The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, March 7, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOimiEABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUHI VOLUJIK XXXVI—NO. 299. Dlyfliovlllc Daily News Blylhcville Courier Mtsssisslppl Volley Leader islylhcville Herald !U,YTH1<:VIU,K, AUKANSAS, THURSDAY, MARCH 7, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT8 Scandinavian Nations Fear Allies May Try To Force Finnish Aid OOI'KNIIAGICN, Denmark, Mureli 7. (IT)—-Ki>|)<>ns' reached Copenhagen via Stockholm today thai the Finnish position <it Viipuri WHS serious and Unit the possibility of allied intervention in the Riissism-Vinnish war nmst ho considered. * As Die reports were published Scandinavian newspapers made the assertion that the iillle.s were planning to land troops for Finland in the Scandinavian countries ami lhal Ihe plans must be firmly opposed. Tidnlngen, lending conservative newspaper of Sweden, said: i "No foreign troops will ever lie ] |Traveloguc To Depict Hcauly 01' Finland Before Invasion Missounans Arc Bonn d Over To CourI On CoL- ton Theft Charges Melviu Elliott, 33, and his brother. Steve Elliott, 38. of near liragsf City, Mo., were bound over to circuit conn on a charge of Irans- permilied lo cross onr neutral territory. Our neutrality obliges us (o reject und hinder any nlicmpt to send troops via Sweden . . . Grotesquely but logical!}' we may be obligee! to figtn to prevent others from helping Finland." Military circles at Stockholm were quoted as saying that Russian attacks in the viipurl area across the Ice of Vilpuri Bay were of grave porting stolen goods into Mlssls- imporlancc. Thc Russians were attacking the west shore of the bay with terrific impact, it was indicated, using tanks and armored sledges in cooperation with infantry in advances across tlie tumbled lake ice, The Finns were believed lo be making a desperate effort to get men and guns to the scene, tempt lo attack Dyess Maiiugcv Tolci To Advise With Fanners As Fanners Only WASHINGTON. March 7. — The Kiinn Senirily Administration said today it had advised lln> manager oi' its Dyess homestead colony In Mississippi county. Arkansas', lo consult with a committee of homesteaders in niuiiiisenii'iit at the project. Aides of Administrator W. W. Alexander said the couunUiee 1111- tlibriml to represent iu« homesteaders is one which represented ilsell as Ihe "Grievance Committee" of the Southern Tenant Win- ers Union. Local No. M. at a conference with Alexander here K:diir- day. ' Attending the conference were 1 ^'W 1 Sluyton, a member of the county after having been i committee and secretary of the lo- fjiven a pielimlnary hcarlny in I cal union, and II. 1,. Mitchell, a na- municipal court today In an in-! li onal director of the union. Union vrstiijation which is expected to lepresenlatives • said more than The unspoiled beauty lhal was in order lo aid In (he relief cain- I-'inlaud's before Stalin's HimbcrhH: paign lor one of his Iiivoilte comi- Ku.ssiiin win- machine east Us )>nll| tries. . mile Finland, of death und destruction over (heI Krmully Inleresllng will he Ihe gallant lilile countrywill be .shown; np|ieaiaiice on Ihe piogrinn of al- iu iinlm-nl ralors In (he movie, (raclive Miss Kail Ihmpkylu. a na- liavelounc of II. Caufleld Cook, In-! live ol Finland mid reprrseiitatlvi! teriiationally kuuwn iraveler and: 0 , | 1(1) . i, mm (i- v ll( ( | u , Nnv y or |< livliircr who u'lll pnrtlc'ljuilc In lh« ; vv<irld's rule, who will answer (jtii'S- briii'lH program lor the Mississippi linns conn-ruins her country andl County Finnish lU'hef Fund at uhu will exhibit many plc(u'res(|iU'l Hie Husy Tlieiiti'r here Mondny i <i!stiu»i',s worn by her