The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1940
Page 5
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0, 18.JO (AKK.) COUKIEH NHU'S No Longer 'Private' Mail s^flAT , Contraband Control Brings Issues With U. S., Japan And Italy liy Mll/l'ON BKONNKK NF,A Service Klaft Correspondent LONDON, March 4.—By n strange irony of fate, Great Britain in her eudcnvor to'prevent goods, money or German men from reaching Nn/iland, finds herself up against the United Slates, Japan and Italy, all of whom were her allies or associates In the last world war. Tlic same Irony this time finds the United Stales n neutral anxious to remain neutral, while Japan and Italy arc nculrals joined by an anil-Comintern pact with Germany. There Is further irony In the fact the three great nculrals, when associated wllh Brilain in the last war, approved of the things they are now kicking about V. K. USED KMBAKGO !.\' CIVIL WAR The United Stales has never liked inlerlerence with licr sea- borne traffic, particularly when in neutral vessels, bound for neutral ports. The last world ivur at once presented problems of dispute. The American government found itself busy writing note.5 of protest to both sides in the war. International law countenanced trade in munitions provided they were sold to all comers. Theoretically Germany had as much access lo American munitions as Britain and France. Ac- luiilly it was not so, became of allied command of the seas. To German insistence thai therefore, America should place an embargo on munitions sales, the American government replied that it could not change the rules to the advantage of one belligerent and disadvantage of another while a war was i:i progress. The American government then asked both sides to respect the 1907 Declaration of London, which laid down rules of blockade and contraband, but which Britain had not ratified. Germany acceded because the document favored her. Britain and France declined, on the ground that- Germany had al-1 ready broken many rules. To Inter protests from America. Premier Asquith said, "Let. the neutrals complain about our blockade nnd.. other measures taken as much as they may, the fnct remains that ;no heutrah'natlonal ha.s-'ever; lost his life as a result of it."' At that time 209 Americans had lost their fives, due to German submarines. In April, 1317, America came into the war against Germany. American destroyers immediately helped the allies lighten the blockade. In Ihe last war the allies took lo examining mails from America shipped lo destinations In Europe. The Hague Convention of 1907 declared inviolate postal correspondence found at sea. in a note ol May 24, 1910, almost a year before America entered the World War. the government recognized the right to seize slocks, bonds, securities and money shipped in Idlers. KEVIVE ARGUMENT OF WOULD \V\li nurin^ the current war, America has protested about Ihc .search of mail, especially on Ihc American Clipper airplane service. The British reply not only recalled America's acquiescence in tlio last war, but echoed Asttuith's words, pointed oul that no lives have been lost by British action. Japan adopted a far more belligerent attitude than the United States. The Japanese kick ecu- Icred on htc incident when n British man of war took 21 German seamen off the steamer Asama Maru. As lo Inking enemy citizens otf .