Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 30, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, November 30, 1954
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.it-OP tens Would Made a feTVMon •$•;••* WkYNfe 6i - If Charles Sw€t* ativs fd&tt he'd be ie ftretfteSt: tefe*i*tott writ- ffet taato***, ssn Basil a* portray„ |¥*' It », declares the vet ftflH&h'born actor, Dickens' fe ideal for television be- I? th«r clasric descriptive ' he relates, "tells you «, u how every character fsffiow 'he Walks, what he even What he's think- fe*8 enthusiasm is his role as Marley's ncwie recent filming 6f 'Afederson's musical adap- Dickens' "A Christmas JSt the Shower of Stars .foil CBS Dec. 23. IB'/a' novelty for Rathbone, U a8 "beer, almost as well Offer' playing Scrooge in "A Mas Carol" as for his Sher- [JolmCs roles for years in tin ,.„„'latest role Rathbone car- iround 125 pounds of chains. Is and all the other para- lla,oi Jhe ghostly Mr. Mar$??•' s fjffiw-, version, Fredrtc Marcn Scrooge. Bob Sweeney is Bob lft"?Queenle Leonard is Mrs. lit and Christopher Cook is •* Gb , _, |( „—ie,has a particular affec- lof'"'A Christmas Carol" be"'""' says,'"a child may un- jii»iin;Jt'>' and one of the few ftteV- we ""cherish through the |'|is being able to be a child ,>„.., he rates Dickens as a r /)writer, Rathbone cays one eitilggest Improvements in tel- 1 v,In the past year has been £fc Keh Piles Keep Coming Back What You Do: nr^about this proved way of UntfJiwith .piles! It is so effec- ""wt'we cart actually guarantee ^Krpiles cpme back after this •8|Uy-approved method is used %ther, therapy required is (^Details,are .told m vitally "°ng book written under sup '* of the • medical staff o; ~hornton>& Minor Hospital; : authoritative. Get your nWrite Thornton & Mmoi Jli> Suite 2S19, 911 E. Lin Kansas City 9, Mo. ARKANSAS Monday, November 29,1954 shaking down around her neck, toward Greg who was supervising the unloading of dishes at the re*- He was wailing quietly when Greg camfi striding Ut> to him. wearing a bright fannel shirt and a brighter scarf knotted around hi* t>pck. Greg's hand 'shot out and gripped his arm. "If you turn in Rupert," he said evenly, "I swear you'll get n presn that will make you think you woa a popuarity contest when you werp bounced out of your last job." v "What's Landuskv to you" Kir- bv exclaimed in irritation, "He's a good guy. But even if he weren't 1 wouldn't let you get by with a thing like that. Rupert has my word that nothing is going to happen to him here." ''I couldn't rare less." ^^•^•••••••^••••^^^•^^^••••JKaaBBMMMMp^BMMMM^B^B^Bi^E^M^Iia^Ka^g^BBBBMOTHfflffii^^ CITY OF CONTRASTS— While scores of squalid wooden shacks, like those in the foreground, are still used to house manjrfof Tokyo's 7,000,000 people,, new, concrete apartment houses (back- are sti use o ouse manjo oyos ,, peope,, ne, e ground) are rising rapidly all over the city. The wooden shacks were built in 1946 on the former drill field of the Japanese army. • Greg turned on his heel and Kirby, after a moment's reflection, w'ent through the hotel to the first- floor bedroom where, for several days Daggelt had, in his own words, "been taking things easv" Daggett waved his good hand at a chair. When Kirby had seated imself he asked, "What's on your mind" "It's about the television Madness in the Spring By Elnora Denniston Copyright 1954 by Ellnore Denniston Distributed by NEA Service. By ELINORE DENNISTON XXX The first intimation of the col- ective insanity that was to affect lie whole st&te within a matter of yeeks came the next morning vhen Daggett refused to be haved. : "I'll do as I please," Daggett jnapped. but he-was a t.iifle ruf- led. "If we are going to put this doa over we've got to do' it right. Atmosphere- That's the thing that counts." Hannah knocked on the door, ringing Daggctt's breakfast on a ray. 'In a few moments Rupert and Kirby joined them. Like men facing graver issues, hey were united on their gral but divided on the best means of reaching it, and they were all vociferous. "NoSv then," Greg began, when he. had collected all eyas and their respectful attention, "let's use our heads about this. So far all we've in the quality of scripts turned out by today's wiiters. • . Rathbone and his wife also write for TV but he isn't including himself in his appraisal. "We have completed eight stories for televi- tion and haven't sold a one,-" he explained. He has a telecast scheduled before the Christmas show, in Playhouse of Stars next Friday, Dec. 3, as a suave jewel theif. had is yakety-yak. The idea is to revive this ghost town so it will fcttraet the tourist trade. Right?" They agreed. ... "First, we prepare the ground." He opened a notebook' flat ,on the table and the old- man, incorrigibly curious, leaned forward and saw that the pages were .'filled with meticulous lists, each - under its proper heading. "This. will give you a general idea, of what has to be accomplished. We'll .have to : .put up some more log-cabins or their equivalent to handle .''the tourists who come to stay. That means getting in carpenters and building supplies 'pronto. I'll take that over. Next, we need cooks and waitresses for the 'restaurant, maids for the hotel, and a lot of supplies, dishes and glasses and kettles and ctuff. Hannah, that's your department. '.,-...-.••.