Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 2, 1954 · Page 25
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 25

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1954
Page 25
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r M 6 P § S f A R * H 6 J» t ». A ft K A Nl> A S Thursday, beeemfat 2* ,CI |^r\> , Jtev?- »>> r >.\ ~ .*#*, v./ CANNED BEANS TO FROZEN FRENCH FRIES. . . . KROGER HAS THE BIG FOOD BUYS KROGER BRAND. SMOOTH, PURE. A delicious pure-fruit product, ideal for baby's delicate taste. PICKLES KROGER, BRAND D CHICKEN 12Oi. Bottle 16 Oz. Bottle 51 Ox. Tin FRUIT COCKTAIL 4 303 Cans LlBBY CUT GREEN BEANS 2 303 Cans KROGER FINEST f. VALUE PRICE. JED TUNA ALMA. Tender. In rich sauce. .. PORK& BEANS 10 EVAPORATED. ENRICHED KROGER MILK i 300 Cans Tall Cans Rich, Creamy. Made from finest ingredients VALUE PRICE! 19Oz. Jar '\HEW! CHUNK N A FISH No.l ASHORE..: Can —•• "*~ famous by Fresh-shelled Crowder, Blackeye or Purple-Hull. Prices in this ad effective Thurs., thru Sat. in your Hope Kroger Store. 300 Cans KROGER BRAND. Packed in handy refrigerator jar. 20 Oz. Jar KROGER Sweetened. * . yo . u rfium quality chunk gigahtic iqving. AVONDALE Yellow. STANDARD QUALITY. Value Price 303 Cans 303 Cans KROGER. Pressed from tree ripened Oranges. Packers Label. Custard Style. 46 Oz. Can 303 Cans j » ASSORTED. FOODS PEJUICE 19c Pkgs, Can" 19C .CREAM t FROZEN. RAWBERRIES "A" MEDS. ISH EGGS f }OtESS BIOCK CHEDDAR. iAFT CHEESE ]00z. Can Doz. Lb. KROGER BRAND. $1 MINCE MEAT KROGER. FOR PUMPKIN PIES. PIE SPICE KROGER BRAND. RUBBED SAGE ^- KROGER BRAND. POULTRY 25c SEASONING 48c DARCOMEAL f FRESH BAKED. 39c KROGER BREAD 2 9 Oz. Pkg. 13/s-Oz, Pkg. 5/8 OZ. Pkg. 1 V4 Oz. Pkg. > Lbs. CAPITAL 37c Top quality, U. S. Utilities. Priced low at Kroger to save you more. Each one.carefully self cted and washed. U. S, HO, 1 REDS 1(UJ9e 50 a 1.39 Tender-smoked, small 10 to 14 pound hams cut from young porkers. WHOLE or FULL HALF POUND «i S^XA. X 's^jx^^--:^--^-^''^ — You'll have more time for Christmas shopping if you bake « tender ham ... a week's meals already prepared will save you%« hours in the kitchen, hours you'll need for other holiday activities. LOTS OF MEAT. CBISP, :UMBER5 4 For 19C PCH TURNIPS pnchlOc ji,TIXASS9l.l«NPANTAM THIN-SKIN, FINE FOR JUICE, FLORIDA ORANGES 8 Fancy, Washington State Hand E-eaters. Delicious APPLES ib.' 19c Lb. Lb. • NECK BONES KROGER MADE. GROUND BEEF Corn A - 19 ?W V''• > ' i ' '' * f i' PORK ROAST PORK CHOPS PORK SAUSAGE So OR BACON 2 • 1.14 FISH STICKS Lb. Lb. f hurray,. December !, 1fS4 HOPE START HOPS; ARKANSAS BLONDIt 02ARK Itl 1 HAVE A PACKAGE FOR THE WOODLEVS, BUT THEY'RE NOT HOME 1 rvt-o fnniv,^,-, rot. IT IN THE HALL AND THAT YOU'D TAKE IT • OVER TO THE WQODLEyS VVHEM THEY GOT HOME Islands Answer to Previous Puzzle' ACROSS 55 Sardinia (ab.) 1 First exile 58 Bear island for DOWN Napoleon , „ 'iTv 5 River island ^.I 01 ^ 8 Largest island fff£^n In the USA klandtobe 12"Kintmf abandoned bX° 2 Climbing ! MFSfn%Mrf Plants " ' ' "' I"'"'-'-! «14 OU fcomb 3 Largest lsland 1! Pierced, as 37 Seesaw form) in the world with horns 38 Mistakes 4 .AlSO N "S^?