The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1940
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 1910 BLYTIIKVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'Cool Omilbrt* Agnncy Will Co-0rrlin,ile Work in Reclaiming l.of.;gccl-0ff Areas SEATTLE, Wash. iU)'>- Millions of aert.s in lo»gctl-oir lands soon may be reclaimed through the Western WashimUOn Land Usi, Irrigation and Conservation institute, its spokesmen picdieted here. They pointed cnl (he Insliluti! v.'ill serve as a co-ordinating fiBeiicy, as iUs title indieates. fJitt reclamation will hi- the primary goal, for the heavily limbered Pacillc Nortluvesl is dolled with laiue logged-oil arc-as. according lo sponsors cl the movement, some day may be court 11 rd into lelorc.slfllioii. livc.'ilock nnd agricultural projects. Unless action is taken speedily, they warned, (he loj;i<ed-oll lands some day may create the .same problem as in China, where denuded hills have brought recurrent floods. Two Coals Stressed l''orest management and recla- nialion are twin goals ol the institute, and lumbermen and ul'.ii- lies experts will have ample opportunity to join in attack on the problem, it was said. Heetamalion of loyged-olf lands may bring a transition in stuck raising, cattlemen were informed. H. D. Ho\vell, experimental supervisor near Astoria. Ore., forecast a westward movement ol Uie livestock cenler which now has Us main base in eastern Washinylon and Oregon. When idle lotjecd-.ofl lands are grassed, Howcll jircdicled, catllc- men may find it profitable to cross ihe high Cascade mountains lo the rainy west slope, where water and transportation facilities are available. Such transfers, Howell wurncd, cannot be acted upon Immediately in a large-scale movement. Nor, he said, will all lands Ihns rehabili- llow To Dedocorale Your I louse kconoimciilly 1'or Summer Hy Kl'.tt .N'KSV .11 AH I AN 'n'ii'*; .siail YORK.— To the modern homciniikcr, spring houseeleiiniivj itii'.'iii', :t uriMt deal more Itian re- airanxinx dosels, lhro\vl:ii; away l.iles oi o'.lds ami ends which have au'iiirwljiled In iillic jmd bii-setneilt, luklm; down the heavy draperies iind pulling winter clothes uwrty in mi)lli l;-.)]J.s. .'•::•• ilo-ii all ol Ihlnss, "I coniM. 1/ut nune importantly from ! the iitMhciic. point ol view, .she docs :a llim'uu'jh re-decoration Job. | \Vhcn she finishes, her home for I the .-ummei months Is not just clean and bare. It's clean and handsome. 'Elie scenery within the four walls ut each room is completely changed. Hy e:;chanutnn the lieiivy silk bed• jie.uh ami draperies I'm frothy col ton ones, she gives a bedroom a i icw, Mesh look al charmingly •^U^lble cosl. Hy piitlin/ away moving Ihe lablc- oiu ut the center of tht- loom into the bay win;ici,., and replacing the painting over tlie bnllel with a lall vase ol I ill. listing uiecns (such as huckleberry) she creates n :u'w face for Ihe dlh- ^Ing loom ill no cosl ut all. usu SAMI: ritiNT VHIIOIJOIIOI'T UOO.M At little expt-nse. Ihe living r<xm lurnilme gets new slip covers, the windows gay. liglil curtains, these, she chooses cool colors—Man blues, or soil, gt'nyr.1 ones; sol bines, lemon yellow, peach or Icln | |)i»lf. The miilcrwls mo Kitariinti'Cd not to shrink more than one per cenl when washed. She looks on the M'hasc lo make «ir<> ol this 'I'lii' ircnd In dccorathi'! circles u( (In 1 is in IK( . „ 'orral dcnl •Jl our nialci'liil in a rtnm. Draperies :,iiit ,-ivcral slip covers may be of tli:- '•aniv prim, wllli the reimiinln;! slip ct.vcr.s In haitnuni/'iii;', plain ir.atiiui. u there is ilijttred pupcr on lln walls, however, draperies (jfumld be p|u|:i, in this, Ihe print u'-cd (or slip covers should cnntrLtM limply in sl/e ut patlern with the si/e ol pattern In the widlpiipei. HASI: 1'Ol.OK s O.V TO.Vi.'S l.V Tin must MilisfiH'loty way id decide nil a color .M:hcmc tor any room n to select Ihe |iiiii( (list. Insist ii]xi:i being (Iveii u laii;e 1 swatih ul ii. i|. ; e h ,,. s u eoiur churl Hid' 1 , ilioosinu plain jniilerlal. 