The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 4, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 4, 1940
Page 5
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MONDAY,'MARCH 4, 1940 5LYT1IEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per ruie lor consecu- nve Insertions: !«e time per line 10o U-o limes per line per iiay....U8c (hree tunes per line per < Blx times per line per day 05o Honth rate per line 60o faidt of Thanks 50c & 76c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped bi'iore expiration will be charged for the number of times Die add appeared and idjusUnem of bill made. All Clu£sUied Advertising copy Vlbinitled by persons resldlig out*de ol Uie cuy must be accompanied by cash. Rates may ue easily computed from above mole. Advurusing ordered lor Irregular Jiserilaas takes Uie one time rate. Wo responsibility will be taken lor more Umn one incorrect Insertion ol any classified ad. PAGE F1VJ5 USED CAR BUYERS... pLEASfNOTE YOU'll APPROVE OUR APPRAISALS 4 room furnished apartment. Prl-; vnte bnlh. Desirable location. 1 Cull 200. 4-ck-lt LET'S SWAP 3 room furnished apartment. All j ^ouveiuence.. Adulta only. 8^10 W. '39 Chevrolet DeluXC - 1 Town Sedan spring mat Irenes. Adjoining. >on p j \r 0 T 1 liaUi, All conveniences. Phone 030.1 •*" rorci V-o luflor 4-DHi J0« Deluxe Model $539 Two 2-room apurlmont K with balh. j ' _.^ e Jl M :! 01 . w ;. rt ^: ,. a -l lk ; G i 39 Plymouth Sport Comfortable front bedroom, out-i Stdail $535 side entrance, Phone 351, 515 \V. Walnut. 1-ck-tl sO<*' 2 room furnished uDarlmenl. IC01 W. Ash. ^3-cX-U 3 room furnished aiwimeni,. New- ! '38 ly tlecornted. Oarage. Close In. >>O 130 Dugnn Street, Mrs. Dcllc Wood. 20-pk-'l 2 |-ooin modern furnished nimrt^ mcnt. 131f> W. Main. 24ck-U '39 Chevrolet Pick-Up One Day Only $449 Party to invest about $1000 In lo- I'nl bu-slncss enterprise that should pay equal returns each year. In- vesLineiit practically guaranteed. May take active part in mntuifei'- ment if desired. SUite age, pies- eat, occupation and other inior- niatlon ncaul self. For interview address Box "100" c/o Courier News. For Sale 8 piece walnut dining room suite. Cheap. Phone 70li. l-ck-li 10 highly bred Jersey hellers with young calves. Bought, from ller- schell Smart herd. Inquire Guinea Market. 8-ck-3-8 Welding EXPERT ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE WELDING Bra? line and heavy weldmc a siiccialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 or KCJ. 1019 E\iicrl Electric .mil Accfrlriu: WELDING Dragline an rtheavy wcldiui; our I'cll, Ark. I'hoiic, S-l'-it Farm Loans Large or Small At Low Interest Rales. We are equipped to handle large or small loans on any sized tract ol farm lanu, uc low cost, and at a low interest rate. TERRY ABSTRACT & REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut St. Blytherllle, Ark VVi-T. IM" $295 '37 mil) TUDOK Color i»lnck. New seat covers. Motor guaranteed. ONl/V •us CHKV. COACH New black finish. Tires anil i;cn- eral condition of car ex- fronn ccllciU. ON1,Y ^j"" '37 I'Ll'MOUTH TIID01! Color palm-green, A real buy at a real price. ONLY 'TO TOUI) Dlil,. FOUDOll Motor completely reconditioned. Tires and appearance of car will catch your eye. OM.V Fuvnlshed or unfuiuihsccl large room. Outside entrance. Close in. Next to bnth. Phone 9B3. 