Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 7, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1954
Page 9
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MOPE STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS f uesday, November f, 1954 ^'^'A^mi and write ;a f' * t , w* 1 « B'rUoor fr6A 'growl *. Jtbad .fe#,.j»tt ^^at i !t > .1 ? «' to/ I fcan 10/ "arid 1 feorhc ^ttwv tft the f e&piek, Send "KVFf ">»~h 4 —' "V •* >%>;"v£ • *> ' • " Iff S |"P' F ;\'", ifffl'der Candies i ^ s ? u •' l.rnphy, others j?**e« I "" ' " ' ' ' •> T unbriqhts im^'i T ft t- ^ , r 1^ ^ eMNltts^ '" «fca J ,4 ¥„ / * ^Hhlf^ri^H^l * jf-jl^ ^ -f l»'«k.''«4-UvJ .-w.»^ii •**, »_• MARKETS &T, Louts LiVfe§fdbK NATIONAL SfdCKYARDS. 1)1. k, Hogs 13,000; moderately a?- ve; uneven; weights l8C'220 lb 5-50 lower t^ati Monday's ave.-- ge; other weights fand sows weak ,180-210 lb 18.50- few decks 2s 180-220 lb c 25 5; largely icice No, Is and nd several lofs -Uftifbrrti under •200 19.00: mostly i8.')6- ! 240-2001b lUO'13.00; 260-300, Ib fl-ilSO! leO-WO '-lb 165MS.OO; I^Vs'400 lb dowtt 1650-1000; heav- Sf stws •' 18/W-1.2!,' 'boats lOofli . dnttfe 5,500; calves 1,500; steers ifars rather-' plow except on choice and prime Ucers at 65JO-18.00: .these .strong to 50 highr: initial bids on lower grades jYiiyenly- lower in- most iiistandesi; ows ;Open}np steady; utility and ommcrcial,< 9.00-12,00: 'cianners nd c.utters '8.50VO,OP; bulls steady; tility and. ibinmercial ilOO-13.00: anner end cutter , pulls 6.00-1 000; eiilers and calves 'bDcncd steady; opdvfend choice vcalers 20.00-2u.00; ndivSdUal "head prime up to '28.00; ornmr.rc.ial end' low good vealers good prime ed sheep steady; slaughter largely 4.00-5.00 NEW VdRK NEW YORK UfcTh e stock mat. «t turhcd lower in the early afternoon today following a higher start. . . . Prices spread over a broad range with gains and losses run. ning' to around 3 points fit the most. . Trading v/as brisk. The market Opened higher with buying .so heavy that the tope fell behind, In tfe second hour the market etarted.'to turn down. There was no sudden shift at that time. The pi-ice erosion was gradual in the beginning and spread throughout the entire .list. Losses were found in steels, motors, nircrafts,•utili- ties, chemicals, electrical.. equlp- tnc-rits, yailroads oils airlines and movie, stocks. official report of 13,206,000 bales. JLate afternoon prices were 15 to SO cents a bale higher than hte previous close. Dec 3420, March 8453 and May 3477 ; 'Stable Dollar' Continued from Page One present subcommittee Humphrey made no direct reference in his prepared testimony to attacks on his policies and those of the Federal Reserve Board leveled yesterday uy John D. Clark, c member of former President Tiuman's Council of Economic Advisers, and Seymour Karris, professor of economics at Harvard University. Humphrey declared that joint action by the Treasury and the Fed- 4:Qp-10.0p! commercial, and daughter calves 14.00-18.00 Sheep' 3,700; good to wooled lambs 1 early selef! about teady' at ' 1900-20,50; top ' 20.30; ond.'..copy .t.6:. your wife, 4!J to your lavprite friends anl «nemies, and .he other 50 to people picked at rnn.4pi^whtt;!|j&yjs .a'lhlgh fating 'in Dun''&;' BradsjtrcelfS ^>.i ; J -•','> ",j , Hovfcdd i'OUvikhovK- it won't work? A friend of mine tried it. He Wrote a Santa .rSlous,,: letter, and Sent it tbilpC^lfuJft-S•'listed in" a ;so Cial.:dij-eqtpm^y)fig,- /'I .nJTiC just a poor lonely balding bachelor with liigh principles v/ho, once ..in his life;"-would- like,, tq^Jiavc a ;beautifu] girl take -him] byr Ho ; dinner " Christmas:" 'v^-V. '.'