The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1940
Page 3
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TUI'SDAY, MARCH r v l!XO AUK.) NKWS The Heller 'Olc Tube Under Si. C loud Park Will Servo Doiililc Purpose PARIS. (UPi-Oi-.spite the war, 1'ieiich engineers under military control Iiavr- waled aiul lined a \ r ehi'.-u!ar tunnel under ihe heights of St. cloud Park, just ouside Paiis. Only a little more ii;m- is needed to complete the roadway and Ihhtinn arrangements, n<>.^ides being the entrance to the paikway. leading 17 miles into country to tiiiiin highways for Ucauville and Dian-itz, tlie tunnel forms the world's largest nud .'.alest air-raid refuge. One thousand to 1.500 motor cirs ;m:l 1(1,000 people- cjni be ,11 comrnodatcd and still keep a lane of ac'-css and egress open. The mas'; of caiili. stone and eoncrcle atovi; it varies from 100 to :i(M I net llilek. It is more than 3,00!) feet lo:i(; and wide enough to take seven files of cars, la this way it is also one uf the widest tunnel:,- of its- length, comparable in Eui-Oiie only to the timtiel mricr tlie Mersey at Liverpool ami another at Antwerp. Of course the tunnel was not ] built for war purpose;;, as its use ! was restricted to louring rais. but I to promote automobile and tourist j industries. Construction has not j been retarded Ijy mobilization, but I work on the reinforced concrete j p:-rkway, which in Prance will l>c | called an atJtostradc, is two months behind. 'Co Have Slow Uniit Although patterned after American parkways, the nntosirade has some distinctive features. In the first place, there will be no toll to pay either for the tunnel or the open air, and there will Ije no speed limit. Instead there will be a slow limit. To avoid intersections where the airtoslrade branches off, west furl south, to meet the national highways, an ingenious .system of three stories of roads has been devised. This will obviate any reduction of speed or of hunting for the turnoff to take, both for cars coming and going. This three- decker section is spread over three-quarters of a square mile. Another novelty will be the use of a five-lane system in the tunnel, so arranged with li?hl .signals that, as required, any number of fllesrpr tracks' .caji, he set t aside for cither" direction, going or' coming. For example, . when cars - J are returning to Paris, Sunday evenings, three or even four files can run in one direction—toward faris—and ore or two in the other. There will be no divisions between lanes except luminous lines. Onens New Area Engineers estimate that when the parkway is completed it will be possible to live 2o miles from Paris in the real country and yet drive into business in the center of Paris in 30 minutes easily. Tlie v-oiislruction was fucilitaled by the fact that all the properly traversed belongs to tlie state. The resrions hci'ig the park and forest of si. Cloud and the forest. . of .Marly. The latter public forest has bean comparatively little used by Parisians in the past because of the inconvenience in getting there. The nntostrade will make it a playground in natural surroundings for anybody who has a car. No landscape gardening has been needed along the route, as it cuts through a real forest with natural hills and vales. The bridges and tunnel entrances have been designed in a style similar to the architecture ol the Versailles chateau. Urlcss war interferes, the cu- Warring Rrilian Wars Abou Peace That, Isn't In Siglu THRBK ' ll- Ml (.TON* M v si-ivi.'o nun cvir.'m.nii.i«m lOMKJN. Mnr. ;t, .AHhuirth the » ' iv limdly