The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 5, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1940
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VOI,UMR XXXVI—NO. 207. ™1 ^^ANT^EWSPAPEn OP NORTHEAST A HKAN8A8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ^ ^ -U f f O BlythevUte Dally News Hlyfhevillc Courier Mississippi Valley Leader uiyUirviiic Herald 'Showdown' Near As Great BritianlStops ' j ||[[ Italian Coal Ships j f[|[[ ARKANSAS, TUKSDAV, MARCH fi~ I'ONDON, March 5. <UP)-Gre«t llritain moved toward .( showdown on Ceninui t-onl exports lu KaK- toclnv | JV detaining two lliilian cm-go .ships and «mnomiciii K tin t (,e- man coal exported by way ol' Holland lo !i;,ly now is liaMn Detention of the Italian ships-^-—--Liiii' '"I"'' two of ten that sailed from Ital- 1 tirdam —was announced in the! House of Commons by Minister of' Economic Warfare Homld Cross! after the Fascist government hadi protested strongly against the allied blockade decision as compromising relations between Italy and Great Britain. The ships which were detained in lhc British contraband control station in lhc downs oil Dover llils afternoon were the Grata, Mother's Dealh Third in Family 'In Four Weeks Heath, which l la<1 already .struck i twice in one family recently udded i : ' notlu>r 'o its loll ycslcrdav when' 8,031 tons, and (he L-aosso,"sJIGfi ",,, ^'"7, 1U ' lslu ot lleal ' Ucei-ing. i tons. i f "'•• " len to "lake three deaths in | r lamily in less than four week* e was si. I'wi Reported For Rcsolu- lion; Mrs. Caraway Is Hi'ld Non-Conimillal WASUIXCTON. M;, r r , mi,) —The senate cimmti'rrc eommit- tee rated. 10 lo 5. lo<);iy u, ,, osl . ];une fur a HeeU consideration id a resolution exjni'sshij; ,11s;,,,. proval nf personal itu'ome ipies- ticn in the l!Ht> census. ('liailimin .losiah \\\ Uallry s:nd thr delay N.-IS- rcciui'slctl liy arling secretary of rommercc Kdwin .1. Noble, whose department hr.s cliarue ,if in,.' census liureau. Benefit Program Will He Meld For.Finnish Aid Fund I-'rom the fur north of Finland, dlsjrU^vl]) be presented at thc -way above Ihe Arctic Circle-, K( ,x y '„„,, .,. wl ' ^"."' l . ."' Miss Kail HimpkylR «> o V McO, le e m i,, ,r ^' relief. It by (he ai.nounced to- sissippi County day Hirer in the Institute of International Undersiaiidlnt! pro gram sponsored by Ihe Ulythcvllle Ho- j t 'j,','." „ tary club as a part ol u national i xnuiiis SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Woman Denies C li; a r g c Death Rate Higher In Finns' Refugee Camps Than In Armed Forces desluni'd ier and in this project to reach both lower Income The statement by Cross was al result of ([iicstionini! by Emanne!! Shinwell, Laborite, who brought into debate the question of Italian resentment against (lie stoppage of much needed coal supplies in Ihej Fascist state and the implications of that attitude in the larger question of Italian non-belligerency in the war. i WASHINGTON, March 5 (Ul'i | A poll of the full senate com- I merce commute, revealed today • (hat 10 of its 20 members favored ,. r I the lesoliHion of Sen. Clinrlcs W, Walls Hosuita] Fei) A 'IIM/I - ' *-"• t> Itfill tuiuuiri : -"V- **••*,.,.i.Mii ni oi'n. IjlllincS \\ son Alton, 27. died rive days later To bey (Rejj., N. H.) i o pul (he .sen- ai me same