-' -" "''' '*•'' : : ; Well, it didn't turn .out quite he.'expected, .He 1 had hoped,fqt- a BeautifulVyqungi blonde. " : 1 "'''Nobody' showed . up , but , ; ' he, ' confessed •'ButV-r certainly 1 .don't feel ' wasted'" my /stamp -moriey." "•'• r. e? niain thing for grownups to r? is -"this:' If you r e all ' Kave ! - faith' in 'Santa Claus, and go t6' ; liie;;;trouti^ 'of lettini? him know wliat v-v "ypiiv^y/ant ;• well; ; hell the\ ; best 'il "•'- ' ' ' ' '' POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO W! L ive p oultryj about steady; receipts in , coops I.d79"(yestefda'y 1,320 coop?,), 200,12 lh); f.o.b. paying prices un- hanged to 1 lower; heavy: hens 75 19; Might hens 1214; i;fryers nd broilers 21-27; "eld roosters 13 2*5 ; ' capbncttcs -2728 ; hen , tti£k e ys 737,5;" 'you'ng '' tdm turkey's- : ; 2326; ducklings 30j''farfribr ''.,'ducks, ver 5 lb 22, "under:'5. 'lb ' 101 Butter -steady' to firmV. 'receipts }60;339;' whole-sale buying "...prices (nchahgea to %'• higher; --9.3J-. score AA 60) ' 92 '• A, GO; SQ.' B 58:35 ; 89 . C !57.5; 'cars' 90,; B 5875; 89 C 8 Eggs" top woakV balance .'steady; receipts 15V826;',' wholesale; ; Buying • ' ' ' ' •irices 'unchanaed to /.'.lower; eral Reserve Board hao established an "impressive" record. He rt-id economic stability \vas promoted ''first by helping tc restrain inflation and then later by helping to avoid deflation." He said major tax reductions and revisions, the end of pt-ic^ and wage controls better management of the feder-il debt nid other measures were "helping .sustain the economy, increase employment and production." Irt the im o n e tary policies, Humphrey declared, "we have in act .been following the policies ad' vocated by your predecessor sub- :ornmittees that as slated in he Douglas report of January 195C in,language reaffirmed in the Patman report of June 1952 "appropriate vigorous, and coordi nated monetary, credit and fis cal policies' should "constitute tlie government's primary and princi ble method" of promoting ful employment and avoiding econom .'c instability." Cold War Shifts Continued from I*age One Britain and Pieore Mendcs-Frahce,' French- premier and foreign minister, when hi' attends a meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Council at Paris. . In responre to questions Dulles said that the United States government is 'low prepared to leave up to the United Nations, for the tiitio being, efforts to obtoin the release of 11 U. S. airmen imprisoned by Communist China. Dulles said he expected the U N would shortly ass a resolution which would give rimary responsibility for obtain- g the release -if the pirmen to N. Secretary General Dag Ham- marskjold. Dulles also was questioned about cvelopment of an Asian aid pro- ram, designed primarily to pro- note capital loans for the devel- pment of industry and natural jsourccs in underdeveloped coun^ -ies. Dulles said in a speech in hicago a week ago that the Unit- d States should find some way to ut available capital to work for us purpose. McCarthy Hurls Continued from Page One Carthy's criticism was concerned, he (Hagerty) wanted to refer them to Eisenhower's remarks at his conference larl week. that if Eisenhower were to elected President they could bs US. 'large v.'hitcs' 31.5; 'mixo'd 31; nediums' 275; standard? "395; cur ic:U 'receipts 25; dirties •22;'. checks '' ' •'• •"' • ; < •''22 NEW YORK COTTON v NEW,;YpRK- UPi; Cotton;, "futures were' steady ; today, in...''slb.w,!'; dea; ings'. as : traders': awaited' the . De cember government cotton ,'dr.op re port ,on ."Wedhesd ay. • Trade buying end jocal covering found•>oferiiiQS light, '•tyi.tti'"".gains' ;in ; ; ea;rl^ ;; after noon ranging up to.50 .cents'va bale. . The average flf'..'three^priyate su'r vcy,s issued v tp; date '.piaced'.the 19?4 crpp at I3, l 440,bpd. : :balps, ; ;. 1 which would compare ; tith-the 1 -November By ROWLAND EVANS JR. WASHINGTON, W) Df.mocrai today hopped ,on Secretary of th Treasury Humphrey's declsratio: that a balanced budget is out fo next year. Sen. Sparkman (D-Ala charged, it made "political clack ety-clack" .