Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1954 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, December 4, 1954
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday, December 4, 1 Mttftl ?44di Ifttwss'fl 8 A, M, and 4 P. M. far Gardefl Club will sale Saturday -o'cldfifc at " flttd, "Walnut of the First Christian have a Woman's Day _.'i»ft' Church at 7:30 Iftfttf December B. Staley ottering will be taken. Circle'6 of the W. S. C. S. will meet Monday, December 6. at the home of Mrs, Geotge Murphy, tlhere will be a pot luck luncheon 1 fit 1 p. m. Mrs. David Waddle will bring the, devotional, and Mrs. George Peck will have charge of the program. A love offering for Wanda Staley will be taken. The C. W. F. of the First Christian Church will have a Christmas luncheon at 12:30 p. m. at the chttr. ch. i > it n e ** «,- Circle 4 of the W. S. C. S. will . a. »». Q. DI ine «, „ nv«t.ic«miirf innrhonn on Dp- ChUrch Will have ,luttoheon at- 1 p. ^ —-fiembet 6, at the „' Christmas program will 6ft$P ',tlttf' f ; "annual, Wanda f * >LE PROGRAM COMEDY-DRAMA Of THE ,^W FIGHT <ii GAME! have a Christmas luncheon on December 6 at noon in the home of Mrs; Foy Hammons. Please come prepared for the annual Wanda Staley offering. day, December 8, in the First Me thodist Church basement. The demonstration \ is being sponsored fcy the Hopfe Federation of Gtatdeb ClubSi In making these arrangement*, MrsC~Hsiimm will use ma- tefi&l available to everyone, and the arrangements which she makes will be sold to tHe public. Tickets are on sale by Garden Club members. Patmos P. T. A. will meet Wednesday December 8, at 7 p. m. at the Patmos school. Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Kellebrew have as their guests. Mrs. Kellebrew's auht, Miss Virginia Mann of Fordyce, and Mr and Mrs. Belton Mays of Natchez, Miss. Clubs ORQTHYDIX Outside MARTIN EVERY KILLER IN THE WEST FEARED HIM! — L i ' wnio ' !•' PLUS • &" ** T »"• fejiapter >13 K>f Serial, llMHUNT IN THE • I JUNQL5" Cartoon Hope Band Auxiliary will meet in Gannon Hall at 7:30 p. m. Monday, December C. The executive committee will meet at. 7 o'clock Circle 2 of the W. S. C. S. will meet at the Hope Country Club Monday, December 6, at 3 p. m. Mrs. Earl O'Neal is hostess. The Hempsetad County Classroom Teachers Association will meet in the Hope High library, Monday,' December 8, at 7 p. m. Tuesday December 7 Circle 1 of the W, S. C. S. of the First Methodist Church will havo a luncheon- Tuesday, December 7, at 12:30>at the home of Mrs. P. H. Webb, Bast-14th. street, with Mrs. ROBS Moore and Mrs. C. A. Williams as 'co-hostesses. Members are asked to bring a Wanda Staley offering. Alpha Delta-Chapter of-the Delta Kappa Gamma Society will have a dinner meeting at Hotel' Barlow, Tuesday, December 1, at 7 p. m. Sweet Home Sweet Home demonstration Club- met last Friday and elected the following officers: president, Mrs. Dorris Carmmon. Route 5, Prescott; vice president, Mrs. M. H. Montgomery, Route ,i, Prescott, secretary-treasurer, Mrs. O. L. Ward, Route 5, Prescott; Reporter, Mrs. B. J. Warnken, Route 2. Blevins. Thirteen members and one visitor, Mrs. Sam Phillips each answered roll call by telling of a Thanksgiving Blessing, followed by the song, "Count your blessings," and the Lord's prayer in unison. At the Christmas meeting to rba held at the church on December 16, each one is asked to bring a wrapped gilt for exchange. A quilt will be given away at the party. , The hostess, Mrs. C. A. Phillips, served cookies and hot chocolate. Dear Miss Dix: Several years] ago. when my child was an infant my hvisband asked for his freedom so he could marry someone else. Needless to say, I was heartbroken but agreed tor a divorce immediately. Two years later 1 mnt Fred, a widower with a 10-year-old son.