The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1940
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH CJ, 1UJO BIATHEV1LLK (ARK.)' COUUIKR N1WS 1'AGE SEVEN\ ^2 > !/^%^!sy2*<;7^T^ : - OPPORTU C.LASSIFIKD ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for CUUBCCU- live Insertions: One time pel 1 line lOc 'Iwo limes per line per clay 08c Three times per line per day...06c Six limes per line per day USc Monlh rale per line GOc Curds of Thnnfcs SOc & 7!ic Minimum charge SOc Adi ordered for three or .six times Mid Mopped before expiration w|ll be charged for tlie number of times the add appeared ant) adjustment of bill made. All classified AdyeiUsing copy submitted by persons residing out ilslde of the city must lie accoin ' panicd by cash. Rates may be eas ily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregulai insertions takes the one time nuct No responsibility will be lakei for more tlian one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Business Op'tuuiliea I'nrty to invest alxnil $1000 In lo- GET OUR SPECIAL CA» * Poultry IPPRUSU OFFER FOR MARCH AND APRIL ONLY We are going a long way lo prove the liberality of our appraisals—to show what a good allow, once we will make on your present car. Let us appraise your car and we'll give you coupons good for four complete chassis lubrications. Don't miss this offer. Come in as soon as you can. ! Baby Chicks i Custom Iliitfhincjr i Marilyn Hatchery | lliyilicvllle llhiy, Gl Nurlli i At tlin end of 1MB tiievc -vus [ n total of tiSUBMiSO motor vehl- clp.s rrcjlMeiwt In I lie United States. 'Of this totnl I'JlM.IWl were I nicks. Waulwl — PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurnle Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First Phone 111 family Laundry. All clothes wished M'lumilely. Mrs. Mick, BUI UiKo ' -1-pk-ll Simplified Incubator For Babies Devised I'l'l i.^lHJHGll i UP i - inciibalor Oiiuii't, win hnvc n hcUiT cliuncr Ford Kortlor. Tires and motor in (food condition Ford Sedan. ;if this Price '.'!7 Knrd '1'udor. Motor ovcrhnulvd, clean Ihroiigliiiut cal business cnlerprise llial should pay equal returns eucli year. Investment practically uuaraiural., . May lake active part in manage- j ,.<S Chtevi'olet Coach. New mack finish. ISew mciil if desired. Stale ugc. pies- Kail Covers, City driven oil occupation and olher infor- " mallon about self. For interview '3(i Ford Deluxe Sedan. Motor reconditioned, ••100" c/o courier 'j<j r( ., s & condition nf car excellent address Box News. For Rent '37 Kord Coupe. Color black, low mileage. A clcuii cur $69 $131' $295' $399 $225 $285 Buy Your AMKUSCAN KX1MIKSS MONKY OKDI5RS ROHINSON'S llriij; Slnre Dr. ,!. A. Salibu AiiiimnirrN Hie rcimivnl cif Ms c'flliv from tln> liieiiMii HuDdlns • In I'il i:. Ki'iilneU.v. ll'-s. I'licjiH' -lit); Office I'll. IIS PRESCRIPT IOHS l<Ycshes< Stock (iuaranlml Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores 3 furnished rooms will) ball). Phone 16. private li-ck-11 2 furnislied rooms with balli. 82! Chickasawba. 5-pk-l- 4 room lurnished otjui'lnienv. Private bath. Desirable location. Call 280. 4-ck-U 2 nicely ftirnisliecl rooms, innerspring mattresses. Adjoiuhuj bath. All conveniences. Plione 030. •1-DH Comfoiiable front bedroom, outside entrance. Phone 351, 515 W. Walnut. l-ck-U 2 room furnished apartment. 1601 W. Ash. 29-cK-U 3 room furnished aparlinenl. Newly decorated. Oarage. Close !"• 12U Dugan Street, Mrs. Belle Wood. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 51 h & Walnut l' •WEIL MAKE YOU A DEAL YOU CAN'T REFUSE NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Clciiniiij; Service ir life, llinnks lo n I'lllsbnrxl) iljllt Ui'itltli nurse. Mrs. Knlhcrlne Holromlir. sn- t'rvhor of the puljlle liwdlh i's' hiib-tiluilon In (lie .Sinilli Ide, lias designed :in Inculnior so ilinj)le ihH a high i>c)ioo| boy mill inilld one nnd KO connmcl mid h(ln Unit nui^ea can curry ii inlb Ihe homes of dealh-Oircnlcnsd babies. The lncul)nU>r ulrendj' has l)c';n pressed inlo service, iiml 15 babies probnbly (nvi- Ilinlr lives lo Ms nso. The Incubator-looks like an ob-'., long-shiiped box. llcut Is supplied by elcclrlu llglii" bulb.5. '•' ''• •' . The horsepower .gonerated by a slop within 205 reel from a spted of lO'iiillcs on.hour Is sufficient to pnl) 10 cars 10.5 feel Into.'tlie air. LOOK AT THESE MARCH USED CAR BARGAINS '37 Pontiac Coupe D'lux Mod. Beauty $289 '38 Chev. D'lux Coupe Green, Motor Driven Only 9000 Miles What a Buy $429 CREATOR OF TOM SAWYER IIOKI/ONTAJ. 1, 5 Pen nnma of I he author of "Tom Sawyer." D URlil Answer lo Crcvloiis Puizlo -or 13 Liquid part ot fat, 15 To mistake. 10 To move sUlewlse. 11 Double buss, !ll Entire man, 10 Fisli. i| boy (pi,). 25 Mohammedan judge. 2(1 French. 28 Ho 'wns a fomous American - AI RED ASMS 1O.OO DIXIE QUALITY UP. ill.ii sri-Kitioit v.vilii-rnoM; ;iwi Hard \varc \Vc. Specialize in SWEEPING COMPOUND Shouse-Hcnry Htlw. Co. I'hone 35 Found 2 room modern furnislied aparl- ment. 1315 W. Main. 2-ick-H Lnrgei coin|prtnblc tearoom,'"twin beclii, 2 cjoseU, steam Heat. Mtn preferred. Phone 1, Mrs. J. G. Sud- nury. al-ch-li Kooius furnished or nufnrnlslicd. Newly decorated. Reasonable. Hcarti. 2«-pk-3-2C 1940 Arkansas >;• ton Truck license. Number 224-103. Owner mny liavc tame by paying cost ol this art. Coiirie) 1 Ncw.s Officf. Black barrow hog. Weight 125 Ibs. _".,D. ,S. Hay, .I'romLsed baud. Ipkll 1040 Arkansas License Tag iiura- Ijcr 51-08G. Owner may have .snnic hy liaying cost of thj. 1 ! aci Courier News office. Nice bedroom convenient lo bath. Sleam heat. Phone 280. Ick-tl Room, close in, Mrs. Nolen, 310 Walnut St. 22-ck-tf Unfurnished aparlment in Shane Apartment Building on Wqst ^rain Street Call 571 or 107. l-ck-U For Sale or Trade 1937 G. M. C. Panel Truck. Motor in excellenl condilion. New Painl Bargain quick iale. Wriic Jio.x 'MC 111. 1, Oily. r>-pk-12 MULES Will Iraclc for Mules. (Jows. HOBS Cafdc, C'orn, Hay ami Lumber. Delta Implements. Inc. Sec Floyd Simpso:i Personal 1 have forgo tie LI where I look some tlowers last fall in a pinkish I :i vender bowl, with I wo white "frogs". Will Ihe person having the bowl please notify me? Thank you. 5oli8 Mrs. .Samuel P. Morris.. For Sale Small 'Studio Baldwin piano. Good Condition. Phone 138-K. 5pk-12 Only Grailnaie Optome- Irlsl In •N'mv l.walnl In (Jleili'dc Hold li|(! R ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU IION KUWAKIIS, I'rnprldnr All Alnhrs nf Krbiilll Typewriiers, Aililin^ Marliiues and Cult iilaliirs—Ucpairinc—l'urls—l!ib linns 10 highly bred Jersey heifer.s '.vil young calves. Bought from ller- schell Smart, herd. Inquire Gnlncs Market. 8-ck-3-S Welding KXl'KRT ELECTRIC & ACETYLKNt' WELDING IJne ;iml heavy' wcIfHiiff a specially. Barksdale Mfg, Co. D r a g WHAT BAC:K-ACT:l|i; MAY MEAN Phone 13 or Res. 1019 Arouse [sluggish I, i v e r, work off ilie bile to nil yourself ol const!' pation, ga.s p-.uns. aiirt lhat sour, punk feeling. Take one box ot ' ACTIVE KlVEK PILLS 25 c at tui Kirby Slores Kx|jcrl Klertriu and WELDING Dragline and heavy welding our specialty. D. W. Cranford Hell, Ark. I'lione Farm Loans inu.l, n rlc'brnl Sl-t Main si. J)RS. NIBS' & N1ES Hlyltiisvllli,, Art . '38 Ford V-8 Tudor Low Mileage Only $3!)5 '38 Chevrolet Town Sedan Bargain at $429 38 Chevrolet Sport Sedan Motor Overhauled $419 39 Chevrolet Town Sed'n Xtra Special $539 '37 Ford V-8 60 Tudor Motor in Excellent Condition, Only $295 Many Others to Choose from WE TRADE Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan Open Nights & Sundays TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 21 To pnl on. lOi'lara of 22 Ocmis of nulls incnllnR. 