Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 11, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 11, 1896
Page 3
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Full DetailsGladly Given. A Railroad Official's Experience. THE RAILROADS More Demand for Passenger Equipment is Noted. THE WABASH REPORTS General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Dr. Miles' Heart Cure Restores Health M l:. ED'.7ATO EDMONDS, Ions; coo- necxcil with rullrotid construction in Nobr.iska,writes; "My hoart troubled and palnert mo for 10 yuars. Shortness of brca.th was tho constant arid mo.it common symptom. Intense,excruciating p;iiu,gener- ally followedauys'.'vuro exertion. I'alntness, hunger ynthoutiiny appctlto; fluttering that maaomoclatch my krcasi, and palpitation that of ton staggered ruu as If I would fall, •were lrmme:it attacks. Again, ovcrytlilng •would turn black If I arose from a stooping posture quickly. Sleepless nights with.tboir prostrating unres'/ wore nuuic^v and I could ... - ao rei-t £ jy or night. I omsuhcd loading phy- siciuns a:iu tried advertised remedies. They gaw mo no rei icf. Ono of Dr. Miles' circulars described my caso so exactly that I look Dr. Miles' Now Iloart Cure and I am now a veil man. I hope every ont> troubled with heait disease will try Dr. Miles' remedies. If they will write mo personally, i will gladly (live thorn full details of my experience." EDW. EDMONDS. P. 0. Box K, David City, Nebraska. Dr. Miles' Heart Cure is sold on guarantee that first bottle benefits or money refunded. SUHMER TOURS - VIA "BIG FOUR" TO THE HOUNTAINS, LAKES and SEASHORES As the polltlcnJ campaign waxes warmer there is an Increasing demand for passenger ears to carry the politicians from one point to another. Just now the 6'hlo roads are pressed for 'equipment iu that direction, and to ac- coinmoda.te the business requires a good deal of transfer of cars. At one county seat a half dozen will be Tvant- cd, at another three or four, and in some cases several trains as with 'the Pennsylvania -and tho. Pittsburg,- Ft. Wayne it Chicago recently, and passenger men say they have never known a. campaign, when Hie commaud for coaches w;is so varied and numerous as this year. "Where the more prominent political speakers appear larger, crowds are gathered tha.n ever before known, and tlio roads have made such rales that many taki> ;ul- vantago of them. It Is estimated that the Ohio, India.na. and Illinois roads have already carried 350,000 persons who IMIVC been .to some one of the numerous gatherings In the States named. Next to the Ohio, Indiana ami Illinois roads those of New York have profited largely through the political campaign business, n.ud Pennsylvania is not far behind. Next month, passenger men express the opinion, this class of travel will be : oven heavier than for the last twenty days. State and county affairs arc helping to swell the passenger business. whose combined weight' tipped, the beam at thirty-six pounds. He says that he never knew the fish to bite so well. .'JosiaJi. Boxln, tlio aged gate keeper •at: the Panhandle shops, reported for duty yesterday morning after several weeks' Illness. The car shops have Just received instructions to -apply the Witt cinder .guard to All postal cars tlwU undergo repairs hereafter. William Patterson of the repair track office had his foot run over yesterday by a push ear, and quite severely Injured. Hi; continued his work. Engine No. 385 left the round house yesterday after being' trwiU-d to a course of repairs while engine Xo. 320 w;is rim Ln to receive like treatment. • Hur.rry Cn:igan had his lnmd severely Injured Wednesday evening while at Work with t.lw repair track'fraug. The ' Injury was promptly dressed and ho will bo able to resume his duties after ;i few days. A Class X engine on Monday hauled a train of fourteen cars from Xehla to Indianapolis and made up five minutes of their time lost in leaving Xenla. The train was hauled from Columbus to Xenla in I wo sections, ' • President Ingalls lias promised Chief Engineer Ki.ttreclge that should'busi- ness improve and look favorable to rhc election of JIcKhvley, lie will purchas? thirty thousand tons of. now steel to be placed In the track this fall. Fred JJorrell, formerly a fireman and machinist in the employ of the Penn- sy.lv:inl-.-i. fomp:iny, but now employed by the C. E. company at Hunt.ington. l»as returned home after a visit, witli friends .find relatives here. . CLOTH ING. CLOTHING We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: X Solid Vcstlbuled Tralas Wagner Sleeping 1 Cars to New York and Boston from Bt, Louis, Peoria. Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, via CLEVELAND AND BUFFALO "The Knickerbocker Special." "The , South-western United." Six Terminals at the Great Lakee. Ihlcago, Beinton Har.bor, Toledo >lt. Sandusky, Cleveland. Tourist Rates In all Directions. E. O. McConnlck, Pass. Traffic Manager. • D. B. Martin, GenL Pass and Ticket. Agent' joing For A .akeTrip? You'll fnlly onjoy all of lt« aollnht If you take one,01 tho (IKE MICmGAN ATO LAKE SDPERIO! TRANSPORTATION CD'S EGANT STEAMSHIPS. 5.iHinz» between Chicago ind .MMkin»c land lour tlmtt every we«k. : now stool gtonmshlp 4 'M*nlton" Is n ,-,' palaoo. Travels 'iwlxt Chicago urlevoix, -Harbor. Spring*, P««.oskcy - '.c Island, etc. . Write for our readable reading matter, froo,."oi link your nearest agent 1 Address Jos. Borolzlioim O. P. A. LAKE mica. AND l4.\Kt SUPERIOR TRANS. CO. Ruih and N. Water SL. Chlctpc AN'XUAL MEETING ASV REPORTS At the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Wn,bash; .held at the general headquarters in St. r.ouis Wednesday, all the directors wore reelected-for the ensuing year. The reports of President Ashley and Vice President and General Manager Ramsey were read. The report of the former has already been made public. That of General Manager Hamsey goes; into details of oix>ratiou. ,,With an increase of ?S47,303 ia revenue from traffic, there is an increase of. $321,574 m operating expenses, -and an Increase of .foSHJSS in net expenses and an increase of $525,728 in net earnings from the traffic. The cn.tire Increase lu expenstts has been- due to • the improvement of the propert)« l s. and the cost of.moving and handling t,i-»'- flc has been less thaw'tor 1805; although there was an Increase In tons carried one mile of 117,700,155 tons, •and the passengers carried one mile 19,404,150. The cost ot train service, including train mon, .engineers, firemen and fuel and supplies for locomotives, etc., with an .increase of 171,120 miles (1.53 per cent.) In train mileage, shows'a decrease of $06,262. TO REMAIN I'M COLORADO. Jamies Kinney, the Panhandle passenger conductor who wont to Colorado a few wieeks ago for .the benefit of. his health, has been, advised by his physician to rcmailn there. If he does so he will have to give up his rim hero, but he has the promise of a run In that state as soon as hfe health \v\\l permit. Mrs. Klnoey %vlll ..probably join her husband. It. Is a matter of regret thait Logansport. is to lose such good people as Mr. and Mrs, Kinney. : Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower Bath RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose |3 Prevents .wetting Head ¥loor 01 Walls. Hornless Water Closet*. • Send (or Catalogue t IToof Water Closets, Self-Acting Water Closets, Kelly Stop and Waste Cock, THOS. KELUY & BROS., . 301 Madison Street, Chicago. atest Discovery or me 19th Century. Medicated Air For the Cure ot Catarrh, Aithroa ^. ana all -„ '•' Folmonw DKeaiei, It but no equslnl ache, 1,000.000 die annually from above named illiieaM*. Why naffer and die, -- to when -Medicated Air Is tfllCATtOA 1 " • guaranteed to cure you. I Air and Drug Co., ' .•'•'. ' ' ' . Blctuooad, Ind., IT. £ -Ai : r the itingj of beo, WMp» and hoi^ •the qukkly with Br»z5ll*h Bain, l the poison and stop* the pain j'x» FAST TIME FROM KOTJTS. . Engineer A. A. Field, who has charge of engine No.. 503, made a .phenomenal run firom.Jvouts to this city last Tuesday night. The engine drew tra.in No. S-t which consisted of twenty-one airs of.high class perishable goods.' The .'run. was mnidic in 1 hour and 35 minutes and 22 minutes was lost la waiting for. the flyer, making the . actual running time only 1 hour and 13 minutes. George Hornbeclc was fireman. . RAILROAD "NOTES. : Sylvester Watson, the fireman, Is off duty-on'account of ill health. Jake McCium, of the Panhandle round house, was off duty yesterday. .William M<jssengor, the Panh'a.udle passenger brakeman, is dangerously ill. .• ..'•'. "'- ' ; . ' : Bluier Matthews and William Wha : Jen of trfe Panhandle round house are sick. : A. F. Hockenbeamer of the Panhan- dha oflBces. was at CMeago yesterday on company's busJness. ... . : Dr.: Alien, wffll address the railroad men air'the/U. R. Y. M. C. A. rooms Sunday, Sept. 13,-at 3 p. m. , JJroi Smith has resumed his duties at. tho raund house .of tor a few days' lay off on account of a sore hand. The Pennsylvania lines have'discon- tinued/their through sleeping ear line between'St Dbuis and. Washington. .". The Erie, has divided Its order, for twenty^qcomotives betweea the Baldwin; ine Brooks and.the Cooke.locomo- tive works. .' > • •. •. '•. • ' Eng-Jneer Larry Woodruff, 'who was flshmg. 