The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 4, 1940
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Terry's Leading Hopes EEIU05I Capture Honors In Tournament Held Last Weekend 4-H Here Twelve of the 42 Boys and Girls! 4-H Club baskelJjall liviim of Not-Ill Mississippi Couiny were awarded honors in the annual tournament which came to a close lust nhht a/ter tilrco days and nights of tames which were wliiiossu.! bv large crowds to make the cunis held i\i the niythevllle aimoij i financial nnd enthusiastic- SIKHS Winners will meet the South district winners for the county title. In the "A" divisions, the GoMiill girls and Yarbro boys won first while In the "B" divisions, llic Pawhcen girls ami last Cane Uoys received (lie ch.itnpiomhip honors. Yarbro won .second and i'awheen. third, in the "A" (jlrls; Gosncll won .second ami Lone Oak. third, in the "A" boys while in the "B" fills Hoeky won second and Box rluu third, nnd in Hie "B" boys, 1,0110 Out won second ai:d Roikv. third Tournament officials picket! the team showing the best sportsmanship and the team members, in turn, .selected one member lor the best sport. Chrisleen Edghi, of the Pawheen "B" girls, received the medal offered by Miss Corn Coletnnn, home demonstration assent, and Alvis Hants, of the !,one Oak "A" boys, received the medal offered by Jim J. I'ickrcn, agricultural agent. Tiic tournament was under the supervision of T. R. ivy, J. \l Cleveland and Arnold Phillips. These nil-tournament teams were selected by officials: "A" uo\s First team: H. Wallers, Lone Oik G. Bunch, Yarbro; Hall, Gosuell; 'A. Bund), Yarbro; Griffin. Yar- rbo. "A" girls—First, team: UcvlU. Gosncll; whittle. Yarbro; D. Whittle, Yarbro; Oldhntn, Yarbro; wrir- ringtoii, Gasnell; Moody, Gosnell. "B" boys—First, team: Alexander. Lone Oak; Reed, Lost Cane; E. Whitney. Blackwaler; Parks. Lost Cane; Litiebarger. Rocky. • "B" girls—First team: Wyatl. Pawheen; Ellis. Box Elder; 1'nls- grove, Rocky; Gulp. Pawheen; Patton, Box Elder; Young. Rocky. "A" boys—Second team: Culp, Paivhcen; Smith, Gosncll; Stiles. Yarbro; Hallmark, Gosnell,' Harris, lone Oak. "13" girls—Second team: G. Horn, Pawheen; Cook, Gosnell; Lovelace, Shady Grove; V. Onincs. Yarbro; Maxwell, Gosnell; R.. Guinea, Yarbro. "B" boys—Second team: Weeks. Lost Cane; Scott, Bryant;- Finley. Box Elder; Davis, Box Elder; Matthews, Brown. "B" girls—Second team: McGhee, Gosnell; Caery. Blackwater; Edgin. Pawheen; J. Lott, Gosnell; Me;l- lock, Brown; Flceman. Shady Grove. i COURIER NR\VS The 'Biscuit'. Rims The' Race, Giants' Prospects Are Dimmest Of Last ' Scvenil Seasons Aic of I lira years ago. ami in no condition Today's Sport Parade By HENRY McLEMOR* LOS ANGELES, March -I. tUPi — A game-legged horse with a heart to match was king of the turf today. His story is the racing equivalent of "The Ugly Duckling." and the lo be ill n race, he gave Seabiscuil mtigninrciu ride, it was Pollnrd, a cripple himself during Sjeabis- cuit's retirement, who stayed witli the Biscuit night and day. walked him, jogged, petted him. ami nursed him along until he was ready rot the racing wars once more. All of these things—Seabismtt'.s rise from an all but broken down two yen- old who sold for $7.500; Ills comeback iifler <i year away from the track: his two heartbreaking photo finish dsfcats in earlier handicaps; the faith and love of his jockey; the smashing I'lliiinx to become the greatest money winner of them all—all of tiling!! combined to maki: the sixth race at .Santa Anltu Saturday a drama unequalled on the American ItnT. What will the HisciiH do now? No one knows right now, not even Ills owner. Clvirles S. Howard, The .