The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT RLYTIIRVILLR (ARK.) COURIER ^Rates Tliem Best In Baseball's History Victor Over Tuberculosis, Card Catcher Picks Up Career Again ST. PETERSBURG, Fin.. March 6. (OP)—Only five years ago he j was.a rising, blazing siar but time I is quick lo dim thc memory so lo only a few of you will the name ol ; nill Delancey mean a, thing. ' The story about him is lint '.la has come back—back along tlie sleep twisted road thru leads out of the shadow of death—nnd that once again he is crouched behind the plnle. balking encouragement to whoever Is pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals. , Delancey set his cap at a cocky j angle on the left side of his head in .sun-drenched Waterfront Park today and talked about the lime death brushed him with her wings at a stage of his career when lie seemed about to develop into one ol the greatest catchers of baseball. Maybe you remember him in thc 1934 World Series when the Cardinals and the Detroit Tigers, each boosting a great right-hand pitcher in Dizzy Dean snd Schoolboy Roue, collided in a battle thai went the full seven games. .Delancey caught every inning of every game for lhe Cardinals in (hut series, handled pitchers superbly, hit hard and out-gassed thc entire Gas House Gang with his lighting spirit, it seemed that at the start of thc 1935 season he was going into a golden era. But during the season he became tired nnd sluggish, and ore day a doctor told him thai lie had pleurisy and Ihal one of his lungs had developed a tubercular infection. Baseball said goodbye to BUI Delancey That day, nnd soon he Waded west for the warm, dry nil of New Mexico. He was tlie last oue to think that he woulil ever pul on the mask nnd protector again. Hut there he stands today in thc Cnrrii- nnl training camp, one foot on the dugout steps, and this Is whnt lie says: "I got along pretty well out west and when lhe time cnme thai they let me get at the wheel of my car and take a ride, I began to develop a hunch that I would be buck up here. They had a ball chib at Albuquerque and they were kind enough to make me manager of it. "At first. I didn't do anything but manage from tile bench. Then, as I got stronger and more confident, I would go out and pitch in batting practice once in a while. Las! year I did n little pinch hitting, bti! didn't attempt lo play us a rceiilnr. Noiv, they IcJI me I'm nil right and tbn officials of the St. Louis club were willing to »ive me a chance. So here I am." Delancey thinks his toughest job will be to get back his batting eye. What little hitting lie has done since he left the Cardinals lias been done against minor league pitching and at infrequent intervals. He is going to take his time in training and see whether climatic condlllons in the east and middle west hpve any effect on his health. Mechanically he is a great catcher and a lew weeks more work should bring back all his old-time skill. The spirit that sparked the Qas House Gang is still there-, and if hard work is all that is necessary Bill will be In there catching some games this summer. He arrives on tlie field early and Is nmon» the last to leave. Looking brown, healthy nnd solid Bill would like to believe that these last few years have just been a vacation and that he is ready to Pick up again where he lefl of! in that bruising World Series of 1931 HF[ BEST TET Mcnry P. Edwards Would Pul Them On His All- lime Team Critics may disusm-. but fiolfe tlie outstanding im-n Henry I'. Kdwards considers Joe Cronin. left, Bill Dickey, center, and lied ever to piny their positions In the American {.eague. Seek 'Equitable' rr 1 • n i r. ""•' s ""' e VICW P<"»t. He said fishing Rule Chanees " evcr WHS " <lav °» «'i»<.