hospital, ale on record in opposition lo iueuinonia caused all of the I questions concerning personal in' 'iTOken at the same time «>me In thc 19.10 census (hat her sons became 111, the mother became improved and was There seemed a tendency here', uoth in British and Italian circles i, to believe the dispute would be I < liquidated - - - - plicit seriousness was not cuscusseu. j ^_ ROME. March 5. (UP)—A biy' -scale coal rationing system was ordered today as the government be. Ijronght lo the hospital before Alton Height passed lhc double tragedy caused •fhe United Press poll of commute members, who consider the resolution today, showed 10 for it eve the dispute would be I,, > e m setly caused ifomm tcmsc ed amicably but. its im-i , " " lat sl!c sllf ^red a i fl ' om "« city. Tiousness was not discussed l. IEln I >sc nn<l «licd after an ear | m( t members, if ; • | become infected lo add complicn- • ''• wolll<1 Prodi awaited British action on 10 Hal- Slie was at the home daughter. ' V1 '«- Buuy Howard, at _.. _ _ ii-i __ --'kestou. Mo., where she had been ian steamships cnroiite"from Rot'-', J.™ lc ' vcd follow »ig deaths of the tcrdinn with German coal which- S0ns ' Britain had Included in its blockade. One British Vessel Down, Another Sinking LONDON, Mar. 5. (UP) — The admiralty announced the sinking of the 6,171 ton British steamer Pacific Reliance today and nt the same time claimed destruction of 50 German submarines since the war began. Tiie steamer was sunk in the Atlantic but remained afloat long enough for the crew to take to lifeboats and follow, the guidance of air air force plane to a west coast haven. The British steamer Charles P. Meyer, 10,510 tons, radioed it was lorpcdoi'd off the southeast coast Funeral .services will be held Weunexlay morning, irj o'clock, at CaruthcrsviJIe wheie bmlal will be made along side thc (wo marie graves. She is also survived by two other sons, diaries and Clarence Hcl»ht both of Steele. ° ' Holt Funeral Home is in charge. Wilson, White Attend District Scout Meeting Clarence H. Wilson and Floyd A. Winte accompanied by Wclby Youn.3. ol Osceola. were "in Jonos- ucro Sunday for a meeting of the execJJtive 'bqnrd of the district coiii.jil of Boy Scouts of America. following their return here a meeting was announced for Thursday night, 6:30 o'clock, at thc Hotel Noble which is to be attended against it, three who refused to unit themselves, and one absent from the city. Thc four doubtful of them oppose iplica-! '<• WOI|1<1 produce u lie and defeat | the resolution. of hj,,. The poll of thc committee showed: For the resolution—10. Democrats— (Ay Bailey, N. C. Clnrk. Mo., Overtoil, La nn<i Slatlery, III. _ Republicans—(G>—McNary, QIC., Cfll., Vandejiber^. Mich., I'lannlni; soinelhlnij entirely dll- fcrenl In (he way ot entertainment i and nt Ihe same lime oblniniiu:' funds for the relief of tile flli- ni.sli wnr .Miifiw.s, the ]>i-0|irfliii will consist ol a lalk by Mr. Cook on "America riles" which will be Ihe story ol air Irnnspormllon lo- clny (old aguinsi H vivid bnck- 1,'round of natural color inollon pictures by (be inlcrnntloimuy skl11 known traveler and lecturer who Special eaiinnlllee.s will sell bene- llekels of $5 eileh lo persons > wish in donate lo the fund ell, although already recelvlni! iniieli