The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on March 16, 1938 · Page 22
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 22

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1938
Page 22
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20 TIIE ENQUIRER, CINCINNATI, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16, 1.938 CHURCH RALLY Is Attended By 1,000 Fmm 29") I nils (if Mrlhodist Conference Bishop Speaks At Lexington Session. iPHi'UI. tusrtTt H TO 1H KVyi !. Lexington, Ky., March 15 More than 1,000 Methodisla, re presenting 295 churches of the Kentucky Conference, today and toniicht attended tension of an Aldersgate rally, conducted at the First Methodist Church here in observance of the Mceitennlal of the evangelical conversion of John Wesley, founder of Methodism. Tha Kentucky Conference embraces the eastern half of Kentucky, Bishop U. V. W. Darlington, President of both the Kentucky nd Louisville Conferences, pie-aided. "This commemoration," he explained." seeks to revive In modem Methodism an experience of faith In Christ similar to that which came to John Wesley 200 yeurs ago t Aldersgate Chapel, about which he wrote, 'I feel my heart strangely varmed.' DutlnR 1938 woild-wldc Methodism is commemorating that event by sponsoring " effort to recapture the 'warm heart' of lis founder." Other speakers included Hiahop A. Frank Smith, Houston, Texas, rirctor of the AldctsgMe Commemoration; Dr. Harold Paul Sloan, New Yolk City; Ir W. ('. Cram, Nashville. Trim.. General Secretary of the Methodist Kim id of Missions, and Dr. Elmer T. Clark, Nashville, Assistant Secrets ry. The program, inspirational In de-ign, was arranged In connection with the second phase of a church-wide Plshops' crusade, started In the interest of evangelism and a deeper spiritual lire. Dennis V. Snapp. Paris, editor nd publisher of the Kentucky Methodist, a monthly chinch paper, distributed copies of an Al-deisgate Commemoiatlon issue containing pictures of ftishop Darlington and other confeience leaders, the flood Samaritan Hospital here, the Methodist Oiphans' Home In Woodford County, and other Church-maintained ins! it tit ions. Leaps Cleat Of Rails As Train Hits Truck Stalled On Tracks ft ! r-:rin M SO THK Ssoit' Cynthiana, Ky.. March 15 -W Hanson Purcell of Carlisle narrowly scaped dealh when the truck hv -as driving stalled in a cuive on the tracks of the Lousnille h Nashville Railroad, a mile south of Cynthiana near the ciiy waieiwoiks, according to Deputy Sheriff Haiold Jilrllvaln. Purcwil leaped to the east Side of the track unhuit as a frenht train struck the trui k. The truck lolled down a twenty-foot embankment and lodged on the edge of the wall of the dam Until the Licking River ivcedes it cannot be removed. Mis Ailen Calhoun, wife of a farmer, and O. K. Woikman. escaed death when the ' cars dtiven by Mis. Calhoun and Woikman sideswiped each other this morning on the 1-eesluug Pike two miles west of there. Mis 'l boun was taken to the Harrison Memonal Hospital. Attendants said she was shaken up badly, but not eiiously Injuied Woikman escaped ; with slight injuries. The cars wrie damaged badly. Hamson County faimeis today received $32,331 33 in Federal soil c nservation payments, Counly Agent H. H. Thompson said. There ; aie more checks to be received, be j added, to make a total of ISO,ooo tn the county. WIDOW RECEIVES ESTATE Of Grover C. Peering Will Is Probated In Kenton County. Under the will of Glover Cleve land Peeling. Covington, piohated yesieiday tn Kenton County Court., Covington, his entire estate -. bequeathed to his widow. Mrs. Carolyn H. Deering, who was named administrator. ; The will was dated August 57. 10.17. An appraisement of the estate of Andrew J. Prickett. Koit Thomas, setting the value at $21,577 St. was filed yesterday in the office of George J. Kaufnisnn, Campbell County Cleik. I OJeoige and Lawrence Reald, Jr., sons of the late Ijtwrence Hewald, Sr., Dayton, were named j administrators of the estate of j their father by Judge Odis W. Bertelsman In Camphell County Court st Newport yesteiday. Hy the will of Rewald. probated In the same court yesterday, his entire estate was Riven to his wife, Wis. Amelia Rewald, who died a year ago. The will was dated November 24, 1934. The sons are the only heirs. INSANITY PLEA MADE; BROTHER IS KILLED Hazard. Ky., March 15 AP XVMlliam HHlcomb. rhHipd with murder In h slayinR of his bi ot hr Harrison near Cornt'ttsville February 2T, pleaded insanity as his Iriiil opened In Perry Circuit Court today. Two jhy8icians and thiee neighbor! testified the defendant had been of unsound mind nince suffering & head injury six years ago. The commonwealth contended the defendant shot his brother aftr n argument over the division of Uieir father's estate. STONE CRABS ON MENU. Ston crabs, considered a rare delicacy in this part of the roun-! try, was the main dish on a dinner! menu for a party at Retschulte's j Inn, Dixie Highway, last night, at j which Charles Rptschulte, proprie-! tor, entertained 15 frifnds. Th crabs were shipped heie from the Pacfic Coast. Used Car Sata Total $50,000,000 Detroit, March 1 5 (UP) Automotive Daily Newt