people. "ii;ht. \ Like most well educated youiu{ Rnlei I [lining and educational.; I innish women, Miss llaa))kyla tin' technicolor movies lo be shown! speaks i>xci'llcii[ linjillsh (UK) j'ms by Mr. c:ook eunlaln many slrlk-[ haveled widely. She once lived on Ina scenes of pre-war life In'the, the edi;c of Ihe Arctic Ocean for a land that lies under the norlherii; year und bus an Intimate knowl- llahls fur above (lie Arcllc, Circle.' idi;e nf (be hardships experienced Students as well (is adults will .find: bv Finland's delViidcr: in the far tills feature alom is Suggests Abolition Of NLR Board And Division Of Duties To fonfor Willi i'Vmwi, I ASHlNf! ION, March 7. [Ui')~A majority of tiifi Off' ' I il c . l' 1 .""^ a)llilllill ' cc iiiVMiii'iiliiiK ih e Niitiomil Uljor Ilela- v/llicials, U. o. r,iivoysMi"ns Honnl today pcopoMnl iilxililion of the present hoard Ihrep Days well worth'lhc norlh. cost of admission, which Is a5 iuulj 'fills special benefit program 35 etuis, It Is Mild, I Ix-ini; singed at the lioxy T'henler In addition lo (he lmvelr}[!U(- through (he courtesy uf Mr. and there will be a (ulk by Mi'. (jOOk|Mr.s. O. W. McG'ulchcn, owners ol I who recently appeared here iiB njthe llicntcr, and their employes, lecturer in the Institute of Inter- j The lutter are contributing their imlinmi) Uiidcisliiiuliiig under !lhc wrHrr* mid Die owner;; are giving auspices of tlie Ulylhevllle lioiary Hie use of the (heater und t-qtilp- club and who has since cancelled i mom in order to aid Ihe Finnish Hie remainder of hl.s lecture toui i Kellef Cnmpnlgn. lead lo arrest of a number of more men on similar charge.s In ibe then of cotton seed. The two men. arrested nenr thcvillc last Friday • w i I li two-thirds of the 316 heads of families residing mi the government foreseeing an at- l )emi(is of sce.fl cotton in their im- tlic Mannerheim session, denied stealing the seed project were members of Ihe union. Ely-1 In u letter to T. Roy Reid. FSA 1200i regional director at Little Rock. from the rear as tlie troops in the j Karelian isthmus attacked fronlally. while their three brothers. s-1 Alexander :d committee Pete land tluit emphasized was "purely that (he advisory" the responsibility for A special dispatch to the Ber- lingske Tidende from Stockholm said: "Every day the danger of almost total lack of relief threatens to break down the Finnish army's power of resistance. 11 is known that a special message from Field Marshal Mannerhcim (Field Marshal Baron Carl Gustav Manner- heim, Finnish commander In chief) is now in Helsinki, delegated among other things Lo make clear to the government what reserves the general staff must demand if it is to be able to resist the Russian pressure." Then the dispatch commented: "It can be realized that this number (of reserves)) by far surpassed the numbers available 'through Nordic volunteers . . . The only,'way .Sweden, can prevent involvement with'the great powers in the war, through allied intervention for Finland, is to reconsider all phases of present Swedish aid to Finland, reorganizing it so that U will be .really -sufficient.' As early as March 1 the Russians claimed capture of Cape Keijas- shore of itlllctt. 27; Luther Elliott, 20. aiid( management and operation of the Ralph Elliott, 21, admitted stealing j project "must rest with FSA from ....... ~ 1100 pounds of cotton seed | near Bragg City, Mo., the some night which they sold to Blytlie- "Saturday. a delegation from the ville to Ulylhcville Cotton Oil Mill.! called according to Chief Deputy Shcritl John p. Reinmiller. The three men who admitted their guilt were turned over to Southern Tenant Farmers Unio:i at my office. Among the group v,as Mr. Floyd Slayton. n Former AAA Official To Be Kligil>!o For In 6 Months Parok 5 mao FHS Dealers and Builders Discuss "Low-Cosl" Home Builcliiig Requirements II. B. lilchnidson, 14. former Approximately 35 local builders, AAA senior field assistant in charge material dealers and others Inler- (if Die Hlvlhevllle office who was esled iti conslriicllon attended Ihe resident of Colony, Ark. The I recently indicted by a federal (Us-, "Low-Cost Homes Conference" al Hint all™' Brand jury on a charm 1 (>r|"" ! 