Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 30, 1954 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 30, 1954
Page 17
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nf\V3K • " 'V*!-!,'?*" 1 * i j -' T*"~ I ,"*!"> •&, i * HOP! Sf Aft/ N&Pf / AR*AWSAS_ CLASSIFIED ' • ' Rtust fie in Office Day Scfort Publication ,WANf AD RATES t IL^CTRIC CO. ** * 7-2165 and oecomodo- Wlth flW "" ifatwwnt.-l. riflSiMM. 5 ery fc« f Offered MutnNf DISPLAY • fabrics IB|$& F$ , T /drdlawi uliifci, Tdj | 6r Sho* Jp ft J9 16 tt,20 U « 25 !6 td'30 M W 39 36 to 40 i On* Day .48 .60 .75 .W 1.05 1<20 thrM Day* ,90 1.20 t.SO 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 Silt Day* 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 6.00 7,50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 _ irlrtg '— Dirt Moving Dfofllhfl. Call bUCKETT ,l. Phone 7.8764 an't'ltHe heart of „,_.,. AUTO &;CIA^E STORE OR Water well service, any size or depth, see or write O. T. Clark, Cale; Ark. - «0c pjf Inch S0e P* r inch STRESSES !Uda Into Innorwlog k Guaranteed ' jDay Servlo* •— MottTMl C*. Phont) 7-8211 I WESTERN SHARES .«r>V|e* Income Fund ae<jtu« lavallable from " 3 tlmi . 6 time* Rdte» quoted obov« at* tor eon- Weirtlve insartlon*. Irregular or skip- data dds will tdke the oneway raw. All dally, classified advertising copy Will be accepted unt I 5 p. m. for publication the followtno day. the publisher* reserve the right » ravIM of edit all advertisement* offered for publication and to r«|ect ony ebleclionabU ddvertltlno tub- mltted Initial* of on» or mow tattew, oroup* or figures such as house or telephone numbers count as on* word. The Hope Stc. w III not bit fespoiv ilbl? for°7rror. in Want Ad. un e« •rrori ar» edited to our attention after FIRST Insertion of ad and thwi for ONLY the ONE Incorrect Insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Hope Star »rt «f Hop. Ooniolldoltd January !•• - C, t Palmer, President , AIM. M. Wafhburn, S*«yTm, at The Star Bulldlnfl 112-14 South Walnut Strwt Hope, Arkoniai Alex. H. Waihburn, Cd tor ft Paul H. Jonei, Managing Editor JMI M. Davit, Advertlilna Man.H» George W. Ho«mer, Mech. Supt. 81* i«»«ratlott tnd Iflfieis Cotato MftttreM Co. SdUtlt ftahttitoft. Phone Mat. 4-tf Moiitgoniery Market, Custom Slaughtering, Phone 7-336L 10-1 Mo. 19-tf Tw« Cage Games HereTortight Two basketball games will too played tonight at 7 o'clock in the high school gymnasium. The Hope and Spring Hill senior boys and senior girls meet in the twin bill, Final Football Poll Ranks Hogs 10th in Nation SPORTS ROUNDUP «AYLE TALtOT. A. EAST well digger. 322 South XValnut. Mark.Yokum. 26-3t Help Wonted By GAYL.E TALBOT NEW YORK l/P Navys decision to play Mississippi in the Sugar Bowl; which came as distinct sut prise to most Eastern observers, could he the forerunner ofja much more liberal attitude on the part of both service schools • toward playing genuine big- time otball schedules within a couple -nore seasons. A radical change in policy eing forced upon Army and Navy y the determination of the newly ormed Ivy League to get away rom it all; Beginning in ,lflo6, it KILLED CRAFT training job open due to expansion Hope business. Permanent job. Requirements: Male, in 20's, with military service behind him, high school graduate or better. Tell about yourself in letter in own handwriting. Write: Opportunity X, P. 0. Box 98, Hope. Ark. - 27-tf UNMARRIED