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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, November 27, 1954
Page 5
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- ,->•>. ^3Pl r KOFI If AH, NO.M •, Netemtrtf 2«, 1W4 « ... . J - | ' -.j- •»!-•• -f-" '•-•• '• ' I?; News of the CHURCHES fell •11 7 FIRST CHRISTIAN 210 North Main Edmund Pendleton, Minister 9:45 Bible School, Malcolm Porterfield. Supt. "Our Ever Present Help" 10:50 a. m. Morning \Vorship "Gratitude Will Overcome Greed" 2:30-4:00 p. m. Communion service to shut-ins. 6:00-7:30 p. m. Christian Youth Fellowship. 7:30 p. in. Evening Worship iliary. The public Is Invited to attend all services at this church. "A New Heaven and A New Ear- j Church Supt. You are always invited to attend tliis church that is dedicated to a Christian Hope. In our Church we seek to make Christian Liberty and the Love o£ Christ prevail. We know that we are not the only Church in Hope with these high objectives. So find the church of GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST 300 North Ferauson Street Eld. Elbert O'Steen, Pastor Sunday 9 a. m. Rock of Ages Broadcast over KXAR. 9:50 a. m. Sunday School. Paul 11 a. m. Morning Worship 6:30 p. m. B. T. S. Perry Purtle Evening Worship 8T. MARK'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Rev. William J. FtUhUflh Pr!est-ln-Charge 1st Sunday In Advent 7:30 p. m. Holy Communion ana Sermon CATHOLIC CHURCH 3rd and Walker Father A. G. Dunleavy, 8 a. m. Mass {' Confessions before every mass 1 .* Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Edlror Alex. H. Waihburn Don't Make Notes on Envelopes: Case of the Missing Jug Here are a couple of amusing editorials from other newspapers: Giveaways Find New Field in TV NO NOTES ON ENVELOPES Greensboro (N. C.) News- While we aren't exactly certain just what regulations the Post Office Department has promulgated with reference to writing, except the address and return address, on the outside of an envelope, we would state herewith that the By WAYNE OLIVER NEW YORK (!fi The giveaway, c ,,ir,r T nriips Auxiliary which flowered and then withered Senior Ladies Auxiliary . . il , n your choice and attend regular. FtRST PRESBYTERIAN 701 South Main Street Rev. L. T. Lawrence. D. D., Minister ' The Men's Bible Class will meei in the Fellowship Hall at 9:30 .1. m for doughnuts and coffee; the lesson at 10 will be • taught by John B. Lowe; Dr. J. W. Branch, pianist. , , 10:00 a. m. — Sunday School, James H. Miller. Superintendent. 10-55 a. m. Morning Worship Sermon subject: "God Writes a Legible Hand" Anthem: "For Thy Gifts Untold" Gossler This service is being broadcast over Radio Station KXAR. 5 p. m. Vesper Service Subject: "Greater Than He That Young Men's Bro- President. 7:30 p. m. Monday 2 p. m. Tuesday 7:30 p. m. therhood. Thomas Smith, President, Girls Auxiliary, Carolyn Phillips, President. Wednesday 7 p. m. Teachers Meeting 7:30 p. m. Mid-week Service Thursday 7:30 p. m. Junior Ladies, Auxiliary, Mrs. Lyle Allen, President. HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Rev, C. S. Walker, Pastor Rev. G. E. Hicks, Music-Youth Director. 9:45 a. m. — Sunday School, Bill Morton, Supt. 10:00 a. m. — Radio Bible Class Broadcast over KXAR, Rev. C. S Walker, Teacher. 11:00 a. m. — Moining Worsnlp sermon by the pastor. 6:30 p. m. — Senior C. A., Junior C. A., Primary C. A. 7:30 p. m. — Evangelistic Ser- practice velopes of making notes on endue to be mailed is an Taketh a City" Special music: "There's a Song in the Air" 6 p. m. P. Y. F. supper. Suzanne McNeill will have charge of the program. Monday 7 p. m. Choir practice 7:30 p. m. Deacons will meet ft ~ Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Midweek service. ERE is li|'s romance; a grandfather guiding the minds of young boys and young boys seeing Heaven through grandfather's eye, This may be hero-worship but it is a grand - time to teach them to pray... to introduce them to the eternal Friend. Your child wIT . ''• • : •' /ton .f each bedtime when you talk about God, and Heaven, and the Church. He w,ll 'to. when your journey is toward Sunday School. Oh, for the faith of grandfather, who '" care and who help youngsters find the way to God. It is our privilege and our respons,b.hty to teach them to say, "Now May me down to sleep, I pray the Lord.my soul to keep. If I • : should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my sou! to take." If you teach them to trust this prayer, theri you can trust them anywhere. You In The Church... The Church In Yon- Form a combinstion for coo-!. Every ivan, worn^n goo-:, i^vcry n>an and child need-, '.'