1; ' 1 V hall lasl night when W. Missouri autliorilies who placed them in jail at Caruthcrsville on charges of grand larceny while completing an investigation which j number of the members of the forgery nfler disposition hud bccnjS- Daniel, state director of Ihe Southern Tenant Farmers Union.! " ln(lc ° r " slate case, was sen-] Federal Housing Admliilslrallon, A. Local No. 2!), which I understand tcnccd lo IB niciilhs in u reforma-1 O. Wright, Held representative, and consists largely of residents of (he I" 1 '*' ""d fined SICfl when he plead- ( other slate PHA olliclals from Ihe Dyess project, had been elected lo I e 'l B>UHy lo forgery of endorse'- j Ultlc Rock olllce made lalks. is expected lo lead lo the solving] t ,; c ^.^ Sm]ritv Administration ! ">ent on a government check yes-j 'I'hc new title 1-Class e program of numerous recent•burglaries ° r | A(h , Uo r v committee for the pro- ' Icrdny In smokehouses in Ounklin and Penii-1 jKt . ^ ( , K . v rcqu( . s1cd ,„„( \ llLs L1U |e Hock. ' committee be recognized as 'bar scot counties in Missouri. Three of the brothers, Pete. Melv: uaiicl Sieve, have .served terms in the .Arkansas slate prison on charges ol burglary and grand lar- cenyi according lo officers. Names Committee To gaining commlUee' for the project. "I explained thai the Dyess project had been transferred to thc Farm Security Admhiistratien only a few weeks ago; and thai il is our federal district court ill .1 "' IHmncIng low-cost homes undci ! the new regulations effective Jau- I'AHI.S. Mar. 1 (DIM— Sunnier Welle.v, M'liriluln! lo I'imfvr utie liuur ivllb I'lciulcr KiUiiiiinl lUla- (ller luiluy at (he wiir ulllfc, spent an Imiir and Hirco (itiailers; with lilm behind locked doers HfCer liavlnc lalki'il for morn than mi liiiin with 1'reslilcnl Albeit l^briin. I'AUIS, March 'I. <UI>)-..l)ndur- Ki'crelnry (if Kluti- Humiur Welles. I'rrsldeiH KoasevelC.i ;,-|ic<-lal envoy lo 1'nirope, arrived loday tor ri Ihree day visit lo Premier lOdoti- urd Daladler mi dolhrr l-Ycncli leatlers, • mniuemeiiis had been made for him lo see IJnlndler, President Albeit l.cuiun and Aiiniisle Cliani- peller <le Ulbes. under secretary for forclun alTnlrs. today mid other leaders. IncUidliig Ihose of the Polish government In exile, tomorrow and Saturday when he leaves for 1/mdon, With Welles arrived Joseph l>. Kennedy, American ambassador lo and division of Us fmu'lioiw botwwii M new 'judicial labor Kiiii'd and « labor lulniinislnitor. The proposed ii(lmiimli'al.oi' would prosecute NLKH HSOS he fore thu new tribunal. ~ + Thn recommendation.-; were signed by Chairman Howard W. Smith of the committee und Its two Republican members. Representatives Charles llalleck (Ind.). and Harry KoiilKolui (Ohio)., A, minority report was submitted by two New IXnil Mippuilcrs, Representative Arthur llealey (Dem., Mass.) and Abe Murdoch (Dem., Utah). '['he two minority members charged hi a stuirmeiil that the majority ameiidinenl.s were "in fact emnsciilatciry and threatened the principles, purposes and objectives" of the Wiiyiier act. London. Kennedy, on us way to Sent lo tlie federal reformatory wcre b >' at Chilllcothe. Ohio, for "first "M state oftlclals and property stand- afler a visit (o Ihe United