Fairbanks Daily News-Miner from Fairbanks, Alaska on April 17, 1964 · Page 1
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Fairbanks Daily News-Miner from Fairbanks, Alaska · Page 1

Fairbanks, Alaska
Issue Date:
Friday, April 17, 1964
Page 1
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CITY NEWS Bf BRIEF $econd Graders Recall the 'Earth Quick Daily LATE 1H»I I] E D I T I O N , · Relief Money 5500 Missing About S500 was reported ing Thursday from an overstuffed chair in the apartment of Isom I. Berry of Berry's Trailer Court. Berry told police he counted his money Wednesday and replaced it in the chair . ivhere he keeps it. He said itj was all there at that time. Wednesday he allowed s o m e friends to use his apartment to fix some coffee, he reported. Thursday about S500 was missing. · Haines Road Restrictions Haines Cutoff has been dear-i Roads announced today that 84.233,500 in emergency ed and widened to its full | relief money has been allocated to Alaska for repair o f 1 ·"at t0 SSSfS » t- TM^ «* TM** **»* TM the Marth 27 earthquake, j nouncement from the Depart-i The action was taken, the bureau said, after offi- ment of Highways. Juneau. Due dais had notified Gov. William A. Egan of Alaska that! ".America's Farthest ftorth Daily Newspaper". . . Mc/r/icr of 1'he Assv'i/iti'l "rcss IS Per Copy. FAIRBANKS, ALASKA, FRIDAY, APRIl 17, 1964 Fourteen Pages 91 Children $4 Million for Road Write About Work in State OK'd 'Earth Quick' WASHINGTON (AP) -- The U.S. Bureau of Public'' to temperature changes during the bureau concurred in the the days, heavy truck traffic now is restricted to using the governor's road between the hours of 10;that a state of p.m. and 10 a.m. each day. i exists. Gymkhana Alaska will use the money, the " A demonstration of some of the physical education activities of the Fairbanks schools and the University of Alaska will be held from 7-10 p.m. today, at the Patty Building on university campus. Over announcement said, to "clear away debris and make tempo-; rary repairs so that highways! can be opened to traffic, with; 52,500,000 being spent on forest 1 highways and $1.733,500 on pri-j mary and secondary roads. Picks Mac Hollowell 200 students from Fairbanksj The $2,500,000 for forest high- Ell D.1VL GILBERT .Vein-Miner stall Writer McLoyd M Teacher Has Young Students Tell Experiences ANCHORAGE (AP) --; North America's mightiest! earthquake, viewed through, . t h e eyes of a child, was a j .'terrifying things, perhaps a] ; b i t unusual, or just another! event in a busy life. ! "I am going to tell youi iabout the earth quick. It noetl ·everything off the shelves," ,, , ,, wrote one little lad who forgot i ( M a c i Hollowell I to sign his name to the Anchorage Takes First Step In $50-Million Rebuild Plan ,, . o sgn s name o e paper and the university are expect- 1 wa - vs ", I " be a federal expendi- was chosen Thursday night by ! in the second grade class at i ed to participate. The public,^- ^TM^ PTM-y a H simp , e majo ,. ity tfl f .,, t h e | N o r t h star Ele ,* entary Schoo , | vacant se ' . ! matched by state funds (vacant seat on a Pioneer Convention Committee! "Additional emergency f u n d s ; Borough Assembly. The convention committee!"' 1 " ° e authorized to help the] statewide convention. That cons p telTls state North Star' He drew a picture of a tilting I house. me (.wivcimuu tuiiiiiiiuee, ·--r -- i , ¥ , 01 .' a . bo1 " i5 minutes behind' Mrs. Martin Ridener. their! officers from the Pioneers of state restore its highway facili-1 locked ooors the nine members i teacher, had asked them to de- Alaska both the Igloo and the ties as soon as Alaska submits j present debated the replace-j scribe the Good Friday shock, auxiliary, are to meet at 2 a program of specific projects," J m . e n f o r George Norton of; As Debra explained it "When p.m. Saturday in the Chamber I the bureaus announcement said. (Big Delta wnose seat was nulli-|u l e earth quake came'we had of Commerce log cabin. The I, "Preliminary estimates o f j f i e d when Big Delta was exclud-i j u s t got £ om colorin | as TM° committee will begin organizing j damages to forest highways and jea from the borough in a re-: eg g s band nine bf t | the planning for the September I PTMary . and secondary road cent boundary adjustment. irfev'spilled on the floor Ou? TV ...JL,,. .