nnllon-«'lde support, Is yet lur below ihe amount needed In render nmicrial asslsliiuce to the Minis. It is planned to .start this tinvr lomorrow, In iiddltlun (o these special tlck- rls. there will be n Ki'iiei'rtl adnii.s- liekel tor the performance, sold nt a nominal sum. so lo has made a number of travel6yne : " m ' utlulls mid children ""' "i' s section limy have the motion pictures; thc answering ol "'" »"- s M'«IOII limy nave the op- (inpstlciis eonci'miiit; Flnlnml uy !""'unity to learn more about Ihls Miss Hnapkyla. and the display of: cmmtl 'J' which Ims recently reached Piunlsh native costumes ! ""•' headlines ol nil American Th . ,„... . . ' , [newspapers unit al the same time uie motion nietnre in k« mnl /-/,,,(,.;i....,, ,,. ..i........ . .... . Author Would Enlarge Act, Senator f res hi i- i Whi '<-', Me., Gibson, vt,. mid " hour, N. J. Its Would Provisions Mar 5 (UP)— and the crew was abandoning shin i ! e ' • — — ••- •»i«-nu>=u " by scoutmasters, coinmitteeinen and New York Cotton . . - • WASHINGTON r — Against the rcsolution-C. The senate be B nn debate toclav on ^- Ste "" ! "'". Tex., attempts boll, "to extend and con. .., Maloncy, Conn., i'ep- i (met the scone of Ihe Hnlrli per, Fla., Lee, Okln., and Hill. Alu. i "clenii pollltrs" act Noil cOinmltlal-(3) _ camway, Senator Carl ,M.' Hatch (Don Ark. uonahey, Ohio, and Mead, N.|N. H.) aulhor of the statute p o° CraS - 1U1JlUll!: "l»"""<nB political net v- Absent—(li—Rndeliffc. D.. Md ' Mrs. Caraway. Mead and Ijad- cliffe usually vote with the administration. Donahey, an inde- ??. ndent , De '" ocnn ' h ' as support" 111 Mrs, Irene Walker, ;n-year-i)ld widow, residing on her liirm Forty and Wum, Wlls elnrged wilh decree murder today In connection witli Ihe dent!, of born biiby. Held in Ihe county jail hiwwHh- «ut bond, .she will b. . .-" ui - K''^'i ii pie- llmhwry hearliij; 'ninr.sday In MII- "irlpal com i. Deputy I'roM'ciilln,; Attorney U . I'artlow itiuunmeed locluv "• •' Mrs. Walker hail admitted .she " ! S( '."< S(1 lllon ' lni ' n . su wiis lie mother of n bully foun.l burled , In n .slinlloiv uruvc several dnys a«o but denied * baby. | s)u . Of Damage Along ern Const Worlh blasl- ,,,, VOItK, Mmrh ,.,. "' **"•»» «i ^. Hie cn.sli'in senbimrcl was In a stixteineiil made also to Chief Deputy .Sheriff j ohl , ,,,. i u . u , m iiler mil other officers, Mrs. Walker lold , - -«»>'.. .n-cs unci power lines hem Hint she fuhiled during child-' I" 1 " 1 ' 11 <'oivn by heavv coatlnns of Jlflh and Hint when she regained ll ' 1 '' ' ier senses the baby was dead ................. ° r >"<"«'ii trees mid - >..!. .j,, u j « M3 \ivnil. ' ' ' ' l> "~^ivi-'L-:illU\V lilOI'll) SWll'lillD' She said tlml she wrapped the j »)> Irom the Tvsus Pnnha'mlle and nf i ml n „ slice! and hid Ihe body l' :lssl »i: noillnvard ihrom;h New mrl.^1- h.i,. \,t,,t .-..^ ' I,*.,..),*.,.! i . . ... *• ^^-u until and :'ormci p Woodruff County Assessor Sentenced Two Years of federal employes seeks to extend coverage of ihc law to stale federal funds. '"" '« rce eliminate ibcormnittee. would not (lie disputed questions. but senate approval of it undount- cnly would result In elimination of net's prohibition of federal employes. Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. open high . 1100 HOB . 1077 1DSC . 1042 . 974 . 