Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 26, 1954 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1954
Page 14
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, November 26, 1954 HOP! S f A ftv' H 0 P t V A ft K A M S A I " J '*". je •*•?*.{ -v^Y>r-W^ =* -• " - V..;-'-t^AS-s • ' ,;:% u •'j/vfji H 0 f> E S t A > ...RO> t , § AS I6(?'S .HANPWTH:, 'KU<3 6 Invoke a pest • .onone efiaie, , fBustle . 8WitUcl«m 9 Graze '' ' ,18 Suffix 33 Mast 40 Lateral part v 21 Russian , , 34 House pets are 43 More painful storehouses the of 47 Weight animals deduction ;»,.»» 23 Ensnare aninmw *»tv«i.w..w.. ^A.!', ^Sfruribeartng 35 Click-beetle 50 Egg (comb, ntial being tanimar 36 Arid form) MgH»<r! «rt v>rut....... l 9R ttnt-tiaal' Kl Seine tfV BO •*', met! uw *»»,*»•* -—.— f -hway," 38 Forbear 51 Seine ' 39 Harangues 53 Light brown ^.. miuchlia- httouch ' ^anfalo- «^ v lfittlstl<S *lne.v«!icl I Sorrowful 1 Toneanew 2 Th* ostrich Is Wfi ftfT-- * ''ttiJ .. i Eicpungc: --- " . gaito By Dick Turner m;- ' t ' . ^i; -,, ¥*i»Hfi n . 1 i. * ffl*<7»ii" V J3*t!bj T. ».B«« u s, p«.oei, Cffl. 19M.by NEA SlrylM, Inc. 3U guards were here to keep visitors from alvincr us inmates anything!" U8 By GolbroMh 'wBI-pB" t 7 ^ ff &a>*"' r f - t%J *. •', "^' ' •^ %/^i)'' e^V' ' ** V* f t -r^- * S'.kK«!^ - pw!,W -' - 8 f t ? P'P e "•*P ir ^* 1 * OZARK IRI By Ed. Strops VQUR J08 A LOT TOU5HES, I HAD TO STEP HIM IN THE HALU OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willlom* TO WRIGHT SIDE ON A . FAKE END SWEEP/ . ^ LATERALEO . •to MOUNTAIN! 3LONDII ¥•*»! / TH'BLACK AW'WHITE t i •>— » . .w *41^- yuurt EWTERS HERE LEAVE PIRT BEHIMP, OR. ELSE/* BOV, THIS AIM'T'^ri A NOTE, THIS IS A . LECTURE/ HE'S ' GOT HIS PULPIT THE WOEEY WAfTT VIC FLINT §« Michdal O Man«y end Ralph OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Moibr./rioopt* y.-- MY WORD/ WrtV ACS YOJ ODT OF LOOK& EXACTLY Like : FUNNY BUSINESS By HershbefflM ^-f^^T^^ c5: Moe never lets a tin-cypper get the best of him}" ^ ' [ SWEETIE PIE By Nacline S«li«f .S W E&T6LL6,1 CAM SIVE YOU AMVTWIW6 AWt7 EVERVTHIM NJOVV THAT SNELL'S 5HAK& IM . THE PKM HAS SECOttE AMNfi/v HAVEN'T I ALWAVg^TWO WEEK&...THAT BEEN GEWEROUS?y 9EA5TLY &ECOMI7 TAKE VOUJ2 LAST < ACT 171(7 IT/SUT ITS SHOW. 1 PtAVEt? \ NOT YOUR.PROVMSE ANSEL TO THBTUNEITHAT'S INCRE17I5L- OF &\0,OCO. ANI7 /IT'S YOUR UTTEE HOW LOM& C^PsogdL LACK OP TA6TE/ SOUR ROO? PARTNER WAS SHOT IN COLC? PU30P LESS THAN A WEEI< A(50 AM7 VOL) ACT-WELL, ALMOST TRIUMPHANT/ - THAT'LL BE 5O, MRS. 3UMSTEAD (WHAT? $12.50 FORA HAT?* * IT'S AN OUTRAGE/ NOBODY EL9E'S WIFE THROWS I KNEW YOU'D WANT TO SEE MY NEW HAT, BLONDIE/ ISM'T IT A STEAL?