«• in fluence of tho Be, a faithful worker. Attend every servicn. vice, by the Crusaders Ensemble from Southwestern Bible Institute of Waxahachie, Texas. Monday 2:30 p. m. Women's Missionary Council. Tuesday 7:30 p. m. Choir Rehearsal. Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Mid-Week Service. found fertile soil in television. The giant jackpot, the mink-,:coat, the refrigerator, the trip to Copenhagen or Capri, the 10-year supply of atomized cereal, the utiiiinkabl kayak all are blootning on TV as they did E few years ago in radio, but with pictures as well as Dound. V The Federa 1 Comunications Commission stands by helpless to crack down, and performers on competing shows fume that "It's buying an audience," but the giveaways grow lusher and more numerous. The FCC attempted to outlay/ giveaways on both radio and TV live years ago but its ban was voided by a federal court decision that was upheld by the Supreme- Court seven months ago. O In radio, the producers and sponsors of giveaways could point to high audience popularity ratings and say "Nobody loves them but exceedingly dangerous one. We base this strong assertion on the dreadful experience of a man in Philadelphia who received a letter from a local newspaperman, The newspaperman nad ^^^^^^1 .^0B^^. ^ijjmj^jjji^^ .^•H*l(^ > Star *,A-t <t« 4 , WftAf MIR fftftl Esperlmetit gtaliotl ending at If 56TH YEAR: VOL 56 — NO. 38 Stor at Hop* 1M»« ff*M 1M> Coniolldated Inn. II, 192* HOPE, ARKANSAS,^ SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 27,1954 Mtmber: The Associated Pttn ft Audit Buttati 6» ClftulaHoM Av. Net Paid Clrel. 6 Mot. tndlftg Sept. Jff, 19S4 — Blinding Smog to Continue in L.A. This Weekend LOS ANGELES UP) For the fourth successive day, Southern California was in the grip today of traffic-paralyzing eye-smarting fog that the weather will continue over the called in haste to cover a murder case and in consequence, was smog and man says weekend. Indicative o£ the blinding effect c the fog. which rolled 10 miles been inland from Ihe Pacific, was a traffic report of 1,470 crashes since the dense, ground-hugging mist obliged to make his notes on the! started 1 as t Wednesday. However back of the envelope addressed to the Philadelphia chap. He came back to Ihe city room, wrote the story, and much, much later, remembered the letter and mailed it. only two deaths were attributed di rectly to traffic. Fog closed Los Angeles lional and Long Beach Interna Airports again last night. Lockheed Airporl t , . . I agci'ii iciat iiigui,. ui*i*ixni.v~-.4 i*»* jf--wa • Less than a week later, back, gt ln , and Eurbnnk USU ally free of came the agonized plea Ior !f 0 a. information from the Phila- dclphian. Who was Rainey? Why did the pale man leave the hotel was cles.ed for an hour anc then reopened. Football games scheduled for not later than 8:15 p. m.? Who actually saw the night clerk prior' last night were postponed. At Long Beach, a rugby game to 6 p.'m.? And what on earth did teams representing New the simple thud" mean? notation: "Muffled FIRST METHODIST CHUf.CH West and at Pln« V. D. Keeley. Pastor 9:45 a. m. Church School Mr. W. 'S. Atkins will teach the Century Bible Class. Mrs. Claud Lauterbach will teach the Jett B. Graves' Class 10:55 a. m. Morning Worship Sermon: "Ezekiel's Message" Minister. (This is the third'in a series of sermons on the Prophets) 5:30 p m. Intermediate MYF 5:30 p. m. Senior MYF 5:30 p. m. Wesley Club 7 p. m. Evening Worship "Being a Christian Today" by Mi nister. Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Adult choir practice 7:30 p. m. Commission on Edu cation will meet at the church of "ice at the Annex. Sunday 7 p. m. There will be a Christmas Pageant at the church by members of. the children's division. Friday 7:30 p, m. Choir Rehearsal The public'is cordially invited to attend all services. Philadelphia man said he hadn't slept for three nights hand running, just trying to figure the whole business out. F | R Q T paNTECOSTAL CHURCH Fourth and Ferauson Street Rev. H. P. Hudspeth, Pastor . 9:45 a. m. — Sunday School C. J. Rowe, Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship Ser- CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Fifth and Pine St. Garland Johnson, Pastor Sunday 9:45 a. m. Sunday School, J. D Bullock, Supt. 11 a. m. Mornlrg Worship, 7:15 N. Y. P. S. 7:45 p. m. Evangelistic Service- Wednesday 2 p. m .Prayer and Fasting service. 