950 . 950 1051 98S 072 957 low close 10SS 1103 1CH3 11)74 1034-C 1075 103(1 1050 10-11 mi 935 B50 972 958 !I87 them by the census bureau E ~ = ^'E5iiliii Letter to First Lady Wins Postal Service, MTTI.K ROCK, Mar. 5 . iui>»_ I'l'onk L. Diirmer of Au-justa. former Woodruff cmmly In.x n.s.sessor, pleaded guilty in federal court today to mull fraud and was seu- tenccd lo two years In a f-;:lernl penllenlinty by Judge Thomas C. Tiimble. Uarmer. who had been servini; ns local secrelaiy of Ihe Modern I with forging rmmcs nf appllcavts •r (Dem., I on insurance nppllcntlons nnd (hen statute's forjlng tin; nanu;s of doctors and proofs of death In notilorder lo collect Insurance pH'ihMidiv Hisj Acfordfng to the Indlclmunt he oblnlnerl $2.aso over a perioii of several years. Talmadge Lnnsiston pleade:! anil ty to churBcs ol kidnaping and violation of the uy?r act. lie wns to be .sentenced this afternoon Ur Erkkl Mcppo. of the slatc health depurlmein, a «riiduatc-|a,U year 01 Johns Hopkins University ""d Ills American wife, Dr. Pearl' 5. <U!>)_ '1'olvonen. n imtlve of Ann Mich., and a uriuhmte of tlic"un|'.' 1ms worth )'«rslty, said ihl s i s „ found In Ouhi province: .seventh of the sick children are reeling the first effects o MS; U per cent, mostly uuul(:5 iHler two years oUI, are afflicted with active rickets; 9/1 per cent ncute otltls (Inflammation of Uie mucous membrane of ihc PCI cent bronchitis' 78 ner i-cnt .. .. ...... ,, t ,,,,,,, i,er iiirm nouse. I v '"'"" :> . ""i on electricity liom skl » diseases-- 07 per cent ,ub^, Ite 18-ycm-oltl danuhter. who «''">'« comimmitles ,,nd brake dow ">B coush; 0,1 p iS^ "^: i ^";::. i ::^!!!T. i ".i^."""- ?ii^Z nt lml siirvtw!rt "'^r " ii1 ^^S-.^ ; ,i • fitoims. cent pneiiiminln; 03 „,,,• jcnl it,, AHlioiiitirilm damaue, Inconvenl- cliomn. and 7.5 percent other «i«l nertl of snapped ,„,„,,,. "esses. "ii.otnci lines wus extensive, the Iree loss' 0''- Tolvoneii "•'"' iniielt hlfliei. It wus esllmiilerl K"'it need was some neliihbor "hlldreii nt WOO.ono In lh,. o ro ,, x IUU , miler her bed for two days she wus ablu to leave her bed mry Ihe baby In n shallow grave In a field behind her farm house. I Cllll "i> s . L-I l(l-ycai-old ilm was ie lime, accordhm t 0 M,.,. \v.,,^- er. was In another room ami knew nothing at th L . uirlh of the baby mcf: (lie mother told officers. Tim corpse ,vas discovered last . dlsrt,)>le,l "ff electricity Inch-thick ex- pc • doctor and his American wife sail! Dint 1 M o,,, province ol Ouhi they exnmlned 755 children and round 4it per cent of llieni 111 of such diseases ns rickets M'lDie.s iHiciiiiionla. lubcrcMlosis »nd whoopliiB cough. Nearly 500,000 women and chll- | fen are. beln« evacuated to more iiuesMble nrois to n( , K l|u( ^ ".'!"" nmt '"^"^ tli'-otijli the wi i i )• Uluy by ..... j "f ."""i. M who hurried home am! (heir purcnts imtiilcd officer tlon M< (C 'n nl " 1S ' VL ' lllvcs "S"- tloi bef ore the wurrani, was hsucd. . nx \\^ m, Ihe story |u ' r Munlintlmi boioiiHlis of New lcd officers Y "'' k City alone. More Ihnn WOOD !,', Ct i S "' " ml ><lcnmy ' ' "< '"« «ml elms alot, K said the inost ur- ., .. ,--• for "OD:l sulfatyrl- "••.e, which S \ M m(A wns » c , 5cn * t , nl in combntlin; imeiimoiila •• "A large number of tiie children hnd measles, which soon developed Into pneumonia due to thc lack of xr ,. .,, ,, • "- 1 - 1 '--mien. no .UUUK t-einam - >vv i">vuuiuma auu to the Innt n Mu. Walker, „•!,„ , ms , )CBI| tlc|(| artw lly ,„„( M-ymr-oW elms In "icdlclne as well as a B Vos «ek' n II s (Ill(?Sl Oil tin clnr%n lLt.,4 ii l^H't Ti-VMii n.,..