The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1940
Page 5
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TUKSDAY, iMAKCH 5, 1940 COUKIHR NEWS BETTER HOMES PAGE FIVE The $2,500 Home Is Here Ferguson Predicts Develop-! menl Will Be Major Trend 01 Period The tremendous undeveloped iield for small homes, long needed and wanted by families of moderate incomes, has been opened up by (he federal Housing Administration In n program destined to be one of the major trends of cur time, It was predicted by Abner II. Ferguson, FHA General Counsel, In a radio nclclrcss dealing with the liberalized financing terms for small homes costing nroimd $2,500. "For generations," he declared, "families with incomes of $1000 to $2,000 n year have not been seriously considered as prospective buyers of homes. It has been the general beliaf that a family in this income group could not afford to Invest in a home, even if one could be found that was attractive, well built, cfflecienfc, and modern." Financing Approach The problem of providing good homes for moderate-Income people is now being aproached from a ! financing as well as a technical I and merchandising angle, lie point- I ed out. j "lllls was the problem," Mr. Ferguson said in tracing the background of the liberalization of PHA's terms for loK'-cost homes: "Financinjf terms had lo be marie liberal enough and the volume of building had lo be increased to the point where industry could provide better values. Therefore, when the forces eeneraled by the FHA plan were set in motion they were trained on this hitherto undeveloped field. "Just as in other periods of our history when some revolutionary progress has been made in the social, economic, or scientific sphere, home financing today has made advances that once seemed impossible." FHA Gels Buyer Starlcrl The Federal Housing Administration plan does more than enable Ihe average family (o pay for a home conveniently, Mr. Ferguson said, adding that it aided the buyer lo get started. "In the post," he continued, f 'one of the biggest stumbling blocks in the path of home ownership was Ihe down payment. Kol many families can lay hands on a large sum of money to use as a down payment on a 'house The FHA The outstanding event in (he Nation's construction industry is Hie practical development cf lioir.cs of (he modern tync which arc within flic financial reach of thousands cf families with small incomes. Costing $2,750, including land valued af ?2uO, this properly was financed wilh a $2,500 mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration under Title I of (lie National Housing Act. The monthly payments over 15 years average less fhan $21. If the properly were valued at ?2,750 by I!ic VIIA and were financed over a period nf 25 years miller Title II.of Hie National Housing Act, an alternative plan, Ihis properly securing a $2,500 mortgage could fie bought wilh monthly payments under $10. These figures exclude local taxes and hazard insurance. Located in the environs of Annapulis, Mil., (Ms attractive hume is, one of many of ils type beiit" erected in thai locality. The interior is as convcn" lent as the exterior is atlractive. Cross ventilation is provided in every room, while the kitchen is larger Mian that found iu many more expensive homes. A built-in breakfast nook affords a convenient place for eating, as no dining room is provided. Although unfinished, the attic'has already laid floors and at relatively, small expense may later he developed into two additional rooms and hath or, in its present unfinished condition, used as a recreation room. Consideration Of All Possible Economics Of Prime Importance FLQOH- PLAKJ Questions and Answers program recognizes tlial fact and lias done some rather revolutionary things about it. "Under the new type or $2,500 vestment must the borrower luive on Federal Homing Administration insured mortgages of 52,600 or less? What is the maximum allowable time for maturing these insured -loans? A. TO obtain an insurcd-morl- small house of as furniture, drapes, or appliances. Use Of Standard Units Provides Great Savings colors that there is ample opportunity for the housewife to plan a kitchen reflecting her persona! taste. FKA-lnstirod loan, the down pay- ' ,° obUu merit can amount to ns little as 5 f?f c oan °" a sma!1 llo " 5c ° per cent, of the property's value IT, or Ic5s ' lne b °"°wcr unde This'means, ns a rule only about m " sL have a " investment S150 down. On a- 15-year basis the ","•• c °'"nletod property, in ad- paymenls to principal, interest and " to tlle ]o!