7:30 p. m. Prayer meeting. CHURCH OF CHRIST Walnut Street Elton Hughes, Minister Sunday 9:45 a. m. Bible School 10:50 a. m. Preaching 11:30 a. m. Communion 6 p. m. Bible Study 7 p. m. Preaching Tuesday 9:30 a. m. Ladies Bible Study 7:15 p. m. Men's Bible Stuaj- Wednesday 7:15 p. rn. — Teachers Meeting 7:30 p. m. Bible Study You are always welcome at th« Church of Christ. the public." But on TV, at least at night, the only show in the top 13 ratings that has a giveaway angle is Groucho Marx's You Bet Your Life. But it serves mainly as a vehicle for his quips and is filmed in advance, v.ith viewers aware the contestants ho.ve won or lost long Ac fore the telecast. *•Network shows on which t ha giveaway angle is predominant include The Big Payoff, On Your Account. Name That ,Tunc, Ttrike It Rich, Dollar a Second, Beat the Clock, Two for the Money Feather Your Nest .and video versions of two old radio standbys, Stop the Music and Break the Bank. JUG IN A TREE Wall Street Journal A couple of months ago part of the silver maple in the yard succumbed to a high wind. It was merely a question of time until the remainder went down and when it went, there was every prospect it would take a corner of the ibarn and Australia between Zealanc was halted because the spectators coudln't sec wha was going on. Visibility in 1.6s Angeles Harbo: was three quarters of a mile. The fog slowed but did not stop th- movement of ships. Fog horns in the harbor at Santa Monica ha wailed steadily 48 hours. Even Santa Claus was grounde by fog in Ssnta Monica. Retai merchants there had arranged fo him to arrive by helicopter. Thi children were on hand, despite ';h' gloom and the mist, but old Santa just couldn't fiy through the fog The latest Shower of Stars from Hollywood on CBS-TV might irr-se aptly have been described <is "Shower of Cars." The show was an almost continuous commercial on the auto sponsor's new models. But the appearance on the. program of Eel Wynn verved to remind viewers that one of the great comics of our time isn't seen often enough on TV. ..-,-• had the upper part of the tree down and cut into firewood. Then they tackled the stump with its gnarled roots. There was in this stump part of an old wire fence with .the staples intact and shiny. There was also a piece of lumber which apparently had been part of a barn door, the latch on it indicating its use. EH! HEAVY I 1 MODEUTS >——' ,- • [HI UGMT EXPECTED ' PRECIPITATION During mid-November to mid-December precipitation will equal or exceed normal over most of the nation except for subnormal amounts alone Atlantic seaboard and extreme Southwest. 'MUCH ABOVE NORMAL ABOVE NORMAL BELOW NORMAL MUCH BELOW NORMAL EXPECTED TEMPERATURES Temperatures during mid-November to mid-December will be above normal in the East and mucb above normal in the Ohio Valley. Below normal temperatures indicated for the West. mon by pastor. 6:30 p. rn. Pentecostal Conquerors Mrs. Joe Lively in charge. Junior Conquerors, Mrs. H. P. Hudspeth in charge. 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship Wednesday 7:30 p. m. Bible Study and prayer meeting. Thursday 2 p. m. Ladies Pentecostal Aux- The merchants changed signal with it. So we called the tree man. and Santa finally showed up late The tree man and his crew soon riding in a slowmoving bus. Th kids weren't impressed. Cities in the metropolitan Los Angeles area were asked to refrain from burning trash until the smog and fog seige is ended. Dr. Frederick D. Newbarr, Los Angeles County's chief autopsy surgeon, said microscopic studies will be made of three infants who died of respiratory ailments and added "but' we have «S" test to' de termine definitely that smog in anyway contributed to their deaths." Autopsies indicated yesterday two of the infants succumbed to pneu monia. Los Angeles police arranged for extra duty officers to handle the anticipated weekend traffic. CHURCH OF CHRIST 5th and Grady Street F. L. Jennings, Minister Sunday 9:45 Bible Study 10:37 Preaching 6:30 p. m. Bible Study, Classes for all ages. • Tuesday 9:30 a.m. Ladies Bible Study Three Named to Revision Group ' l> LITTLE ROCK WlThree members of the Arkansas State Revision Commission have been reappointed by the state Supreme Court. They are Cecil Warner Fort Smith Charles W. Norton Forrest City and Paul Jones of Tcxarkana. Other members of the. commis- tion which is responsible for ; digesting publishing and dirtribut'ljg