-It is unbelievable how fine a man he is, and when we married the relationship between our children was better than 1 ever could have hoped for. Bobby is a fine boy and adores me. No stepmother could toe more grateful than I am for this devotion. The only dark spot is 'our happiness is the fact that Bobby's_ mother was the only married, child of a large family, consequently her son IE tha only nephew and grandson. This family has taken a strong islike to me and constantly ac- uses me of trying to causp the ioy to forget his mother. This is .efinitely not true. A large picture, f his mother occupies a promin- nt spot in Bobby's room and I ften talk of her and her possible advice to him in his problems. He s becoming so upset by the att- tude of his mother's people that he actually beginning to. respnt them. I have tried to explain the ituation to them, but they pretend hey don't know what I'm talking about. They are welcome in our ior*ie at all times and visit quite last descendent of the family line. Your long letter was written With such sincerity that I'm sure you would never knowingly hurt anyone. However, when the welfare of those close to you is threaten, a direct rebuff may be Wednesday December 8 Mrs. Justine Moore -Hamm wil) give a demonstration on Christmas arrangements- at 1 p. m. Wednes- EKPERT seruice B H3 a. un. & Mon. • lyrloal ,- .'. Carousing dance MAGAZINE, . y! . . . hi- climactic shotgun HOME COM'- g, ibappy, bouyant .sinrnentJ " ..-PBOOK MAGAZINE, a net) fun -and excitement! al4it 'ever 'there was '!'* « * * " * FOR QUALITY and Let us fill those Vitql Prescriptions for speedy delivery-from, 7 a. m. to 7 p. .m. - ' Registered Druggist on duty at all times. Call PR 7-3424 DEPENDABILITY CrescenfDrug 225 ( S. MAIN Rocky Mound Plans were, made for the Christmas party wheh the Kocky Mound. Home Demonstration Club .met in the home of Mrs. Orie Byers for the November meeting. Mrs. Edgar Juris, president, pre•sided during the business session. Report was given by the home grounds- leader. . A discussion was held on making lamp shades. During the recreation period. Mrs. Raymond' Byers, • Mrs. F. J. Bruce and Mrs. Wayne Turner .won game prizes. Mrs; Ray Turner woru the surprise package. Others attending were Mmes. T. -O. Bright, Coy- Zuniwalt, Claude McGorkle, Jim Chambers, G. E. Bar-wick-, Earl' Dudley, Clifford Messer. Also- present were 10 children. The next' meeting will be in : the home of Mrs.'Raymond-Byers i December- 16th with Mmes; F. J. Bruce and R'ay Turner co-hostesses. ;Bach one- attending is 'ask«d to bring an : exchange gift of a value of :at least one dollar. ' -'••"• • ' : ourse. Fred feels that in view at be tension they create, I should top these visits. However, J 'ouldn't toe so cruel. MRS. R. Ws Thouohtful Stepmother Answer: -When a home as-happy as ydurs has been created- under- conditions* that might easily not be - harmonious, no outsider has : a right to come -in and attempt to veate dissension. If Bobby's ma- nrnal relatives really had the boy's welfare at heart they should -be most happy that he had the Invins juidanre of a sweet stepmother. •heir interest, however, seems to be centered selfishly on him as the Blevins Mrs. Raymond Honea and Mrs. Jess Tihsley were hostesses to the Blevins- Home Demonstration Club when it met on Tuesday afternoon, November 23; in the Home Economics Cottage for the regular meeting. Others present were Mmes. El vin Campbell', Elijah Stephens,-T J. Stewart, Norman Jones, C. W Leverett, Ada Owens, • .Ralpl Boyce, Ervin Brooks, Omar Dan iels, Hugh Crouch, Victor Hamp ton, C. F. Goodlett, and one visit or, Mrs. Jack Cromer, Mrs. Crouch,' president,- presidei over the business session durin. which plans were completed fo the Christmas party-to be held i • SATURDAY & SUNDAY BIG DOUBLE FEATURE Skelton • Janet Blair '"THE FULLER BRUSH MAN" requently always criticiginz of Specific methods caft be gauged only by those in direct contact with this delicate situation but it should be made known by you or Fred —• preferably him — that interference will no longer be tolerated. Visitru-s either come amicably, with