« .. J^. ^ tfms m t l e disaster-battered Assemblyman Harold Gillamifei] o v e r a n d BOt fW chins' exceed 5,0 mi) J, on ..- | was the only member absent, j In j^but it still works 20 or' Hollowell is a 40-year-old re-;25 people stayed with us that 1 tired Air Force major. He lives (light and we slept by the fire at his homestead at 1 Mile j so we could keep warm." i : Plack Road, Hollo-well was a i But a boy gave a graphic ac-' tactical fighter pilot for 19 ! count of teVror: "When I wash! I years and spent many years as i whaching TV the Rerthyuack! .;.an-Air Force flight instructor. j came and the TV went off. W e j .Presently he is a member ot : r a n out side and the njll side | 'upamats fell. Three or for werej ingerd or tilled. My mother and | ;father was fritend. My brother! i Eddie and Penny was a fradej i to. Eddie was holding the lamp) with one and and he was 1 reaching with the uther hand, i I was frited to the rerthyuack | got stroger." ! : Robert had a little trouble j with his spelling, but he didn't! need many words to tell about it. "One day a reth cwac dame, and Kooc Hill said there was . . a creac in the berlding. ] The Rethcwac wous over." : A girl gave a picture o f ' neighborly concern. "Mama! went up to Bevs to see howj there house was and daddy! and my brother and I went! vention will be held in Fairbanks, i Wagcneen ! The Welcome Wagoneers of Ft. Wainwright now have a place to hold their meetings. BEQ-9, BIdg. 1158, near Murphy I Hall, old officers club and chapel annex. The doors are open to all. Hostess at the n e x t j meeting will be Mrs. Helenej Blakeslee whose phone is 352-j WASHINGTON ( A P ) - The 746 °- | Small Business Administration ,. . * . . Jsaid Thursday some recipients Turkey Dinner Sale . of disaster loans in Alaska will The Church of Jesus Christ not be required to make sny re-. of Latter Day Saints will hold a payments for five years. ! turkey dinner sale today from! Administrator Eugene P i 5:30 to 9 p.m. The event wasjFole'y said the new rule a l s o j previously announced for Sat-i would appiv to existing small' Loan Repayment Plan Told urday. The price per meal is S2.50. Home deliveries will be business loans. He said 266 persons whose made by calling 456-4123, be- 'property was damaged in last I tween 5:30 and 9 p.m. j month's earthquake have been! I interviewed at Anchorage. He! said 19 persons have applied for i Coal Contract Awarded The Defense Fuel Supply Center has awarded a contract to Usibelli Coal Mine Inc., of Fairbanks to supply 325,000 tons of coal to military bases in the Fairbanks area during the coming fiscal year, according to a telegram from Sen. Ernest the 3 per cent disaster loans, to[ taling $449,000. ! The applications cover 12 businesses and seven homes. Under the new rule, the SBA any re- and i n - j will consider delaying payment of principal terest for one year, and repay- 1 "MY NEIGHBORS HAVE LEFT . . . --I'm Staying!" the sign says, as two men work to fortify this house on landslide area bluff not far from Government Hill School which split in half during the earthquake in Anchorage. Although \Sentiment Favors Moving Many Here Valdez to 'Old Settlement' By D.iVf Exfcuttic Editor Gruenihg. D-Alaska. The con-1 ment of principal only for an ad- tract totals SI ,966,250. jditional four years. Each casej · [will be considered individually, i More Quakes A loan, which Sen. Ernest! About 50 tremors were re- Gruening, D-Alaska, said would ( corded in the past 24 hours, ac- amount to several hundred thou- MAC HOLLOWELL . . . replaces Norton. to Dawns house to see how] VALDEZ (Special) - Science! This rising bedrock would 'constitute a "natural retain- ing a model community of: Jing wall," chalet architecture suited to the surrounding terrain of state- 1 there house was. Then Dawns land sentiment are strongly !family came to see how our!allied in favor of moving this serve as a preconstructed break- j l y , snow-mantled peaks. water for a natural small boat was Pretty soon my i sunken tidewater community! harbor, Dr. Coulter said. , the|grandmother and my grand-!to the so-called "old settle-j Af ' e '; some dredgmg, a I . . Officers Club, andlfather came to see it." I ment" four miles northwest of| coul(1 De tletl to