lady, 30-40, for good general office position in Corpus Christi, Texas. Should be good typist. Give reference and when Write Box N, Hope By FRITZ HOWELL COLUMBU, Ohio W) — This usually frcnzir.d football town worn to a frazzle by Ohio States ungloHous and swashbuckling grid iron deeds, just took it in quic stride today as the Bucks won the national collegiate championfhip. "Aw. we knew it al.. the time, war. the general attitude as new rpread Ohio State had climbed on the throne in the final Associate Press poll with 3,670 points t UCLA'S 3.594. Win or lose, the Bucks are a ways champions to the ,year-roun rooters, taut as the 408 sports v/ri made it official for Coac hemselves. . This will leave a lot of available; Star. 29-6t Wanted to Buy WILL pay cash for one or two manual reed organ. Write details to Box'A, Hope Star, Hope, Ark. 23-6t Wordy Hayes' unbeaten squad U satisfaction was tinged with a b of discontent. "We should be playing UCLA the Rose Bcwl instead of Southe California. That would stop all arguments," was the oft-heard comment .at Broad and High strec'.s which attracts the ful ou'iVd-robin schedules amon ight members plan to play " - -. i._.1..1nnn blan pace for the soldiers and th rilors to fill in their schedule nd there is ho question that the vill be under heavy pressure fror every section of the country t pi cad their favors ' around. Ther brea the few congressmen wno w not be in their pitching for a fa share of the loot. Once they become enmeshed representative national schedule wlvre they regularly meet leadm teams from sach of the major co ferenccs, the two s s— prov Trade Winds Breezing in Baseball By JOE R6ICHLER HOUSTON (#) — The fuss furone nd confusion created today by he American Association's draft- ng of the Western League's Dt-n- er club have all but blotted out he existence cf the major league -nanagers at the-minors' 53rd an- lual convention. But while weary and sometimes hort-temperecl executives were ranticrlly seeking a r.olulion to the many problems looming ahead because of the imminent wholesale realignment of terirr.s, big league pilots were quietly plo'.ting playei Lincolns Capture Stock Car Race .JAUREZ. Mexico M" Lincoln? won first and second places in tlio W stock cai division of the Pan- American Road Race, with a Cadillac third. The race ended Nov. 2.5 The first Associated Press "spate on the finish incorrectly slaved that n Cadillac was first in the divi- Caclillac was sion. Day Crawford cashed m Blevins Opens CageSeason Friday Night their own of Pasadena 17 ?.0d by win •"»'•«•" . . _ ;„ ning the biK stock car division -n his Lincoln. His unofficial elapsed 20'49 in. Chuck Steven- time war. also slit., in a nd in 1 Cl iJll.x-"".-. 1 , 1U „, the division, with Keith Andrews of Colorado Springs, Colo. hird in a Cadillac. Andrews won the fma: he race, which gave rise trades. , , One due to be announced at any moment now' is the second half o the tremendous Balti-.nore-Nev York Yankee transaction of tw weeks ago. . There is no doubt more trad winds are blowing behind close- doors 'and private nooks in Ih £T-ksrc?,!rsrsssM?s!^. record, set l?st ynor, "a Lincoln, is 20:31.32. Walt Faulkner of Lon? Beach. The Blevins Hornets open basketball season on their court Friday night when they tangle with Guernsey. There will be three games; Senior boys, Senior girls and Junior girls. The firs game is scheduled to start about 6:30 p. m. .. Tuesday night. December 7, the Hornets come to Hope for three The remainder of Bie- games Lincoin. placed sec- vms alp of to the nP ryUc, w»»'v.»i IT-" . — - erroneous impression ihat he had .Iso won the entire race. Porker Cagers Drop Opener by 74-68 FAYETTEVILLE '.