-of 1952 Republica campaign pie dges . • Humphrey told ence yeste'rday, a news confei 'We cannot ba ance the budget" during the yea Carting next July 1. He said ever effort would'be made to keep th deficit below 'three billion dollar; Some form of heart appears in l animals' complicated enough o have specialized organs for re- piration, digestion of excretion. And he confirmed a previous fore- :ast that the deficit for the preset fiscal year, ending next June ;0, would be in the vicinity of 4 million dollars. Sparkman ond Sen. Douglas (D- 111) assailed the administration for vhat they called "utterly unrealis- ic" 1952 campaign promises to cut spending and balance the judget. Sen. Ives' (R-NY) said Humphrey's statement would guaraa ,ee a "very careful study' 1 by Congress of tax , reduction scheduled for next spring. These include a "decrease from 52 to 47 per cent in the corporate income tax rate., and a reduction in a number of excise sales taxes. Humprhey said he couldn't anticipate whether President Eisenhower will.' suggest' abandoning the cuts. But.'his comments encouraged the belief that the administration will oppose any tax decreases next year. WASHINGTON (/P) In a slashing; attack on President Eisenhower, Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis) today accused the chief executive of congratulating senators who hold up the' exposure of Communists and of urging tolerance for Chinesa Communists who torture American soldier. McCsrthy, who last week was condemned by the Senate 1 for his conduct, interrupted a hearing of his Senate Investigations Subcommittee to read a statement whicn ended like this: "Unfortunately the president sees nit to congratulate those who hoi.-l up the exposure of Comunists in one breath and in the next breath urges patience, tolerance, and niceties to thore who are torturing Americap uniformed men.' 1 McCarthy described his statement as "something of a temporary swan song" as chairman, of the investigations subcommittee which he has headed since the Republicans capture control of Congress in the 1952 elections. He said that during that '52 cam sure Of a vigorous fight to expose communism. Butj 'McCarthy added, he since has found "I was mistaken/' The senator said Kisenhowe had congratulate both sen. Watkin (sR-U(.ah) and Flanders <R- Vt.) McCarthy said that both men were responsible in part for holding up his efforts to eposo Com- tiunists. Watteins was chairman of the special bipartisan Senate Comm- Trucking Associations said present laws are quite adequate. The Supreme Court, in an Illinois ca=e 'declared that only the Inter state Commerce Commission can grant permits to truck companies for traffic invoved for than on* state. And so, the court held, oni he ICC can abridge that permit* paign he. McCarthy, had spoken from coast to coast assuring people ittee which unaimously recommended that McCarthy be cen- •oired for his conduct . Flanders was author of the origin al censure tresoluiton . Can't Bar Trucks for Violations By CHARLES F. WASHINGTON Jfl BARRETT The Supreme Court ruled yesterday that states may not bar interstate truckers frcm their highways, ever for re pealed and Illegal overloading. And that decision set off a new round of discussion today on the effect of heavy trucks on the na toin's highway system, and how to enforce weight limits imposed by states. Two infliientijly placed Demo crats Sen, Monroney of Oklahoma and Rep. Harris of Arkansas said the new Congress may consider giving states more police power. But a .spokesman for the American LITTl-E Chivalry on public conveyances has always been more or less of o standing joke. «NU« How Much Is Drug Worth? Attention All Landmark Missionary Baptist On Sunday afternoon, Dec. 12, at two o'clock at the City Hall here in Hope, a Landmark Missionary Baptist church will be organized. This church will be affiliated with the American Baptist association. All who are interested, and wish to come in as charter members are.requested to be present. 