[. i...,. , . .. ,,t,.ii.i.^ ... . . "-I." MOW HICK 0 for cuiesllonhuj since that lime ' rot't 'rryon „„„ .,„ , , ., "•• "•' " KUWA ! cJolhJne nnd roo<t in the , • .. & .....v-v. Him Dim. 1 , \viifi .»j».. j uin, iitni ,Kfn(i(| tnc !' ^-'^^JJ'ifj nntr /oo<( n (hr "± V ,*"! W '. 1 Wlt . h Ilttl " E 8«? bl-otoT'off""' 11 TV 1 " """ ( "° Dr • C °' C ,''' , 8 ^ 5!Ul1 " 10St »' ^ jiiiKui off near their bases under: nlu ' children cnmc from cor-erclon of 91? 957 35 S New Orleans Cotton Mar. M«y July Oct. Dec. Jan. open high . 110S 1118 . 108S IC05 . 1051 1000 . 977 990 . 9S1 !)73 . 953 959 low close 11C6 1116 1084 1005 1048 10SO n 901 953 OJS 973 9C9 prev. close 1102 IOPA io-r 97,= 9CO 951 Camp Fiierson. out of Joncsboro, which v>-cre planned nt Sunday's meeting will be announced. Jnmcs Hill Jr.. district chairman, and Robert c. iMacnabb. scout es- fcutive of Jfviiesboro, will preside. Swing Music Invades Harvard Faculty Club CAMBRIDGE, Mass. ItJD-Swillg music and table tennis have invaded the previously sedate rooms of the Harvard faculty club as the lo ask questions relating to „„„„,„lion. Census takers begin their calls April 2. Tobey charges that questions ajoul a citizen's income would constitute ••malicious snooping." and that (he bureau has no legal light to «sh them. "I hnve never seen lhc people- so arouse:!.' 1 he said, "and I have just begun to right for (hem.- Shcupnnl and Bilbo replied lhat Ihe census bureau was within Its rights in including th e disputed questions nnd said that the information desired was necessary so - ston was chorscil with lakliv the Stock Prices professors try to put it back on a I thisl the Boveiiimcnt"c'o'Jfd''obta'tn a paying basis. clear picture of the imcmplovinenl j To overcome a deficit, the ' ' —' " ' ' " ' Am. Tobacco Anaconda Copper .. Belli, steel Clmsler Coca Cola Oen'l. Elect Cien'l. Motors Int. Harvester Mom. Ward N. Y. Central North Am. Aviation Packard Phillips . ... Hadio Republic Steel Sccony Vac Studebakcr Std. of N. j Texas Corp. . U. S. Steel .... 29 5-8 77 1-8 85 121 1-4 38 3-4 53 1-8 53 5-8 53 7-3 lli 3-8 24 5-8 3 1-4 :m 3-4 5 3-4 21 7-8 11 1-4 H 3-4 43 3-8 4S 1-2 intrcdnced broader attraction to youn Ihe Harvard stud. tion of lower rday club programs as an er membcis of The introiluc- and financial condition of Its citl- Clark said h c > would support the j resolution, although car of Fred Seller, an oil company employe al Monroe, La., and forcln; -~- - •••' Seller to accomnanv him frmn Cnmden ' U ' C i 1 "" 1 '"" " Vi " g "' M "" roc ' lo ""«»" •-•oimty. Art ^anuien, near here, are ready now to leave It, to the women to S!Ct results. For 20 years the men had tiled lo get rural free delivery (o their homes, half a OT |le from the mnln highway. Finally 76-year-old Mrs Jnmcs Marth\ decided it was time for her to act. She wrote Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt and received a jjrompt reply. The problem has "ecu turned over to the proper authorities, Mrs, Roosevelt said. A short time later, Canuleii was setting