> "' o! nl )cnst 5 FHA insurance premium arc' less !', cr cent ° r , the W^ed value of than S21 a month. Wilh n 10 per . . pr °l lert - v - Th e investment may cent down payment, the loan may ?£ '". ca ' l \ !f' Kl '. or mi 'ntercst in i hr. Mirn:,rt „„«•• it. .,„.,,. ,.,. we land, flic iimircil loan may' For the kitchen In a now In the small home built under Ihe Federal Housing Administration's new low-cost plan, where space Is at a premium, the selection of standardized and prefabricated kitchen equipment will not. only ef- Icct substantial economies init also speed up actual constructloii time. be spread over 25 years, wnn i ,, " "V" ', "" '""" monthly payments to principal, m- q al llle rt)5t of tlle b »'W'"g lerest, and FHA Insiirnuce averaging only about $15 or $]l>;' — r ..,__ _. ...^ -,.,,„.,, b ,, M - home the housewife may select all provcmcnts and may have a ma- necessary equipment from slandard- turity of as much as 15 years and Iwil prefabricated and stock units 5 calendar months from the dale which includes wall and base cabi- of the note. Under Title II loans nets, cabinet* under the sink, and may amount to 90 per cent of llic a kitchen range so constructed to New low fW Plnn ap ! )raisKl value of house and lot til perfectly inlo Ihe streamlined »1CW LOW U)St Han. and may run for 25 years, [ensemble effect created by the standardized units. FHA Booklet Explains Thc opportunity of home ownership at a price the average family ("in afford to pay is emphasized to prospective home owners by the Federal Housing- Administration in its lalc-sL booklet, "Your Family Can Own a Home, Like This." Answers lo Ihe key question "Can you allord home ownership?" will determine readily and quite clelinltely whether or not. a family is In a position to" attempt to build Its own dwelling. Economist.'! say that u family can safely spend a fourth lo a fifth ot tt.s monthly Income on shelter, according lo the pamphlet. Discussing Ihe FHA plan of home ownership, the booklet points out that the down payment may bo as low ns lo per.cen^-or even 5 per cent in some cases. Tho loan Is repaid in convenient monthly payments fitted to the family income, and Including taxes, insurance, and all other llxed charges. The Government does not lend Ihe u.oiiey for building nnd buying homes on the FHA plan, insured loans are made by approved private lending Institutions, which are always willing to give further information about the FHA plan to prospective home buyers. Low-Cost Home Demand Is Great, Survey Shows LOW-COST HOME—U Illustrative ol Ihe reception by lending inslliulions of the Federal Housing Administration's small homes program is an oiwoiuicemcnl marie by the Broadway Bank & Trust Co. of t'atcrson, N. J. Thc olllccrs of the Broadway Bank, according to the nnnouncc- menl, fire giving every possible njd lo builders and lo borrowers. "The demand for this type ol lioii?lng." they say. "Is greater now than ever he-tore, and we confidently expert to finance thousands of Q. Is a space heater considered a satisfactory device for heating a small house? A.S|>ace heaters, in addition to I stoves, combination healing and' cooking ranges, floor furnaces,) pipeless furnaces, convection or' radiant heaters, and fireplace heating units, may be classified as "overflow" licatcre. Heating units of this type are satisfactory for smalt dwellings providing the plan is compact ana the heating unit is so located that natural circula- Eran though these units are made Basementless Homes Require Clearance Low-cost homes whose designs do not include basements should have clearance of at least 18 inches between the bottom edge of girders and Joists and the ground below them, according to the Federal Housing Administration