The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 6, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 6, 1940
Page 1
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VOUJMK .XXXVI—NO. 298 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS 1" 1 ! ° OMI ^ AN1 NEWS1>Al> EH OP NORTHEAST AUKANSAS AN» SOUTHKAST AHSSO17KT *^ BlytheviUo Dully News Ulytheville Courier Missslsslppl Vniiey Leader Ulytheville Herald Molotov Will Visit Burcharest To Sign Pact-But What Kind?' SJ||J[ U-VTIIKVILLK, ARKANSAS, \VKDN K81MV, MARCH Win Mail' floods Census IVoU-slcr 11 ••••- BUCHAHKST. March (i. (UP)-The Soviet legation said ! , , ,. Arkansas l-armcrs Will iic he said in a speech thai Rumania would defend her territory at all costs. Interest in Rumanian relations with Russia were an important consideration In the recent Balkan conference at Belgrade where in addition to reiterating a determination lo remain neutral the foreign ministers of the Balkan nations with Italy's blessings were believed to have agreed to resist -any Russian or German expansion into southeastern Europe, Rumania would present a logical approach for Russian expansion todity that Russian Prcmic>r-Kori>i|rn Comissui- V M Alolo lov will visit IJiiclim-ost soon to sijr,, ., Sovii'l-Kiinuiiiinn • iion-ii^rcKsinii jiiiel. ' i Preparations h;<vo \>w.n wmipletwt for Mololov'.s visit, I thfi lejfiition said. It conlinund arraiijjiMiH'iit.s for I In; visit'i !U lor it had l>t;<;n rumorud in Kiissiiiii i/lvdex that \lololov ' soon would conifi (.„ Hie Utnnaiiiiin capital. Hut this point remained to be*- -'• clarified-the terms of whatever ' uiirfement the .Soviet mii.;)u offer Rumania. Unssla's uo.i-ausic.'islon agreements with the Baltic™ slates of ijiivln, Lithuania and Estonia involved much broader measures tor military bases and a simitar proposal to Finland resulted in the war la the Far North. Great interest was attached to Ihe legation's affirmation that Mo- iolov would slyn » non-asBri'ssion pact with Rumania because for some time there has been tension iiiisiiig from fear that nussin had designs on the Huiinnian frontier province of Bessarabia, ceded to Rumania by Russia at the end ol the World War. Since the outbreak of war in Europe and particularly since Russia's participation in tiie new partition ol Poland, Moscow's pacts with the other Balkan states and the Russian invasion of Finland, Rumanian troops have been increased on the Bessarabiai] frontier and wide publicity has been jjlveii to Rumanian fortifications in the area. King Carol recently made an Inspection visit to Bessarabia where OD Capture British Soldiers Surprise Raid On Wcsl-te^f hu Thai Amount For 1940 Co-Operation .ITI'LK ROCK, Ark.. March «.—, Arku.'j.Mi.s fiiiiiior.s will leceivi' up- i proxiroiilrJy $-.M,iw(U'OI) m ix-nefit! payments fur cu-operiitlnjj with uie AAA program this year, ,!. u, nnn- ii-ls, stale administrate olficer lor I lie AAA. said yesterday. Mr. Daniels explained (hat the amount of Ihe piiymenl.s uill depend , m (he JHWlllllSl- Ot Cflmpliajll I- wllll the AAA program. 