- -... _„.., „ „ „ „„... chances arc. however, that Sea- final chapter of it was written in i u ' sclli ' right now as sound us lie the rim down the stretch at Santa Anita Saturday afternoon. It was then and there that Sea- biscuit, who once had a price of only $2,500 on his head, pounded from the dust into the clear and began erasing Sun Beau's name from the books as the greatest money winner of all time. ' -He wasn't made to do it. The little gnome of a fellow on his back didn't touch him with the whip. He just sal there, a passenger, as one of the greatest thor- , - oughbreds of all time did what he best likes to do—run. The crippled legs that forced him into retirement for a year might have been hurling him, and the burden on his back might have been heavy, but you never would ever ivas in his life, will be kept In training and sent out for the Hollywood r;old cup in the summer. Victory there where the purse Is $50.000, would lift his earnings lo i-tii-l) a figure that his name would lead them all for many, unny years to come. Jonesboro Winner Of District Meet have known finish line. it, lie driving crossed and ths MARKED TRKE. Ark.. Afar. -I.— Jonesboro easily \von the District [Four cage tournament here Saturday night be defeating Pnrngould in the finals. 76 (o 31. Leachvillc lost to Jonosboro Gti to 20 earlier in the tourney, niy- thcville was routed by Manila, il9 to 38. and then Jonesboro trounced Resume County League Basketball Contests I'lny will lie resumed this week in the Mississippi County Amateur Uaskctball League following llic district tournament in which the Shiiwnee girls of Joiner lost in (he .s'Cinl-finnls after the Manila hoys had lost in Die quarter finals. Play will he continued for three weeks before' the annual county tournament to be held the week of March 25. ['luce of the lourna- mpnl. which is expected to attract Urge crowds because of the H teams to participate, has not yet been decided upon. Games to be played this week will begin tomoiraw night when the UlackwatiT boy.s will play at Reiser. Thursday night, the Osce- oln boys am! girls will play u double header at I.raehvllle and the Lone Oak (joys will play at Joiner while the Ynrbro fir.s will piny „(, Joiner to make a double header. Friday night, the Hubbard Hardware team of Dlylhevillc will play at Manila with both the girls and boys to pi)i'liclpat<\ Next week, the gamc.s will be: Hubbard Hardware of niythoville at Osceola with both boys and girls playing; Slmivnce ot Joiner at Ix-niOivllle wild both boys and girls Uhying; Kcber boys at Lone Oak ami Manila boys at Ulackwater; Manila girls at Yarbro. Tin; final games before the tour[ naiiient will be: Leaclnillc boys and girls with Hubbard Hardware nt Ulythevitle; Manila boys and sirls with Shawnec at Joiner; Lone Oak boys at Osceola; Keiser hoys I at Ulackwater; Yarbro girls at i Osceola. mush line, driving a';d drlvin" i Mllni! «. 68 to 3G. away, and the dust he threw back ! MASO ' N ' S WILL MEET—M was literally gold dust. Because the i lllc Royal' Arch Masons 117 liy HAimv (JKAYSON Ni:A Service Spoils Bdllor WINTKIl IIAVKN. Flu., March 4. --The New York Giants invi-sli-!l $135.«oo In lights nnd forgot about the ball club, .so now William Harold Terry is cruising around ihc Cirapcfiuil l/cagtie in frantic <•(fort lo purchase u third fonspjii:r> nnd :i couple ni pllchcifi. The once proiul Polo aroiindi." could use considerably more (inn that. Their outlook hnsii't been as dismal in the memory of suclii'clil- lljni 1 follo'.vez's as Cieorge M. Co'hi'ii nnd Jack while. Perhaps that i-, vhy Hill Terry- took them to so<w- nolenl Winter Haven, where the fill He Phillies trained sci lon» It may tic Chillie Willie's way of"pr'- jKiriiif them for the worst. The Ciiants tun be unlit lo IIP u-11 sel at only four " position', they