Technical Division. To permit crawl space for inspection, clearance of two feel Is recommended. Access to spaces for Inspection should be provided. BascmentJcss spaces should bo cross-ventilated with iwo or more openings proportioned on the basis of one square foot of effective area for rach 15 lineal feet of wall. Shrubbery anil vines should not be allowed to interfere with ventilation. planning of the low- home Is of pniaiiioiuH impor- p io die safely of Ihe Invcst- declares Howard LClaml chief of Ihi! nrchUcotuml we I ion of Iho 1-vderal Housing Administration. "times In the $2,000 price range, to be constructed under liberalised '•HA rctnilremrats covering lo w - c'wi home construction, must be of sound design, he said, for on this feiilurc lo a large extent rests the markc!abmiy nf the property. Four fundamentals should be krp! In uiiiid ivhrn designing (hcse homes: '• 'Hie home should bo slmplo In design, 2- H should be dignified In character. 3. H must conlnln no fflko elements. •t. The design must allow cco- "oiutciil construction. I-Yllls Out of 1>| 1U .(. There Is no place In the design ol thcso homes for unnecessary "'Ills, according (o FHA recommendations, No unnecessary corners should lie tolerated, and hulls should be kept to a minimum to prevent needless waslo of floor area. Wherever possible, plumbing .should bo concentrated, nuuh us placing the kitchen next to (he bathroom, lo ellect savings In tost of Inbor and materials. Home builders are urged lo place emphasis on elements which grow i" value and which Increase the slablllly of Uie Investment rather than those which lend lo deteriorate with lime and add considerably to cost of maintenance. Trees mid sJimbs not only enhance Ihe beauty ol llic small home but contribute much to Its marketability It was also pointed out Uial most In mlsca ping becomes more valuable as U attains enough magnitude to give the property an nir of mellowness. Interior Variation Ilesl liiiildcrs are urged not to reproduce the same house" »n often as to give a deadly character to the community. variation In the exterior design of tllc houses helps to uvoltl monotony. Hooni sizes must necessarily be small to cut costs and conserve heating expense, it i.s pointed out, I but Iu limiting noor area it Is necessary to study wall areas with n view to permitting proper placement. of furniture. nooms should be dimensioned lo take standard lengths of structural members, It Is advised, and roofs should be framed as simply us possible. Uimccrcsnry gableo and other needless architectural frills should bo eliminated, as they create added cost. The use of slock designs In doors, window, ami trim Is encouraged to effect further economies. Low-Cost Housing Meeting Staled Wednesday Night J O Krcction of utlrnctlvo low.cost houseK In lilythcvlllc-lonn sought by builders nnd renters of moderate mid loll' incomc,s—limy liocome u reality. The ilrsl i-rcniil step lo- ward concerted action Iu this project will be a "Low-Cost Homes Conference" of archllod.i, realtors, ire.wntallvos of bulltllng material firms and Jlnaiiotal imtilulloiui of Ulj'lhcvllld nnd vtdnlly, to bo held Wednesday night, 1:30 o'clock nl. the city hall. Tho purpose of this meeting Is to dlscii.w the low-cost homes pro,ram, sponsored r>y the Federal Housing Administration, and lo cncouraue constiuc.llon of smiill homae In Hlythcvllle for people of llm moderate and loiv lilcomo \V, 8. Daniel, sUta director; A. D, WrlRht, field rrprcsi'iilutlve, nnd a member of llm iircliUceturiil stair, will be present from Hie state (if- llce, Full explanation of Hie new '!'!- tlo L-Class ;t proRi'inn of flimnc- Inn low-cost homes under the new rcfu'.iiOon.s elfeetlvc Jan. 1, HMO, will 1)C made. I'vo|»rly Ktundarils, minimum construction requirements, as well as underwriting procedure will be discussed. Individual problems pertaining to builders mny be discussed with the Federal Honshu; Administration ofllclals before and niter the open meeting. The platinum fox Is one of Nor- —,.-- .... iixiv.i in u iu:iut; i iiiu intu mum iu.