27-ck-5 Sedan Real Buy ... $419 '38 DeSoto Deluxe Coupe Busi- Car .. $419 '37 Ford V-8 Deluxe Tudor for $295 $239 Uugc comfortable bedroom, twin »oc C J T I beds. 2 closets, steam heat. Men J0 ror « 1 llClOr preferred. Photic 1. Mrs. J. Ci. Slid- Snprial bury. 21-ck-ll! °P eclal dooms' furnished' or unfurnished.! Complete LillC of Trucks Newly decorated. Reasonnble. f)H| Hcarn. 2fi-nk-3-2li 3 room furnished apartment. Private bath. Electric refrigerator. Garage 1117 W. Ash. Call 294. 24-ck-ti Nice bedroom convenient io ball). Steam heat. Phone 280. lck-tl| $260 Room, close in, Mrs. Nolen, 310 Walnut St. 22-ck-tf 'K C1IEV. SEDAN 19-10 License plates. Motor over- i hauled. Neiv jinlnt. ^ < Q t , Unfunilslied ajiartmer.l In Shnnc Apartment Diiilding on West Main Strceu Call 571 or 107. 1-ck-tf A real buy. ONLY $575 '.'« FORD DEI,. COitflOR Bcaiilifnl blnek finlsli. While .sidewall tires. Low mileage. ONLY .. SO OTHEUS TO ClfOOSK FJIOM All Ulakcs—All Models SAV1J TOUH USED CAR S i liny Vcur N'e.vt Car from E'hilllps —Ul.vtlievilln'.i Busiest USE!) CAR LOT SEE OUH COMPLETE STOCK OF GOOD USIiJ) —TRUCKS— PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. For Sale or Trade ¥UlES Will trade for Mules, Cows, Hogs, Cattle, Corn, Hay anil Lumber, Delta Implements, Inc. Sec Floyd Simpson 8-ck-tt Large and Small Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge G.M.C & International Easy G.M.A.C. Payment Plan Open Nights & Sundays TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Felons' Study Wins Approval Of University HKllKEhEY. Cal." (IJ1>) — Convicts al Alcntmz niui In the state primii ol Krm Quonlln arc mnk- '"e cKtciitloniil tiliowhiR In (heir iitiifiT.slty «-ork. the University of i.iilUoriiiu mmoimcr.s. "uuly futilities nrc cxlemlixl U) "U by the university through Us fvumkm division. At pnwtit. Ilioiv niv I'll Gnu Qii'MUin felons iim) 107 In Alcn- Hi'.' v\ln> nre enrolled In Uio dlvl- ini s vorre.spondiuico coiirses. M«IM |ifl|iulnr of nil tin- coin-ties "• ihiii of ivullu coiiiiiiiiiilcslioas, In which i he convlds Icel there Is ( 1"- KienU'sl chiuico for emplov- iiw'nt wlu-n (hey arc free. Next in jiaimliuUy are courset; In rnnllsli, journalism ond here for a brief visit lUler 32 yenrs of missionary work In French West Africa, farcmghl with him nn African "tiviila Inngimgc" translation of tiio New Teslaiiiciit. "Hie translation, executed by El- lenuci'Rrr, his wife and other mission workers, wws ji monumental tnsk, especially since Hit! west const trade pulols had no previous written form. I'.'llcnbcruei' oald Uie laiiBUagc Is uiideslodd by natives ns fur B« 1,009 mile* from (lie const nnd would urcuUy hlin))llfy lenchlii!| of OhilstlMi Iracls to native "pnii- tois." who in turn would loich II lo imimucrit of remote trllies Ho Knld only .11 of the 10'J irtties In French Wciil Africa me Christian nt |)rrscni. 