have the finest catcher In the National League in Harry Ilaiini-n Hilly Jnrge.s l s „„ oulstandiiif shortstop, ami Mel Ott is a .stiek- oul and Frank Demarce a fixture In the outfield IUIRHEI.L WILL HO WKU, TO WIN K Then, after you name the nvo ically dependable pitchers—Hany Gumbert and Bill l/>hrinau — the trouble begins. At this stage of his brilliant career, the great Curl lluhhell will be having a tremendous campai"n if he wins 12 games. Cliff Mellon should regain his 20-gainc form uf 1037. but the chances are he won't. if the tall southpaw can thi:'b ho seldom gets around to it Hal Schumacher needs a month off every now and then. Clydell Castle- 111:111 can't pitch any more. Hoy Joiner, veteran minor league left-hander «-ho hud a (rial with the Cubs five years back, may be of some assistance. Joiner showed the way in the International League with 21 won and B lost , . . had an earned run average of 2.63. Huge Walter Brown is good for only an occasional relief trick. Big Mhnuel Salvo can't prevail in the National Lengnc' Zckc Uomira will bat in lot) inns,, but will let in a like imm- lf.r at first base. Burgess Whitehead's health will not permit a comeback. The leg he broke List summer makes LOU chlouoi n floublful quantity. Terry is not counting on George Myalt. who submitted to a leg operation during the winter. : ' 8TKIVAUT DOUUTI'lJI. AT HOT CORNKK This leaves the Giants with first- year men at three infield posts - . . Babe Young, recalled from Knosvillc lit first; Mike Wilck, ob- t,imod from Newark, at second nnd oien Stewart, brought in from Jersey City, at third. While Witek and Young might easily make the grade, it's a long step from lhe International League and Southern Association to the majors and. as bright a prospect ns Young Is. Horace Stoneham insisted that Terrv hang onto Ilonura just In case. Stewart performed all over the Jersey City infield, hut appears to IK one of those fellows who can play anywhere but nowhere weil and Terry's search for a third seeker makes it rather plain he has given up on Stewart bcfnre he tins had lime to warm up. .Joe Moore, who cracked up last trip, will have to do an about face to give the Gianls any decree of security in ih e outfield. Bob Seeds is ordinary. j oe Ruckci, nephew of Nap, obtained from Atl.inia. hit .3-1C and was the fastest runner in the Southern Assoriation but is headed for the Jersey City farm across the Hudson. The Giants finished in the second division last season lor (lie first time in seven years so they put $135.000 in lighting equipment They'll look Just as bud under! the arcs. 'Ilic Dominion of Canada packed 1,697,000 cases of canned .salmon dining 1938. Each case cmibincd 48 one-pound cans. . the cnpplcd htUe ca,t-o,r, who m,, ; ht have been W »«n forc ^^ ~" ~~~ HEL'OpflffE Pace Is Favored To Win Over Defending Bantamweight champion TORONTO, Out.. March 4 (UP) —George Pace, hard-hitting Cleveland negro, Is the 7-5 favorite (0 become undisputed bantam-weight champion of the world by licking Lou Salica of New York lonighl at Maple Leaf Gardens. Doth Pace and Saliea, former champion, approached tod-MS weigh-in worried because neither was certain of being able to register under the 118-pound limit Pace was favored because of his harder punch and his speed nnd Ills youth. He was recognized as champion by the. U. S. National Boxing Association. But S-ilua who held the crown back in 1935 is recognized by the New York Commission. This title dispute was caused by Sixto Escobar's vacating of the crown last year because of weighl- innkiiij,' difficulties. The Puerto Rican gave up the croivn, and Pace claimed it. Fear of missing lh e 118-pound limit is emphasized by yesterday's laxl-iuituKe training. Both Pace