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ARCHf «" 90 ' fa (/m* LI OK Oil. COMRANV , November 7, 1954 HO ft STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Calendar Tuesday December 7 Alpha Delta Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society will have a dinner meeting at Hotel Barlow, Tuesday, December 7, at 7 p. m. jJGame night at the Hope Country Club will be held at 7:30 Tuesday* December 7. Hosts are Mr. I and Mrs. Roy Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. E. M. McWilliams. The V. F. W. Auxiliary will meet Tuesday, December 7, at 7:30 p. m. at the hut. All members are asked to attend. Poplar Grove 19G, W. O. W. cir- Cls. will have a meeting Tuesday, ecember 7, at 7:30 p. m. in the W. O. W. hall. This is the monthly business meeting, and all members are urged to attend Wednesday December & Patmos P. T. A. will meet Wednesday December 8, at 7 p. m. at the. Patmos school. ber 8, at 6 p. m. at the Methodist church. All members are asked to bring a $1.00 Christmas gift for exchange. Mrs. Justine Moore Hamm will give a demonstration on Christmas arrangements at 1 p. m. Wednesday December 8, in the First Methodist Church basement. The demonstration is being sponsored by the Hope Federation of Garden* Clubs. In making these arrangements, Mrs. Hamm wiE use materials available to everyone, and the arrangements which she makes will be sold to the public. Tickets will be on sale Monday and Tuesday at Cox Drug Store, or may be purchased Wednesday at the door. Everyone is asked to use the second street entrance as the other door will be locked. Court Docket The Jett B. Sahool Class Pot Graves Sunday luck •> party is scheduled for Wednesday, Decem- A formal Christmas dance will be held Saturday nieht, December 11, at the Hope Country Club at 9 p. m. This is an invitational dance. Hosts will be Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Grandison Royston and Mr. and Mrs. Frank McLarty. SHEilGElR * T M F A T II t< * *' ^ k TODAY ONLY * . "FEATURE TIMES • 2:00.- 3:51 - 5:42 - 7:33 - 9:24 *.' THE FLEET'S • • • and all hands ready for action! - 1 ',\»farrina/^"vr' : :'"7;." '• '- IAN' STERLING , NEVILLE BRAND Thnl -RlOr IN Cfll SIOCK .1,1" MOfr ,' • SHORTS • 1. Henry Hawk Cartoon 2. Riders of Hollywood 3. Austrian Skiing The Daughters of the American Revolution will meet at noon Wednesday at the Barlow Hotel. Hostesses will be Mrs. J. M. Houston and Mrs. R. E. Cain of Hope, and Mrs. Ralph M. Burton of Lewisville. ' -'- Municipal Court of Hope Arkansas December 6, 1954. City Dockit J. C. McLain, Assault artd Battery, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Ezra Jones, Driving while intoxicated, Plea guilty, fined $50.00 and 1 day in jail. David Epperson, Maurice Higgins, Francis Watson, Disturbing peace, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Alfred East, Sam Gentry, James Lofton, Drunkenness, Plea guilty, fined $10.00. Charles Sangalli, No City car license, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Harmon Williams, No State car license, Plea guilty fined $5.00. Charles Justus, Following too close to another vehicle, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Robert B. White, Clyde Walker, No brakes on car, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Ned Crockett, Failure to give signal, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Craton Epps, Charles Sangalli, Failure to yield right-of-way, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Earnest Jackson, Running stop sign, Forfeited $5.00 on bond already posted. George Peck, Jr., Clifton Evans, Running stop sign, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Andrew Jones, Leaving the scene of an accident, Plea guilty, fined $100.00. Earnest Jackson, Driving on wrong side of road, Forfeited $5.00 on bond already posted. Monroe Tyree, Speeding, Forfeited $5.00- Cash bond. State Docket Robert A. Whitney. Clyde A. The children of Paisley school will present their annual. Christmas program when the P. T. A. holds its regular monthly meeting, Wednesday, December 