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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Tuesday, August 14, 1917
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VOLUME 14 ILLINOIS, TUESDAY 14, NUMBER 246 ARMY TO BE IN 5 DIEl HEP SHIP ) « > r ! Fourteen Other Persons Perish on City of Athens. Thirty Per Cent Will Be Moved Early. Next Month. BALANCE TO FOLLOW -SOON The'sfrTEers'vTjJeuToT'eject an offer- of settlement made to them yesterday by company officials. . The stumbling block was announced ns- being the company's refusal .to institute a "closed shop" policy. Men -Accepted for Service Will Report to Local Boards and Will Entrain Within Twenty-Four Hours .After They Report. Washington, Aug. 14.—The new national army will be moved into cantonment .camps beginning September 5, .Provost."(tenel'-ul- Crowder announced. The first increment of 30 per cent will be moved September 5. The second of SO.per cent September 15, and the third September. 30. The remaining 10 per /'cent Will be moved to camps'as'soon possible. The date? specified for each movement of troops are for entrainraent at ihome stations. . Final "decision on mobilization dates *>r the: first 500,000 men drawn indicates that virtually all of the first citizen army-will be in training by: the : week in October.. Each niobiliza- day will be turned over to a pa- :ic demonstration. TO Entrain in 24 Hours. I Jfce first day will be "Wednesday, the •icond Saturday and the third will ph on Snndaj. On the days named tfbe men accepted for service will re- Jtort to their local boards and will en- 'train for camp within 24 hours after jthey report. . . '. . i- "They must present themselves in ciy- •Uian clothes, .witlr nothing but absolute^ necessary baggage. - " . Forrinany days .the war..department and railway experts have been working out plans- for the great troop move- Will: Try to Settle Strike. Washington, Aug. 14.—F. L. Feick' of Garrett,- Ind., was instructed by tike, department of labor' to proceed to Kansas City nt once to attempt n~settlement of the street car strike, FORMER VILLA CHIEF KILLED Jose Ynez Salazar Meets Death at Hands of Home Guards Near Ascension. Juarez, Mexico,' Aug. 14.—.lose Ynez Salaxar, a revolutionary leader and former chief to Francisco Villa, was shot* and killed at Nogalos .ranch, a short distance from Ascension. Americans arriving here from Cnsas (jjran- des brought the details of Salazar's death at the .hands of a small band of home guards: organized" to protect the Casas Grandes-Ascension district. SIMPSON FOR FORT SHERIDAN World's Champion Hurdler Plans to Compete .in "Last" Meet "• at St. Louis. '..... stratio'n' ]K)WeT%-C(5nTEiTea~"6n tEfe executive under .the food control bill. The first will deal with ivheat and tfbur and Will direct the food admmistiation to proceed September '1 v\ith the en forcement' of the'"regulations announced last night. Wheat anil flour are taken up first, it was said at the food administration, because the wheat crop is beginning to move, making it the mobt difficult piob lem to The movement of most other foodstuffs is about the same mouth by mouth. Start Drive on High Prices. Preparation of a form of license under' grain elevators and flour mills will operate after September 1 was begun. Herbert Hoover began his drive on high prices. . His first effort is duected tovaid lowering, and stabilizing the price of the American loaf. Hi* next step vv ill be to stabilize prices on canned goods, meats and other,foodstuffs. He started by serving notice on wheat barons that he will .vigorously enforce the food control-law and declared- the government is prepared to buy the whole 1917 wheat harvest—ap proximately 050,000,000 bushels—if iecessary\o protect.both producer and consumer. .He called upon all elevators, millers,' distribute!* and bakers to restrict margins of profit. .: How Government Will Act. Beginning" September 1 the govern- BOAT BLOWN UP OFF AFRICA OH, HOW HE LOVES THAT TUN£ Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 14.