^* 1 * 5 Correct 6 Island In 22 Pertaining to 39 Pauses mail service 40 River valleys 23 All 41 Fall flower "Aw-ctb*. •££££ SfiSU™. 8JS23S 17 Fruit 18 Hostelry 8 Trim, as 19 Burmese wood branches 26 Sketcher 30 Biblical pronoun 31 Father 34 Harsh sprite dOleicacid 20 Exist ester 21 Percolated 10 Approached 35Team driver slowly 24 Puffed up 27 Presently 28 Angered 29 Pigpen 31 Cooking • utensil 32 Cravat 33 Blackbird 34 Pacific island, buck 36 Italian city 39 Staggered 41 Changes 43 Uncle Tom's , friend : 44 Reply (ab.) 46 Age .47 Half (prefix). 49 French river 50 Type of bomb 51 Allowance for ; waste 62 Before i 53 Fiddling ; Roman 'J54 Withered CARNIVAL islands 45 Feminine appellation 48 Follower 50 Heaven personified By Dick Turner a 01 'T. M. R»g. U. S. Pit. Off., Copr. 1954 by NEA Strvlci, Inc. "In that case, why not take home the $795 coat arid let ! him argue you down to the $350 one vou like?" SIDE GLANCES By GolbroAb FROZEN FRESH riYV'4"' 1 *?^ 1 " ii.i"%f»p OCEAN PERCH C HEAT & SERVE Pork FUU7RIB LOIN ROAST, Value Price Lb. T. M. Ru. V. I. P«t. Off. frpr. 1»frf by NE* 8>rv'li.. Int. "Hollywood must be 9 funny place«-4hes$ movie stars getting divorces because they're henpecked!" iCl-'S ^', ' -=^ ^ -.^te^'i^i ,tivj fr'5- J *i-jss{ -rj 4 J < OUT OUR WAY By J. PL William! HER EVERY XVOU COULC BUILDlW HOUSES YEAR-/ THEY'RE VES, PUT TH' CORK) FLAKES OUT THERE TOO--NO KOOM FOR THEM IM BldGER AWC> TALLER. THEY'VE BtJICr THEM TOO » W FOR A^ BI6GEE. CARTONS/ _ . < THE 5HRIMK. AND 5PREAt> »-6»,.'m«»,MA».,.>».n*.T.».»»u.«• VIC FLINT LIB.P6- ^ % tesT, vie. WfiLL, &5NMIB? » THERE ANY OfHS* WAV TO " I'VE SOT A L6AR sawEowe STOLB A L6P6E« FKOfA JUNIOR •« M(efn«l 0-Mart^ *nd R« v^ UAtBR,.' WASH TUBBS OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major noopTe SAD/ x MUSHT D TO S CTOEE, "MY P^ DSUAU.V OADED TO SEt-L YOU THe OSJIT5O . MATTON\6 HUIUO BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A GWLtfY VJEVCX3WE. OWV G ^0% VAtl Vi \ S^t??W> NVi& ViOOVO CO\ Mt SUCH BUGS BUNNY FUNNY BUSINESS By Hienhberget EVERYTHINS OPP TW 1 FLOOR! THAT I 'PUT BVBRYTKtl^S I\' " BUSS! ALLEY OOP j "I'd like something for the wife's arthritis—-her hands are ! always clenched!" SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Selzer GALLEY PE HE CAN TOGETHER UNTIL N SET 'IN y= THERE fS RIGHT, LIT WAIT'LL RETURN J I-SOMEBOD* PRISCILLA'S POP HEY, PRISCILLA! COME OH, PRISCILLA! VOO HOO! .O'CLOCK ^ IN THE MORNING THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI I HAD WAT DUNK1NS COMIUe^^TBgEN UPSeTT^S ANP FRK5HT1H': TOME.SHEWASONW PROTCCr-V^JEHNV.CAN'TI PO-. iMip HERSELF FROM A, WOU= IH { §CWETttlMi5 pPR VOW? cuwu's cLoTHiwa; HMe TQ «- ' ,- * '•>*l l ? •«a£V,,C.$,/ 4 ... *• ,Xvl igf^^'V<-^tfV J W!Mu<»-.-»i'-a«

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