<?) — C oach] Gli-n Boso , whose Aikansas Razorback basketball team plr.ys the high-powered Phillips 66 I Oilers here tomorrow night want- basketball schedule will be nnounced at a later date. Basketball West- By The Associated Press Lincoln Memorial U. 80; ern Carolina 78 . W. Va. Weseyan 112; Davis and Elkins 87 _,, ; Moorhcad (Minn.) Tchrs. 6.1; El- we Wonted HIDE to Red. River Arsenal, day shift, Phone 819F113, Prescott, Collect. ' : 29 ' 3t mecca for discussion of foplball Dick Lai-kins tntcr«d 4> stcond clan motttr •! Hi* Port Office of Hopt, Arkoniai, •rider the Act of March 3, 11»7> Member of th. Audit Bureoy ef Clreulofloni 87 Wert LUCK'S NITURE CO. it> LlmlU W.rt for Hope, Ark. i IOAW .Subscription Rates (payable In advance): •y carrier In Hope and neighboring lownt— M Pttr w(MBK ««•*••*•••••»•••'•*•**•**"*********" . H Af* > P«r year 13 r°° By mall In Hempstead, Nevada, LaFayette, Howard, and Miller eoun- *!•»-*• ' ''is , .One month , ,...,.....-....»•,•«= Three monthi.............. fix monthi _ On* year All other mall— On* month Three month* .••> Six month* One year .... Strayed WHITE face heifer, 250-300 lb., near DeAnn. Notify W. M. Tyree, Route 3, Box 131', Hope. 29-3t — the faithful doings. i Athletic dire ct or was'on the Coast making Bowl arrangemcr.-ts, and was in upstate Fremont for a hifih school banquet when the championship flash came. Lorkins, always unrufilcd and soft-spoken, observed: "I am delighted that we are the No. 1 team. Notice AM: now taking orders for fresh coconut and; jam .cakes through December 20; .for Christmas. Mrs. Milton Eason, Phone 4622. ,' ., ,. reasons bowls. They'll b e fair game now that Navy has succumbed. Army officials with whom have discussed the bowl problem it one time or another have based heir opposition to the fret that •nembers of the Cadet squad would be forced to forego ihcir Christmas wlidays at home. In many cases, 1hey pointed-out, the Christmas break offeree. Army players tnen CT ,jy opportunity all year to set from the strict mihtaiy to sive his gr-?cn squad some i insivi.,T *•• i*« «s* - ------ - • f'ttl IU eivt i no fc.'--^-- General Manager Hoy Hamey <? l | e " , oricncc last night. ' the Phillies, cpnnly adoiittrng he is . was iho cxpsrience of the es, cpn The rcsl|U was o c seeking hitting help, r°r°rtcdly L 74 . fi8 to Northwuslcrn Loulias m'ade b'ds for Jack.e Robin- in = gt te Col i C g C of Natchito- ) 83, Wahpe- torTscience (ND) 63 Mayville (ND) Tchrs. 97; Mam- l t0 Xo5n\ngslde 7'; Crelghton 75 (overtime) 0 , Oakland City 78; Paducah 67 Indiana Stele 60; Bclmcnt 55 i Arkansas Tech 89; Louisiana Col. 64 ... ... Northwest Louisiana coi. <<*, A,. kar.sas 68 j 1H.J !»-*.».— ~ t „ IJSIclltt* uvui^- *-• <^son, Carl Furillo and Junior Gil- ;n theh . scason opener iam. The Dodgers have asked for MJdwJiy in the first half the southpaw Curt Simmons and either p , rs took a 34-23 lead. The 11- of the Phils' two catchers, Smo-i ---•• - <ey Burgess and Stan Lopata, tat- not for the trie coveted by Hamey Hayes, who has had three so-so with the Bucks before this .