The Cincinnati Enquirer from ,  on August 28, 1953 · Page 16
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from , · Page 16

Issue Date:
Friday, August 28, 1953
Page 16
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7 1- " ' " " v r ! v ... -i -r ,.." v f - ' r r J f T V - r r r w w , - r V - - r- - - - - w w w w r - - - - - - - - - - r - - Friday, August 28, 1953 THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Tape 14 HOLLYWOOD w tm (ri E. B. RadcliHe's The a t e r Bad Scouts Are Good Scouts After All Kirk Gives Pier Chill After Her Rome Flight if '. I) V "MR. SCOUTMASTER," Clifton Webb's latest comedy, is good clean fun dedicated to the propo sition that bad i (in the sense of mischievous and boisterous) boy scouts are good scouts after all and should be handled with care, intelligence, and hu-mility by intrepid adults who seek to lead f4 L J'lt - r'i SZZL I V Al lr?i?r 1 :irui them. The picture now showinz at WIN SLOW Keith's and the Twin Drive-In, is probably the first one Mr. Webb has had stolen from him by a fellow actor. But the grand larceny is pulled off neatly by 10-year-old George Win slow, whose - - 4 MTWltN MIOOLXTOWN HAMILTON At t t FOOD SHOW -2VOIV- BABY SHOW SAT. 2-3 ond 3-4 Yean BIGGEST BEST I.APT ...lie RtJRfL MOM HADES 31W(8fON KIWI'S star w 't;; jaxon Glnqer BRUCE ROBERTS SOPHIE M"rlfllj the oNtt jiuss W rift" SMiftrr & His Orchestra CRT & FIDDLE m m rATS ROUT Sm forcljn it I Hil.TT (illPMIIWI.Iil F F MI'i . ,JT AUTO DOWN n diiplar. ln ptnoa . m. Firework. BcMo-Sehool Hyde Park Travelogs LIFE in faraway places with strange t sounding names is reflected in sight, sound, and story that are fascinating to follow on the screen of the Hyde Park Theater. ARCTIC life is presented first in a Disney Technicolor documentary. It covers man's bitter struggle for existence in barren frozen wastes as carefully and dramatically as the prize-winning Disney camera essays on wild life. The northern picture really lives up to information of its title, "The Alaskan Eskimo," showing how he lives. His music, ceremonials, craftsmanship and resourcefulness will amaze you, but his manifestations of primitive culinary arts and his ideas of tasty dishes and recipes will give your tummy a twinge or two. .. "BELOW The Sahara" is the second feature on the bill. This is the best wild animal hunt with camera I've ever seen. It tops the past mark set by its maker. Armand .Denis. Gorilla hunt, rivers crawling with hippos, activities of birds and beasts from penguins to leopards and from penguins to leopards and elephants are catalogued pictorially. There's footage on a fight of man and leopard but that looked a bit hokey-pokey , to me the only thing that did in an amazing picture which debunks some of the things you've heard about wild animals. The most amazing sequence (beside the gorilla hunt) is a 50-mile-an-hour antelope hunt by cheetahs. For speed, agility, and sureness in the chase this hunt is sensational. The cheetahs being muzzeld only knock down their prey until hunters in automobiles can tie them up for shipment to zoos. E. B. It. no chance of a reconciliation but she is not divorcing Jess immediately. BALLERINA Alicia Markova, who opens at the Greek Theater in our town tomorrow night, hurries back to England to create the dances for Claire Bloom and Robert Donat in "The Tempest." Another great ballet dancer, Bobby