Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 1, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 1, 1954
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*, r HOPfe STAR, H0f»l, ARKANSAS Wednesday, t, 19S4 death toll for Swtf&y mid- id alee in the itirl died blfiftt , Jlf fed by an s own Wiled w fhrffic ac- l,fwt<H«e courtly • blade 6f>a tteiber Clara Roberts ihb home of fitttrrlsbtirg ^; have followed irftii frorrt Arlztna, shot trin WmBeif. J|nfd*Noe had pleaded * 16. lerive home with »» tftL refused, ieaidents involving trucks five*.,' of the very young Ann Malone, three- t of Mr. end Mrs. lpS*aJ6lbe of Marked Tree, s^of a-true*' driveway of Tne^river told police ", child;;-' pickup uck on Soutfr of .Blytheville ' 73» Of 'near ,.,, driving the high - tt* jvide road^hen the " inrred , V of Pow- ac ,^ icn ^he ' tell onto ',a timber with two of his Faulkners said 'c turned when their JPJJ,,,,..p^the saw, suffering fneck'rond shoulder cuts. "If/-. »>•' iffic Deaths m November <w "»*»** - '': - Forty ~ five e Department las " tft*i*l. deaths-*on --* ^November $rf 'deaths- bring Ihe tola. "'•'—-' fatalities infAr BsV39^jy,402 hjgh id>fbeen ^reported. PIUf-QW'S ' Christmas Card* 1 9" Open every ' • "Wednesday "'> "-Night J ,, 7:30 - 9 P. Ml •3058. Laurel Legislators Split on Unlimited TV 6y WILLIAM W. HUGHES LITTLE ROCK Arkan- ', THE SWITCH—B. Tonl, manager of a lunch counter in London, 'England, takes a quick shave while waiting for counterman ; George Savin! to serve him a cup of coffee '-A nearby barber got 1 hot Under the collar,'and started serving his customers coffee. FaubustoKeep Continued from Page On* will know the answer tomorrow." Eas legislators appeared divided today on the question of permitting unlimited televising of the 1955 general assembly. A number of lawmakers said there ought to be some restrictions to prevent theatrical "hogging" of the microphone by their more publicity-minded collections. Others cnid iherc should be no restrictions IHat unlimited televising might contribute to growth of more (decorum and dignity in the legislature. This, they said, would be achieved through adverse publta ro nctior. to some of the traditional antics of lawmakers that would be revealed to tl;e public through the eyes of the TV cameras. Public reaction to the TV versions of the recent Army-McCarthy hearings in Washington was cited as an example. State Rep. Carroll Hollensworth of Bradley County, who will be chairman of the House Rules committee in the next session, said today his commute will not consider any regulations, on television before the legislature convenes in MARKETS ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK | NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. ffi , Hogs 9,500; moderately ac- Ive; barrows and gilts 2550 low- r than yesterday's average; most- y 25-40 off; sows steady to moslly 25 lower; bulk choico 18020 Ib 18.25-60; few 18.65; about wo decks mostly 'choice Nos. 1 and 2 around 190-215 Ib 18.75; 320;BO Ib 16.501825; 260300 Ib largely imall lots 16.5017.50; 15P170 ib 8.275! sows 400 Ib dt.wn 15.00 6.fsO; few 16.25; heavier sows 400 Ib down 15.5016.00; few 16.25: 13.7515:50; boars heavier sows. 1.014.00. Cattle 3,700, calves 1,000; open ing 'steady on some choice lots of steets and butcher yearlings at 350026.0Q; mainly on shipper ac counts; little done on lower grades; ccws opened rteady; utility and commercial mainly 9.501225; can ners and cutters 7.009.50; bulls Unchanged with utility ond com mercial 11.0013.00; canerr and cutters 8.0010.00^ venlers steady; market -rallied today- and posted some excellent gains in the early pfternoon following a lower start. Gains ..extended to .around 4 points; with a number of key stocks up 1 to 2 points. Losses usually Were small'and went to around a point.' Trading was brick ,at a rate around that of yesterday's 3,440,COO shares. Aircrafts were buoyant , while steels were mostly lower. Ahead were motors, rubbers, distillers, radio-televisions, utilities, coppers, chemicals, railroads, oils, airlines, and electrical equipments. January. "The problem will be decided on the floor of the House when, someone makes a request for a decision on it," Hollensworth said. State Sen. Lav/rence Blackwell, Pine Bluff, who