no in. tentions of spreading malice, or away. Dear Miss Dix: My family constantly complains that rrty hus band is too quiet 'when we visit them. It hurts me to have anyone criticize him for he is a perfect husband. It's true that he has little to say on such visits. .If I mention it to him he gets angry and insists he can't change. C. W. Answer: Some folks are born talkers and some are born listeners. Both have their places in the world and it's futile to try to change them. Being too quiet certainly 1 is a minor fault and I think you should disregard your family's criticism of your husband. Assure them that you are satisfied with your man and, above all let him know you're satisfied. 22 Students Placed on 'A' Honor Roll The names of 22 students at Hope tifih Schobl were placed on the 'A" honor roll and 81 on the Merit toll for the first nine weeks oer- od. as announced by Joe Amour, rincipal. Those studehts who made a grade f "A" in each subject and had a itizenship grade of 90-100 in each lass are as follows: 9th Grade: Carolyn Strong. Lary Stark, Marylin Reese, Barbara 'owell. Sheila Foster. Alfred Eu- janks. 10th Grade: Bill Tooley, Charles Tittle, Bonnie Tullis. Ernest Whiten, the Delmar Weliver. llth Grade: Dale Zinn, Pat Mc- ienzie. Billie Dawn Franks, licky Forster. Dear Miss Dix: Dick and I have been friends for seven months. I have never been invited to his home, though I've met his parents He has always been toabied anc spoiled and I think his folks don'i want him to go with me. Do you think I should go to see him? MARIE Answer: You shouldn't make t visit without an invitation, but when that's forthcoming by al means go. You've been going out together for such a short time that I think you can afford to wait until his family's attitude changes. Madness in the Spring By Elnora Denniston Copyright 1954 by Elinore Denniston Distributed by NEA Service By EUINORE DENNISTO.N XXXVI When Horace Crain came to the ;nd of his speech, Kirby stepped orward 'again." "And new," he cried enthusiastically, "we'll turn :ack 1he clock and give you a day, n Dead Man's Gulch.". There was r a pistol shot and-the parade started .o move: the covered wagon pursued by Indians, .a mimic sta^e 1 coach robbery punctuated by blank cartridges; cowboys doing fancy riding; somewhere toward the end of the procession -Hannah rode alone followed to her immense sur prise by whittles. When the parade tiad streamed • past the windows, Daggett saw Rupert holding forth to a group of dazzled women and'an oldtimer selling miniature covered wagons that v,'ere to be used as ciearet boxes. The passing crowd .blurred, be came dreamlike. "Thfi time of my life," 'Daggett thought' contentedly At some point he dozed and rua! ized it when he opened his eyes to ; ee the lengthening shadows and Greg once more at his side. Quits a little fjroup had collected,, amonj them the Grains and Rupert anr Kirby. Hannah stood by herself in vas not sure that he enjoyed it. He held her in his arms but the ody he held, was encased in igid corset. Hannah was remote n other ways,-.- too. She did no' sk about his trip. She did noi polpgize' for having left the man"., Her attention was on the rowded floor, not on him. At last. Greg said- sulkily; "I'l e pulling out tomorrow." -V.Uncle-Wader told- hie:-"•-.-• Greg was outraged. "Don't you are?" When she made no reply e said crossly, "I wish you'd take ff that confounded hat. I can't see our face." They were near the oor'&nd he led' her outside. "It's lot in here. Let's walk." "i don't want to," Hannah ob ected. "I'd ruin this trailing skirt.' • ALSO • "CALIFORNiA OUTPOST" CHAPTER $ OF SIRIAU OF CHINA the school lunch room with a pot.lhe background. Daggett expen an- luck supper for families friends'O'f the club members. The nominating committee nounced the new officers they had chosen for the ensuing 'year as: president, Mrs. Clarence Leverett; vice-president, Mrs. Ervin Brooks; secretary-treasurer, Mrs. C. F. Goodlett; attt! reporter, Mrs. Ralph