Hlale.s. had joined Welles al Lausanne mid come wllh him In (he special car provided by the French government. Kennedy planned to continue on lo I/mikm (tils nfler 110(111. It was evident Hull Welles would be told here: 'lhat Adolf Hlllei himself had made II. plain lhal peace now was Impossible; lhal (he allies can not talk pence with Hitler or any Niinl; lhal ll\e pence nfler Hits war iiiusl be a secure one which will not be subject K Ihe threats of any dlclalor. Knowing lhal Welle*. In his mis i slon of surveying the state of the war and the prospects for peace, desired a minimum of finifiire. Ihe Mail, »5, Foil 11(1 Dctul 1'n Trailer Where He 'Lived Kll'.hly-llvc-ycur-old James ,lo- ieph Attaint;, of Kenncll, liked lo live alone In n smiill trailer house :w IjnlH with Ills own hands, Ills wish was Kranlcd but his duughter.s Insisted Hint Hie (raller be parked n one ol (heir yards so lliat lie iillihl lie near a relative. Imrrflln, afler a check-up revealed 10 one had .seen "Clrnmlim" yesler- day. lie was found In bed—dead. Death resulted from a heart attack n limns before, lu'cordhm to the verdict at an Incmesl, services will be held i-'rl- (lny morning al Ihe Pentecostal Holiness Church of KcitruHt wllh burin I In llnriiersvllle, Mo. Mr. Adams, who lot! his Viome In Weal Tennessee when 18 years old to go lo Southeast Missouri, lived lit llornersvllle (mill IKTi when he moved lo Kenncll. UssWre his two diuiKliliTK. Mrs. Kvu Conk und Mrs. Lto.ic I'atlmon uf Keniiclt, and one sister. Mrs M. C, Snlys of Knsl I'ralile, Mo. lie Is survived by it granddaughter Mrs, Marlon Koehlcr of Dell, who with Mr. Knehler. will alleud thc ervlccs. Holl Funeral Homo Is In charge "Wblle this acl may not be perfect we should be most cautious In adopting any amcndmcnls which nuy have lhc tendency of Impairing lie rights fiiarAiitecd under this let," the minority said. "We cannot icqulcsco In amendments which, under the guise of Improvement, lo -scrlflce vllal rights of abor guaranlced under this acl. We will continue to strive- tn n.scer- ain and recommend genuine improvements ill the act or Us administration." The majority proposed to slrlp the board of [tower to act In dispute' between (he A. R of Ij. and C. li-O. over union representation unless the warring labor factions .have weed lo .wlUcnienl of (he specific controversy upon which they \vlSh a bnnrd ruling. fenders", Mr. Richardson will be."'f- '"'"'"'""i construction rc- cli<4ible for parole In six months,! C|Ulrcmcnls nll<1 ll '»le> writing pro- accordlns to his attorney. W. Lcoiv ccllwc wcre nlso {1| sc' lss «l. Siiillh. | Tiiere was an open meeting fol- J _ lowing the conference • lu which Seek Rural Housing h policy in the operation of all pro-], MJ. R[ C | m rd s on has been In •(\\\ J ov .lecis'iinoer T?SA"sittfcrvl.i!on lo-i.i-.| co.lnfy Jail in ' mythcvillc'.nuTat: b " HOVernmeiil muilr his reception ((quiet oils. Oliiimiietler do Illbes, holding the b "' <• lhc )< ' l '°» cl1 foi ' el «» °" lc(1 1 corresponding to Ills, headed the LITTLF, ROCK, Mar. 7. (UP) — Gov. Bailey today named a committee of four to work with similar committees from six other soiitli- to elect ] an Advisory Committee to coiisiiU with (lie project nnuugemeni on matters ol mutual concern. I te- ; iiionths" will" liave served" oue'year lleve I made il plain lhat such coiu- wherc federal ers arc kepi until tried, since Into last summer and if paroled in six .liUlcrs and olhers here, had an lo <ll.