probably will bo the president pro tern of the Sen- LITTLE Rock, (UP) Battlelines were drawn in the State Legisla live Council today on a move to ous-'t Herbert Eldridge as state highway director. State Sen. Artie Gregory of Little Rock said he would continue his fight '.against Eldridge's $15,000 salary appropriation despite 1he fact the council vote on the issue yesterday was 8 to 3 in support of Eldridge eleven affirmative votes were required to approve the salary so the issue remained unsettled. Meanwhile, Gregory said a bill will be introduced in the 1955 gener al assembly outlining qualifications for the director's post, which auto instically would remove Eldridge. One of the qualifications would require a certain number of years residence in the state more than the two Eldridge csn claim since his move from Texas. In answer to questions from newsmen, Gregory said his biV. would combine the jobs of state highway director and chief highway Engineer with the hc'pe that Alf E Johnson would be named to lill the post. Johnson is taking leave of absence from the ^department to become executive director of thi American Association of State Higl way Officials in Washington. He told- the council Monday hi would be willing to re'Ulrr. to Ark aiisas at his present salary of $10, 000. "if or when" he was needed Gregory said .the two othe good and choice 19.C025 (10; vidua Ihead rime to 27.00; indi com mercinl and low 3°od 14.C018.00; slaughter calves about steady but demand less aggressive with com rriercial and good largely 14.00 18.0C; utility ond low covmercial 10,0013.00 §heep 2,000; few^openingw sales mostly/ **ro • fbutohe^ wcnk to 50 lower *at 20.00 J clown; or.ly few small lots early t 20,00; not enough done to fully establish trend; aged POULTRY AND PRODUCE Butter; steady to firm; receipts 522,fi71; s"wholesale buying prices unchangedj 93 score AA 60; 92 A 60; 90 B 58.25; 89 C 57; cars. 90 B S8.75; 39 C 57. Eggs about steady; receipts' 16.'301; wholesale buying prices unchanged to 1/2 higher; U:S. large whites 32.5; mixed 32.5; mediums 37;5; U.S^ standards 29; ; current receipts 25; dirties 22; checks 22 sheep .steady; 3,505.00, slaughter ewes NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YQRK W) The stock Of Interest Jo The Publit , Movie, or Ballroom Taught tgp and acrobatics toward , , ,,„„ jer confidence & p'ois'e t/better physical & mental health :-; '• satisfaction of accomplishment yk'^ > at Katherine Windsor's in . ^ACROBATICS-BALLET "II years of experience" is now open to students who bring the Qjpst new pupils — Enroll TODAY GRAIN AND PROVISION CHI CAGO UP) Grains moved ahead after an irregular opening on the Board of Trade today. Dealings were fairly active on.the ad- More' flour bu ying stimu lated demand for wheat. Snow and cold weather in parts of the midwest brought buyirig into feed grain. Soybeans lagged. ! Wheat near the end of the first hour was to higher, December $2.29; corn % to higher, Decrheber $1.58; oats V B to M> higher, December 83;;. rye unchanged to "4 higher, December ate, said there might be some discussion of the question at the Senate's traditional pre-session "duck- dinner" to be held here next Sunday. He added that some sort of policy on the TV issue probably would be outlined before the Senate convenes. Bill Hadley, news director of .station KATV in Little Rock, r.aid television studios probably will want to make "live" telecasts of the most important debutes on which there IF some kind of advance notice that they will occur. Cameramen also will bq on duty almost constantly in the legislature to make films of the moro spectacular action on which there is no advance notice. For example, there was advance Warning in the 1953 session,whVi Gov. Francis Cherry's property tax amendment eame up for debate. In the .1955 session, studios would make preparations for live telecasts of such an event, with sound tracks operating more w:th the cameras. But the studios will h&ve to de pend upon the cameramen's filmed and silent versions of those legislative . fireworks that explode unexpectedly. The films would be aired over, IV on the night newscasts of the, day on which the action occurred. A poll of some of the lawmak- Pulaski county senators, Elli Fagan and Max Howell, would