• . "We'll have to get hold of some appropriate western ' souvenirs, ;to sell. Mr. Daggott, you'll probably find a manufacturer in New .Jersey to turn them out for you. And we ought to get hold of some old- timer to sell them. Someone who is authentically phony. Then wp'll til I die and maybe that's fail- enough. But that's as far as I go. I still say you are basing cv- d}o erything on persuading Mr. Cram to buy this folklore program, starting with the opening of Dead Man's Gulch. It's got tho ingredi ents for a show, but you haven't any reason whatsoever for think ing he will buy it." "That," Daggett said, "is up to Greg.' "If I told my stepfather our iden he'd laugh -at it" Greg said, "bu if he thought he was putting some thing over, he'd jump at it.' 1 gram," he said. "So far as I can •nake out, Seavcr hasn't taken a single stop. By his own account. Grain takes him for a lightweight and. after all. I've had years o* experience and a big name in ra- pro- Wrong Slant on Male Sex, Avows Abbe By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD M» Americans have the wrong slant on male sex appeal, rays Abbe Lane, a delec table Latin from Brooklyn. Abbe is actually no more Latin than Ebbets Field, but r,he givr>5 that impression as she sings with husband Xavier Cugat's marimba pounders and maraccas shakers. The Cugats are busy at work acting in Chicago Syndicate by day r.nd entertaining at the' Hole Statler at night They just returned from a tour of Europen and that's where Abbe drew her conclusions about the mistaken not.'onr of this, country on male attractiveness. From Rudolph Valentino tc Wla: zui Valentino Liberace, the hear beats of the American females have largely been overly handsome fellows?. Abbe says this is all wrong. "The- Europeans have the right :dea," she declared. "They realize ihat a man's attractiveness is not in his face, but in his manner, his New Charge to Face McCarthy on Return BY JOHN CHADWICK WASHINGTON (IP) — A new charge faced Sen. McCarthy (R- Wis.) today as he returned from the hospital for nenewal of Sen. ate debate Dn whether to censure him for his conduct: Sen. Bennett (R-Utah) said he would offer the new charge. Two censure counts already have been recommended by a spe cial bipartisan committecm Bennett's charge is based on Me Carthys attacks on the specia committee and its chairman Sen Watkins (R-Utah) and on McCar Ihy's describing the special Senat session as, among other things, "lynch party." They Senate session was abruptlj called off days' ago after Me Carthy went to the nearb Bethes'da, Md., Naval Hospital fo treatment of an injured right e bow. He said the elbow was hut vhen a well-wisher, ardently shall ing hands, banged it against XXXI Daggett's refusal to be shaved was a straw in the wind. He had a beard that rivaled Rex Stout's and which almost completely concealed his disfigurement. Rupert's Daggett cocked a sardonic eye- bro. "Your name at this moment is mud." "I can't go through the rest of my life with amnesia," Kirby told him desperately. "You are holding a gun at my head. It might b/< wise to recall that I have sorti" ammunition too." "If you mean Rupert," Daggett said tranquilly, "you've got a blank cartridge. I've got friends in the State Department and I've put the matter up to them. After the Gram style and his gracen. The most at tractive ma!es over there are not the pretty boys. Many of them are ot even good looking. But they xude a charm that is unmistak ble." Abbe spent much time in her usband's native Spain and was mpresscd with the bullfighters. She aid. • ^fW 'The man .who really impressec me was a rovillero not a ful ledged bullfighters named Cha maco. He is not good locking. In lact, he has a very plain face. Bit uch grace, such appeal!" The same rpplics to some fi| ures in this country who are not considered handsome, she said. . need entertainers. Rupert, that's your forte." . He paused for a moment, wrinkling his brow... and .looking so young and solemn, and cocksure that Hannah's heart turned over with-tenderness. • "But how," she asked, ''are you going to get people to vcome?" Daggett spoke up. ';Kirby,' he said firmly, "is" our publicity man. Hell get us an audtqnee- it he .has to carry them in one: at a time on his own back." "That," Kirby said, flatly, blackmail.' ' , ••',••., pness .*/ {tTjMT IT-- -y IT ^ -••< • - < to!* (it^lthy, mellow glow " - —'-- J worries, achw "is "Before you bring out any complaints,, you have to .remember that at this point you are the man who killed Santa Glaus, who de- stroved a popular Illusion. You've got to rehabilitate yourself. "There's no point -in staging a comeback, you know," Daggett told him, "until you have succeeded in rebuilding your, popularity. You can't go through'the rest of your life with amnesia. You've got to remember sp'pner or later who you are and then" Kirby was wary. "And then what?' fl bath " a way, Expert attendant* in tht Mastic'* Department to rettort yJm, vigor and vitality. .,_ rtmtmbtr, $gr Berth House >peraled In accordance with prescribed by the ,f0rk $ervlc« of tht t'j ptpgrtment of th« Interior, 1 ivtrnment's Pei OT "Do something about that poor woman the . widow of the man who shot himself." "How? Marry the gal?" "You are not in the groove,' Rupert told him. "This Js what happened: KnoNving you were unable' of your general unatti;active- ness, your slow mind, your tot.