-ii b could beat the Biscuit Bui h, CARTJTHERSVILLE. Mo.. Mar 5 —Sportsmen from at least five Southeast Missouri counties will be present here Thursday March 7. at a meeting to brin ' Today's Sport Parade . By HENT.T McUEMOR* Pulls On Spikes f TUCSON, Ait/.. March S <UPI— If Charles 8. Howard is n sporls man, lie will now declare lo win with thc Sfabiscuil anil Kayak II—both. The Biscuit is over lhe Sun Beau mark at last. He eclipsed il lust. Saturday In the $100,000 Simla Anita hnndlcnp anil '(5.000 per sons saw him do il. Uul many of those 75,000 went home from the race with a feeling thai the vel- :ran's South American stablemalc might have been the better horse if he hnd been given the chance. I was one of them. It is an argument thai never will be seltled unless Howard wonts it settled. An hour before the race the Sun Franciscan announced lhat he was declaring with the Biscuit. To the iminillnted, this means Hint Kayak II was not to be booted home unless Seablscuit was obviously benten by one of the other II horses In the field. If Scnbiscult •coked like the winner, then Jockey Leon Haas was to miikc cert 1111 thai lhe Argentine charger flnlsn :<l no belter than second. Thin is exactly the posit ion in which lie •nn. lie ran his second one of the most tremendous finishes ever seen on any racetrack. He was (lend Hist going by Ihe grandstand the Ky IIAKKV OHAVSiON NFIA Serslco Sjiorls Editor ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Mir. 5. -Joe 'jIMtisigio is Hie greatest ball player nt'livc today and Hob fviicr i hi- finest pitcher, yel wither i.s named by Henry P. Kdwards as a member of his nil-lime American Lriiyue team. Krtivarrts' selections are worth [.-rinlijig not only because of the .selector but because of three uf the four current luminaries lie picks— Bill Dickey and lied Rolfe (if the Yankees and Joe Cronin ot l lie Hcrt Sox. Edwards, nniv 68, was a veteran writer of baseball when tlie American League was organized in 1'JOO. He was one of the (minders of the I)n:,ebp.ll Writers Association of America. He is HOW manager of tlie American League Service Uiucan. The other athletes listed by Ed- (irds are those generally nom- inued for all-time honors-'-'vVal- Johnson, Ilubc Waddell. Uolj irove ami Big Ed Walsh in the box: Lou Oehrlg at first; Napo- Amcrlcan League's nil-star tlilrd bMcrnan, but Edwards goes much farther in favoring in e carrot-top "All-round ability," he sm ), C( ,; admitting lie was templed to go MCK to tlie early days and point out Jimmy Collins of (lie Red Sox or Hill Bradley of Cleveland. NO ().\K com.)) cOMt'AIil-; WITH UONDS WAG.N'KH K-Jwards confessed the American League, with all ils margin over the National b recent years, never Juis had a shortstop measuring up to \he .standard of /(onus Wagner. "The American League lias had amazing fielders in the shortfleld i" Cronin, Roger f'eckinpaugh floiiic Rush, Everett Scott, Ray Chapman and Frank Crosetti" Edwards pointed out In rating Cronin first and Chapman, victim of a pitched ball which caused ills death, second. "At his peak," he asserted, "Croiilii was the steadier fielder although not as fust as Chapman " Edwards found it hardest to split out Larry Lajoie and Eddie Collins ul second. Joe DIMaggio and Boll Feller? Well, Henry Edwards, like all other competent baseball men of vast experience, wauls to .see more of llapirt Robert, And Jolting Joe Ims a long way to go to mulch tiie records and durability of Hilth, Speaker and Cobb. TUESDAY, MARCH 5, 19') ter PullliiB on his spikes for the first time this year. Carl Hubbill New fhe final turn. He came thundering Jou'ii the stretch with truly amazing speed, closing a linir-dnzcn lengths nnd passing thc fading Whichcec willi the ease of si S5.000 roadster going by a Model T. Ford. But. he crossed tlie wire n length behind the stable- mate his owner wnnted to win. J. J. Murphy, a man who has called 2.500 rates (or the records, said in his footnotes that. Kayak c-ould have won If he ,mu otcn given n vigorous ride at the end. Jockey Haas privately lold friends the same thing. Mrs. Charles S. Howard said. "Poor Knyak. He's lust, an orphan." Olhcr interested parties had other opinions. The Biscuit's tidcr. Red Pollard. :nid there wasn'l n horse in lhe world Ihal could have caught him Tom Smilt). ih c man who trains both of lhe thoroughbreds, took the same viewpoint. He said there . e added IhM. the two of them were Die p rlorida. (Host 0 in 193B. Chnllcdoii in the late Pimlico special, lie lost. Hut there he yave away weight—six pounds—because he was unfortunate enousjh to have I'.ei'n foaled in Argentinu and gain .'i year of age when lie crrjssiHMlie enuntoi. Beniuse T don't know who would win, ami the citizens of Tucson tion't know and you don't, know, such a match would be one ot" Ihe great rficc.