estimated toniht that more than 175,000 used tars valued at $50,000,000 were sold during National Used Car F.xchange Week, which ended last Saturday. The trade publication aid the week's sal- were three times the normal turnover at this time of year. Dealer inventories, it said, were reduced by about ftO.000 enrs, clearing the way for trade-in on new cars. F.ffects of the campaign are being reflected in increased production at several automobile plants, the publication said. Mason Court Is Deadlocked On Road Engineer Nominees i uptrrui wsrTt n 10 this FMjriaEg i Muvillc, Ky March 15 for the third time, Counly Judge H. P. jPuinell, at a regular meeting of ! the Mason County Fiscal Court, today nominated Horace B. Clarke j for the post of Mason County Road Engineer, and for the thlid time I the court was deadlocked on con-jfiiniallon of the nomination, j When Judge Purnell placed (Clarke's tiHine before the Commw-' sinners. Commissioners John Dudley Keith and W. H. Ijme voted "no" as they had thrice done before. ! and Commissioner Uuiia Ring and 'Judge Pumell voted "yes." Judge Purnell then placed In nomination the names of six others I for the post, none of whom leceived the support of anv one of the thiee Commissioners. Those placed In nominal inn were Archibald Church. ' Fdwaid Newell, Dan Paiker, James Arthur Kehoe, and Kmniit Mi.Na-niaia, all of Mason County, and Elmer Dodds of Fleming County. K. H. Hnivev. who has been mad Three More Pledged By Lexington Frats; One Youth Initiated Thiee Northern Kentucky students at the I'm versify of Kentucky have been pledged to fraternities, another has been initiated, and another won a high scholastic standing duiing the fiist scnicstet, according to wind received in Co-Ington last night. Clayton I Hulluck. son of Mrs. Anna C. Hullnrk. f'2H Gicrnili) Sireet. sophomoie in the College of Coninieice, was one of three stu dents making an A standing during the fit st semester. Laylon Rouse, son of Pi L F.. Rouse. 42 Eim Sireet, Ludlow, sophomoie In the College of Com niene and Sciences, has beei pledged to Kappa Chapter, Phi Kappa Tail Fraternity Jackson Iwis, son of J. P Iwls. 210 Montclair Avenue, Ludlow, sophomoie in the College of Commerce, hts been pledued by th' Epsilon Phi Zeta Chapter, laiulila Chi Alph -1, and Ray Karhinever, fit; Avene! Place Fort Thomas, jiiuioi in the College of Alts and Sciences, has been pledged by the Scahhaid and HlHde, honoiaiy military fra temitv. Hyfoid Treannr, Jr.. son of Refold Treanor. Si . 41 Barringlon Road, F01 1 Mitchell, ficshman In the College of Arts ami Science:, has been initialed into Phi Kappa Tan. WKDNKSDW RADIO PROGRAM KASTRRN 8TANDAHDT1ME. (OC.B8, N)N.B.C., (M MUTUAL, R RECORDS. M. TIM) K A thou,.hf tir TkU Prldfnn Plonrf rn Top of th Altirntni " M 5 4.V " li tM - ft ts- ft tr. 7 tto 7 1'.- 7 ; 7 4,'i K HO - R Hi- M 4V- .trrv Slink (If til Kmlv Mawn Aithur Chiinrtler, .'r ."inc Nviuhbtr, Sine Ituich rrin Knmtly I'rnvrr tVr (irnnt inpfl SiPRtT Vmi'c Kxpri tpnr Chun h H niim " ttiiufif hA( lUnnnh M rl mul Mnt'Kf Voimq vutt1rr Jnnj Lm-m't l-'ir Iajvv Aunt Jfmmn N HrMy ami B.b Mr. 1'in-ii.iH MHrvMrlm Npw. n-1 iiHir ' ritn Mt'bitmin 1!'f linltlhTnil !irlAlr..,. " " N Thf O Nm N Kittm aiui ilomt N 9 l4l 4. -"tn on -in i: -in :;iV ui r " tin 11 1 u -11 :;.- Nmut p. M i? ir.- 2 U 4. - 1 no - 1 IV 1 . 2 !-- 7 2 :tn - 2 t;. - 3. (Ml - 4 (HI --4 ; 1 S -4 W - 4 4 - V00 - a-.n - n 4: - a (nt - a.;fi- 4 ". - 7:00 oO- 7.4. - 5 00- -K: ft :m K 4 '. 9 (HI .. 10 on-- M;",n Ht:4: 1t 00-11 : l V- 1 1 :;ui 11:4:. Ma IVikinx Kutv Krriic Hrtuml of h"Xif " tapper Ycuni: N Mm1 tUltrTdri.H Vie nl S.Stlr N (tliUliriK l.':;ht N Mhii "HnnltuK's "VII Mitrv .St)thrn j Curti t Mr. .hi lt Hlfiki Hoad of LtlP N hi'iinr Nursp Cor, N Jack Ar'Uftfung SttiKlng N ITtlltop Hmisf. Kdltor'ii PRin:htstr 'hrt. Shnrt Siorv A. Frank lyn, iiortit liwfli T ho ma i N Anion 'n" Aru1 Memory Boimuft Roue Mne Pff k t'l'pfr i ! j AduH ()n Man a V amity N Tommy Mory N timnilair touiKhr'N Ilnll) wood Parada N Paul Sullivan, Wew Swee: Adeline lluract Heidt M 21 HourRevew " 'iiy Lomhardn U "Act" BrtRotle. Lelchton Nobl M Mid. 1? :i- 12.4V-l" 00 1 IV- l ;io- 1 :4-2:00 - A. U. Moon River SlE'l 0(7 Roetisn 8 P. M. The Harvard I'ntversitv LiHillor) 8 I'. meg M.-The Swift Serensde Concert orchestra. OS P. 55 a m . 1175 meg : 4 araras S:H P. M. Conchlta Ascanin singer YV5RC. M T m . 5 meg lleritn 8:1. P. M. The Youth Movemen' in Germany iEttlt3hi run 4 rn 117? Paris Ifl P. M, Mustcsl Recordings TP4 ?5 8 m . 