-il lack of charm, your ineffectual masculinity" he iguo red K irby's anguished yelp of protest "you lost your memory. There is. a blank. When you remember who you are you find yourself at Dead Man's Gulch. You say to yourself, 'I must find that woman.' " "Then," put in Hannah, getting into the spirit of the thing, "you bring her here and she lives happily ever aftei .' Daggett was furious. "You are small mustache burgeoned into a noble affair with long waxed points tout, he was too sophisticated to do justice to cowboy regalia. "What you need," Daggett told him, "is to replace that modified boy scout suit with the kind of outfit that used to be worn by spiel- ers at the old medicine shows." He fumbled about among a pile of old posters he had unearthed and dug out one that pictured a man in a high silk hat, tail coat, ruffled shirt, tight pants and thigh- length boots. It was not until Greg made a hasty trip to the state capital to consult'dignitaries, about this re vival of the Old West that the ful extent of the collective illusion hit him. Even in Solomon's splendo Rupert could hardly have, been conspicuous now. The town was plastered with posters, telling the people about Dead Man's Gulch. Pasty-skinned men with concave, chests and convex abdomens strutted along the street on the way to desk or counter in 10-gallon hats and chaps. The department stove had replaced nylons and home per> manents -by riding boots and firearms. The general effect was mildly synthetic but the dres-m w.as there. Greg encountered a young Indian college graduate and nr ranged to have him bring some members of his tribe to Dead Man's Guch for the Grand Open- ine, to provide local color and at the same time pick up some money for themselves by taking orders for moccasins, doing dances or seDing picture postcards. Only Kirby remained aloof., He did not offer to help with any of the dozen porjects that were being carried on. He sauntered around, nn occasionally amused, a more frequently bored spectator. Until, that is, he grew restless. "So far as I can see," he complained to Hannah, "nothing has been done about telecasting thn Grand Opening. No one has put the proposition up to Grain. I can't hang around indefinitely. In roy job a man is forgotten too sopn. I've got to stag,e a comback and do it before long." "Greg will take care of it." Hannah assured him.. "Maybe" Kirby cocked an eve- brow at her. • "What do you mean by that" "The truth is," Kirby admitted, as though surprised by himself, "that what I care most about is Opening Rupert is to leave the country and make a legal re-entrjr As for your amnesia, it's in you own hands." Kirby flung out his hands. "Wha do you want me to do" "Get in touch with Perkins' v>S dow and see that she is providac with some means of support.' ". don't care whether you have t lamstring yourself for the rest -o: your life. But make it good.'' "And then" Kirby asked, "And then," Daggett. said, release our publicity." (To Be Continued) "w About 46,000 miles of road b built in the United States in 195 but the way he talks t-nd act Actually he is a very appealin man, tender and Understanding.' lass table top. McCarthy emerged from the hos- ital yesterday with his right arm n a sling, saying it was still pain- ul but he was feeling "vety well.' >>,'-?? WITH MAP OF CANADA'S URANIUM AREAS "CANADIAN URANIUM" — REVIEW"—" MAILED TO YOU UPON REQUEST WITHOUT COST OR OBLIGATION MAIL GEORGE HOGARTH, NflW LIMITED " U "- 95 KING STREET EAST, TORONTO, CANADA NAME Our Doily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. Washburn Salvation Army It Needs Your Donation Today Roy Anderson, as most of you know, is a prodigious letter writer <j|- but I beat him to it Monday. I got around to him Monday afternoon with my own and The Star's donation checks to the Salvation Army . . . but the last! mail of the day brought me a letter j from him just the same. < He was reminding me, in case I had forgotten, that this is the annual appeal for the best-loved of all nation-wide charities. And the appeal should speak to you strong- ADDRESS 'Edward R. Murrow is one. You vouldn't call him handsome, yet he •.as a tremendous appeal. Frank Sinatra can make a song soun'l more romantic than any of the pretty boy crooners. Joe DiMag ;io is plain looking, but he has '.he jir of a champion. I can certainly see what Marilyn saw in him. "Sid Caesar comes across in a very appealing way, even when he's doing a comedy rouline. Er rest Hemingway, Salvador Dali and Ezio Pinza send me more than any of the young matinee "Cugie is another one," she add ed, speaking of her husband. 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T have. oe Write today, NATIONAL LABORATORIES, DEPT. S ..... . GALT, CALIFORNIA 55 FORD is here with styling inspired by the Thunderbird kTIONAL PARK, ARKANSAS ! |t *Kf MMISTIC MQTIL you'll find i Miration, fine food «nd fun to ^ T it mwd *nd your budget, Write ppf |»rif»r inform«tlon, leaving me out. I found Kirby, I realized that, in spite of his unprepossessing manner, he had a heart of gold, particularly when I discovered that ,he had arranged t-.n annuity for Perkins' widow. So I asked him to act as master of ceremonies for the Grand Opening — and we've got a .million dollars' worth of publicity," 1 ,. "Then what?' ; Kirby .tod. his back to tho waU. "Then," Da ggett said; suavely, "Horace 'Crair. Snaps yoW \ip as master of ceremonies for .Ju's new television prcgranV,'" "'.' So far," Kifpy pointed out. being popular with yon.' Hannah looked at him quickly. seeking for some indication that l»e was making fun of her. "I've never known a girl lily you before. I've been fighting clear «f entanglements with women. But I'd like to marry you." He laughed ;th sudden gaiety as he saw her ..