Boyce. The club voted 'and passed on each one, Mr. D. Gorham, program leader in charge, gave some leaflets ami some information on making odd pieces of furniture from' scraps of material. She showed a spice rack she had made from the bottom of an apple box. Mrs. Tinsley and Mrs. Hampton led the group in recreation, after which the hostess served refreshments. Many flowers which have strong odors do not have nectar from which bees can makft honey. Boats in Arizona and e-nced • an old "man's embarrass nent at being caught napping. Grain was beaming. "Wonderfu ilace you've got here, Mr. Daggett :'d have come just to meet you Want to know what you've got thai wrought out that young man oi mine. I've already had some telegrams. The first reactions are tre mendous." He turned to his wife 'MJlicent, my dear, my public relations man suggests you strol down the road with him and meel :ome of these gcod oeople." His wife gave him. her slow, love y smile, "If you want me to ap pear at the dance tonight," shs said gently, a touch of steel in her voice, "I must have some rest now [ shall be in my room for the lext couple of hours and I do hope t won't be necessary to disturb me." Hannah's e y e 'i followed the graceful woman thoughtfully as ,he went out of the lobby and up he stairs of the hotel. She could as she had supposed, learn a grea deal from Greg's mother. Crain watched his v/ife with an expression of pride and pleasure le turned back to Daggett. "My boy here," and he patted Greg's shoulder, "has come across in fine- fashion," "It was all Mr. Daggett," Greg said. Little known in frontier history is the fact that steamboats once sailed, the Colorado River. Miners were hauled to me ifoldfleJd «wi or* was brought back by the treacherous stream. These turbulent form the background of the year's most tbrUUnf/ wettlern— Fight Hit Wild River By Nmundf Clowmn Starts Next We«k HOPE STAR i " ** f J ™ ^ * f W ' If the day had been noisy, the night was wild. A gun fight tfare 'ully stage-managed competed with the music of the square dances Everyone was happy. Ever, one was having a wonderful time •Greg looked in at the dance hall Rupert was dancing with Milicen 3rain. Greg looked around for Han nha but she was not there. Hannah was probably with Kirby though Greg had expected Kirby to be in the center of a crowc somewhere. Kirby 'had furprisec him, he'd been so good at his job light-hearted qujck-witted with an infectious kind of enthusiasm tha generated more of the same. Then the door opened and Han nah made a spectacular appe,a ^nce, wearing a treiling Li lian Russell dress of dark red ve vet, her hair piied in little curl on her head, a bi? plumed gUsptfng ever one eye, glamorous glpwinf, Greg was lo&t in the stamp4ee ' Greg was teken aback. To th jest of' his knowledge, she had in variably agreed to any suggcstio hat was made to her. He pickc; icr up, lifted her onto the seat o he covered, wagon and scrambler up beside her. Lights from the ba. room made her bare shoulders loo' ike thick crepm, but her face wa still in shadow. "What are you figuring on d ing?" he as.ked as the silenc .engthened. "I.want to get married," Ha: nah said simply. "Well, for, heaven's sake!" Gre oosened^his collar. "Why could n' you say' so? Do you want one o .hose fussy public weddings so yo can furnish your house .by blac! mailing other people into givin you presents, or just a privat one?".' She pulled of the big hat an dropped, it on her lap. He coul see her face now, the eyes hug and shadowy, Rossetti eyes, th mouth full and warm and sweet. "If that is supposed to be proposal," she said breathlessly jut with a hint of steel in her voice 'you'll have to do better tha that." Down the dusty road a man sta gered ; talking loudly to himself "A woman alw.ays has her reveng ready. Moliere." Kirby declaime ;o the night. "Every woman shoul marry snd no man. Disraeli, j voman is necessarily an evil. Me