<iciiji.i liidlvidiiiii liroliliini.s. welcoming dcleKiillon al the I ra 111 nlemi on the western Viipuri Bay. In their communique, covering operations of the preceding day. they claimed capture of (lie towns of Helnlahti, Vilajokl and Mitliulnhtl on (lie western shore. II now appeared that the Russians tad consolidated these positions and hoped to be able to make them bases for a big landing force which would -seek to drive northward and westward—to ward! Helsinki perhaps, bnt certainly to bite olf the entire Knrellan peninsula. It was with this picl'ure in mind, presumably, that the Scandinavians, as reflected in their newspapers, envisaged open allied intervention mlttees are purely advisoiy. and ern slates In efforts to obtain funds i the responsibility for the maiiage- 1 mciil ol Hie iiroject mast re.u with FSA officials. for rural housing purposes. imprisonment. When sentence was wilhlii'ld on' a slat'. 1 choree here last Novcm- j her, It was upon condition thai CSTl, 10 mliiules lato because of u .... Ihe usual stop al Ihe Swiss fron- MllllOn Keady Her, where as a war iiieasnre, po- T n c. , n j lice closely examine all passen- 10 Buy State DOndS g ,. ra on |,Ut!m«tloiial trains. Wllh : Chiiinpelter tie Rlbes were Maurice LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 7. (UP)—';'-a/c. chief of protocol nf Ihe for- I request nf Hie Farm Security Ad- " nn(l "'e case was continued af- ministration at all other projects lcr " «' HS shown to the court Mar. 15 at the slale capital. under our supervision. i "">' lie had repaid a $3M note to "While the redemption iimd al p, i rr ,nrita < " u was v:e " understood by every- i wh leh lie allcsjcdly forged nam»s this time is unusually large tin; Cleaners mCOrpurcliej 01|C tu t(le mee ,| ll? t ii al t i lc com . |o/ D. S. Limlrip mil) Joe Huglies. current hi^ii prices of slate bonds Nu-Wa Laundry ould be opened secretary. Welles wa.s trikeii ihroiigh the , T-i-ri v pone " Tiic-oriiornlion ' Nlittee coul(1 ue recognized as rep- LinLE ROCK. —Incorpornlionj nt| residents and not papers for the Nu-Wa Laundry Cleaners nl Blylheville were filed today Secretary of State C. L.tviansi-u u|j<... ..IIH.K i»».. ....n..*.. on a big scale-intervention which | S25 eath. J O G. Hall by O. E. Quellmolz. listed as holder of ISO shares valued nl the Southern Tenant Farmers Union. I pointed out that the com. mittce should conduct Us negotla- j tlons directly with the project Judge O. E. Keck announced then fn lhc markel may curtail the ninoinu of bonds which can be purchase<l." he said. un u ui^ ^Liiii:—uiLti ^-UI-IULI s^u^M „ r i vuui uiu^u. iLiiaer uiail wiLii wasn- editorials implied would be neces- Gertrude Bames. 100, C. A Cun- siirvto save the Finns. nn.ghan, 2 : A - ^ «ml Gladys « Ari ,nlnl s tr a ti(,n." What seemed to worrv Scandi- Jasgers, -10, all HlUheville. For Opera Stars njvians most was an editorial In j r the London Times Tuesday, urgtns ! !-((>'j| \Vicl(l BlllOll immediate mass aid to Finland and | ' ' referring in that connection to the allied landing in the Gallipoli peninsula in the World War. j The Scandinavians pictured an < allied landing on the Norwegian t coast and a march through Norway | and Sweden to Finland. ! "The allies already have declared _ that they are ready to send troops ' to Finland," said the leaclln» Norwegian conservative newspaper Ti- dens Tegn. "It is an official secret known (o everybody. British troops and British ships are ready at British ports for an immediate start. As the easiest and perhaps Ihe only way is through Norway it is a big problem for us. ... It is now the business of tlhe Norwe- j gian government lo make it clear, i and stress lo the allies, lliat we i can not allow their troops to go through our country." 