^eiJVrinouthed Amazement. "And if I -arn going to .'support a wife," ho went no more' briskly, "I've got to get a: new contract. If Seavcr won't t«»ke steps. I wip." IESTIG 'Horace Grain vision program,' tele- The new '55 Ford is unmistakably the fine car of its field. It brings you new Trigger-Torque Power... a new Angle-Poised Ride ... and Thunderbird Styling ... in 4 brilliant new lines. (,; iARTMINTJ "Look," Greg said, "yqure all nuts. Do' you think for a single moment that any dne is going to believe a trumped-up story like that? Believe Kirby really had amnesia and drifted ou( here?" "Well, now, I'm »ot so sure," Daggett said thoughtfully. "Its the kind of story people jjlke to believe, which is half the buttle, And it kills two birds with one stone.' Kirby was dawn but not out. "And there's another thing- AU right, I mo.de a mtstaHe about Perkins. J'lJ look sftpr his wife the 'poojr glvl' stuff 'T don't She's a ph_vew W there ever Jc^'djrop b,e r "What 9WJ//ypu do" "I 'have 'X bargaining point*" As *he djd npt understand, he added, "Rupert; Landusky " ,'Jfji watched/'while Hannah ran niii of doors and'after a quick look around set off, skirts flying, hair LITTLE: IJTZ The brilliant styling of the 16 body selections bears the distinctive mark of the Thunderbird—Ford's new personal car that has created such a sensation all over the nation. You can see the resemblance in Ford's new, longer, lower silhouette—that huge wrap-around windshield—the wider, more-massive grille— every- wiiere you look. New Trigger-Torque power from 3 new, mighty engines All 3 Ford engines for '55 bring you new Trigger- Torque Power—all are the mightiest ever offered in Ford Cars. There's a new 162-h.p. Y-block V-8 with higher (7.6 to 1) compression ratio. A new 182-h.p, Y-block Special V-8, optional with new Speed-Trigger: Fordomatic, is available in Fairlane and Station Wagon models. And there's also the new 120-h.p. I-block Six— the most modern Six in the industry. New Speed-Trigger Fordomatic Drive A new automatic getaway gear gives you instant pickup for safer passing, faster starts. This smoother new Fordomatic is offered with all three of Ford's new engines. New Angle-Poised Ride You'll also find the smoothest Ford ride ever! Ford has re-engineered Ball-Joint Front Suspension—tilted it to absorb shocks from the front as well as up-and- down shocks. This cuts down road-joint jar. nib low whistle has the same F.D.A.F. Own it now and spend a full year with the newest! 11^ I" d^\P\P% Ob HJKU HOPE AUTO CO. Phone 7-2341 YOVR FORP PIAIIR FOR OV1R 30 YIAR5 HOPE/ W. Second St, i^^>1V;,;^|% S, W („<,*>*,». « ?)!%&*. /Iftl&ft If You're Interested in an "<^> Used Car '4 Pe Sure t» 5e« Y»nr Ford P«el«r f I Star - , fTf'^i," ••-,.'•?, f ,<-'f$ *•• <? t S5 oetasiSftal Wednesday tuffiltff fcolde** Experiment Station «h«iYs ending at 8 8. to High 58, Low 35> 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 40 Star of Hope I8W, Pfes» 1917 Consolidated Jan. 18, 1929 HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUISGAY, NOVlMBlft 30,19S4 lember.- Th« Associated PrUt & Audit ftufeott 0f ClrctttattM* Av. N*t Paid Clfel. 6 Mai. Cridln« Sept. SO, 1»S4 " S.S17 PRICE: yy. since we are so close to the "Christmas season. But let rnc quote part of Roy's letter: "It is not necessary for me to tell you of the value to suffering humanity and those in dire need that the Salvation Army has helped and will continue to help. "As -you may possibly know, they have established, what the army terms, a local Service 51 Unit and they leave the disbursements of these funds entirely in our hands. Of course, if we need additional funds, we can call on the National Headquarters. Needless to say, but we of the local service- unit do guarantee that any funds you should contribute will be wisely spent. We of the local service unit keep our overhead down, in fact, there ^ is no expense whatever as we * all serve without pay. giving our time, effort and our funds. Please sign the enclosed card nnd attach your check ' for whatever amount you think you can spare to help out in this very worthy cause. "Bear in mind that any funds contributed are an eligible deductible, item for income 'tax ' purposes. We are not unmindful of the fact that you are making- 9 contributions to your church; however, the Ministerial Alliance heartily endorses this fund and the pastors are all on our local service committee." Churchill at Only Hopes to Be of Service By ALVIN STEINKOPF LONDON I/P. Sir Winston Churchill celebrated his 80th birthday tcday with the fervent hope he still has "some service to render." The Prime Minister, always .1 man of many sides, was both jovial and somber as the natk-n paid tribute to him and millions of admirers, at home and overseas, marked the anniversary as a personal affair. Looking especially fit for his age, Churchill head eulogies from all factions in the House of Commons at a new session of Par Iliament op?ned by Queen Eliza Ibeih II with a speech