and Salica went through six rounds "t boxing each in addition to limbering exercises and rope skipping. This is a new departure because invaiiably boxers training for a title' bout content themselves with libeling exercises on the eve of battle, ilnt Pace scaled 119 yesterday, and Salica 118'.4 after their workouts. Both realized the necessity «f drying out. The National Boxing Association, the New York Commission, and lhe Ontario Commission have agreed to recognize tonight's winner as world champion. Because of this significance- and because bantiun fights are especially enjoyed in Toronto, Promoter Jack Corcoran j anticipates a crowd of 10.000 and n ' sate of $15,000. i Hubbard Quint Meets Missouri Team Thursday The Hubbard Hardware Independent basketball team of Ulyihc- ville.U'ill play (he Brown Shoe Factory team of Canithersvillc, here Tniirsdny night in a return game after having been defeated by the Missourians in a game at Cfinith- ersvillc yesterday afternoon. The game was a fast one with the score. :i5-33. with not more than four points difference in th; entire game. Ramsay and Reiser, each with 10 points, tied for individual honors on the Hlyllieville teurn while Jones, with 13 points, was high man for the Caruthersvillc l»ain. Whoof; \ St. Louis Team To Play Caruthersville CARUTIIERSV1LLE. Mo., March 4—The Stockhain American Legion girls' basketball team of St. Louis will play (lie Brown Shoe factory sextet here Satuday night, March J. it >vas slated today by Ilerschel Sanncrs, Brownies' business manager. The Brown Shoe boys will meet the Manila. Art., Independents in the preliminary came at 8 p. ni.- Setting-Up Exercises Too Much for Teacher HARTFORD. Conn. ii;p)_ T | ie annual report of citv insurance supervisor Alfred N. Preino showed municipal employes were involved a number of unusual accidents ch as: A physical education director sprained his back while conducting a class in setting-np exercises. A police man, chasing a fugitive, broke bnlh arms when he fell while climbing a fence. A gardener developed a body •ash from handling shrubs. An employe slipped on. n grape uid sprained his ankle. A tractor operator .suffered a lislocatcd vertebrae from the constant jarring of the machine. Senath Is Winner Of Regional Evenl STKELE, MO., Mar. 4.—Senatl won the Southeast Missouri boy high school regional championshi] Saturday night In the regiona louiiiainetit there by clefeatinf Risco, 30 lo 14. Steele finished in Ihird place. Senath will represent the district in the state meet to be held soon Read Courier News want ads. Dr. J. A. Saliba Announces the removal of his office from the Ingram Buildin? to 124 E. Kentucky. Ites. I'lione 410; Office Ph. 418 Jimmy Ripple, Brooklyn Dodger outfielder. gels a medicine hall massage where it's most needed as he puts in some last-minute conditioning at Artie McGov- erri's gym in New York before' heading for spring training camp. Will Hold Marble Tourney For Boys CAHUTirERSVfLLE, Mo., March •I—J. E. Brown, chairman of the Ki Minis Club's Boys' and Girls Work Committee, said yesterday that the club would sponsor a j marble tournament for Caiuthers-1 ville children, sometime during the ! early spring months. Prizes will be ( iwnrded lo winners, and the tour- j (lament will be conducted under, national rule.s. Plane Tracks Poachers M1SSOULA, Mont. rtJP) _ The Held of aviation has been extended to running poachers. Rangers Dave Kyle, ruling for lhe Idaho State Game Commission, is able to spot snmvshoe tracks, where there .shouldn't be any, and by following them locates the hideout of the poachers, usually well stocked with deer car- c.i.Kses and other onl-of-.season animals. Head Courier News want aiis Was Old at 62 SETS VIM, PEP, FEELS YOUNGER • Itcunion at lUispil.l SANTA ROSA. Cal. (UP) The j Ray Lnuglilin family chose the Tanner hospital for a family reunion. Laughlin was rushed 'ihere first for an emergency appendectomy. He was followed by his wife, a maternity case. Soon thereafter n baby boy completed the reunion. They spent the next 10 days in adjoining rooms at the hospital. in 5- " "offer «"/efdo*« nt all Klrby Stores. Hu>- Your AMERICAN EXl'UKSS MONKY ORDKRS at ROHINSON'S Drug Store H APPY UOUH ORO.