-i of history—if not the ttrcatcst. Certainly both, horses deserve the chance, and 1 think we all deserve to know. Blakely And Welch Win At Arena CJine Blakely and Joe Welch teamed up lo defeat Red Roberts and Meyers in another tag wrestling exhibition at the American l-egion arena last nigbi. Roberts was first eliminated by ulake- Couples Told 2-Year j ^C'^r SJiS 8 *! Troth Appears Ideal by w . l>lch '" 45 "iimites. -rue tag CfflCAOO (UP) — "Marry in haste, repent nt leisure." is n true nd«Rc says I'rof. Ernest w. Bur- KCSS of the University of Chicago. Burgess, delivering the fourth of a series of loclures on "Success or merit. As about mW'eqult'ate'-di^"'| u wl " be SCUU '< the new fishing regulations I, the *"'"* ll Set " e " Wate Conservation Commission The meeting will be held at ibc courthouse at 7:30 ptn The Rev. D. K. rosier.' local Baptist minister and ardent sportsman who I, president of the i> elmscot County Wildlife Chapter, said that I said, the argument never unless Howard 1 want to Uikc none of the credit from Seabiscuit But just as hundreds of people here in this charming Arizona cily want lo know, l want, to know Which is the better horse? So let them run it out. Let Howard declare lo win with boih of "" i " 10m '" an> ' rilce lu ' Cil " lUck. Or 1 let him arrange a mutch race at en,ual weight. best solution. c airman of the state Conservation Commission, had advised u\c lor 1 chapter he would attend the i,^n* 'T , - ----- ...^ . Jt ,n .-,unuu«(. Ing. " Kc -- ]'» » 'arse field, one or the other ," SS bS^ Wd' i r,' «T™^ ~ -- 1 " 1 ••""<-•• '- u ""• ataic Lorn-i would be each horse and -: not com- romantic but impractical method of cboosing a life partner. A study of married and engaged couples shows lhat engagements of :it least two years duration usually insure successful marriages, he said. Uurgess found in his study that "we lend to fall In love with persons like ourselves." and that marriages in which (lie male partner is from 5 lo 10 years older ilinn the wife me usually the happiest. wrestle WHS a wild affair uitli all four participants in the rinj; part of the lime as well as the referee. In individual matches Vioberts last to Welch in 12 niimitos via the "Oklahoma tumble weed'' hold i|iid Meyers was taken care of by Illakely who won in 12 minutes with body slams. The holes in Swiss cheese arc made during the ripening process, by gas-producing bacteria. mission for "z bordering the , enacting more equitable . Control fishing in the " the CO im,« ed , , . '" "'"' lhe re ' slllt ' Ui "'" thp ™ rl " 0 ^^ bP "° lnMB Try One of Our Ilelidous PIG SANDWICHES Oie Hickory Inn Arrnss Krnm Illcb School liulians tlrt 'I'r:i|ipln<; lti;iits ilOXTHEAI, (WP> —Indians still have a lew rights in (lie hn;i dominated by the w;>ii_' i,i;i, years now. they're tile mt}\ who have hce:i allowed to beaver in Quebec. And ih;it has he,"!! extended for ir, ( more. KKYSTON'K ALFALFA SEEDS AM, KINDS FIELD SEEDS HAHY CHICKS L. K. AshcraU Co. PUKIXA 1KKD.S rhone 151 *£i I tsv Icon Lajoic at second, Babe liutli. Tris Speaker and Ty Cobb in lhe outfield. SAVS DICKEY IS VERY JIUC'II UXDEK-RATKII lhe war correspondents were cutting up the Yankees . . . amil- ynine them . . . when Edwards dug inlo the all-time business. Someone remarked the world :lianijiions did not hit their stride if tlie last four years until Joe BiMaegio came along- Another raced their success to pitching. Another spoke of the second basing combination . . . defense. "And how about tiill Dickey?" cut in Edwards. "There's (lie most under-publicized and most accomplished catcher I've seen." Old Henry immediately heard about Mickey Cochraiie, Ray fichalk, Bill Carrigan and Steve O'iN'eill, but had all the answers. "In addition to being ,1 splendid receiver, able to get everything possible out of pitchers, owner of n strong and accurate throwing arm and possessing the ability to Mock runners at the plate, Dickey is n dangerous long distance batter." he said. CAKU1GAN WAS OUKAT AT Hl.OCKlNll RUNNKItS "Cochrane had a higher batting average and faster on his feet. Eclwlk. light in weight, was n wonderful handler of pitchers, an exceptional tagger of runners, an excellent thrower, and full of energy. "Carrigan did everything nearly i well as Dickey, and Cochrane and inaugurated tile blocking of runners in the American League. O'Neill followed him as n Mocker and became a strong batter. "Carrigan did everything nearly us well as Dickey and Cochrane and inaugurated the blocking of runners in the American League. C'NMll followed him as a blockcr and became a strong batter. 