Arkansas' laws are the attorney general and dean of the University of Arkansas Law School. Then the chain saw with which the tree men were working gave a peculiar sound. The tree men chopped and probed with their axes. They brought out pieces of .an old jug which has been broken by their saw. From the roots of this tree grew five separate trunks. The cavity thus formed could be an ideal place for hiding a jug if one wanted to hide it or it one merely wanted to keep its contents cool. Who put the jug there? What was in the jug? Why did the owner of the jug go away and leave it to be surrounded by < the growing tree? We obviously do not know. On second thought we do not care to know. If we knew, the answer would prdbably be most prosaic. Our fancy left free has conceived a dozen romatic explanations. Ik6 7 Montgomery Part Reunion Provoo Pleads Innocent to Charges BALTIMORE, Md. (UP) John Provoo, former Army ser- pleaded innocent today to DOUBLE DUTY SCOTTS BLUFF, Neb. UP) Firemen sprayed water on a burning corn field as they drove past it yesterday on their way to another fire. By CHARLES F. AUGUSTA, Ga. BARRETT Oft P resident Eisenhower today bade gcodby to his old comrade, Britain's Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, and then attacked a deficiency in his eolf game. Montgomery, who flew down This Series of Church Ads is Being Published Through the Cooperation of the Local Ministerial Alliance and Is Sponsored by the Undersigned Individuals and Business Institutions •y/inemiller Grocery ' and Sena WinerniUer jt$pny Manufacturing Co. C, D. Lauterbach General Contractor Hope Graydon Anthony Lumber Co. Lewisville Highway Gunter Retail Lumber Co. Your Building Store W. Shanhouse Sons, Inc. Clothing Manufacturers Owen's Department Store Ben Qwe.n .Ralph Montgomery Market Your Friendly Shopping Center Southwestern Packing Co. Pork and Beef Packers Cities Service Station Grover Thompson Decorators Supply Rettig Nash Motors Na§h Sales & Service Crescent Drug Store Put Christ First — Lets Go to C Lets Put Christ First Church Butane Gas Co. Butane Gas and Appliances Hope Basket Company Phone 7-2345 Citizens National Bank Member FDIC Hope Beverage Company f A. L. Page ; Hope Gin Company * . E. & U. Hope Federal Sayings and , Loan Association Loans to puyBuUd-Repalr ififw 4 C #1 H Hotel Barlow Midwest Dairy Products ..Nature's Most Healthful Food Stephens Grocer Co. Wholesale Grocers Hope Theatres, Inc. Eldon Coffman, City Mgr. Hope Furniture Co. Headquarters for Fine Furniture Feeders Supply Company Your Purina Dealer Porter Garage & Glass Shop Expert Auto Repair — Glass Installed with the President Wedensday for a Thanksgiving vacation' at the National Golf Club, 'headed back for Washington early today in the President's new plane. Eisenhower remained at Ihe Little White House here to get in a little work at his office and try the links again. He returns to Washington Monday. The President played golf yesterday with Montgomery putting around the court in a motor scooter. But the President "didn't do very well," in the words of Press Secretary James Hagerty. Hagerty voiced a familiar golfer's lamen the President was Qui of practice, having played only once since he returned to Washington from Denver pet. 15. Eisenhower carved his Thanksgiving turkey, a 43-pound bird called "Kentucky Colonel," at an evening dinner with fr.'ends in the trophy room of the clubhouse The menu included cranberries and other traditional Thanksgiving trimmings. Davis geant, charges of treason while a prisoner of the Japanese in World War II. Arraigned before Federal Judge Roscl • Tomson, Provoo pleaded in nocent to all seven counts of the treason indictment. It was disclosed at the arraign ment that Provoo had written a letter to Tomson last Saturday ask ing that James J. Laugh-in, Wash ington attorney, be dropped, as hi counsel. A court-appointed attorney Joseph Rosenthal, also said h would not be able tc serve. Tomson then appointed Hilary Gann and Reuben Oppenheimcr, both cf Baltimore, to represent Provoo. Trial date was set for March 14. Provoo, a 37-year-old Sar. Francisco bank clerk, was tried once before in federal court in New York City and sentenced to life imprisonment. However, the verdict was overthrown by a federal court of appeals. He was re-indicted in Maryland. Provoo was accused of donning the robes of a Buddhist priest while a prisoner of the Japanese and attempting to induce fellow prisoners to give information to the enemy. Latin Nations Seek Better Price on Goods QUITANDINHA, Brazil W Del- gates to the Inter-American Eco nomic Conference ; drew lines today or a new skirmish over better rices for Latin America's prod lets. ,;-.'