started. K.miand Is 1111 i'l» InlUiijj ubmil Kliitt tllit I" m shall be. And there arc ihriv distinct di- 11 u ns 1 J'l l)c-iiicii-to-Oeriniiiiy school. Hi P.C wlm wnni a ilimtlc I tli IK,. W ] 10 take n midd'U'-or- ilu--io:ul altitude. "-"I I ACTION" (JIHHIl' "" llr-sl ciUc-sory Is ,,,i K ,ll in '"iniliers. but powerful in .social und "i-'iil inlluencc. li'' thi'.sts; ill the si-luiol seems in 1 tli;ii whe.i ,i,m uliali'd. the PI-K... ii-i'iily ' I .vi an ihi- Herman tribes licjin warlike dreams ol re- tin- A comfoinbk Mat bi « «ii m fi u uphces dnt nitnp d b lo« did (1 uutus on thisi two Uiitish sinmni, picuiud i<ui|«iatlng in .1 London hospital, lliey were a leased when British cruiser Cossni-k ran Die German prison ship Alunnrk iijioimd in i i piison ship loi ton^ piisoners le ii Norwegian Ijoru Experiments Carried On At San Qucniin Sincf 1918 CAN QUENTIN. (Jill.. March 5. Unknown to the outside except in limited medical IUPI world. circles, San Qucntin prison 'foV'tii'e past 22 years has tea:: the world's greatest clinic for rejuvenation experiments, a final report by Dr. Leo L. Stanley, chief prison surgeon, revals. All of the operations of Voro- nolf of Paris, Sleiner of Vienna, and of other great surgeons and specialists in rejuvenation and the fighting of senility have been duplicated thousands ol times as well as entirely new methods worked out self. In the 22 Dr. Stanley plied this system of by Dr. Stanley htm- years. (luring which introduced and ap- treatmenl m the penitentiary, 10.000 such operations have been performed and in each case with the coiuent of the man being operated upon. Dr. Stanley's final report is expected to constitute one of the most important works to date upon this system of thernpv. Ky.s-lcmic Wi-iiliiicss Iti-iMi.-rii Contrary to the limited obje:- ves of rejiivwialio. 1 : ssa 'hi by some specialists in this field nf Stanley has found that s land iiu- plaming in men brin°s rcnnrkab'e results in acre, diabetes. ;. ;::u,i i and systemic «-eak:i.-j- "San Quentin offers ideal .iciuli- ttons for performing and .-.turiyi ••• the results or these treatment;;" Dr. Stanley said. "There is at nil times in the prison a most unusual an;) valuable opportunity for carryin* o research work of this type "T|I- men'lire un^c-r observation for ;1 t least one year and in :;omc c , 1SC s for as many its 15 yeais. "Their living conrtitiors are Clock Ticks On I Two urios; In One Family for Past MO Years FRESNO. Cal. (UP) — Ticking away the minutes as faithfully today as when it was made in 1110. ' 221-year old clock stands in the home nf Harry Pretty of Fresno. Pretty Ims traced ownership of the clock in his family for HO '''•ais. it was given to him by his Inte fiillier. Henry Pretty, who received it from his father, who was bequeathed the heirloom by his graudfutlicr and so on back to at least 1800. The clock Is in u hand-made wooden case, 1 feet high. It is motivated by pulleys and ropes attached to a 14 -pound weight that cause the large, ungainly-looking wheels to turn. When John Lee, who wn.s admitted to the Clocknmkers cuikl in 1719. made the clock— one of his first— he probably had no Idea i')io;il which rejects Hut ihe Tremy ol Vi'isalllrs loo drastic aiul wliicli nilvo- i ilr.iconiu-i tieuty, puints to i iiinitis 1 unprovoked war on iniDi in Him, (heir "trick" "••i with l.'1-uiu'i! hi 1B70. ^ t HUMAN TKKATIIIS IVCKI: N'o'j' .Mii:n 1 '<• (Irii'-'uniiui school Mty.s the "< il\ of Dfiwl-Uinwk the (•<:,-- niiins iiiii)o-;rd UIHUI Kiissla and ltl tutty they Imposed upon Hn- nnnli m the lust win made the \ii