'IVo types of payments will be , made In law-subsidy and i-onser- ' ynllon. Subsidy payments are made I | . III in an eflorl to bring money a far •purity." The payments. | based on allotted acreage and yields j are 1,55 cents a pound on cotton - C .iJf'>-Ger-i' 7 ' ;r ' Ct ''"' s " ljllsllt ' 1 °" ' te '««' 10 i man Iroops took 1G British nrison-' CC1US " blls)lcl °" wheat. Total stib- " ' I sW.v payments in Arkansas me ex- em Fronl IJEliLIN, Marc crs In a surprise raid on the' sW - v l )a > 1|ne " ls »> Arkansas me ex-] '•--••- ern front yesterday, nulJiorizcd l :t ' cUl11 lo IK upproixmnlely S8.500,- l-'ollow pres-s disuiiirhes: i^.ri tn,i,,.. ^00. .... L ._. SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Holding Nine Italian '5 Coal Ships, Britian To Turn Conciliatory Now Hold 'Slcpping Sloncs 1 1 n .,! iOMI V" u ; 1 . 1 «..(Tll')-A MWnON, Mar. 0. ([)!') ' '"''-"'MIC iinh-liniish cniii- —The minislrv of urn ~ press dtapwches"aid todav «». ' < ™"'~ """*"* '"»'"«'>«'<»' of His re.soKitim, ,„ eliminate questions about The prisoners,"a sergc-iiil. and Couscrvnllon payments arc rr.-dc „/?,,", °'" r5 fro1 " " le I0j!0 ( ™ M1S uucsttoniialre, aenntov Charles 16 men of the Duke of Cromwell's lo f '"'"«-'''« who stay within their I ° • ° r N ''"' "«m|«hlre iwelved thousands of letters support- JigJit infantry ret-imniit, were the i i "' ou f !l M> ™^ °» <-'o»on. rice, "'- llls I'™'™. The Senator (sc:,led. foicyroundi and some ot his hist Brltisli army prisoners to fall! whea , aU(l Bf»«'"' ''">!». Payments stall are picluied sorlliie Ihe "fun mall" In |,[, Wushlnu n,, n nr. into German hands, except for, Q1! coUo " willl)c 1-60 cents n pound. , _'""^ui m.s \\i,shinu.ton olllce. one British officer who, early in! " iuc (;cllts " uuslicl for wheat and ».._., ^ 1..'"'" ~ the war. died of wounds on' hlxl 2 '? 25 cenls « bushel for rice. In TSini ll (M flfl ' ~'"~~ ~ " way to hospital. | addition KOil-btiildliiB soak ale set I 11 H HI I III 71 I Ml ! <it ••••} ,o ,,,„,,,,„,. | addition .soil-building B uais are sei According ( 0 dispatches the Brit-1 U| ' for < ' a '' 11 farm wild iveommendei ish prisoners were taken in the soil-buililins practices and payjnenl sector. (This would menu thai British set [I ...lyineiit rates for reaching those goals. Conservation payments are expected troops are in the Saar area, close! 10 toti »' SIS.SIJO.OOQ. to (IK; Luxembourg frontier. It was believed lo be the first disclosure ot a specific Brili.sli troop position,) by Small farms (o licni'lii Mr. Daniels snld Oi« li>40 imigrnm \; i , op- n, i i specifies that the soil-building ;,l- VolUIHCer DollClloi'S Make) Collections lu City Today lowance for small farms win be German patrol, accompanied j {""reused a sufficient amount lo machine gunners and sappers I insure a conservation payment of .es Are .Lowered ,. -«:>i-. ". tun— '!"• lt«l iirmy | (I nI R |,t |, r |,i ;>1 , IhiM'hilllsl, M itl |,| s ,1,,,, r« nm -il 'stepping si,mi's" ni-ro\.s llie li'i\ (if Vilpurl f«r an offensive asalusl Hi,. Hcstcrn siniiv in an crfort I,, turn MIC ,|,.|,i flank nr thr illuiiiii-rlirlni di>- fensi'ft. HKI,SINKI, Mm. IJ Ull't A \viir coinmunl,|ii,, , 0 ,| fty MlU| (|m| Minis had ivpiili,..,! pnwerfm |{e<l iilliioks \\Kii lanks uiul ,>i-- . "Pile, 01 ,.:,™ ly (alien" (engineeii), came upon a Bitlish " oi less Uuui Si'O per farm, dtigonl In no mnn's land as daivn was breaking, it was British in the dugou _ f when the Germans opened lirei at lhp rale of $7.50 per acre ard ciim-n ,,n^,, f, ., r, ", \~ and hurled grenades into ihe diu-- « »» addition to any other consci- nmd l,rin! I ' c , P """f h out. vatiou payment, ' n " r "' SB!l '" Miis "Our men stormed forward into I A new practice Included in the 's land as daivn nUoivnncc of $30 per farm for plant- ThMv vr,i,,,,, , vas relnled. The tag lonal trees also has been' set | ten " ' l . c ™ or n L? n •" iout were asleep "P- This payment may be o.