- inB ;. Cla ,S .well. Frarkly I think we deserve it becpuso .of he 7- 30-6t ow&y Aiwi'» -— . - . .. grind and see the 'home folks. The premise that a football player would rather go home lor Christmas than peiform in one 01 the bowls might have gone un challenged forever "Navys of ficials. no doubt mindful of the changing scene, had not put it to - vote of- their athletes afler be" given their pick of several last week. From all ac- need to chcrs, Smo- dinei . c ncc evaporated, how- Lopata, but J» , Arkansas reserves took Legal Notice ''Of " _ , ... A j course, I have . taiked I over, when Arkansas | the court. .At the half 1 47-42 and the Porkers WA \,wu*. i~, - --.--- . ^ Brooklyn." ITamey -said, .but M regain the i cad . cannot disclose the names ofjhejj* Legal Notice couldn't Wv a*- *- a^-«» v-».---,-5 f , will not make any trades involving our top'pitchers. I will say crnpna- j tically that Simmons wiV. not ' Robinson also is cr. the "wanted' list of the Cincinnati Reds who have made a definite offer lor the infielder Buzzie 'Bavaski NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF No 7681 In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. Frances Messer Plaintiff- vs Walter L. Messer Defendant WARNING ORDER The defendant, Walter L. Messer is warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Frances Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 8 day of November 1954. great deceased Lost BLACK Engish bull calf, 4 months old, weighing about 250 lb. Stray- ilder't Supply Co. ne 7-2381 &**•*•* —• <• - 325 ed from farm near Emmet. Tl***. I ' - ' , "'i»ji-_ ;*-1 T-\ IXTot'^ Wtl II found notify C. D. Ward, .Wards Radiator Shop, Hope. 30-3t . a everyone wo,ld be^opting at us the rest of the way;_ Aski-d how his boys rolled 'Ovnr diana California, Illinois, . Iowa MnHl,w C9 l-l Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, ffifce Supplies W Front St. Bldg., D*trolt 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklohoma City 2. 0k iSimb.r of Th* AnoeleUd Pr«u: Tt^AKhrtad"«". Is entitled ex elu«lvely to the use for republieotlon „ of oil the locol news prln ed invl newspaper, a* w*ll a» oil AP dlspatcnei. •GOLD'case pocket watch, 23 jewel, five position, lost in Little Missouri bottoms, South of Highway 67 Liberal reward, 923 East Second St., Phone 7-5805. 30-6t Northwestern. Purdue arid Michigan^in a ow, Hayes said: - «ii, .for ' k it was aeptn, 101 ther teams out-depthed us. I think-it. was .conditioning. I m,r kids just weren't.goma and Employment Offered (Mole or Female) hink our kids just ( o let any team beat em hey ^dnt.^ ^^ ir the poll s Service USED CLASS befor* . _. ^ Funeral Directors OAKCREST FUNERAL HOME INSUKANCE . . . AMBULANCE * HAZEL,.. PHONE. 7-2123 HERNDON CORNELIUS BURIAL ASSOCIATION Largest and Oldest in South Arkansas. Call 7-5505 for our agents A23-1 Mo. OPENINGS in'Classified and" Display Advertising Departments Those with previous Sales exper ience or Journalism traimni will be given preference. High School education and typing re quired. Salary and Commission plan, Car allowance and Em ployee benefits. Apply in perso or write Advertising Departmen Texarkana Gazette and Dail News. Tech Serves Notice Early of Cage Ability By The Associated Press • Basketball teams in the Arkan- 11 sas Intercollegiate Conference < out of non-conference games Dodger vice-nrcsident, admitted neL— known addrcss o £ decedent: has received several offers for Route i, p at mos,'Arkansas