11 72 ott n-rlln l:ls, P. M. ' Evening Mustr." bv W A Mossrt rijl ;'y I m 1 77 meg London -III an r. M. - Knends t" Tea " a vest po-'hc' vaudeville. c,sn, :i 1 a , u 74 51 meg . r.SL. 41) 1 si.. tl met sl4ae), Australia 1.3 A. M. (Thursdayl Chimes irom 0. P. 0 Sydney. VkiM E, 31 engineer for eight years, remains In office until his succesior is duly elected and qualified. The deadlock In the appointment began January )1. when Judge Purnell. presiding at his fiist session after being elected last November, nominated Clarke, and continued February 15. At today's session tha court made application to the State and Kedeial Department of Rural j Highways for construction of the j following roads within the next four yeais, and for stale maintenance theieafler: Miiyslii k Mount Carmel, 10.5 miles; Claik's Hun ; Kond, K5 miles, from Washington Ito Feinleaf; Middle Tmce Road. ' 15 miles, fiom Maysville to the We- rionla Mayslick Road; Dovei-Feiu-leaf Road, 8 2 miles, from Fernlenf to Dover; Heclorville-Oi angihurg ' Road. 3 miles, to State Route No. 10; Salem Ridge Road, 11 miles, , fiom !ei manlown to Slipup; Dover Pike, 84 miles, from Moiansbuig ! to Dover; Raymond Pike, 5 miles, ; from Route HH lo Route 2. I LARGE INCREASE REPORTED i In Lump Sum Settlement, Social Security Director Shows. Lump-sum settlements, now pay- ; utile under the old-age Insurance portion of the Social Security Act, 1 aie Increasing rapidly In nuniher and dollar value in Region V, consisting of Kentucky. Ohio, and Michigan, Fiank H. Decker. Jr., act- , lug manager of the Covlnglon of fire of the Social Security Hoard, announced yesterday. Decker reported that during Feb ruaiy 247 claims were filed In Ken- lucky, L1H3 in Ohio, and 730 In Michigan Claims paid in Kentucky In February totaled $7,40!l"4 in Ohio. February payments totaled $14,516.57, and In Michigan $2fi,270.44. In the nation as a whole. 1R.2!I i rlaims were certified for payment In February. These payments ; amounted to $5ii5.159. The average Fehniai y payment was $3t 89. During February Region V stood second in the country in the number of claims ceitifled, Decker said. AUGUSTA MAN SENTENCED. "' HI M-M' M IO 1HK IVnllKlJ, Augusta. Ky., March IIS Howaid Walton. 2fi years old. of Augusta was sentenced to five years in the p-nit ntlaiy today hy a jury In Rrarken Circuit Com I on a charge that he hindeied and obstructed rallioad and signal lights. The court adjoin ned aft"! this trial until Monday, March 21, when they will hear the case of (iordon Thornsbiiry anil Wendell Grimes on the snnir charge. Afler this trial Hen Rrav-ard. William Rravaid. and Willard Riadbuiy will go on dial on charges of having hindered and obstructed lailrnad and signal lights. U( KV, 1 . (4 K. Fft Ipuri n HtfMklRtt FMItioii i'airol AtornlnR Ron ml up Sunliiatlnm Steve'n Citip TnMe,ee R.imblera Four Showmen N W tn Meeilrr N Ne fur Kxemtivrft l.urllla antt l.anny N Hrraklitst Club N t.nmlon Stock Mkt. Hre;ikfaat Club N Wtxtiau's Hour j Kit.I thl " C i Mndifou Kimi'mh r C 'uuiit il of 'hitrchi' Htichflor's Ohiltliiri O ' Srrrft 1ian Ki-diomv Kiti'lifn Tony Wnnn C The airopt Man Kut h 1 . inn Carol Kfiineriv C Mm Htrr O Ural l,ife Slorif C Marv" M "MfMiult hMm C, Hill ( Helen Trent c Our (la). SimkIhv C Het t anT . .b C HfMv Cro'ker C Arnold linmni c Valiant larty N Thru Woman' K c Meet the Miasm School of the Air C Ne Moment Mui.'ai Meep River Ho a C ' Aunt Jemlna N MaiKoi of Cniprt N Atit.rney at Law N HiiMitesji Hme;iu Ctnn Creek Hand I Hoitneholi Hour I News j Munlork Willlitma , Kaim anil tiotiiv N Information Pure.'! i Swin-i time Ttto N I I et a Talk It Over ' alt i Favorites Cont Varietur N 1 Movte ln1 Newt Levitfkv A kav N -M'fra timid n l.orvno Ji-.tir H B. C. Varietie N l.-T, A. ConRreit N lninuie C Ifof c I B Follow th Mmin Freshest Thins Sifpmoiher c HollWfKl HlshliRtila Tour Thru TWlanrt MitfU-al iaifns Hoaka Carter C and Abner C Rockm' The Town 1 hmi Winalow Sport Review Tom Mix Orphan Annie Lit. Variety Show N Newa tinner Dat Fasy Aces N Lost Person N Rose Marie N St tence M irt'hea N Rny Shield' Revue N Hamtt Parnont N Jtmniv Kemprr N Poetic MelothPit C I Hohhy l-ohhy C Fducaiion C Cavalcade C K.ddit Cantor C Andre Kojitelaneta C Ben Hernia C tiaug Bunt era "" C l ee Hland. Newt Ji-e Binder Rn?ii P(erv Bennv G'odman C Cleveland Onh. N (amtiatton of M'Kaut Minstrel Show N . . . j N N N I Folk Festival BeH BI'H-k Kddt Murhio Paul Pemiarvis C Red" Norvo Sammy Kae Under Wei'n Skie N Willie Bryant sin ort Off SHORTWAVE LISTINGS. Series WtXAL. 49 8 m , 8 04 mez Seminary Afire! Herman, r., March 10 (Werfnes-day) A) Fire raged early today through St. Fidelia Seminary here, but near-by residents said 200 boy students and 26 priest Instructors had escaped. Firemen at Butler, five miles from here and 35 miles from 1'ltts-hurgh, said they had received three call for help and that firemen from several other near-by towns were rushed to the school. Near-by resident reported by telephone that the four-story brick building and a new wing built four year ago were doomed. They said the fire started late Inst night In 4 school workshop. PRISON TERMS Imposed On Quartet In Itohliery Of Kenliirkv Itank-Mtixiiiiiiiii Sciilciii'i's Of 20 And 2. Years Meted. Frarkfort, Ky., Maic.h 15 - (API ! Maximum sentences of 20 and 25 years each were imposed at the I closing session of the spung term of Fedeial Puli ict Com I here today on four confessed hank robbris j by Judge H. Church ford. The sentences will inn concurrently. The defendants, Carl Willis, .11 yea is old, alias F.dwaid llemy j Scott, Jr.; William Buigess, 38; 1 Frank Burgess, 3. and Sidney Car ter. 24. weie accused of havin,' i held up the Fanneis Hank at Mli-t ton, Ky., on February 8, 1938. i The lobbeiy netted $771, all of I which wns recoveied on a fiuni I near Bedford, owned by William Hiirgess. William