solld rock - being zoned as industrial. He'of a disaster. ;deputy director of the federal vice president of! But it didrn bother ner w h e n |the present location. j More Sun, Less Wind i was not speaking in any official | From throughout the country ! agency, said the urban renewal i" Lions Club. !,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, ,,, ^ f h _ t ,,;,,,,, i The suggested site -- planned j The geologist added the old ^P^ 1 ^'. but ._ tn at is the way| a n d as far away as j apan l n e yi project would take five to seven 30-Acre Business Site Slated Federal Funds Requested for Redevelopment ANCHORAGE (API--The Anchorage City Council, acting just three weeks after Alaska's great earthquake, took the first step early today in a $50-million plan to rebuild this shattered city. The plan includes a new 30- acre central business core--possibly bordered by an "earthquake park"--served by large parking areas, and /ed - by one;way traffic. : The plan would be effected ; through an urban renewal pj-oj- |6ct designed to qualify for 75 ;per cent federal money. A consulting firm. "Candeub, Fleissig Associates, Newark, N.J.. prepared the proposal under a $35.000 contract with the Alaska Housing Authority. The council in a 9-0 vote authorized the authority to seek the federal funds. The urban area of Anchorage largest city in Alaska with a metropolitan population of 100.000. suffered an estimated S200 million loss in the S750-mi!- lion quake March 27. The upheaval destroyed 215 homes and left J37 commercial buildings unusable in the Anchorage area. ay JOE RIGERT · If funds are approved by the A N C H O R A G E (AP) --;Urban Renewal Administration. 'Alaska is being probed. pon-i t n e council then will decide nature may determine how long the house remains so perched, it was true that many neighbors had left. Several of the houses on this part of the hill have been evacuated. But in others, life is normal. --.Vcu.-5-.l/inrr SJct/ pnoio To Ponder Big Disaster Martin said annexation would jdered and plumbed by one of i whether to go ahead with a final be a suitable procedure, with the largest collection of experts iplan. the present town then possibly I ever to gather in the aftermath! Richard G. Mitchell, regional cording to the U.S. Coast and! sa nd dollars has been offered by) responsibilities of a borough land I wasn't scared." Hollowell will take over the) "Mama blue the candle out! locat ' on of a railroad terminus|settlement around the bay of- Geodetic Survey station in|SBA to King Crab Inc., Kodiak, j assemblyman on April 23. Fairbanks. A large quake -- (Alaska, under the conditions o f j After callins the meetin" about 6 or more on the Richter| the.new rule. i . . . - *· scale -- was recorded at ap- that was lost to Cordova during | fers about one hour more sun- The reaction of parents as I tile old mining days -- is now | light, and less wind. seen by their young ones var- ' re P°r'ed to have all the advan-i "There is deep water off the proximately 7 p.m. Thursday and centered several hundred miles southwest of Kodiak. · Red Wallet Found City Police recovered a red wallet belonging to Betty Jewett. also known as Lick. In the wallet is an Alaska and Texas drivers license, a gold wedding The offer of the loan was an- ^nVtficef Sl^Sr T nounced Thursday. Haines Cutoff Fully Widened .JUNEAU (AP) - Crews working on the Haines Cutoff have widened the highway to its full . scribed a technicality in the jborough act which stipulated I the form in which ordinances 'must be submitted.' He ruled 64-2. setting t h e assorted papers. The owner may claim the wallet at the Dolice station. ! ordinance j terms of ordinance 64-7, calling for a real and personal property tax, were out of order. . ( Assemblyman Ed Prince, who traffic. Willis Walker, Juneau i authored 64-2, withdrew the or- district highway engineer, saidjdinance to be resubmitted in today. j ec! tages of ·My mother thot are fr.ies I saf «*y- " beauty, utility and I bedrock," he added, "and the ' was Wowing up." said one. This is the view of Dr. Henry ! bui 'l up -f° between the site and the . . . My father said that he! Coulter of the U.S. Geological | w ^ er TMe : as high as 3oO feet. was not worried about himself. ! Survey to Washington, D.C.,| °wen Meals, local business- his family or the house" said I who with Art Gervais-of the! " another. "He was just worried USGS al Fairbanks is now 9 Walker said heavy truck traf- Navy Recruiter ! fie'over the route will be re- John Cater Chief Bos'n Mate. stncted u n t i l further notice to UT-^. Lj^LLllIK LUC t U J f t i n - J . ii*. i t IAU J u - J k - IT v i « iv-vt I , ,- . 