I he 35-year-old Robinson, who C''n| nnln of doalh: October 30, 1954 be had for the right price or-anci players. last with one victory and one o£ doalh . An instrurnent dated March 12, 1948, was on the 10th day of November, 1954, admitted to probate as the last will ot the above named decedent, and the undersigned have been appointed executors there- under. A contest of the probate of the will can be effected only by filing a petition within the time provided by law. . „ , All persons having claims against ' the estate must exhibit them, duly •""^ .. -. _; J ...!4-Viifi loss. Arkansas Tech, perennial Charn- f he 4 ao . , ,nvd vote - exactly half PS Lion of the AIC and national small „ recoid vote exdv-i j ^ ^ t. n n!^oii«« n 'linBite tba' 11 o owcr, came 204 placed Ohio State UCLA picked votes, and vhich won were choice of 35. On ing basis, points back For wi: Ohio 'State the Rev. J. Hugh at the top I first-place I from . tba' 11 p 'owcr, came iM -^,~~ ,„-... behind in the second half ^ Oklahoma to trample Louisiana College 39-64 10 straight while tho at Russellville. 10 straignt_ ^_\ Arkansas College couldn't over- deficit and the 9, was the 10-9-S-etc..vot- „ _. finished 479 fell to Southeastern College of Du- with % 155. rant, Okla., at Batesville. cbampionship. The Wonder Boys had a shaky a let on first half before they settled down C.S.C., and walloped'the Louisiana team. College led 44-31. at the Communist Involved in Sex Scandal ROME t#! Communist Gius eone Sotgiu, central figure in Italy's newest sex scandal, has come cut of two wekes hiding and reported to Rome's public prosecu-1 ^. if 7 e d","to the undersigned tor. . ,,• six months from the date of the ' Sotgiu, 50; who a few months ago firgt publication of this notice, or was lecturing Italy on public mor- lh shall be forever barred and als, is charged with "contributing preclude a from any benefit m the to the corruption of minors. He ;>n year-old "Nov. 1^ niv*-- — . /t the srme time Sotgiu quit as president of the Rome ^ r ,° V1C i a !| Council and was suspended by Uu. j Communist party. By L. C. Byers, D. C. (SEAL) L. E.Grain, Attorney Ad Litem John P. Vesey, , Attorney for PlamUif Oct .9, 16. 23. 30 __ Legal Notice No 7653 In me unancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. George Scoggins ........ Plaintiff Odessa Scoggins .... Defendant WARNING ORDER The defendant, Odessa Scoggins warned to appear in this court For Sole and Holland Balers " Tractors (,pn. or Writ- /Tra«ptor Co. ignolia, Ark. ««W * 1140-B Layaway Open on TRIKES - BIKES - DOLLS qnd Many Other Items The Negro Community by winning it throe times. The leading teams with place votes in parentheses: Boyd 6-4 Louisiana College center 16 •md his wife, Liliana, a 42-1 This no t; ce first published 23 day artist, went into hiding l f Novem b e r, 1954. after the scandal broke. ]yr rs . L u la Kent ~ ' ' " Monroe Kent Lester Kent Eldridge Formby Executors Route 1 Hope, Arkansas Nov. 23, 30 INDICTED LITTLE ROCK W A County Grand Jury has indicted o 1he secretary-treasurer of the state rRfvi|TES te Control Co. Fro nipoctipn Call IDDUIBROOKS ),, Night Phone if 7.28W 1953 CHEVROLET % ton P'ck-up. K tone Lodge No. 43 wiU meet Excellent condition. Will sell o" Tue sday ' night, November 30, at trade fpr late model light car. Fun eral Home 'at 8 p. m. Phone 7 j^__ • — '• ~~" - " ~^o' YOUNG laying hens to pro- Daughters and Sons Gospel Sin duction. White rock and Rhode Qf ghreveport, La., will give . C. E. Sprmg, Rt 1, ! £ musica i program at New Bethe Island reds. Fmmet. 