-irned ,,,o° nL! h n ,,m, ° H " >ls in^ n,> 0 n n ,i n,-n sit the rale of S7sn n.,. ,. „..,, "°" 1 " t " ncl ll "" 0(l '» « l ol«' of l.f'ITLK ROCK. Ark., Mar u- A» order, retmactivn as to March Thirty volunteer workers who) itieT'colmnlss,!!!; "^crt^ ™V-i!,g ci-rtnln electric rates char«e:l by Ihe Aikmisns-Mlssourl Power Cor- pnratlon In northeast Ark-nuisw . the enemy positions after the sap- barbed 1B40 program is a paymeni of $1 58 for the planting and cultivating of a home garden bv - Mi«ts«p|)l 1 ' A. White, chairman o[ Ule local , committee. .... — -- had tjot rid of the ^ ?CC ° : B "" 5 -' : wir «' obstacles," said - and^iancrea^TOhnilarv Si' crrcLfeT "™ '^^ '" "" c^f "" '"^ '""^ to Runmnia as well as Greece thru ; entrances. A tremendous fight dc-1 gram, Mr. Daniels those in.har. of Ihe task of wising the fund 1 ! were, confident llint'^-'-MlRiJaii}^' in event of automatically I" 1918 the Bessnrabian national council voted that Uessarabia should become Rumanian bul the Russian wim. government refused to approve, the move. For some time Russia has innitilained pickets along; the Rumanian frontier nr.d there have been frequent border clashes. . would j velcpcd. Rim "lid German grenades new over.' I year on some of the more '-oininon Tin" Reports said that a number of practices considered normal farm- scum,! Britons ivere wounded or killed, ing operations and increased on I ti « and the remainder made prisoner. I other practices that are not so 1 « 0 rs New York Cotton Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. Vrev. Open High Low Close Close . 1102 1104 1091 1097 IlOti 1081 1083 1075 1077 IDS-! 1042 1043 1050 976 981 W85 9li4 9(58 912 904 <JG4 967 1G« 10-10 987 984 SiiS S70 9G6 9156 *u.ui;cu. rum; fne \vas exchanged| payments have been reduced this and German grenades Hew over." year on some of the more common Reports said that a number of practices considered normal farm- .. a are not s » , No mention was made of any Ocr-! common, yet effective .soil builders h~,»«, man casualties. ', _' """" C15 - : wncfil program to be more Uonnty win be able to reach 'lH quota of $500 before the drive ends. Mrs. W. U. Burkett of Bassetl Is roiiijty chairman for the drive. I1C » who composed the solicitors nt work here ig were obtaining ^4loIl- cach for the special -• —, it , i^iu 6 i/iin to he stjmcfl ill the I Hoxy Theater next Monday nli-ht , However, the money obtnlsccl I tliioiigh this method will be aug-- mcmcd by the suit: of regular ad- Grass Fire Halted ... , | .......n.u u.v i.n; MIM; ol rugllliu ail- Members of the city tire depnrl- mission ii=k?ts to the pro'iam at ment were called to extinguish n j 25 cents lor'school children and grass fire on Kentucky avenue at ' 35 tenls each for adults 'Ihe order snld Ihe company .,.,..-„, lo reducllons In 30 coimuunilles lotalin.; about $40.000 n yenr. 