sup port the fight to discharge Eldridge Gregory said he favors the pre s;ent highway commission setup, a praised'its present membership. H argued that it was the commission and not Eldridge, winch drafted th elaborate Pulaski county road coi struction program to get underway in Ihe near future. "Eldridge didn't have anything to do with it," Gregory said. Asked what, specifically, was wrong with Eldridge^s work, Gregory said that "he can't get along with the Bureau of Public Roads Judges Against Free-Right-of- Way Plan LITTLE ROCK (UP) Arken- as' county judges agreed Ivare esterday to take their iight-;if- ?sy controversy to the legislature self, and also endorsed a pro- osed bill cresting a state juven- e department to handle dei'n- uency cases. Judge Brooks Parher, Lafayette ounty, was elected president of Arkansas Association of Coun- y Judges in a close race against cctt Judge John McGraw, who 'oiled only tsvo votes less than 'arker's 32. Judge Parker succeeds Judge A. C. Reynolds of Ouachita Coun- y. McGraw was named first vicrr- president, Carroll County Judge Arthur Carter second vice-president, and Perry Judge Carl Adams was r-elected secretary-treasurer. The right-of-way issue, not cx- yected to come before the powerful group at this meeting, was brought up by Judge C. S. Fie'der of Phillips County, who urged ihe asso- T ciation to take a stand on it before adjourning. The state now requires counties to furnish rights-of-way for state lighway construction. The resolution adapted by the group syid the present law is not clear regarding the county's obligation to furnish land and is "free of obstruction." In traveling from the Hudson River over the New York State 1 Barge Canal system to Lake Erie ships are raised 565 feet by m federal aid projects there's a ot of friction there." State Rep. Bob Horvey of Jackon County, said, however, his con- tituents have told him they want he legislature to "leave the high way commission alone." Harvey said that Johnson mifji be a good man for the job, but hat it was not up to the legisln .Ure .to fill the position. Ford Gives Town Valuable Property Mich. Iff* HOUGHTON, Ford Motor Co. The Fund has given the Michigan College of Mining and Technology the entire com munity of Alberta (pop. GO) and l.VGOl acres of adjacent timberland. Dr. Grovcr C. Dillman, presiden of the colleee, said the property valued at $273,000 will be used to expand forestry .lepartment facili ties and research. The village, with a dozen houses, two school buildings, a sawmill and lake, was do.vcloped by the late Henry Ford as a model lumbering community. 36 ocks. Get the Best for Less Ease pain of headache and colds. Get the fastest-acting aspirin relief money can buy, 12 tablets lOc, 100 only 49c. A Plough Product Cxquisit* Columbia Diamond Bing«-«uarant«»d for«v*rl Before selecting any diamond ring . . . you owe it to yourself to see the fabulous Columbia "Tru- Fit" with Guardian Angel. Stewart's Jewelry Store 'Reliable Jewelers' NEW DRUGS? From the cultures of primitive peoples . . . from the unwrltteh :ompendium of knowledge of the witch doctor . . . from the tales of old wives . . . from the oldest pharmacopeias in the world, medical scientists are rediscovering new drugs which have been used since time immemorial. To find the answers to many diseases which have eluded the medical scientist even with the armamentarium of synthetic drugs at his disposal, the scientist has had to go back to very unscientific sources and oft- times, has found an answer to his searchings. No piece of ancient medical knowledge, no matter how ridiculously foolish or even embodying an air of superstition, Is being neglected. As recent as the last year, a whole : new concept of treating hypertension and neuropsychi- atric disorders has evolved from ancient East Indian medicine. The results of this tireless search are on your druggist's shelves. Visit him with confidence the next time you have a prescription to be filled. Ward & Son DRUGGIST 102 W. Second St. Phone 7-2292 S1.20; and soybeans lower V 4 higher, January $2.85%. to THEY 'GET A CHOICE CHICAGO,, (UP) The routine Sen. Ellis Fagan, Little "Throw it wide open. It ers attending the legislaitvo council's budget hearings this week disclosed the following attitudes toward television: State Rock won't hurt anyone and it will be educational to the public and will contribute to more legislative decorum. We h&ve nothing to worry tbout in the Senate anyway. It's in the House that they need a little more dinity." State Rep. Bob Harvey, Jackson County •I Now the prisoners have a choico. They are '. offered menus listing "open-faced bologna sandwich," "fried bologna sandwii'h,' 1 "bolor;- na \yith mKynnaise," 'ibolog-na with mustard," and "plate of sliced bologna'."' • • ""•''." - CHRISTMAS Wt»sf««ory method of pi«frvij)g Christmas * W^l tontenj of water wiihin the tree, Follow .