-.hips. Italy did so during her with Turkey In 1012 and in the hist war Britain took some 3500 enemy aliens from fi:j nculra .ships. Germany, a.s late as last December, look 11 Britisli seamen off n Swedish vessel. mushrooms In Ihc cclliu' of Ills lioine In New V'ork City, Chicago, Memphis, of Snu fVuuclsco unil sells $250 worth of them Is Just as much it farmer as a itmn wllh (HO acres under cvilttvatlon—at least In the eyes of the census bureau. PAGE FIVE U. S. mail seized by the British from an American liner niu! taken ashore lor examination at Gibraltar. Who Is A Farmer? Census Bureau Mas Own Definition By Hulled I'rcss Who and what is a farmer? You may be surprised at some of the things the census bureau has to say nbout. Unit question. According to the census bureau's definition. :i farmer is anyone who during n yenr's period, has earner $250 from produce. So, there are n lot more farmers them one would normally .suspect For Instance, a man who rtiises All this is by way of reminding you lluil Ihe census Inkers arc going to be swinging oil your farm gate along In April. And If bad wenlher keeps you Indoors during Mnrch, yon wight (isk.yow county ngcnl for the tonne nnd start whll- Ing away (he ,llme answering Ihe questions. Time was, when the first ngrl- cuUnrnl census wns tnkcn, Just too years ago, dial DIB government didn't have much curiosity. About nil 11 .wanted to know wnc how many ncres a man owned and hojv many small boys he had. But now Ihc. government has a list of 233 question.'! lo nsli. Anil Ihen many of the 232 questions have Ihreo or four sub-questions, Yon'rr going lo bo asked the ngcs, ns well ns Ihe numbers, ol calves nnd colls on Ihc old honic- stond. Anil Ihc government, like n newspaper columnist, Is going to wunl lo know how ninny sows are expecting blessed events in June. Then there ore questions cover- Ing Ihe stnlus ol the mortgage on the old homestead; Ihc snlnry puld the hired hand; the egg performance ol youf chickens; your pro- lucllon of wormseed, spenrmlnt. {Ohlrabi, nnd broccoli, : In case you keep silver foxes or mink ns a sideline, you're in lor nore questions. 80 you can sec the census Inker's visit Is going lo be a busy time down on Ihe farm. Bui here's heartening news. you have a swnmp,'raise ( nnd call your plucc a frog fnrni, j Ihc government isn't ^Interested. ' Hcgnrdlcss ol the name, you're still not R fanner. The same goes for the so-culled fish farms. And while you're slewing over the answers to Ihc census Inker's nulc.. hern's u thought lhal will give you a laugh. Just Imagine Ihe plight of some of the city mushroom farmers we mentioned curlier. They're going to have to tell how many mitle.s, cow.s, and .so forth they keep. And dollars (o doughnuts, most of them couldn't identify the critters if they walked into the living room. Caruthewille Would Retain FSA Offices CAHUTHEHSVUjLH, Mo., March D. — After motion by Klzle Mus- Brave, Ihe Curiithcrsvlllo Junior Chamber of Commerce volcd un- Mitmously to so on record ns fnv- Mlng nil possible cltorL lo assist the county FSA olllce lo remain In Oils oily. Having outgrown Us present liuirtcrs in (he 1'oslolllcc build- lug. Ihe FSA olllce, under (he supervision ol J. J. lilclmrd.son, Is tared with the Job ol finding .suitable space. Since there Is no appropriation In the PSA budget lor renl, the organization must Bccuro ronl-ftcc qiuirters, nnd It wns suited thnl. llaytl. Mo., businessmen had proffered this spaco In nit el- torl (o get the cilice to move Micro. However, local business nnd olvlo groups, ns well as individuals, arc anticipating finding suitable quarters here to that Ihe olllco will not lie forced to move, from this city, II was announced here yesterday, i The locnl I'SA office has nn annual payroll of about $8'IOO and expends lo K.s clients In this coun- iv npproxlmnlcly $150,000 annually. !>tie to Us growth, (ho personnel be Increased from nine members lo fifteen within Ihe nest few tvrcks, It wns snld. Since location lu're in 1030, It has established contact with (J.'