—Robert Simpson, premier University of Missouri athlete and vvorld's champion hurdler, who has tfeen designated for the officers^, reserve training camp at Fort Sheridan, 111., will make his final appearance in amateur athletics'before going -to .camp .at the national' A. A. : .U."meetait St.S.6\iis August 28,and 29, out plans lor tne great u- uul , . providing.he can get permission from ment to camp. It is stated' the men | his commanding afficer, it is an, .«T '._ _=4.t, j.i,« irtoc.4- v\ovcnniil- inron- nnnnpRfl here- Mil go with the least personal' incon- "Veuie'nce, but it .will, he necessary •send all in day coaches. Chicagoans in Camp Soon. •Chicago, Aug. 14.— Approximately 22,000 Chicagoans will he in training at Rookford b.y September 30, according to announcement made by Provost iMarshal 'General Crowder~in Wash-. ington. "•,•-'. ' . Alton, El.. Aug. 14.— The -Claims of more than 100 married men foe exemption from draft have been overruled by the local exemption board. All -men •who. had children and asked exemption were excused. . .The plan to assemble the now forces in three. Increments distributes the 'task of furnishing supplies and equipment through September. It will also •prevent serious shortages in any camp, and -will giveHhe. ntew officers from the ^training camps time to familiarize , themselves with their duties gradually Before responsibility for "a great body ' GERMANS WIN TOWN PANTZIU CAPTURED BY TROOPS ment will assume practical, control of tile wheat business of -the "United States through the following, means Licensing of all elevators and mills with over 100 barrels daily capacity. Prohibiting storing of wheat foi more than 30 days without food administrator's approval. , Establishment of food administration agencies for purchase, of .wheat. at principal terminals, prepared to take the whole' American harvest, and to resell wheat, in limited quantities, i'or export,' and to'domestic milleis foi home consumption. Determining .1 fair price for the 1917 iTZIU CAPTUKtu DT ,™v,™ harvest through a committee approved ITZIU OAr-iuKtu • oy the president, consisting of pro- UNDER VON MACKENSEN. - ^^ ^ consmne rs, and headed by Harry A. Garfield, piesident of Wil Hams college. ' I Using every authority of law and xport control to effect universality of price basis agree&upon.thioughout the •ear vvitlioiit-Jluctuation, .thus reinov- ng incentive .-i;i>™ tlucers for holding vheat bai^r. Prosecuting with vigor all persons, whether engaged'in the trade or not, who hold up wheat and flour contracts. Englishman and American' Wife and Their Six Children Among Those Who Lost Lives—Nineteen Reported Rescued Washington, Aug 14—Five Amen can passengeis were lost when the British steamei Citv ot Athens stiuck a mine and went down neai Cape Town, South Afiita, on August 10, ac coiding to st ite dtp utmenl dispatches, Ten othei p issengerb and foui of the crew also vv ere lost the dispatches say The dispatches also say torn of the Ameticans were mission vries and their names -\veie Mi and Mis Nijg.ud, Miss Robinson and Caroline Thompson The last named is ot the Methodist mission board. A Mr. Pointer ;of that mission was saved. Nineteen othu mission uies ol an oigani/ition with he ulqu uteis at 356 Budge sheet Brookivn weie saved The fifth Ameiu in vvho was lo 1 was a Mr Sunmei, address not given In addition to thoM tive in English man named Duckwoith with his, Amei lean wife and six children, also lost theii lives Mis Duckwoith s, tathei lives in Denver Colo His name ha° not been asceit uned Illinoisans Among Saved. Among the baAed were Mr Sommer and wife, apparently -from Meadows, 111 ; Mi Riche\ 4616 Evans avenue, Russo-Roumanian Forces Lose Important Railroad Junction in Southern Moldavia. of men falls o'h them. 192,000 Men September 5. The order issued means'" about cantonments soon after September 5. They will first be examined physically by army doctois and finally accepted or rejected. Tins will take some time. and the men will have to be furnished with temporary quarters and rations >while awaiting examination. If the full quota weie assembled at one time .great confusion would result. . ™"££J' Presnmbably the first Increment will Volynski. Save been organized Into skeleton com : •nanles, battalions or regiments before OMJ second ai rives. The. newcomers can be quickly absorbed by a "going concern in that c&se, and the third lot can be taken into the war machinery with ev en less disturbance when it re- norts 15 days later. •:, In farming communities local boards now will arrange.the lists of those to fliJ the first increment with local crop conditions in mind.. 