from the throne declaring in his words that world survival depends on a continued intimate association o: Britain and the United States. He accepted the eulogies "with pride and humility." And to those looking for a hin of his future plans, the old warrio: described himself as "a party pol itician v/ho has not retired ant may at any time become involve( in controversy." He made only one reference t< his age in the House: "Ladies and gentlemen, I arr now nearing the end of my joui ney. I hope I still have som services to render. However ths may be and whatever may befal I am sure I shall never fc.rget th emotion of .this -lay this wonder ful honor done me." Churchill v/as in his best orator cal form in accepting gifts froi members of the House ir. anciei Westminster Hall before a telev ion audience. • Over Big New • DALLAS, Tex. (if)— Much of Dallas was agog today over formal dedication tomorrow -of the city's new 40-story Republic National Bank Building, tallest in these parts. About 4,800 visiting "celebrities," the bank's press agents said, would be in town for Texas' biggest shindig since Glenn McCarthy opened his swank Shamrock Hotel Houston. Some of the same old cast from the Shamrock wingding was expected back, even Bob Hope, who was almost sure to have a crack about choking on 20-dollar golc pieces. Dessert at the dinner tonight in the hug e Fair Park Automobile Building will be gold-colored ice c'.-earn in replica of the 20-dolla piece. Drinks at three bars Tax Collections Decline in State LITTLE ROCK •*) State tax bollections for thi-s month dropped Bbout $300,500, compared to collections for the corresponding montn lost year. -The Arkansas Revenue Dept. Said yesterday that collections this month totaled $9,107,272. .Revenue for the first five months of this fiscal year now totals $^1,258,540, compared to -41,547,932 a yecr ago. TO TRIAL — Mrs. Lorraine Clark, right, mother of three, went on trial for her life Monday in Salem Mass., accused of killing her husband Melvln Clark, Jr., and dumping his body Into the Merrimac River. She is first woman to be tried for murder In 30 years where famed "witch trials" occurred nearly 300 years ago. Allo up for court action is Mrs. Clark's "kiss-and-tell" self-styled lover, Arthur H. Jackson, left, who has been indicted on five counts of adultery. Mrs. Clark pleaded guilty to protect her three children from publicity of a trial. — NEA Telephot'o Arsenic Nannie Refuses to Plead at All By CARTER BRADLEY TULSA. Okla. (UP) Mrs. stretching a city bock, will be on the house. At the city's airport, "so manj celebrities were arriving at on time that no one could count then all," a reporter said. The big building, costing 25 rni' lion dollars, was plagued durin construction by 11 destructive fires with estimated damage of about a half million. Recently, sttice •^completion a water main broke on the 17lh floor and flooded five stories. Predcdication viewers of the alu- minuin-shealhed giant comparted it with New York's United Nations By ALVIN STINEKOF LONDON Wl Sir Winsto :hurchill turned 30 today and mi ions of Britons and admirers ove eas celebrated the birthday ann ersary as a personal affair. Not since the •• coronation of Queen Elizabeth II had emotion urged so .strong , through the ( ,naion: •-.•' , The day began with business of state. It was opening day for the new Parliament. Queen Elizabeth I was scheduled to read from the throne her traditional address to :he pevernent outlining th leg- slative program. After that a special ceremony for Churchill was scheduled at ths .lall of Westminster with presenta- .ion of two gifts from Parliament .1 commemorative album and a portrait of the Prime Minister. A family party at the Prime Minister's official residence, 10 Downing Street, was the last event of the day's schedule. Two 90-peu)id birthday cakes were baked one for the Parliament party and the other for the family gathering. With one exceptionthe Communist Daily Work Britian's national newspaper hailed the day as a big event in British history. "Today Our Toast Is You, Sir!" was the eight-column banner atop ji_ _ /"i,..* n A»i»i4!if A T^nil'/ 1 TV/Tnil 5" 1he Conservative front page. Daily Mail's Building and with famed Pentagon. Washington's Carl Mouser, 59, Resident of Fulton, Dies Carl Mouser, age 59, died early today at his home in Fulton. He was a life long resident of Hemp But a gravel-voiced east Texas | stead county and a member of the ho:; farmer opined that "it sure ] Methodist church. would make a fine silo!" Survivors include his wife, "Mrs Lucy Mouser, one- daughter, Mrs Finis Walden, two grandsons, Stev and Joe all of Fulton, two sisters Mrs. Delia Jones of Longview Texas and Mrs. W. M. Johnson o Mine Hope. crews arc working around the clock Funeral services will be held ' a to remove tons of rock and earth's p. rn. Mine Crews Seek fo Save Man ST. CI.ART, Pa. (ffl Nannie Doss* grumbling about how chid it was in jail, refused to plead innocent or suilty tcday when she was arraigned on a charge oi murdering one of the four husbands she has confessed killing with rot pohon. 