'flic Arl:aiis,is.Mi SS ouri i>(» V er CDijioratlon, which serves » ninn- Irer nf soutliensl Missouri | nw i, s n . s well o.v Jlie Arkansas connniinlties' inuinlBliis il,s uenerul nfflc-es lit Utytlicvlllc, Ark. Towns served In Arkansas by the Arkansas-Missouri Power Corporation include Ulythevillc, lloxle Wai nut Rldgc, Pocnlionlns, Powliattan Hardy nnd Alamnmth Sprlnss. Ofllclals of the Arkansas-Missouri Power Corporation hen; said loclay tliat (hey had not received official confirmation of (he new rate sched- I'fii end of the Mannerlielm line l-'niitsli IroiMis Mill were doml- 'llntj the western shore of the uny, Ihe comiuuiiltine Indicated in I'pliortliiK tlml Ihe misslmis were In-own buck Tuesday with heavy "ssi's as (hey (Ulempteil to cross (he Ire In a drive to encircle Vll- purl mid turn (he right flank of ihe Manncrhelm line defenses Severe tlithtliiu also WHS repo'cled between the bay nnd i,:,ke Viioksl win-re the nus.slnns attacked ,a several points wllhout success and "•here- -plies of enemy fallen were U-fl Iji front of our positions" (Copenhagen flispnlt-Jios sold (lie lliissluiui luul establltihed footholds ill three points on the west shore of the bay and that Finnish re- r-nforceinents were rushed to those points where furious fliilitlnc, was In proRres.s.1 nuiy lit! Haly'.s Ilnli'm '.'r I- 1 '' 1 ^' 1 ' S '' i/l '"' °-' • < " IUy - - 1 ' 1 ' 1 '"™ e ~ n{ "j'ic'lTiii- l'i'"i" Coi'inaiiy, il was caliiil today. coiiij inn .shijiK Jielil in (ho Jirit- ish CDiitrnbiiiitl t-nnlro! liad liuun rt'k'iisol Jict-iiiisc il ships «.,.,.,, , K ,| [M , ( || V|1| . (P( , (() 1( Hilitsli CDiilriibiinil control Mallon, ami It was apparent (hut lliu iimo K phe,e as d.s the coal.lls- suddenly nnd Wlnre „. Hie vessel, the l,o;ias«, < l iiiT.viii(f (Jonniijt coat, iras vi'lwisuii and \\ mv i s m , j( s wn.v lo ItnJv. Ilint Die iviis rt-celvi'd .-.hlp.s li.-ul sclml, und new.sjiaiM'r;; published iixlrii Klltlons on the sel/.ures, It was nullmiMe »l once (hat unlt- Urttlsh senttmenl. which luul nl- uii.v.s been noir llu- lliillnn coiiscl(nisncs.s surface .since of! the (Ul') —td'oiit Hriluin wn.s iiiulcr- sloml totltiy Lo ho prcimriiijf ii lirm 1ml conciliatory rc- |jwlion of Italy'.s protest H was up to Premier llenlto Mus-sollul In dfcldo what to do. and Ihe popular fei-lliijj sei-med to be Unit he would act promptly and Ihinly, Persons In close touch with the 1 government .suld n, looked us If (he coal dispute had taken a most .wrloiis turn und dial scl/ine ol the ships IKK) chuniM'd the lir bun. protest not expecl they called a harsh and uncmnproinls- llrltlsli quart er,s continued lo thill ihe disp dated amicably, conlldcnco liqui- Former Jurist Begins Serving Sentence Tomorrow For "Selling Justice" I New Orleans Cotton] NEW YORK. Mar. o iup>-M 0 r- I tin T. Manton. former senior judge . r t0<la - V ' N " ' lilRlagc from the blaze. Bailey Latiglis A I: Yiee-Pii-sidetUial Slale Suggestion Prev. 'Die program, wlikli will get un- - ricrwny promptly at 7.-JO o'clock Monday ni»ht. v.lll feature Miss' Kali lla-pkyhi. nailve ol 1'ir.lund md representative of her country .U (lie Ne«' York world's fail and II. Cnnfirid Cook. Cnnadhi, lee- \ tiiix-i who reMiilly spoke here un- i <lcr the auspices of the Dlytlu-vlllc ' Rotary Club. j A portion of the program will be [ Pl|!0ski Couilly Chancellor ry II n - UlSillloU'S I art Of Slcltc's _ . _ \JIHI\_ U I devoted to showing of a remarkable series of travelogue motion pictures 01 tltc Ulli(ctt States circuit, court ofapl>ra '. P " ld " fs SI8 ' OM "'"' for Open High Low Close Close ..... .... . ___ ...