Km gess. who had ! pleaded innocent when arraigned j yesteiday. chaoged his plea today j and admitted lie drove trie autumn- i lot., , fh., r.l,,.,.n.. IJI ..,. panions in crime pieauen guilt) yeslei day. The four men weie charged with feloniously taking government Insured money from a bank and assaulting a person with a dangeious weapon. William Joyce, assistant cashier nt the bank, was slugged with e hammer during the holdup. Carter was (.nested at Bedford, Ky.; William Buigess at Indianapolis, Frank Km gess at Winchester, and Willis at Covington, Ky. TEN ARE INDICTED BY JURY AT PARIS SfK- DtrW H 10 1HH KH'1IKS. Paris, Ky March IV- The Bourbon County Grand Jury returned 10 Indictments today. Wednesday Judge William B. Ardery will call th: equity docket. The trial of Steve Fialey, accused of the murder of Harrison Slegnll, near North Middletown last summer, is set fori Thursday morning. The following j have been selected as petit jurors: ; S. T. Arnold. K. F. Buri is, Stanley i Crim, 11. D. Higgins, Lindsay Huff, ' Robert Hughes, R. E. Let ton, ' Charlie Prat her, I M. Stewart,: Jesse Tiirney, John D. Wright, '. llemy Roiiidmun, Adin Bodkin,1 Stanley Dickson, Hoy Domlgan Kelly Haley, Quince Hinkson, Vir gil Harney. Kmerson Thomason and J. T. Willis. ( I'O. I. Ml) H. Six To N inert I'oetU: Philosopher Karly F.t'rojs j News Tha Call Hoy Mali-oim Clair N HI Rovi N la Yon Rememher? Womi'n'a New- Reel lamh(o Ridte Hihher Shnnnon Until Trio N Manre Parade Mia. """"N John's Other Wirt N Just Plain Hut N V oninn in Whit Mvid Harum -N Hat'ksUi e Wife N How To He Ch'm t N Romantic Hate hrlor Wonder Kitchen Perfect Program MeUxlv Time FmmerautT Otll N Facorta And Betty N Clncliinatuii at School Words and Music N Hot Stove Musioa News The rail Boy The Weaternera New a " Musical Menu Newa For Woman Down the Avenu SvnphnnettR Mcrr-Ku-Round 1 Newa Mnppinea Ahead , Mao on the street i Melotlv Parade 1 Newa Ranihie in Rhythm I t'luh Newa , From Hawaii ! Newa ' Sleaia f Rpanwn StrnjB Brevity Vaitnea N ins I'renmer tod a 'a Winner WSAl Little Bhow tt In Stranpe Kacort" and Ret tv N I llii',inVi. H 0. Vanetle M ! Todav a Winner. HitKhea Reel N' Y A rroKram Kiddie cinh lick Tracy Terrv and Pirate r .oieph C.illicchio r "Red 'Batlter Knothole Pro. Tophatter Paul Sn'livan. New : Jam For Supper ' J Hollywood Spotlight , Newa tttnner Chih ;ilamotir uirl Radio ptahonae Nixon Mmion j Newa N ; Flahtnjt Olnh I H. Hartman Sport I nt le Far Mick Brav tantf rJice HfMlltl tC S." Marine and' M i Crime Reiiorter Symphonic Hour Jan Nocturne M I Lee Allen M .lohni Family M Hitiv Snider Spertiitor Popular Medodiet I Vocal Vari'ttea Svmphonle Streij; M j New ' "" f - i Mnairal Newiy ! iharle vid. Newa Swini; Seeaion Krnie Hoist Hiie ol R)n k Melodies from Skv J Newa Howard Wood M j Nite Club of Air Jimmi Moraey Ml Jack Penny I SlfiB Off Sign Off CSC, 31 3 m.. r, meg ; r,SB .11 i meg n'.et ; CISC 11 3 m 0 S niK r.SB .11 5 1 ' 38 m , I 5 ra'f. ICE CREAM Stolen By Invaders Of Junior High School In Newport Two Lafonia Homes Also Ar Itoblieil. Thlevea entered the Fourth Sireet Junior High School, Newport, Monday night and stole lead pencils, a foundation pen, and ice creHm valued at JlO.fil. according to Miss Kate Wehee, principal or the school. Police were called by Clarence Williamson, custodian, to make an investigation. Duplicate keys were utilized by thieves to gain entrance to two La-tonia homes Monday night, according to reports made to Covlnglon police yesterday. Robert Henniger, 41S Baltimore Avenue, reported his home hfld been entered and clothing valued at $7. and food valued at $10 were taken. Mv?at and other foodstuffs and a losary valued at $5 were stolen from the homj of Edward Murphy, Jr., 411 East Forty-sixth Street, Murphy reported to police. Charles Schulker, 433 Oak Street, Ludlow, reported to police theft of a pair of shoes valued at $12.50 from his automobile when parked in Covington. A crate of cigarettes valued at $80 was stolen yetterday from a truck of Heile Brothers F.xpress Company, Covlnglon. Police were informed the truck was parked in an alley near Madison Avenue and Seventh Street, Covington. - DIES AFTER COLLAPSE. Arthangleo Pe Derminra. 59 years old, 2305 St. James Avenue, collapsed from a heart attack yesterday in the grocery of Joe Ciacclo. 2338 May Street. He was dead when the Ijfe Squad arrived. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. lT ln,llratfl In Imnsfrji I n ff I xp1 at thp rlf f Ml rrntu nr tvfry t.0il or Irar-llon in vttlilf or prolwrly i-onvrypd. I A VONDAI.K-Tin- Hnulhprn Ohm Kavhi; Bunk and Trust I'ompHnv lo Mnry F'. Wiiral. 8rsh Worst unit Paul Wuril, 41 fpel on MoMlh Hldf of Hlalr Avenue. 