8, at 3 p. m. Paisley parents are urged to attend. The executive committee will meet at 2:30 p. m. Thursday December 9 The Junior and Senior High School P. T. A. will meet Thursday in the Junior high auditorium at 3:30 p. m. All members are urged to be present for the special program. Mr. J. I. Lieblpng will speak on the topic, "How Shall Values Be Taught?" Special music will be presented by Linda Gilbert. Hope B & P W Club will hold its annual Christmas party Thursday at 7 p. at the Barlow Hotel. A special Christmas program will be presented Every member is urged to be present. Friday December 10 The Berean Sunday School Class of the Unity Baptist Church will hold a pot luck supper at the experiment station lodge Friday night All members are invited to attend. Bunt, Operating for hire without PSC authority under an improper lease operation, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. Ree Trailer Company, Inc. (Clyde A..Bunt, Driver), Lessee-Shipper being party to improper lease operation, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. Rex Trailer Co. Inc. (Robert A. Whitney, driver), Lessee-Shipper being party to improper lease operation, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. ' : Minot Food Packers, (R. L. Johnson, driver), Lessee-Shipper 'being party to improper lease opera;- tion, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. C. E. Kirk Green, (Lee Swope, driver), Hauling for hire without PSC authority, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. R. L. Johnson, Hauling for hire without PSC authority, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. : Lonnie Brown, Hauling unsafe load, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Homer Jones (col), Drunkenness, Tried, fined $10.00. Nathan Coleman, Drunkenness, Plea guilty fined $10.00. L. E. Greathouse, Drunkenness, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. L. E. Greathouse, Disturbing peace, Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. William Walter Dean, Driving an automobile while intoxicated, Plea guilty, fined $50.00 and 1 day in jail. i C. A. Oiler, Driving an automobile while intoxicated, Dismissed on payment costs, James Gamble, Disturbing peace, Tried, fined $10.00. Harvey Beasley, Reckless driving. Tried, fined $25.00. J. B. Beaird Company Inc., (Geo. Lamonica, Driver), As Lessee- Shipper aiding and abetting by being party to improper lease agreement and operation. Tried, fined $100.00. Notice of appeal. New Orleans Furniture Co. (Melvin M. Chllds, driver) Lessee-Shipper being party to improper lease operation, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond; $100.00 suspended. Marco- Rosenthal Co., Lessee- Shipper being party to improper lease operation, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond; $100.00 suspended. Melvin M. Childs Operating ifor hire without PSC authority under improper lease • operation. Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. Geo. Lamonica, Operating for hire without PSC authority, under improper lease agreement, Tried Fined $100.00. Notice of appeal. Wesley Goodman Company, Hauling for hire without PSC authority under improper lease agreement, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. Bill Prince, Following too close to another vehicle Tried, dismiss ed. G. M. Adams, Falling to give signal when stopping on highway, Tried; dismissed. Willis Stone, 'Elizabeth Stone, Slander, Dismissed. 