1 i I i i 1 assemblymen, andjabout the chimney falling in." j^ un , ductln S the Valdez Seology kj_ C-:.--:,. \Afftvaf ''Ninety per cent of the people rno seismic vraves seem to be definite ] y for tnis No seismic waves were creat- mo ve " said Postmaster Woody ed by the strong earthquake | H U I S Thursday ThU , rSda /,n m ° r! l ing a P. parefntl y f ! Mayor Bruce Woodford con- centered 300 miles southwest of firmed tne f ee ii ne K-nrfi,it W«TM -.Minn hac hoor, I " UIleu UIL "-K'H't,- Dr. Coulter explained the old | proper form. Later in the meet- (Conltnued on Page 3, Col. 51 Kodiuk. Wave action has been (feared. U.S. Navy Recruiter for the state of Alaska will be in Fairbanks today through Monday morning. Young men and worn- en interested in the Navy may contact Chief Cater at the USD between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. · Potluck Dessert The Tanana Valley Grange No. 4 will have a dance and potluck dessert at 7:30 p.m. (ContlnuM on Page 3, Col. 4) W E A T H E R the hours between 10 at night j and 10 in the morning. April 17. Cloudy with occasional rain or snow this afternoon tonight and Saturday. Low tonight 25; high Saturday 40; low last night 30; high yesterday 40; temperature at II a.m. 48. Sunrise Saturday 4:04 a.m. and sunset 7:*7 p.m. BASEBALL RESULTS AMERICAN LEAGUE Los Angeles 231 MO 210--8 12 0 Detroit 010 001 100--3 9 0 Dean Chance, Julio Navarro (6) Jack Sprbg 17) Art Fowler (Sj; Frank Lary, , ... ,, b!* V E£?V 4)f Fred Gladt "" 9 (61 ' Travelers Inn. Alaskan YR Meet Features William Borah as Speaker - 1 site is sheltered from the sea ! by schist bedrock hills that owns most of the old townsite, has offered to trade lot for lot in the present location, townspeople say. Opposition has been voiced so far by only one businessman, motel owner Jack Duval. He is reported eager to rebuild at the present location of the quake and wave-battered port city. Fairbanks Public Works Director Ed Martin, who has been heading the Fairbanks Mutual Aid Detachment here, speculated on the possibility of Swiss and Danish community planners assisting in establish- the talk is going here. i n a v e come for "a clinical 'study! years to complete. Urban Renewal |of one of history's mightiest' Anchorage M a y o r George .... ,,. . , , , .! earthquakes. iSharrock, who just returned U^ e RS S TMts h Sj They are measuring her tidesjfro-. seeking federal aid in finan e ?S n g ' a n ^listening to her murmurs, drill-! Washington D.C.. said urban refinance relocation. Meanwhile, Army Engineers are now pushing the emergency work of reconstructing pub-^ lie works here on at least a! temporary basis. Public works loss is estimated at $3 million. A temporary ferry slip is almost complete and a temporary barge terminal south of the slip is expected to be completed the week after next. James L. McNamara, resident engineer from the Anchor- ling into her depths, testing herj n e w a ) cou!d be P art of a many- soils, studying her shattered j Phased program to rebuild the buildings and homes. battered city. Their laboratory is a vast area. Sharrock also listed small stretching some 300 miles from .Business l o a n s , retroactive Anchorage to Kodiak. They are I earthquake insurance and disas- traveling by airplane, helicop: te . r rehef atnon g measures need- ter. ship and automobile to pur- ' ed for tne cit y to recoup its losses. The urban renewal plan, in- sue their studies. "Probably no major earth i * vtjauij i i u A l i a j U l CCU Ul ; i · 1 ni-n quake in history will receive as ;TM h TM , n ^ rl y 350 acres in the intensive and thorough a field l 1 TM^ of * e clty ' P rovjd es for investigation as the great AIas-|P arks - P a * n g an d pther open- u..,,. c ,, s , 11=c , ,,vu, U1C ,,,,,,,,,,- age Corps of Engineers office, kan earthquake." said a team of ' land us L° f two major damage is heading the public works geologists who studied slide reconstruction ards in the Anchorage are