-- " ONLY ^16.95.' ADOPASLE, OOTSIE DON'T GO AVi/AV, 6EAR--I WANT OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willltmi Make Mine Music Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS DOWN 1 Couple 2 Military assistant 3 Triteness 4 Make amends 6 Plod 7 "My gal ^~ 8 Light boat 9 Singing voice WASH TUBBi Oy Leihe Turner -T-~ ifeJI-J'&ORR/BUTICAN'TT THE -' r ""' IR5!ate «- swE^R' Ttii£ is--t«y wn<? it— / PKWB BLONDE-WHO STOPPED- "\ YOUR MERCER J^-HERE JUST BEFORE TH 1 ACCIPEMTNTHE'PEWH ClV -^ ' ' f; IS HIGHLY RE AMP IF THERE WIXS ANOTHER CAR.LIKE Y0UR5- IN THIS ARS^,&OME80py'SHOULP^ NOTICEP IT EE^lPEg' YOU I $0 MW-PQMT YOU JUST HOPE THE JUR-V BECAUSE A . m- NOT ) GUILTVi •/•• IW NO RECWLE&6- HVTANP,-RUN\ WELL.EA&X, PRIVER. AND IM NOT OWIWfi- )l&\fe£>S> WED UP TILL IFIUD eOMB WAY -/BETTER RETURN --rrTO PROVE IT1 ,—-^T THI£ PICTURE-TO 19 "Goodnight, » 23 River embankment 2. \T. BOOTS AND HER BUDDlEi '' By Edgar Martin 1 Dance step . 4 Musical show parts ;8 Barrel i 12 Small island g, 13 "The harp that 5 Sleeveless * once through garment -'s halls" i 14 Toward the sheltered side 15 " , sweet as apple cider"10 Vend , 16 Richly 11 Pjano parts • 18 Recovered the 17 Musical ; inside excercises '• 20 Implements j 21 Before i 22 Adhesive $4 Walking stick ! 26 Sow ! 27 Musical | syllable i 30 Thoroughfare ! 32 Swerved 134 Take offense 1 35 Landed ! property ! 36 Worm i 37 Melody j 39 Scottish ones ; 40 Organ tube < ! «»1 Harvest i ' goddess i42Qityin j -France 145 Takes into custody 49 Game before 51 Jump 52 Greek porch 53 Nevada city ! 54 Adjective suffix 5 Spinning toys 16 Wiles 57 Church seat 24 Solicitude 40 Entreaties 25 Genus of birds 41 Church 26 Arrangement 27 Reload 28 Network 29 Fruit drinks 31 Freed 33 Russian storehouse 38 Tidier calendars 42 Endure 43 Preposition 44 Organ part 46 Lease 47 Musical sound 48 Expectorate 50 Constellation 18 y\ 50 53 73. 38 3ET W. 10 OW/ TWENTY To THIRTY YEARS SOME OF US HAVE WORKEP HERE AMP HE WOULPM'T HELP US OVER A HEAPACHE/ THAT GOT A PULL" HE DON'T WANT HIM TO EVER OUlT.' FEfcT NCAR Kit LED ME ALL PAV TILL MV WIFE SOT WORKIN' ON 'EM xVr MIGHT/ VOL) SHOW YOUR WIFE THIS METHOP OF MASSAGE AMP YOU'LL FEEL LIKE A NEW MAN.' OH, THAT FEELS GREAT/ THE POOR WIPE OPEN . AK)P EVERYTHING WHEM VOU'P LOVE TO LWE FOREVER 54 19 OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Motor Hoopfo 2t> By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY t BEEN VYARAMN 1 THIS BENCH SO LONG -IT* ..PEELS . LIKE I SROWED WERE! ^EAH.COACHIE, YEAH;. BUT THIS WAS A PARTICULARLY SOODONE... I NEED/HIS DID. A GOOPJOBON ALWAYS By V. T. HornHH BUT THEY'RE MULH TOO BIG FOR YOU/NEVER AN 1 BESIDES^/ Mi MR THEY AIN'T/JU5T GIVE 5TYLEP /ME A LITTLE RIGHT/ A TIME..IU TAKE CARE OF .THAT. tfi.ra f<,yj i\-as &£i THERE NOW 7 YEAH,MAN, MOW PO YOU/ ATS ALL RIGHT, LIKE THIS? I Y'BETCHA, 1 JUST "-IKE OL' TIMES.' T. M. Rt B . u. s.