Helpmann, is codirecting with Michael Benthal. I don't believe Shakespeare's "The Tempest" has. ever been filmed. At least in going back and trying to remember, I cannot recall. Claire Bloom is the English star brought here by Charlie Chaplin for his last picture-certainly his last American-made comedy, , k -k SNAPSHOTS of Hollywood collected at random: Judy Garland was so upset over the fire in her home that she canceled a recording session at Warners and is unable to work until later this week. Reports from Europe say that Lana Turner has a new heartbeat and her interest in Lex Barker is less and less ardent. MGM is talking another deal with Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball that's how well "The Long Long Trailer" preview was received. Pretty Frances Bergen starts "Miss Baker's Dozen" with Greer Gorson this week. Frances was "prfully" pretty in "Titanic." Gene Autry'a horse, Champion, stole the show, in London. When Gene rode him Into the Savoy Hotel grille, Champion stretched his neck and drank the champagne from one of the customer's glasses. Orson Welles in not allowing his cramped financial situation to Interfere with his gifts to Paola Mori, Italian actress. . He just gave her a heart-shaped pendant of diamonds and rubies. HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 26 (INS) You needn't expect Merle Oberon back in Hollywood for another four months. From Biarritz she writes that she has agreed to do a second picture for Spain's number one director, Saenz d e Heredia. Maybe the Kirk Douglas Pier Angeli ro-mance isn't stone cold, but it certainly cot DOUGLAS a first class chilling iast ween when Pier flew to Rome where Kirk is making "Ulysses" for Dino di Laurentis. No sooner had Pier landed than Kirk took off for Northern Italy on location, it says here and without inviting Pier to go along for the ride. Whereupon Pier did a little traveling herself, to Southern Italy to visit relatives, and then straight back to London. Romance or no, it looks like Kirk won't be returning here for some time, since he's just agreed to do a second picture for di Laurentis in Italy and France. It's "Attila," based on the life of Attila, the hun, who was the scourge of Europe in 433. TALKED with Susan Hayward just before she took off for Honolulu. She said she is so emotionally upset she won't make any picture until her nerves calm down. Susan has decided not to file for divorce right away, because of the effect it might have on her children. In other words, she believes it might have such a serious effect on Jess Barker that eventually it would harm their children. This girl is intelligent, farsee-ing and wise. She says there is ' 's SHOW THRU AUG. 30 HOMERS, 2 SHOWS, AUG. 29 ana domntle earn Sea Down Homer T-ftrg , Sit. ( i and 8 I I.. MondiT ntt,. I ""Bp Fknle We., I Sjf, flf part of a deadpanned, foghorn-voiced Cub Scout is so written and shot a passel of Barrymores would be overshadowed playing against it. SO THEN, here we have Brother Webb making his coffee and cakes doing a TV show pro moting breakfast cereal lor Kids. Trouble with the show js the Webb, as you mav have guessed. doesn't know kids. F'RST attempt by Webb to ae- juire Knowieage is a iiuuy ui hlldren'g comic books. This dofsn't teach him a thing. But when his vanity impels him to take over a Boy Scout troop troubled by loss of leaders (who suddenly depart for South America or Australia in the middle of noisy meetings and hikes) then his education and come-uppance begins and continues for real. MOTHERS, dads, and youngsters in the audience got their biggest kicks out of a Tenderfoot Test meeting at which Apprentice Scoutmaster Webb dumps a plate of melted icecream over the head of the spoiled son of his TV program sponsor. This sequence has sharpness of humor and fresh point of view that find the picture at its funniest. In late scenes some wheezy gags are essayed. (Examples: An encounter with a skunk, a scoutmaster who gets lost trying to find a lost scout). I didn't find the late material as funny as the early stuff but I found myself in the minority here. THE STORY winds up with Scoutmaster a happier and a wiser fellow (and surer of his TV job eood deeds in Hollywood al- J ways pays off at the till). The i Cub Scout (Winslow), an orphan Deuer aoje 10 lane tare vi iiun-self than his Scoutmaster, foster parents, or troop pals, is adopted by the Scoutmaster and his wife. Great family entertainment this although a bit sweet for the Terror of Terrace Park who has made a career (profitless but lots of fun) searing the wits out of the neighborhood children and little puppy dogs. Don't Miss Today's Food Ad Values iti-Opinlng Alter 7 Mos. In Europi FREE VOCAL TEST CLASSIC POPULAR TV li:aii fiiei WLW 10 ITEARS HOTEL METROPOLE PA 5100 k.v' ni y a u u i BfifJTW Ohio Woman To Get Post In Agriculture Department MARIO & FLORIA MERRIEL ABBOTT DANCERS Dig This! A Rich Poet HOLLYWOOD UPt A revolutionary kind of movie producer has made his debut on the Hollywood scene, a fellow by the name of Allan J. Dowling. Dowling is a millionaire, which Is nothing unusual for a movie producer. But Dowling also is a poet. A millionaire poet is unusual. . , . He is the son of the late Robert E. Dowling, the founder of the City Investing Co., the real estate firm that had a lot to do with giving New York City Its famous skyline. D o w 1 i n g ' I brother, Robert, Is now president of City Investing, and Allan Is a member of the board of directors. , As a solvent poet one o' fie few in existence he was a friend and foe of such literary greats as Frank Harris and Georg Bernard Shaw. ' ' " -" Cod Alt Cndltltn! Dia DiUef " Banerett The Kid From Left Field ""'! 'High Noon' ; C&rr Cooper Kelly (ONIINUOUt I Unkl rfni(iMicioiit Patrick Hamilton's never-to-be-forjotten state hit brought to the screen at last! - lllflim ANTON WWBR00K "M SIwh" lm . DIANA WYNIAII0 obrt Nwrton SUrtt! S:05. :4Q. S:1S. :SO. t:8S. 10;l NOW! 2ND WEEKI flllUT QfttOblAM WIDE-VISION SCREEN ft Their at-time y K 'funniest lit! . REED - BATES - CAIIFI4 - cuw tmti A MAGNIFICENT MOTION PICTURE FOR OUR TIME!... AIR-CONDITIONED CIWIKNATI'S FAMILY THFATIJ J 'Jo All Tinea CkiUrca 20 Aal Marvhr "GCW SMOKE" (la Color! Pla lack ritlura "I KILLKU CKKONIMO V.- TKHNKM01 HYDE PARK it) 41 HI i mm P H ALAN LAD D In "SHmI" " W J Tech. Plus "THE j SECRET SHARER" J ROM DESMOND m. c. GARDNER BENEDICT t his orch. SHOW TIMtS.8:00& 11.30 SATURDAY 8 ;OO.U:0Q& 1:30 NtVH A COVH CMAKGE-SMAtl MINIMUM T f 1 JLmmmmammmimmmidk SINGER AT CONEY Marie Johnson is the featured singer with Tony Pastor's Orchestra, which opens a week's engagement tonight at Coney Island's Moonlite Gardens. Back To Hollywood! 