The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1940 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 7, 1940
Page 2
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PAGE TWC BLYTIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FtlZISSM IF Sunny Smiles—for Honeymoon Isle England Stands Also To Lose Nickel Holdings If ; Reds Wins BY MIJyTON BRONNER NBA Service SUB CorrMjxmdcnt LONDON, March T—Stkk a pin here: ' .Finland Ls a vlttl outpose in the first phasej of the Eiirope»h war. The communists, in their demands, on Finland, asked for the c«eion of territory near Lenln- gtud. This tend, of colifse, the}' wanted for better protection of the former capital. Now thit the #ar U oil, the real prize U Petiuno, PlnnUh Ice-free port -in the far north. In Mur- mansk the Rutitans have one stich port. But Petiamo would be even better. -The. .Germans are keen that their new-found; friends shall get, It, A /rlendty arrangement between Russia and Germany would then create a, terrlffic problem for Great. Britain. POTENTIAL GERMAN BASE. IN'NORTH It would give Nad submarines «nd raider* a port from wlilcli to sweep'Into the Atlantic. It would Immensely,. IncrcBse the already arduous task '.of the British navy aiid air force. ' ''•.-At present., 1 Nazi submarines and raiders slip Into the North Sen arid once'in vn while get into the Atlantic. Tlie:'Brltii>h have to pa- troitile'North'8p.ii between'the tip or. Scotland and the;, rhaliilnnd 61 Nor'way-i-oyer r 250 miles. ; i^Orcat. Britain hnfe tlUretore cogent reasons'lot wanting to see the Finns wlnj •' ' •[iWh'Bt'.'BrllJiih can do tor the Finns . SvHWou.t cripi'illrig herself, she-Is doing.' There are Indica- tions'thnt'.this'help Is being countered by'the;-Nazis giving the Communists-supplies nnd'mUllnrv nntl technical 'advisers. \:BCSides; : the _ war slruie, Britain h»s a' c6risiaen\ble .commercial stake .'In Finland. 'In the recent past Britain ha* tAk'eii 4i per cent , of Finnish .exports and supplied 22 per .cent oHier imports. : /Britain getsOno-nitli of its wood nnd timber, two-fifths of Its wood pulp and one-sixth of Its Import- 1 ed-news print'from Finland NICKEL SUPP.LY STAKE IN WAR ". Near petsnmq Is another valuable, stake—the rich nickel mines which only recently'began to come into full production'. These deposits were being worked by the Atond Nickel Company of Great Britain, ; which Is affiliated with Internationa)' Nickel, R Cnnndlnn company which controls most 01 the world's nickel output, NlcM is vital' In manufacture of steel for artillery and armor plate. •Finally, Britain has a considerable Investment. In Finnish government bonds and municipal bonds of Helsinki. Most Graceful Co-Ed ; Once Without Poise BOSTON (UF)^Ohosen the mast graceful co-ed at Boston University, Miss Jean I. Traqualr of Melrose has a simple explanation of her success. Says Jean: "When I was very little, they kept telling me I had a very bad posture—so 1 suppose I unconsciously .tried to do better" Just to String You Along •BT^^^^^^H i ' ' Group Sponsors 8-Point Program and Fights 1 Federal Bill Why the sunny smiles displayed by recently-married Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Burkett of Orlando, Fla.V Because they will enjoy n free two- week honeymoon on roinnnlic Honeymoon Isle, off Tsunrm. The Bur- fcetls are the first selected of fio ncwlyvvccl couples who'll be guests ot the Island's owner, inllllonnli-e real eslnte operator C. M. Osceola Society—Personal Mrc. Hunt Hostess Members of Calvary Eplscopnl Auxiliary enjoyed n covered dish .uncheon In the home of Mrs. W. 2. Hunt on Monday when plans .vere mndc for tlic Easier Pood .vlnrkcl and apron shower lo be acid OH March 23. Mrs. P. P. ;'ncobs told of her recent cruise In .he Caribbean Including the trip ,o Cubn, Costa Rica- nnd Pniuinui. Mrs. SiiHic Davis of Luxorn wns n juest. The next meeting of Ihe juxillnry will be a similar lunch- jon meeting In the home of Mrs. E. V. Madden. Attendance wns urged upon the .vcfhly prc-lenten service.'