*>.toit.M4.;i .a^HSfc5t*SS: YOUR SOCIAL I gA5COM, MAJOR? HE JUSTOPfirtTO EOAD, BUSTER/Y^u OF 6HAK_ RESEMBLES 6PME CHAP ^ rA LLpn NAMED BASCOAVO'UARe? ^ CMLLfcu 16 H6 A P5RSO^ VMITH-VJH^^ ,^ HeA p D O p U| 1 SHOULD 6B FAWILIAR.? Jf ^DER HIS^ ,"Ot)D-BALL*' " SHOP OASIS FUNNY BUSINESS By Herthbergei "I love cafeterias, lady! May I carry a tray through your kitchen?" X?DE GLANCES By Golbroith f •*>•*. /—•> f * ••» ^»**» • ." . ^ " ! f it f ' t, 2 Z PRISCILLA'S POP By Al Vermeer YES, CAF?LVLE.> . WHE& I GOT OUT ^OF SCHOOL I , PLANNED TO ppj , A LOT OP ' [TRAVELING.., I. WORK MY WAY THROUGH EUROPE.. TO TOUR THE SPEND A PEW YEARS IN THE SOUTH SEAS... BUT THEN SOMETHING- HAPPENED! GOSH, POP.. WHAT HAPPENED l .<.» TH1 STORY OF MARTHA WAYNf By Wjlvon Scruggi 'VogW5TCMAl3>JiWC6MT ( THE ^HERE'S NOT MUCH TO TELL, i EAT FREQUENTLY ATTJENN^ i PONTT www <THE RsSTAi/RANT WHERE SHE WPRK9. SHE SC£S TO 5XACU.V HQW TO SAY THIS, 8l : CQLL635 MORHIN<5S AWP WAIT? TASLE )SYWiNtY HM 55. SHE'S PW H?B QWti /^PF US A/, LIKE ME, YOU'RE STILL A RICH ) MAN'S SOHBROPK?" (AND I'M A WAITReSS.,.|. Biff VOI/VE . MPON ANP QUOTED % T. M n«i v- a PK- wf. Ctpr. t»M by HE* S«tvlc«. Inc. Oo*lt'Your«?lf idea is pkay, feyt 1 don't ^'^ gKt tft be keeping pap?rh%ngtr^ $Mt 9! work!" '' ' ' j "One of our salesmen changed the pins yesterday when: I he saw your new secretary!" _____i^ PIE : "~ By Nadine S«li«r PUT it, in »riff It?" yeu win . IS ., HIS JUNIOR r. 1W4 by NEA r»let, Inc. f, MK5. (7UWCAM/) T6LU M6/HA& I CARL ggfilM MEBi^ OR CD VOU, KWOW WWBfSB .16? Jnrt-' I'M $a*«y, pur a HAvewr WASH TUBES '' , ^WMiiS k v t j 'i : ^ .•*. 'Mi.' •'"sS" 5 ' WE WANT TO. RETURN THIS PICTURE OF YOUR SISTER, I BORROWEP If E^V \ LA£T NISHT IM A P65PERNTE AND WR.TUBBS. I EFFORT TO CLEAR.W&ECF OF I HOPED A WITNESS V OF COURSg MO 1 ™.^..^ COULP IPENTIPV IT AS / DIDN'T PRWB THAT ROAR TH6 6LOMPE WHO HAP BUT 1'IA SORRY I W&£ &TOPPED FOR GNS. BUT\ RUPE ABOUT IT LA£T HB WA5WT SURE! A NISHT. 1 VASTER ... ^^v UP5ET, AWP-vr ^TN ^PARDIM;. MB«.THl&<] IETT6R/ TO" WML ^is&yi «NO H6f BUDDIES v '. •: -\"v& 1 • NiitH ? \ IUJGS^BUNNY UNLAXi I'LL PUSH IT UP if I \ ^U3« I I U / SVNACIOUS! I SUESS1 CLOSER J ) I -OIDM'T PARK CLOSE ENOUGH TO THE GAS PUMP! Busy's x^ /^^-^klF k '/ir^ti^P^ 11-26 ^¥S OOP ' YES, BUT IF I'M TO PE OF ANV> " vHELp IN THE LIBERATION) /ALL RIGHT, i'^. VOF MOO/i'tL HAVE TO/ LET'S 5HOP ?S IHAYESOMETHINJS BETA AROUNP AN' ?canv j^ •_..... _ ..-, i:fO ft ^ ggg y^^ WE CAN FINP.^' '.»'** , ,3W«»- ^MH4 fcy «A Pmk<. tn*.V. M. )Ut 1 's POP l I WAS... UNTIL MY POP MADE A MOTION AGAINST IT tf WfTW^f <f, (MADE A ^MOT/ON? P.W.WAS HE . FAMILY COUNCIL NO,,,,HE ;V MARTHA WAYNI §9 IM vgx jgwwY. t STAirrpp SPMe KINP OP 8UW, t , ™^"Tl*T tl y.'Vn * ' " ( pSiB F 7 *T*V ( / ^ V ' if ^ , ; v "?'*y,s,; 1 • r ^ ^ it -*-• f »a-^

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