs. Glen H. Sea ver and baby boy, Hope. Reception H«ld Immediately following the wedding, the bride's parents were hosts at a reception in their home. Baskets of autumn leaves and chrysanthemums were artistically arranged throughout the hou,se,..... _.«-,| The bride's table was covered with a gold, cloth and streamers of satin ribbon and maline extended 'from a silver candelabrum toward the white and gold confection. Pun- ;ch was served from a crystal bowl 'surrounded with gold mums. Mrs. Willard Harlan presided at 'the guest book, and-Mrs. Frederick Scheen, Mrs. Doyle Sanders and 'Miss Nancy Perot alternated in 'serving the punch. Tlie couple will make their home in Shreveport. Branch Admitted: Mrs. Scott Key, Rt 1, Hope, Mr. Oscar Fincher, R 1, Washington. Discharged: Mrs. Lloyd Leve rett and baby girl, Rt. 2, Hope, Mi L. M. Goad, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Key of R 1, Hope! announce the .arrivival ( a baby girl on Dec. 8, 1954. Orchids to ... IRVING BERLIN'S THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW BUSINESS" and the All-Star Cast of _ _ JUNIOR ORIGINALS Evening Mist , . , as shown of silk and rayon. With the new rounded bosom, skillfully accented with a rhinestone buckel bow . . . gently flared skirt. Blue, Pink. Sizes 7-15. $22,95 Ex-Godfreyites Doing Better on Their Own By WAYNE OLIVEft NEW York (JP> —The Chordettes radio and television are riding crest of popularity in another eld phonograph Records. The Chordettes, once a fixture n the Arthur Godfrey programs, re leeding most record popularity oils with thier "Mr. Sandman." It as sold close to 800,000 copies in 2 weeks and seems to b e a good et for the charmed one million lark. Another ex -G odfreyite, Archi? leycr, who left the Godfiey shows i the same blowup that brought tilius La Rosa's exit, figures in ie story. Bleyer, married to Janot rtel of the Chordettes, picked the me as a likely one for his adence Records and assigned the iris to do H. It wr.s the third major hit "record or Bleyer'3 fledgling company. )ne was La Rosa's ."Eh Cumpnri" nat sold more than a .million, and adcncc's more recent "Hcrnan- o's Hideaway." "Mr. Sandman." is the biggest ecord hit yet for the Chordettes ul they have been keeping fully nd profitably occupied with TV, adio rnd personal appearances. Of the present Chordettes, Miss rtel and Carol Bushman are orig- nal members of the quartet or- :anized back in Sehboygun, Wis., s the result of an important song- es:t. Their big break came when hey won on Godfrey's Talent Scouts. After which they were regulars on his shows for ZYz yeais They started ringing on the Robert Q. Lewis radio how while with Godfrey and now are ret? liars both on Lewis' Saturday morning radio program and his Wonday afternoon TV show o; BS. Since the Godfrey days, Virginia Osborn and Dorothy Schwartz o the original grc.up have dropped ou end Lynn Evans and Margie Need -,am completed the present team But they retain the same "barber shop quartet" style which Mis Ertel credits with first bringing Ihem to public attention. Goodwin Named Continued from $*g* Ofit Brothers Fort Smith, $184,6§& Lcnoke Bridge arid -«"-*•" at Salt Bayou- on the . Road, Highway 31; fiucton Gbrt- struction Co., Hazenj $34.?®. Perry 9.89 miles of surfacing and four bridges on the Fourchfc- Aplin Road, Highway 6fl| Reynolds nd Williams, $222,781* Carroll Bridge and approaches t Long Creek between Osage and Ipena on Highway 88; Forcum- ames Co., Dycrsburg, T6nh., ttft WRONG MAN AMARILLO, Tex., (UP) stranger entered the' home of Buc dy Amos, 25, with the v/arnm that he'd teach Amos a lesson fo "running around with the %vron woman." He then fired one bias from a shotgun, wounding Amos Amos said he had no idea wh the •- woman was, that the strange apparently had "the wrong man. 1. Searcy S.99 miles of stirfatirtg n Leslie-Mountain View > Road ighway 66; Four Brothers^ Inc. wect Home $167.268. Cat roll Bridge and apprtiaches form ftiM to ihe i-iiKiii JK&lUfc&^lT l&Jte 3on«ti runways^ SWL _ tot heat by rMvo^lSf] front Steam pipfes thSt ft the bteti . 5f' *Vv£c! The gatefr wftrl tibnal Park told' not td evict tl "They because tag the said. " tit ville and 21; Southeast Construct Pine Bluff,' $8Ii&(B Columbl facing' $27,523 r • . ' n iL 1 fragrant gossamer Bath in a fabric;topped vanity<>oxg coupled with matching faberge's new Bath Set Bath Powder,, APHRODISIA VtoODHUE TIGRESS^ACT, JOHN P. Plus Tqx We DIAL n P. Cox Dil WALGREEN AGENCY HALL-MCNEILL - - ' tt — *»„ it** , i ,,4i ,«,•;» DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 GIFTS FOR TH£ HOME Glo-l.it* 8-LiU S«ri«l TREE LIGHT SET Multi-colored eon* 4*4% shaped bulb., Add- fjllC on-connector ... " " For indoor use only. ( SEE OUR COMPLETE LINE OF TREE LIGHTS AND DECORATIONS ALUMINUM SERVING TRAY $1.49 CORY COFFEE BREWER 6 to 8 Cups. $5,95 CUP-ON LITE The Vuctte Ipinp may be used as a bed, ft 29 ?<>", n«cd it.. «**|BM|pi^^S or utility light., Z~*' «nch reflectoj," ^jSmimmmm — ••'• > - ' , . * _. i .__ f *• i_ it*iM®sl,l:SI9 ; 4HlW^ izmwm • t : tf/^ffiijm ! 6-Cup PereoUlor ' A Caiierol* $|iiiiB^ Polished aJuminum with ,By "1 ' <^|59 P«Wset. - , ] ,. H _,, a , / ,.v, s , %T ..,« TO TOYS GALORE...« HER GIFTS . ' Queenie - Weenie ; Washable non-toxic \ plastic pull toy it gg , for tiny tots ,,. | — ; COLOR BOOK ! 24 Giant size pages to color. 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