„ ... . uiiidc by Mr. cook, Die iuwv/t-rliiK UJ;iite<l I'rexs Slafr C'orrcsiiondcnt] Lions Ciub Member Slack Prices Bn'lisli Atlomcy General Says He'll Push Criminal Charges ' LONDON, Mnrch n. (UP)—Attorney General sir Donald Somcr- vcll •,(•«--, expected to announce In Commons today IhnL drastic ,,, ens . urc* were being taken to stnmp out n commission racket which has caused a scandal In the ministry ol supply. It iviis believed (hat jail terms would be provided for persons coll IcctiiiK Illegal commissions by clalmlnn that Ihey could Influence UMS ministry In placing contracts. •Seotliind Vard has submitted to ihe ministry „ j| st of SUS] , C( .i C (| "share pushers." confidence- men and trltkslera. some of whom Invc been convicted of bucket shop frauds, and one German recently I'tltiised from intcrmenl. Person.-, of Polish and Husslan nallonnllty were said to Imve l,ec-n among those cliilmlnij lo !»• able lo secure contracts lor mimufac:- Uirers. Two of them have been . convicted of violating alien laws. 'A T & T Am Tobacco .Anaconda Copper Beth Sleel Chrysler Cities Service Coca Cola General Electric Motors Hit Harvester M,onl2omcry Ward N Y Central ... North Am Aviation Packard Phillips ...... '.'.'.'.'. Radio Republic Steel ?ocory Vacuum SUiclcbakcr Standard Oil N J Texas Corp U S Steel 172 7-8 89 '20 7-8 78 1-8 85 1-1 43-8 121 1-2 38 3--I 537-8 55 54 lli a-8 24 3-4 anmoximat (lily .... In back wiso- 1 that Manton had decided to stir- : Included on the list of posslblf rentier tomorrow—24 hours before ' vice-presideiitial candidales lo be the deadline set last week-to be- j presented lo ••* National Uemo- ' Hubert e=y,nore is a ? u"lice" S " tC "" f0 '' S0 " i " 1! CmUC Colwcnti0il '" Chicago this' tcr of the Lions club Mrn^'UrS! 10 ' I" 0 ™" 0 '' ll " lt ! Jll La»«""'B «'»«t the .suggestion ?i-f wceViuiie!^," 01 ' , - ----- „ »,. - ^ •i the e coral but! It ».''h'^'' Ul '' ^"'^ f''" 0 " """' " e "'"" ''" i '"'" B ' stwl "'«' ™ ri <"« »'"« A «"- CCT 'Dn"cy in audlU by the : \ f( - l l""'l »""!'• 'V ine UK! 10 a inTI , r?' 1 ' 1 ' 01 8 °" >i! t0 be kli olt "' s " c " tl ilK: "-- lri '-'S *Weh ,5lav a part In the st!Uc «'«i company on K n s o!lne ""'"»"" "f coinnil S,' e ,dl. i,, dri™'^..,"."^ !'^ UV -..™' llCTKUn K •"«.«« «.,- »'-^S ««a Ailing'or sol, drlnb, !«~>'?™l from ,en,,erl,, nnd de «"" it-w mern- Moljh- for ' line taxes clalmr.d due by the stall. /revenue department for deductions made by the company for evnporn- j Hen of easollne delivered by targe, wlilcli he will bedri-e, h „ i I ,""• ^""-'"""'B mat me con- n ;i >Mi: s and sellinj; of soft :irink-i , -- .I visbup 5 ° lo i vlc ' lllo » «•!" ""'"<> an easterner for were traced in a ledmholo, film llvc «'i <o Ihe company by railroad 'in that way Mantn,, „,„ hJ±,I™? C r"" a !,,?. M . l :.^.!:. m ' lWIC Wh ' C " W ° S sll(lw " fl)ll ™ 1 "B "»""- """. " lpclllle Wlls «'«'«'«''»» '«™r that way Manton will be' ive.stei-ner for vice-uresident' ipareil the publicity attendant up- ! -Cf course the ideal com ' 111 L^"™ C L"', '^ '! EB 1'"'f. : . 'VOL'HI be an easterner for of W, F. Renfro, 76, Dies IVUff ^°"L '!^ Mn ..