nllts treaty look mild. TlH-y point 10 CxcchOiloviiklii "lid Cidrnuny's war 0:1 1'oland Uiwsl of nil Hu- Ki-oups, In- clmhng miiny in the uoverinncnl iiiHl press, me those who want to «'»il uiul see, and wlui me in- di::v<l to take » mlddle-of-tlie- niacl uttliutli! nl present, content">e themselves willi saylnu Hie fiisl IhhiM Is to win the war. All else nui c'oiue Iheienftcr. it would chime midnight to (jreet in least two new centuries and new years in England, Canada and several states :u this country, in fact, the clock was 56 years old before Uie Declaration of Independence was signed in 1710. The minute hand had not been the outside can these possibilities be equaled." Work iicgini in IfllS Hi: Stanley first begun this line of therapy in 1918. The technique nt Hint lime consisted of implanting the entire reproductive orgiiii tiom one man to another. One of his first patients to undergo this operation was a man T. years old. The patient thin wrinkled, weak-voiced, apathetic and suffering from marked symptoms ol old age. With!:- a fc.v days afior the operation, hospital attendants notct that he had brightened up. was saining in strenyth and liking a keen interest in his surroundings This continued and his mental and physical improvement was still Order Or<, invented when Lee made HIP clock and only one hand denotes the slrktly speaking, Hie passing of lime. The space be- Merit. The.; follows the uixu-r ol twccti (he Roman numerals on the (lie [lath. N«( the Order ul the brass face ivilh its i-labornte scrolls Urflish Kmplrc with Its various Is divided into quarter hours ami divisions. Alemljer.s ol the inercliuiii one looks at the hour and esti- navy have been nuide officers of males the exact lime. ; this order, John Lee's luime is boldly etched '• Then. „„, two uw.irds which ( uv Into n j)lni|iic at the top of Ihe exclusively navul. one Is the face. The clock announces the hour In olher an emphatic munner that cnnnot Cross. Con- Ciallanlry Me<lal, the the Dlsllnsjuished Service be compared to lioniianlous chimes : of more modern timepieces, rcfiulnr tick-lock sounils The faintly like u tint wheel on n railroad box cur. Shave Literally Close In Crossing Accident English Village Ready For Peace Celebration LONDON I UP)—One village In Kngliuul is ready to luiltl Its Vic- lory dance nt .in hour's notice. : Tlii: village hall is booked, the l bnnil iviiined to iitlend ul short Cal. <VJP> —Because a I notice, and the ratcrlna cojninit- was £uu\£ so fast when il | lee has its orders to L'o ahead lin- an aulomobitc rear her-3, • nieilhlcly when news of pence -'ml -" fl> ' i "'° bably lv;ls! ra!dl|ls f"oiistulilc Priinl; lx:e at Crossing the intersection in • .\>t Uyllcld village Norltnnm dusk. Gilbert Atnip said he fa-le:! '• lonshire. twice has ir-i-- let dir to sec the limited until it v.. u .s too i At the juollei- coleM-iliou ol close. He applied his brakes. ,i,,d | George V and Queen Mjry and at the front end of his truck came Ihe CBronnlloii of the iiresenl V to rest on the tracks. | and queen, every hall and band result was a clean sh-ive- ' had been booked up and Uvllelc! off the radiator and froul,, was left high and dry with, m tran .struck lute (or the nlliul hntl Ices, tralnlnj, relief for the needy " assisted in tho national drive Christmas cliecr, visitation of the for tho prevention of blindness sick, and other miscellaneous serv- , "At all time.') since Inception of ices for the benefit of the blind. Hie Ijistlliite In IOIB. our officials . "Already," he said, "blind men closely collaborated will) the titid blind women arc engaged In departments In this Din production of articles required me jiroiitl of the for Women's Auxiliary Corps and (liny have taken ( 0 u(d und for use by Canadian forces. our conditions. The innjM- ex|)laln«l that A plover flew from Toronto to llarbados, a distance of about 3000 miles. In 10 days. iporianl jircvejitlun ol the Wind prntu'iiin Is conducted by the In addition to employ- on) M-rvlces, Itriillli! librnry serv Head Courier News v.ant ads UHAIMAOR TAX HOT10I! s. Miiriii'ii si; 1 - K. ,MI|.'li,.