! belns .iclri each Pridny nighl nt the Calvary Eplscopnl church nt .vhlch Hie pastor, tho Rev. Mai- how Curry is explaining the hls- .orlcnl.background, origin mid slg- .lincnhce of the Latin nml the inglisU Prayer Book..The public, is nvited to ihese meetings. Announcement wns also mndo il the'- services on Pnlm Sunday, .vlnrch seventeenth nt eleven j'clock, and of the special Eastev .nrvlces at !):30 on Mnrch 2-1. * * . Kcs Progressive Dinner Members of Ihe Young Womens Auxiliary of the Baptist Church of .?hlch Mrs. B. E. Moore Is .poun- jelor held their annual progrnm m Home Missions anrt the Annie iV. Armstrong offering combined will) ft progressive dinner on Manlay night. Beginning with cock- alls In the home of Merliue Hall, .hen to the home of Mrs. Bcnrcy Menrs for Uie main course, Ihc jroup went, to the liomc of Cora .-logan tor Ihc dessert couren nnd .he progrnm meeting. Mrs. Moore gave the girls the ilfe historj' of Miss Armstrong, the first, corresponding secretary of Womniis Missionary Union, after ,vhlch 13elty Fisher. Cecelia Tlpton nnd Edna Mac Shellou told ot Ihe homo mission needs and work being done among the Indians, Negroes. Deaf, Mountain people, nnd foreigners. Following the account of the missionary endeavors of Mrs, Dorcen Owen' and her husband, Southern Baptist Missionaries in Haifa. Palestine. I lie girls voted lo name their auxiliary the Doreen Owen Y. W. A. and will correspond with Mrs. Owen to lean- first luiiid information of her work suggestive of the Enster season. Ann While nnd Peggy Driver were vlnners of the contest of guessing novlo ftars. Other contest winners vcrc Jane Adams nnd Evelyn Jenii '1KB. Among the Osceolans who drove o Brlnkley on Tuesday night for ho visit of Walter D. Head of Moiilclitlr, N. J., president, of Ro- :nry Interiintloiin) with the nrlnk- ey Itolnry Club were Mr. nnd Mrs, \V. W. Prcwltl, Mr. and G. llnrt- slll Hanks, .the Hcv. b. T. Lnw- cnce, W. E.'Hunt, C. P. Mauley ind II. J. Hiilc, president of the Osi-coln club. Miss Helen Oeau Stoflle chtcr- .nlncd several friends of her clnss in Wilson high school wllh n bunco [ffirty at her home near Drivel- Friday nlghl:' Guests were Mnry .-Catherine Poole, Lucille Pittman, Mnry Virginia Coble. Ilessle napp, J. T. Cumiulugs, David SI. Martin, Jerry C'ullon, Jimmle Avcn, Jnck Berry, Wotxlroiv nnd Edward Staf- Mcmphis visitors on Monday and Tuesday were Mr. and Mrs. J. u iVnrd, Mrs. A. W, Bowcn, Mrs. A. F. Splese, Mrs. A. L. Boyce. Mrs. A. P. Glnscoe, Mrs. C. E. Siillenger, Mrs. E. $. Driver,; nnd'E. A. Teaford. Mrs, E. B. Reid also wns in' Memphis Monday, accompanied by her sister, Miss Mary Susan'' Wright of Blythevllle. Frank Tompklns, who nltends school nt Ounchlln College, Arka- :lcl])h!a, wns at home for the weekend with his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. P. E. Tompkins. Mrs. W. R. Dyess of Little liock nnd children, Bobby and Dorothy, who formerly lived here, spent '.lie weekend with former ncighOors and friends. Mrs. Dyess was Ihe house- Biiest of Mrs. Brnxtcn Bragg; Dorothy visited June lilioiids, while Bobby wns Ihe guest of