.ITl I'emlscot families. «»fl one of Ihe iimjor rchnbllltn- tlmi projects of Ihe state was pro- moled by Ihe local office, (he Wnrd- t'll fnrm project In Ihe wcsl part of Hie comity. Philanthropy In Bloom Poultry Is Important Branch Of FSA Farming Henri Courier Nevv.s unnl nn.s . Ark., March (1.— Fnrm families on Ihe Rmn Sccurtly Ad ministration in Mississippi County well as over the state have be- Bim work on their poultry projects, Mrs. Ijiini Ford, home miinngetnenl supervisor In the Oseeoln office, reports tills week. •Mrs. Ford Miy.s lluil ninny fnrm fnmille.s have lenrncd during the last (wo years thnl Ihelr poullry will p;iy for tho food Diey cnimot raise on Ihelr farms uiul In many iuslatices the sale of e;j|;s and fryers hnve olothed nil cntln.' family or provided funds tor .sendiuii children lo school. I'oullry production [or the 21) WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without CitMMl- . Bti In (he Mw'ninj Kti' ii Tf i 1 .?". ' h ° uW I*"*" out l »° I*>U o{ I'll" 1 ? Me . 'S 10 7 m . H"" 1 ' d«ll», II Ml ? ' not flowfni frcelj, your food m»y not Jteit. It nny Ju«^ c!ec«y In PI« iopel,, Cu bloaU up >o»r •loniMh.'Witt WniO. Pitci), lou l«l lour, »uolc «n4 O» world It" ""im? ""'" iW> - °' d 'Ct^rt UOlit !.!«« Wllj to «ct lino (TO ptnu of bllj flowln)< freely lo ntke you (eel "up .nd up.' Aiinzlrw In w«Wnz tile Raw ; freely. Ask for CntUt'j Ultle Liver PU(, timmt (B1TZ> Sign the New Remitter at the Ritz WED. &THUR, (Due to iMMiklug- arranfemcnU, Tuesday will not be F«J 'Jf»lln«« or Nljrhl tlilj We«k "FIGHTING 69TH" wllh James Cagney, Pat 0'Hrldi « George Brent Also selected sliorln. Not even winter's Inclement wenlher kepi, fieprescntnlive Sol Bloom of New York, from his dally philanthropy In Washington. An pic- lured iibove. he puts a new penny on the Cnpllol steps, where it will lie seen and picked up by some passerby. KSA fnmille.s In Mississippi C'oiinly mnde 11 decided Increase Ihe past year. At Ihe beginning of the year Ihcse fnmllles liml -1,G55 liiycrs on hand. At the end of the year. Dec. 31, 103(1, B,TO layers were reported on hand. i;n increase of •I.DTl. Along wllh this increase In layers. (here was an incrciise ol li-l.-Ui2 doi'.en CBUS nnd twice as many chickens to cut. New mill repaired poultry houses last yenr loialcd 131), with '104 chicken coops built. Ulfortr, ore be Ing mnde lo obtain purebred (locks for these lamlllcu. - - - wlii> MilTrr , hi Itim-lloiuil ennui-, ahoiilt! try l.yilh II. I'tiikfiarn'n Vtwtfilfln C'uniixmnil, in.iitfl raiiydally to lulii wcnk. iiiuilnwu woint-u to i;n mulling tlicn aucn "tryhii! llnU'n." Trv ill Coming Tuesday, March 26th For u Week's Run- 'GONE WITH TUB WIND" ROXY WED. -THUR. PAL NIGHT^ 2 iidmlltcd (or the price of !. >A NEW UNIVERSAL PICTURE Also selected shorts. • , LISTEN TO KLCN p.m. t'hnne Hilt 224 1'hono Roxjr 'i'n If I ALWAYS FEEL SO SAFE THESE BIG FORD HYDRAULIC Master o( 30 Tongues Answers Britain's Call LONDON lUt'i — Sir Dcnison Row. G8-ycnr-oid language expert, who says he can speak 30 Inn- KUstjes. is scheduled to go on ;i hmet Jnission. Whnl that mission Is or where it Mill lend him he refused to disclose, bill lie will be accompaniccl by L'idy Ross, his companion on former illusions i;i scarrh of cul- hirr and learning, ihich have laken him lo the depths of Asia. lo Ihc Kar Eisl and. to India. It Is likely that the founder ol the School ol Oriental Languages in London will be doin» service (or hi.s country in some place where people will understand Arabic, Persian. Chinese, Japanese, or Hindustani. UAPPY H OUR i GRO.& HMKT. FEEE DEIIYEEY 1M W. Main St, Phone IS Come In Today For Free Demonstration of the New Ford V-8 Phone 810 Blytheville, Ark.

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