The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1940
Page 7
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TUKSUAV, MARCH 5, 19JO BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS .SEVEN" CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Pally rate per line lor consecutive Insertions: One linie por line 10c Two limes per lino per day 08c Three limes per line per day...otic f-:lx times per line per day cso Month rate per line 60t- Cards of Tluinks OOc ft Vfio Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered t o v t li r c c or .six time? mid stopped before expiration will be charged for tlie number of times (lie add Appeared and adjustment of bill made. All classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing oul- , side ol the clly must be nccora- ( panled by cash. Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions tnkcs the one time rate. No responsibility will bo taken far more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Business Op'timUics J'nrly lo Invest about $1001) In local business enterprise that snould pay t'tinai returns each year, investment practically Kunriuuml. May inke active part in m;ume?- inent if desired. Siatc age, pu's- ent occupation and oilier inior- miUion aooiu self. for Interview address Box "Idfl" c/o courier hews. GET OUR SPECIAL CAR * FOR MARCH AND APRIL ONLY We are going a long way Jo prove the liberality of our appraisals-—to show what o good allowance we will make on your present ear. Let us appraise your car and we'll give you coupons good for four complete chassis lubrications. Don') miss this offer. Come in as soon as you can. lioom and board. Sleu mbi'ut. 801 W, Ash. Phoup 01)3. 12-ek-a-ia Putlltry Baby Chicks Custom Iliddiiiin Marilyn Hatchery iyihevillc lH«y. Ill Nurtli Repairing j Expert gui) repairing See E. M. i Dnmoii at Hie lilylhevlllu Armory on Wednesdays iiml Thursdays. Family Laundry. All dolhra vvnsli- <•<! M'pai'iitrly. Mrs. Mich. (JIG l * kt ' 1.|A-H lluttif i). EjjjlpsUu), Allrjjiiiiy conn- jv IIWM'. has never "lost 11 mother" In 65H nmlrrnllv vases. Uiirlii^ her lovi' rum, Mr;,. KsBlnstoii Ims cari'il (or n u . i-lilldiwi iiiul itnuid- I'lillilun ,,t some of (lie wirllr-il bnlilcs on ii n |j s | '32 Chevrolet Sedan. UMO license • A KOO<\ buy For Kent adjoining '35 Kurd Sedan. Hni-gain ill (hU I'ricc \ ';(7 Ford Tudor. Motor ovi'rhaiilctl. clean throughout ':« Cnt-vrold Coadi. New hluck finish. New Seal Oivers, City driven 'M l*'ord Dcluxv Sedan. Motor reconditioned, Tires & coiulilion ol' car excellent '37 Ford Coupe. Color black, low mileage. A clean cur Front bedroom outside entrance. Hioue 627 w. Walnm, bath, 8M-W. 5-cJclu 2 furnished rooms with bath. 021 Chickasavvlia. 5-pk-ia Small Studio Baldwin piano. Good Condition. Phone 7'ia-H. 5|ik-u "1 room furnished apartment, i'ri- vntc bull). Desirable location. Call 260. 4-ck-u 2 room furnished apartment, All conveniences. Adults only, »i9 W. Ash. ". i-ch-a 2 nicely furnished rooms. Imier- sprmg nmiuesses, Adjoining bum. All conveniences. Pnone OMI. Two 2-room apartments willi batu. i'llOIlL 1 2UD, '(III W. A.SII. J-JIK-O Comfortable front bedroom, ouv- sicie entrance, 1-nnne :»1, aJS \\'. Wsiutn. i-CK-it 2 room .furnjshed. apartment. IGCM ' . W. Asl\: 3 room furnished apartment. Newly decorated. Oarage, Close in. \'M Dngan street, Mrs. Beile Wood. 2 room modern furnished npurt- mciu. 1315 W. Main. 21ck-tl Large, comfortable bedroom, twin beds, a closet-s. si-earn licnl. Men preferred, phone I, Mrs. J. O. S»«- Diiry. i7-ck-u Rooms furnished or unfurnished. Newly decorated. Reasonable. 