\ HI uitC ui litji in standard sires, they are available I way's rare animals. Only 300 pairs in such a wide range ot models and are extant. DESICW FOll MVINK BEAVER DAM, WIs., Marc). J._ Macldy fiorn. women's skating champion who has announced her retirement, plans to become a designer of women'.'; sports clotlics. Read Courier Newa v nm tins Sycamore Street House Undergoing Repairs The residence at HM West Sycamore street, owned by Mrs. A, U lioyd, Is being repaired following a fire. A new roof, porcli tloor. new doors and windows and redecorating arc among the Improveincnls being miidi', V. G. Holland Home Has Been Redecorated Mr. and Mrs. V. G. Holland luivu completed the u'ovk of improving their residence nl 500 North Thurman street hy a unw roof, overhead gavni'o doors, weather stripping ol doors nnd redecorating, Family Income Rules Shelter Expenditure The relationship between the family income ruul the amount of money Hint a family cnti spend for shelter is very close. KIIA officials say In discussing the low-cost Mous- ing program, Tho amount ol income Is foremost; regularity and certainly follow, oilier factors arc current, anil future sot expenses and miscellaneous expenditure. 1 ;. In .supporting the popular theory that no more, than twice or, at most, two and one-half times the actual annual Income should he spent for 11 home, FHA offlclnls explain that an average family wilh an Income of $1,500 a year might safely invest in a, $3,000 house. Putting It differently, the family would be Justified In .spending one-fourth to one-fifth of the monthly income for housing expenses. In this way, with n $100 monthly income, $25 might lie used for payments, light, licnt, taxes, and other expenditures. Conslniclion 01 Sutherland And Bar ksdalc I loincs Now Underway With sprint; definitely here, home owners arc actually sliii'llDB building nftcr having made plans for sonic llmo for construction or several nUnietivu resident's In niytluivllli,', Mr. unit Mrs, Don C, Sutherland Wffitn work today on the oarage ol llivlr new resilience at the .southwest nmior of Madison and lleiirn si reels which Is lo uicu Madison, TJio six rooms and bath plan, hi Ilia HWO-SJiWU class, will Include a complex laundry room—.something rarely 1'onnd In u Illythevlllo residence. The wnlls will ho llnlshcil in cedar shingles, painted white, nnd the roof will tie of brown composition fihlniili'.s. The two-bedroom house will have such modern Innovations as an Arcoln nuiiilng unit, anti-cord ivcljjlils In (lie windows, a dlsup- pcnriiuj suilru'ny lo the attic, uulK- u cntjincls in (ne kitchen. :> .vlioivor .n the tub of ttiu bath room, uulll-ln book Mu'ivcs In the central hull, numinous closets, oak lloors cxc-Cjil In Hie kitchen mid linlh roum wiiero Inmld linoleum will ba iiswl, and lilt: Imnidry room which will have milU-ln tuUs nnd other facilities lor such work, Another Mouse In this same clnss, iinnoiuitul some tlnio nt'o Ijiit delayed liy the weather, is that of Mr. line! Mrs. James llnrksdiile u)ion wnlch work was .stinted HCV- cnil days ago. It Is at 110 w. K«u- UH'ky iiveiiiu'. This live-room house, with at- Inclicd Kurniio nnd sun porch, k to ' Imve wnlls ot asbestos siding, a root of cisbuslos iiMfn^ics, ixnd numerous built-in foilurrs In llic kitchen ami Inilh room which will bu large unoiiuli lor n dressing milt. Using the southern lo an advantage, this residence will he so arranged as to have a southern exposure In ulniDsl every room. Aids In Planning Small Homes Given in building homes in t,hc S2.MO price range under the Federal Housing administration .. Insured- niorlgnBc |iliin, the prospcdivo owner may find thcso fjcnerul construction hints (he avenue to cost reduction: .Stairs urn less expensive whun buill- between pnrlllion.H. Oliigerbrcud Irlmmlnij on the exterior of the house is expensive. ( Heal siivlngs may be fomul In floors made of short lengths if they take a gooil finish. Gutters along the eaves niny be omitted; a bed of grnvel or cinders sliould be laid to catch Hie cirlp. Plaster walls may bo finished with Inexpensive water paint and papered iu a later dale. Fraiucntly no basement Ls needed, but where one Is necessary it need not extend under the entire house. If the home