20th Century Suspending Its British Production LONDON, Aug. 27 CD-Twentieth Century-Fox announced tonight it is suspending film production in Britain for a year to let its top executive here go to Hollywood and bone up on the latest movie-making techniques. The American company has been making pictures in Britain for more than 20 years. But John Ware, director of publicity, said in a statement: "We are suspending production in Britain as we are making no more full-length flat feature films. AH films in the future will be cinemascope and we have no one with the know-how, "Mr. Freddy Fox, managing director of production in Britain, is going to Hollywood to learn the technique." Cinemascope Is the company's device to produce the illusion of depth without the use of special glasses. Mr. Ware said only about a dozen persons were directly affected by the shut-down order I Bljjie v.ciiiuijr ujujr tenia studio space m Britain and employs technicians already there. Stt Tht World's Grtattit Shew! CROSLEY FIELD 3 ll Days and Nights, Starting SEPT. S-4-7 SATJSUNJM0N. 3 & 13 & 8,1' 1 3 & I Rogers Rodeo $1000 t ya If ye can rid "Ha. Sya" 10 ttconds. k THRILL CIRCUS! 52-TITANIC EVENTS-52 ADULTS j KIDS $1.00 I S0c Tlckfti Now Clntlnmtl fd Boi Of (let BILL The Beachcomber Gnuin South Pacific Drinkt Contintntal Foodi DINNERS SERVED EVERY EVENING i TO I P. M. Prici From $ 1 .35 Gardtn and Bar Opart Until 2:30 A.M. Garten Attraction Frl. and Hat. Chirk lain ana till Dtiirlana Mwlr 8-1 A. M. Corrr Chirli St. OO Per. rrraoa rpnnrK tin. TE-Wt5stE AVE. Wfi if m "1 Jl 'I.-3 7 113 frrrrrrw Enquirer Bureau Special WASHINGTON, Aug. 27-Mrs. Lottie Randolph, Columbus, former assistant director of agriculture in Ohio, will be appointed assistant to the administrator of the farmers' home administration, the department of agriculture announced today. The appointment will be effective about September 10. Mrs. Randolph was indorsed last November for the $8360 post by Sen. John W. Bricker (R., Ohio) and the late Sen. Robert A. Taft. As Assistant Director of Agriculture in Ohio from 1939 to 1944, and again in 1947 and 1948, Mrs. Randolph has had broad experience in farm affairs. For two years during World War II she was In charge of the Women's Land Army in the state, an organization that helped recruit labor to harvest the crops. She also has been secretary of the central states division of market officials and a member of the legislative committee of the national association of market officials. "Here comes your boss and his pass it OFF TISE iti roiti) Mfa I t V, f r am a i. 1 W7L to In recent years Mrs. Randolph has served as health and welfare chairman of the Ohio State Grange, on the agriculture and natural resources committee of the Ohio Program Commission, and as chairman of the state farm and home safety mobilization committee. , For the past 23 years, under the direction of the extension service of Ohio State University, she had led group discussions of farm home and community affairs with farmers and 1 their wives throughout the state. At the present time she is in the real estate business in Columbus. In 1931 Mrs. Randolph received the master farm homemaker degree from Ohio State University. A native of Rushville, Fairfield County, Ohio, she is a member of the Eastern Star, Business and Professional Women's Club, First Community Church of Columbus, the State Grange and the Farm Bureau. Her husband, Frank M. Randolph, a Perry County farmer, died in 1936. wife. Tip your hat to her him. , .J! A BIT OF DECEPTION Diana Wynyard shouldn't be taken in by this display of affection on the part of Anton Walbrook, her husband, in "Angel Street" (Guild, today). Hubby is scheming to drive her mad so he can seize her for-- tune. BEAUTIFUL ULT PAR DANCING Every Fri.