1 : to naicli 1,1 h:iriiionl/e perlcclly willi h:' shades In Uie prim, tlct .walch.'s ol Uii'se, i uo . Tuk,. ,,]| ol lie :iiinp!cs home and pliiy around vilh ilii'in In dltli-rcnt llnhls lor a lay ur two belore nmklai; a linal lecislcni. 11 yen have a luvcly painting or i Immkoim' M^I-CII whlrh supplied he wuim color scheme lor the room uiirliv; winter inontlis. il mlglH lie nteicMia.'. in w'ork out a .smnmer color M-hcinc innn the roolei. lillli- .M'lo iivi'i'liinked lone.s In Hie picture. The liruwii and golden yellows wlilch «civ hlBhllnhleil in the pniniiii 1 ; by the winler .slip cover; may be no more diaiininy, limn IU" I ii'lme'.s cool gree;:s thai may be picked up (dually diamiilically by im ami while lloud smnmer slin cover pilin. (liii'iilhcrsville Socit'ly—Personal I (-'ainple on Ninth street to an | apartment at (he home of Mrs. I Nwuder's mulher, Mrs. IS. llebout, : on Kast mil iilrcet. Mrs. Tom llradshei 1 of Illythevllle spc lit 'I'lie.sdiiy here with Mrs. Frank : J. v/iik-i. Mrs. II. K W.illei-s of ,yi. l.otils !i;i', iinivi'il h-ir- tin ;in extencied ' u-iih hei diciijjjli'i-, .Mis. VI. M. (Jryslej, mid lamlly. Nlii,. mcmbn:,ol the v. W. ,\. j ' Mb:,"ie.helh, : l,, Hcvnolds Is coo lie 1 up IM •hnrcli met Monday „„,,,„!„>. „•„), ,,, lm - S | 1 , 1 ,e 11 |, at lllljlll ill Die home <ll Ml:>. .1. M. i, ,,,,!,.i..i. M,..,,.. , , ,. Washable draperies and .slip-covers In a splashy lioial print IIH'C this room an air of cool comfort for smnmer. Using one print lor cm-loins ami for several slip-covers is a new theme in decoration. In this case, Che print is used on three windows, on a love .seat at either side ot the fireplace, and on a divan on the wall opposite. It's practical to make slip-covers of material which won't slirniK in washing, of course. tated be suitable for stock ralsiiiB.i Sculptor Says People Another sponsor of the institute,; r ' r Thomas B. Hill, supervisor of the j Lan t Change Al'l St mining division of Hie Washington state conservation and development department, saw in the movement ,1 source of relief to "dust bowl" refugees. The institute, according to Hill, stands ready to aid the middle- western farmers In developing lo'gged-olt lands to rehabilitate themselves. . ' Styles SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UP) — Attempts ol the publi: lo change Krt just as thej' sel styles of u r ear- inu nppar^l will be sncce.ssiul. said j y Anr.d F-alrbanks. Ulah-bani s^itlo- i lor those who seek (or and professor of sculptnrii!'.! ai ) stiilptors arc jilenlifn) the University of Michigan, oji hin arrival here. j ' "ScuUiliH'iny never changes. It's j the (JcopJc themselves that change stylus, but !;ood :>eulp luring is ci\- tiurhig," lie ssiid. Here lo see Ins 3-i -year-old ffl- llier, Jolin B. Fairbanks, noted oil 13ii i tiler, I he Michigan professor discussed trends in cultural art j yjul coiuinentcd ihr.t oppnrtniiilies to become if Ihoy will seuie their own work. Ccurter News \\anl ails. X It's something Coca-Cola has that millions have liked for more than fifty years,—a happy after-sense of complete refreshment that adds to your enjoyment of ice-cold Coca-Cola. No wonder people the world over say: get a Coca-Cola, and get the feel of refreshment. THE PAUSE THAT REFP BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY Or THE COCA-COLA CO. BY 36G COCA-COLA BOTTUING COMPANY 5 't MASTER 85 BUSINESS COUPE Other mocUlt illghTly filgh«r A.'l models priced at fl'tnt, Michigan. Transportation based on rail rates, state and local faxes (ii any), optional equipment and accessories —exfra. Prices subject to change without notice. A new llellanca pliini- Is now on the market. Tlie .slilj). a Hirer plni'c low-winded inonoi>lnni k . Is iio\vevc<l wllli u flO-lKirseixnvcr iMiuini. 