The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1940
Page 3
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THURSDAY, .MARCH 7, Hi 1,0.10 'Please io Su COUniBR NWS Lifls F-xpancled Acreage Vegetables From Luxury Class WASHINGTON I HI')—Tilt! .sensational niiwlh of Ihe li-esh win- li'.r vegetable itidnstry is 0113 ol t!u- most mnv/iif* developments in aisiiciillurt i:i the past 20 yours. The Department of A%ri::iiUuie points out tliiit 'JO years iigo fresh vegetables — peas, beiins. carrots, a;.p:uii|;iis, fcfleis and various "greens"—were u rich man's luxury lit winter. Todny they arc . available in huge quantities.-anti ai prices bringing Uipin within reach or tile ordinary budget. In 1919, nil)!; southern stales had approximately 232,000 acres in vegetables. Last yeur these some slums pliiiited I.IUO.OUQ acres in vegetables. ;i 400 per cent increase, accoydiiig t» ih<: bimiiu ol agri- eulluritl economics. 'I'ltri't Slides l,e;ul All the stales showed a marked inc.iease. lint the greatest were In TPXHS, Louisiana and South Carolina. Texas acreage increased from 50.COO to -100,000; Louisiana from n,KO lo 75,000 anil South Carolina from 10.000 to 90,000. There lias been a marked increase also in the acreage ot vegetables in Florid} and Georgia. The expansion in Florida was from C 1,000 acres in 1910 to 185.00D in 1U3D, and in Georgia from 31.000 to 135.000 acres. in California—still the principal "winter garden" ol the nation—Die , increase during the 20-year period was from 140,000 acres to 500,000 acres. Acreage in Arizona increased from about fi.OCO to more thai] •Sft.COO. Knur Major Kcasons Cited The bureau said many' tilings have contributed lo Ihe development and expansion of Ihe winter vegetable industry in M areas, but listed four as the most important: 1. The sharp rise in consumer purchasing power in the northern industrial cities during and fallowing the World War. •i 'Hie development of heating and refrigeration facilities for vegetables in transit from farm to market. 3. A general decline in prices of and returns from other important agricultural products commonly produced in these areas. 4. The emphasis which has been placed upon t the vitamin content and health-prompting qualities of fresh' 'vdgcta6le',s' : '' : : - " i 1 -- '<Government statistics reveal lhat although acreage and production increased more than "loin-fold, the value, of production or income to producers increased only about 50 per cent during the 20-year period. The lucre?, sed consumption, which has contributed to the health of lire nation, was made possible only by greatly expanded produc- llon. cheaper and more rapid transportation facilities, the bureau said. Japanese .soldiers besieging « Chinese force release propaganda bni- loons. The balloons bear notes r«|it<>.stiiif; the Chinese to surrender. • SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON The Garden of Gelhsemanc: Triumph Through Surrender (hey must wiildi nut) piny lost, they onler iho temptation, nssur- ii)B them Hint, (lie spirit Is willing but Hint, the flesh is weak, Then lit went oil' by Himself ti second time unit prayed the sunn' prayer —Hun the cup mliUu, pass, but with llic Lissiinmce thai the wll of (hi! Father must be done. ABBIII ili' ri'titined iiiiil found (he dis- . iplt's .sleeping. Those whose eyes hiive been Inavy wilh sleep, even In the midst of duty, will uudersUind wluu befell the disciples mid will \vmpaI Ma* \vlth UK-HI. The flesh indeed weak even when the .spirit is willing, in ills deep loneliness (lie Muster went and prayed tor the ihhd lime, liul now. courage 'iri i.uiilldc'iice hud returned lo Him. As He roliirued to iliu <lls- ..