'I'hc nviuli- range for the convict. Mildews is rilmut (Ue sump as it Is f»r lire regular students nt the university except thai llici'p arc fewer "A's," which IK oitset Uy Hie f"«'l lliiil Micro nrc also tower "flunks" amoui; convict Kliidenls. Thi' liilsuiioi-.s nn; nllo«'c<l full uiilvcistiv credits for their work, Milijeri. lo the declskiu ol Uic lionrd i>f udmlsslons. They also net more favomhlc consldcuHlon wlien they conn 1 up lor parole. Cue prtsoner who Ims miirie n MmlKlii "A" nvcniKc In his ciiten- M«n coiirws pluns lo enter 'the imlvcr.sity next semester (o coni- pli-U 1 Ills education. African 'Trade Language' i Gets New Testament liUTl.KH, Pn. (UP) — Tlic'Rev. Wnlr lillcnlierjier, who returned I'honc Oil Notice TERMITES PRESCRIPTIONS Kroahcst Stock Gtianmtccd licst I'riucs Kirby Drug Stores A itnll. in aviation. Ls described ns (he loss of flytnrj Rpoort beyond Ihc point of "siislenlntloii." IB40-4I Budget Estlnutr. Jllj'lhevllle fi-^euil Scliool District No. 5 Oeiiernl Control $ ^tiHO liiKlriiclion . Operation . MLiintenntice Capital Oiitlny Flscd Clinrgcs 1,807 150 Now Ixx'Ulcd In GUiico«) Hoitl RUf,r ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprietor All Makes of Rebuilt Typewriter*, Adtirtf Machines arwi Calculfttorij-Hcpalrlns—l'»rts—Klbboni CHIEF BOY SCOUT Aniwer to Prevloiu Puiilt ____ ........ Service .............. n.ODO TOTAL Itl-llO-i Vim'vo trli'il Ihe «(>»(, Ninv try THE IIKST COAL UOWEBT Mill—HIOHC3T HEAT REDASHS1O.OO DIXIE QUALITY LP. S6.95 (11.1) SUl'KHIOil VAItl)-l'H()N|:7iX) UOKIZONTAI/ I Pictured Hoy Scout ofrlctnl. lOPcrJunie. 11 PrcscnUil HseK. UPorl ot i cornice. 13 To blockade. H Group ol five. 18 To assist, 18 Street. 19 Measure o£ nrcu. 21 Negative, 45 Snaky flsh. 22 He is nn .„,, . . . or nrlist <B bt>lral ™i''ne and an author Bnclls 29 Bitter herb. 61 By. 31 Husbands and wives. 32Bnl5um, 34 Instruments. 16 Form o( "no' 37 Flower porfunic, 38 Browned brcnd. 40 Avenues, •12 To chew. •14 Pronoun. 17 Period, 18 To alarm. ZOAlfar. 22 Parlielc, I J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Optoinr- . trtol In Killed Corrcutly I Lost Yellow K oltl ladles IS)«ln wnii-h. Reward. Mrs. n. K. Taylor. \Vil- __ Work ' While YOU Sleep! Wake ii|)!. cl ' etio " ' Bcesiva.v bcslns as a llnicl sc- ae ii|).' etio " '"'"f"' 1 ! the bee's body and before Iliey damage your property, i 'is wortal Inlp, a plastic consiKl- For Pi-ce ln.S]icction Call 592-W. ] cncy In the Insccts's inoulli. Walker and Archer WHAT BACK-ACHE MAY MEAN ll»fk»,-]|,. IIMinllv r».l|-«,._IIMi,,l|y „„•,,„, „ M, U |,|,.,| y ,,|.(,.(, ra | ,„• ,„,.,.„ . ll(l ,,. )„,„, j,,, , 11111 -1 "I,. MI|,J,,,-I {„ umri, m .,n,, „„,! f i fonii- hiriiln, 'nmnuiiuls ul •rlvliril I'lllAt' I'rtfO, ilnu "( llu- l,ri.ln. TH »'iil vj',.11 fiiiKiiuiilim „( n,,. l,r«ln. 'l-Wy'vunM. MV,.r"TLViViT,.'.'' 1 ,IUli',,'i" ril I'l-lvlr fiinrlluiiliii:, Minllrn m,,l IV.I.M, ,,ll,,., |,n|n[,i| nervous ilUcirikTN «. 'iT-'i™,";.,,;?;^" 1 ,,™;,,^, 1 : 1 " i " i> •".»•""»"•"«' •'•»- -«.: 61 I M«in SI. DRS.NIES ,-& WES 53 Drivinj command. S5 Sword combats. ' 5G Ozone. 51 He wns the —- or originator of the Boy Scouts in America. 58 He is the most proml- oC the (3oy Scouts (pi.). VERTICAL 1 Metal mold. 2 To conform. 3 Knot. •1 Pressing tool. 5 Symbolic banner. 6 Brought up. 7 Aurora. 