87 fret wfM ,,( 1'prkina Avenue; SI imx l-i. HKKIIITdN --Kohfrl K. Mullane to The liunnin and Ohio Cuinpmiy, IK.'S feet on went aide of Kplllm (irove Avenue, he-Iwern IlMrrison and Queen City Avenues. II (lax 47 All). Cdl.l MHIA TOWNSHIP- Kulalf nf Kuther K. Klein to Kred .1. Klein. Ud 1 in Kldcevvood Bubdlvlalon. f2,M0 (tax IJ.MIl. nil.HMRlA TOWNSHIP- Harvey H Rich-man lo Irene (; Mehafl. Lot 2 In Harvey Klt-hman's KHIh 8uhdlvlion In Hectlon 2ii. Jl (tax I4i. CI-H-TON HEICIHTS William Wacner to Henrietta Lelner, lt 7 In William E. r;u'a Subdivision; l. I COM'MHIA TOWNSHIP- K Arthur Wnpht ' and l.ydta M . Wnaht tu Hnrnlil J. Sauer i and K.rneMltne L. Saner, lxita 7 and 10 In W. 8. Rowo'a Kubillvielon In Section 24, I II (tax 14 Mil. COLI'MBIA TOWNSHIP field. Rirharda and Mhenard. Inc. to The Standard OH i'onipany, 35 by 110 leei on east aide ot (arlhai;e Avenua In Norwood, I0 (tax S2:ii. C'OI.KRAIN i'OWNSHIP Ward Willlama and Hlaocne, hie wile, to Wealey Mercer and Alma .Mercer, !.";!' I.liou of an acre of land In Section , II llnx fiOcl. CI.IKTtlN 3atn Simpaon and Joseph H. Hiatdin to Hadle Mvera. Lot 7 in Clifton Creat Terrace Bubdlvlalon, II (tax 12 fill). Sam Simpson and Joseph H. Hoodln lo Sadie Mvers, lait 12 In name auhdlv Islon; l llax 12. Mil. I I.DTIIN (liiilav Alhrecht lo Oenia II. Sleet, M hv I.V2 leet on north side of l.udlow Avenue, 0o leet east of Middle- ; town Avenue; II ttax I7t. i COl.l'MBIA TOWNSHIP -Kmme Hummel j to Walter S Muaaman, one yciir's lease fi-om Aih-ii I, i(i:is. of. Luta hju. n.;i. S:I2. and H.I I in Madison Place gubdi- j vision; monthly reul 2ti. i COl.l'MBIA TOWNSHIP- Ijlura H. Mete- ! meyer and Blanche Lletemever lo Ksther Bramble Avenue, hems Lot 242 and pari or Lot 24,'l ni lnox Place Subdivision, j II (lax SUSHI. CITY TKANSKKRS - BrldB'1 Bland lo CUV ol Cincinnati. Lots ID and 2t) in .1. B. Bouiei'a Subdivision along Columhia Avenue; 1.12.. Central Tnist Company to same, lift feet on north side of Columbia Avenue; 11(10. Josephine Kasshelmer lo same, l.ol 9 In aiihdlvboon of Sebastian Kasshelmei's Subdivision: 1230. Kdlth Slelser to same. l.ot 10 In Hooper's Solxnvulnn on Columbia Avenue; M. Theresa I tapper to same. Lots 3 and 5 In Sebastian Kasshetmer'a Subdivision on Cohimh'A Avenue; JiMI elllrabeth Hanlon lo same, tract of land on south side uf Columbia Avenue. IJ.MKI. CHKVIOT Bertha K (lard and l.eo B . her husband, to Fiances Blum. 4ll by I4H feel on north side of Oarwin Avenue, el4 leet east ot lllenmoie Avenue; It ttax m. (illr.KN TOWNSHIP - Charles B. Raller-niaun to Beatrice 1.. Ratteimann. lot on proposed street in l.ap'eullle Kstate Sob-divlslon in Section 2; II (lax II GI.KNDAI.K- Kmma C(k to Charles Cook. 91 reel on south side nf Lake Aventie. being (iarl of Lot L(3 In Crawford and Claik'i Subdivision; II. GBKKS TOWNSHIP Mary R, Neiheisel I.. Koscoe C. c.eiher and Lucille .1. derher. 4 acres of land in Section 17, It (tax 11.1)0). URKKN TOWNSHIP-Margaret Neiheisel In (ieortte P. Neiheisel and (lertrtide Neiheisel. 10 years' lease from March I, IMS, of 40 by l.M) feet on north side of !ora Avenue. 2.111 feet west of Frances l.ane. weeklv rent lll, privllese of purchase at .V!S4,ri. UNWOOI) -- Bullerfleld. Cnodman and Rouriebush to Albeit P Herrhnger. Jr . .'Ml hy 200 leei on north side ol Arnold Avenue. t."il feet east of Hayward Avenue, l uax I17i, NORWOOD- Rudolph J. Klein and Irene l . his wile, to Mararel H. Doran, 4f) hy 120 teel on north side of Atlantic Avenue, heme l.ol .',2 tn Fred J. l.odder s Subdivision; II ttax 111. NOiiTllSIDK- Marie (lasll to Anna O. Lunkenhelmer. half tnteiest In &tl hy ISO leet on Coleiai-.i Pike, between Holfner Stre-t and Blue Rock Koad; II (lax.'iOcl. NOHWOOI) Fdna M. Thurner In Hazel Keardi.n. Lot 40 In Cathedral Fark Subdivision. l ilax 12.501. NORWol- The Hyde Park B and 1.. Company lo Klsle Unties. 3;t bv MIS feet on east side of fcouth Jefferson Avenue. ;iu teel north of Shanmoor Avenue; II ttax l.M. NI1RTHKRN I.IBKRT1KS Estale of Fred-enck J. Brinkman lo Charles Bnnkman, 2N hv 00 feel on east side of Dttnlau si reel, heme Ud 2a in James C. Ludlow s Subdivision , II (tax 1). PRICK HILL Came (ileason. Der Sherllf to Home Oyyners Loan Corporation. I2.V McKeone Avenue. $;i.;i:i.l (tax lOi. Norbert riaeuner. tier Sherlll. to Home Owners Wao cot porat Ion. Ifi bv 120 feet on wes, st,le of Chateau Avenue, aisn ;im teel on west sloe o chateau Avenue, also 2 feet on west sole of Chateau Avenue 414 feel north of Price Avenue, V", ooo djix ,M, POSKI.AWN Si HIUVISION Robert H Wat-hendorf to K.rnest C Klattie and Lillian M. Klattie, Uit 102 and part of Lot 101; St nax sun. 1A A l.M ' T Hll.l.S Home Ow ners Iian I'oritttrallon lo Pio Isnnllti and Oomenlca lannlm. 4. by I ,0 leei on southeast corner of Wmslow Avenue and June Street. 1. WKSTWOOIs- Anna OppeK to Charles E. oppelt and Oscar J. Opnelt. Jr.. part of Lot 212 In Westwood Heights Subdivision, 1. Mortgages Filed. Ernest C. Katne tn Cheviot F A 1. Co ... I 7.500 r.rtcar Verrltt to Lenoa B A L. Company , 3. 