-Sat.-Sun. Now Playing CHARLIE KEHRER and his orchestra Bim Drill . Erl Gw Borne sx iVcTHfrLrMVa ChrlHB Danrinr To Ift DUiflani ftfusfr in Air-i..ouin vomiort -'T HhoFr flaw M 1 qm mui'jm u u" " 1 11,11 1 J '5 3 Q 1 I - I - ' UfVt NEW THRILLS FROM WILDEST AFRICA!! VWim STILL YOL1R BEST UM .-AA It a JF . Wl XI IS rM WTVif JTaHlfi ALaraWO ml I mjT Cut l Lli I Al.l ;)l I t Al.ljlA WtM til ilS&JWK- W8mAM W S i i,m kT i nraY uiww iiviaru v t am n it trvn ai"! I ar ia i' - ItlnMLULllrf ConUnaou from :00 ' i flllilW BEGINNING " i I ; '' "Ty NEY CL0SED M0NDAY' AUGi 31 Nv m PASTOR -AUG. 28 thru Sept. 3 1 (LfrJl Singing Band Lecder 4 yJ featuring Marie Johnson ond Stubby Pastor jL JERHY GRM-SEPT.4hruStpf.7 1 ij Cjj AOTOsaon is rut. tssuojtet u irqiwimMits el Ost iutuw Hin ymK.P liffl 'Oreit Sioux Uprising' Ftudin' Fools' - v " " m limn ir, n. .11 iif.laa-.ii VA ajrjjj 14 Vinrfnt Prira UnllC QC WAX ZQ Caalmrf aX r , . 1 JWt " I'F'LSaaw t. ur, .1.1 OMO IjjjH.eF Uimrarioa frank lavei HWU4L V T HAA .,,, V V ifff fa f-'iD 'i' f """""" tmm dream wpotawnT-iOTp-. i Cliftomns) XSbiWi7r aBCilEffl a ta!w"r 'SHANE' 'KID FROM LEFT FIELD' Mmmmf. JhliUljy ! -!7. j!viKn;; Aa.f sjh ku i ' lor ; OliRfc ;y ir.ACSSrS 7 A lP gi ,gt,r 'STALAO 17' 'FLAME OF CALCUTTA' ffrf ir;). l MaM i oP3 hT 'Whitt Witch Doctor' 'Glory Brigadi' rtCZMS TlL:fJ. Ujmf' &BCP SZuv 'THIEF OF BAGDAD' 'DRUMS' i NOW PLATING ftTggffif ' Jim? NOW TLAYINO) Saff Wf-" , f S2Vm 'COLUMN SOUTH' 'SON OF BELLE STAR' j I -Add.d- I nTZTT ' N mtt;M 'Wakt & Red Witch' S'LPac. That Thrills' ; N 9M?n!n WOmtittj&V&m Frw Lett Field' The Lest Posse' I-' ' FLASH! Alaskan King Ofl muu, m 1STAUGIT - t.r..r i : .J : Til . . 7--; " V Crab, by Chef Kernel SIU tMi S,TJ 'SCANDAL AT SCOURIE' 'MIOHTT JOE YOUNG "..;-- Glenn, ecore, smash hit lj "'f ! T -"fi I ni.i'.'itl'Tfr 'By Th Light Of Tha Silvery Moon' f t , " , with food-lovinq Greater 1 wy mi Aa....., a-wawaau . ywyy - ; tiix nrnllir4;n YOU oft? ) H.ralltan fTTT THIN E WHO 'STRANGE a) 'NO HOing TORT I ' , ( t J' i production iuu, too jtiijU34JwAs a thiif ihwr- brhhi)' ouv , f ,A See you tonite at . . , I 'yiM 'Ha Hiihway In Tha Sky' 'Konja Wild Stallion' ; ' . " '" 1 i?.'Ll 'SLIGHT CASE OF lARCENY 'BAHDITS CORSjCA' ,''. S ' I iOj'-r I tiUMiVtfZ rDavidTBathsheha'tHese cTcimarrol' ' I I (M '$ 1 kELSI ngsljaca' 'Andrcclcs And The Lion' . ' ' ( (r ; TOWN f niir:iICiI;;; 'SyL0' I V 1 ,,V, CTIira tf v,h;i !j;,,.,'SH0P.ES 0F"TRIPCU' b"uckswa : v-' ! . j - ccuNTfiY r -' 7 r' ...1." r7"yi.Y."--V' ; . . J ' I f,x. 'LX I"- I VI," 4,SCAREC STIFF' ; TC-;3, v-,t ,n;) c . , r . , r , ,;fuI d m, -:- . "vwcicm. ry . u" " jc '.;:t t"-" ; .n u,r? Tif::;T-!.c; n 'icis rary, iUTt . ;,., ? T " r t ' l 2 . S C q'u T A S T E " 1 m-J --f n.o "I VI IN F 0 r " . va Turner, r.icards viVv ; v " ' : u 'iis'i ; . iiir.'. - , ,.T - r M BARGAIN DAY TODAY I r -3 r n " ! 1 ! - n n . W ' ! f ; ..a i Mr! V MANY RIDES, AMUSEMENTS C AND REFRESHMENTS j Ijffa'm Swimnirj. Sn!;i Fool ai' 5 5c OftJren 35c

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