12 »iles east Highway crfurch Sunday, Decembe 4. 27 " 6t 5. The Rev. M. Wilson is pastor BEAUTIFUL new home, 5 .rooms, large lot, Margaret Street, $200 cash. Monthly payments. Belew, Phone 7-4308. T. N. 29-3t 5, The Rev. M. Wilson Junior choir of BeeBee Memorial CME Church will rehearse Wednesday night, December 1. at 7:30 1947 JEEP, 4 wheel drive, heater. g en i 0 ' r c hoir of BeeBee Memorial °" °* — ' mu.,,.«._ 1 Ohio State (204) 2. UCLA (133) 3. Oklahoma (35) 4. Nctre Dame (9) 5. Navy (4) 6. Mississippi (O 7. Army 8. Maryland (4) 9. Wisconsin 10. Arkansas (4) Second 10: 11 Miami (.Fla.) 12. West Virginia (2) 13. Auburn (1) 14. Duke 15. Michigan 16. Virginia Tech 17. USC 18. Baylor • 19. Rice 20, Penn State first- SC ored '8 points for the losers, of them on free throws. Donovan Horn was a defensive standout for 3>39 *i It was the. season opener for both Board of Examiners of Psychiatric Technicians, MM. Esther Pickard. on charges of embcemen.. Mrs Pickard, released $»OU 3,670 , bond, as .charged with ernbazzle- ment of $526 from the Board's f un( js. . s within thirty days and answer th* complaint of the Plaintiff, George "witness my hand and the seal of said court this 8 day of November 1954 Garrett Willis, Clerk By L. C. Byers, D: C. (SEAL) L. E. Grain, . Attorney Ad Litem - ' John P. Vesey, Attorney for Plaintiff Oct. 9, 16, 23, 30 2,000 941 925 ern gun (7) 455 252 233 1GO 156 153 127 122 75 65 , At Batesville,' Arkansas College found itself trailing 47-38 at the half. James Spivey, 6-C bautheast- center, was the big scoring Pl .,i dumping 31 points through fiie 'basket. Bobby Smith was high scorer for Arkansas College with 25 17 of them on free throws. The two teams meet again to- nifht in the only college basket- 11 game in Arkansas. good top, Phone 7-5858 30-3t CME Church will rehearse Thurs- LIONEL electric train, ~. mounted on plywood. 26 mch| Schwinn Bicycle. Several gas- heating stoves. Contact Norman Moore. 30 ' 34 ^a^ -day night, December 2, at 7:30 For R«nt I FOUR room furnished apartment. Electric refrigerator, Garage. No children, Mrs, Ann a Judson, N. Elm. 220 Mrs. Josephine C. Dockery cele- her 77th birthday Sunday, 28, at toe home of Mrs S M. Beasley in Fulton. There were guests from Waldo, Texarkana, Dallas, Tex., Mandeville anc Emmet. Mrs. Dockey received many gifts. Marie Knight, the Humming Fights Last Night By The Associated Press New York — Joey Lpnes. Sacramento, Calif, outpo nled Lu 133 lu Pevoz, 132, Brooklyn, 10. Brooklyn Gil. Turner, 154 Rosetta Tharp, Wyona Carr and Philadelphia, stopped Ray Drake :M B.n%.S£r^ Wel^hoU 1571', an Francisco, outpomle Bob'Ross, 15S'/2, -Detroit. 10. HE WON'T FORGET BROOTEN, Minn., Kittleson says he wilt hove r (UP)Hari I FURNISHED apartment 4 rooms and bath, $35, % block from City Hall. Adults only, Phone 7-2153. 5 ROOM modern house. Inquire et • . ,. i *•• .. • O1_Q4- to re- sor or truck, .a complete fpr qil A.tkins Grocery 27-3 FURNISHED 8 room apartment, private toath, 419 S. Elm, Phone decorated 3 room furnish" ed apartment at Pecan HOUSE, with 5 to 10 acres of land. 