the service. Masons Will Meet On Wednesday Night E. Baker. Worshipful Master rates, punch-teas and b events is provin g than to b,in, bou, o in? aout a iiiccc.wiul nnanclally. officials say.! of senate sentiment and also is "overcoming u, 0 old. ,. [f „ , ... ' hriit Iviirlitmii llnl fn.,,i...s,i.._ „„,. " ll M-l"-'- Oltl dll' bud tradition that Cambridge and Harvard are people." friendly to new irectly al the , . V...X..,M. . Ll 11 ii. in i,-,. rn'iiry iilirlxr'Jl \ti'i s,,:e iwonld go «.,,o,e l log for it." four hours 'old' w^fthc 11V, Ail III. 1 J I.- IT,,,,!,,. _,,.! _ . . . ' Twins, 4 Hours Old, Become Uncle, Aunt YAKIMA. Wash. <UI>)_A Iwlll son and dan«htor born to Air and Mrs. Henry mirba=h were just liie uncle ami Chicago Wheat May July May Julv open high low close ICO 1-4 1037-8 ICO 1-3 103 1-3 Mrs. Harris' Mother Dies At Starkville Mrs. 11. A. Martin ol Starkville, Miss., mother of Mrs. R. s. Harris, riied nl her home there early this! morning following n lengthy in-1 She was 5G. " ; , Mr. and Mrs. Harris vent toj a "° Elarfcville several dnys ago whcnj j Mrs. nlRitin's condition" became; very serious. luneral services will be held j Wednesday afternoon at Stnrkvilie.! llrilish Vensioticrs l)i> Hit LONDON (UP) _ Man v soldiers and widows of soltiicrs v.iio served in the last war have voluntarily given «p their pensions for "the miration." i lo Mr. Him Mrs. 1 miller. It happened hours before ii.ivc birth to burn Eitiiiu-l Wa.vser- tliis way: lour Mrs Wasseinlllcr daughter, her [mother. Mrs. Uurbueh. gave birth I .1? Ihe twins. murder after an autopsy revealed that (he baliy was nllvc at birth officers .siild. Mrs. Walker, whose husband died Unco years n B o. lives on her 10- acre farm between Forty and Rleht and Hurllvld. Mrs. Murray Smart's Condition Critical Condition of Mrs. Elizabeth, Iinley smart, 2B-year-ol<| wlfo of C. Murray Smart, remained crltl cal today. Mrs. Snifirt. who wns removed to niylhevlllc hospital several dnys IIBO when she was flrlckcn 111. hns hmi ih,-ee heart ullfifk.s since Saturday. Dr. w. a Chancy, Memphis specialist, was here lust nijjhl for n conference with local physicians. Mrs. Joe Orr will arrive this afternoon from ColleKe Station, Tex., to be with her slstei; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. 1. Haley, and another (jlsle.r, Mrs. Lloyd Stlckiuon. Mrs. Smart is widely known In Mils section, having IQIII; been or- snnlst at Klrst church and active in mus'cal. church and elvii: Ginger Rogers Sues Lew Ay res For Divorce] "of HOLLYWOOD, Mm-. 5 (UP) _ Cling<>r Rogers, hlo;uic dim n today filed stilt for divorce Lew Ayres, Him .slur, from \ she has been separated' for I of Cliickasawbu Lodge No. 134, p '"'id A. Af., announces a special comnnlcatlon to be held Wcdiics- ?i^M?c Bl Fellmvcra?t°(toc/ D '' WCfk " ' '" IC , 1 "" 1 X 0 ''' 111 "^ 0 """ 1 "'""' 01 ™"'' Vlsltins; Masons are Invited tof "' " >lch w " s solp "" ll «' (l . va '> I'tend 11,0 mcetln,! Mr l4eri. lfr -' liy nfter ' la °" nl Pil ' st Prc " bl 'further stilled. ncllvllloK ol the city. She was to ve Dlaycd al the wedrilim of Miss Apples Shower Down On Overseer of Poor BH/\TTI,EBOKO. V t. ~(UI') -,„, L,,^ Frank Hiifan. overseer of Ihc poor,] seriously I terlan cimrch, but became ill abou'; u week a«o. Sikesfon Man Loses Leg In Plane Crash SIKESTON, Mo., March 5.