1 lhat Riehnrclson would be turned over to federal aiithorilles. These charges were lu connection with checks totaling $185.5!) Dllegrdly fcr«cd nt the AAA office manager, and if necessary, with I tieve. Richardson, who ndmllteil lo your office, rather than with Wash- i officers Ural he forged farmers' names to cheeks he received for AAA payments, made restitution for this amount, it was announced. Soviet Ilemands Drastic • LONDON. Mar. 7 (UP)— Diplo-| malic quarters here heard today j lhat Russia had served new de- ' mauds on Finland. Including dismissal of Marshall Baron Ktrl von Mannerheim and General K. M. Wallenlus. Finland's foremast mill- j tary chieftains. (In Helsinki it was announced j lhal Russia had arranged to pro- | .sent demands fur more, drastic limn those which caused the outbreak of war but details of demands were lacking. Diplomatic considered the reported demands so far reaching lhat it wns doubted the Finns could accept them in their present form, appointed conductor of tho Mctro- seined In Hie fall and which al- LITTLB ROCK. Ark.. Mar. 7.— ; Mr. Held said yesterday "no out- ^sictc oigtinizMion has been named ! as a 'bari-'iiiuinj aser.ey.' for con- dueling nc^olialioni; between residents of Hie RSA'.s resettlement • ^rcjct-is aiU' the Farm Security Ail' ministration." 1TENTV OF COMPANY MEW YORK. March 4. — Since he was stricken with polio. Lou Arrc.sted after _ ' lie resigned his position und tell i (lie city, an audit ; ' d (o Ills arrest. followed which dlslliiKiilshed visitors' salon of the station lo a car. He drove lo lhc Kit/, llolel. where a sullu bad beer prepared for him, and arrangec lo starl InlkK wllh embassy ofllclub in prcparnllon for his conferences Ihls allcrnotin witli French loaders A dinner had been arranged to tenliihl nt thc foreign olllce. will . . Dataller as bosl and Jean jcnn- PnySlCian SucClllllbs neney and I'Motiard llcrrlol. presl- dents of Ihe Ecnale and chamber BASSETT. March (i.-Capl. A. J. OI ICB<lcrs a -'" 01] 'i ""•' B " csl - v Father 01 Bassett Senate Would; Allow Public Employes To Appeal lo Courts WASHINGTON, March 7. (UP) —The senate today voted. 48 to 3C, It) amend the Hatch acl so as to permit public employes found Sillily of cngiigliiB in "pernicious 1 Holds County Examiner Must Repay Deputy Fees LITTLE ROOK, Ark.. Mar. Tr^ Dispute, over a Cralshead county situation has brought to the front again 'the' question of •whether a county examiner can employ addi- Honal help under a 103(1 act au- thorl/.lng certain county officials! to employ additional help at certain limes. ;^ The attorney general's office ;has ruled ..Hint.: Ihe county examiner Is • ploy not entitled', finder the -act to extra help. County Examiner J. J. Yarborough 'lias been aAkcd to repay Oralghead county common school fund $:iOO^wh!ch his -office used to him deputies. The request was made by the comptroller's office which called attention of the matter to circuit judges of the dlstrlcl Jchnson ol Ethel. Miss., wlni ha.s vl:ilt'.'[l here a r umber of times with ill- sun. Dr. R. I.. Johnson, died at his home Tuesday mornlir; it r.'Ul Kiwanians Drill In Club Singing liollttcal acllvlly to arnica federal courts Tlie nriieiuhnejit deroaled yesler- t'ny but reconsidered today was .'ilromioiisly opposed by the author of tin) net. Senator Carl A. Hatch (Dem,, N. M.), and by Cleorac W. Norrls (Ind., Neb.). They said 11 was unnecessary, would clou the courts with expensive trials and handicap Hie i:K( service commission which would be empowered to police the act. 'file amendment nevertheless was adopted us nn addition to Hatch's pcmlln;> bill lo extend provisions at the federal "cleim" politics act lo slale employes who are paid with federal funds. Foes of lliis ..xiimslon planned lo try to kill It by, setullnis lhc 1)111 back to the senate prlvlli'KCs and elections committee. to the' 1 " • v ' t ' cn Cralghcnd county Is located, In its audit report. h-vfl'i- Klv/iirlnns d-i'oled luncheon meelln/ Weilncs'hv Cnpl. .lohnson. >/i'i ,;i: •". • • -I }<.