'Bui Dickey Ls the daddy of them nil." There were some complaints lust fall when Holfe was given the call over Ken Kelttier as the CREAM/" — stiys the majority! This "DOUBLIi-KICH" whiskey is the largest selling straight Bourbon whiskey in tlie world. . they protest, will force scores of " Southeast Missouri families lo go f°' ta "? nl hungry during the winter and cariy j ly ™ ioh ri S prmg months, since these people ""* as ' have for years supplied their tables ' poluids imcl with rough fish, such as grlnnel : gar. buffalo and carp, from rivers! ' bayous, lakes and drainage ditches In this area. Taking these rough fish, it was pointed out, Is a pro- ' lection U) other fishing, since the rough fish feed on thc smaller 1 game fish. .Another objection is lo thc 25-pound catch limit, since I crmen wei»hi,w as to se ve, v-five Pocket Rilliard Sen nation COMING WED. & THURS., MARCH 6 & 7 Blytheville Recreation Center Z and 8 p.m. FRER FREE GIG LEFT II DIXIE • THE PAYOFF Ily liiVURY GHAYSON ST. PETERSBURG, |.';u., Mar. 5. —The Yankees arc having a lot of fun with Lee Theo Grissom. Goofy Gomez calls his new- left-handed teammate Goofy. The others have dubbed him dimple-1 head. Gomez keeps telling Grissom, obtained from the Cincinnati Reds ' in exchange for Joe Beggs. a I Newark farm hand, that he is in ! a major league for the first time, i Grissom trie.? to get back at Gomez by kidding him about his hitting. Neither can hit a softball with a paddle. "A pitcher doesn't have to hit on this club," cracks Gomez. "You saw what those other guys did last October. Confucius say: 'Pitcher who throw fast ball to Charley Keller one run behind'." Gomez lias been itching to again pitch to Grissom since they hooked up in an amusing due! in an e.xhbiition game in Tampa n year ago. It seems the merry portsiders made a deal to go easy with each other. The bases were empty when Grissom trekked to the rubber, so Gome?, lived up to the agreement. ' OUI8SOM OIVKS GOOFY THE OLD DOUH1.K OKOSS But there were two on and Grissom ccniti not afford to take a chance idien Gomez came up for the first time, ant! Lefty's .squawking about the double-crossing could bo heard in Ybor City as his fellow j California!! siciearmeri him right ] out of there. , To make matters worse for Go- | mex, lie did not. get another shot > at Grissom, who was removed from ] tlie premises before he got another '•• turn at bat. Grissom hasn't been the same' since lie pulled a muscle In his ] pitching shoulder in 1337 working in seven games in six days, but obtained his chance with the world champions on his showing against them In spring exhibitions' and in the inning and a fraction : he pitched in the third game of the world series last fall. i And it would be Yankee nnd Joe McCarthy hick to hnve him strike his old fireball stride ugain. The long fellow's flipper feels so good thai McCarthy had to put the brakes on him on his second Morrison Leaves Vancler- bilt And Cody Resins At Florida ATLANTA, Ga., March 5. <U1') — iwo big gaps I,, Soulhcasli-rn Con- ei-enee concilia; ,-aiiks we re left today by resignations of Kay Morrison at Vanderbilt and Josh Cody at Florida and it was freely predicted that (lie paths of u, c two former vainly stars would cro-s at 'I emple. Morrison has already accepted the post of Dead conch at 'the i'miadelphin school, the reason for Ins resignation at Nashville and although neither he nor Cody would comment it was reported the latter would be signed as Temple line coach. In handing in his resignation to Florida President John.,I Tieprt Cody admitted " ( |uite a fine oppor- timity has come to me and is one which I feel it is wise to accept " He would not comment on his future plans any further. Neither Morrison nor Cody resigned under any "pressure" although their football teams were not notably successful last season Cody's contract was to have ru-i until next December and he was granted a special release from it by President Tigert. Morrison had just received a one-yenr renewal of his Vanderbilt contract calling for .