—nnn- '1 McCoy. Jr., 30 years old. was recently Injured In the crash ol ill plane at an airport two •ast of Slke.ston lute Sun- ordered GOO bushels ol ! his . ConnLm 0 " 1 n" C Fct ', C '' al Sllr l""^ miles Oommocllties Cor|»rnllon and has day been having trouble ever since. i Witnesses said McCoy, who held enom-1, !',!!!,! * ^ J " S ' in ^ KtmVs "y'»B P".nlt. had tuk- C •°°° " loic i c " «« ! ><><n "«= nlrport In his sln- , • S " "'"*'• 1 bushels arrived and llarjan rc- n s - Anotllcn vl'' water nnd was about 100 ........... hi the air the motor tm'iicd ihein. And 1.200 more! s i a |i W |. - n , c ,„„„, <lov( . , o (hc rinrtnl ?'' C , C " • rOIU< ' ""' ,"° ""'"i ijr01 "" 1 "" l <il1 ' 110t C(ltcl1 "''I! M C - cecdcd in Dnviiis the .shlpmentl C oy stilfercd two broken lens uiwf the lerrlllc Ice nccinmibllon: In l^otijj island an,i Nott , j Bl . s(!y Illimt oaks that had survived the worst of (lie 11)311 hurrlnim.. hnd broken down, littering the highways and Impeding ttafllc. At the Palisades Interstate I'ark Binnte of Ihe forest were toppled' with noise like the explodiiii, of bin suns. \v. U. OJIT, nnturallal O f he AmerU-an 'Museiiln of Natural JUslory.'sald the law was "Inconceivable. •W.OOQ acres dAmugccl. ' *_..... VIM. u l:ALl:lluCll Ihroiigh Ithodc Island. Coiinectl-iil am) -- half (lie trees in had been rulnei! or conditions extended and Suotmissulinl. Auotlier cause of the high rate of death mid < Is tiie overcrowded condition of the shelters "In one school ho use." she "salf "I children under six years of a» died out of IQO" ,m7",'?ft ^^ of "ID women ant children ..slept on the-liareifloo dothin'r' hlnukcts !>ll ". vcl 'i' t" 1 " -A Rfoiip'oi'he'aith offlclars'lnclud- nif Dr. Robert Maverick, head of the Amrrlcjij, Finnish relief fund eomiulttce here, a nil the Alcpmis made an extensive tour of th" country areas. Their fluriln !s „« "elng drafted i l!io ol(Mlll " fQn I and will l, e forwarded ( 0 'the i United stnlM nlu , ol , 1Br |1Btlons whose citlwns have shown an ln- ' In Finnish refugees. O. IJcinilinlncn, "director of the Hnnisii sinii health She clmrueil deseitlon. .. He ., nn accompanying to the complaint and hcaiiiiBofthe action wus set for March 13 Lust month Miss Honors said she planned to establish residence In Reno, NOV., and obtain a divorce there. r-'Uiujj ( , r the action here came as u surprise. Snow-Slide Sweeps Jap Train Into River VAMAOATA, Japan, March 5. <UI>>—ft snow-slide swept a pas- train off a trestle into the t In many per capita than the losses'suffered by Fliinlsii soldiers at the front •• '"ilic Finnish relief question hr: now reached the proportlo-s of -in emergency situation," Mrs. M»m,o said. "Jusl take Nivala, h, ciiilu [irovluce. Ten per cent of the deaths there are due to dysentery and pncumonlH.' 1 ... I3r. Maverick said the sitintioi In outlying areas will be alleviator.' somewhat by a new system' of reaching tiie sick. Five trulev trucks, eachenn-yliii .:or,ipiate •i" l f* leal .nii|iplics. a dirlor anil n nu".- ( . ' will be rushcil to Ai-mviikn river near THiiingafiicId'affected areas lie "s'-ilrt" today. Kciirs were felt for inori-' ' than 100 passengers. U wns reported thin four cars HELSINKI, war March 5 (UP)-A today reported stopped. .-rv> »••'.. iulll I . . , ..