<•• ind fuur inonths of age. was 11 their cleran of the War Between (he : ••>. :--l!v to Slates. i Hie sin: 1 !;: survived by Ills wife and Bill .six sons. J. Jnhiv.on '<: » '. • ^ct-omii , lahoma City, W. T, Johnson ol j Smith. .ISTANBUL, Turkey. Mar. 1 (UP) ! Tulsi, A. J. Johnson Jr. or Little lied Hants, member of Ihe 1>0'.> I'ollrc Anlns in O Class I'HILADKI.IMIIA (Ui'i — When 36 Counties Share In Severance Tax LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 1 (UP)^ Slale Treasurer Karl Page today certified a list of 36 counties that will receive a share of the S47,- 831.1K! severance tax fund for the first quarter of Ifl-tO. Tlie tux collected by the stale i oil and minerals laken from Ihe ground goes Inlo the county's common school and road fund. Union county with Its extensive oil fields will receive Ihe largest amount—a total of $17,113,63. Oohuiibla comity where new oil fields have been brought in during the past year will receive. $lfi- B92.I7. ! uerlo-J »| drilling In b;Js v . cr( . sll b m lttcd [or new police | Bulgarian Airplane! !:}" of Klw;i;il.s son^.s. Beswlck led the sinc^x nlc'l by Miss Nannie Clarke An official mmoimcemenl today Rock. C. A. Johnson "f Kibe!. O. debt!;,' lias received KO.OOO letters u.ild turklsli anli-nlrcrafl gnus had K. Johnson of Ah>u:iu?r;iii,', N. M.. '- ' have been af- (brought down a Bulgarian airplane niid Dr. Johnson, ami one daii'ililcr. from people who flicled with lhc same disease. ilyiiiu over Turkish territory. Mrs. B. O. Donaldson ol Hoclce. lai 1 llhiff. Mo. Ktwnnts George W. Thomas ol brolher of Klwanlan Tnomas. were guests. club, and St. fyml'i. J. Nick vehicles It was revealed that some I of Phlbdclphiii's offlcers were per- loruilng tlieir duties h! dch>.|ii 1:110(1 .iiitr;mi]l>il:.s valued al only $7. i Aiislricin 'Ki To Visit U. S. British 'Sneak' Bigpesl Ship Across Atlantic Ocean NKW YORK. Mar. 1. <UP>—The (Ire): nrr. 1 ! ."inrte her an easy Mrgct Uri'isb super liner Queen Efcibelh. for bombs, if and 'when a "blltz- laixesl .ship ever built, raced S'ifc kite;-" comes. British ufli:l:il;; or- iiinl sound into the porl of New dered the Queen Elix.ilxtli f.'inii her York today. \vhi::itu; ber gamble : sbniyavd at Ciy;lcl):\nk. imv.ed her wllti Ciennan submarinc.s alter a ; stealthily down tho river Clyde lo j any gcslapo to in t nnidcn voyage from England ' Greencck a.'d slartcrl her across ] nioiilh:; shut?" to New York with utmost secrecy un Marcli 2. drab wartime grey hi caitrast to; N<> fonvoying warships weie seen II '^\ colors t'h.n v.duid imvp. i llor wcr " ?hrrt ' a»l' i;1 ne ships of a mid her M, pt n :c time. veach;'d ! "">' "eiciijilion within 20 miles of Quarantine shortly 5Her 10 i\.m.— i thc Q ueo " Elizabeth. I;i Lou-Jon just n few minutes too hi? to iiri!;' i ;t vv:v '' rcw .iled that the vessel had III pi 'Tic tin Hie Hucl'ori r!v-i lc ' n (or Ncvv Yor ^ al f" 11 speed, lo its pier without the hazards of | ("'otectcd by a fcrcen of nnval ' vessels. The Queen avoided the icsular \ it'iim fanlare or passengers. The BS.OOO-ton ship, painted (irie. Because of the danger of push cf tho tub on her fillh-ol-a- mi'e l>n Hi u wai derided to wall little old Hitler in (he vye . . . . .130 by the Cuiiaivl Company bull;l\Vho rules the seas now? . . . i er.s. and despite Hie war. conslrn^- IIow'll Old Nasty iHHli'ri explain | lion hnd proceeded on exnct sche.l- this one Bway? . . What Iv'tter j ule. proof than this that we don't neei! The Queen Elizabclh I '..' * us keep our feet long, equal lo (he hr>i,>hi i, ! Kmpire Slnle building. :ii)tl '' f Now U was known that .several | wide. She has 14 decks "nil •• •• hundred pcrsors hid seen the shty I $28.500,000. The Quce.i M iry. A sail from Urcenock last .Salur(by. • comparison, Is 075 fih't lo i;. i!" and several tbou^iimls more nui^l j feet v.lde. bus 1'2 dc'V; ,1'id CUM have known s::c wn-; nl s'-i. but j S'25.0CO.