. On one side was the United States, which generally would pay he bills. On. the olher side was he majority of Latin nations vhich would benefit, J iV,,.^. The -issue of- 'better*prices 'lane more stable markets came up as he delegates buckled down to scanning 'more than 100 resolu ions put before the hemisphere meeting. They may be boiled down o perhaps 20 projects which woulc be approved by the final plenary session, set for Dec. 1. Already set aside as a sure thing was Chile's previously cont.ro versial proposal for an inter-Amer lean bank to finance economic de velopment in Latin America. The steam generated by the project in the first days of the con Terence was dissipated when Chile and her supporters suggested commission be set up to study it The United States had refused to put up Ihe money the Latln-Amer ican nations waited, leaving the southern countries to back the pro posed bank .with their own esti mated financial reserves of 3 l / 2 bil lion dollars. There was considerabl feeling that the well-to-do Latin American nations would feel as th<~ United Slates does. U. S. delegates returned to work after a Thanksgiving Day breathe to face an embarrassing situation Rep. James Fulton (R-Pa) attend ing the conference as a free-lane representative of the House Foi eign Affairs Committee, held hi own new conference and criticize ecretary of the Treasury Georg A. Humphrey, the chief U. S. dele ate, as a "man with an empt riefcase." Young Chevrolet Co. Chevrolet Sales .& Service Cox Bros. Foundry & Machine Company Everything in Machine Shop Work WilliamM. Duckett Buyers of Scrap Iron & Metal Bruner-lvory Handle Co. A, Cotton & Supply Collier Tire & Battery Service punlop Tives • Excello Batteries - Emerson TV First National Bank Member FDIC Franks 3*-Son Wholesale Fruit and Produce. Wood J, L Green Cleaners -- Meyer's Bakery An Arkansas Institution Helping Build Plunkett-Jgrrell Co. Eulg's Grocery* r i 10-Year Sentence Is Appealed LITTLE ROCK WIA 10-yeav prison sentence assessed against a Cirttenden County man was appealed today to the Arkansas Supreme Court on the grc-und that the jury which convicted him apparently was prejudiced. The term was given to J. W. Philyaw on a charge of ?ssault with intent to kill, philyaw was convicted of shooting John M. Hill during a quarrel, lest June. He pleaded jelf defense, Philyaw s attorney f aid the Crjt- teivien. Circuit S.o«rt y§rd,ic$ wgs " pre,» $92,000 Jewelry Theft Reported WEST ORANGE, N. J. i/TCPolice last night reported the theft of $92,000 in jewelry from the home cf wealthy manufacturer Anthony DeSiderio. The loot, police said, was taken from a small wall safe In a bed room closet by thiavej who may have telephoned the home before they broke in through a The theft first became window known through a 13-state alarm sent ou yesterday by West Orange polic^ but actually was committed las Friday night. Details of the crim- were withheld at first by local offi cials. • DeSiderio and h ' s family ha been out of the 15-rcom hous when the thityes forced n windo\ on a rear porch. The w^J safe alone was distuib Sn the Wg bwse. It was tor. the w»U 8i\d President Told of Red Invasion Try AUGUSTA, Ga. -W) P re si dent Elsenhowei, vacationing at the little White House here, was informed early today of the reported Chinese Communist invasion attempt,on the island of Wuchiu, off Formosa. Press Secretary James Hagerty said the President' would have no comment. Hagerty declined to sr.y whether Eisenhower regarded the situation there as : "serious." U.S. to Press for Release of Americans By JOHN M. HlGHTOWER WASHINGTON (IP)— The govern ment has decided to press a vigor ous campaign for release of 13 Americans imprisoned in Communist China by rallying international opinion in the free w o r 1 d against the Red "outra'ge." A demand for the .prompt release of the 11 military men and 2 civilians was delivered to Red China's diplomatic representative in London yesterday by the British Foreign Office at the request of the U. S. State Department. Washington, officials said the angry note was being delivered also to the Peiping regime through the British diplomatic representative in that Communist .capital. British channels were used because the British maintain diplomatic relations with Red China, the United States does not. And at UN headquarters in New York, Chief U. S. Delegate Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. handed a copy of the protest to U. N. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold with a request that it be circulated to al 60 member nations. The American note was one ol the toughest which has been dispatched by the State Departmen' in a long time flatly accused the Chinese Communists of violating the Korean armistice agreement by holding the 13 and indirectly warned them there is a limit to the patience of the American people. It also made a preliminary demand for 'punishment of the Chinese Communist officials rod sponsiblc" and for compensation for the "wrong" done the 13. Authorities said today they studying all avenues of following up the initial demand, aoparently in the belief that even "the Chinese Reds, Isolated as they are from the Western world, can..not ignore the . mounting pressures of public opinion. V . Among these pressures already By LfiONAttb >. LEWISBURG; er No. 19137 massive HIGH HOPES—Mary Koslosld, 5, of Colllerville, Tenn., polio victim chosen as the 1955 March of Dimes poster girl, enjoys ft swing In New York City. She was stricken by polio when she was five months old, and has never walked without braces and: crutches provided by the March of Dimes. Rubber Strike End Believed Supply Depot in Korea PUSAN, Korea (Saturday) ffl A mammoth wind-whipped fire •oared unchecked early today hrough the biggest U.S. Army supply depoi in Korea and spread ;hrough nearby flimsy swellings, 'orcing thousr.nds of Koreans to flee. The flames, despite the work of 200 U.S. soldiers and Korean firefighters, fanned out to virtually all areas of the giant Fifth Quartermasters Base Depot. It appeared most of Ihe base v as doomed. Origin of the Tire was not determined. Korean families carried away belongings and furniture as flying sparks ignited their dwellings. Bulldozers were being brought in o clear a fire path. A siiff wind fanned the flames over lines of warehouses and other thousands of dollars in supplies stacked outiide. The nearby wharves of the Southeastern Korea port were loaded with petroleum but were not in the immediate path of thte fire. 4e.vfilojpir^en^.is i: ,the 1 ;s,|;and! .taken--l>y' Ihe British governmont, which in comments at the U. N. and in London denounced the treatment of the Americans as "outrageous." The Chinese Reds announced Tuesday that the 13, captured-during the Korean War, had been given sentences ranging from four years to life on spy charges. The 13 already had been held about two years. The two civilians, listed by the entagon as U. S. Army employes, ere on a civilian air transport 'ane under 'lease to the Air Force m MEMPHIS (/P) A union official says he expects a settlement within a few days of a three-week strike of 3,300 workers at the Firestone The &. Rubber Co., plant here. G, W. Cl.'Arlc, president of the CIO United Rubber Workers local; said-last, night, '.'an honest . misunderstanding" has delayed signing of a new contract .approved yesterday by^ithe'w.o'rkerB.; Prescott Hunters Are Found Safe PRESCOTT, UP> An all-nigV earch for a Prescntt lawyer, h vife and 14-year-old nephew, lo n a hunting trip, ended this morn ng when the trio walked out r he woods unharmed. Horace McKenzie, 49, Mrs. M Kenzie and Edward Bryson th nephew, said that they realized hey were lost and simply camped cut in the woods. More than 100 persons started searching last night when the tno ailed to return. They had started hunting about 3 p. m. yesterday in what was do- scribed as "very rugged country" about 10 miles southeast of Prescott. Goles Cause Floods in SW England LONDON W Rain-laden gales sweeping in f rom the Atlantic brought widespread floods to southwest England the midlands today. Winds topping 60 mph prevented tho 81,000-ton liner Queen. Mary passengers for New York. Around 400 more passengers due to be picked up at Cherbourg later were warned the liner would be delayed probably until tomorrow. Flood waters covered do2ens o 'oads in the southwestern counties ,t Cornwall, Devon and Somer ict. .,. Six Perish in Burning Auto HURLEY, Idaho W)S;x persons were burned to death early today when thoir parked car was ram med from in a dust behind stoi m, by another car crashed into a parked truck, exploded ard burned Five persons in the moving cai were hospitalized with undetermined injuries. The dead were identified by of ficiers as »oiv>»e Parrolt, 22; his wife, Joyce, 20; Myron C. HU, 49; his wife, Ltla, 47; Hill. J2 , , and his wife, Marjorie, 32, all of Buhl Idaho. Release From Jail for Turkey Dinner SANTA ANNA, Calif. !