Gene But- 'r, Mrs. Bragg returned home with Mrs. Dyess and spent Monday anci Tuesday in LiUlc Hock. Mrs. Bragg cnlertnincd Informally at cards on Friday nlglil for Mrs. Dyess while Mis.s Josephine Montague entertained n group for her on Saturday night, Mr. nnd Mrs. Curtis Strange hnd as their guests Sunday Mrs. Strangc's parents. Mr. ami Mrs. W. T. Jacks and children. Margaret nnd Edward of Parkin. Mrs. lien Butler was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in Memphis at neon Monday following :m iictite attack of appendicitis Sunday night. She wns operated upon imci Is improving satisfactorily. Mr. Butler Rcconi]»tiilcd her to the hospital. IIV HKOOKS SMITH !Jiiitfc( Press Staff Correspondent ATLANTA, Oa., Pel). 29 (UP)— Heprescnlativefi of 10,000 crusad- soullicrn women have organized to erase the blot of lynching from the South by. menus of education mid not, by Federal legislation. Announcing they were strongly opposed to the anil-lynching bill before Congress, members oT tlic Association bi Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching mnpped on eight-point program, at their meeting here lo: : 1. Obtain signed eooperntlon pledges from sheriffs to support the anil-lynching education program. 2. Obtain 5,000 new women members of the organization In 1940. 3. Actively lencli the young people of colleges nnd churches with (mli-lynchlng Infoimntlon. •I. Cultivate the cooperation ot newspapers, police, governors and legislatures in tlic campaign. 5. Get civic and church organi- sations to ndopt programs against lynching. G. Get newspapers to notify local orgnnfeallons of Ihe associa- ivhen threatened lyrichlngs tion arc reported, 7. E s p a n d 11 ic organ iv.a t ioii 's work into new slates this year. «. Cover the highways, towns and cities of the South with antl- lynchiiig posters. •'! Mrs. Jessie Daniel Ames, executive secretly of the association, snld the organisation had never favored Federal anil-lynching legislation. She contended that such a law could never be enforced, nnd lliat lo seek outside nld was to admit that the women of the South were loo cowardly to meet their own troubles. c) "Two, we have -found that in most cases lha sanctity of u-ouini'i- hood merely was an excuse for lynchlnga . and not the veal reii- smi," Mrs.. ,Aim.>s snUl. "We have entered the. strongholds of the Ku, cChix'Kla'n . nnd openly presented PRESCRIPTIONS ;shcsl Slock Icct) Best I'ricea Drug Stores Freshest Slock Gimnuileet) Best I'ricea While Is Ace Blues Chaser THUESDAr, JIARCH 7, 1940 A splc nnd span white hat Is the best tonic for end-of-wtnlcr dol- dnitiis. Tills chic, forwimi'tliipuig white toyo, designed by Jeanne Ttti>, lias triple tucks on the crown nnd n colored straw DIUKI. our lindings thnl 'lynchings to protect southern women' have nothing to do with women." ADs. Ames said that 40,000 H'O- mrn In the South now have signed plc-dces. committing themselves to cnrry out n program ngnlnsl lynching for any cause. A number of lynciiings have been prevented through the organization's work, Mrs. Ames said. and influence of the women is widespread. Mongrel In Double Hole WATERFORD, Conn. (UP)—Nellie, a year-old mongrel terrier, ::i".Tr hns hnd a family ot hei o-f.ii, hut has raised u litter of nine nnd five kittens were killed. THHRK'S A DIFKUKKN IN FOOD WHEN YOU USK of the auxiliary are Jclfle Joe Ford, president: Ver;i Ileiuhlx, vice-president; Betty Fisher, secretary; Helm Gibson Personal Service chalrmmi and I il Be Tardy, School Says, But Don't Hitch-Hike N. .1. ilJl'i-Iiveii if Merllnc