(oiP a safer Holiday Season: ffiai has been cut as recencly as possible. 'Im» <?ff lh« fod of <h« trunk diagonally at least one Wl.f^. Stand the wee si once in a ks«P »he wacer level above the cm lhe pbce tree near « radiator or in the direct flow of heat. « l»*W wy open flame, ~no soiton or paper. (op candle*) wid see that all the strings Po not leave tree lights burning when I»W«S- frequently inspect ih't free to se« if IPW lh« lwfe» 3>e Wfwns bwwn. M so, «f ihejiglus, Pp n*» Jet baches touch 8t «««*». *M> aieial 'ipspl touches light away ffopi free. II yo» «n>« wownd ihe IRSON & CQ. AWW think there ought '.o meal at the, detective, • bureiau I be at" least a ,few restrictions. If lockup formerly was a slab of i there aren't any, some cf our bologna between two slices o£ ( theatrical-minded brethern are go- bread. : ;'•• " ''•- : . | ing. to want to hog the microplvwe land won't release the floor as long s the cameras ace grinding away., his might delay much-needed leg- lation. However, I think a cer- ai:: amount of telveision might be esirable as the viewing public ould fast demand a little more de- orum on the part of some of the >ys." Rep. Sam 'Levine, Jefferson ounty "It should not bo abso- itely unlimited. The recent Army- McCarthy hearings, are e case in joint. Those' hearings were a na- E public money and were a na- onal disgrace, brought on in part y the desire of the participants o dramatize themselves before ths vblic." Rep, J. A. .Womack, Ouachita ounty "There must be some estrictions. There will be too nuch in the way of theatrics if wa ion't have some restrictive rules in the thing.". Sen.-elect Clifton Wade, Fayette- •illp "let them throw it opnn o the cameras. It won't do any arm and might result in a little nore dignity in legislative pro- eeding's." Sen. Roy Milum, Harison "I don't care if they televise every- hing. But' I'm not asking them to do it, either." S, Africans to Name New Leader By ARTHUR GAVSHON PRETORIA, South Africa I/PI The dominant Nationalist party faction in South Africa's Parliament assembled here today to name a jfuccessor to retiring Prime Minister Paniei Malan. It was a near certainty they would choose Johannes Geerhardus Strij- dom, uncompromifiing advocate of Republican status for this British CommomveeaUh country. Selection of the 61-year-aid Strij- dom as tha party leader necessary prelude tp his appointment as prime minister by Gov. Gen. E.G. Jfansen could transform the political situation, in the country plagued by t?r*sion between black* an<J whites and between whites ol Pritish and Putch descent. gtrjjdom's pjjiy other serious ri vaj for the pprty Je^dersWp. 4epu^ ly Prim? Minuter Nicolas? Chvis Twp'Jvittr $25,00 f Pg?k» wrlnkl«-free. lining*. 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Wed- Thursday December 2 Hope Chapter 328 Order of the Eastern Star will meet Thursday December 2, at 7:30 p. m. There will be an installation of officers at 8 p. m, The public is invited to attend. are on sale by Garden Club members. Notice Pat Cleburne Chapter of the U. D. C. will meet Thursday, December 2, at 2:30 p. m. at the Hope tStinlry Club. Mrs. J. M. Duffie will be hostess. Brookwood Brownie troop will meet Thursday, December 2, immediately after school. All directors and participants in the Christmas Pageant at the First Methodist Church are requested to come to dress rehearsal, Thursday night, December 2,' at 7:30 o'clock. 