'Harvesting is in progress i« many sections. ..Drafted men engaged in that work and wn ^| ^ttenrise would go'withjthe Arst.ttu-rd l«rf the district quota iwill -be passed ' M "over to the second or thira, as may be necessary. -..- . Berlin,'•-Aug..' 14.-—Troops under Field Marshal von Mackensen captured the Roumanian town-of Paritzju, a railroad junction in southern. Moldavia, which had..been' desperately defended by. the Russo-Rou'manian forces: The capture of the town was reported' ofli cially-by the German general staff. " Petrograd, Aug. 14.—There are indications that .the Germans are preparing for a hew offensive against the Russians, according to a statement made by General Partchevski, the new commander of the northern group of forces is good, but everything depend upon the behavior of the soldiers, believe that the Germans are prepar ing for an offensive and I hope tha ""our men will resist it courageously." . An official dispatch from the fron reports heavy Anstro^German firing i Volhynia, in the direction Of Vladimir olynski. . . rSuceessful raids were made by_ th Kussians and at one point an Austria .work-, was entered^ and 21 prisoner captured. ;V The capture'of 1,200 Austro-Gefma prisoners on the Roumanian front was reported. . . STRIKE BREAKER^ 'PILLAGING' Kansas City Marshal Orders' Chicago and Alton Road, to Move 600. Men . in'County..' Kansas City, Mo.,. Aug. 14.-M3rders were issued by Harry Hoffman, county marshal, that the 000 strike break-, ers held at Selsa, Mq.,' as a result of., deportation by striking street car men here must be moved out of Jackson county which includes -Kansas City, vdtmn the next 20 Hours, _ The older \vis addressed to the Chicaro and Alton railroad arid the marshal asserted that, If the railroad refuses to move them, he und his deputies will do so forcibly. • The order v»as caused, Mr. Hoffman said, because the men were "pillaging and destroying property." Commission-to Assist Chie -I;],; New Department. WILL END ALL SPECULATION Price-Fixing for Canned Goods and Meat Ife Next—U. S. Ready to Buy Wheat Crop if Necessary to Protect Consumer. TWO GERMAN RAIDERS KILLED British Airmen Pursue Flyers After Attack on English Coast Towns- Better :Defense Shown. London, Aug. 14 —Tvv o of the German machines which raided the Eng- "been lish southeast coast watering ; places dren. were destroyed by British naval alr- plaines. The official statement issued by the government says that One of the machines vvas a Gotha airplane and the other a seaplane. Twenty-three persons, including nine women and, six children, were'.killed and 50 persons were injured at 1 Southend, in Esses, 40 miles east of ;London, by bombs dropped from German raiders; says, an •- official statement. Considerable damage to property was cansed by the- nearly forty bombs dropped upon the town. Reports .from local correspondents Infllcate the .probability that the German 'airplane raid would have been ranch more serious' but for the 'preparedness^of the'British defense British airplanes at' the first Intimation of the enemy's:: approach arose from all points,.climbing'at n tenlfic pace at daring angles; with the result that before; the .Germans arrived fleets of British-machines were in waiting• Thanks to. the promptness of the British ,"airplanes $n ittackmg the raiders.' several' plices escaped and .the., onlookers' siw Wial battles though nt a dim distance None of -these 'fights seems to have been prolonged of, as far as> is 4 know n, to have resulted,; se.riousl} for the invaders, whose.; plan seemed to be to avoid fights, in order'to insure a safe return to their base.. i ±11 , I-Yil J.HV.AIO -t^/j.u — •« —- Chicago, Mi Putchett, 1426 Rockland street Philadelphia, David Lovas As toria of South Dakota JC F Braaten, Minneapolis, Minn , Mr Denham, an Austialian, with an Ameucin wife and two-children,: and a Mr. Smith, no address given. List "of Missionaries Saved. The 10 membeis ol the Ameiican inland mission paity leported saved are: Arthur iX. DO.VIS Moody Bible