9H Henrn. 2G-pk-3-2C Nice bedrooui convenient to uath. Steam heat. Phone 280. Ick-tL Iiooi». close in, Mrs. Walnut, St. Nolen, 310 22-ck-tl Unfurnished apnrtmert In Shane Apartment Building on West Main Streci. Call 571 or 197. 1-ck-tf For Sale or Trade $95' $131' $295 $399 $225 $285 We Call For & Deliver Dicyclcs, Irons, runs, Tonsl'cr*, ilol I'lntos, iJinps, Upholstiirluc. Fm- niture, Slip Covers or tuiytlilng you mlslit have. Hlylheville Furiudire Co. ISO East Main si. Ccimly Nimc's Ili-conl rruiid ANDOVEH, N. V. lUf'l -. Mrs, PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ath & Walnut rhone S1U ISiiy Vntir AAJKHtCAN KXIMJKSS MONUY OKI)K»S at HOUINSON'S Drug Store NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry tftcl C!e;iniiiti Service llarthvare AVe S|lrci:ili-fe in SWEEPING COMPOUND Snoiise-Henry iiihv. Co. fiione ,'o 19-10 Arkansas ; 2 ton Truck license. Numui-r ->^-WJ. owner may nave same oy paying cost of nils aa. ooiiripr News Olficc. Black L'aiTaw hog. Weight 125 Ite. l->. s. nay Promised Land. 4|>Kii 19AO Arkansas Lieensc H^ag number 51-086. Owner may have same by pnyinj j.ost of this ad Courier News office. Personal I have forgotten where 1 took some flowcre last fall in a pinkish lavender bowl, with two white "frogs". Will the person bavi:>g the bowl please notify me? Thank you. aol)8 Mrs. sam«3l P. Norris. Arouse Sluggish Liver, work of! the bile to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains, and that sour, punk feeling. Tnke one box of KIRHY'S ACTIVE KlVEIt PILLS 25c at all Kirby Stores Livestock For Sale For Sale - PRESCRIPTIONS^ Snfo - - Arcnnitc Ywir Prescription Oniuuis Fowler Drug Co. I-).'. J. A. Saliba Aniioinirrs the mnovul of Ills "'fire from tlu> Intiram ItiillilhiB <» I'M 1!. Kentucky. "''*. I'liniii! ho; Office I'll. IIB PRESCRIPTIONS I're.shesl Slock (iiiai-iink'i'cl Host Rirby Drug Stores , ry IIKST LO^VCST ASM-HIOMESf MEAT REDASHS1O OO DIXIE QUALITY LP. S6.95 VAIII)-rilOM,-7un TEUCKS '37 Chcv. 1A Ton Truck, Duals, Long W.B.I 940 License $310 "37 Diamond T Truck Duals $275 '37GM.C. 14 T Truck Duals $269 '37 Ford V-8 1 i Truck Duals $319 '37G.M.C. J Ton Panel Motor Driven 8000 Miles for Grocery, Laundry, Cleaner $295 '36 Chevrolet Pick-Up Truck Only $169 '36 Dodge Pick-Uj) Truck $189 Many Others to Choose from WE TRADE Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan Now Located In (Jlcncuc Hole! Bld(. ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER • SERVICE BUREAU • • . )>QN EUWAKDS,- I'roprlclor All Milken of Itelililll Tyjicivrllfrs, Ail|liii r jWachlius unij Calculators—Hi'iiiilrliig—l'arls—Itibbonj BJRD OF PREY HORI/.ONTAI, I I'leliivctl liliij! at liirds. 5 It belongs to Hie Answtr lo I'rci'lous 10 Color. 1 1 To \vx. 12 Queerer. 14 Auilcles of. UIB car. IGiione. IVJ'nW miblicily 15 Senior. II) Doctor. 21 Mcndow. I piece walnut dining room suite. Cheap. Phone 100. l-ck-l>| 10 highly bred Jersey heifers with I young calves. Bouslit from lltr-j scliell amart herd. Inquire Guincs Market. 8-ck-3-8 Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE WELDING Drag line :md heavy welding a specialty. BarRsdaie Mfg. Co. Phune 10 or Res. I01» Expcrl Klcrlrii! am] Aeclvlrnc WELDING Draglini' and heavy wrltllDg our specially. i D. W. Cranford Dell, Ark. rhone 8-F-A as To puljhsh. 