1 . nlv- IIIB u crulslnt! s)iv«l of 1'20 miles an Innn. unil u top speed or n;l miles nn liuur. Tile Inline hns u liuicliiin sju'ert of -n miles nu hour. ill Hlv ill Ml:,. HiWji, will) Mlvi June Mi'i;i;in:i]uiii IIS llsslslillll llOMl",:,. A ijl'll'l IlllMllcsS nii'flim: «n,- licld, <lm-ln;>, Mhivh Mlssrs Joy ,Sii'|Jliun .nul ,i;iiiv M^- Cluiuvliun Kiivr « icpoil on Ilic (•iiU'Hiil;:ini'ii( h>i die Sunlji-uiii chtss llini iHli'imnii. Mis. llnmu «n.s In I'lnii'ijc ul nic' tlinly i>( iiu> IllllllC .Mi.',',|uil .MlHly bOllk. "(llvi 1 Yi' Tlii'in tu Kill," Al ilii' close ul Ihc 1 <'\rii!ii!i I'i'lir.Mimi'iil.s ul luit (ilcancis ( Mci 1 ! s Ufonp No. :i ol ihe Kimilay nrhool da:,-, ol Hie HnpttsI ctuin'M enlcriained nihcr ineiiibrr;, ol Uie class at (he 1 bnine ol Mrs. A. J. llily Molld:iv illjiln. 'I'here \veie :t'J mcmbi'is present. Mr:,. Monroi 1 Abi'V.alhy, nn 11 !- uc.iu. incxided over a short Imsl- ni'ss incetlnv;, which wn:; lolluwi'd by :i number ol SI. I'alilek'. 1 , Day games. Alter the sonul hour, .Milaii, aindv\ I-lie:;, cocikles ami hot cliiK'D- iiile were served. i\ ineen color scheme wns can led mil In the re- Iri'shmcnls. Mr. nnd Mrs, Cieoine u. (JiOL'ketl. Mrs, Charles Watson, Mrs. Mr,vgaret Minor nnd MI.S. Charles Dorroli. (ill ol this city, allendcd the wcddln-4 ol Miss Thehnn WuilhlngUm and Ilerinon Curlton nl lllylhevlDe .Vl'iiulay ullerncion. Mrs. Ilerl Skinner ol Mriiggiuloclo sluijijicd here Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. William -Swader moved Monday Iror nienl al Ihe home Itaiidolph Miiedii Collate, at l,yn?li- bnrj;. VH., wlii'vi' i,Me Is a slmlenl, In the production of the pl:iy "l.'lloiimic CJul Espouse Uii'.' Fenime Mitelte", to be given March (1. Mrs. K 1,. Tinsley, Miss Mildred •I'inslcy, Mr:, ulcii 1 msley, Karl Tinsley mi | Mrs. livercH Ai'ijii left Siiiulny lor McMlnnvlllc, Tenn., wliei'e itn'y were culled by Uie death ul Nlr.'.. H. 1,. Tlnsley's inolli- ci. W. M. Ciyslci. .lohn Van AliMlull IUKI M. It. Itowlund letl Kmiday lor .it. l.imi; where'they will tl.iiis: .Id bllslllCi.s, Ml:,:, Nelle l/'e lionoli and Mrs. Ciintli Dii.-ii :,pent Mond:iy ulier- loji In Cape tihardeati. Mis. l-'ranii Hulrd led I'rlihy nt- leinoon tor Memphis \\lieri- .she will visit with her t.lsler for w'v- •'ial days. Mrs. H, t;. Drill ami daughter. Wayne, mid Mrs, 1 lurry linker and iler, llcmclia, spent Monday in Mein]ih1s. Mr. anil Mrs. Chrl.s Mehrle nnd dniBhler, Miss Mary, iitlcnded Ihe ildln^ ol Mis:; Theliun Worlhing- luii to llermon Carllon ul Illytlie- vill' 1 Munilny iilleinonn. Mrs. C'.racc V.iuCteve has laken ihe iiii.'iUldii of Mrs. U'tlle Neeley Don't Scratch Itchy Skin ScralelihiR minor ulrlii inllatio.'is leads In greater discomfort later on ntid "oiieas" Ihcin lo posulblo infection. Inslead, gel your relief from tlielr llclilnff, burning .iorc- ne.s:i with Ulacli and WhiU Olnt- inynl. CleaiiHO sliln wllli Hlayli and Wldlo ( " " PAGE THREE! . a I the Cioldcn Rule slorc. .Slie assumed her new duties Monday. Mrs. .. Nceley will be employed tit, Uie new J. C. Pi'imcy slorc Merc. Jolin Urnsdall of I'listota vlsllctl lld'O Monday mornlnij. ' Ed I-', density ol Ilayli was ii Oiiiulhor.'ivllle visitor MonOtiy. Mrs. A. P. Meltr of Ml. ClomciLS, Midi., Is exjireted to arrive In Ca- rutlicrsvllle this v,'etk for a month's visit with Mrs, ir. T. Simpson and Mr.s. John A5cl il ai i l<iii(l. Mrc, Meier will he rcmcjnl)ere<l as Mrs. Geor- liln Jtimtis of Ciirtttliorsvllle and Iliyll. Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly II you .suffer from iliaiimtUlo, nr- IhrJils ut JiWirllls nnln, try tills ilmple Inexpcnslvi! home recipe iliat llioiisaiuls are. using. (Jet ii l)ackat;i: ol liu-Kx Coin|iiiiind to- Iny. Mix It wllli a qiinrt of water, idd Ilic Juke ol 1 lemons. It's easy, No trouble tit nil and pleasant,. You iced only 'i tiililespoonsful (AVO Ihni'.s a ilny. Often wllliln -18 hours ii'llnies overnlijlit. — splendid results nre ohinlned. If (he jitilus dn HOI. (rulckl.v leave nnd If you do nol feel lii'lter. Hn-lix .will cosl iiAdilni: lo try as It Is nold by your dniynist under an nbsolutn money-buck jjimranti-e. Rn-Ex CouiiHiuiKl Is for sale mid recommended by Khhy llros. Drug Co. nnd i-ooil drug stores evcryvyhcie. Soup. Hold cvcrywliuro, KXVKItT IlKADTV WORK LALL iuo Margaret's Su'rillsli Massiige, V»ii. liiillis Mrs. Itutli l^iwhon T Every 25 seconds of everyday, Somebody buys anew Chevrolet! 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