ender." Greg laughed. "Benedict the ma ried man. Shakespeare." He too icr in his arms. THE END Bad Faith, Cries Union Leader LOS ANGELES CUP) Man agemont of the nation's oil indus try has been charged with "ba faith in bargaining" by O. A Knight, president o*>»the CIO O Workers International Union. Knight said during a press 001 fercnce yesterday his union wa forc-ed to abrogate a no-strik pledge Nov. 13. "We made a sincere effort 1 negotiate on a sound and sensible basis, offering facts and figures and a no-strike pledge," he said, "but the oil industry would not meet us on equal terms." jH[e said his union was forced to rescind its agreement after request)?, tor a five per cent \yave' in- PRESCOTT NEWS Gill, Wayne Johnson, Janet Mc- Mrs. J. W. Grimes Hostess to W. M. U. Circle 3 Mrs. J. W. Grimes was hostess to Circle 3* of the W. M. U. of th? First Baptist Church al her hcrno on Monday afternoon. city director. •Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gee were Tuesday visitors in Hot Springs. Mrs. D. L. McRae Jr.. spent i Monday aiiernoon. jn.o. ~. ~. ------ , . , T .,„ " n nr ,tr Arrangements of fall flowers de- a part of this week nf Little Rock with her mother. Mrs. Grace Wil. . who is seriously ill at me corated the living room. The chairman. Mrs. J. H. Lang- son. ley, opened the meeting vith prav-1 Baptist State Hospital, er, and the devotional was given by Mrs. Roy Stainton. The mission study on Mrs. B. A. Del/amar and Mrs. Brazil" H. B. DeLamar motored to Lit- was in charge of Mrs. Thorn PS Buchanan. Dolectable refreshments were enjoyed at the close of the meeting. Mrs. Mattie Ellis Honored Mrs. Matlie Ellis, who Ictives this month for an extended visit in Arizona and California, war honored with a surprise personal shower . . tle Rock Tuesday for the day. Mr. and Mrs. Case Chappelle returned Monday from Tunica, Miss., where they were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Young. Mrs. W P. Cummings. Mrs. J. V Fore and Mrs. S. P. Davis accompanied by Mrs. Tom Ross 12th Grade: Daniel Latshaw, Alee Gentry, Emogene Fuller. Louie Fagan and Patsy Calhoun, To be eligible for the Merit Roll a student must have a minimum grade of "B" in each subject and a citizenship grade of 90-100. Thoso tudents are as follows: 9th Grade: Oliver Adams, Jr., Donnie Stanley, Mary Jean Sparks, ilnda Rowe. Jan Robison, Jo Ann Roberts, Tommy Polk, Larry Marin, Bill Lawrence, Webb Laseter. Jones, Sue Houston, Diane lelms, Caroline Cox, Mary Eppler and Glenda Huckabee 10th Grade: Jerry Byers, Marcia Jowden, Frank Carver, Betty Jo Cox. Sue Cook, Billy Davis, Frances Evans, Virginia Fincher, Judy •Yanks, Myra Grisham, Bobbie *ae Garrett, James Gilbert, Charene Horton, Jo Ann Hart, Barbara Harless, Fernelle Hartsfield, Mary Ann Jones, Sara Lou Key, Vivian .ight Jack Moran. Wells Nutt. Charles Rugfiles. Don Sutton, Toni Thompson, Vonda Worthey, Bobby Wilson, and Janelle Warren. llth Grade: Richard Wright, Teresa Williams. Irene Thornton, Berha Richardson, Kay Ray, Rebecca Plumley, William Perkins, Linda VToore. Marion McQueen, Mac Mc- Elae. Mary Lewis, Carolyn Sue Hicks, Ginanne Graves, Martha arrett, Janice Garrett. and Don Bailey. 12th Grade: Diane Latshaw, Alil Worthey, Janelle Yocum, John Taylor, Lurlene White, Nancey Smith, Jo Anne Russell. Marshall Rowe, Danita Rowe. Gloria Rothwell, Barbara Polk, Marlene Plumey, Judy May, Patsy Martin, Jack Keck, Patsy Hollis, Jimmy Hayles, Judy Hammons. Juanita Gil- iert, James Barnes, Sylvia Arnold; and Jerry Almond, and on Monday evening giyer by Mrs. j Young of Malvern spent Monday in Gene Lee and Mrs. Howard Gra- Litte Rock. ham. After the honorce opened her lovely gifts, the hostesses served coffee and cake to twenty guests. Mr. and Mrs. George Scott, and children of Little Rock have been the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wren Scott. Beta Lambda Phi Plans Christmas Party The Arkansas Beta Lambda Chap- tor of Beta Sigma Phi held i1s