27 Wind. ;!fl(.'o:ili(ion. .11 To consume. :ta ni«ii or the lumil. 3S Corded OOno who VKK'nCAU •IG Member ot ..'.. ' J'l.rllnmcnt. ^ M ^' •18 Kxlenl. •' "ovcs idly, fil Over. -I lilxlvluni. MDealh notices. , r > To clismny. 5'lllisnok-il c Fooled vnsc. 7 Klccli Ifted 19 H Is ii — ; or activfi by day bird. 20 In UchuK <*. 22 Tree. 24 It is used as the American (PL). 25 Fowl disease. 26 Price ot Instriwttoc. 27 Hatters' mallets. 26 SVInc cask. M Modern. 32 To strike. 3i Russian village. 37 Part, of lock. 38 Wild 80»L 41 Balance. •12 To block up. i! To )eovc oilt. •17 Tanning (iod. 49 Bugle pla^t.' 50 Cravat. for Us 'nbric, Keenness of .'lOTo cxlillaridc. . g« v,nviu • :ifl Nolhlnt!. SfiSliinvl 8 Prevaricators. 52 Native'metal MNor.hwesl. blnnkcl. OBwr. WSbr it,g D a e •I I Commonplace. 511 Kind ol sail. 13PerUinlnj{ lo In goH • M JUislcal note. 50 II iresls i n retina. &5UpOa • .• • •M \cllow bird. In ,. 15 Prefigured. 57 Each. > ; Fan>i Loans Offer Hampshire gilt.s from one of America's largest purebred herds Bred (ov March. April farrowing. | Championship blood lines. Vnccl- Panel Truck. Motor I nated. Oayoso Farms. Horn Litkc, in oiccllnnl condilion. New J'alul.I Mississippi. Hiirjiain quick .sale. Write Rox 440. III. 1, Cily. 5-i>k-ia MULES IVill Irarto Tor Mules, C'oiv.v, Hups, Cattle, Corn, Hay and Lunilier. Delta Ini])lemenls, Inc. Sec Floyd Simpson 3-ck-tt Notice TERMITES Work Whilf? You Sleep! Wake up For Free Inspr-otion Call 592-W. Walker and Archer Slate Licensed Operators Large or Small At Low Fntcrest Rales. We are equipned to handle large I or small loana nn any sized tract ;> of farm land, U low cost, and atr a low interest rate. ' TERRY ABSTRACT & ' REALTY COMPANY ZljMValnul !3l Blytheville, Ark PLANTS: Onions--1000 59c: :iono! $1.00: 5000 $1.75. Cabba»i:~IOOO i 75c. 200B $1.20. Nice large [(hints. I Now rcarty. W. W. Warren, Carrb.o i Springs, Texas. 28-pk-14 Lost WASH TUHIi.S Yellow t'"!d ladles Eleln watcli. Reward. Mis. n. E. Taylor, Wilson. -t-pk-8 Nol a Vcrv Nice Jiov JJV A CWEEFROUT WVE. /S BRUTE CMLED RODERIfio, IU CPUEL " A, k IC BO'-ATFU' MOOP.-ilTS PLUWKIU6 <X& KUIFF IWTrv A T\QI c WHV MO W4.U EUER FI4HT WITH , KEV^ ItL I*L SOU WHY.' BECC1- I'M TOU&H.' BrCOS WOBOCV OM EARTH IS AS TOSJ6M AS PIFASE EXCUSE ME - . RODER160 THE EYH.! Nf CON'AVJi,! WAiJ FOOSET-WHEM VOU TEK A BUIV1X. \VJ THE PRESENCE OP ROOER160 v^S ' Open Nights & Sundays TOM LITTLE CO. L GUARD Ontnmetrist O|itomc- WHAT BACK-AC1IK MAY MEAN i;xi't:itT CALL 106 All Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP DIIS. NIES Swedish Massniic, Vaii 1 ftlrs. Ijiil 11Y FKKn HAKiMAN OKAf.WHEEZ. IF vl£.js A5 & Ut REP fttDES AFRMD (}F VOHITE ... T THE RoOQ&RY. JM VIA BE WELL, OSCAR. „,-.„,, A BIG JOB BUT . if THEM GET THE TIME M^- /OKM, sJHW HIGH- \; CHIKJE lSREADVJWOMMb&,) HCT JALOPV fe TOWCCK WHEH-U'W REAM OF '.OURS IU-JO EVER YOU ,f" teT3 rTOTHEMA ARE ' I GO.' HOOTS AND HKR HllDOIKS Ueaily for ;in K;iKCr Public s«a THIS e OUR THIS is THE- , OCATH* ScefJt-, t-ARO / ARE YOU eETTINCj u ;> WI-IAT MAPPtNEO AHrtt? Tut- cop PICKCtl HIMCtLF \ou SAIO ir,' I'M T)RED DOIM6 ALL MY BOOK- WITH RED, CLIM8EO UP 1HC EMSANKMCWr AMD STARTED PMIbHEO f ITS ALU WP.APWO UP IN HERE NOW WE eOTlA UP ? ^ CMASINS f' HECTOR / WAT V WA3 SOME i SNOW9ALU f HECK ROUED VOVcR HI Ml 1!V ROY CRAiN'K

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