23 A fnvorltc 42 To Jeer, child. n l inn. 2-ITo turn Into -isTo recoil. •Ill Ticker slrips. fill Dips in. !>•! Kile;;, (iff Small 1 Oficulalion. 31 TO alieimip. 33 Neither, 34 Arid. 30 To bccoma old, 37 falsehood. •II Sesame. •12 Diiinkaril, 27 Residue of lire. 29 U-adiiiK Heiress. 3D Company o[ MTn be sure. 3ft Kingdom. 'M Cilimlcss of Inle. 39 Money jiperliire. 00 Ills real name, VERTICAL 1 Crowd. 2 Winged. 3 TO elianue a K<!m setllnK. 8S " liri ''0 Maid. 10 Spectral Minifies. 11 Adhesive substitutes. liiTo bccoinu llxed. M Mucked with 55M,orlndin dye. spols. 5Q Soulli IQThnl whkih Cnrolina. iTslraius. fi7 1'lurnl. 23 He was ;\ OS Soutneiist. . W Goddess o( dawn. 17 Health resovt. -IS Distinctive theory. 50 Farewell! -•MVrilinjf loo). R2 riclng. RED RYDER Repairing Expert gun repairing. See E. M Damon al Ihe Blylheville Armory on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Large or Small Al Loir Intercast Rnlra. We are equinupd lo handle large j or small loans cm any sized tract [ of farm laml, ui low cost, and at [ a low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 1 Notice TE"R¥ITES WE FIX ANYTHING We Call For it Deliver Bicycles. Trons. Fails. Toasters. Hoi I'lale*. lamps, Upholstering. Furniture. Slip Covers or anything you might have. Hlylheville Furniture Co. ISC East, Main SI. Work While Voti Steep! Wnlcr up before they damage your property.] l^x,,,,,, For Free Inspection Call 592-W. UUIMII Walker and Archer State Licensed Operators WASH TUIHJS l'\ir Snfc 15Y V. '!'. HAM^IN THIS IS 1HE PLACE.. YEP... MOW LETS SEE... WELL,I GUESS OLD WOfJMU&'S REAL -THIM&...THIsTs E '^»WT D "'"E TROY, ALL RIGHT, OR. WHATS UEF [ OF IT.' IMASMUCH AS HE WROTB OF ULYSSES IN) HIS LAST MESSA6E,THE OLD &REEK. CAMP-SITE SHOULD BE THE U5&ICAL- SPOT TO BE6IM MV SEARCH .Plants For Sale iiOOO $l.'20. Nice lurge pliinls. ! Noil 1 ready. W. \V. Wnrren, Carrizo HAIIJlll tlHU i^uaiu i / / 1 Yellow c, 0 ] t | ladies Elgin watch. (~&~*^L Room and board. Steam hral. 8(W Reward. Mrs. B E Taylor Wll- (r^v .c't" 2 ^.-! W Ash. Phone 933. l'2-ck-3-ia son -1 |ii:-B BY KTHJAR MARTIN Ffv' R 6Y"CRANK- BOOTS ANI) HEB &tt-'E.t«L > . W « OO1E.';) \-OOVC \ «> OFFElitE, SorERloO, BUT VOO KMCW TO SUM >\ H'6' J <\ \SS Tt'^P. A.VSr> TVK C ' UKfc rbR VDU TO THCOW KUWE6 The Old Mnliirkc HY MEU1ULL FRECKLES AND HIS JUST THEN THE POOR OPEHS ijff SKW, JE"cWV. i 35 600D FELL*. I Sil SOU W\T I -&O, JEE.W. TO-PROVJE 1 EWT p^eTl^l_ 1 THE NEX' MWI WHO COMES ?LEASE,\ THRU THAT !>OOR, I'M 60iM6 TO NAIL i £•"" EVEN! THOUGH I AM "THE EXALTED MASTER OP ~TWB KNOTSO \f BUT LOD<3E=. , 1 CANT PROMISE >lt)U / por. ANYTWIMS SORftV / , ,— •/ WE MCBD TWt= LOCXb-i HAUL 7O SHOW OUR MOW ^|TlTM CENTS MUCH ARE PER , YOU I PERSON .' GOING TO K»ND V;E'LL CHARGE FOR MEED TO ADM1SSKDM /ACCOMMO- P r ^ DATE? 3CX5 FEOPI.& "lb , SHOW A PROFIT/ DAD eor MONEY ^ So 1M TillS, AMD YOURR I'LL NEED YOUR CALUNS COOPERATION . MET TO COfAE OUT I'DAD'' AHEAD / -S NOW, EH I I SUPPOSE !.<=• i DOM T WEl-P 'rOU.VDU'LL JUST CALL ME THE FELLOW WHO MARRIED . , ^•OTHEF; .' OKAV ^ ATTA BOY, I'LL HELP! -V-^ ANk ^?.' FATHER.

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