(.t(i. The Quwn kllriilivlh not Hie .slightest hint of It had | '-as I'AC funne's, compired lo t tc got abroad until she was «nfe. Thl'. j Queen Mary's three, and n greafr to Britons, was a tribute io the | streamline, with ' a sharper Im; P.ovcrnmeiil's radio, pnstei and i Ihan her four-year-old -Istfir. Ne '- iews[i:iper campaign about "Ihe f er machinery de.slyns h-iv 50 e sleamrr limes and sped along the \ until low slack tlrlc in mid-after- northern route most of the way. neon before docking. (above), newiy- Although she came without any .kind of a pay load, to bo berthed t flf d They went far beyond those pre- polilan Opera in New York, looks ot some scores. Former nccom- •' ' k "' h " t ti nl a CWt Of d*,UW Of , f ° r , a f llm l >sc , dock charges alone tor nosslbly hlgh because : mouths nr yeal . s> hcr cr05sll)J WM triumph that delighted Britons. , .. . . though causing the war covered t panlst for famed singer Klrstcn 'Tlie voyage o'f the $25.500003 ship '• On the strecls of London this morn- only political and territorial ques- 1 Flngsted, McArthur, 32. was chosen was made under war limb or- i ing men slapped each oilier on the lions. I when several "Met" r.inrs rebelled dltlons, Concerned 'because her H-i brick and exclahned: "Tint's doing enemy's long ears." attuned lo j Into the Queen Elizabeth, she has '-atch every chance remark aboul malters of slale. The Queen Elizabeth I" scar ?ly completed. Work illll rennlned lo te done on her interior decomtlons. It had been estimated recently that she would not be ready to sail until April, btii It pointed out at Glasgow toJ.vy that she was towed from Hie shipyard Feb. 20 al Hie exact hour fixed four years To Discuss Plans For Legion Junior Group Members of the Dud Cason post of Ihe American Legion who have sons eligible lo belong to a junior posl me asked lo attend a meeting Friday night, 7:30 o'clock, at thc Hut. when a "Sons of the American Legion" i>ost will be formed, It was announced today by Joe Whitley, chairman of the committee iu charge. . • As has been announced, the group will be sponsored by Bud Cason post. Editor Emeritus Of New York Times Dies NEW YORK. Mar. 7 (UP)—Dr. John Houston Fiuley. Editor Emeritus of the New York Times. ti ihor and educator died loday in ii!s sleep at his home. His death was discovered by his wife. 12 high pressure iKiilers. hall th number of the Cjuccn Mary. H»i ventilating system Is concealed, thn Inlels being In housings al the Archdiiko base of thc smoke funnels whHo year- lhc. Queen Mnry has ventilating Hungarian throne, has obtained a [unnch, Tho Ncrmandie, larger visa from the U. S. Embassy In [' ''in tlie Giicnn Mnry and smnllsr Parts for a visit to America, it i WEATHER Arkansis—Cloudy and considerably colder, freezing in •-'.-.. • i.j ! nortiiwest portion, rain in novth- [ east portion tonight. Frid.iy cloudy, sliglitly warmer in northwest portion. Memphis and vicinity — Partly idiiko Otto ol napsourg. 27- c i oiu j,, , 1U cl colder tonight, lowest -old pretender to the Aiistro- !tcm p eratllrc 3l)ollt 3ii; p- r y ay f a | r Thu maximum temperature here than thc Queen Elizabeth, Is much expected he will seek U. S. sup-'yesterday was 01. minimum 30.cleir, more luxurious; cost $50,000,000. port for ths Austrian monarchist i according to Samuel-F. Norris. offl- more thnn both of them logelher. ! clal 'weather observer.

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