'ednesday December 8 : Mrs. Justine Moore Hamm ; will give a demonstration on Christmas arrangements at 1 p. m. Wednesday, December 8, in the First Methodist . Church basement. .The demonstration is being sponsored by the Hope Federation of Garden Clubs. In making these arrangements, • Mrs. Hamm will use material available -to everyone, and th«,arrangements which she makes wiu be sold to- the public. Tickets NOW! ^ • -FEATURE TIMES • 2:00 •-• 3:56 -:-5:52 ; - 7:48 - 9:44 DESPERATE ^ WOMAN f HUNT! AN IKO-UDIO PiaUDE • SHORTS • 1. Queen Bee Cartoon 2. Rudy, The Raccoon 3. Fish Tales 4. News of the Day The Junior-Senior High P. T. A. Talent niahl scheduled for Friday night, December 3, has been postponed until Friday. December 10. Harmony Club Meets -*• The Harmony Club held its regular monthly meeting in the home of Mrs. Lena Massingill. Mrs. Massingill called the meeting to order and gave the devotional from the first chapter of Job. Mrs. Lillie Hill led the group in prayer, and Mrs. Virgaline Crawford read the minutes. Following the ' business session a social hour was held. Mrs. Susie Yocum gave an interesting discussion, and Mrs. Lena Massingill sang a solo. Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Hill gave a short dialogue. The hostess served sandwiches, coffee and hot chocolate to those present. . •'; .... . Mrs. Leonard Eddy Honored With ' Shower. • Mrs. William C-iibe'r't, Mrs. Herbert Bristow >nd Mrs., Cecil Weaver honored Mrs. Leonard Eddy, a recent bride, with a .miscellaneous shower 'on Saturday, November 27, in the home!of Mrs. Par- Boyle Continued from Page On« rtrcngth, nobody would over be friendless utterly. As I said before, I approach the Christmas season reluctantly. It isn't that I don't enjoy glad time, because I do. But where my father sowed (he seeds of charity in his time v,-5th complete good will, I feel that now in trying tc do the same thing I am but his echo, and never himself indeed. Home of the other four boys in the family say I dream my father too high, now that he is gone, taut my sister, Dolores, who has two children of her own, says: "There'll never be another man like dad." Nor will there ever be. He still is the king of our Christmas tree. Bitterly the family re- grels he isn't there to igr.'ite the holiday- just by the wnim light of his presence. Certainly a lot of other people miss a lot of other people just thinking of Christmas. Backers Able to Continued: rrom Page One to hold virtually solid for censure. Republicans were forecasting n clore division in their lineup. Since GOP -and Democratic; strength-in the 96-man 1 Senate is about equal a Rep u bl lean split could swing the majority vote needed for censure. Under a unanimous consent fgrcement adopted at DER FUEHRER'S PAINTING IS GOING FOR TWO GRAND-A landscape of the Viennese Parliament and City Hall, painted by Adolph Hitler in 1911, is on sale for $20,000. Art dealer Fred Fischer of Vienna, Austria, says he has documented proof that Hitler did the \ painting when he was a penniless artist in Vienna. DOROTHY DIX At 65, Thinks He's A Lothario Dear Miss Dix: My mother is a widow and she is running successfully the business left by my father. She employs several people, among thc'm a man of 65 who imagines himself a gap Lothario. He _., .... t ..v. 4.w»i*^.. W x jv.ua. i-tn- i {.',1 uemcnv aciopiuu ui ivic^aruiy si " •— **-*- ker Rogers on the Columbus high- request, limits on debate start' at! is ' apparently infatuated with moway: Attractive arrangements of 3 p. m. While this heralds seme'" '""" U ~" '" 1 '"" u "" J """ potted plants and fall flowers were | voting today, the final showdown of used throughout the home. The the extraordinary session begun dining table was cenlered with a Nov. 8 is not expected until tomor- j become quite embarrassing es- spray of autumn leaves on which-row or perhaps Friday. jpocially so since it has the added thcr, takes her to lunch and dinner, and never misses a chance to flatter her. The situation has was placed, a cornucopia filled with fruit. V Games were played with prizes being won by Mrs. Thomas L. Gilbert, Mary Ann Thompson and Mrs. H. B. Gilbert. Many useful gifts were .presented to Mrs. Eddy. Assisting Mrs. Rogers in serving Extension of Continued from Page One (R-SD), agreed ir. separate inter- \ie-vs that Wilson. , would get a sympathetic hearing when he takes his care -before the group. "I heartily believe that an im- -rdnv-q rinv lone debase s-nv pomplication that the man is mar- Proved reserve program is neccs- rs Brown m-Necvf Mime t rted He's an efficient and valued a"™" Saltonstnll added, raying he 1S ._ Jl °^"... ! _ ,TJ:, .. ?