'So Common Pleas Judge Lloyd McGuire pleaded innocent for her over the objections of her attor neys. who insisted that she is in sane and so far has not done any thing to help defense. them prepare her Four New Polio Cases in State BIRTHDAY PORTRAIT — Prime Minister Sir Winston ' 'Churchill who is 80 today, poses especially for birthday portrait at 1£ ^toowninci Street In-London. — NE% T<S1ephoto 2 Prisoners Had Maps, Chinese Claim TOKYO (UP) Radio Peiping oday harged that two Americans convicted of "spying" carried a restricted map with an X marked whei e .they were to pick up a Chinese Nationalist espionage j agent. In a Communist Peiping radio broadcast monitored here, the Chinese Communists claimed that John Thomas' Downey and Richard Fecleau had "restricted (iistributedby the U.S: No Damage as TV Set Catches Fire A television set at Allen Electric Company caught fire this morning but no damage resulted. Mr, Allen, was working on the set at the time. Hope Fire Department was called but the blaze was out by the time they arrived. , Mrs. Doss, a fat woman who ha bitually giggles, has confessed pot soning husbands she married in 1929, 1947, 1953 and 1954. She ha been married five times,'but ha firrt husband suspected something waS going to happen to him ani divorced her. She was charged only with th murder -.f Sam Doss of Tulsa who died Oct. 6 after five month of married life with -his vitals fir of arsenic. The other three hus tands were poisoned in- othe states. §he is suspected ^of murderin hdr parents, two sisters, tw daughters and a .step-grandson 111 persons in all. , Jhe bodies of husbands Nos. 2 an!d 4 Frank Harrelson of Anni^ton, Ala., and Richard L. Morton of Emporia, Kan., were ex- hur^ed and were being analyzed foy "evidence of poison. ^fter Judge McGuire entered a plea of innocent for her he or- delid her'held without bail io? a preliminary hearing on Dec. 15. '.she was not mentally competent to enter-a plea. She does not know what this is about," Quinn E'ickason, one of her court-ap pointed attorneys, said. Sen,McCarthy WASHINGTON (UP) Sen. .To- eph R. McCarthy's supporters laimed today that the Senate's ecision to start its climactic cen ure vote tomorrow was a boost for heir drive to obtain a compromise or the Wisconsin Republican. But ther ponators predicted utright censure and McCarthy irr.self said he expected such ac- ion. After months of wrangling and maneuvering the Senate unanl- lously agreed last night to put harness on its historic debate, jegining today and to start vot- ng at 3 p. m. tomorrow. The final /erdict may come tomorrow night cr Thursday . McCarthy himself led the quick showdown effort and he linked it vith a sta'.ement .assuring those ic is accused of abusing that he didn't mean to hurt their feelings although his basic views remain .unchanged. Sen. John L. McClelian (D-Ark) said McCarthy's statement "is not an apology" and indicated it won't change many vote. Sen. KarlE. Mundt (R-SD) also said it won't make any difference. But a Republican leader friendly to McCarthy revealed privately to LITTLE ROCK I/P Pout new State Health Department last tale H eal th Depa rlrrient last week. That brings the 'number of cases reported in Arkansas So far this year to 363. compared to 310 cases by the same, time last year. One case each was rt-pbrted last week from Columbia, NcWton, St. Francis and Saline ccuniies. U S Seeks U* Ji JvCIVJ day tliat the Wisconsin Republican was persuaded, to. launch his double-pronged move for the express purpose of whipping up support for a last-minute, compromise which Sen. Everett M. Dirkscn (R-Ill) will introduce tomorrow. George •naps Air Force aeronautical chart and information service" with them .vhen they were captured. In £>n obvious move to bolster its stand in convicting Fecloau and Downey and 11 other Americans on charges of "spying" before tho details again pionage. Red China officially rejected a U. S. protest note on the conviction Sunday. Arkansas Weather For the period Nov. 3C-Dcc. 4 Awards Given Out to Cub Scouts Pack No. 62 of the Cub Scouts held its monthly meeting last week, with about 100 boys and parents attending. Den No. 2 had the flag ceremony as the opening exercise. The parents then adjourned to another room for the business session. Plans were made for the Christmas world the Feipins radio went into ™ns were maae 101- ine ^nri sl m as details again of their alleged es- party on ._Decernber 10. Finances were discussed. Every person was ' urged to attend the Piney Woods pot luck supper December 7. Mrs. James McLarty had charge of entertainment for the boys. She 'Fire Preven- 6 entertained with stunts followed with den No. 3 in closing the ceremony. The Ark-La Loan InterestToo High, PSC Told By LEON HATCH LITTLE ROCK (Jl '. A witness betfore the Arkansas Public Serv ice Commission today said he be Sieved Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co could have borrowed money at a lower rate of interest if it had no been for "the holding company ar rangement." Dr. John E. Kane of Fayettevillc made the statement after he wa; recalled to the stand for furthe cross-examiriE-tion as the eommis on resumed hearings on Arknn as Lcuisiana's application for a $3,fi54,000 a year .'-ate increase. Dr. Kane, who testified on direc examination as a witness for th Commission's own staff, said th company paid four and one half pe showed movies on lion." Dens No. 1 and Arkar-sas: Temptratu'-es 3-6i following awards were made: covering Frank Posavage at tho degrees above northwest and above southeast. Normal mmi- mums 30-40 north and 40-50 south. Normal maximums 50-6i3. Colder except extreme southeast Wednesday night and Thursday. Rising ., a ™ .,«-.