'Mop' Reverses Continued from Page One he had lived in Hope since 1929, and had seen the Hope-Nashville bus operate first on a dirt road north of Washington, then on gravel into Nashville — and now over a 10096 paved route. The publisher testified he was in -lope when the 'Frisco sought jermission to abandon its railroad rain between this city and Hugo, and while objection was raised at "irst the community was later reconciled on learning of the $20,000 annual loss which "Frisco proved for this run. When Missouri Pacific sought to drop its passenger train 'between Hope and Nashville there was no objection, he continued, because it was pointed out that' passenger service was being adequately covered by the bus of the companion transportation company. Mr. Washburn said he had no proof of any specific stipulation by Misouri Pacific to continue bus service, once it had been released from a costly passenger train, but he said the fact that the communities along the line co-operated with the railroad faith the bus service would be maintained. Obligation of All He said all the citizens and road to run on. The publisher said he was relieved to know that even taking A relatively weak month like October, and loading all possible system charges on the expense Sheet, Missouri Pacific couldn't make the annual loss on the' Hope-Nashville fun to be mote than about $5,500. At this point A. M. Hulsey of Washington said from the floor that some of those present were aware of reports that school busses hauling people to town on Saturdays wqre being blamed fOf some of the 'bus-line trouble. He said! "t want to make this statement. We've just thrown a wrench into this business of school busses trying to compete with the regular bus. I think we can t build up our regular bus-line business again. And we're asking the bus company to take -this statement into consideration." Company Counsel Smith got to his feet and said! "Mr. Rea and I have been conferring the last few minutes, and I'm making this pubic statement: "We're going ( to send this whole matter back to* the general management at St. Louis and ask that our petition for the schedule change be withdrawn at this time. We appreciate the attitude of the local people on our line, and I want to say if the school busses are go> ing into the public transport bus- Sentence of Arkansan Is Commuted ifitt* The earliest known fossil birds had teeth. institutions of this area have a common obligation to do what they can to improve the lot of folks in sparsely-settled areas. He pointed out that citizens get go.od roads built into the countryside, and put electricity and telephones on the farm — and not all of this is entirely profitable. But all of it is an obligation — and the obligation of Missouri Pacific is to keep its bus schedule intact now that the "bus has been given a hard-surfaced iness generally, a lot more bus lines will be in trouble all oveT America." Examiner May closed the hearing with this remark: ' "If .the people will'try to wipe out illegal For Hire competition it may help bus lines generally to get out of the hole they've been thrust into the, last couple of years.' In - Turkey, turkeys ''American birds." are called LITTLE Root MiAa convict, Who has spent 10)0(6 his time out of this state's- Jails find in others since he Wirs sfift- tenced to a seven-yea# tfem to Logan County some IS yedrs s scheduled lot pafolS this Gov. Francis Chety commuted the seven yeat f John Leslie Hicks, 3S, to six ears, thus making hlrh eligible or parole. • ' State Parole Director Sahl Catt* non. who said the Paffcle Soarj already had approved, the pafolt pending Cherry's actlofi, addec hat Hicks would br relealed tte*t veck. Hicks, Who had pleaded Sillily oft several charges, escaped from a .tale prison camp bn ' CKtlstmas Eve in 1641. A couple of prisons' aler, Hicks was tetUrfled.to Ar- tansas from Colorado in 1933. He ias> served two years of his Af- cansas term. ' The governor's commutation pro* clamation states that clemency had PILLOW'S GIFT SHOP Per«&hall«d Christmas Card! • Open Je Very Wedneiday ' 3058i. Laurel ' lhat KlLLfeO JN ACCIt _.. Negrt,,- •' tic Martin, about 40, estate ' mwk - ttdfck Afttt en dflvln-«. Sunday December 12 A cantata, "Carols of Christmas" will be presented by the choir the Presbyterian Church at 5 m. Sunday, December 12. Willing Workers Have Meeting The Unity Baptist Willing Workers met at 7 p. m. Monday, with 12 members in