& FKEE UEUVEKX W. Slain SI, Plume ir, Our Service IS YOUR Assurance OP Safe Driving! Safe motoring is lhe aim of every driver. Then, why not as-j sure yourself of this safety as far as your automobile is concerned. Drive in and let our mechanics put your car in shape for any driving. The cost is reasonable and the work guaranteed. EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 3tli & Walnut rhnne 811) S86.650 that went with his victory in the handicap sent the ^Biscuii's ---I- -.--, ..i % Ul-H-VlH. a all tune earnings to S431.730. Sun Beau's record was &37G.1U This reporter has sen.' manv demonstrations in his time for kings and presidents, athletic champions and war heroes, but ,, CV er has he seen such an ovation as the one tendered the lough old cam-1 bi «l stamps, paigncr, Seablscuit. when he jogged ! • — tack down lhe track after the finish and made his way into the unsaddling ring. A crowd that was variously estimated at between 75,000 and 80 000 roared, yelled, laughed, cried, sau* and shouted for fully five minutes Not until the Biscuit, wrapped in Die faded blanket that has warmed him after victories on almost every track in this country, disappeared '"m sight, headed for his stable old the ovation end. 1 Part of the rousing salute was directed., toward Jockey Johnny Pollard. H. must have been, because tills red headed little gamecock deserved it. Still in pain from a leg injury ] )c su/fewd in R nasty fall will meet Tuesday niglu at o'clock at the Hall, it. was nounced today. A plntc lunch will be served following the degree work. Sportsmen In Alaska and the United Stales expend $10,000,000 annually for hunting licenses ami Read Ccurier News want, ads. — PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main jt First vhonc 141 TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS' The late ECarlc Ovington was tho j I'uM pilot to lly United States air-1 mail omctally. Mountain lions and leopards u\ve been crossed successfully. Try One of Our IVltclous PIG SANDWICHES Ole Hickory Inn Across Frnm lUjjli School KICYSTONK ALFALFA SEEDS ALL KINDS FIELD SEEDS HA11Y CHICKS L. K. Ashcraft Co. runiN'A FEEDS Phone )51 TAG WRESTLING Lee Meyers and Red Roberts Gene Blakely and Joe Welch Large or Small FARM LOANS At. Low Interest Rates We are equipped lo handle large or small loans on any sized tract of farm laiui, at low cost, and nl a low in (crest rale. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. niylheville, Ark, FOR A FASTER TRIP Lv. Ar. Ar." Ar. Nc.vt time go Frisco—take "Tlie Sunnvl.ind" arriving St. Louis 3:35 pm connecting with fast (rains to Kansas Gty ant! Chicago. • . . Low round trip fares m,i!te the trip economic.>!.. free pillows, fee water and" chinking cups; wasd-room and toilet facilities always available, all t!ic way . . . Meals with budget appeal served in the Frisco Snack Car. ... No other form Kansas Cify—as early as 9:30 pm of transportation offers so Chicago—as early as.. 9":25pni m " c '' ^ ot so '' t! ' c ! Ctl your free <o{>y o/ the new > "Coach Booklet" telling o/ the many "plus values" o/ a Frisco t — jtin cdl t h e Tiie SUHNYLAND Blylhoville 9:24 am St. Louis 3.'35pm FRISCO UNES FRISCO TICKET ACENT BLYTHEVILLE

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