institute, Chicago, William J. Gee, Bennett,. Neb,, Miss Amelia Buchanan, Kewanee III ; Miss Hulda E Danielson, Moody Bible institute; Hiss Myrtle B. Wilson. Cafnden, N: J.t Rev. and Mrs. H I> Bovve, Candy, Minn , Rev and Mrs. Earl I. Camp and two children, Holmes, N. "Y.; Raymond L. Davis, Phil ulelphm, Tada B Furnes= Lvn donville, K T , Bemamin F Haitei Bible School Puk N \ Miss Bei th i Hems Beiwick Pa , "Miss Tloience M Lev} Philadelphia Miss Blanche M ig nln," Daibv, Pa , Rev C H Mount, Lonevlew Tenn , Mis Mount, Gland Rapids Mich , Rev and Mrs B M Scuddei, East Charleston, Vt Two Children Also in Party. New Toik, Aug 14—The paity of 19. missionaries vvho were on board the steamer Crty - of -Athens,, sunk by a mine near Cape Town, -neie membeis of the Africa Inland mission which is PITTSBURGH DISPATCH. Wheat— Sept .. Corn— Deo. May Oats- Sept. Dec. May . Grainy Provisions, Etc. Chicago,, Aug. 13. Open- Hign : ,. Low- Clos .2.14 1.14% ing. est. 216 1.12% 67% 58 58 67% % .57% .60%-% .80% est. 2.04. 1.13% 1.11% 157 .67 'ing •2.04 114% .67% .60% FLOUR-Sprine wheat special branas In wood, $14 70 per bbl , hara spring wheat patents 95 per cent grade m Jute »» 50 straight in expor^ bags $1300 first clears $1100 in jute second clears -4900 low (Trades $8 00@S 60 fancy soft -winter wh^at Patents in jute $1150 standard soft win ter wheat patents $1 26 in jute fancv STANDING OF THE CtsUBS. ^NATIONAL TjEAGUHJ. Club W L P CJ Club W " ~ New York 6633 667IChicago — 56 Phlladel la 53 44 546|Bropklvn - ^ Cincinnati " "" St Louis -. — AMERICAN' LEAGUE .. 61* - .. 59-55 18 Boston -- £ 60 434 67-52 o23'PIttsburgll 33 71 31T ' Chicago 68 42 61S|New York -5353^00. Boston ;,, 6M1 613 Wash«gtpii -4968 «|, Cleveland .6062 636 Phjladel^. .40-64 .Detroit ,QU Ufi OOU Jt il^lM-u^- —~ • -- " iii' .58 53 .523 St. Ixniis .41. 71 36S er we hard winter wheat patents $12 standard hard winter patents In _ $12 - standar ar jute flrst clears $10 SOSfll 00 In jute second clears in lute $9 0009 W new white NO re »-&! "i % o So 1 new timothy $1700@1800 No 2 new t,mothy M 00@16 00 No 3 nerv tirn othy $1400®1BOO clover $13 oO®14 50 Hgh< clover tnKed $16 50@17 50 heavy clover mixed $14 50@15 50 Kansas and Oklahoma choice tnOO®2200 No 1 $MOO@20vO No Interdenominational. In addition to the ministers two childien of Rev and Mrs Eirl L Camp members of the party weie aboaid the vessel Chailes E Huilbuid, geueial diiectoi o± th° orgam/atioii heie, said no word hid "been i eceived as to the fate of the thil ; en. The City-of Athens sailed from this, port Julv 12 MibS Helen Robm&on the Ameucin misbionaiy diowned on the vessel, was the daughtei of Bibhoi John C Robinbou of the Methodist mis .sion board in India. She' had; been :ii .the United States for. about one year attending an educational institute. The Mr. Pointer mentioned in the state depaitment dispatches is T D Pointer, who was accompanied by his wife and two; children. Fate of Woman Told. Officials here of the Methodist board were infoimed of MibS Robinson s .death in a cablegiam from Mr Pointer The cable gave no details of the dis is- ter and said ' Landed safe, Miss Robinson drowned " Mr. Pointer is a missionary m Porni 1 guese East Africa, who was returning to his statfoit after a» furlough I "'" clals of the< board said,, theyt'did recognise the names of Mi. -and" Naygard and Caroline Thompsoni sio uwy-io uv .. BTJTTER— Creamery extras per Ih extra firsts 3SV=«T39c first. _3«4 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION, Ind'apolls 71 43 G231Kan City - 53 67 4fg Louisville 68 o\ 572|Mln'apoMs , ol 63 «7, St Paul 62 48 564| Milwaukee , 44 S 41tj Columbus 59 63 527|Toledo & 73 365 "WESTERN LEAGBE. Hutoh'son 13 S 619 St. Joseph. -JO 11 47|, Wichita Lincoln Omaha . . 13 8 619Joplin _^j.. 912'42| 12 9 571 Denvej - - J M «R 12 9 671 Des Molnes • 16 28ft @3Sc seconds - 'ss©S9e ladles process 3-(g-37%c packing stock -.,. EGGS—Fresh firsts 31%S>33c ordinary, firsts 27®30c miscellaneous lots cases >" •liadefl 27%@32%c cases retur-ied 2 u i 1V4C checks lo@22c airties 2< ras 36@37c storage packed *-•=-•' Livn POUM-RY-Turkeys 18c fowls Si Tc SJS^^c 810 ^. 