$10.000 salary it was reported lie would receive $12.000 at Temple. Departure of Morrison and Cody marks the passing from Dixie football of two good-record coaches who have been dogged bv lough luck in the last few seasons. Morrison, as coach of the Southern Methodist "aerial circus," directed his charges to three Southwest Conference championships before taking over ai Vanderbilt in 1938 after the death of Dan Gligln. Morrison had only mediocre 51 . cess at' Vandy but Ills teams wl always regarded as tough oppositi and .showed up well in all exec the "won and lost" departments He never li.ul sufficient miter willi which to perpetuate the "aer circus," the famed "hidden ta Play with which Vandy defeat; Louisiana Stale in 1937 bcin^ l( closest approximation to his .Soul; west days. , I'Kst season Vandy won only U isarnes in 10 starts as more than; score of injuries and ineligibiliti rained Hie squad's chances. Non Iliclcss, Va:;dy was hailed as "if fc'ieatesl team that ever lost elf' games." Cody was credited willi doing remarkable job at Florida last sei KOII considering the green nniteri. His 'Gators (rimmed Dos ton Co lose, one of ihe bowl teams, ai tied Auburn to end Hie season idi a .500 mark. His prospects hnd bc< considered excellent for 1<MO. U was in 1938 that hard luc camped on Cody's trail. Tlie 'Gato/ were hailed as one of the strongA' teams in the conference hut froi the start, when they were ups. by little stetson, they never clieke. Although university officials woul uot comment, it was considen likely that Harold Williams, fonin • Pittsburgh .star, would tm Cody . slices at Florida. He .served as a.ssi> i titnt last season and was regardc | an export back-field mentor. Morrison's (tcparturc leaves tlj Vii.'Hlerbilt post wide open as iie : taking bis end coach, Hem Franka, with him to Temple. T( FASTER, EASIER ROLLED SMOKES! day out down here. lie was that swift, and how he loves to pour that pill through there. Have you ever noticed how pilchers apparently mediocre become stars or rapidly straighten out into useful workmen when li>ey join the well-balanced New York American League club? HUFFING ONCE LED I'EACiUE IN LOSSES The greal Red Ruffing ol today lost 25 games for the lied Sox in 1928 and 22 in '29 to lead the circuit in that department tlie two seasons before he was transferred to Yankee Stadium. Monte Pearson was no ball of' fire in Cleveland. Oral Hildebraiid had a minimum of good fortune In Cleveland and St. Louis. Hump Hadley shuttled from Washington to Chicago to St. Louis and back lo Washington before landing where ail ball players would like, to park. Recall ho\v McCarthy got a couple i of good seasons out of the vener- | able rat Mntaie after Ihe Cubs' marked Blubber Incurable, and he had been passed on by the Cardinals. The answer is lhat thc finest ball club can't win without good pitching and only a Walter Johnson can win with a bad ball club. But there really appears to be something in that Yankee uniform. Or peihaps Joe McCarthy does it with mirrors. i FASX, BOX PRINCE AlBERT IS /MADE TO ORDER FOR FAST, NIFTY SMOK6S HOW 00 you ROLL 'EM SO FAST? LOOK AT ME ROLL'EM NOW! THAT RA. CRIMP CUT ISA WONDER SLICK- L90KIN' SMOKES, TOO. AND MiLCER, TASTIER. THAT'S P.A. fine rfill-your-own cigarettes in every hsruiy pocket tin uf Prince Albert Jour M oney Life! IF Tiir.nB is ANY safety feature of proven icorlli not fircscnl in a LaSalle, owners have failcci lo mention il. Rul Iho.y ilo inc,u- tJon— fmjticnlly — lhat one of llic. pleasures of LaSalle o» - m:rslii(> is a priceless souse of security. Pul your money—uiul yonr- self —in i lie safest place. GiU a LaSalle! • LttSttUc prim It-pin ,H 81 '-MO ildircml «i Detroit. 7Vri;i.ytr/f)fiorr iHititl nit mil rules, ttntr unit /(KVI/ lu.vrs (if f"iy), afitiiirtnl iifttifiini'nl ffii</ tia't'-s- sor/c*—cMlru. I'rirm fithjt°ctli>rhtingcirilh .•••a/rlv— l>i»> >«"r M" 'Am i llrtp ALLE SERVICE MOTOR CO.

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