'in'- the •'Tlppecanoe fiver' Wednesday, 1 ' caught • fourteen • bass Instructions Imvi? ret-cntly been issued for the equipment of all passenger coaches with h«i.nd holds on thi-> roof, for the convenience of Inspectors and other persons whose duties necessitate their climbing on the top of the em's. The State authorities of Pennsylvania, have notified the railroad companies which -arc delinquent in malting their reports for the fiscal year ending June 30,'1S9G that unless such reports are-filed within fifteen days the penalty of $5,000 will be collected. Six roads are yet to report. Wednesday mo-ruing while a V-anda- lia switching crew was doing' some switching at Flora, a. number of cars got away from them and collided with the main part of the train and eight or ten cars were derailed. The wreck crow, wns called, but it was Severn! hours before they hart the tr.iok clear of tlie fragments. Panhandle Detective Dwyer yesterday afternoon -arrested two mea who gave'their names as Charles .Teukines of South Chicago fijidB, G. Hall of Anderson. Ind. They were in a. box car on train Xo. 87 enroute tp North .Tnd-. son. ' Both were pluced ' In Jail and messages sent to th'eir homes to find out their true characters. Panhandle Conductor Charles Xeal 'and wife entertained. a number of their friends at progressive pedro Wednesday night- . Mrs. Charles Lee, wife of the Ponbajidle -engineer, won the first prize while Conductor F. C. Murphy was awarded - the Vbooby" prize. Refreshments were .served and an enjoyable evening was spent. Lest Injustice..be done to : General Manager Ramsey of the Wabash, It Is-proper to state that the 72.10 per cent.'of the, gross earnings it cost to •operate the road Includes extensive Improvements which had been made during the twelve months and charged to operating expenses. For the year there was a>n increase in net earnings from .traffic. ' " ' '''..,'" •Tho convention of the National .Road- masters' Aissoclatloa Is in session at Niagara Falls, with <in attendance of eighty delegates, representing nearly all the roads In the country.' Conn.ect- cd'Wlth the meeting Is one of tho largest displays of railroad goods that has ever been seen in America. The convention of Railway Superintendents is also In session there. . ,"' .The now freight engines tlie Vau- dulla -hn.s recently received are now rated to haul 850'tbn.s between Indianapolis and 'Terre Haute trains on the Vandalia, being rated on the tonungc basis. This would tmder'the old.meth- od, mean thirty-five loaded cars. The engines heretofore used on the Tanda- lla liave been hauling but twenty-two to twenty-three loaded ears between Indianapolis and • Terre Haute.• - Our $15.00 Suits go for $12.00 Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.00 ; ' Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $8,OO Suits go for $5.5O Our $5,00 Suits go for $3.50 5i)fi FOR CHOICE OF AMY STRAW BAT IN THE STORE. 25c choice of any/of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys'Duck Suits one third off, th^y are bargains. \ Now is the time 1o buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing G j ds, and 526 Broadway is the place to save money, These Prices are For Cash Only. JOSEPH G GRACE & CO., 426 BROADWAY. HERE NEXT YEAR. Logansport Presbytery in Logansport in 'Ninety-Seven. The next annual session of the Logansport Presbytery wi.II meet with the Broadway church In the city. The meeting at Moutlcello closed.. Wednesday night r.t 11 o'clock. A Christian-Endeavor rally was held in the afternoon. At that meeting a paper was rend by Miss Ethel Pryor of the "city.' ' ' The first meeting Tuesday night was I given over to a sermon by the retiring I moderator, the Rev. Faradis of'Rens- selaer. Ills successor wa.s choson in 1 the person of the Rev, D. E. Hughes of Bethlehem. Other officers were chosen as follows: Stated Clerk—W. O. Lattimoro, Crown Point. Temporary Clerk—W. R Price, Kentland. Permanent Clerk—D. P. Putnam Logansport,The chief interest for many gathered in. the case of the Plymouth church, the Internal troubles of which have before been made public. The Presbytery,decided the church wJth- out officers, .and provided for tlic send-' ing of a .committee to Plymouth to hold an election in the congregation. Those who attended the Presbytery .from; hero wore Dr. D. P. Putnam and Dr. J, E. Stcrrett for the.First church; and the Rev. H. A. Percival .and Prof: D. C. Arthur representing the Broadway church. • •... The entire session was full of interest and profitable enjoyment to all who: attended, laymen and ministers -alike. The meeting next fall will be one of the important conventions of the year for this city. ' ' ' • •• fly New Goods- here. Oil fore buying, and examine them be- AL. YOUNQ, The Practical Pearl Street Tailor. oC of :of ATTENTION 7 CITIZENS. 