__ P mnlnv« B h,,, hn«, n a n'v,« hn ,,,,t-.! had "tried five times" to get the Yesterday' Senators (R-SDi and Martin (R-Pa) taking the floor in McCarthy's behalf. Son- t'.tors Fulbright (D-Ark), Lehman, (D-Lib-NY) and Bennett (R-Utahl spoke for censure. But McCarthy, who attended the session only late and briefly, indi- punch and individual cakes top- cated once again he doesn't'think ped With ice cream to 44 guests j ' ne speech making will change the were . Lynda and Mary Beth Rogers and .Melba Sue Bristow. and Lynda Births Mr. and-Mrs. i Jack :D.. Crank of vote. "It will be a completely ono- rided vote," he "aid in an ; interview. "Most of the Democrats and most of the. left-wing or self-styled liberal Republicans," he said, will "vote for censure." There was confusion over TIM T~\ nMn ,4» — n .-. Allure \Vilb t'.MHt: UU/ULlSaiMl VIVtJl El • Dorado announce .the . arrival just v . hat wjll be - V oted : on first. - . of a- son, Jack Davis, on November r »f B i ' the paternal .grandparents. cl , stomary proco aiire would bo Personal MenticDn Mr. C. C. Collins has been discharged from the Texarkana hospital; and is now at : -his home. Coming Mr. and Mrs. "Wrenf.ord; Cox have returned to : their home in Chicago, .111., after -a week's visit with their "parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Walker Of Hope, and Mr. and Mrs. C.-M, Cox: of Route One Patmos. •"" "... Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: .Mrs. Johnny Brannon, Hope, Rt. 2, Mrs. Thomas D. Huckabee, Hope, Mrs. L. L. Oliver Murfreesboro,' Ark. Discharged: Mrs. Weaver Quillin, Hope, Mrs. Jay W. Shaver and son, Long Beach, Calif."• Mr. and Mrs. Jfchnny Brannon, Rt. 2, Hope, have a son born 11-30 54. ' • . Branch Admitted: Mrs. Elmer Smart Rt. 1, Emmet, Charlie Prater, Hope, Dorothy Johnson, Hope. for the Senate to act first on the amendments proposed by the special censure committee to the original resolution introduced by Sen. Flanders (R-Vt) to condemn McCarthy's conduct. However, Sen. Dirkseri (R-I11) said he would like to get a vote first oh a substitute proposal he has drafted. Sen. Watkins (R- Utah), chairman of the special committee, said he would oppose that. • Discharged: Mrs. D. and baby girl, McNab. E. Lively In the Solomon islands ,the slip- pression of head hunting by British administrators so 'disrupte.d the society of the people .that there was a sharp decline in "population. "BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" Slim, high-poised wedges for dressy tailored clothes . . . with the polished manner that fall fashion loves! All the wanted colors irj Suede. * $5.00 Values to $9,95 Sizes 5 to 9, AAA to B but Blgek Suede, Gunmetql not all sizes in all styles. Trim, Brown Suede, Panama Trim. FOSTER'S Park Meters Bring Cities $772,371 LITTLE ROCK I/P! Thirty-five Arkansas communities received a total of $772,371 from parking me'- ters ir. 1953. The Statistics Division of the Arkansas Highway De-partment reported yesterday that meters iilso provided $200,519 from fines for overparking, space rentals, and ,other funds Revenue ranged from $1.736 from Gurdon's'860 meters to $56,078 at Pine Bluff which has 525 meters. • Other cities in Arkansas with meters are Arkadclphia, Batesville, Benton, BlythcviL'e, Camden, Comvay, DeWitt, El Dorado, Fay- ctteville, Forrest City, Fort Smith, Harrison , Helen a, Hope, Hot Sprinss, Jonesboro, McGhee, Magnolia Malvern, Mirianna, Monticello, Morrilton Mountain Home, Newport, Parpgould, Searcy, Siloam Springs, Springdale, Stuttgart Texarkana, Van Buren, Walnut Ridge and Russellville. Judges Ponder Over Secondary Road Fund LITTLE ROCK UPI A vote on whether to ask the State Highway department to petition the federal Bureau of Public Roads to give he state agency supevvi.5i.on ovor secondary road building by coun- ""'" 6 " a .*' u ^ s J . lei ieacne.-s tioi wn.s .vn fi rteri to -omc before Definitely otherwise, let her .ics v/ns expected to 2omc before he Arkansas County Judges Asso- .