|l N1V Iti'li. *•' rt l'iLlt..r. I KM.-- SK ' i:,,... i.,,, II. llnki'i l:. 'J.l Ac li. ll«k.r K. '.'I ,!,.. SKI '.. Ilininl- --Hill, ];-:, N\Vi I-M, N',; i: ,,i IV ,,r I. ,11! .'1. 11. llu\ilii-(in- -.NTH • I. II. (lilli* 1M...KK. xf'i'i • I 'I'. .luhiKi-ii- Ul " •I'm Ciiiinliifli ..... — S All IKT-UIIV mill SVVV, NW-, , sw ,; X|'H ;j f; i ' IM1IVKV .vriltltlf), C'li-r): TAX NOTICE ..i. lnl.1,,1 In Mill I ^«U»ll-|il riniiilj'. ArkiiliNnn. lii t| .V Tyninsu llnilnriBc DMrlrl Xn. DlMiIrl in lli.i y.Tir ll>;ui un |]i,i nu|i-Joliii.ii lii-liii; u't n|i]iniill,- lih ,ir l.or •« [r m PJirli, lo.-vl Acrcf lootlis (lnrr.'H"-W \t, Uarn-ti- •»'«'.. K|.;i- S. Jllld.i-ll- -N'KV, N|.;I. I.. S, Miidi.-ll -Xvi'i', XI-'V, I.. S ' I.. S. Curl (ii.i-n -Nil, XKH \\v ri.ivi.l ' I'lnrlcln llr,i<-.SWi'i" " """ .ii». n. n»i,-i -K 21 .u- VJKVI'N'K .I'll- It. linker -K 2.1 ,W KKV, Nlv llwir.l—.\V nl I. All I..-VI... llni,.i|.--l-,l N'l, 1- nf I -I II. II."!.! ' ."7 II. Ilillh H»l.--H',i' XK", "HI '>"• --LIU '.'. xw.i ...':'.".'_'."_ iir, Lin.i ilu-v ,it,- )Ti|»pr.'il lit II IT 111,' Minn* win 1,,. (aii,.,, | IP.- I'lili-n-J iliri'i-lliiK III.- mli. ,p| .,,,|,| | nm |, l»\.-.. IneHl.T wlili II., nl li,li-ri'.. WII'.VKSS ,„)• l,,.,,.l ,„.,! ,,.,1 ,,. „,(. War Blindness To Be Reduced, Says Canadian LONDON, Out. (UP)-Tlic number nf soldiers and sailors blinded (lilt-Inn the World War would have ixo 'Jl a i •>» 24.117 75 Hid SO 10 Mll.l nrfl lli'r.'liy wprliM .mil ii,/,ko - «lnri,»>i-il linnl for Hu> inir|iiiM> nf |ii!ti«lly niul Sieiitly reduce'.! provided nl Hie I helmets. Major A. M. IIAnVKY .MIIIlillK. (;|,'rk, hi' . Major Dillon told how con-il-ui! o/ forts by Hie re-isarch tlepiulmetit of the Cinr.idlini Mnllonnl Insti- part of the light truck. Witnesses believed that If Ihe the car ' celebrations ' It does not Intend n repeat ot wn.s discharged. However, this type of operation was eventually found to be un.suc- ii. and Dr. fitnnley began Implanting of glands ol rams. This technique eventually was perfected to the extent that the ~...~, .,... ,ii* L11(;1 1-.,. un; en* i .... -• ....v..o ...-.: peiiecteo 10 lie extent that HI tue u .Uostr»ri<, and tunnel will he dcr »"l»l.v know,,. They nre un<ler glacis themselves in "ead f be open to the nubile this .-mmmrr I >° ^pei^e to themselves when Umsln- open to the public Ihis summer. Two lanes of the tunnel will be. ready within a month. Sightseers Now Go To Dr. Mudd Prison Island WASHINGTON I UP) — Historic old port Jefferson, abandoned as a military post in 187-) a^d made a national monument bv President Roosevelt Jan. -l. 1935." hns brai made accessible, to Florida visitors »y the National Park service A .tri-wcckly boat service has been inaugurated to the fort which is located 05 miles off the coast ot Key West on o-^c of the Dry Tortugas Islands. Dockim> and anchorage facilities also h.ive been provide;! for private crnfi The fort was built on the isbnd in 1846 as the key defense of the Gulf of Mexico and although it wns abandoned as a military post in 1874. troops still are