-"'c chest Injnrie.s. One ICL- wns Wreck wns is still passing onl apples.! amputated • wlctlc " ns 1 uut "' I and reports were fraijmciilarv . •- —•' •- i "'»i t-wuuiiiiiiniuc lodnv re had been swepl Into a 15-foot ra-! that a lied nrmv nitM,,,",i . . -, vine In which there was ,,l,, e feet| across 15,e G,? '"SnS *'"£ Of snow. One car cm.«l,t lire. First) of the B«v of V° pu, h"d been reports were that 11) were dead repulsed nnd thai i---'-- - - < • 'llUl llinilV ,SC''if*S>*;ll' 111 llifnfl 'I'lln ':.-. ._..,.. iously injured. The; in , continued at the"'wwt7rn"°end a,, solnled i-efiioni 0 r , hc Ml>nncrheim llnc fur p OS - ^rn frtlmlllillliil-l. .. . . j.u.< ^ lce8 IM Elll *°pe: There Are .11,999,95 Others 981-4 101 931-8 1003-4 Chicaffo Corn open 563-8 553-4 high 57 Alabama Tablet Honors Reconstruction Governor MONTGOMERY, Ala. (UPI--A marble tablet has ben placed in lllc ictuiKla of thc historic Conlow clos-- c 5fil-4 507-8 '-""ate capitol building of .. j-o- ' —- "5 m uu: 57 1-2 5C3-4 57 ,. 4 |cradlce of thc Confederacy" to Gov ! George S. Houston, wiio restored local self government lo Alabama Houston, alter serving the national congress, joined Alabama '" secession at outbreak of the slnles. Ifp dp. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. 111.. Mar >UP>— Hogs: 14.200—13.000 on ! Top, 6.65 170-230 Ibs., 5.45-6.60 140-160 Ibs., 3.40-4.40 Hulk sows. 4.15-4.7S Cnltle: 3.550—3,500 on sale. Steers, 7.65-10.25 Slaughter steers, 6.75-11.50 yearlings, heifers. 7.50-9.10 iiol Ihe var structiou days, and was instrumental in ousting Carpet-backers nnncl effecting southern white nil- once more. The marble plaquo to Houston <L°'l!- V ?, fCW fcel Ir om'Hie gold star markinsr thr, ^ nt „.. thc * ap . Ill Davis session of Vlipuri. The coinmunl()Uc also reported fighting as a result oC Russian attacks on the western of the Day of Viipuri without ad- mitllne that the Russians had Laincd control of that sector. 'Moscow reported that Russian forces had landed on the west side of thc bay lo encircle Viipuri) Fire Damages Servant House On Lake Street Fire slightly (Linia^cd the ^ervan! house beloiijinj to 6. Abraham on South Uike street at 9:30 o'clock this morning. Firsmcn extinguished the bla/re within :\ few minutes. WEATHtR RUSSt/VN: Safe from Vinns, ihclr prisoner. r™ "" **"*" ™ n " I ™ td ' 2 Ul " ll °" foM On thc battlefield, of E, lro p 0 . but most of thc actual fighting Is going on up in one cor . ner oi tne continent. On a rectangular Isthmus between Finland and Russia Finns n'nnber.nn less than 400.000 have proven ihemwlvc* the war's brave*? flghim ^ FRENCH: Bewildered prisoner of the Nails. standing off stBlemato «j I BRITISH: .Hen of the Royal 'Navy face a lousli job. ° f W " h 3 ' 100 ' 000 OCO 4 ' M0 ' 000 Idling In » h , ' '' now athered for battle In the west. Happiest face., «re those of the captured; for thorn, warring days are over. • Arkansas—Fair, sllgblly warmer in northeast nnd central portions tonight. Wednesday fair and warmer. Memphis and vicinity—Fair to- i night and Wednesday, lowest tem- I peratures tonight about 40, warmer Wednesday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 57. minimum 40, cloudy, according ,tO: Samuel F. Norrls, weather observer.

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