250 PelpVa Reynolds to Lenog B A L. Companv Felicia Maul to Lenox B A 1. Co Frank 1. St. Hllaire 10 Carthage S. 1..100! , li, ., .: Z .l, k H Shaton to Concordia B A 3.2O0 Hsrold 1 Saner to riraeant Rtdge R I- 3.500 W-'ilam Hnffntati " P'eaant Ridze B a I. Co , . . lsoo Karl o. Blumerbacll tn rieasanl I real estate"! mn Dim niup j ttllU UUILUIIlUj ! I Ridga B. I. Co .333 Adela H. Bereslnrd lo Klmwnod Place U B Co Mary p. Wursl to Southern Ohio Savings Bank ' ,m Cheater H. Laurk In Isidore Aaron- aon 1,62 Maria J. YounK tn Bergdorf Con- atruction Company l.noo Olhmar Flohr to Hilltop s. L. Company 1,300 PI" lannlttl lo Home Ownera Loan Corinratlon B 000 Praticea Hlum lo Victoria 8 L. A 2.500 William p Mason tu Department of Public Welfare 1 Crl Nullmeler (o Cheviot B. L- Company 2.MI0 Esther t). Hlrka to Madison B A. t.bUO Carrie V. Kobertsou lo East Knd I.. A. Co 2,500 Edward 0. Delster lo East End L. A. Co 4.000 Edward 0, Delaler lo Francis M (iobla 625 Lillian M. Whileneck to Henry Herter 900 John A. Blrubba to Mtilllor L. It B. Cnmtiany 1,500 Warren L. Miller lo (lest SI reel B A. No. 1 5 7.MI Louis Sultmatt to Price Hill Eagle L. B. Co. No. 1 4,500 Jenny Van Alia to Price Hill Eale I.. B. Co. No 1 4.500 Joseph Pohlmanu In Price Hill Else- tile B. L. A 2.400 Dorothy B. Kock lo College Hill Progressive B. L. Co 1.S00 Norma C MoOllliard in southern Ohio Ravines Bank 4.000 John M. Schwelper lo r;erman- Amertcan I.. B. Co .1,250 Rudolph Kern, Sr., lo Harrison Welfare B. A 500 Elsie Banes to Hvde Park B. Co 4.250 fieorge R. Hughes to North Cincinnati I, a B. Co 4,500 Robert Miles lo North Cincinnati L. B. Co g,200 Hazel A. Reardon lo Security S. L. Co 8.800 Standard Oil Company to Field. Rlisjiards and Bhepard 17,100 Carl E. Wolf. Sr.. to Title Guarantee and Trust Co 6,000 Mllford W. Solomon to Monarch B. and L. A, Co 8,500 Lucy H. Culberson to Victoria 8. and L. A 4,250 Jean A. Strohmenger to Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Co 5,000 Dorothy F. Walton to Second National Bank IS. 000 Rose Burke lo City S. A L. Co.... 3,000 Philip Nathan to Woodward B L. Co soon Bernard Ihle lo Henry O. Koch ., 2,300 Moitgnfjes Canceled. Chapes Caiaban to Cenlral Hvtie Park S A I., i'-i $ 4.0.10 Edcat Meruit lo Lenox B. I. Co. :i,2.",il lleljilna Rev in, Ids to l.en.,x B. A L. Company 3,fioo Felicia Mans! to lnox B 1, Company 1,50't Hnltertield. (loodman. anil Rnude- b.tsh to Second National Hank... 9,,,0(l James M. Beavers lo Cincinnati L. B Co 5,200 Earl O. Hlumenbach to Pleasant Ridge B. A L. Co 4.333 K. Arlhur Wright lo Pleasant Ridge B. A 1.. Co 3.100 William Hofimann to Pleasant Ridge B A L. Co 4.5O0 Mane B (Iraeser to Elrmcood Place L. A B. Co 6. 000 Nellie Moser to Burent Woods R. A S. Co 4.250 Alvln 1. Drcketiach to Central Kair- tnount B. A L. Co. . . . . 4. 000 Felix Zlml to Peoples B A L. A. Cttmnanv 5(K, Mary P. vVnlsh to Weslwood Home- I ales it S A L. Co 5.000 Arthur R. Hilnlcr to Prudential In- surance Co. .... fi.500 ! Hen Walnscott to Samuel Rroo n . . 200 i Ann C. Hohmelster to Irish B. A U Company 250 ; Anni C. Hohmelsler to Irish B A U j r'omiiany . 3.000 Mary E Coulson to the Fred'k A. I Schmidt Co. 7.200 Frank Fullone lo Home Owners Loan Corporation 4.765 : William Ninlrup to Weslwood Home- j slead 8. A 1.. Co 4.IKKI ; hale Riehle to Bank Sireet B. A. I Company 2 500 I Kate Riehle to Edward l.eiscang. . 751! i Charles B. Riskev to Home Owners I Utan Corporation 3,412 J Nellie Van Wely lo Home Owners Loan Corporation 8.395 Nellie Van Wely to Seventh Ward L. ) A B Co 2H9 John A. Shannon to Home Owners i Uian Corporation 2.R90 Kdlth Lntuerhach to Bank of Commerce A Trust Co 631 Olendlnnlng B Croesbcck to Security S. A L. Co 7.0011 Oeorge W. 8chenrk to Kliia Schrnrk 83ii ; Ellas Fehr to Price Hill Eagle j L. A B. A. No 1 4.000 ' Oerlrude V. Klchler tu Midwest 8. A I.. Co 6.000 Beatrice E. Miller lo Twelfth Ward I B. A I,. Co, 4.000 John A. Sttubbe tn Molllor 1.. A B. Co 1,000 : Warren I,. Miller to Gesl Street j B. A. No I 3.500 I Porothv B. Kock to Provident Sav- I Inga Rank 3.000 Mary Schroeder to First Federal i S. A L. A l.flflO ! Norma C. Mcfjllliarri lo Southern Ohio Savings Bank 4.02V John M Schweleer lo Ccrman American L. A B. Co . 2,500 loula Silversleln to Charlolle D. Sllversleji 6,000 1 Earl L. Johnson to Eagle S A L. j Association 84" j Earl L. Johnson to Home Owners j Itan Corporation 13.371 Earl L. Johnson lo Eagle S. A I L. A 3.000 Oeorge R. Hughes to North Cincin- i null I. A B. Co 4.500 Bella Kirschanblatt to Liberal 8 A ; U Co 6.500 I James Abernalhy lo Henry P. t MAngelo 600, James Abernalhv to Intliistrial 8. l A L. Co 650 James Aberiathy lo East End ln- vealment A Loan Co 400 Susan ltngbottom to Delta L. A. Company 4,500 , Anna E Melsman to City Hall I. A B Co 3.750 James Ahernathv tn Harry P. i tv Angela 300! Clarence H. (lelcer to Liberty S. i A L. Co 4.00(1 Dora M Wiedemann to Mutual 8. A I- Co 1,400 Rudolph J. Klein to Southern Ohio i Savings Bank 5,000 Elenora Hull lo Clarence Crnmble- ! holme 1.625 i Milford W. Solomcn to Western Bank A Trust Co 4,500 : George .1. Diibell lo Monarch B. j A L. A. 4,500 Books Are Sought In Rural Sections SI-KOMI. PISr!VH TO THH KSQI IKKB. Paintsville, Ky., March 15-A plea for books for the Johnson County Pack Horse Library was made here today by May F- Stafford, supervisor of the Works Progress Administration project. Paintsville Chapter, Daughters of American Revolution, has promised to pay transportation expenses of the books. Woi kei s, known as "Book Women," are paid by the Works Progress Administration, but no funds are available for the purchase of books, it was said. The "Book Women" ride horseback into all sections of the counly distributing books and magazines to rural residents who otherwise would be deprived of such forms of reading matter. Several projects are now underway in other Eastern Kentucky counties. According to Newport police repot ts, a man registered as Sergeant Kenneth Collins, member of said police force, claims that he is a I grandfather. Collins, Newport J police report, said that his daughter, Mrs. Robert Caudill. presented I Mr. Caudill with a daughter at the couple's home, 77R East Tenth Street, Newport. When questioned. Collins admitted that mother and child are doing nicely. CONDITION IS IMPROVED. Condition of Lee Kohlbrand. 