^ i lhe "^^Wl Hver'foMhe^lie"" of Ihe company, k-nvlim it nol lla- blo for approximately $5.0(10 additional claimed by ('he state. The y ; e sssspp rve tram, handcuffed to another fed-,,1,,: governor said . .., h ,,, e „,„ Af Half Mn/ir, Unrna cl!1 "'ccllor held the company waft m Half moon Home iinbie onu- «» ti,n n m n,,,. L *< „»«. ^ 3 " 8 I rial prisoner or a guard, a :i-l : j} \~_* i Representative Nyberg ~ ul ,. B , t at deal of . W - P - !lpllfl 'o. 76 years of age, • ' scurrying and trading between now '' nl llls '"""c »l Half MCOH liable only on the amounts of uas- oline actually reachlnc Arkansas. Miiniifactiirers have said these volunteer "contact men" asked three per cent commission mi ,iny contracts they obtained. To Organize 'Sons Of American Legion' Organization of n unit of the ons of the American Legion was voted Insi night „(, t | lc mcc u llg of •he Hud Cason post of the Am- f.i'ijlon M (he Hui following i' Joe Whillcy. . .. ^.......jlite in charge of nvesllgiuing the possibilities of an ! oiuiini/ation here. Working with Mr. Wlilllcy will be Uryant Stewart, J. D. Smith i H. U Hakcll and Nelll Reed. Dim Edwards, commander of the Iccul post, also appointed n committee to contact, business men ot the town In an effort to sec that , Nuitliiil dl|ilomattc observer:! weiv not so sine thai, (lie dispute could be setlltd easily. They .siild Ilulj .seemed to linn: mnde Ihe (piesllon one of presllye by mknltuj a formal lo llrllaln nnd then sindln;! tin- Khl|):i dow nlhe lirlt- ls)i Thus, they said, It appeared Hint the Italian novernmenl might, have decided In advance wluil 1U next, step would Ije if iKHutn rejected the prntest, British Siriking For ci- s Ordered To KCCJ-) F.qitip- uicnt Al flanci WITH IJOVrtl, ,\Ili I-'OttOE IN I-'UANCE, March 8. Wl'l — fPassed by r-'lekl Ceivsorl—All ofllcer.s and men with Urltnln's advaneed air rtrlkliiK forcis were warned lodjiy Unit the present lull on the western front cannot be expected (o continue Indefinitely. forces were- lold that with . npainst lite allied blockade of Gorman coal exports. An official iinnounctiaent that a lolnl of nine Italian ships cnrryfns Qerman coal to Italy had ton detained !n the Downs upUo Hils nfteinoon, 'Hardest' Uhnv LONDON. March « (UP)-Shlp after ship of the Italian merchant iniirlno ivns ordered Into the Downs today as Great Britain, clamping • Us ban on Qennnu exports dealt the hardest, single blow of tin- entire wur to Ihe trade of a noti-bcllliierciit country. Pawns In „ nrsl class diplomatic dispute caused by Britain's decision to Include Italy's sea-borne coal supply from Germany In its exports bun, the ships lay ut anchor In the sheltered Downs, between the Kentish coast ami the Goodwin sands, tiwalllns orders of British contraband .control authorities and the outcome of any exchanges between the British nnd Jlnllan governments. The 7,987 ton Italian steamship Orala, wllh 11,300 tons cf Germim coal, had set out us the bell wether of an Italian coal licet, to test Bri- tiiln's bun. H was seized, (is was ihe 5.t)fjg ton i, soon nfter- WHlXl. Despite «vldonco of Italian astonishment, and anger, other ships were selifcd us they nrrlvcd-'onpo-" site the 'Downs. Included: :!la, .1,330 tons; Felco,'5,033; Abslrtea, 4,170; Caterlna l,m und Ernesto, 7,272. The Ui!(jl Raiizn, 4,:Ufj tons, nnd the Mcrnmtln, -!,.|21 tons, had been lying In the Downs for several ilnys. (They were believed not to ic coal ships.) Oilier ships were walling nt 'the north entrance to the Downs for orders lo proceed Inside nnd anchor lo await the disposition of , llielr cargoes by the contraband ,.