= „., - trerd Friday. Colder north Satur- Wednesday at Anderson day. Warmer north Sunday, boltom of 280-foot mine shaft near here. They said it ould take several clays. The 37-ycc.r-old fat h cr of to children was trapped yesterday by $a rock slide. Rescuers held little hone Uiat ha could be s?.ved. Two other miners v/orking with Pes>av"i;c scrambled to safety up the BO-deyree slope as the rock slid ir.to the shaft. Union Church, south of Spring -Hill,,| cipitation moderate Arrangements are in charge ierndon-CorneJius. Don't disappoint ojd Aunti« 4 Woy out in to locally of'heavy. Occasional rain Wednesday and rain about Saturday. Bobcats, Dean Caldwell, Ricky Allen, Butler, Jackie Mickey Only Parents Can Appreciate This Article on Babies Who Are Just Beginning to Walk By HAU BOYLE NEW YORK WP)\Vhen you have new baby in the house, the veteran parento among your friends peaceful, it grows more wonderful each passing golden day. Nothing makes a grownup appreciate the" commonplace miracles of i.re always warning: "Yes, they're wonderful when they're helpless and completely dependent on you. Bat wait until they learn to walk. Then you'll never know a moment's peace. They just become little terrors." Well, Tracy Ann, v/ho came to our house to live when ?he was live weeks old, has now passed her 17th month birthday. She walks nnd chimbs like crazy, trying each hour to explore and absorb all the wonders and knowledge >tt whole wide world. And Admittedly the while Baber, Jimmy Burke, Charles Carver, Tommie Frost, Joey Keesey, Bill Kennedy, Phil McLarty, Billy Rcinhardt, Jack Coop, Larry Williams. Mike Wright, Johnny Case, Robert Williams, Eddie Birmingham, David Cox, Van Cox, Bruce Kennedy, Joey Liyely, Richard Steadman, Robert Trout. Wolf, Richard Kroseslng. Bear, Joe Roy Atchley. Arrows under the Wolf: Richard Krqesing, 1 gold; Graydon Anthony, 1 gold, 2 silver; Mark Peace, 1 gold; Charles Beyerley, 1 gold, 1 siver; Robert M. Byers, 1 gold; Buddy Lauterbach, 1 gold; Earl cent interest on its bonded in debtedness. He said he believed that it coul have borrowed the money at no more than four per cent and poss bly three and one half per cent it had been an independent com pany instead of being affiliate with Arkansas Natural Gas Co. an through it with Cities Service, Inc under a complicated holding con pany arrangement. He did not elaborate on reason why he thought the lower rat could have been obtained. Young Democrats Name Officers in Meet Here Approximately 100 persons a tended a meeting of the Young DC mQCrats C j ub here last n i ght w jt Jenner Takes Issue With Sen. Fldnders WASHINGTON ' (UP.) Villiam E, Jenner (R.-Ind.(\ today ccused Sen. Ralph E. Flanders R-V t. ) of helpjng ; to' •?;pread«' Rusia's . "peaceful co-existence prop- 8-11% Pay Raise for Military to Be Requested WASHINGTON (UP) The Defense Department is p reparlng legislation calling fcr. military pay raises that may average from eight to 11 per cent Informed sources said today. Army Secretory Robert T. Stevens told a retired Officers Association meeting yesterday that the department would ask Congress next year for "a substantial pay raise for military personnel. Defense Secretary Charles K. Wilson, who ha s not publically committed himself on a pay raise has said the department }s "determined that we make 'military service more attractive and if civilian government employes get n raise "certainly the military people should.' In his speech, Stevens said other planks in the army's prospective legislative program call for: 1. Revision of benefits tot survivors of military men. to Stop Chii By JOHN M. WASHINGTON <JI hower administration measures 1 short ot t'w counter "provoeaUvs" Chinese Communists* The policy line wa8 1 Secretary of Statet Speech at Chicago .lafll ~^ ri les barred for the present a val nnd air blockade of At the same time he" vigilinnce in dealings'Mi He said "coexistericfe'* > currently proclaimed HOTeiijgi cy line is' a "tricky,,w^( the absence of any international cbmmunlfifrt's-g to Vule the 'world byXm'* force, intimldation'ijBiadj|J Dulles gave on 'U. -S. fot national '4-H r clublcongre|| cago last 'night, 'Befpreq to the eapUal-' shorriy^aft| he repeated It '' TV-radio hookjip.' CHICAGO • ! (UP^ * . Secr'eta State John! Foster e"d dov/n demand! impose an air"br!?»a^ial|i! _..- *^-_t rtl-i—- » i^V..^li^if*«.Wii on Red Chlno 13 ImprJeohed , Amerlc Dulles conferred l wl Eisenhower' by ;tclep making last, night's ' Sen. J . n the McCarthy censure resolu- ior. to denounce Flanders for a .Thanksgiving Day message broad- ast to peoples behind the Iron urlain by the Voice of America. The Indiana senator's attack .icked off a shouting match be- ween him, and Flanders in the Bourse of .which Flanders said Jen- icr was '."beside himself" nnd had "taken leave of his intelll- sence." Jenner said Flanders addressed he Communist "tyrants" in Rus 2. More reliable medical care for dependents. 3. AUowances for service families making a permdnrtit change of station. 4. Tax exemptions for retirement pay and equalized retirement provisions among the servic'es. Stevens said many Americans "consider our military establishment as a necessary evil"' tolerated but not loved, accepted but r not understood, supported but not honored." " v < ' ' v * > „" We.