19 ^ £• £e°* laSMc spilngs J6®lSc T-OTATOES — Virginia cobblers to 00 KW home'grown early Ohios SI 40® 1 M per sack Minnesota ^ulk $1 50®1 60 fl" 7 000 MM yeartm^^ooa tTch3«To«9l4 00 fair to eood steers *y W(t u w steers, ood cow$6© fu?ters $600@T2B 765 butcher b ow^ bulls $7 1 501000 $6.30^ heavy 7 fi^ DUuCncr wiiii.? •*•• •-«? — c^ves $750®950 good to p.lme calves as— Pr'me light butchers $16 45(587 30 to fancy light $16 15@17 1C medium bu?chers, 200@250 llos - ^Washington, Aug. 14.—Creation of a grain control board within the food administration' to supervise distribution of wheat and manufacture and sale of flour will be announced within a 'few 'days." 1 To the board will be delegated authority to carry out regulations governing wheat and flour announced by the food administration . President Wilson will issue a series isecnUye orders giving thejqqd ad- : CHINA TO WAR ON TEUTONS Peking Government Will Make Formal . Declaration Tuesday, Tokyo ' ' " . Hears. Tokyo,. Aug. 14— Chini will declare war on Germany and Austria today, it wis semiofficially Ktated here. DRAFT OBJECTOMS TO W'ORK Men Who Oppose Conscription Will Be Sent to Cantonments and Given iNonmilitary Tasks. Washington, Aug 14—Members o religious sects opposed to war, con sclentious objectors and all other fighting conscription will be sent t National army cantonments legaid es of their creeds, it was announced a the office of the provos* marshal era!.« Once aiuved at camp they will be put it tasks othei than dillhng andl piepaung foi fighting it was said Pies-idont Wilson vail deteirame the exact status of the directors Mo-nday"s''Re«llt«. NATIONAL .-BBAGBB. Chicago, 7. Pltts>urBh, 3. New York;. 4-1; Brooklyn, STA. Boston 0 Phila'delph.a, 3 St Louis 6 Cincinnati 5 \ AMERICAN '-LEAGUE. I Detroit. 6^7; St. Louis, 10-6, I Phjladelphia 1 Boston 6 1 •Washington 9, "New York 6 I Cleveland-Chicaeo no game, rsim, AMERICAN, ASSOCIATION. ! Milwaukee 3-9 Kansas City, S-* Tolado 1-3 Louisviile Ij'-lO Mmnapolis, 7 St Paul 6 Columbus Indianapolis no game played. '•WESTERN EBAGUEi Lincoln 2 Hutchlnson, 1. ; Des Moines, 8; -Wichita. , 1. St Joseph 2 Denver, 6 '• Omaha 8 Jophn, 1 CENTRAL; LEAGtra Evansville, 4; Grand Rapids,. ». Richmond, 6 Musl'egon S Peoria 6 Fort \Vayne 3. Springfield 4 Dayton 3 mea $10 00@1S Off yearling ewes, I, western lambs, gooa to choice native Iambs,- gooa to choice, * -feeding- Ia'mbg""»I4 00@14 50 „, Bast*Bunalo K Y.'Aug 13 CATTLE-^Market active, prime steers, 'r-.^-'Lt'-^™, isteersi «200@13BO UU, !-iHlpplll& 'Bt.<:Di.n ip*« u gracjes "$9 00@i2 50", Setters ,_... 11 «T," cows, -•»*'00@9.50 "WlllS?' W <X>@9 50 feeders M>0te860', ihilcWeo-WfeMana sprins- • V ' active, cul*4o choice *°sim7 ; -F$ ANB LAMBS—Market active chJS la^^T5@16 00 'colli to fair. 51000(815.25 yearlings, ?1000@1350 sheep FIR//CT FUGITIVE ittWALLST, Secret Service Agents Seize Allege^ - French Swindler Aftfer Chase in New York. New York, Aug 14.—Fighting arrest, after a sensational chase thwragh the Wall street detect,!,! m -which shots •were ired by pursuing "United States secret service agents, a man whom the federal authouties accused of *eing « French swindler was taken tato custody. The shots were fired atj^bS fugl- 'tive after he leaped from tb£ §tory ofBrown Bros, ft ro6ms, r '\9here his arrest •when'he presented a French bank Bta«s, ?13 00@13 50 CALNl ALONG BELGIAN FRONT Haia Reports Nothing of Importance 0ocur6 _Unofficial News Mentions Artillery Duels. London Aug 14 buist of heavy fighting north of Lens and along the Belgian front, a compar ative calm settled dov»n during the night, the Butish wai office announced DRAFT OFFICIALS \H Sfi» NET New Yorkers Are Put Under s $5 : 000 Bail—"Conspiring -for fay," Charged. •Vr New York Aug 14—The two mem-, bers of exemption board 90, tools'I,.. Cherry and Dr Samuel J. BemSeld, who have ben held In the Tombs prison since their removal from offtce and" arrest, charged with conspiring for pay/ to exempt men eligible for draft, were ariaigned before United Statefe Commissioner Hitchcock, and held in $5,00tt i" the' Dlul for aotlon by the S 151113 J nr 5'- ^- a1 -0 man Giuher, accused as an "eaotoptlpn. blank distributing agent," t(tas arraigned at the same time aad held in $2,500 bail All three waived examina-i; tibn. i ;

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