67 jears old. former rare horse tiainer, fttu'" ' " run up met nt nil ....... Ut J Li . . ' noirtr, Z1S Kast second Street. Cov- ington. Mondsv morning hv inhal- , . . . ' lr,g gas, WAS repotted improved 8t Booth Hospital. Covington, vestet- ' j , .. . '. . . . C,V' Hospital attarhrs said his Condition was fairly good. . . ij It Is Alleged 1 1 Ji Ijij Qida C 1938, The Register CHAPTER 24. CAN'T stand it, she cried. "Sometimes I feel as if it all must be a bad dream." Her father sal up In alarm, "What are you talking: about?" "This" she waved her hand at the elegantly appointed, unfamiliar room. "This apartment. Kay's picture on your desk instead of Penny's. Kay across the table from you. Living with you. And Penny having dates with other men." She saw the surprise in his blue eyes harden into disapproval, hut, having slarted, she could not stop. Words pouted from her in an hysterical torrent. "How do you suppose I feel having my own father married to a girl I used to consider my best friend? Playing up to her, following meekly after her as you never had to do with Penny. I thought you loved each other. It never entered my mind either of you would ever want anyone else. I supposed you'd go on together for the rest of your lives. But you spoiled it. Everything we built up for all those years. STKANT.KRS. "Our lovely home to be sold to strangers. And Per.i going to many a man five years younger than she is." At the thought of Olive she burst into a storm of tears. "Wanting me lo go and live with I hem.' As If I would! Why can't parents act like parents instead of ooing completely hiywlie as soon as I hey reach middle age?" She paused for breath and tears streamed unheeded down her face. "I had no idea you felt like this about it," Daddy said miserably. "I thought you understood." "I do. I know all that bunk about every Individual having a right to his own life as well as you do. But I'm sick of it. I tell you it isn't fair. You think because you've not neglected your financial responsibilities that you've don your duly. But you're wrong." "Obviously," Daddy said dryly, "fiom your point of view I am." lie was pacing the floor more disturbed than she had ever seen him. Surprised by her outburst as well as a little shocked. Sharon dried tier eyes and said, "I'm sorry. 1 didn't Intend to talk like that but things have been loo much for me lately." Daddy poured her another cup of coffee but she refused it. "Marriage By Allele Garrison (Copyright. 1938, XI USE I.KAV KS I OK OUTING IX THE CITY AFTER ACCEPT- ; 1NG MARY'S GENEROUS ri.Ax. j I do not think Mary realized what impulse deep in her consciousness was responsible for her generous j plan to have Miss Whitlock "have j herself a time in the city." while ! there was really nothing for her to' do at the hotel suite but mark time until I should have to go away ; and leave her to keep guard over, my husband's niece, v. ho, we feared, was menaced by some malevolent I plan against her happiness con-j cocted by her father-in-law. I Bui I knew that the girl's desire' to have me "all to herself." as she I 1 used to say lo me when she was an I unhappy schoolgirl in her teens, was the unconscious, prodding motive behind her plan. That Miss Whitlock shared my knowledge I knew by the comprehending smile she gave Mary. There was compassion also In the smile, and once again I mentally commented upon the rare nature that the nurse possesses, free from any trace of pique at happenings that many women would consider slights. M USE ACC EPTS. "You can't expect me to protest very volubly against a plan like that." she told Maty. "I accept gladly, on one condition." "We'll consider it," Mary said pertly. "There are really two." the nurse said resolutely. "The first is that no matter what plans I may have made, you will feel free to call me 'on duly' at any time." (ranted. Mary gave her a; friendly, gamin grin. j 'The second is that I call you twice a day while I am out, so that j if you have sudden need for my j services, I can hurry back." ! "A wise and thoughtful piecau- Hon," I commented, "and one that ; makes the plan flawless." "You mean fool-proof," Mary said, saucily, wrinkling her nose at me. "As you like," I retorted, smiling at her patent pleasure in the success of her little plan. Then I tinned to Miss Whitlock. "When would you like to start your journeyings?" I asked. She hesitated and lowered her eyelashes for an instant. I knew that from heneath them she was searching Marys face, for It is a ruse I myself have employed. What she saw in il evidently brought her to a swift decision, "If it's all right with you. I'd like lo look up some friends this