'and large hen hquse —-—- M -' Rt, 1. Bees of Texarkana will give a mus cal program at the City Halt Tuesday, November 30, at 8 p, m., sponsored by Pethe! AME Church. The following persons -attended the funeral of Sid Taylor in Homer, La., on Sunday, November 28. Mr- and Mrs. Sylvester Taylor of Kanses City,'Rang,,:,Mrs. Evelyn .Qlp- ver, Dan gtinson, Mr. and Mrs. y ester Taylor, .Mrs. Mary Jamison, Mrs. Su?an Hill, Jeff Jefferson Mis? Classic Phillips, Mrs. Ruth Turner, Johnnie Williams and Mr. and fcjrs. Needley Coleman »U of Hffps. , ! difficulty remembering Wild Bill Does Smooching in Latest Film BOB THOMAS some eyebrows. It used[ tJJJe that s movie cownok-7 could kis" horee but didnt dare deliy the opposite sex. In his IV Madison is never allowed any ro- TO "I Ce 'dont think there are any hard ynd fast rules against it anv- more, he remarked. "TV has don, away with that. _ For his sake I hope his right Because I watched him do a sizzling scene with Kim Novak that even made the camera smoke. Any way one of the lights attached to it overheated and burned the gauze 1 Miss Novak, dressed in a low-cut hequin gown slinked into his c allege dormitory and announced she would accept his offer of marriage. Whereupon he slipped off her coat and planted 13 I counted em kisses on her neck STEEL CONSTRUCTION Sheds, Farm Buildings and Industrial Buildings made according to specifications. Can be constructed at low cost. CALL... PR 7-4683 for complete information. DUCKETT STEEL & EQUIPMENT CO. and HOLLYWOOD ry may cry in — The small APPLES SPECIAL • FLORIDA ORANGES 3 Doz. $1.00 • CAGE EGGS RUSSELL'S CURB MARKET 901 West 3rd Phone 7-9933 their corn flakes Russell Hawkins of Upper Marl< license plate number HK2617. In addition ot his mitials, h first two numbers represent ti day of the month he was bcr married and his sen was born. May 17, the last two numbci Norweigian Indepcnder.cfi Day place at 7:30 with the preside Mrs. Snow. A. Norwood Presiding, and the song leader Mrs. Mattie Langston conducting the opening Zeroises, prayer by Mr, Frank Flehory. Minutes of the last meeV ffit were read and repeive& , Members present ten, «nd two visitors. Mrs. Chestfw M Mrs.Lall Bertha •hen they learn this, but Wild Bill lic-kok is making a movie in which he helps raid a tfarn™'"'' house ir.d does some torrid smooching vilh .a blonde. A'; any juvenile within range of i TV »et knows, Wild Bill is: youn« Guy Madison. He is currently staring in a movie called Five Asainst the House. Its a modern story about five college students who rob Harolds Club in Reno _ When I heard about the plot. I moned over to Columbia Studios to demand an accounting. .1 four. ..esboro, M4-, 3 Junior of Shorter ---,--.-, .-• . jJ I College, wag a week-end guest in loom. £o«ge lor »'^mde- to ^ onxe ot mss Jpftn n yan y,^ . , __^ _„.. — BU— n. «. t Shorter Col- esson was feugfct by Floyd em fpVWWV»4 M •!•¥ »T*^"«J(~^' ' •» ^> % ... , Bradley. The next mee1fci£*w»U'l£ December e at the regular meeting place E. 9 N. and Dewey st., r A Thanksgiving dinner was ven \$ the community phe?t the yegv" """ " fl» Madison lookink almost naked with out his boots, chaps and Stetson He wore slacks and a faucy dude pink shirt. ,1.11. He hastily .explained that ho plays an unwilling accomplice in he Reno rustling, being forcea to S 9 through with it at the point of o gun. It seams that Ins baddy, a, 'ellow veteran of Korea, is off hisj trolley and makes Guy arid two oihcrs accompany him. •I dont think the effect will be V%|V ( bad, he opined "A gun is cho\vn only once, end'then sketchily The job is pulled off by psychology the psychology of fear It is very we ' 1 p» nne so mucn SQ that HaroWs has changed Us pplicy of handling mpney in order to fofewaU ^uch a jpb.