|ccnlrol olllce here. Each ship was escorted Into the Don-its by business-like warships assianed to blockade duty. Impervious to Italian nnger, the' government seemed determined to continue coal seizures. Its decision Improvement In weather condl-] co ' Um " e c<ml scl ^ ur M. Us decision lions chances for a sudden blow' 0 (nclllll <.' Italian sea-borne coal have Improved. '" llle Wanket ban on German The officers and men were (n-| l;Jt J >ol ' ls ll "' 1 u ™> long delnyecl, and vns n " - slructcd llmt rcsjilnilors, sled hel-r vns n " ul ° mels mul antl-uas clothlnu must be near during „ ..— und that '.-; and revolvers must be carried during {egutar citr nifcl drills were or- od nnd Hit 1 personnel ;vns ordcr- to wear rc.splrnloi'K al least K . hfilf hour eac-h week. Olflchil tlrdi's did nol mean that they regarded aerial assaults as imminent. They desired. Ihcy said, lo counteract a certain laxity ri'gai'dhi[: antl- ,,i.s equipment. A further claim lor iiii) nighi al ten o'clock. 12 1-8 n 5-8 43 3-4 M 1-4 ! In Critical Condition and the convention dale and 1 see -—— no reason for allowing my nome "'"""I services'will I to te put up for the rest to shoot C1 " OC| " «<• t™ o'clock FORT SMITH. Ark. executive said, friends of the i.'eraetery nrar Dell. ic this afl- at Wilkins mately $2,000 in ta\ prnuliles was 1 '^,!. ,, ' " co >»-\ liollcfays. icr lr- nroxl-i n" jl ' <Mtn! >l fs l''»«il purchases ., i>rnxl | flag of ttie Unltcrl State-s and cx- Liveslock EAST ST. LOUIS. III., Mar. n 'Of')—Hogs: 11.000—9.500 Top. 5.50 170-230 Ibs., 5.35-5JO Hul ksows. 4.15-4.70 Cattle: 2,600-2,500 on sale Steers, 6.85-10.25 Slaughter steers, 6.75-11.50 | Mixed yearlings, heifers. 7.75-0.30' £1'.lighter heifers. 6.50-10,50 j Ueet cows. 5.25-6.25 Cutters and low cutlers. 3.75-5.00 j Representative Leo Nyucrg ot Hel- come such a nomination for him i cna was reported -critically 111" said present plans of the state .by a phy.slcmn nt the Wildcat central commute called tor the Ste'nMit """"'"'"'" "'•••"• ll(lic --'-'-^'""'.'oeo lo. the convention The condition of 0-1,-a'lmred on prounrts the com- i " £v -,- 0wlllowl ! "" 1>atlo » n ' PWiy had reported thr mminer In! ".' , ih ' lhn "'"rehnsliiR of the which the evaporation deduction j "' ?" '"„" "°" (P(rl>ntnl)lc »"*« «s ,- —• Of one nor rrnl u-i^ 1,-nvllorl -inrt llc |lost (s coiiccfllctl. W«™r'. „,'„'« t «..«»»»-cd by one b,o t ,,er, ,„„«'„„'^d w »" '»S^Thej ^^ C ° mmttlCe W " " nl " C<l Greek Royal Couple Expect 'Happy Event' ATHENS. March Ii. iUI'1—'Hie royal court circular announced In.n n "happy event" was expected by Crown Prince Paul iuul his consort, I'rinccss Frcderlca. II was annomicL'il lluil the prln- would abstali' from official duties and presentations. -- , only after /allure of negotiations which would have provided llrllish coal for ftaly, and after angry protests from " small neiilnil nations thai Itary, the only non-belligerent great power of Europe was being favored. Negotiations wilh Italy had foiled because IJiitain wanted, in exchange for coal. Italian armaments and other products of heavy in- duslry. Italy offered Instead fruits and other foodstuffs, H was believed that Britain, in hope of arriving .al a friendly, .solution and to avoid unduly mi- Bering Italy, might now consent to lake some foodstnfls and also that it might oiler Premier Benlto Mussolini credits of some sort if he March 8.