stationed there—04 years later. H was on this island that Dr Samuel A. Mudd, Marylniid jihysi- cian ivlio set John Wilkes Booth's broken leg following the assn.wina- tton of Presitleiil Lincoln, was Imprisoned. He was pardoned on March 21, 1869. been use of his faithful .service to the Island In- ImbitanU during a yelloiv fever plague. Tlie island Is surrounded by one of the richest marine garrie-5 in the world, the park .service states. and at least 600 varieties of aquatic life.can be viewed on ihe floor from n glass-bollom boat. . . *..v.i « J..-JP .;jaiiu-ii were ( 'rd underijoing oossrvatioa in the hos- consistency of a paste nltal niifl pnip\\. t\f pp,,« ....:_ I * l'».>.i- pital. ami many of the prisoners voluntarily submitted in i\ K iu _ tcrcsts of science. Noivhere on ind to the and this was injected underneath the shin This is the technique .still being used in the majority of eases. Read Ccurler Ivews waul .ids. ri.l:- . llarrv Ktori/1.1 Vlntiiln flmi-i:, Kli-ri.l:! pyioriiln (V.p-1 (i •Ino I!. .In,. K. Lake Wl.i NAME Will T..I K11.MI HT KJIrn Hr \V. K. lirailln n. Carroll — VVi ; XK SW~~~ h. (;.-<rr,>ll — W... SK x\v " I.. S. Milrlirll— XK XK '" " I.. K. Milrl fll -N\V XK "* I.. S. ViMii'll — SK xi; ......... I.. S. Milrlirll — SW XK.l ..... Aiii.-rii-.-in C.-nfr.-!! l.if 'n Krl K. ,,i SK s\v 0. 0. Hnl,l,nril-Krl. XK s\v l.'nhnon-n — Crl. SK SW IJ.-ll.-01-il l';lt[^rs.ln --SK SI" s. SK ,S\V ' .,-.— KM" KW " .«-v«nl feet—iiralmLiV Uillliii; nip. who escaped without Injury, j Rciul Ccnrlcr News nnnl lids. Britain Limits All ! Except 2 Valor Awards LONDON lUPi-Of the |)OMiW-; 'iti ho'-.m.s to be won In wailiine i there me only two bestowed with' no regartl lo milk. cla.-=s or Income. They ire (he Victoiia Cross nn.l the Empire Gallantry Medal, llaih Ihese medals may b; nwiircitil IiosUiiiinonslv, anil THIS IS OLD QUAKER tiwurcki Enipirv . , ...... 111. Gallantry medal Is (he ..., nwaril lor (jallaiitry other than (lie j The hk'hesl honor rot service is. STANDARD TIRES llr.--.--NK XW Ili-us.—OiW X\V HriPS.—SK X\V HIPP!.. —KW XW llr.-.. — XK «\v Urn-. -N-.V ,S\\ HKPV—NK .SIV llr..-.—SW .sw r.-.n-X". XK : HnV,r— K 2 | ,\, A r.pvrf Hnar,l-W ,,I |, A1 | !.«»(,<- Ho»r.l—!>,]. K U ,„. SI. II. TlnMimnn —X>-" '"----.>. II. flillf.s Ksi.—S't "\ : K J. T. .lolpuKon-J-r,. N 'w NK .loi! Cuin.inirl.nTii—N'..j f^w '" , ml in pjnl.l l.mita arc hfri'liv ,iolili!..l .-Itliln lonr vvnrk, „„,, m - k ; "J'"' •OTHER SIZES PROPORTIONATELY LOW// AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! As HA Low As Uw BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, I'er Week On Our 'HIS WHISKEY IS 4 YIARS 01D-90 FXOOf Copr. 1940, The Old Quaker Co,, lawrenceburg, Indiana APPLY NOW FOR YOUR CROP PRODUCTION LOAN do mil fr r o w l>y thomsclvi-.s. '1'licy call lor i)I;iii(in^, fcrfili/.inpf und tultiv;t(ing. And uflcn liitK-.s 1 h L-H e necessary operalkms nuisl lie fiiiHiicwl hy credit or Inan arrsinKcniciKs. nlany responsible farmers: secure loans from ll"s bank cacli SpriiiR (o cover (he cash costs of making and inin-kcfiii|r (heir crows. Loans are repayable in (he I-'ali when crops are sold. If you need money lo finance your crops, come to see us. \Ve welcome applications. COMPLETE HANKING SERVICE 1. Crop Production Loans 2. Checking Accounts U. Savings Accounts •I. Personal Loans 5. New Car Financing fi. I-MLA. Title 2 Loans 7. Commercial Loans THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN BLYTHEVILLE MEMHER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION

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