- ^d. I give the money MiRCURY DEALIR'S THURSDAY , A K K A N S AS fuesday, November 30,1954 OZARK III If Chick ¥«•*• MV MOTHER CATCH YOU, ELMO? 1 CAN'T COME DOWN. > ELMO" I'VE BEEN ( MAUGMTV AND V-, I'M BEING PUNISHED HAPPENED so FAST i DIDN'T SEE WHO IT WAS •,-M*JiT*,tf**^ / V >rfi-fc' r *-' " 7^ i5Si£?i':;J?.Jt* SEfei&S5>rtTrrf /*=* ..r^.-^"-.;:*. <"*•-> .^-\ ;, . '"^'»'sw»wi* r,»l-t.d K S.rt" »*.E"X »*Ms»f "inMS-jJiSKi sr^^^^^as^^l OUT OUR WAY THAT* NOT A VBftV Answer to Previous Pu»zl« GOOD SHOT NOW IF HEVL JTU&T WORK. HIM-OV^R WITH THAT I TOLP WOT TO GIT TOUGH WIP PESE SMALL TOWN) CORS; SKEW UP HUWTIN' ' RABBITS WIPASTICK/ KIN BEAN A PUCK AT A HUNNERT . THIN© ASOU'T MXIR Comedian Emcee FLINT. l£ SttU CAMS TOU7TH6FOUIC&? 53 Grafted (her.) 54 Negative (prefix) 55 Formerly 56 Suffix 57 Streets (ab.) 58 Scottish shcepfolds DOWN 1 Finest 2 Feminine appellation 3 Tumult 4 Gossiped 5 Separated 6 Electrified particle 7 Sensible 8 Zeal 9 Diving bird 10 Rational ACROSS 1 Comedian emcee, • Parks 5 He is on the waves 8He isa television performer 12 Pen name of 'Charles Lamb 13 Genus of meadow grasses 14 Bellow 15 Deer track L6 Social insect 17 Completed 18 Rag 20 Oily ketones 22 Permit 23 Rowing implement 24 Guide 27 Abstract being 28 Transposes (ab.> 31 Disembark 32 Green vegetable 33 Knock' 34 Blackbird of cuckoo family i 35 Measure of ' cloth ; 36 Anatomical i tissue • 37 Cushion 38 Bitter vetch 19 Before 36 Host (contr.) 38 Conclusion 21 Short-napped 39 Through fabric 40 Small candle 24 Blow with 41 Years between open hand 12 and 20 25 Squirrel shrew42 Greek god 28 Geraint's wife 43 Lease 27 Lampreys 44 Companion <=M?DOkmE, _ IT THW LEFT IN 40 Painful 47 Otherwise 48 Rodents 51 Period '&ORRY..I DOESN'T FEE 5EEIN6 AMVONE 28 Large plant 29 Chest rattle 30 Bridge 11 Mtaer'aTrocks 32 Relates to THIRTY VEARS ~KX) SOOM With Motor noopW SATURDAY waam ••••*•"'" •" u"' ,. 7 11 .M,g^'ig-ii *------;_-- : 8 - Edgct^M* •_ ~ m • _j „„_». .1 —-^*-v*rt-?*«^fn5ife; &?.??$ ^^ S Suve* \AT-5A« OS ' NW.' & f ~-m^ eOOIb AND HER BUDDIES s smv ANit? THEY'RE i 39 Dress feathers ; 40 Powerful '. explosive : 41 Golf mound : 42 Armed fleet ': 45 Expunger ! 49 Harvest ''50 Fish 52 Weight of -, , India CARNIVAL .. - ww 8y Dick Turnet •~- ••.•*•%-:-',-,-,-.• TT;.T™ r ^;f! . ( v . ., ..^.^^^ BMGSBUNNY INOUBITA9UV; ' PUTTIM'UP IT'S AUUTH 1 SAME r coMPuetiNG ym' OOULAR FBQNS \VA6ESFOR] BUT HERE'S VOUR 1NTEP5IOR) MV PlRSTSAtEJ CARRYING/ MV I.O.U... vouRSiew ABOUT THE By HerthbergM FUNNY BUSINESS ~1 • -.- . -. ; "it * jSjifV ? ' * •A^¥tf ALLEY OOP £lS(gM^ c W/fe^ LwKJtiNKS,/WKIN'WU CHUN rsvw/ / VV»NI w" »rn " j'/rr- .y I XMVTU MAKE A BOW) TO NOBOPt I IB ^^F A *$&?£ i^v^Vir, /DCCircR T i < TUPCE flrJ 'A JU5T<£ IW INVSVKIn / IV, r^I'V.Tf )\ Siltel-to 6E5IDE5,1 • < -Mm. igNL \%g^ *' "Johnnie's doing much better since we^got ing—now he 'can copy from pupils IDE GLANCES i jcopt- i_»a^ py_«^** jfci"*-* -^z: -^-••••••^^••••••LJ — , . . '•With the assistance of this borrowedjudga's gavel 1 jury's decision is now unanimougr j SWEETIE PIE . By Nodine Seller PRISCILLA'S POP V «FW&»W8P THE STORY PF MARTHA WAYNI wwwwni'^iB-WF^ wTHi swi«mJiNNY? wg«rt much he'U b, . studying "Yswr f nmr Is wt t «te

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