rogu- Uhc recent guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ned Duncan and children of Little Rock have been lar meeting Monday night in the Samurai Room at Herman's Cafe. After the opening ritual the business meeting was called to order by (ho president, Miss Betty Eryson. Final plans for the rorority's Christmas social were completed. It was do* c.'dcd. to have a dinner for the soro- lity and guests December 10th in the Samurai Room. A rough draft of the. program book was presented for approval by the chairman, Mrs. Gerald Stewart. After the business mectini? an interesting program was given on Tha Body Beautiful by Miss Bryson dnci Painting the Person by Miss Barbara McSweeney. The next regular meeting will be December 13th at Herman's Cafe. Better Schools Committee Organizes An organizational meeting of the Prescott Committee for Better Schools was held on Tuesday afternoon in the offices of Tompkins, McRae and McKenzie. Freeman Ligon was elected chairman; Mrs. Jess Hays, secretary and H. H. McKenzie, publi- Mr. and Mrs. Jewell White. Ark.,'and a unit from the Pine Bluff arsenal mbecl swamos and woods of southeast Arkansas during the night. Biggs has worked in recent :nor!ths PS. a day laborer on ri farros in the area, and works in stores here on Saturdays. The Biggs have two other children, Wilber Anderson, 6, and Sarah Mae 5. Youths on Eighteen Hope Junior High School students -earned places on the "A" honor roll for the first nine weeks period, as announced by Mrs. Frank Mason, principal. These-students made "A" in each subject and had a citizenship grade of 90-100 in each class They are as follows: 7th grade: Teddy Jones, Barbara Thompson, Sharon Foster, Carol Coop, Sue Ann Smith, Nancy Reece, Caryl Joy Myers, Cynthia Harrison, Teddy Messher, Edwina Whitman, Shirley Allen, and Sondra Russell. 8th Grade: John Graves, Gladys Matties, Mary Sanford, David Watkins. Ann Cole, and Jimmy . Lauterbach. On the Merit Roll, for which (he qualifications are a minimum grade of "B" and a citizenship grade of 90-100 in each class, are 60 students. They are as follows: 7th Grade: Barbara Jones, Don Oglesby, .Darlene Roberts, Marilyn Shields, Rebecca Odell, Sherrie Hankins, Johnny Turner, Judy Kay Wright, Linda Collier, George Allen McGill, Georgeanne Lowe. Linda Evans. Priscilla Johnson, Linda Allison, Judy Davis, Donald Gunter, Joe Hembree, Marjorie Hunt, Johnnie Watkins, Sue Fuller, Joe Crain, Thomas Dean Byers, Patsy Burroughs, Max Bruce. Carolyn Green, Cecelia Cox, Betty Beard, Jo Ann Davis, Denver Dickinson, Mary Fincher, Freddie Smith, David Roy Lewis, Jimmy McLarty, Larry Patterson and John Allen Ross. 8th Grade: Mary Gilbert, Judy Griffin, Judith Percell Norma Hughes, Jean Cook, Nancy Frazier. Judy Rateliff, Roy Rowe, Joyce Vines, Judy Weaver, Betty Williams, Reba Russell, Polly McCorkle, Alice Grant, Beth Ann Dougan, Francine Allen, Lucille Bright, Mary Calhoun, Mary Daniels, Pat Enoch, Billy Henderson, Anna Whitman, Elaine Thomason, Larry Garrett, and Jimmy Tate. Koreans made early as 1232 a. d. •metal type as ,. crease' war* said he believed whole- in CJQ vwlty with roov? would tt sound morally and wise epoijomlcally, and -4y wise politic»tty." I'e § ;Wj is JuWfr to attwd Youth Found in Woods Unharmed GOULD. W) A nine-hour search for three-year-old Allen Price Biggs ended early this morning when the .youngster was found apparently unharmed in the woods about two miles from his home. The child, son of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Biggs, had wandered away from their Jjpme-a mile south of hjere on Highway 65 late yesterday alternoqn. The boy was found about 1:15 this morning. Peputy Sheriff T. L. Coopor of Gould said the child assured The searchers he was all right. His dog Fuzzy, e reddish brown mongrel, was found nearby. As many as @CQ searcher? including NiUfiftaJ, G^pd Wftjis from. CHRISTMAS CARDS "BUY THE BOX" EVERGREEN 14 for $1.00 Rich, smart, colorful designs