M to Imve a fireplace the chimney should lie located so it can also servo the flue of the healing plant. New Home To Be ,', Gift For Dell Couple; Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Grcenway are to have n new house at Dell—, a Sift from Mr. and Mrs. B. M.' Woodard, parents of the recent bride. The "wc'ddlns present", which has • been delayed because.of the weather, Is to be a modern two-bedroom house with a breakfast nook' id' the kitchen Instead, of a dining- room. ' ' •. • Cedar siding walls on the ex- : terior, colonial light flxltircs, pa-i percd walls In gay patterns are: among the detnlls of 'the house • which Is to be erected In the town ' of Dell, Farm House Remodeled For New Occupants: A remodeled ftirm house is lo bo the new home of Mr. and Mm. R. j U Houck, of Luxoro, who are lo ' live on the farm of Dr. and Mrs, T. p. Hudson on the Aahport road. : Mrs. Houck Is their daughter. Tlie five room house, which Is located one mile off the highway, is to have such modern Improvement. 1 ; as a both room, new outside walls, new foundation and ; redecorating. Hcnd Courier News wont ada. Bardener Bill soys: FEEP YORE LAWN NOW! SAVES YUH WORK..6ITTS MUCH BETTER 6RASS. •sal Bill is rlchl, Put a complete plant food on your lawn 1 now, before the Irost is out of the ground, and you ..can let the late snows and spring . rains water it in for you. Besides, the plant food will be down at. the roots in time to nourish early, vigorous grass growth whicfi! diokcs out weeds. Take this easy way to a lovelier lawn with Vijoro. Get in your order : now, all you need !$ 4 pounds per 100 square feet. WE RECOMMEND J lumin 411 mi woo nmorn i ; ' Nl»ID FMM Mil, UilMH >(• wn. A rnoowi onwin.. , Hubbard Hardware Co; 1. K. Ashcraft & Co. Swift & Co. Pert. Works lion of warm doorways and halls air through open possible. When used in one-story .basement- less houses, the floors should be well insulated . as a protection against cold floors.' Q. Can any part of an FHA- insured Title 1 loan on a low-cast house be used for the purchase of furniture? . , . A.-AH, the-proceeds or a Title t loan-must be used exclusively to finance the new structure including such utilities 'as plumbing, healing, or-lighting systems. No part of the loan may be .used in purchasing the land or household homes under, this plan tor families whose • ar.nual incomes \\r between, 41,000 and 82,500." In the announcement the bank's officers also state that they have available unlimited funds f or the construction oi dwellings costing not mon than S2,50n amHhatilmir Institution will place many million; of dollars aside for HOME OF YOU! OWIi THIS YEAS! Spring building activities \vili soon be in full swing and \vc advise (hose who contemplate Imildinp in the near future to let us help (hem nuihc their arrangements now. Long ternij low interest loans arc available through the Federal Housing Administration. Talk over vour plans with IB. PHONE 40 How Much Drinking Water Your Children Need Daily? SCIENCE SAYS "PLENTY" Most grown-ups as well ns children fail lo drink u siiflkicnf amount of water, especially (his lime of (he year. (Inotl, uurc wiiter, such as that handled in our modern syslem is essential lo sound health and should be lakcn in normal fjiianttUcw, which means several glasses each day. This is one ol (he ordinary health precautions most commonly ncplcded. BLVTRLLE WATER CO. Bernard Allen, Mgr. "Water Is Your Ohcajicst Commodity" HOME is where you place Your FUTURE When you invest in a home, you invest not only money, but the present comfort and fit- ' ture security of your family. Make certain, when you plan a home that it will not take unnecessary drops in value as time goes on but that it will continue to return dividends in comfovtable living throughout the years. A home financed on the FHA Mortgage Plan offers many safeguards to the builder. Homes built by E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. builders — FHA appraised and inspected— assure you good design, sound construction and a desirable location. ' Consult us or Phone 100 E. o. mmm LUMBER co,

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