—.'while admitting they ivmild wel- 11 "" 1 Up "' vow of Michigan; tour dauBhters. Mrs. Ocorgo Crane, Mrs. ^"^7, , Mnrllin Wvl.,1,1 xr,... „ ^....... '" Clfdlt of Otic company claimed it was fiititltttl P. Moore, chairman, C. A. on sale, [county legislator, ill Uvo days _ , lc . | came scrfnu-, four days ago. Chicago Wheat " im-in.strurted. the Phillips. Uiuier this plan the 18 Ark.mvi.s delegates, with the governor as their spokesman could throw their votes to the candidate of UK- executive's selection, Governor Carl E. Bailey laughingly tolil newsmen early ihi.s inouncliig his Intention the oil celebration in dial his Mai-iha-WrWiUNf,;'^;;;:'Spain' ['' """J, "' ™" f 1^ «"« »' '""j^ "il "I near Dell, and Mrs" Emma .? t - M «»?°>™* e for "-nporallon on j „„,.,, Kimon of crnifi. Colo.; ati:l two .sons. Tom Widner and (ieorge Wiriner. bilh of Half Moon Holt Funeral Home is in rhnrijc of funeral arrangements. the deliveries. Eight Day Old Girl Cunningham. E. A. Rice. Ivy W Crawford, Floyd A. White, Ber- Oooch, Ross Stevens, Harry W. Halnes. ,;. .Vfell Brooks fi E Ulaylock. John W Meyers Max B. liciil. Man and Wife Arc Accused Of Kidnaping Girl] FORT SMITH. Mar. B. (Upland : fJemoval papers f,n Mr. and Mrs. ssSsT,^ ^ A - ^"'S^^m'^^ssr-- llOIlCtl llinl W rt M Allnl r i niiir«ini*..|.%_ -.-.... . ' ° i - -- -• . . ce charging them with ki<lnaoinii \Ir^ Dies At Family Home IZn'"', 111 ," 1 re?.?" 0 ' 1 , 111 Comn ™ mter ""folliy Oarnrr. 18. of DeQuoen ; Wh ° Wn1lllhls toda «-r WEATHER For the first six months of 1939, passenger miles flown are up approximately 34 per cent ovor the fame perlort in 193(1. Juiv lo »' close >03 1-4 1033-8 1005-8 iciOS-S _ ' ""vj mot (ILLft YtHb \(JIV W Sandra Wells, eight, days old 'with his visit here and snoKe dangler of Mr. an.t Mrs. James highest regard for this'post. Wells, died At 8:2S ocloek this Annreclatlon a-«^ nvn,'»« . Arkansas - cloudy. o-.r.',.sional mr.rnlng at the family Home. She U ,e g on i o llir- «,,-S "« c-xcept in extreme ra sl and wn.s «„ only c l,,, (i . :«nd the Monetle ,'ost w ho coV,: rn rxtieme south portions, wanner In T], C fl •rhm-vrtTy cloudy 'oTca-loVirialns U<! °" " l in high [ Ow 511-2 571.4 5 ,.„ ,„,, n ,,er- K "at "h ho'™,' treet.. The Rev. wbllc , ' 1 governor's lor ' 1?1 ' 1 ' Thll « da y rnln cliaiising to Grove . - — or Thursday j£ . church, wilt enroutc to Shei iirui, Tex., where the couple was In custody of tr.-mcn. Federal officials saitt the couple probably would bo returned to Te.v- arkana tomorrow for preliminary hearing on Lindbergh net violation r, stepfather of Mrs. Garner, and his wife were nrrested on ' - warrant by fertera: Power Company Worker Hurt By Falling Timber Rtitus Lee Simpson, employe of the Arkansas-Missouri Power corporation, was reported to be resting very well today at Bly- Llieville Hospital where he >VM taken tollowins an accident ill which lie was hurl yesterday aftsr- noon. ile extent of Mr. Simpson's injuries had not been fully determined this afternoon pending on X-ray examination. He was hurt when some loose timbers fell on him ,;rtilc lie wns working at the power company's plant- here yesterday. To Hold Riles For Frazier Infant Today Funeral services for tin- infant son of Mr. ami Mrs. Everett Frazier. who died at 1:30 o'clock this morning at BKUievillc hospital. will be held this afternoon al three o'clock at the family home in Her-' mondnle. ° ar " 0r wtur " cd to DeQlloen one brother and six sisters. vt " 1 "' slavery by the Millers.. ' in dintge of arrangements.

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