-iai'on today. Tcday's -crsion concluded tho Association^ annual convention here. No protest as voiced when Highway Director Hehert Eldidge and F. R. Oliver, a bureau of Public Roads engineer, explained the proposal to the county judges yesterday. The practical effect of the switch from fedsi'al to state supervision, Eldridge explained, would be ,to permit county judges to manage their chare of federal matching secondary funds as they have in the past. Otherwise, he said, the 1954 federal road law will take control of federal finds out of the hands of county judges, except on jobs done by formal bid contract. PRINTgR JACKSON, employee, but how can he be put, in his place romanlytically? B .A. I Pentagon • to get submit details on it Ins'ncerity Often Wins Answer: Similar situations are encountered by almost any woman who runs a business. Frequently they are matters of expedience rather than romance. A male employee may see a chance of promoting his own best interests bv flattering a female boss — and more often than not he succeeds. Your mother, for instance certainly was not always averse to thp man's attentions since she did ap- cept lunch dates with him, a thing no prudent woman in her position would have done. • Given this much encouragement he naturally tried to see how far he could pursue his luck. The Boss, being a successful executive, should have no trouble now in taking a ifirm stand against;.social contacts with male employees, especially with those who are married. Keep- Ing her male associates in their place. Is one of the diplomatic angles of business that every career woman must observe; io fact it's one ot the social hinges on which her professional success may stand or sag, I doubt if the man's persistence will hold up after one or two" pointed snubs. Dear Miss Dix: Shortly after the first . of the moving a new and high year I'll be school. we are entering I would like to make friends with the boys and girls but am rather shy. How can I succeed? JAN,E during the current t'cssion of Congress. The current Draft Act. passed in 1951. is due to expire April 30. "While concurring with the other three senators that the selective service law should be extended, Son. Long (D-La) said ho doubts Congress would okay what he de- Bipartisan Support for Dulles 7 Views WASHINGTON, (UP) Secretary of State John Foster Dulles received bi-partispn, auppprt. today for, his firm, st&nd against an air or sea blockade to iry to force Red China UN Group to Take Up Issue of Korea , UNITED NATIONS, N. Y., (UPI The United Nations main polite cal committee takes up the Korean ones lion again tomorrow with the Western powers itill Unable to agree with In'Ua on the best way to handle the matter. the Western delegate? worked today on a resolution thdy hoped would win Indian backing but wh'ch Would reject Indian hopes of reviving the negotiations started Geneva last spring. The Genvii islration lenders, including the Presiclen t, an d possibl e actiOSl among delegates to the United Nations. The statements will be i.'mccl at showing that Red China is E militant power which has no intention of livin? up to its profcs« lions of peace. fsfts «K)Mcfeti Wsssferfi to take Up the ft & ftesl day. fV Stew* involves s »Kteh who ol thp big powers. , the' IS ciourdtrtes tftatf the if, N.'siete backing . fiss »ftot His proixJsai * the deneya ta'ks eo-ehairnien . w spring": Foreign Eden of BfltSlh Mini-ster V. M. land's Prince Waft Informed sources rB West would reject" ' again 5n favor of <&" Bf f sure approving 'the.'tepbf ihe U. N. by the" 16 Kdf batants on Geneva. ' to release 13 American pi-iso- Tliree Democratic foregn policy ?p okes men Sens. Walfer . F. George (Ga.)', John Sparkman (Aln.) and J. William Fulbright (Ark.ilincd up with Dulles in opposition to the blockade proposal advanced by Republican Senato leader William F. Knowland (Calif.).. Two influential Republicans H. Alexander Smith (N.J.) and Homer Ferguson (Mich.)also sided with Dulles aHho ugh Fergucon said he-would not, rule out use of the blockade at some time. scribed as a new version of .thj i In a major foreign policy address universal military trcining pro- grani' Congress has turned down several times in- recent years. "As one who previously support- c-d JTJMT," he said, "I think it can''t. be' 'done." /Wilson said the manpower program- as now planned calls for a double system of induction through