-ipli's. llii'ic WHS ixithliiK bill gentle reproach in Mis words, "Arise, h-l ns be i;otnfi; behold, he Is lit hand that brlnvyelli me." Cilimnt. hard-pressed souls tiikfi liirat i-omlort from this story of tin; Muster in tieihsemani'V Often | we reproach ourselves (hat the I Is so weai:. We .feel our wciik- ! ness mid we im> conscious of our j u.MiKlicu in UK' presence of some lireat testing llnu> in life; and we Wonder linn we have not the [ strength of will and the c.our- j ><i;r Unit otight. to ('liable us easily in triumph over every dnnger mid I to mrcl. willingly every siiciilkc. b lint the Master Himself, even I with all the purity and beauty and strength of His einlhly life, was so imilcr the burden of ung- uisli linn it was only Ibrongh Hie thiice-repi-alcd prnyer Hint Me wns nbtr. lo find Ihe courage to go forth with confidence to meet His i:nc. His friends and companions failed Him. bill in our lesting time and In our prayer of loneliness there Is One who | S never far iiway, who ncvc'i slumbers or siieps. In our Gethseiinine the Master of that anclcni scene shares with ns our burden and imparts His strength. BUY •«, Ktojt, ll.m. LIK1 It „ ,,i| „ »,„, OR mum unuuil po.Uw |, ^(^ „„„,„, ^ •M »lll t.ptic. li KREK -.Ilk in*, Ik. II V WILLIAM K. CJIUIOV, Editor of Advance Gctliseinnne, which, ivitli association in the passion of Lord, has become a symbol 1). 1). iiij! out His son! in the agonl/.ed petition (hat the cup of suilciini; its and linnl sacrifice might pass iroiii our Htm. for Uul even as He prayed, He real- crucial sufferings, was a garden. i«xl thai His destiny and Ihe pur- The reineinbrance of Ibis enforces ' pose of His earthly mission might in our minds the strange ' '" "' "~~ ' ' wliich joy and licaniy nrc *» »><- — ~ -"- ^"-,,. .,!,>. „., ^ »,»i, um «.> almost inextricably interwoven with Thou wilt." Then, evidently with [pain and sorrow. I Here in the garden Jesus had I gone to pray, as He approached I liis impending fate. Wilh Him He had • taken James, Peter and John.. the strong and impulsive disciples who were most capable of ; trtist. f/nd He had told'them to sit in the garden while He went further on to pray. He told them of Ilis E''eat sorrow and of His impending deolh, and asked Ihein Iff remain and watcli with Him. It was Die human Christ, craving human sympathy and human companionship in the hour of His great trial. But there was thai in His soul which no one could share, and so fie went for- eniorces iJi'^t- ui IMS irmuuy way in | be in Ihe hand.s of a higher power. 1 in life and He said. "Not ns I will, bid us Thou wilt." Then, evidently with the yearning for this human companionship. He came again lo Ihe disciples. Finding them sleeping, He said to Peter. "What, could ye not watch will) me one hour?" He admonished the disciples that , ward a. lillle. alone ivilli Ood, ponr- 01U KublK-r Useful in War HALIFAX, N. S. lUPi—No tejger do Halifax motorist? throw away their old inner tire tubes. For the first time since the World War, junk dealers are paying cash for them-buying all they can find. Sign the New Register at the Ricz "LAST TIMES TODAY [Due lo hooking lUTnngcuicnls, Tucstliiy uill not he I'al Malinrc or NiKlil this Week "FIGHTING 89TH" \v\l\\ James Cagney. Pat O'lirtfn A (Jcor^c limit Also seU'cU'il shorts. FRIDAY 300 GOOD REASONS why you should ;iltetnl. "DOUBLE ALIBI" with Wayne Morris & Mnrgiirct Lindsay Also Comedy & March of 'rime Coming Tuesday, March 2li!h For <i Week's Run S WITH THK WIND" 11 is recommended by uulomo- live engineers, that, during Ihe winter inonlhs. the cowl ventthi- tor should be Used lo circulate fresh air, because open windows alone tend lo suck exhaust, fumes through the Iloorboimls. TO FALSF, Tlil Alorc I''irmly In H Do your false iecth annoy and embarrass b.v slipping, dropping or wabbling when you eal, laugh or lalk? Just sprinkle a Illllc FAS- TEETH on your plates. This alkaline (non-acid) powder holds (eeth more firmly and mo™ comforlnWy. No gummy, gooey, pusly task' IJY feeling. DOCS not sour. Checks "plrile odor" (denture breath) Gel FASTEETJI todny at any dru"- slolc - " Adv. 5. u^ 1 "Ihe winuitli mid siiicer- Ity ol her smile bring happiness lo "II ivhn know her". Carmen Hull- mini, of Wichita, Kdii.. wns elected ".Smile <;|rt 1)f lu . )0 .. „, i% |, (1 . liincl college, l-vemont. Neb. Hhe ii- u sophomore (here. llnlK Snlil tu lluy Hooks CIIARLEdTON, W. Vrt lUI>) - |Scvei,U Imndicd dolU. dressed in | the unlive coslumes of 3D countries I were sold heie lo ruise money lo piircbas,- reference books for