of festive traditional Evergreen Christmas decorations. JACKS NEWS STAND "Home of Miss Saylor's Candies" Mr. and Mrs. Theo Elgin have had as their guests, Mrs. Lucille Elgin and Bonnie of Texarkana. Mrs. Frank McLarty of Hope was the Tuesday guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Berry Hesterly. Mrs. Gordon Danner and Mrs. Scott Emerson were the Tuesday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Roberts in Gurdon. Mr. and Mrs. Romie Rogers and Mrs. Charles Dutcher have returned .to their home in San Diego, Calif., after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Lee Rogers. Mrs. Dan Pittman Jr, and Mrs. John Pittman motored to Texarkana Tuesday for the day. Mrs. J. B. Franks, Mrs. Jewel Long, Mrs. Vernon Buchanan, Mrs. Carl Dalrymple and Mrs. C. R. Gray were Monday visitors in. Texarkana. PILLOW'S GIFT SHOP • Personalized Christmas Cards • Open every Wednesday Night 7:30 - 9 P. M. 305 S. Laurel NEW DRUGS? From the cultures of primitive peoples . . . from the unwritten compendium of knowledge of the witch doctor , . . from the tales of old wives . . . from the oldest pharmacopeias in the world, medical scientists are rediscovering new drugs which have been used since time immemorial. To find the answers to many diseases which have eluded the medical scientist even with the armamentarium of synthetic drugs at his disposal, the scientist has had to go back to very unscientific sources and oft- times, has found an answer to his searchlngs. No piece of ancient medical knowledge, no matter how ridiculously foolish or even embodying an air of superstition, is being neglected. As recent as the last year, a whole new concept of treating hypertension and neuropsychi- atric disorders has evolved from ancient East Indian medicine. The results of this tireless search are on your druggist's shelves. Visit him with confidence the next time you have a prescription to be filled. Word & Son DRUGGIST 102 W. Second St. Phone 7-2292 STEEL CONSTRUCTION Sheds, Farm Buildings and Industrial Buildings made according to specifications. Can be constructed at low cost. CALL... PR 7-4683 for complete information. DUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. Before selecting gny cjigmond ring . .. you owe it to yourself to see the fabulous Columbia "Try- Fit" with Gugrdian Angel, * Stewart's Jewelry Stoie Saturday, December 4, H.OPE S^T^ft-, 02AR1 It! R I GUESS THAT~]fn WAS JUST 3, TOO MUCH Et IGE CREAM NO WONDER- THA'i WAS HIS THIRD DISH MAMA ELMO CANT FINISH HIS ICE CREAM ENOUGH ELMO OUT OUR WAY VIC FLINT SMfsUU HOWE, BUT P<5N r T ASK ME TO HIN\ THRU TH' HOU5 FOLDED/ WASH TUBBS "AFTER MKIWG IT ^ EXCTLY! , IT-ALL RT£ NDWl ,W WAlD HOPE THRBtfteN TO LOOK LIKE SUICIPE, T EXPLAIM& THE TIHMURKR6R. CAW£ ,V l.THOUfiHr I 114 TH'£KIFP> kBVT ENHIBR.WHEM THEN' WMtEP FOR SOME 'BODV TO, DISCOVER TKA6EP/1 , CONCRETE. ATIEP.TO.THE S - . WOULD PREVENT IT/; \\ BEING RECOVERED/) / HEROES /KRS MftDE- NOT BORN WifkMafpr OUR BOARDING HOUSE COER6CT BUT TIP6 VOU-OPF tO A R/XT6 MORE-THAU A SIS /MAIL PORCELAIN YOU PORTRAIT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIE^ bOSV: \V\T-S (S By Dick Turner CARNIVAL BUGS BUNNY MAKE UP VER MIND.) VET? - ( ' -S Bjt Herihbergtt FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP JHW1 OOP, BUT r ' OR ANOTHER, TH' WHEREABOUTS OF HIS J||, FRIENP B ANOTHER OUT AN'STRING THUMBS. ..Afo' STICK AROUNP >OJ CAN TELL I HE DECIDES IA-HT. M B»£. U. S. Pat. Off. Copr. 19M b> NEA Sirykt, Inc After reading every word of Karl Marx, our book com- rntttee considers it nothing but Communist propaganda!' By Galbroab •IDE GLANCES "Whatsa matter with SWEETIE PIE By Nodine Selzer PRISCILLA'S POP ...BUT I pIDNT- Y0LT -^ ONE MUST NEVE , FORGET ONE' DIGNITY! HERUSW© CUJPPINQ! THI STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI "Th«r#'n bt • crowd »t thit ptrty, t9 it't f aft to toft* your coutint^rthey went bt noticed!" v

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