the selective service. Most young men nearly 300,000 a year at the; current rate would be drafted sf or two years of active duty, then'-'go into the organized reserve. Pretty Witness, Continued from Page One bile, ir ah apartment above his clinic in suburban Fail-view Park, and during • a seven days stay in the home of a friend in Los An gelos. The Lcs Angeles rende/.vous was last March, ' M«. Sheppard .had gone with Dr. Sam to California but had remained with friends on a ranch north of Los Angeles. Mrs. Sheppard became presnant during that California visit. Miss Hayes said that when the Sheppards returned to Bay Vil her letters. "I got about four letters from Answer: By being co-operative and friendly. Don't make compar- . , , . _, , , - isons with your present school, let! f g °' . a . su ^ urb Oof cl e vela nd, alter your companions know you like the J 1hat , trfIP ' Sa " wrltmg new- surroundings and are willing P ' " °''° to help on any project. Don't hold out for just the glamor activities; be agreeable abouti accepting ]es- .ser jobs, too. Don't brag, boost or try to be friendly with the most popular kids. Start low and work up. • ' Dear Miss Dix: I recently married a widower who had a small daughter. My husband is Spanish, though he speaks English. However the child didn't know one word of English up to the time she entered school. I worked with her over this language problem and'she is now doing very well. However he? father insists on speaking Spanish to her. I thinlc this will affect her English. Am I right? Y. L, Answer; Hhe child's ;teachers would be the best judges of her ability to cope with two languages. It is generally accepted that a child can easily handle two and it is certainly an asset for her to be bilingual. Unless her teachers state Miss., (HP > I-eo Love, 9 linotype operator for the Jackson Piily News, was asked by court officials yesterday whether his newspaper affiliation wquld have any effect on his decision as a juror in murder werK trial. tinue to speak Spanish with her father. Jt also will serve the purpose of keeping father and daughter close, since he apparently welcomes the opportunity to speak his mother tongue at home. Why not have him teach you Spanish too? Nudist- Lows to Be Asked in State FORT SMITH UP) Rev. Brax- lon. B, Sawyer's battle with nudr jsts is .going to be carried into the next session of the Arkansas Log- itlature, •. • The outspoken Fort Smith radio evangelist, who was tossed out of a nudist convention last summer because he refused to disrobe, said last night that State Kep. Dewey D. Stiles of Malvel-n, Ark., will introduce two anti-nudist bills to the state legislature. And that, Rev. Sawyer says, is only the beginning. Bills also will be introduced In the st£<te legislatures in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Michigan, he md, promisijig -.9, nationwide/ campaign next year against colonies of nudism.. at Chicago last nitjht, Dulles bluntly rejected •'Knowland's pioposal, declaring -that an air or naval blockade of Red China wouH- amount to "war action." "We have agreed, by the United Nations charter, to try to settle ,in- tenational disputes by peaceful means in such a manner that in ternational peace is not endanger ed,' 1 Dulles sa.'d. "7h"rofore, our first duty, is to exhaust peacefij] means of sustaining our international-rights and those of'our'citizens:" The secretary did' not spell oul what he meant by "peaceful moans." Bvit administration offici sis said today the principal American effort will be to marshal world opinion against the Chinese imprisonment of the 13 Americans. The predicted there will''he'- a barraee of statements from admin- him," s-'he said. Parrino asked if she had written Dr. Sheppard. ' "I sent him the same number," she replied. "Dr Sheppard wrote to me first." ' "Were there professions of love in his letters? ' Parrino asked. "Yes, sir," she replied her voice so low it could barely be heard in the loud speaker system of com mon pleas court. Parrino entered in evidence... th'2 watch and the ring as stat eexhibits 85 and 86. Over 100 Early Fall Dresses have -beertf r.e'ducec save as much as 50% - 33Vb% 1 - 25%":t^f A fM 7 to 15 - 8 to 20 - 12i- to 22*. 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