'The committee appointed;. to arrange a reception to Hon. J. T.. Brooks, Second Vi'ce- President oI'the*\P,ennsylva- .tiia. company will me-et.at'the.Murdock hotel .at 3 o'clock • "-Wednesday: afternoon, September, 16th.: \CJtlzeiis: ore 'requested .to;, coll and: meet ,-Mr.' Brooks ; to show to him LognriepbrtW-apprecla- tlon of the Panhaiidlel Interests In Lo : '. gansport ,nud ; to;urge-upon .him the ad-' : vantages of Ixjgansport In the Improvements contemplated: . •• ."„.'•" ..•••• -\ ' ' ' 'Chairman. $100 REWARD. $100. "The readers of''this 'paper will be pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science.baa been able to cure in all Its stages and that Is Catarrh. Hall's -Catarrh Cure Is the only positive cure now. known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional disease;-: requires a constitutional treatment. Hall's Ctt tarrh Cure is taken Internally, acting, .directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system,' thereby destroying the fonndatlon.p*.'.-the disease- and giving the patient', ''strength by. building up the constitution and assisting nature In doing Its worfc. The pro> prletbrs have so much, falth J.a its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for,any case that It falls -to cure! fend for list of Testimonials. ?•' Address. F.'tf. CHENEY & CO Toledo',' 0hJ °- ,"'; ; . '' -..'. ^.' : ; Sold by Druggists, 75c. ' '' ' Drawings of All Kinds Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport • 'Tlie troupe day. "Barrel of Money" theatrical disbanded ; -at*' Elwood' yester- .Contractbrs Bailey & Koerner; ot l^bulsvllle, yesterday,commenced,work" on Madison's $5d,0o6-public ' ELEGTIltlCITY FACTS, The editor of a periodical devoted tc the ; uews of electrical developmen frequently heard during the reeen Electrical Exposition some wiseacre remark to the Indies In his escort. "Al very wonderful, but still we must re memb'er that electricity Is still in its Infancy." Tlie editor, therefore, at the close-of the exposition, sent letters to a number of gentlemen, who have spent a lifetime in the pursuit of electrical science, .with the result that,he has gather 'some statistics thsut show that electricity Is anything but on Infant Industry. It appears that there are not less than, ,65,000(000 telegrapU, messages ............. . . . sent in the United States .every year. Via Pennsylvania Lines, Sept..14th to ..The number of telephonic conversa- 'IWb.-^Lo'w'rpund'.trlp.tleitets to Indl- :tlous. : is .750,000,000. .,Tlier.e are 2,700 aniipolls Will'|be sold. yla^Penns'ylyania central electric, light stations; and 7,000 Lines for 'In^l'aaa..State Fair; return isolated electric, light plants in build- coupons .valid Sept. 20th, inclusive. , I lngs;of all kinds. .These operate about : .-..--I .'',.'.''.'.T--.-'. : .'.;>•'.. -••:-- . , ..I 1,000,000 arc lights and, 13,000,000 In:./| candescents, -as w^ll; as;-.several hun- STATE FAIR EXCtfR-, '' drcd thousand electric motors. The electric railways of this country reach 1,000 with 12,000 miles of track'and.20,- 000 cars. It is estimated tnat directly and indirectly some 2,500,000 persons are interested in 'electricity as their livelihood and sustenance,—New York Journal. When, you take Simmons Liver Regulator this Spring for your blood, and for Malaria be sure to note how well It works, and bow quickly you find yourselves ' Improved In health and spirit ' "I was induced to try Simmons Liver Regulator, and its action was quick and thorough. It imparted "ft brisk-and vigorous feeling. It is an excellent remedy."- 1 .!. R. Hiland, Monroe, Iowa. !.• N. Neff, ex-deputy sheriff of Carroll, county, owning a farm near Mt- ion, has leased Its oil privileges, and two-hundred-barrel well has already come-Jn;.with others In prospective. E^^^^^^fe^iji^^^^^^^^Sis^^^^^^iai

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