Hall, social chairman. Other members arc .lenn Chiles, Barbara. Clinton. Corn Hosan, Cecelia 'Union, Edna Map siicltor,. Has Mrdiilny ('arty inraiiK being UUP (or Johuny niul Mary me forbidden hcnccfortb io hitch-hike lo .school. Tlir \Vpnonah School Ho'jrri heard complnints tram molorhls of students at nearby Woodbury hostess '» licr jinny disconlinuc s-rnding checks to! .This Is a piece of .string, siring is used by storekeepers lo tic up packages, n can be Woven Into pretly potlcms. Small boys some- lim^s;«sc It to trip people. Guy dc Maupassant even wrote one of his most famed short slorics i\l»ut a piece of string, fiorgetful folk tic it on a'finger to 'jog tlielf'mem- orles. ' • •, : '' Sombtimes •» bit of string ten't always' handy, in .this bustling, niechaiilzcd world.' So. perhaps you would like to'.stick your rnigcr ihroughDie .space Indicated in the pwlure—to remind :;y6i!i%elf that March 15th is ,thb deadline lor federal .income tax lelurns. Tlie dining table held Hie [ a i-gc I birthday cake with Cnndlcs. ;uid Easier rabhit. 1 ; and olhpr gavors Urnrl Ouni'r N ;ids, Washer Need"" Tuning Up? JUKT GIVI-: US A CALL TOK KXI'KKT WASH I \(; MACHIMC SKUVH'K —All Makes— We li;\vr> secured Ihc scrvicr^ ol Mr. Phillip Frio. n tactorv Iratn- cri Maying Service Mini. Al'I'LIANCIC CO. Sen-He On All Mniirs Uailins—itctriscralors 206 W. Main |.|,onc Friday, Salurtla.v & iMonday. JMav. 81 h, 9lli it Hlh loti'll HND all your ii|iB}ls| • jit this largest hnme- ovvned inodeni shopinhsf cc'ftlcr at the very lowest prices in (own a( all times . . . Knr your convenience. We WIM, please in every defiiil. Regardless where you (rude if not' completely ''satisfied irjve us a trial. We iuunv HOW. See us. " ' See Ihc newesl convenience in food sh(i|ii)in^, exclusively in our store. The Glide Baskets . . . INo Cam' . . . Easv! Fresh - frost Onion 100's 7k proof ami hulk r , , _„. ; swds tabbage 50 s 9c EGGS Striclly Krcpb Cciiiiilry— ; Cuariir.iccd Doz. 15c PEACHES i Choice Evaporated Ib. Ilox Pure Lan Fresh & Fine Hnlli .. S t.hs. . 25 Mis. .Ib SI.8S Shibley's Best Omega 24 Ibs. 77c 20 Ibs. 88c Domino Finest Cane 5 Ibs. 26c 10 Ibs. 49c COFFEE '.rntulatl 2 His. Chase & Stillborn Hi. . . . Hulk we grind Jh. Black Hawk Sliced . Ib. 17k Salt .lowl-Ib. 5c; Side Ib, 7ic Hraml'ni' ^°'» Or T-BoilC Steaks .. 20c ivvir,. Chuck Roast, nice, tndf Ib. 15c All Kinds & ])r. H CSS ^"''.v <Vii-k Masiu's-drains ll>. ffli *&% f& i! fit xvr \\L Ill 1C. ANVWHKUK 0 1C PRICES FOR FREDAY AHD SATURDAY Maxwell House or Cnnovii I LI). Can Chase & Sanhorn 1 Lb. Pk Rosedale Halves H. Syrup, No. 2| Can 20!c JMHHHBHHI 12ic I'KT •3 Life. Cans G Sml. Cans UBBY'S CORN C'trj- Gent. Qc No. 303 Can 8 LIBBY'S CORN, Who, Kerne] No. 2 Can 10i c CORN. C'try. Gent, or d'ol. Kan. No. 2 Can LIMA BKANS No. 2 Can 16 Lu.v Lifebuoy C'amuy I'almollv* 1 Cake KQYAL GELATINE 14 TOMATO JUICE •16 Oz. f «c " Can l*t STOKELV " OMMy DATE NUT BREAD , 11 Yclttw, LI) A'2 KRAUT, Stokelv |Ac No. 2i/ 2 Can .'..... IW APPLES, Delicious l«in?e, Each 17!c «a Shoulder Clod. Lb. 29c Thick Rib. . Lb. 17ic~ in. 15c CHERSK, .Sunlight PORK SHOULDER BLACK Rind on Ib. 20c HAWK Rindlesslb.22c Pride of Memphis, Qt. SNOWDUIF'l 3 U). Tin ... COI'TBK, Pennanl -iTc ' Lb. I'kR 13 DOG FOOD, Ideal . . 3 Cans CHILI SAUCR Large Hottlc VIKiVNA SAUSAGK C Can . i? SHIULKY'R FLOUR SAFE FOR FINE SILKS AND WOOLENS Pilisbury FLOUR Hard Wlu-al ami Soft Wheat Speedy Suds Mcd. A 1 .". • " Lire. Seed I'otatoes Hants Onion IManls I'iH.slniry FAIJLNi Aicdiuni Scj Lge

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