# Suga icir Aciolph Spreckels II was re .eased from the Orange County Jail ir. time to have his Thanks jivins; dinner in his own home. H< lad served 25 days of a 30-day sentence for beating his fifth wife actiess Kay Williarns. I had a good time here; I" even like to ccme back some time. quipped the 43-yaai-old millionaire College Economics Group to Meet AHKADELPHIA W The mial one-day convention of the Ai kansas College Teachers of Eco riomics snd Business will be hel here tomorrow. Speakers will include R. E Ri ehie, president pf Arkansas Powe & Light Co ; Stete Sen,, puts Fa . , : : 'Clark said, involves the right to arbitrate giievance on' the length of time necessary to construct a tubeless tire. "The union understood the company had offered to agree to arbitrate the time it takes to build these tires" he said. Paul Borda, Firestone, 'factory manager, -said that during earliei negotiations it was understood by the company that "certain grievances" v/ould be taken up "after work was resumed." T1 Violent Deaths in Arkansas By The Associated Press Two persons died in automobile nccidents in Arkansas yesterday wringing to 11 the total number of violent deaths in the state since last Sunday midnight. Alfred Wairen, 70, Of Coffeyvllle, Kan. was pronounced dead on af- rival at Morrilton hospital after the car in which he was riding crashed off Highway 04 near Morriltort. Six other persons were seriously injured in tho accident, , ! Earlier yesterday-Mrs. 1 Zeb Q, Gibson Jr., 20,- was killed ',/when the ccr' In which' she was riding with her husbandry?: .„„.!. LL*< .»„»*-. . .^j\ t-w* , jtJ _ „ .^jii_.l_t .*.!-.*; HiAAl., % »•»_ irth Department official, looks his 80 years the doors on 3& life to re-enter the^odt as a convicted, •felttri,"'a* must report his every-m to his parole offic Hiss goes Into a' , con hold "no public^ otK he is disbarred ir' sion of 'law,', minus- voting, And tw6'cpngr%sj mHtees haV on their J Convicted" c- testified he '. government sectets,?tp\B7i ring, Hiss was t&hn&d five-year sentence bee behavior. , 5 ' Warden Fred P: scribed Hiss^'i'eleasejas| but at- the same tlrnc| clal plans to' handles" Vpt near the huge^federalgp "Its Up ;to. ihim,' 4 y|ij den, "if he'^wants'Ho terview. to the,' vlslt We will do nothing . and we will pui^no mouth." V -C'p X Hiss' wife; PrlsitiUaj^ ed' to ' New York\in*tiie hours ' fit Batesville. Gibson, returning to Conerly Air.Forcc> Base at Waco, Tex., was not seriously injured. • One death' during the week was listed as homicide, two , persons died in farm accidents, .three in lires and a total of five lives were lost in traffic accidents. But, he. added, "The union of- hich the United States contends fj cers indicated that they were un•as attacked over internatio-^' . ining to handle these matters on aters. The 11 airmen were . - .. ,_ 29 which the United States says as shot down about 15 miles south f the Yalu River in January, 1953. Same Pattern Being Used by Russians By WILLIAM L. RYAN AP Foreign News Analyst A pattern of J3 months ago Is eing repeated today in the Soviet Union suggesting new internal ner- ousness which could lend to and ther upheaval. A new "vigilance" campaign Is eing launched, similar iti tone 1o ne one which preceded the arrest . tne basis we had earlier understood and are refusing tc let th contract go into effect and conclude the strike xxx." Yesterday the workers voted unanimously to accept two proposals approved by company and management negotiate. These woiild provide increased seniority rights for veteran union workers, and a revised wage scale under which 1,000 employes would receive a 3c-certt hourly boost and the remaining 2,300 would accept a half cent reduction. The union said this would eliminate inequities. nd purge of police boss Lavrenli . Beria in June, 1953. There is stress as there' was ust before and eath on urging itizen to guard ' after Stalin's every Soviet, '.