afternoon." she said. "And, if you don't need me at dinner time, I'd like to slay with them for that meal." "Stay as long as you like." I told her cordially and sincerely. "If you come home after we are asleep, which I doubt, just keep on knocking until we answer. Both Mary and I have the happy faculty of waking a dozen times in the night and going directly back, to sleep again, so you need have no compunctions upon the score of disturbing us." "What comfortable people!" she said, smiling, and upon the word j went, to her room, emerging a few j minutes later, dressed for the j street. Bidding us a cheery good-1 by, sh left the apartment, much pleased with the chance for an outing. ' Mary waited only until the doori n Jfutit and Tribune Syndicate "No, thanks. I'm going home. I don't want Kay to find me looking like this." "I'll take you home," he offered but she Insisted it would be easier to call a taxi. They kissed each other when she left. They smiled and assured each other that they would both forget the scene which she had staged hut Sharon knew it would be impossible. Daddy couldn't forget It nnd neither could she. Completely discouraged she returned tn the hn'el to cry herself to sleep. Penny waa still out with Clive. In the two weeks which followed Sharon threw herself headlong into her work at the shop. Concentrating on it to the exclusion of everything else. So exhausted by night that all she wanted was to go to bed. When Penny asked her to do anything with Clive she always had an excuse. In the meantime the preparations for her mother's trousseau were being made. Lists of items in Penny's feminine handwriting were made and revised every day. "1 don't want a lot of things," she explained. "But it's time to buy spring clothes now and whatever I do get must be right." Sharon agreed and tried desperately to share an enthusiasm she herself had roused. But when Clive was drawn into their discussirns she shrank as if the subject pressed upon a raw nerve. I Penny said anxiously, "You ; couldn't keep from liking him if ; you knew him. You haven't given j him a chance to get acquainted with you." "I do like him. Just because I don't rave . . ." "You're like a little, prickly porcupine whenever he conies near. I can't understand it, Sharon. After all it was you who advised me to marry again." "That's true." "I can't be happy." Penny began. ! but Sharon interrupted. "Darling, I ; think he's marvelous. Just because I haven't time to play around with you is no reason for you to decide I don't. You can't seem to realize that I'm a business woman." Penny knew better. No matter what either of them said the lack of warmth between her daughter and prospective husband was obvious. Clive was too considerate to mention it, but it was apparent that Sharon represented a type which he disliked. (TO BE CONTINUED) Meddlers" A Sequel to "Married Comrudcs E. F. 8.. Ine. ) closed before crossing the room to me and throwing her arms around me in a tempestuous hear hug. "She's a dear!" she said. "I like her, but it's so nice to have you all to myself." "It's only for a day or two," I reminded her. "As soon as the connecting door Is put in, she'll have her own suite, and I'm sure she ll efface herself, especially when we're rehearsing." "Which will be most of the time," she commented ruefully, then put a nuick question. "Do you think Uncle Dicky will invite us out to dinner again tonight?" she asked, and the peal of the telephone punctuated her sentence. "That probably is your answer," I told her, going to the lelephono with a stormy query in my heart. Would my husband betray any knowledge of the outrageous happening of the night before? (CONTINUED TOMORROW) (Copyright, lDIIS, K. F. S., Inc.) Judge Sets Hearing On Election Question; To Decide Thursday Sl'Ki'lM, III.SIUT' II TO T11H KVJI IRKR. Lexington, Ky., March 15 -County Judge W. E. Nichols today set for Thursday a hearing on the question of whether he can call local option elections when (here is no money in the county election fund to pay the expenses. Petitions are on file in the County Clerk's office requesting the calling of elections in five precincts to determine whether liquor and heer can be sold. In order to provide a test case, Judge Nichols entered an order in one of the five cases, denying the request on the ground the county had no money to pay the costs of conducting the balloting. "I think the question ought to be determined by the Court of Appeals," Nichols said. The county election fund, which started the fiscal year last July 1 with $lo,()00, was bankrupted by the August primary, the municipal primary in October, and the general election in November. The statute providing for the calling of local option elections says the expenses must be met out of the election fund, Nichols said. THREATENED WITH RIFLE. Michael Mitchell, jr., manager of Twin Oaks Golf Club, Covington, reported to police yesterday that when he chased several boys from the grounds he was threatened by a man aimed with a rifle. Police searched the bank of the Licking River adjacent to the golf course, but were unahle to find the man. 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