-in-tho, defense ,eitablis)»w«>nt do not intend to let tttis condition prevail," Stevens said. policy . the nation Will .exhaus. ful means-ot s,ustalnlng|0j3 national 'rights —* s *""•* citizens.' 1 vKU,. ,., This , '' country mosti self be.-'-'provoked"-; into'$ tion!' whkh^could\upset cate l balance" of? world-ap, , . ., i ' .*•«.'•' •_ <_*5* •*!*.: •'impair the, tiohs," he sai^ > Dulles', speech? 1 al|4-H-Club' nationwide'' radios im audience was^a. forceful ^policies sia as "my friends, Drainers." my Soviet Criminals in InsaneWard Stage Riot By JAMES P. HACKETT TRENTON, N. J. Iff) Insane eliminate staged a two-hour riot at the New Jersey State hospital yesterday, wrecking their dining hall nnd cuasing injuries to Keveral attendants. Twenty-three of the 371 inmates were involved, actively or passively. Hospital officials said that among passive participants was Howard Unruh, 33-year-old ex-Gl .who in 1949 shot and killed 13 persons at Camden in the bloodiest street slaughter in the notion's history. Unruh, who is suffering from deterioration of the brain cells, on incurable disease, surrendered meekly with the others when they could not rsrist for long. Dr. F. Lovell Blxby, acting commissioner of institutions, asked if the 23, said, "The law fpecifie 1 } any action would be taken against you cannot punish an insane man; the courts can't-punish Ihem, §o how can we?" Pakistan Gets First Shipment of U.S. Arms KARACHI, Pakis-tan (UP) The first shipment of United States military aid "tanks and other equipment" has arrived in Pak- i.stan, it wns announced tcday. The Pakistan government kept details secret and the press was baired from the docks, but Prime Minister Mohammad AH suid 'tanks and other equipment' for tiie Army was included. He described the shipment as the "beginning of what we expect to be a steady flow of military equip ment from the United States cur Army." A U.S. m'lltary assistance visory group (MAAG) nns esteblished in Pakistan been under Brig. Gen. William T. Secton -to help the Pakistan army learn 1 how to use the American' equipment. All Army equipment now in use is British. Sexton said the military aid is what the U.S. Army call? "logistical aid." He snid the , American group would Jo no training, as w^s done in Turkey, b.ut would apt in the role of instructor on use of the equipment in training. Sexton said the main purpose ff U.S. military aid would be to help Pakistan strengthen its d,a- fcnso forces to combat both intei't nal and external aggression, U.S. aid also will help Pakistan develop economically to support, «n Army, and the American government has appropriated more than $100,000,000 in economic aid tp, bol- Pakistan's economy, Resppndi^g the propqTsah which' he\«« in, tho genM^ \Knowiaf d theless saJd'-he, dees' 1% ' f All Around the town •y Tht tt*r |t»ff Decmber starts tomorrow and the fjrst thing you know Christ- 64 persons joining the organization. The group heard Mayor John L.' Wilson discuss the background of ,_ 'be he, e «<•>«» Hope Ray Murphy, 1 gold; J. C. May. I i the Democratic Party, discussed gold; Wesley Ninemire, 1 gold; fuU , ve mee u n gs and made plans Tony Pui'tle, 1 gold. Arrows under Bear: Ronnie gold; gold; Roy ne has dulled us—than to walcil * »"ve t , «eu S c *u... t ., * e ™. child discover them one by one. Jimmie Barrenline, 1 gold; Roy Take a simple thing like shad-jwray, 1 gold; David Pprterf.eld, Take a simpl ows, for example. The morning Tracy discovered she could wave her hands in the bright sunlight und make moving shadows on the wall she went wild with excit- J gold. Emmet Methodists Holding Revival Emmet Methodist Church revl- meetings to bring in several noted speakers to address the club. Officers elected were Ray Turner, president; Mrs. Jolly Amonette fByers, vice-president; Mayor Cecil Cox of Fulton, vice-president; Thurston. Hulsey of Washington, secretary, treasurer. and Clifford Franks ELECTION PHQENJX. Ariz. tf> Jewell .Turner, a cotton rancher, hag filed ijl 11_ i i! . «*lnr.iinVk f,9 she complained bitterly. What had val w^ started Monday night and the- Wtt ponte«tta«I __ election of gone wiong in the woild? She can imitate a will continue thiough this week. Clyd.e Wilson, Bypkcye attorney, to tbjrp8»year term as a director «f very little time getting up Christmas decorations as a huge cedar tree Has been erected downtown at Second and Main and crews of the Water and Light plant are busy putting up strings of Christmas lights. Persons making the trip to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl game just might be interested in seeing •-Three for Tonight", starring Msr- ge and Gower Champion and Harry Bellfpnte, which opens December 27 and pays through December Si, at the Texas State Fair Auditorium. In the final ratlings by the news services the Associate* UP uses football coaches fr'qjn all over the nation, . , needless to, say there ip plenty at |auit w|tt» bgtl> systems but can you Wiink of a ter way? Sgt. Jack D, and Mrs. P. W, Walker, ed to the States from England, after threu years of saJd' the "Breach 1 , Eisenhower Eisenhower ^dmin^ra^ wide as some pepple';trj* it appear.' •?;' V^W " " '''' on t , ffel There r opinion on t th« steps to obtaW, .» K^QWlfliadTsaid^ it is a diff&f-""^'"" be expressed. Elizabeth,! ,, Washington; Wa.Qfra,v with the 58th

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