the Mortis Harvey College library. Constipation Relief That A/so Pepsin-izes Stomach When ccmslipiilimi brings on acid iiiili. l!t-;iiw). lil<.;Hiti Kl dizzy niitlK sas, coated KMiKiii', «nir tasic, aail bad biealh. yum stomach K iimlnbly loiidcd tip wilh cci lain iii«liR«t«lf<KKl and TOiirliowehilwi'l move. So you n w( l both 1'cpsin in lid i break ii|>f;i-;t HKII rich iimliucslcd IIHK! i-i rourslimiricli, und l.nxrKiveix'iuiii lopuij llic ItiKucr on tliosc. liuy Ixnvds. K<> be sure yuur laxative ;\lsu contains I'qviu 1 :il:e l)r. Calctell's Laxative, because its biTjip I >-psm helps you pain thai won- dcrfiilsiuHKichcointori.wliiletlicl.axiitivt! »™»j i «j<)vcs your bowels, 'i'csls pruvi: llic In 11 ™"'"' prolci " fo<xl wlMclinii'.y linijci aciclily and nniista. 'niis is how'pepsin' iziiii; your sloinncli helps relieve it nfsucl' distirss. At the same lime, lliis mcdicim wnkis up Uizy ncrvca and musrlc.i In yoiii tiowtl 511 > relieve, you r con sli p a I ion. So r.a limv imicli belter yon fi-cl hy laliiii|« tin liixahvc I hat :\\m pvits K'psin d> mirk u: lluil sluuiiicli di«coinfort, too FVIMI tin Kk)' ilirtrlrcii luv»! to ciste lliis pluisani "iliyich''"; 1 *, ilh Svrup 1'cpsin ui yuui LAST TIJfBS TODAY I'al Nighl 2 atluiidcci for the price of 1 A NEW UNWERSAl PICTURE Also sclcctcj shorts. Fri. & Sat Too b\isy knitting clolhes for (he 150 children now living in her chateau near Paris lo stop even for photographers, screen star t Madeleine Carroll is pictured in, LISTEN TO Kiev r New York where she recently ar-' 11:00 a.m. —I2:JS pm — i-i rived from France. She will' start knitting clubs in America toi Phone RIU mnke clothes for French children. I „ m " I'hone RO\T 333 RESS UP FOR EASTER AT WARDS M^ ; . .YOU GET BETTER STYLES! i:. LOWER PRICES! aster coats ALL THE NEWEST SPRING STYLES Stoning Vafues of I *\ 9 8 Sunday-besl cool's wilh expensive dressmaker dc- toilsl Smart filled or boxy styles in Pine wool, or wool and tayoni Navyl BlacH Tweeds! All new Spring colorsl Sizes range Irom 12 to 44. BEAUTIFUL NEW RAYON DRESSES Everything (hoi's new! lovely prints, paslels.lols of navyl Sizes 12 to 44. Rare finds at 2*8 Gay flowers, ribbons, and veils on fdts and simulated straws! PRICES FOR FR8DAY & SATURDAY Vi or Whole I'irsl Cnls LI). |!)c r C'uls Ih. 2!)e, 1), 17k SALT MEAT Sitlt'K 1.1). CHICKENS 20 1 ' BACON KKK LI). 23 COUNTRY BUTTER 11( 25 BEEF ROAST 1{ ' CUBE STEAKS ( 38 -0-Lamb PORK SAUSAGE SLICED LIBER 1Z1 PIG BRAINS CHEESE (:rui>mt " 1 c:ou ,r PORK ROAST M " K S e PAN TROUT lad; Siilimm 29" CUB MEAT TUfAHT ' l ' cl «f (! » - l<»in • nUUI callliili Sk-iiks, Ih. Ht'd Spanish iMiickerel LI). 20 OYSTERS l''aney Slumlords I'l. 25 C I.OIH or Hill Cltlips Ih. 29c; III. 22Sc CARROTS g^Bchs ---- IQc ORANGES SPINACH 2 hi is. 13' LETTUCE GRAPEFRUIT Sci'illoss 10 Km- 25° l, Juicy, I'Vesh Mliirk 2 Doz. 29c _ SWEET POTATOES I'tirln 19' LEMONS l'\>r ONION SETS Scud (I'rkcs) POTATOES Winesap APPLES 2 Doz. 25c Maxwell HoEise-Canova ! 1,1). Can Standard No. 2 TOMATOES CanSc KRCGO SHORTENING , , , 43 CAMPBELL'S SOUPS 25° MILK l'«l or (larnution :t l.Ki'.-li Small 20 HUIVIKO I 1.1). Cni-lnn .............. l(k' K Mi. Cnrlon ............... Hilt' (Jrl. 40c LOG CABIN SYRUP Small FIG BARS 17 FINEST MATCHES Peanut Butter Closer Valley Ot. 22c SPOTLIGHT Twinkle Jell 3 Pkgs... lOc HOT DATKI) COKI''KB III ^(k' I J,|) [ijijr l^L' .C Chili, I III. Can ..2-lc ;{ j,|,. H, IK '.'.'.'.'.'.'. [,\-^. CflLUMET BAKING POWDErTl^ 7' 1 Kgs I I~T ARM & HAMMER SODA JELLO ALL FLAVORS Pears C. Club No. 2</ 2 Can II. Syrup, Can 19c | Butter C. Club Slick or Holl, Lit. 32c CHASE & SANBORN COl'-l'KK 1,1,. u- ARMOUR'S CORNED BEEF 18 SALAD DRSSING Knihassv 25 C CLOCK BREAD 2 Loaves 15c COiN : 6c, Large 2 for 17c C. Club—Smali Box 5c, Large 3 ior 25c C. Club MILK Rninll Box, ;i for 23c LIFEBUOY-LUX 17 C P. & G, SOAP CHICK FEED 7 Bars 25' Starting Growing Wash. IOD Jbs. S2.35; 2-1 Ihs. 65c Chick Grains, 100 Ibs. S2.00; 21 Lbs. 53c DAIRY FEED IG^t 100 Lbs 1.55 BEANS Cranberry Pintos Lit. FLOUR Avnnctnlc, 6 Lbs 12 Us PURE LARD 4 Ib. Bucket 35c

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