8 Toward sen. 9 Parts of eyes. 15 I'nlmyni. contract. 24 Beach. 25 Soaks flax.. 26 Fish-eating mammal. 27 Routine study 28 Purser. 30 Card ganie, 33 Upright shall, i 35 To wound with a dagger; 37 Greek gcd of war. 39 Musical exercise. 41 Plural of (his. <3 To add lo. ; 46 Sell. • 47 Rumanian ; • coin. I 49 Mongrel. < 50 Sick. : 51 Fruit pastry. 52 To do wrong, : 54 Halt an cm. 56 Advertise- ' mcnt. .•:•• ; • I , 5th & Walnut Pbone 8IU Poultry Baby Chicks Cuslom Hatching Marilyn Hatchery fdyificrillt JHvry. 61 Norlh Repairing Expert gun repairing. Sec E. M Damon at the Blytherllle Armory on Wednesdays nnd Thursdays. WE FIX ANYTHING"" We Call For & Uelivcr Bicycles. Irons, Furs, Toasters. Hot Plates, Lamps. Upholstering, Furniture. Slip Covers or anything 5011 miglit. have. Hlylhcvillc Piirniiurc Co. 126 East Main St. Stale Licensed Operators l^i^uH^Ts^ GIT OUR SPECIAL DEAL PLANTS: Onions—1000 5CC' 3000 $1.00; GDQO $1.75. Cabbast—1000 75c. 2000 $1.20. Nice large plnnts. | Now ready. W. W. Warren, Carrizo Springs, Texas. M-nfc-M Hardware We Specialize in SWEEPING COMPOUND Shousc-Hcnry !M\v. Co. I'ltonc ;)5 ^Wanted To Buy Good used Register. ~A|)|)ly Olii So. First.. Plinnc 305. 2Q-ck-5 . | Sewing j Drcssinatlnp ami .sll]i covers.Mrs.! ; A. C. Citlliain, -111 No. 2!st St. Found 1 Personal 1 Arouse Sluggish L i T c r7"worit~off r;. T-T—'— • the bile (0 rW yourself of constl- i Black barrow hog. Weight 125 Ibs.i pntion, gas pains, mid sour •D. S. Hay Promised Land. '11*11 P«nk feeling. Take one box of KIRBV'S ACTIVE MVER PH.LS I.1SO Arkansas License Tag mini-, bcr 51-086. Owner inn.v have] same try paying cost of this acl. Courier News office. "liooiu and Board _^!li l '»g Wauled lioum and board. Stea inheat. All clothes \ Mrs. Mick GIG •i-pk-1! 25c at aij Kirby stores Livcsloc.k For Sale i Ofler HamiwUlre gills from one of , America's largest purebred herds i Bred for March, April farrowing. ' Championship blooci lines Vaccl-. natcil. Gayoso Farms, Horn l.akc, 1 I Mississippi. 28-|)ku HY HOY CUANli THE BLUE5SPS.W CA.P.' HOW WHAT f FOlLOVy IT THERE'S HO TIME TO CA.IL THE POLICE m 6!RL IW THAT CAR'S &EEK) ISY FRED HAKMAW X&s.n.eo. 1 its r-s "TK£ FIRST RELA&OW IS--A 1'fA SKEtUEO OF Hir-v' I BV5-GOTTA BAD TEMPER AND V1ILU _. RESIST ARREST. 1.JUST KAINt Pi-OS THE sscoNt) REASON is VMS m EVEM MORE 5K6ERED CAUSE HAme is PI.BNTX 61G PtfROVDPRoSprttOR* Nolhinrr ,S!oi).s BY V. T. HAMLIN / MY STAES.TLL\i'l|il! I c\V V>-« I n*s-it » 1 iWi! SP&VKIMG OP MULES\ VES.YOU NVW HAVE TO REMIWDS ME...WHY I COVER A LOT OF MOT TA.KE A /TPociTnov iki ,/SADDLE WHY,6URE.' WHAT'S THE KWTER WITH THAT? NOTVUMfi MUCH, EXCEPT THAT THE TIME ISN'T LAROE ENIOOGM TO ACCOMMOWVTE SUCH A LOAD.' ' ^.~ "^ '^ I itwuiw-YiN /- j^M-n SADDLE-HORSE I VDUR SEARCH (lORiSE - uu . .,„..,_,»_ . j«_<i_fT^. OCJ^»<J—ri V I f-rr**-.*fZ.f IV\ ] A S, l i79," 1R 9 V ^< R 3 ^ W8.BBDNSOW7 EVE/ I'M . AMD HIS /• TXVKIW& FR1EMDS (ASTWiOM nOQTS AND HER JJUDDIKS BY EDGAR MARTIN IL^^~^\~\\ -- •--'^^•C FRKCKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS \ m ^ K2 ^ r . T . ,• BOY.' i I III CAN'T PUSH IT ANOTHER «., . . THING, ttj\ HECTOR —ir'UL H 4|> THAT POUCEMW

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