reconstruction. ards in the Anchorage area. Fourth Avenue and L Street. The central business core . . "The people doing the work! The University of Alaska col-JT , be ? lfted s !!F i ]! ly , souti ! ] are all local." McNamara said, j lege of engineering at Fairbanks "We have had up to 50 on j has set up an earthquake proj- to , , ] Construction would be limited (Continued on Page 3/ Col. 1) (Continued on Page 3, Col. ?) The Alaska Young Republican State Convention opens here today with registration at 2 p.m. in the Gold Room of the sored by the Fairbanks and University of Alaska YR's. Ap- Enrollment Drops ANCHORAGE I/Pi -- Anchorage school enrollment has dropped 290 since the March 27 earthquake, with all of the 24 Dick Egan [81. HR -- Alblc Pearson, LA, 2nd, one on (Iif). WP-Cnance (1-0). IP-Lair (o-l). Chicago Boston ... ... .... . . _ Joel Horlen, prank Kreutzer (4), Hoyt Wilhelm (6); Jsck Lamam. HR--Frank Malzone, Bos., 2nd, none i . , , , on (1st); Tony Conlgllaro, Bos., 2nd, i glottal level. none on (1st). ' -WP-- Lamac (l-O) l.P-Horlcn (0-1). Featured speaker of the three-1 alteration from the printed pro- Iday meet will be William Bor-|gram began with the 2 p.m. reg- !ah from Seattle, Wash. Borah iistration. proximately 50 persons are ex- area schoo j s back fa operation . pected to attend. i Today's schedule, with some! The school district said the 010 ooo ooo--i 5 o 02? 000 COx- has served as campaign direc tor for Eisenhower, Lodge and Goldwater on the state and re- decline of 18 per cent included 210 elementary pupils, 30 junior high and 50 high school. Total He will speak at the Saturday NATIONAL LEAGUE Pittsburgh 010 DID 101--4 It 1 New York 000 300 000--3 7 0 3ob Friend; Jack Fischer, Ed Bauta HR--Willie Stsrqclt. Pgh.. 2nd.. on- on, (1st). WP--Friend (1-0) LP--Bauta (00). At 5 p.m. there will be a (enrollment was left at 16,121. dinner in the Gold Room of the | Travelers. The five clubs will caucus at 8 p.m. to define their - r , policies. Clubs represented in- night banquet, scheduled for elude: Ketchikan, West Anchor- 8:30 p.m. in the Gold Room. ~ · - Five clubs will be represented at the convention, according to Jim Scott, Fairbanks YR ! president. i The state meet is being spon- Cllff Hartman, assistant superintendent, said the reduction may be temporary, caused by many wives and children going outside the state until the situ-1 Home Finance Agency Defers Payment By Five Quake-Strick en Alaskan Cities WASHINGTON (AP) - The lies for the forgiveness or corn- Housing and Home F i n a n c e Agency deferred .today the payment of principal and interest by five earthquake-stricken Alaska cities on debts incurred under the 1949 Alaska public works program. Sen. E. L. Bartlett, D-Alaska, age, Greater Anchorage, Alasu ^ * , T i b ' lu ' said the suspension applies to in- ka Methodist University. Fair- atlon retums to normal - idebtedness totaling $5169.000 in- ka Methodist University, Fairbanks and University of Alaska. The convention officially (Continued on Pige 3, Col. 2j promise of the repayment obligation. Congress passed last year a Bartlett-sponsored law to compromise the indebtedness of three Alaska cities because of financial difficulties beyond their control, and to authorize future adjustments as circumstances might warrant. During the 10 years ended injects, $545.000. dilion the communities repay half the cost of each project over periods of 20 to 30 years. T o d a y's deferment of payments on remaining indebtedness applies as follows: Anchorage, 20 projects. $2,814,000; Cordova, three projects,' $257,000; Kodiak. four projects, $1,236,000; Seward, three projects, $317.000; Valdez, five proj- debtedness totaling $5,169,000 in- Hartman also said some loss-jvplving Anchorage, Cordova, Ko- ,, es could be attributed to earlier j dial;. Seward and Valdez until 1959, the government invested! In'addition, outstanding inter- releases of military personnel: procedures are established for $70 million in community facility lest payments totaling $20,410 from Alaska duty. processing claims from the cit-j projects in Alaska cities", on con-1 were deferred. quek* "T h · m children's writin'i 'bout t h · may bt by second graders but their remarks iz first class readin'."

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