•tatc secrets." And there is ;>gain a scare cam- aaign to convince the Soviet peo- >le their counlry is crawling with British and American spies. The Communist, party is stronijly eassertin? its authority over every phase of Soviet life including the military. This becomes more sus- 'icious in view of the f-jct that at the past half dozen or more ma- or functions concerning the mili- ary in Moscow, Marshal Georgi 'hukov, a deputy defense minister md World War II hero, snd Marshal Vasily D. Sokolovsky. chief of taff of the Soviet at my, have been missing. An intense campaign calls for 'state discipline" in both military >nd civilian life, plus the necessity 'or raisi ng "pr oductivity of Ja :or." At the same time, noted mil >tary men have been writing in the Soviet press on the importance of continued emphasis on heavy indus try. All this tends to give the im Trail of Blood inSheppard Home Studied By RICHARD H. SMITH CLEVELAN D — (IP) Where will pression that a Stalin honeymoon couple o{ are over Contracts Let for Blytheville Base LITTLE ROCK Lfl Three con tracts for construction at Ihe, Little Rock and Blythevilie Air Force bases were awarded today by IT, S. District Engineers. C & B Construction Co., of Hot Springs received $252,100.30 non- tract for the construction of foui squadron headquarters and operations buildings nt the Little Rock base GWL Construction Co., of Oklahoma City, Okla., received u $19.453.25 contract for the construc- lion of paint, dope and bottles gas storage facilities at tho Little Rock base. W A Grey Construction Co. or Shreveport. La , got a $?.09,49C.B5 contract for the construction of a maintenance lumgar at Blytheyslle. Home Fire Deaths Prop Sharply LITTLE ROCK. W Deaths from home fires in Arkansas have dropped oft sharply from the high rate of a year a«jo. The 'state Health Department said today that only six deaths have been rcecordcd tfrom three home-fires since Oct. 1, This con> pares to 31 deaths in 18 I'ires d»>'T ing the corresponding period pi ;he trail of blood spots through the ipuse of Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard lead the jury trying him on a charge of wife-killing For two trial days the jury has' 3een following that trail of mprj; 1 than 80 spots scattered through thtf Bay Village house where Marilyn Sheppard, 31, died last July 4, her head punctured by a furious beat- Ing with a weapon police said they never found, And the jurors will take HP the trail again Monday — "perhaps for another two days —<• and will hear at least one other expert witness of the state, in addition to -Detect tive Henry Dombrowskl who was on the stand all day yesterday and most of Wednesday morning. Miss Mary Cowan, 47, a laboratory tecnologist in the corner's office nearly 15 years, is scheduled to lead the way along the blood trail when Dombrowskl steps down as guide, " So far Dombrowski has established that only one of the m.ors than 80 spots was human blood That was a spot no bigger than the head of a tack — a spot cut out of the third step from the bottom* of the basement steps at th,e Shep-i O/i population,,; ,, This 'report'- xa? isburg" authorities. 1 Cabe, 'special, 'Sgeritf the FBI ?,offlee M r j[ij3p paid yesterday onei£of assailants 17-ye<jr?§JcP gle Jr. of Chatta'nQ said the motivX' in'> ( strictly robbery, i <t Cagto an" " compllcq$' Coy, 34,.G, r Carl Parker i 21, I have been;phai w «_. s ,^ A federal grand i jura notified .tg —-«~M- IS «>< - *-*!,, Dec, l vv »^""v i?Wi tor of their formal^ indlt 3 * TO D ^ T>^n«V,ni t mVRn ad- pard home. Thhe test tube detective milted he does not know how long that one spot was on the step be< for he cut it from the wood JitlJ 1 23. Or how it got Jhere, Or whose blood it was. Or who might have carried it there. * ' Miss Cowan, who did blood-typing experiments in the case, may tighten somewhat the state's <bood trai) testimony by Pombrowsk}, What Dombrowski's testimony the first-degree murder h. a $ the honeymoon betveen the Soviet government and the people, and the honeymoon with foreign Post 1053. first 32NP LONPON, IT (UP Major fetor e^uuv, mB MW ,.v,...— ,. T ~.~ 0 .,.stapleton Shaw former Conserve* ers. it would be no surprise Jmive member of parliament, wrote. 4V>n u r ...:«* .«^.t,Aftit-nnnt ffi'nHiinllv QQ urillc ViAfnrn his death Last Aut£* the Soviet government gradually ea,sed off on its generous admission cf Western visitors and on the per mission given them to travel in th.3 V, S. S, R. Jfor would it be any $v»?. pris? if the censorship pr. 32 wills before his death Last us t, The 3?nd will 'left his fortune to §> friend, Miss Jjutchinson. lv$tye Charles. t |n,gwoo4 wW'.tt ««? i|«S^v^ : juted # PfftMftr-gteKi . implied thus far is thet tjie slayer of Marilyn Sheppard w.an. about in nearly all parts pf Jakefront home, dripping I and went to places such a§ basement and garage where prowler p LITTLE:

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