attendance. Singing was led\ by Elder Howard White, 'and Mrs. L. C. Kennedy voiced the opening prayer. The devotional from the tenth chapter of St. John was presented by Mrs. Kennedy. The lesson was taught by Elder White from the tenth chapter of St. Mark. the business meeting Mrs. Sam Williams gave a report of the previous meeting. The special, "Only the Shepherds" was given by Mrs. Charles Ellis. • Wed. &Thurs. • The group was dismissed toy Mrs. Ellis. "My youngsters never liked to Mother-atld-Child take ordinary as- P>"«. Now I give St. Joseph Aspirin ForChildren; They really like its orange flavor." MRS. G. DRAKE C. W. F. Has Luncneon And .Program Monday At Church The 'Christian Women's Fellowship of the First Christian Church met Monday at the church. A luncheon was served at noon in the Fellowship Hall. The luncheon table held an arrangement of red roses. The Reverend and Mrs. Edmund Pendleton furnished the special music for the program which followed the luncheon. Mrs. Robert Galye gave the devotional on "The City of the Great King" taken from Psalms 48:1-3. "The City," a home mission study, was completed at this meeting. Mrs. Oliver Adams, study, chairman, presented Mrs. Ernest Graham and the Rev. and Mrs. Pendleton who reviewed the book, "God and Man in the City," by Kenneth Miller. A special offering for the Christian Children's Home at St. Louis was dedicated. Twenty-seven members and one guests, Rev. Pendleton, were present. STEEL CONSTRUCTION Sheds, Farm Buildings and Industrial Buildings ^ made according to specifications. Con be con- * structed at low cost. CAU... PR 7-4683 for complete information. DUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. Befpre selecting; any cjigmonsj ring , , , ygy owe it to yourself to see the fabwlpys Colgmbia "Try- Pit" with Qugrdign Angel, Garrett Memorial Ladies Auxiliary Meets In Church Home Mrs. Paul Church, assisted by Mrs. Ted Purtle and Mrs, Elbert OlSteen, entertained members of the Senior Ladies Auxiliary of the Garrett Memorial Baptist church in her home at 2 p. m. Monday. There were 29 members and five visitors present. A short business meeting was conducted by Mrs. B. M. Hazzard, president, Mrs. Ginny. Volentine voiced the opening prayer, and Mrs, Dwight Ridgdill, vice-presv dent, presented the program, Tak» part on the program were Mrs. H. O. Hart who gave the devotional; Elder Elbert O'Steen, prayer; Mrs. J. L. Cook, Mrs, Dwight Ridgdill, Mrs. Eula Roberts; Prayer by Mrs. Purtle; song by Mrs. Ridgdill, Mrs. Church, Mrs, Lyle Allen and Mrs. Buddy Starks, accompanied by Mrs. Waddle Cunningham at the. piano. The -program was closed with, prayer voiced by Mrs. Otho Roberts. An exchange of Christmas gifts .followed the program. I; Si C'rcle 3 Has Buffet Luncheon and Christmas Program On Monday Circle 3 of the W. S. C. S. of th? First Methodist Church met Mon' day, December 6, in Miss Henry's Sunday School room for a buffet luncheon, with Miss Nannie Purkins as hostess. There were 21 members, and one visitor, -MrS' Cora Jarnison, present. Following he luncheon, a Christmas program was presented by Miss Pwrkins. Mrs. Pete Laseter gaves tn,e Devotional, "The Christ' mas Stpvy," Miss Purkins told of an experience which caused her to believe, irt <'S5inta Glaus." Several of the members told of the Christ we frrpflfpcf itiif UVvUKivvV' liMv S tmm ng is lutn^elf ~A friend at the^door at Christmastime to share yout }oy tfiwf ^,, f ,. r;r ^ v brings something you cannot buy, For gift-wrapped in bis W«rm9mife< 1 shake and cheery greeting are love, admiration and ' In the presence of a friend, the fireside glows Wf ftWV Decorations become gayer, lights on the tree'shine w At Christmas - or anytime ~ the greatest gift a. /rM< Merry Christmas to all good frtenfa everywhereI, . M^W \&i* : M wy 4 * TEXAS EASTERN 6ITJZBW ^^ §f5B^lH«,€Hf4J t «tu« v w wl^4»^||£ ;4 to ' '^, ^'r &" w y-' 1 V.PCAU

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